need to take some rest


Francisca heart was hammering in her chest. Everything in her body ached. She lowered herself to her knees. She pushed herself too hard. She had overexerted herself. Francisca knew that her health had been less than ideal - she was almost always sick - but she never expected the night to take so much out of her. She needed rest, and some water…

Oh god.

She saw the cloud of black smoke, and she knew what it meant. She had seen him a handful of times in her life before, but he never paid her much mind while he was collecting. Now, she was the reason for his visit. Her time had come.

Francisa: “No! Not yet! My family - My daughter, my grandchildren…they need me!”

She struggled to get back on her feet, but her chest erupted. The pain radiated through her, and dragged her back down to her knees. It was unbearable. Her body felt like it was being ripped in two, and as death solidified, as he approached the spot where she knelt, the pain only became worse. It clouded her vision, it rang in her ears: this was it. She was dying.


The Trek Out

The Berg Lake Trail, Mt. Robson Provincial Park, Canada

After waking up and seeing Emperor Falls, we now had to climb down what we just climbed up…so there was another 10 miles ahead of me. I was sore and tired from the 10 miles the day before but I was higher in spirit because the rain had cleared up and I had made it up the 4 mile 2,000 ft elevation gain hill.

We took our time going back and decided to skip our camping spot that night and get a hotel room to sleep in a bed for the first time in a week and to take some much needed hot showers. At the first rest stop/ campground we came to, we made breakfast and talk with some fellow backpackers on their way out to berg lake. I conversated with an older gentleman and I am bummed I cannot remember his name. He told me about his trek to the Everest Base Camp in Nepal and just how hard it was. I was so excited to hear about his trip because this is something I have always wanted to do. I was in awe, he told me how two people in his group were not conditioned well enough and had to be helicoptered out. He made me excited and made me even dream more of trekking to Everest. In return for our conversation he gave us each a laminated tag with a four leaf clover in it that said “Berg Lake Trail 2016″, a tag that his whole team was carrying, for good luck. A little moments for meeting fascinating people out on the Berg Lake Trail!

On the way out we noticed a marathon was beginning. We had trail runners flying past us head out toward Berg Lake and we were able to cheer them on. What amazed me is that the trail runners that were in first place beat us out of the trail! I was amazed they did what took us two days in about 5 hours. Oh man they looked weathered by the end of the run though. When we got to the car I don’t think my feet have ever been so happy to not carry me and a 20lb backpack anymore.

Although we had a bear container for our food and bear spray (good things to have in this part of the world)…we saw no bears :(……once we drove away, leaving the Berg Lake Trail behind, we immediately stopped for food and had ourselves a victory meal!

© Michelle Gefre | Trail the Sun


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How would akashi react in daily life if his gf or wife is as tall as him?(add some sweet thanks:3 you guys did a great job!but don't forget to take some rest...

“Did you need help grabbing that, love?”

Akashi watched as you stretched up on your tiptoes, reaching for a can of food you needed for dinner’s recipe. “I’ve got it,” you reassured and he only turned away when he noticed your fingers wrap perfectly around the can.

He turned back to the pot of boiling water, stirring the pasta inside so it wouldn’t stick together. As the steam from the water filled the air and warmed his skin, Akashi let his mind wander a bit as he worked at the mindless task. His muscles went into autopilot as him hand continued to stir the pasta.

Having a partner just as tall as him had not been much of a noticeable thing for Akashi. He had never put much thought into what height his partner should be because he never had a preference. Taller, shorter, exactly the same; as long as his partner always had that agreeable personality he fell in love with, he would never mind how tall they were.

“Oh, Seijurou, could you grab something for me?”

“Sure thing, dear.”

Turning, Akashi noticed you stretching for a can you couldn’t reach even as you stood on your tiptoes. He wondered how he’d reach for it himself without looking foolish.

me: michael’s so drunk someone please take him home he needs to rest and drink some water before he hurts himself or someone else

me after michael’s off screen for five seconds:

It All Works Out In The End - 20

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The Final Chapter! Thank you so much for everyone that read and reblogged and enjoyed this story and a special thanks to @mpankey11 for the idea that started it all! I hope you’ve enjoyed! <3


Finally, a few days later, Spencer had been released from the hospital with clear instructions to take it easy. He would be off from work for a while, although you knew he’d phone in now and again because he couldn’t help himself.

“Y/N,” Hotch said when you all returned home, “I want you to take the week off with him. You both need some rest.” You tried to fight it, but he insisted, saying that after all you’d been through you needed some time together. Through Spencer, you’d heard about what happened with his ex-wife, so you assumed he was allowing you to do what he never could; you were grateful.

The week had been very peaceful. Most of your days were spent reading books to one another, sleeping on the couch, eating homemade food, and by the end of the week Spencer had started feeling much more like his old self, though he still had a way to go. “You know,” he said cheekily, “you said we’d have makeup sex and we have yet to have it.”

Snorting as you slapped your knee, you looked at him in disbelief. “You still have two bullet holes in your chest, babe. There is no way we are having sex right now.” You wanted to - oh, did you want to, but his health had to be put above everything else. “I promise you as soon as a doctor, that isn’t yourself,” you clarified when you saw him begin to speak, “clears you for more strenuous physical activity, I will ride you into the sunset.”

“O-K,” he laughed. “When can I go see a doctor?”


Nearly a month and a half later, the doctors had finally cleared him. Over the course of his healing period, you started to think about the future. Now that he was better, you told yourself it was okay to think about what you wanted for the two of you - and you knew, you wanted a life with him. Upon your return home right after the incident, Shawn hadn’t shown himself, or texted you, so you assumed he had finally taken the hint.

When Spencer returned home from the doctor’s office, he made quick work of letting you know he was cleared for physical activity. “So does this mean I can get my ride into the sunset now?” he asked, clasping his hands together in front of his face.

“Yes, it does Doctor Reid,” you said, walking up to him and resting your head against his chest. “But even tonight, I’m going to do most of the work. I don’t want you to overwork yourself and hurt yourself again.”

“Fine by me,” he murmured, brushing his lips against yours. You started to move toward the bedroom, peeling his clothes off as you went. Although you’d seen him change in the month and a half since the shooting, this was the first time you’d run your hands over the scars, silently thanking him for what he’d done for you. When you finally made it to the bedroom, all of your clothes strewn about the floor, you gently pushed Spencer down onto the bedroom, coming to kneel in his lap.

Slowly, you lowered yourself down onto his length, taking a second to adjust yourself after all the time apart. Beads of sweat began to form near his hairline, which is why you had insisted on him being cleared by a doctor. Last thing you wanted was for him to hurt himself trying to have sex. You wrapped your legs around his waist, grinding your pelvis down into him deliberately, over and over again. As you gathered his head into your neck, you heard him whimper, your walls clenching around him in time with your movements.

Again and again, you switched up your movements, going from grinding slowly to more feverishly, to moving up and down his slick length, to just sitting there, your legs wrapped around him to get as close as you could. After such a long time apart, you both came to the edge of the cliff rather quickly, whimpering as you came together. “Wow, I’ve missed you,” he said breathlessly, falling backwards before you had even removed yourself from him.

“I’ve missed you too,” you laughed, lifting yourself off of him and coming to rest at his side, “But I’m hoping we don’t have to do anything like that ever again. And that we’ll have a lifetime of nights like this.”

“Me too,” he replied, kissing your nose.

“Spence?” you questioned shakily. “Do you mind if I ask you something?” The thought had occurred to you before, fleetingly, but right now, it felt as if it was the most natural thing in the world. You just hoped he wouldn’t react badly. 

“Of course,” he said, pulling you on top of him. “Anything.”

You sucked in your lip. It was unconventional, but…”Will you marry me? I don’t have a ring or anything and I know the guy usually does the asking and I know we haven’t been dating all that long, but I almost lost you and I never wanna experience that again.” You continued to ramble as the corners of Spencer’s lips curled up.

He cut off your rambling with a kiss. “Rambling is my thing,” he laughed. “And yes I will. As a matter of fact, you’re not the only one that’s been thinking of spending our lives together.” He motioned for you to open up the nightstand drawer - in it was a small red velvet box which contained a ring. 

“I’ve had that for two weeks, but you beat me to it.”

Hey guys, I’m sorry about the hiatus, I figured I owed you guys some explanation. So some of you might know that I’m a figure skater and unfortunately I’ve been injured with what we thought was a muscle strain. I thought I would finally be able to get back to skating, however, my coach went with me to talk to a doctor today. My injury is in fact not a muscle strain, but something a little worse. My abdominal muscle is pulling at my pelvic bone, and it’s pulling cartilage away from where the bone and muscle are anchored. This causes lots of pain for me, and it’s making it difficult for me to focus. I just need to take some time and rest. Skating was a big source of happiness in my life, and with that temporarily out of the picture, I’m not sure what to do.

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Jackson looks so tired. He's not the Jackson we used to know

He is still our Jackson we know my love but He has to be exhausted drained his schedule is insane and he constantly tries to be on 10 all the time and it’s honestly impossible for anyone to be on 10 all the time😔 and to have all of that in you plate can take a toll on a person he needs to take a breather to rest and recharge some tlc a vacation away with his fam he seems burnt out over worked! He try’s so hard to make everyone happy and to work hard he forgets he need to take care of himself sometimes😔 but he is most def the still the Jackson we all know and love he hasn’t lost that not at all it doesn’t come of to me that he has he is just tired and run dry on E like working as hard as he does pushing as much as he does being as hard on himself as he is being as busy as he is trying so hard to bring joy to Ppl it’s impossible to stay 100% all the time with out stopping to breathe and take care of ones self for anyone honestly and jackson has to have the busiest most demanding life I have even seen yet here he is trying his best he is truly Superman but even super man has to slow down sometimes. It is my deepest prayer that he gets some rest soon to recharge Iam worried about that boy I don’t want him to get sick or to get to burnt out but I’m optimistic that our baby boy will be okay and hopeful that things will change because he deserves to be well to be taken care of he deserves rest💚

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How does one sleep? Because I've been trying to for days but its 5:10 am here and I can't sleep.

((Dude take some melatonin or smth you need that rest))

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Let me cuddle you so you can get better. Ya need to take care of ya self and get some rest!

*pulls you into bed too* This is turning into that song about the monkeys jumping on a bed. The only difference is, y’all are all precious beans. *cuddles*


random sorting hat meme: emma swan - gryffindor

You want people to look at you differently? Make them! You want to change things, you’re gonna have to go out there and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world.

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I-I'm cold and feel nauseous... my body aches... I tried to go back to sleep but I can't... *sneezes* I've never been sick before I don't know what to do...

Ok, first you need to take some potions to help and then rest. *hugs you very gently* I can get you a sleeping draft as well for sleep. 

just a few reminders

your body and mind need rest, so take a break, drink some hot tea, read a chapter of your favourite book, watch the clouds move across the sky, do anything but work
sometimes you’re going to be overwhelmed, some days it’ll be too much, that is 100% okay, be prepared for those days, let them happen, talk to friends and family, and when it’s over just start again, but gently
never forget what you’re doing this for. are you studying for uni, for a-levels, for ib, for fun or as a way to help you cope with work? then keep that in sight, don’t get swept away in the to do lists, organisation, new supplies, if it doesn’t make you happy 
stay spontaneous. sometimes it’s good to not plan anything and just see where it takes you, maybe go for a walk, or a coffee date, or take over the world, either way, let yourself live freely every once in a while if you can
♡ remember to look for the positives in each day. did the little kid wave at you, did you see a pretty butterfly, did you just buy your favourite book, did you recognise a constellation? try to remember those for as long as you can, savour the moment, don’t move on so fast, you’ve got to remember to live

you’re amazing, and i’m so proud of everyone for doing so well every day