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#optomstudies here with a post about university studying! I’ve been reading many study tips masterposts in the community, but some of these won’t work that well for university. So here are 3 tips for adapting to uni study!

Loose leaf? Notebook? Neither! (but if you must choose between the two, I recommend hole-punched loose leaf - easy to file :D) There is just no time, especially once you get to your higher years, that you will be able to write paper notes especially considering the level of detail that you are required to learn things to get good marks. 

When I was studying therapeutics, lectures were more like an essay crammed into 60-80 ppt slides! Using 10pt Calibri, 1.15 spacing, custom 1cm margins - I still had 12 pages for a 2 hour lecture (see below)

Two lectures / week, for 12 weeks! Although this was the most-content heavy subject, my other courses were still way too time consuming to write notes for. Sadly, you can’t summarise much, because MCQs pick at details.  

As for laptops, cheap netbooks are only ~$300, but I’d recommend these really great student laptops

And yet, you have to wonder why #studyblr doesn’t have more digital notes? Isn’t every studyblr the owner of a computer as a tumblr user? I’m trying to encourage everyone to feel more confident about posting their digital notes as part of the “#studyblrs get real” tag (see here), so if you have some great typed study notes, please tag me with #optomstudies and I’ll be happy to reblog you!

Read through your lecture slides so that you have a basic grasp of the topic before classes. If you have any readings assigned, do them too. This means that you’ll

  • go in knowing what concepts you need clarified
  • revise one more time (remember the forgetting curve?)
  • be much better placed to answer questions and participate in class discussions (get those participation marks!! ;))
  • find it easier to follow along with much more complicated topics than you’ve experienced in high school!
  • remember a lot more of the topic when you come back to revise later on!

Yes, I know, studyblr blasphemy right? But this is what you do when strapped for time. Particularly with biological/chemical sciences, lecturers will have basically summarised what you need to know on the slides. 

Before your lectures, read through the slides (should take about 30 minutes for a 2 hour lecture) and mark/circle anything you don’t understand - then when you get to the lecture, jot down a clarification in your own words based on the professor’s explanation. Eventually, you’ll find that you have studied the topic well enough to not need your own footnotes. 

It takes a little experience to know which professors have slides you can study off (tip: it’s usually the ones where you don’t have to write down much) but it’s totally worth the time you save!

Hope this has been an informative post about the differences between university and high school studying! Please follow me for weekly study tips, study pics and now kpop vocab lists!



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After Hours [m]

pairing: reader x Yoongi

Genre: tattoed!yoongi, rapper!tyoongi, angst? fluff? smut, idk how to label this haha

word count: 16,212

warnings: graphic sexual content, alcohol, language

a/n: this is loosely based of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. i am v nervous about this as it isn’t the usual angst fueled plot I normally write. so if it’s crap, please be kind haha. i’m tagging the lovely @dimplecoups​ because i know you’ve been waiting for this. and @2seoke for always being the best babe.

Originally posted by lethargicmin

You looked in the mirror, making sure your face mask was properly in place. If you were going to look like a serial killer for the next 20 minutes, you at least wanted to look the part. Your bed was calling your name as you walked over to the soft mattress, choosing to ignore the missed calls and text messages from your best friend. This was the first Saturday night you had to yourself in months. No work. No brother. No best friend. You were free to do whatever you wanted.

Or at least that’s what you had originally intended. But as the door to your bedroom crashed open you soon realized that the night had other plans for you.

“Why haven’t you answered my calls?” your best friend Irene squealed as she plopped down at the foot of your bed. “It’s Saturday night and I know you don’t have to work tomorrow!”

You gave her a look. Well, you tried to give her a look to the best of your ability as the motions of your face was restricted by the sheet mask on top of it. “There’s a reason why I didn’t answer your calls. And just because my idiot brother gave you a key to our apartment doesn’t mean you can just waltz in here any time you want.”

Irene rolled her eyes, blowing a large bubble from the gum she was constantly chewing. She was clearly not amused at your disinterest on leaving your apartment tonight. You reached forward, popping it with your pointer finger. “You’re no fun, Y/N” she whined, collecting the gum back into her mouth.

“I can’t have fun when I’m always too busy taking care of you.” you quipped, reminding her of the last time the two of you went out. “I had to beg that cop not to give you a ticket for being drunk in public. Why aren’t you bothering my brother? I’m sure he would love to see you.”

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La douleur exquise Pt.1 (M)

La douleur exquise: The heart-wrenching pain of wanting someone you can’t have.

Summary: You’ve been helplessly in love with your brother’s best friend all your life, but he can’t see you as anything other than a little sister.

Pairing: Wonho(?) x Reader (feat. Jungkook) ((let me live))

Word Count: 8.8k

Warning(s): No smut in this chapter but I’ll promise there will be in the next chapters!

A/N: Hi! So I’ve actually had this done for quite awhile and was debating on whether or not to post it in it’s entirety but I have a lot in store for this idea so I decided to do it in parts! This idea is based off of these pics here x x x of Wonho cuz he just looks so boyfriend & I love him so hardgysasjsknc. And I’m tagging this as a Jungkook scenario because you’ll be seeing him more eventually. Also, I’m working on drabbles in the meantime as well DON’T THINK I FORGOT THEM OK I’LL BE POSTING ONE SOON hope you enjoy this in the meantime!!

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Rejoice my fellow Sevamp lovers! I have been asked a couple of times for this and I just wanted to say thank you for all the nice messages and even the mentions in the tags where you guys liked the translations I was able to provide.
THANK YOU SO MUCH! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿Thank you for being patient and also being the most awesome fandom! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Wow…I can’t believe I managed to translate all the OVAs. At first I never thought that I would actually start on translating these, I mean, I was sure that a famous subbing group will pick them up. I wasn’t confident to translate them but I did my best,  not everything went well because I’m still not so advanced at Japanese and everything that I did required a lot of dictionary look up and searching references in sentences (When it comes to slang or short forms I’m not good at them…Audio material is also much tougher to translate…)
But all in all, I learned new phrases along the way :D
This OVA in particular was the most challenging of them all, so please, if you have time, look at my translation notes and comments :)


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Sidgeno Mermaid AU anon fic

<< [Chapter 2/?] >>

It’s not until the morning when he’s looking over the pictures again when he notices the same figure in the water that he saw the night before.

The diner in town opens at five.

Geno gets there at 5:30 and rolls his eyes at how chipper the waiter sounds when he tells him to “take a seat wherever you like, I’ll be right with ya.”

His name tag says Jake and he doesn’t bat an eye at his sullen look when he pour his coffee and puts down the menu.

He’s young, fresh out of high school, maybe, and he doesn’t look like he knows who Geno is at all.

Geno’s already made up his mind to tip him very well.

“You’re the one that moved into that shack down by the beach, aren’t you?”

He coughs as the coffee goes down the wrong way. It burns his tongue.

“How you know?”

“This is a tiny, little island. Everyone knows everything. Is it haunted?”

“I’m Geno and it’s not haunted,” he grumbles. “Not a shack.”

“The walls are falling in on themselves and it looks haunted.”

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S.H.I.E.L.D. Special Electives: Author Appreciation 101

This is part one of a series of tips and tricks about fanfiction compiled for the purpose of helping both writers and readers live in a happy environment. A lot of of the advice here has been provided by experienced fanfiction writers in the fandom - most of the tips here apply to writing in general, but some will be specific to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This section will be all about giving feedback on fanfiction, and why you should do it.

  • Fanfiction is free. The people who write it literally do not receive anything for it aside from feedback. A one-shot around 1000 words will take anywhere between 30 minutes and several weeks for an author to write. Multi-Chapter stories can take years. Yes, people shouldn’t write expecting to get something in return. In reality, fic writers write for themselves, but they share the story with readers, and often get nothing in exchange for it.
  • It takes you 1 second to click the like/kudos/favourite button to show the author that you appreciated their efforts. If you are feeling particularly giving, you can leave a comment. Authors live off comments. 
  • Commenting/Reviewing is the best way to show your appreciation for an author’s work. People often say they can’t come up with something to comment with, so below is a list of default comments you can choose to leave on works if writing isn’t your thing. They are listed in increasing levels of enthusiasm:
  • For your standard drabbles/one shots:
    • “Thank you for the story. I really enjoyed it.”
    • “I loved this story!”
    • “This story means a lot to me.”
    • “This story means everything to me.”
  • For your multi-chapter stories:
    • On the first chapter:
      • “I look forward to seeing where this is going.”
      • “Nice start, I’m excited to see what comes next.”
    • On subsequent chapters:
      • “This chapter was really good, I’m excited for the next one.”
      • “I enjoyed this chapter, can’t wait for the next one.”
      • “I will sell you my soul like people do to ghost rider if you update.”
      • “You can touch Lola if you post another chapter.”
    • On the last chapter:
      • “Really great story, I enjoyed reading it from beginning to end.”
      • “Loved it so much, so sad that it’s over.”
      • “This story means everything to me and I will be rereading it a million times.”
  • Another great way to leave a comment, that many authors appreciate, is to copy your favourite quote from the story/chapter, and say something like “I really liked this”, or “This line was gold”.
  • Now, some people read fanfiction on tumblr - absolutely nothing wrong with that. You can “like” a fic, “reply” and leave a comment (as demonstrated above), or you can reblog. Reblogging a fanfic is probably the best way to thank an author for writing it, because reblogs mean that more people have a chance to see it. Authors particularly enjoy it when readers reblog and add a reaction GIF. They also love reading any tags you choose to use on the work. For example “#omg i’m crying” or “#loved this so much or “#i’m dead”. The more incoherent you are, the better. 
  • Some people are shy. That’s understandable. Comments/Reviews can be left anonymously, as can Kudos on AO3. You’ll need an account to favourite/follow a story on, as with Tumblr. Even if you don’t want to publicly leave feedback, you can leave the author a message on anonymous via an ask on tumblr, and tell them that you enjoyed their fanfiction. 
  • Many authors reply to their comments - they notice if you comment often. They appreciate you. Sometimes, your comment is the one positive thing that has happened to them the entire day. 
  • We’ve come to the final note. If you don’t enjoy a story, by all means don’t leave any feedback. That’s fine. No one expects you to like everything you read, and if you don’t have anything positive to say, then don’t say it. That being said, if you do have criticism, make it constructive. For example, “I really like where this is going, but I feel like in my opinion, so and so is not correct. ” as opposed to “You’re doing this wrong.”

So, if you’ve managed to sit through this, congratulations and thank you for sticking till the end. The next time you finish reading a fanfic, think about what has been talked about above, and drop the author a little feedback. What took you five minutes to read may have taken them weeks to write. Now, consider giving this post a like, or reblog it to spread the word. Until next time!

Try harder.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader
Word count : 1,341
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 15 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

When River walked in, you were sitting at the table. Dinner was ready to serve, and you’d finished setting the table yourself, but you weren’t eating, or serving. Your chair was turned, your elbow on the table and your head in your hand. “Mom?” You looked up, realizing River was back, not really knowing how long he’d been standing there. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t want to talk about it, River. Sit and eat.” You turned and were staring at nothing in particular.

“Are you mad at dad for making things work with Genevieve?”

“River..” You warned him.

“I’m sorry I pushed mom, I was sure he loved you as much as you still love him. But you can’t be mad at him for wanting to fix his marriage. You told me he wasn’t ours, remember? We have to let him go? So stop fighting with him! Don’t hate him for what he had to do!” You clenched your jaw, taking a deep breath and trying to keep yourself calm. “Just let him-”

“I’m pregnant.” You said it between clenched teeth.

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“Paris is good. Nice call, Monsieur.”

“De nada, muchacha.”

Thank you for 100 follows! Needless to say, I miss these two real bad and I have for around six years. DC writers are pretty sadistic ya know that? Then again, I guess I might be too.

Because who has time or money to read almost 30 years of relationship development…

Under the cut: Look Over Your Shoulder, a monologue recap Fanfic: Fluff/Humor/Angst. DC Rebirth. Wally’s POV. Warning: Mention of the grief typically associated with Alzheimer’s. Also I cried while writing this. Story set to this song.

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Remember This Tomorrow

A gif submitted by @a-sea-of-fandoms and a request sent in by @georginator-3000 turned into this. Gif is in the text.

Warnings: Mentions of injury, stabbing, fluff. 

“Sam!” you used what was left of your strength to scream out to him, not knowing where he was in this old house you had stormed into. You’d managed to kill the demon that attacked you but not before it lunged towards you, pinning you to the ground in an attempt to give you a slow death. You’d slowly edged the knife from your sleeve and stabbed her before she had chance to do any real damage but before she fell to the floor, she stuck the knife she held through the flesh of your thigh. A blood curdling scream ripped out of you as the body slumped on top of you. You were starting to panic, the pain in your leg burning and spreading. You tried to focus on keeping your breathing steady, you knew the knife was all the way through, it was stuck in the wooden floorboard beneath you, only hitting the fleshy part of your outer thigh and you were vaguely grateful for the extra weight you were carrying.

Time was moving so slowly you weren’t sure how long it was before Sam burst through and into the room, your chest was heaving with the impending shock and he immediately knelt down beside you.

“It’s gonna be OK, Y/N,” was the first thing he said, his large hand coming up to rub up your forehead and into your hair.

He pulled his outer shirt off and tore an arm from it, the adrenaline kicking in as he moved quickly, tying it around your upper thigh above the knife. You heard him shout for his brother, but you were starting to feel fuzzy, your head lolling back a little and Sam grabbed your chin.

“Look at me, Y/N,” his voice was strong and commanding and you opened your eyes.

“Oh shit…”

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Dear shipper of great love stories!
Dear POTENTIAL EVAK “trial” shipper!
Brace yourselves, this is a long, but important message to you:

The shippers of SKAM is a very varied fandom. The “Skamily” ranges from 12 to 80 years of age. We are of all colors and genders and we live on all continents. What we have in common is that we have all bonded quite recently over our love for SKAM – especially brought on by season 3 and the stories that were told through Isak and Evens struggles.
And against all odds, EVAK and the Skamily managed to reach the final in the E-online TV-couple 2017 poll, and we are so proud to be competing against Malec in the end game – they are a tough crowd and worthy competitors!

A long the way, we were fortunate enough to be paired up with some very tough competition and beating some very popular couples. We do understand that these ships are important to you, but, we are writing this to be sincere; We are hoping that if you learn a little bit more about SKAM and watch a few of the episodes from season 3, you might feel for EVAK and maybe experience that they sort of represent something in you as well.  I would like to take the opportunity to offer a few important facts about SKAM that may make you want to watch it, and also maybe want to “trial” ship our couple just a tiny bit. Just enough for you to want to vote for them (in massive amounts of course;) in the finale happening as we speak.

1. SKAM is a small low budget production, mainly made for the people of a country with a population of 5 million. Three full seasons cost approx. 1,1 million dollars to produce – a fraction of what larger TV-series productions normally cost. It is produced by NRK - the Norwegian National Public Broadcasting Company. NRK is financed by the people, therefore the price tag on SKAM is a sober one.

2. The actors are real teenagers, with blemishes and all infirmities that go along with that. Most are without any prior acting experience. A few of them are exceptions to this but none of them were well known before SKAM. Also, the SKAM cast is made up of some of the best acting talents in the country. Especially Henrik Holm and Tarjei Sandvik Moe, who play Even and Isak, are raw outstanding talents. They play the difficult and challinging roles of Isak and Even with such force and credibility that one is blown away. We have no other two actors who can act like this in Norway. It’s true.
These are some of the key reasons the SKAM universe is so very believable and relatable to the viewer. We feel them. We are them. No matter our background or where we are from.

3. SKAM is originally made especially for young people (target audience was girls 15-17). But as the subject matters and troubles of the characters are so universally recognizable and relatable the show has become a big hit in all age groups. At first only in Norway and Scandinavia, but suddenly, with season 3, also a big hit in so many corners of the world. And that is because the challenges the characters are confronted with are relatable not only to Scandinavians but to people on a global scale.

4. SKAM is made primarily for watching and following on the internet. It is really smartly integrated and interweaved with the character’s communicating via FB Messenger, Instagram and SMS (texts) in between film clips. Everything is posted in “real time” so you get the feeling that it is happening right now. The concept brings you even closer to the SKAM universe and draws you in. All clips during one week are collected in a 18-30 min. episode available online as well as being aired on traditional linear TV every Friday during the season. Only watching the Friday episode makes you miss out on all the social media communication between the main character and his/her friends and family, but you can still follow the story line by only watching the film clips.

5. Season 3 with EVAK gave SKAM its big break through internationally (due to devoted fans subtitling and spreading the show on their own). Isak and Evens bumpy road to becoming comfortable in their own skin and finding love is about acceptance, tolerance, friendships, support, mental health and a lot of things we ALL struggle with every day, no matter the color of your skin, your gender, your nationality, your age or your religion. It really touched so many people’s hearts all over the globe. There is really nothing more and nothing less to it. All is LOVE as the show states.

Our fragmented Skamily has been faced with claims that we cheated our way through the previous voting rounds. To that we just need to say that we really didn’t. We are just totally ordinary people who found each other online because of our love for SKAM and Isak and Even. This ship is very new and not really an organized one at that. I think that the majority of EVAK and SKAM fans have never shipped anyone before and have no real experience being part of a fandom, this just happened a bit suddenly and we are still trying to get to grips with it. I don’t even think we think of it that way – that we are part of a fandom. We just love EVAK and SKAM. So, where do we go from here over the next few days? As season 3 really touched so many people, that’s why people globally are voting their asses off for EVAK. And, there will in fact never be a new chance for EVAK to win this again because the SKAM concept of every season having its own character that we follow, puts the previous characters in the background and their story is not really a priority. So most likely, EVAK is history by the end of this year.

Now, we would really love for EVAK to win this, and thus show that:
1. you don’t need to bring out the big guns (money) to create a show of quality that touches people.
2. a quality show can come from a small country many can’t really place on the map.
3. a quality show can be in a foreign language (with subs rather than dubbing to make it more realistic) and can teach you about other places, other people, other lives - that are different, but yet sometimes also the same…
4. a low budget production from the other side of the world can stand up to 63 American TV-productions with lots more bucks in their pockets.
5. it’s OK to be different
6. underdogs are lovable too

So, we hope you give EVAK a shot and watch some of the episodes with subs generously offered by devoted fans (see links below). And if you actually think it’s any good (which we are sure you will after pressing play) we would love your support and “trial” ship of EVAK. We know you will not regret it!
And, whoever you decide to give your vote(s) - the coming days and nights will be exiting and exhausting where we all will give our all – on both sides. We respect that everybody will fight with what they’ve got.
So, with no hidden agenda, no ulterior motive, no shame - only LOVE; Happy voting and happy shipping from Skamdinavia!

Alt er LOVE.

Watch SKAM season 1-3 here:

Watch SKAM season 3 Isak+Even here (18-30 min. episodes): 

You can vote as many times as you like, all day and all night if you want.
Please note that you should cross of pics in a Captcha for your vote to count. The Captcha appears when you check the box for not being a robot. If you don’t see the Captcha and only get the green V confirming you have voted, it still might not be registered. So please vote in a browser that shows the Captcha. There are discussions about the importance of the Captcahs going around, but to be on the safe side it is smart to do it.

Watch @skamtrashme

+ 2 nice fan videoes:

Some Curse

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

Words: hair under 1,600

A/N: Obviously my first challenge would need to be for my wife’s and her sister-wife’s celebration. Congrats to @impala-dreamer & @idreamofhazel on your milestones! I don’t know where this came from…thank you to @amanda-teaches for the beta. The quote I chose from the challenge is in bold, and I’d like to apologize to Sam Winchester for using such a profound quote of his in such a ridiculous way.

Warnings: Swears. Imbibing in some adult type bevies. Dean is in a mood.

Paring: Kinda, sorta, not really Dean x Reader. (Sam’s there too in a friend type capacity)


You were going out tonight. Winchesters be damned.

Monster isn’t caught yet Y/N…it’s taking girls Y/N…you’re a girl Y/N…we have whiskey here Y/N…Sam can’t be seen by the cops Y/N…we’re on a case Y/N…blah blah blah.

All valid points. All of which you were blatantly ignoring. The three of you were at a complete dead end; Sam had been pegged as a possible person of interest at the latest crime scene, so he was on lock-down. Dean wanted to go stake out yet another abandoned farm house. You had a brand new shirt that was going to get you free drinks all night and you needed to get away from the brothers for a few hours.

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Trying not to fall asleep

@lovers-on-call-13:  if you have time, I would like a one shot in which the reader was Spencer’s wife and is pregnant for 6 months and in a meeting of a case she ends up sleeping because the baby did not let her sleep at night and she gets a little embarrassed and hotch says it’s okay and send her home early with Spencer

A/N: I apologise for how late this but I hope its okay! Request are still open! 💕 

Tags: @hanny-bananny

Originally posted by toyboxboy

Reid and Morgan were walking back to their desks after grabbing another cup of coffee from the break room, talking about their plans for the weekend when they saw a tired Y/N falling asleep at her desk.

“Y/N honey, wake up your still at work!” Spencer said with a reassuring smile as he poked her gently on the shoulder.

“Wait its only 11:30?!” Y/N asked sleepily trying and failing to stay awake in front of her husband and co-worker.

“Yes its still the morning, did you think it was time go home?” Morgan asked jokingly has received a glare from both Y/N and Reid.

“I’ve been really tired the baby has been keeping me up awake all night whether its because of cravings or she’s kicking me in the stomach.” Y/N explained annoyed about how the pregnancy was affecting her already terrible sleep pattern as she put her hand on her stomach.

“Y/N I did say that you should stay at home rather than go into work today.” Reid explained sympathetically as he gave her a reassuring hug. Just then the three of them saw Garcia in her usual colourful attire walking up to them with some files in her hands.

“Hey guys, hate to break it to you but we have meeting.” Garcia said with a disappointment on her face.

“Please don’t tell me its another case!” Y/N exclaimed as she and the other agents got up and started heading to the boardroom.

“Don’t worry it’s just Hotch talking about the budget and what were doing this week and before you ask we are not going any cases for the next three weeks as Cruz took us of rotation!” Garcia said with a smile on her face as she and the others walked into the boardroom to see Hotch, JJ, Rossi and Emily sitting at their sits, as they all sat to listen to what their Unit Chief has to say.

As Hotch started talking about the plans for the next following weeks, Y/N’s eyes slowly started to close and Hotch’s voice slowly starts to get quieter and quieter until the whole world fades into darkness.

Originally posted by toyboxboy

“Y/L/N, Y/L/N, Y/N!” Hotch shouted trying to wake the pregnant women from her sleep as everyone stared at her as they saw slightly move her body.

“Hmmm….hmmm….wa….wait?…what happened? Did I miss anything?” Y/N asked as she slowly woke from her nap at the table, getting back into her normal seating position.

“You fell asleep Y/N, is everything okay?” Hotch asked, his voice full of concern for the tired, pregnant agent that was sitting in front of him.

“Yeah everything’s fine Hotch, just little tired, the baby’s been keeping me all night but I’ll be fine.”  Y/N said tiredly as she rubbed her eyes to try to keep awake in front of her boss.

“Look Y/N, I can’t have you working here all tired especially in your condition, I want Reid to take home so you can get some sleep.” Hotch said kindly, his voice still full of concern for her.

“Hotch I’ll be fine please, just let me get on with my work, I need to get it done” Y/N pleaded trying to convince Hotch that she is perfectly fine.

“Y/N, honey, you are in no condition to work today, you fell asleep whilst doing your paperwork today, there is no way you are working, paperwork can wait, let’s go home so you can get some rest.” Spencer said as she got up from his chair and went to the door to wait for her.

Y/N looked around to see all the agents giving her the ‘go home and get some rest’ look and the ‘don’t even think about’ look, knowing that there is no way she can convince her boss, her co-workers and her husband she got from her and chair and headed out of the door. “Fine you win, you can take me home Spencer, I guess your right I do need some rest.” Y/N said as she smiled and she Spencer walked over to their desks to grab their bags and headed to the elevator and saying goodbye to the team.

“I’m glad you took up mine and Hotch’s offer.” Spencer said with a smile on his face as they waited for the elevator to go down to the bottom floor.

“Well you are my genius!” Y/N said gleefully as she and Reid both laughed, while Reid held her close to him as they elevator reached their and they walked out to the parking lot.  

Originally posted by dicaprio-diaries

T.R.O.U.B.L.E. (5/?)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Language Guys

Summary: You and your twin brother Devin work for the Avengers, he’s an active agent who is far from being Bucky Barnes biggest fan, but you’re a simple assistant whose carrying on the secret affair with Barnes. How bad could this get, as long as no one finds out right?

A/N: Angsty, cute series for Buck, because I know I need more Buck on my blog. If you want to be tagged let me know!!

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Originally posted by bovaria

“I would let go of her, if you don’t want your hands broken Agent.” Nat is leaning against the door way, Tony next to her, the movement behind them tells you Steve is holding Buck back, you swallow looking back at your brother.

“This is a family issue.” Devin nods trying to sound like he wasn’t close to snapping.

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Everyone Loves Park Jimin (Chapter 1)

“It’s gonna be okay,” Jimin whispered to himself as he walked inside the huge campus of Seoul University.

He saw girls and boys everywhere walking and some talking to each other.

Jimin’s hands got tighter around the piece of paper he was holding that had details about his dormitory but he couldn’t find the building.

He wanted to approach one of the students asking them about the dorms but he was nervous and insecure about his Korean.

Of course being born in San Francisco he mostly used English to converse except for when he was home because his parents had insisted on him being proud of his heritage and taught him Korean.

But that didn’t really help him being nervous about talking in Korean.

Jimin sighed as he looked around. He had to approach someone. He saw a short girl talking to someone. She seemed friendly to Jimin for some reason.

Jimin walked up to her when he suddenly found himself right on the ground as he bumped into someone.

“Oh my god,” he heard a voice. It was a boy.

He felt a pair of hands snake around his waist and someone helping him up. Jimin looked up to see a boy wearing glasses with blonde hair, his forehead creased in worry.

“Are you okay?” the boy asked.

For some reason, Jimin felt his mouth being dry. He couldn’t seem to speak as he looked up to the seemingly good looking boy staring back at him.

“Are you okay?” the boy asked raising his voice.

Jimin snapped out of his trance blinking rapidly.

“I…I am fine,” Jimin said his voice sounding hoarse.

“Are you sure?”

Jimin nodded very aware of the fact that the boy’s hands were still wrapped around his waist and that a small crowd had gathered looking at them.

“Uh yeah,” Jimin said.

“I am sorry,” the boy said. “I wasn’t looking”

“It’s…its fine,” Jimin said with a faint smile.

The boy gave him a much bigger smile and now little dimples very showing on his cheek making Jimin’s heart flutter.

Jimin felt the boy let go of his waist and he could feel himself being disappointed.

The boy bent down and picked up a paper.

“Is this yours?”

It was the paper with the details of Jimin’s dorm.

“Oh yeah,” Jimin said taking the paper.

The boy smiled again.

“I’ll see you later then,”

Jimin nodded as the boy began walking when Jimin had an idea.

“Wait,” he said.

“Yes,” the boy said stopping.

“Would you…would you mind helping me find my dorm?”

“Uh sure,”

Jimin smiled handing the paper to the boy who looked at the paper smiling.

“This is really close to mine,”

“Oh really,” Jimin said.

The boy nodded.

“Come on follow me,”

Jimin walked beside the much taller boy.

“Exchange student huh?”

Jimin nodded.

“From?” the boy asked.

“University of Texas,”

“That’s quite cool,” the boy said.


“You have always lived in the US?” the boy asked.

“Yeah, born and brought up,”

“Awesome,” the boy said in English.

Jimin’s eyes widened.

“Can you speak English?”

“Uh yeah, I try,” the boy chuckled.

“Are you a foreigner too?” Jimin asked.

“No,” the boy said. “I taught myself,”

“That is very amazing,”

“Not really,”

“Modest I see,” Jimin said.

The boy chuckled as they entered the building with the dorms.

“Yours is just here,” the boy said as he pointed to a room.

“Thank you so much,”

“No problem,” the boy smiled showing his dimples. “Do you need help with your luggage?”

“No thanks, though,” Jimin said.

“I didn’t catch your name,” the boy said.


“Well Jimin, I am Namjoon. Nice to meet you,”

“Nice to meet you too,”

“If you need anything be sure to tell me, I just live at the end of this floor”

“Yup,” Jimin said.

“Catch you later then,” Namjoon said.

“Okay, bye,” Jimin said as Namjoon left.

Jimin smiled. Namjoon was so nice. What were the odds of finding someone so nice, smart and good looking literally in the first half hour since Jimin had been at Seoul University?

Jimin hauled in his suitcase inside his room staring at the walls of his dorm. They were creamy in color looking dull. There were two beds one which was empty presumably Jimin’s and the other laid out well which must be of his roommate,

Jimin wondered who his roommate was. He hoped it was someone nice, possibly as nice as Namjoon. Nah, Jimin wasn’t that lucky.

Jimin sat on the bed as he was too tired. Unpacking could wait for now.

He heard a knock on the door. He looked up and saw a tall boy on the doorstep wearing a pink sweater with black skinny jeans his blonde hair falling in waves on his forehead. Jimin’s breath hitched because this boy was possibly the most beautiful boy he had ever seen.

“Park Jimin,” the boy asked. His voice was equally as beautiful.

“Yes,” Jimin gulped as he stood up.

The boy smiled curling up his full pink lips and Jimin had a hard time to focus on what he was saying.

“Jimin? Jimin?”

“Um yeah,” Jimin said.

“I was supposed to show you around the University,”

“Oh,” Jimin said.

“So let’s go then,”

Jimin nodded.

“Come on now,” the boy said grabbing Jimin’s hands.

They walked as the boy pointed around the different rooms.

“What’s your name?” Jimin asked the boy.



“You’re from the US right?”

Jimin nodded.

“Liking it here?”

“I don’t know. It’s only been hours,”

“Ah yeah,” the boy said.

“You seem in a bit of hurry,” Jimin commented as they walked in the lobby of the top floor of the University where there were music rooms.

“I am,”

“Anything special?” Jimin asked.

“The first party of the year,” Seokjin said. “At the frat house,”


“You must know a lot right? Aren’t parties much wilder back home?”

“They are but I really wasn’t much a part of them,”

“Really but why?” Seokjin asked.

“I don’t know. I wasn’t really invited,”

“Who was stupid enough not to invite someone like you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re very pretty; I would want you at my party,”

“Oh I um well I uh thanks,” Jimin mumbled because fuck the most beautiful boy on planet earth had called him pretty.

“So you wanna tag along?”

“Where to?” Jimin asked.

“The frat party,”

“I am not sure…”

“Come on now, you only live once,”

“All right…” Jimin said hesitantly.

“Great, I’ll pick you up for the party at 7ish,” Seokjin said and he winked at Jimin.

Jimin’s breath stopped as he smiled at him as Seokjin walked off waving at Jimin.

Jimin walked back to his dormitory a little shaken by what had happened. He had actually been winked at and agreed to go to some party he had no idea who was hosting only because someone he barely even knew said so.

Jimin walked to his dorm and it was still empty. There was no sign of his roommate anywhere.

Jimin headed to his suitcase opening it up. If he was going to the party he needed something decent to wear.

There was another knock on the door.

Jimin turned around and found a boy grinning at him his brown hair falling in bangs on his forehead. He looked cute and adorable.

“Are you the new exchange student?” he asked.


“I am Taehyung,”

“Oh hi, I am Jimin,”

“Nice to meet you Jimin, I live in the room next to you,”

“Oh that’s nice,”

What was the odd of this adorable boy living right next to Jimin’s room? He was getting too lucky today.

“Need help with anything,”

“No, I am fine,”

“Don’t be shy,” the boy said. “I remember when I first got here and let me tell you unpacking everything was a true pain in the ass,”

Jimin laughed as the boy began taking the shirts out.

“Where should I keep them?”

“The top shelf,”

“Okay,” the boy said.

“I really appreciate this,”

“It really is no big deal,” Taehyung smiled.

Jimin smiled to himself, how could anyone be this kind?

“So where are you from?”


“That’s quite cool,” Taehyung said.


“How was it?”

“It’s okay I guess, I liked it,” Jimin said as he kept his jeans on the bottom shelf.

“Are you excited about living in Seoul?”

“Yes,” Jimin said. “It seems like a cool place”

“It is,” Taehyung said.

“We’re all done,” Jimin announced as he sat down on the bed. “Thanks to you,”

“Don’t mention it,”

Jimin smiled.

“Taehyung, do you mind if I ask you a question?”

“No, go ahead,”

“Do you know anything about my roommate?”



“His name,”

“Oh,” Jimin said the mysterious person at least had a name now, Yoongi.

“Yoongi is…”

Jimin felt himself getting nervous. What if he was some horrible person? Jimin was slightly nervous.


“What do you mean?”

“He is nice and everything but he likes to keep to himself,”


“Don’t worry you won’t have any problems with him. He is not that kind of a person from what I know,”

Jimin breathed a sigh of relief.

Taehyung smiled.

“So are you going to the party?”


“Yeah the frat house one,”

“No, are you?”




“Nothing just be careful,”


“The parties they can get um a bit wild,”


“Who are you going with?”


“I guess that won’t be as bad,”

“You know him?”

“Yeah, he is pretty nice,” Taehyung said. “And good looking” Taehyung added as an afterthought making Jimin laugh.

“You are very um good looking too,” Jimin said when he suddenly realized what he had said.

“Uh, I mean…you know I mean that…”

“Thank you Jimin,” Taehyung said. “And you are no less yourself,”

Jimin felt his cheeks heating up at Taehyung’s comment that he was very aware that Taehyung could see as he mumbled incoherent thanks not meeting Taehyung’s eyes.

“I am gonna go now,” Taehyung said. “I will see you soon,”

“Yeah you too, bye,”

Taehyung left leaving Jimin alone and Jimin checked the time. It was almost 6:30 so Jimin began dressing up which was slipping into a much skinnier black jeans along with a black T-shirt brushing his ginger hair before putting on some eyeliner to make his eyes look a bit better.

Then Seokjin showed up to pick up Jimin and he was dressed in a black shirt with the top button undone his blonde hair messy and really tight blue jeans. Jimin once again had to force himself to look away.

“Jiminie are you wearing eyeliner?”

“Yes,” Jimin replied slightly alarmed by the nickname.

“Damn, you look so good with it,”

“Thank you,” Jimin blushed.

“Come on now, we have a party to go to,” Seokjin said as Jimin nodded getting into the car.

Seokjin drove making casual talk and just the tiny bit of flirting making Jimin blush from time to time.

When they arrived at the frat house it was already filled with people. Jimin followed Seokjin inside when Seokjin was suddenly hugged by someone.

“Hoseok,” Seokjin said.

It was a boy with light strawberry blonde hair and a big smile on his face.

It was almost as if Seoul University was blessed with good looking guys Jimin thought when suddenly he saw Hoseok look at him.

“Hi there,” Hoseok said.

Jimin smiled when Seokjin shoved Hoseok.

“No, okay,”

“Seokjin,” Hoseok whined.

“You disgust me,” Seokjin said.

“I promise I won’t do anything to him,” Hoseok said. “I am not that bad,”

Jimin saw Seokjin bite his lip.

“Jimin, I’ll be right back,”

Jimin nodded as Seokjin left making his way through the crowd of college students.

“So, I am Hoseok,” Hoseok said.


“I have never seen you around here before, Are you new?”

“Oh yeah, on an exchange program,”

“Interesting,” Hoseok commented.


“Where are you from originally?”


“Cool,” Hoseok said. “Wanna drink?”

“Uh I haven’t before,”

“What really?” Hoseok asked.

Jimin nodded.

“Come on then Jimin we have got to make you have your first taste of alcohol,”

“I am not…”

“You can trust me,” Hoseok winked as he took Jimin’s hand and dragged him into the kitchen.

Jimin’s heart was beating much faster mainly because of the crowd or for the fact that Hoseok was holding his hand and it was too much for him to handle.

Hoseok took a red cup and handed it to Jimin.

“Drink up,”

Jimin hesitantly sipped before almost spitting out the drink.


“It can be,” Hoseok chuckled. “But then you won’t stop”

Jimin once again sipped stomaching the drink as much as he could before finishing the cup.

“Damn for a beginner that was good,” Hoseok said.

Jimin grinned.

“Can I have some more?”

Hoseok laughed handing him another cup and Jimin drank it all much faster. It didn’t seem as disgusting as before.

“One more,”

Jimin ended up drowning two more cups before he could barely register his surroundings but he had a new found confidence.

“Can we dance?”

“If you want to then yes,” Hoseok said.

Jimin smiled as they went back to the living room converted into the dancing floor which was full of drunken teenagers dancing as Jimin began moving along with Hoseok. They danced really closely that was almost sexual but Jimin didn’t care because when was he ever gonna get the chance to dance with someone as attractive as Hoseok. He might as well make the best of this bizarre situation.

“You are quite the dancer,” Hoseok said.

“Am I?”

“Yes damn,” Hoseok said as he pulled Jimin closer his hands around Jimin’s waist. Jimin could feel his cheeks get heated as their bodies got closer. Neither of them was holding back in any way.

Suddenly out of nowhere, Hoseok’s phone started ringing.

Hoseok stopped dancing and took out his phone.

“Jimin just stay right here, I’ll be back,”

Jimin nodded. He was now all alone without Seokjin or Hoseok and a very parched throat. He decided he might as well find some water which he did with lots of difficulties when he suddenly bumped into someone spilling the whole glass of water on their shirt.

Jimin looked up horrified to find an incredibly attractive and frankly very intimidating boy staring at him. He had big eyes and dark brown hair and for the fifth time in the day, Jimin was once again completely tongue-tied.


The boy was silent.

“I am…”

“Sorry?” the boy asked.

“Yeah that,” Jimin said gulping.

To his relief, the boy smiled.

“It’s all right,” he said. “Mistakes happen”

“Uh yeah,”

This was strange. Wasn’t the boy supposed to yell at him telling him to fuck off or even pick a fight with him?

The boy smiled again before leaving his eyes however still on Jimin in a very intense way.

Jimin went back to the spot but there was still no sign of Hoseok so Jimin left the room because his head was hurting from the incredibly loud music. He made his way to the kitchen again and there against the dining table there was a group of people loudly yelling. Curious, Jimin looked to find the attractive intimidating boy along with many other people standing on the side cheering when the boy caught Jimin’s eye. He smirked. Jimin gulped looking away his heart beating much faster. The boy looked like trouble. Someone Jimin should stay away from.

When he looked back the boy was clapping hard.

“It’s Jungkookie’s turn,” he heard a girl’s voice.

“Truth or dare,” someone asked.

It was strange to Jimin that a group of grown college students were playing such a juvenile game albeit in a much sexual way.

“Kiss the cutest boy in the room,” a girl said and a series of groans followed.

“That was the best you could come up with?” he heard a boy’s voice as he saw the attractive intimidating boy smirk.

“That was the easiest thing you could have given me, thanks,” he said and that voice was just perfect.

He stood up looking at all the boys before moving a bit further and suddenly he was walking towards Jimin and Jimin knew what was gonna happen even though he didn’t want to believe it.

He felt the boys’ lips on him. They were soft, warm and nice against his seemingly cold ones and tasted a little sweet with a hint of strawberries. It was perfect Jimin thought when he suddenly realized what was happening and pushed off the boy.

The boy looked equally surprised as Jimin left the room suddenly drawn to tears because his first kiss may or may not have been stolen by some drunken frat boy for the sake of a stupid dare.

He bumped into Hoseok.

“Jimin,” Hoseok said. “I was looking for you everywhere…wait are you crying?”

“No,” Jimin lied. “Do you know where Seokjin is?”

“No, are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Jimin lied. “I don’t feel so good”

“What is it?”

“Nothing, I just wanna go back to my dorm”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah,” Jimin said. “I will see you later”

Hoseok nodded and Jimin barely smiled as he walked his way through the people. He really appreciated Hoseok’s concern but he wanted to be alone.

He had no idea where Seokjin was though which meant that he had to go home alone which wouldn’t have been much of a big deal if he knew the way.

As far as he remembered the frat house was just a bit off campus he followed his instincts and began walking. His head hurt a lot though from all the drinking that he shouldn’t have done. But for some reason, it must have been a lucky day as he reached the dorms without getting lost or even worse stabbed.

He made his way to the door and found it locked which meant that his roommate was finally home. Jimin knocked and seconds later the door opened to reveal a guy with black hair, a small face looking up to him.

He looked different but he looked beautiful.

“I…” Jimin said. “I am your roommate”

“I presumed that come on in,”

Jimin nodded following as he closed the door behind him when he suddenly cut himself on the lock.

“Ow,” Jimin groaned as he looked at the cut on his hand which was now bleeding.

“What is it?”

“Nothing,” Jimin said as he sat down on the bed applying pressure on it to stop the cut from bleeding. He wished he had some bandage but of course he chose to ignore his mothers’ orders to take a first aid kit with him.

He saw Yoongi watching him casually seated on his own bed.

“Everything all right?” Yoongi asked.

“Yeah, I just cut myself,”


“The door lock,” Jimin said.

“Is it bleeding a lot?”

Jimin nodded.

He heard Yoongi sigh as he got up from his bed and began rummaging through his drawer before taking out a white plastic box.

“Show me,”

“No no it really is fine. I’ll be fine,” Jimin said.

“Do you want it to get worse by leaving the wound open?”

Jimin shook his head no hesitantly letting Yoongi look at his hand.

“Go wash that,”

Jimin nodded heading to the tiny sink and washed his hand before returning back to the bed where Yoongi slightly dabbed on his wound with some antiseptic making Jimin wince.

He took out a bandage wrapping it around Jimin’s hand.

“Uh thank you so much for doing this,” Jimin said.

“It’s fine,”

“I am Jimin by the way,”

“I know,”


“I was told two weeks ago that you are gonna be my roommate,”


“I am Yoongi,” he said.

Jimin just nodded.

“You look drunk too, are you?” Yoongi asked.

Jimin nodded thinking about the disaster of an evening.

“Well go to sleep. It’s Sunday tomorrow so don’t worry about anything,”

Jimin nodded again as Yoongi went and switched off the lights.

“Goodnight,” he said climbing into the bed.

“Goodnight,” Jimin said as he lied down too thinking about his first day at Seoul University. It was weird and very eventful.

But at least he had a good roommate.

The class project

Morality is an English teacher everyone likes because he teaches all the extra classes the other English teachers won’t. Thes include British Literature, Creative Writing, Intro to Speech and Communication, and the others that are also not required. He is super fun and usually lets students have a say in what they do for class. They choose the books from an approved list for British Literature. Creative Writing is mostly free writing after some fundamental lessons in the beginning. And the kids choose their speech types and topics for Intro to Speech.

Logic teaches AP Psychology, Sociology, World History, and Intro to Sign Language. Students like Logan because he takes late assignments for full credit until the end of each semester. He put this rule in place because in his first year teaching one kid gave him work that was two months late despite a strict late policy. The essays were so well written Logan had to check for plagiarism, the short answers were flawless. Logan realised some kids just need a lot of time so he got rid of deadlines. This didn’t help some students though so Logan devoted a lot of after school time to tutoring students.

Roman excelled in Creative Writing. He was ecstatic when the class project was assigned. Everyone else seemed to be taking the class to get out of English 10. All 23 of them had to make a found poem together. After class the other kids asked Roman if there was any way they could get him to do their three lines for the poem. Roman was confused. “We’re supposed to work together. Once we pick a theme it’ll be a piece of cake. You guys want me to do all sixty nine sentences?”

Anxiety said, “We’ll help you study for the World History final.”

“And AP Psych.” Roman negotiated. His classmates agreed. After school that day the kids pushed cafeteria tables together so they could work. Six of them made a color coded AP Psychology study guide for Roman while four of them made note cards. Another six students made a World History study guide in outline format while five kids made a T chart for vocabulary words. They figured the contrast from the other study guide would help him keep the information separate. Anxiety found three lines for the poem and handed them to Roman with sources attached. He always wanted to work alone.

As all the students were gathered in the cafeteria Morality and Logic saw them from the upper level of the school. Morality said “I knew they could work together. You said the group was too big.”

Logan smirked “I was right. Roman seems to be the only one working on your assignment. The rest have Psychology or World History books open.” His smirk faltered and his voice lowered. “They’re skipping your assignment to work on my classes? These kids do well in my classes. The only one I could see needing to work on my classes is Roman.”

Morality said “Oh my. This is great!” The kids heard him and looked up. Morality gave them a thumbs up and ran to his classroom.

Logan was surprised and followed after Morality. “Why is this great? Isn’t it cheating?”

Morality said “Well, technically it is. But it is a small poetry assignment. It was supposed to be a team work exercise, its extra credit anyway. And while they may be working in sections they’re still working together. They were helping Roman with your classes.”

Logan caught on. “So they had to coordinate the work to make sure all the vital information was included… They all used their individual skills to help the whole group. Genius!”

After the study materials were made and given to Roman most of the kids left. Anxiety stayed behind to quiz him with the note cards. When Roman needed a study break he read the poem to Anxiety. It was not so subtly about their two most shippable teachers. Anxiety’s lines were the very beginning. They walked upstairs to Morality’s classroom to turn in the assignment and saw the teachers looking at each other with heart eyes. Anxiety couldn’t help but knock on the door. Logan took three steps back from Morality and compulsively adjusted his tie and pushed up his glasses. Roman stifled a giggle as he handed the poem to his Creative Writing teacher. “May I read it aloud?” Morality asked as nicely as possible.

“Sure.” Roman agreed shooting Logan a nervous glance.

By the end of the poem Morality and Logan were both blushing, Roman felt like a third wheel, and Anxiety was having a field day over the extreme second-hand feelings. Morality looked at Logan for a solid minute before going to his desk, getting a red marker, and writing “A+” at the top. Logan had to adjust his tie again as Morality slowly pinned the poem to his board. Roman and Anxiety hastily left the room. As soon as they were out in the hallway they burst into laughter.

Anxiety needed to sit down because he laughed until he began to hyperventilate. “Did you see their faces?” He laughed again as Princey mimicked Logan’s face.

Logan walked out a moment later, still in shock a little. “Why are you on the floor?” He inquired.

Anxiety said “I just like to sit on the floor.” He put his hand out and commanded, “Roman help me up!” Roman took Anxiety’s hand and helped him off of the carpet.

Once Anxiety had gotten to his feet Logan said, “The poem was beautiful. Great work.” He didn’t mention the fact they were still holding hands because he could hardly care less. Though he did chuckle lightly as he walked to his own classroom. Anxiety from their hands to Roman’s face.

Roman gasped softly. “Are you uncomfortable with this?” He asked.

But as Roman tried to gently pull away Anxiety held a little bit tighter. He said “Nah this is fine.”

Morality then walked out of his classroom with a satchel full of papers over his shoulders. He locked the door and looked at Roman and Anxiety. “I loved that poem fellas. It made me wish there was a grade higher than an A plus.” He pulled two slips of paper out of his bag. “Here are some bus passes for the 4:30 after school bus.”
They separated their hands to take the passes and sat next to each other on the bus.

As the bus was about to leave the parking lot Anxiety and Princey looked out the window of their seat. They saw Morality kiss Logan on the cheek before getting into his car and driving away. Logan stood there frozen before smiling. Roman rolled down his window to yell “Yeah get some, Teach!” Anxiety laughed, although he was a smidge embarrassed, because Logan was extremely confused.

Roman quickly asked Anxiety if he could kiss him and Anxiety nodded. When Roman actually did it the bus driver shouted “Hey none of that on the bus! The twelve year olds can’t see people making out!” Everyone laughed at the lame and inconvenient rules for public displays of affection, or maybe they were laughing at the expression on Anxiety’s face.

@incorrectprinxietyquotes @trash-the-memelord (I couldn’t think of who else to tag, what do y'all think of this short fic)

6 months

2 years. 2 years in a relationship with Nash, just to break up over text message because of the pictures of him and another girl. He was on tour and cheating on you.

You’ll admit, the first week, you laid in bed crying. You were heartbroken. He was your first true love, after pizza of course. But you were so hurt. He said he loved you, but his actions showed otherwise.

In the messages, he said it was an accident. A one time thing. She was just a fan and things just happened. He didn’t mean it. He loved you.

Lie after lie after lie.

The second week you were still upset, but you moved from your bed now. You found yourself mostly playing sad songs and drowning your pain in the bottom of a tub of ice cream. Not the healthiest way to cope, but you were doing okay.

The third week you were finally realizing that he didn’t deserve your tears. You saw his tweets, Instagram pictures, snapchat stories, he was out having the time of his life it seemed. He was out on dates with other girls already. Out partying with the guys. He was happy, so why weren’t you?

The forth week rolled around and you decided you were done. You finally got rid of that box of stuff you had of his under your bed. Your burned the love letters, threw away all the gifts he bought you, like the teddy bear from Valentine’s Day. The minion he won from a carnival game the night he took you on your 4th date. All of it. You were finally ready to move on.

Now, here you are, 6 months post break up, hanging out with your new boyfriend, Beau at his place.

You guys met at the gym (since drowning your sorrows in ice cream did nothing for your figure) a month after your breakup and really clicked. Granted he gave you all his lines that day, it was his sense of humor that made you agree to going out to lunch with him the next day, and well, the rest is history. That was 5 months ago though.

Now here you are, head over heels for the biggest goof you knew. He constantly made you laugh, and his brothers, Luke and Jai, same age as you, were suddenly your best friends. You spent at least 4 days out of the week with Beau, the other 3 you were just busy with work.

You were currently at Beau and the rest of the boys place in LA, cuddled up on his bed watching a movie. You couldn’t deny that you were tired. You were up early this morning for a photoshoot, and you didn’t get home until late last night.

You did some modeling, and you had to admit you did love it. You noticed how 3 months after your break up though, any picture you would post you saw Nash would like it. No big deal, since you did get like 200,000 some likes on a picture, but still.

And he would indirect you on twitter a lot. Or at least he has lately. He’s tweeted ‘don’t ever let go of someone who was once all about you’ and ‘my only regret was hurting you so much it made you leave.’ Of course there were several others, and people always tagged you in the tweets, but you paid no attention.

You were happy with Beau. He made you feel beautiful. Loved. Everything. You loved being around him. You honestly couldn’t even picture being with anyone else now. You wanted nothing more than to just be with Beau. Like, he was your happiness.

That night you didn’t have to work, and you didn’t have anything for the following morning, so as usual you stayed with the boys, a habit that seemed to be starting. You cooked them dinner, which they were grateful for, and then watched them play fifa. Jai and Luke versus Beau and Skip.

Around 11:30 you decided to head to bed, knowing those four would be up for hours. Beau did pause the game though to ‘tuck’ you into bed, which only led to you guys making out for like 15 minutes before Jai screamed from downstairs for Beau to ‘hurry up and finish’ since ‘everyone knows you can’t last that long anyway’

You stayed up though, watching a movie from bed, cuddling with Hamlet. You were watching the lion king, and you couldn’t help but snap a pic of you and Hamlet. I mean, who doesn’t love dogs, cuddles, and the Lion King? You posted the photo on twitter and Instagram and then locked your phone and then focused on the movie.

Nash was on twitter, and was guilty of having your tweet notifications on, along with you Instagram ones as well. He was over at the boys house, and they had just finished a game of hoops, everyone taking a break and checking their phones.

He had a notification of yours from twitter and Instagram. Checking twitter he saw it. The picture you had taken while over at Beaus. He immediately exited out and checked your Instagram post, only to see the same picture. He admits, it was a great pic of you. You looked great, even for it being 11:30 at night.

“another night with the actual love of my life Hamlet” and it had Beau fuckin Brooks tagged in the caption, and the picture itself.

“that’s the third fucking night in a row.” He mumbled, locking his phone. “the third fucking night in a row she’s spent at his house.”

“bro chill, they are dating, it’s not like she’s cheati- never mind.” Johnson spoke, catching himself from saying something terrible.

“like I don’t fucking know that. I know they’re fucking dating. Everyone fucking does. Who doesn’t know about the hottest model dating the Australian prankster. I mean, if you didn’t just go on any fucking site. Twitter, where her fans and his fans and half the other people in the world talk about how perfect they are. How much they ship them. Or even look at their profiles. They do nothing but fucking tweet about one another, tweet one another and fucking post pictures of them together all the damn time.” Nash went off. He was pissed. He didn’t like that you were this happy with someone that wasn’t him.

Because just a few months ago that was you guys. People were shipping you guys. You were tweeting about one another, tweeting pictures of each other, posting all kinds of pictures together, tweeting one another.

“bro, can’t you just be happy for her? I mean, don’t you want her to be happy?” Johnson, the man of wisdom spoke again. Everyone else just kinda put in their own little inputs, but Johnson was the only one to make you realize anything.

“Yeah I want her to be happy. But I want her to be happy with me. I want her to be posting pics of us, not her and someone else.”

“yeah, well you kinda ruined that didn’t you?” Johnson fired back. Everyone was shocked he said it because well, yeah everyone knew Nash cheated, but since it happened no one talked about it. Not that they were scared, but simply that it was just kinda understood. Everyone knew what went down, no need to discuss it

“Johnson.” Nash practically growled. Everyone could tell he was ready to punch Johnson for bringing it up.

“no Nash listen. You fucked up. Big time. You had a fucking dime, and to be honest with you, if it wasn’t for bro code, the second you two broke up I would’ve gone after her. I’m not gonna lie, I still talk to her, hang out with her. She’s great, and she loved you so much. But you fucking took her for granted and lost the best damn thing that ever came your way.” Johnson spit.

“you don’t think I know that? I know I messed up okay.”

“I know, but I still don’t think you get it. Yeah you messed up. You treated her like shit while you were on tour. Empty conversations, hardly ever talking to her. I think there was seriously like 2 weeks when you didn’t even bother to respond to her? But she fucking stuck by you. She way faithful as shit. And then you go and cheat on her? With a fan? You know they can’t keep their damn mouths shut. And after that breakup sure you were feeling great. Free. Nothing could stop you. Nothing was holding you back. Now here we are, 6 months later, she’s moved on, and now’s when you start caring. She’s your ex and all and you should want nothing but the best for her since you couldn’t give it to her.”

“I don’t need this.” Nash said, walking off inside, where he found Nate and Sammy drinking and smoking. He grabbed a bottle of vodka and started drinking, giving up on basketball and now all of the guys essentially just having a small party.

A bottle of vodka, and like half a blunt later Nash was just a mess. He excluded himself from everyone else inside laughing, having the time of their lives. He went outside, sitting on the edge of a cement wall. He scrolled through your guys’ old photos he still had on his phone. His thoughts eating him alive. He couldn’t stand this.

He missed you.

He missed making you laugh, the way your eyes would squint and your nose would scrunch up as you tipped your head back. He could no longer do that to you, he could no longer make you laugh. Now it was Beau who made you laugh. And that hurt him, so much. Your laugh was his favorite sound.

He missed the way you would cuddle up next to him. How you would throw your leg over his body and your arm across his chest and snuggle up real close to him. How you would nuzzle your head in his side. How perfect you and he fit together.

Or the way you would skip through the house, just humming or singing. His shirt draped over your body, and your little knee high socks, and nothing else. It was his favorite sight. He loved nothing more than trudging out of bed in the morning to find you in the kitchen singing. He loved walking up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing your neck, telling you how great last night was. He cringed at the thought of Beau and you being the same way.

Then the thought of you and Beau being intimate in anyway. Doing anything sexual. He started to think about all the things you used to love in the bedroom. How you loved when he would pin you up against the wall. How rough he could get, but how he could slow it down, putting all his love into every deep thrust. How you would squirm when he kissed that spot, right below your ear. Or how you loved to suck him off before anything. The foreplay. How much you loved to be on top, or how you loved when he hit it from the back.

Thinking of you and Beau doing any of that together was enough to set him off. He had a new message open to you, he just didn’t have any idea what to say. His thoughts were all jumbled, and the alcohol gave him all the confidence he needed. No matter how sloppy his thoughts were one thing was clear. He missed you, and he wanted to let you know that.

To (y/n): I miss you.

And after he sent it, he waited. Messages still open. Hope of any contact from you started to fade as 15 minutes had passed and you still hadn’t even opened it. His thoughts started to come back, and he thought about how much he missed falling asleep next to you every night, and waking up with you every morning.

He was about to type another message but then he saw the little bubble pop up and eagerly awaited your response.

Beau had just came upstairs into his room to get ready for bed when you got a new message. Rarely ever getting a message at midnight, you were quite curious as to who it would be. The only person you ever talked to this late was either your best friend, or Beau. And since your best friend was out of state, in a different time zone for the week, you knew it wasn’t her, plus you guys only talked late when it was an emergency. And considering you were with Beau, it couldn’t be him.

“who’s that?” Beau asked, emerging from the bathroom in his boxers, a sight you quite enjoyed.

“no idea.” You replied, reaching over to the night table and checking your phone.

You unlocked your phone, only to see something you did not expect at all. A new message from the last person on earth you expected.

“it’s uh, it’s from Nash.” You said, shocked.

Beau climbed into bed, pulling you into him so you guys were spooning.

“like your ex Nash? What did he say?”

“yeah him. And he just said he missed me. I’m not even going to reply. I’m just going to go change my number in the morning.” I said, clicking out of my messages.

“no don’t. I know it’s not ideal, but I mean, you should text him back. You know, give him some closure or something.” Beau smiled.

“you’re not mad?”

“why would I be? I mean, I’ve got you now. Even though he fucked up, he still deserves some closure. Thing about it babe, this is the first you guys have talked in like 6 months.”

“okay. You’re the best. I love you.” You smiled, turning and kissing his lips lazily.

To Nash: It’s been 6 months Nash. I think you’re fine.

From Nash: I’m not fine. These past 6 months hae been hell. I miss you so muvh babt.

“he’s drunk.” You told Beau.

“drunk or not, he still has feeling babe. Just, let him say what he has to say. I know this is what you’ve wanted for months now.”

“what have I wanted?” you asked, confused. You didn’t want anything from Nash. You loved Beau now, so you were confused.

“you want answers, and now’s your chance to get some.”

To Nash: well, that’s not really my problem.

From Nash: I knoww. I mesaed up

To Nash: can I ask you something.

From Nash: of course.

To Nash: okay, firstly. Why’d you do it? Were you not happy with me? Cause if not, you should have broke up with me before.

From Nash: no. fuck no. I was happy with you. It’s just on tour I felt held back. Like everyone else was out having great times and I just felt like I couldn’t cause of yoi.

To Nash: you could have just talked to me, instead of ignoring me and then cheating on me.

From Nash: I know. Can I ask  you something.

To Nash: sure.

From Nash: are you happy? With bo ? nd evrithing else in oyur life?

To Nash: Beau* but yeah. I am happy with him. And my modeling is really taking off.

From Nash: I’m glad your work iz good. Bo is lucki

To Nash: Beau*

From Nash: right. I’m sorry.

To Nash: it’s fine. Lots of people spell it wrong.

From Nash: no. not for the name. For everything else. For the lies, and cheating. I regret it all. I still care about you, but if you’re happi then I’m happi for you.

To Nash: why?

From Nash: I already told you. I felt held back.

To Nash: no, not that. Like why now? Why are you apologizing now? 6 months later? I wanted an apology like a week after, maybe a month, but 6 months later? I thought maybe we could be statistics, remain friends after the breakup, but 6 months later?

From Nash: it’s just. I wanted to be friends. I just needed to figure things out.

To Nash: by sleeping with other girls?

From Nash: that makes it sound bad.

To Nash: cause it was bad Nash. It hurt so much knowing while I was laying around hurting, you were out, happy as can be.

From Nash: funny.

To Nash: what’s funny about that?

From Nash: no, not that, it’s just funny how things change.

To Nash: what do you mean?

From Nash: it’s funny how now, I’m the one hurting, and you’re happy as can be.

To Nash: what?

From Nash: It hurts knowing you’re falling asleep in someone else’s arms, and waking up next to them every morning now…


*Requested*  Imagine convincing Alaric, who you don’t know, to pretend to be your boyfriend when this guy won’t stop looking at you strangely. The guy leaves and you thank Alaric, you leaving a few minutes later, but the guy, who is a vampire, is waiting for you and attacks you and Alaric comes out and defends you. When the vamp is gone he asks you out and you say yes, kissing his cheek and thanking him again.

(Finally another one for all the Alaric girls and guys out there. I hope you enjoy! Happy reading my lovelies)

Characters: Alaric x Reader, random vampire

Story Title: “History and Bourbon”

Word count: 1226

Your name: submit What is this?

A pair of eyes stare into your backside, not looking away once. You are currently at the Grill and this creepy stranger, who looks like he has camped out in the Woods for quite some time, keeps staring at you. You don’t know if he’s a vampire eying his prey -which wouldn’t be surprising in your hometown Mystic Falls- or just a creeper who loves to make people uncomfortable. Either way, it does not look like he is leaving anytime soon, so you have to think of something because it is getting pretty late and you would be an easy target if the guy follows you outside.

You look around the Grill in desperate need of finding something or someone to help you get out of here safely. Then suddenly, the ringing sound of the doorbell catches your attention. In walks a guy with dirty blonde hair carrying a fairly big bag. It looks like he is walking towards your direction.  Maybe he could help you get out of here? He certainly looks strong enough to kick the creepers ass.  

On second thought maybe not. This is Mystic Falls after all.  There are vampires lurking around everywhere. Maybe it is best to play on the safe side and verbally ask the new guy to help you. But how could you ask him? This is not something you ever asked someone, at least not in this setting. And what would you say anyway?

Well, there’s no more time to contemplate anymore because the guy almost reached the bar.  Here it goes…

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tothestarsandbacktofireheart  asked:

In reference to you saying that you don't shit on anyone who has different opinions then you, "I fucking hate elriel. Every time it shows up on my dash I want to vomit..." "... except to say that Elriel can die". Would you say that these quotes from you encourage friendly discourse? Cause I wouldn't. You said other inflammatory things about this topic but I felt these quotes summed it up the best. Honestly I've seen you encourage us all to be nice and polite to each other,but then you post this?

The negative things you say about ships or other things you don’t like are the opposite of what you tell others to do. So I’m calling hypocrite. You definitely will shit on someone and their opinions if you don’t like them, a quick skim of your tags clearly shows that. So please get off your high horse and stop pretending your *above such things* because you’re clearly not. This post came out more aggressive then I intended, but hypocrisy really gets me. Sorry for that.

So I’m responding to this publicly because apparently I need to contextualize a lot of what I’ve said, as well as clarify the difference between real people and fictional people, and having a negative opinion versus being a jerk to said real people.

Since you have pointed out my feelings about that particular ship, I thought I would contextualize your argument a bit within my blog. I am very much in a numbers mood, so bear with me:

  • I have made 2,253 posts on this blog.
  • I did a search of my tags, as you did, and I have around 20 posts that mention el*riel, but just to be safe I rounded up to 30. That means that 0.01% of my blog has ever discussed them.
  • To contrast, my pre-acowar OTP was moriel; a quick search of that tag reveals around 400 posts, or 17.7% of my blog talking about them in some way.

Now, clearly, I do not like el*riel. That much is glaringly obvious. What you failed to take into account is how little I discuss them, the fact that I did put my negative opinions under the cut with a warning yesterday, and that I did also start tagging those posts as anti, or using “el*riel” so that it wouldn’t come up when people searched for the ship. I avoid talking about them bc I know that it might hurt people’s feelings because they have difficulty understanding that me not liking a ship does not mean I don’t like them. I do what I can to help people avoid my negative opinions.

So cherry-picking my opinions on that particular ship, when it’s clear I don’t like it, while failing to take into account the other 2,223 posts I have made, and while failing to recognize that I have done what I could to spare people from my negativity on the topic, seems a bit… well, you cherry-picked your evidence. And a few of the posts you mentioned are months old, which… I had 10 followers at the beginning of the year when I started this blog, so I wasn’t exactly concerned at the time about anyone actually paying attention to me. Maybe that’s my bad.

A couple other things that are more generally related to me and my blog and this fandom, not necessarily what you said:

  • I am a person
  • I make mistakes
  • I can be a huge smartass and really snarky
  • I am allowed to dislike things
  • I am allowed to say that I dislike things
  • Me disliking fictional things is not me disliking actual people
  • Not liking a ship is not at all the same thing as being rude to people, and if people (not just you) don’t get that, I really don’t know what to say to you.
  • Again, there is a difference between fictional people and real people. You will notice that the quotes you pulled out? Were never in direct response to someone, or conversation with someone.
  • If you can find an actual example of me being needlessly rude or aggressive to a flesh and blood person, a human being, I will absolutely apologize. But I’m not going to apologize for not being afraid to say what I think in the shitshow that this fandom has become.
  • If someone had sent me an ask that said “moriel can die in a fiery pit of unhealthy obsession and death and torment”, do you know what I would say? Ok then, buddy. Because that opinion? Is not about me personally.
  • You can say you hate a thing that I love. I can say I hate a thing that you love. We can still be friends.
  • Feel free to unfollow or even block people you don’t agree with or who make this fandom less fun than you want it to be. I have become much more liberal with my unfollowing and blocking of people, and let me tell you - it’s been great. You have to take care of yourself, here.

I have received approximately 110 asks since I finished reading ACOWAR just under two weeks ago. Do you know what this tells me? It tells me that people are not afraid to send me their thoughts and opinions, that they do not assume they will be treated with disrespect. Because they aren’t.

My final point about this and the other asks I received last night, is that this is the kind of crap that makes people frustrated. This is the kind of crap that makes people take hiatuses, and message me saying that they want to leave the fandom, and makes people afraid to say what they think. Which, what is the point of any of this, if we don’t feel like we can talk about this stuff without people getting needlessly offended or feeling like they can never say anything negative.

If me trying to be kind and respectful to people as much as possible while still occasionally failing in that regard puts me on a high horse, then I’m going to ride off into the motherfuckin’ sunset on that horse, and never look back. Because at least I’m trying.

iswearidonthavet-mbl-r  asked:

Of course, of course! Let me use names, it might make it more understandable :) But feel free to switch their roles! "Modern AU: Clarke can't sleep at night; Bellamy often wakes up with nightmares. He ends up seeing all of her late night Snapchats and Instagram posts. Cue adorable late night talks, etc." Hope this helps!

I twisted it a little bit because Im incapable of writing angst… So it’s Bellamy having weird dreams and Clarke not sleeping at night! Social Media Au!

thank you @bellamybb for reading this over! tagging some people who showed interested in this @francyfifty @prongsno​ and also @selflessbellamy@marauders-groupie@boob-morley@hiddenpolkadots​ because i want your thoughts on this

Keeping me up at night

Clarke Griffin: Should I stop drinking coffee or should I continue not sleeping at night?

           Octavia Blake, Raven Reyes, Wells Jaha and 6 others liked this.

           Wells Jaha: you’re gonna die at 30

           Raven Reyes: you could never stop drinking coffee. Rip friend. Nice knowing you.

Clarke wasn’t a big sleeper. Ever had been. Apparently, she didn’t need a lot of sleep to function.

However, she needed a lot of caffeine.

Her phone vibrated with a new Facebook notification: Bellamy Blake commented on your post.

          Bellamy Blake: I knew you were a fake. I don’t sleep at night by my own means thank you very much.

She smiled and immediately answered.

           Clarke Griffin: yeah you’re right. Coffee got me awake since im a baby…

           Bellamy Blake: clearly. Don’t do drugs kids.

She didn’t know Bellamy that well. She only met him once for one of Octavia’s birthday party but they somehow ended up following each other on most social medias. She wasn’t complaining because he was fun and he seemed to not sleeping at nights, just like her, and they always ended up talking through the night… She liked him.

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75 Truths From How I Met Your Mother.

1. Nothing good ever happens after 2 a.m.
2. Suit up!
3. Accept all challenges.
4. Don’t underestimate the power of a good wingman (or woman).
5. You’re never too old for a game of laser tag.
6. Don’t get a tattoo when you’re drunk or feeling emotional, or both.
7. People who are texting or sitting at the bar are most likely in relationships.
8. It’s not easy to stay friends with everyone from college.
9. But cherish the friends who mean a lot to you.
10. Your drunk ideas aren’t always your best ideas.
11. When you get sad, just stop being sad and be awesome instead.
12. “The longest pause you will ever experience in your life is the one that follows asking the question: will you marry me?”
13. Make sure whoever you’re casually dating isn’t included in group photos at special events.
14. Everyone has their own special remedy for a hangover.
15. Make sure you don’t just think, think, think and you also do, do, do.
16. You’ll probably be really happy if you marry your best friend.
17. And if you can’t agree on a last name, just call yourself the “Awesomes.”
18. Don’t shy away from your past. Even if it’s embarrassing — like being an 80’s Canadian pop star — your friends will still love you.
19. “We all make stupid decision…but time can take a stupid decision and turn it into something else entirely.”
20. Don’t bring your annoying significant other on trips with your friends.
21. Learn to accept your friends’ annoying significant other for who they are.
22. If you get along with your best friend’s significant other, life will be exponentially better.
23. Dating people in your friend group can get messy and complicated.
24. But sometimes it can lead to a happy, loving relationship.
25. There’s no such thing as a “girly looking” drink — men can drink Margaritas, too.
26. You don’t need to know exactly what you want to do — its OK to change your mind.
27. You should “hold out for someone who doesn’t just tolerate your little quirks but actually kind of likes them.”
28. If you run away on your wedding day, it’s polite to leave a note.
29. It’s not entirely unheard of to have an identity crisis and move across the country.
30. Pursue the career path and profession you’re passionate about.
31. Being in a relationship that challenges you can be constructive, but also exhausting.
32. You shouldn’t be constantly fighting with your significant other — relationships aren’t supposed to be that difficult.
33. Unrequited love sucks, but it happens.
34. Don’t have sword fights with your best friend.
35. Surround yourself with people who support your work and ideas.
36. Sometimes, life will throw you curveballs that you have no control over.
37. “You can let your anger go, and only when you do that is it really gone and you can move forward.”
38. You never know when you can end up losing your job.
39. But the silver lining is it could lead to other amazing opportunities.
40. Have a job that allows you to travel a lot and see the world.
41. As long as it doesn’t involve taking the overnight shift.
42. Always break up with someone before you try to hook up with someone else.
43. A Hanging Chad isn’t the best Halloween costume.
44. Dating your psychologist generally isn’t a good idea.
45. Be careful of monkeys at the zoo — they can steal your wallet.
46. Before you buy a house and commit to a mortgage, make sure it’s not built crooked.
47. Law school takes a lot of work, time, and effort.
48. High-fives are the best way to show your friends affection.
49. Be loyal to your loved ones, but don’t feel like you need to follow a strict set of rules, otherwise known as the “Bro Code.”
50. Sometimes,the universe conspires against you.
51. Befriend your regular bartender — they might even throw you the keys to the place sometime.
52. If you find a good burger place, write down the address.
53. Making bets about your friends’ futures is only OK if they never find out.
54. If you find a good apartment, keep it in your friend group.
55. And when you do need to find a new place, start by asking people you know.
56. Try to stay upbeat when someone asks you to make a speech at their wedding.
57. If your wedding day isn’t going the way you want it to, make it perfect in your own way.
58. Always be willing to entertain your childhood friend when they come to town.
59. “Sometimes you fall for someone you’d never expect, but that doesn’t make it wrong.”
60. You don’t need to move to a whole new city to start your life over.
61. But sometimes a change of scenery can help give you just the right perspective you need.
62. Owning a bar is way more of a hassle than you and your friends might think.
63. “The one” may not necessarily exist because sometimes you get more than one chance at real love.
64. Working with your friends can be a really fun way to pass the time.
65. Be mature enough to give your ex-relationships closure.
66. And don’t lie about your identity to get someone to sleep with you — it’ll definitely catch up with you.
67. Don’t rub it in your ex’s face when you’ve moved on.
68. “Whatever you do in this life, it’s not legendary unless your friends are there to see it.” 69. “The future is scary but you can’t just run back to the past because it’s familiar.”
70. Abandoned umbrellas are always up for grabs.
71. “When you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it.”
72. If you try hard enough, you might be able to actually make it rain.
73. Every moment that you’re living eventually turns into a memory and, therefore, an epic story.
74. “Love is the best thing we do.”
75. Your story is never really finished.