need to trim my nails

As soon as I get up, this damn dog is gonna wake up crying for no reason because all day- All. Day as I woke up with him today- he has been trolling me while I ate, watched teevee, and then worked. His neuter incision is looking good so I let him play a bit more today (he’s supposed to chill out till friday) and he still decided to troll me.

His paws hurt. And he kept smacking me with them. And then he gave me the wrinkle-face puppy look so I couldn’t be mad. And like, I get it, he’s been on lockdown for over a week. But dammit, it’s for his own good.

I have examined this dog’s genitals more in the last 8 days than I have since we got him. I have cleaned his slobbery cone and scratched his head itches and smelled like dog for a solid 8 days. I feel like I deserve a gourmet cookie or a Krispy Kreme dozen or something.