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#optomstudies here with a post about university studying! I’ve been reading many study tips masterposts in the community, but some of these won’t work that well for university. So here are 3 tips for adapting to uni study!

Loose leaf? Notebook? Neither! (but if you must choose between the two, I recommend hole-punched loose leaf - easy to file :D) There is just no time, especially once you get to your higher years, that you will be able to write paper notes especially considering the level of detail that you are required to learn things to get good marks. 

When I was studying therapeutics, lectures were more like an essay crammed into 60-80 ppt slides! Using 10pt Calibri, 1.15 spacing, custom 1cm margins - I still had 12 pages for a 2 hour lecture (see below)

Two lectures / week, for 12 weeks! Although this was the most-content heavy subject, my other courses were still way too time consuming to write notes for. Sadly, you can’t summarise much, because MCQs pick at details.  

As for laptops, cheap netbooks are only ~$300, but I’d recommend these really great student laptops

And yet, you have to wonder why #studyblr doesn’t have more digital notes? Isn’t every studyblr the owner of a computer as a tumblr user? I’m trying to encourage everyone to feel more confident about posting their digital notes as part of the “#studyblrs get real” tag (see here), so if you have some great typed study notes, please tag me with #optomstudies and I’ll be happy to reblog you!

Read through your lecture slides so that you have a basic grasp of the topic before classes. If you have any readings assigned, do them too. This means that you’ll

  • go in knowing what concepts you need clarified
  • revise one more time (remember the forgetting curve?)
  • be much better placed to answer questions and participate in class discussions (get those participation marks!! ;))
  • find it easier to follow along with much more complicated topics than you’ve experienced in high school!
  • remember a lot more of the topic when you come back to revise later on!

Yes, I know, studyblr blasphemy right? But this is what you do when strapped for time. Particularly with biological/chemical sciences, lecturers will have basically summarised what you need to know on the slides. 

Before your lectures, read through the slides (should take about 30 minutes for a 2 hour lecture) and mark/circle anything you don’t understand - then when you get to the lecture, jot down a clarification in your own words based on the professor’s explanation. Eventually, you’ll find that you have studied the topic well enough to not need your own footnotes. 

It takes a little experience to know which professors have slides you can study off (tip: it’s usually the ones where you don’t have to write down much) but it’s totally worth the time you save!

Hope this has been an informative post about the differences between university and high school studying! Please follow me for weekly study tips, study pics and now kpop vocab lists!



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 + my cute stationery + my spreads!






You and I are gonna go S H O P P I N G

But, Semiramis! I just told you I’m broke! I can’t get nice things!



The world is full of wonders, one of them being


Remember sweeties, a witch’s best friend is scavenging.

Open your eyes. Look around. Scout your neighborhood.

But what about the things that I can’t get out on the streets!?

That’s what we’re shopping for!

Now before we move on, close your eyes… then open them again because you need to read the rest of the message… and repeat the following mantra:


No fancy ingredients, no pretty crystals, no expensive incenses will work better than your RAW HEART AND SOUL.


Now let’s go get some of that good shit.

How good?

Diz gud.

Now, it’s no mystery that a broke ass witch needs to pay a visit to the local dollar stores to get her materials every once in a while, but if you’re like me and live in a place where there are no dollar stores (and there are no dollars either) WHERE TO GO?

The answer is here:


These places are AWESOME for a witch on a budget, because they carry EVERYTHING. From toys to art supplies to kitchenware…


(That’s where we come in)

Speaking of budget, by the way. Let’s set one.

Say… $15?

FIFTEEN AMERICAN DOLLARS. I will take you home with some nice and rare goodies that will spice up your spells.

Let’s go in.

Oooh what a promising start. This here, my friends, are 25 grams of the purest coke Palo Santo wood. Don’t like it in its natural state?

They have it in incense too!

But we ain’t getting that shit. I’m allergic so I can’t burn anything scented or else I… die.

But know they’re there, as well as essential oils, and they’re quite accessi-




Nah I’m just kidding. This is the price in pesos, meaning that these oils are *math happens* $1.55 each!

What a D E A L


Also, holy shit…

You HAVE to see the candles aisle in this place.

They have them twirly



The photo is not blury, you’re drunk




Oh hellooo thereee~

Twelve candles for $1.94 you say?



Don’t let anyone tell you cheap candles don’t get the job done, people!

Plus they burn just as good.

NOW at this point the store was 10 minutes away from closing time, so I had to stop taking pictures to get my ass outta there, BUT

Here’s a look at what we got:

That doesn’t look too good, let’s add a F I L T E R

Those little crochet doilies that will serve as my new altar tablecloths? They were $0.55

But Amis! Those don’t look too witchy, more like what my grandma puts under her vases!

First of all, how dare you.

Second of all, how dare you.

Granmotherly stuff is witchy by D E F I N I T I O N. Embrace the grandma aesthetic, y’all!


If you’re poor you have to be CRAFTY. Look at that! It has a pentacle now. How long did it take? Literally 30 seconds! Imagine what we could do with a whole afternoon!

Ok, I admit it, that was a fiasco, BUT WE’RE ONTO SOMETHING THERE.

Let’s take a closer look at what else we brought, shall we?

This tiny chest is 7.5 cm wide x 5.5 cm tall x 5.5 cm deep (3 in x 2.1 in x 2.1 in) and will hold my pocket altar. It was *drum roll* $1.70!

I was getting tired of using my mom’s big ass scissors to cut my tiny delicate herbs, so I got myself this pair of snips! Price: $0.55 and they’re sharper than Tom Hiddleston’s style. Plus they serve a multitude of purposes, like shanking a bitch.

A quick stop by the crystal shop that was also closing (pfft crystal shop. Sounds like out of a fantasy novel, love it) yields the following goodies:

-Onyx ($0.55)

-Fluorite ($0.27)

-Snowflake obsidian (hard to get where I live. It’s kinda pricey at $2.20. I recommend other kinds of obsidian or maybe just black glass as I’ve been using until today, it still works awesomely. I got the obsidian because I wanted to experiment with it and my Mentor recommended me to get it, same as the fluorite).

-And the CUTEST little quartz formation. This one kinda defeats the purpose because it was a bit pricey. You don’t need it; any clear quartz will work the same.  It was $4.50 and it was my guilty pleasure of the month. It also came with a free satchel that’s most certainly going to be used with magickal results in the foreseeable future.

More of it because it’s so gorgeous ♥

Back to the fluorite! That shit is large and cheap! Well, you see, it’s kinda ugly because I was part of a larger stone and broke down the middle when they were trying to perforate it to make it into a pendant.

But check this hot babe out


Coming back from the imports store, I paid a visit to my pot dealer erh I mean my herbs supplier. Got myself some ginger for $0.27



Maybe they don’t package it like this in your country, but here this little shitty capsule is worth its weight in GOLD.

Y’all know what this is?

This is SAFFRON.

Now normally I steer fucking clear of things this expensive, but when I asked my dealer I mean the vendor she said it was on sale.

This stuff LITERALLY sold by FRACTIONS OF GRAMS. In this case that’s 0.2 grams of saffron, that’s 0.007 ounces. YES. ZERO POINT ZERO ZERO SEVEN. Insert here Bond reference

Retail price? Normally around $8 per capsule (EIGHT AMERICAN DOLLARS!)

How much on sale?


A tip for the broke witch: hunt down for sales. Even if you don’t use the ingredients in your spells, you can still trade them with other witches or with anyone, really.

After this I went home and decided to try out my new candles.

And as I said, if you’re poor, you gotta get crafty!

I cut one of the candles in half. A part went to my pocket altar, and the other half

I used one of those ceramic saucers with the little erh… lower level circle in the middle?


Melt the wax in the microwave or on the flame and then make sure it stays in the center of the saucer. Then take it out and wait until it cools down (or put it in the freezer if you are an impatient little shit). DO NOT LET IT SOLIDIFY COMPLETELY.

Then you take it out and use a round cookie cutter (or if you’re a cheap ass like me, find something else)

I just used the styling nozzle of my hair drying because F U K D A P O L I C E

Put it again in the freezer and once it’s completely solidified use a spatula because you, my dear witch

Just made yourself a moon wax amulet!

Engrave it with your sigils, place it on your altar, carefully soften the bottom with heat and use it as a seal, the possibilities are endless!



The rest? Melt it again or use it as a poppet in case you wanna cast a spell over an onion ring…

By the end of the day, our haul is:

-Altar cloth $0.55

-Herbs snips $0.55

-Mini-altar wooden box $1.70

-Dozen of blue candles $1.94

-Ginger root $0.27

-Satchel $0

-Snowflake obsidian $2.20

-Fluorite$ 0.27

-Onix $0.55

-Quartz crystal formation $4.50

-Saffron Capsule $2

A grand total of $14.53!

Of our budget of $15 we still have $0.47 that where I live is enough for the bus ride back home!

If we take away the unnecessarily pricey stuff (the quartz and the saffron) we got everything for $8.03!

Now if THAT’S not magick, I don’t know what is!


1)      REUSE as many things as you can.

2)      MOVE THOSE FEET. I know it doesn’t sound appealing, but CHECK SEVERAL PLACES. Find the best prices by checking different stores and comparing.

3)      BE CREATIVE. If you find yourself in need of something you can’t afford, think and find a way to replace it or get it through other routes. As I said, witch trading is a thing!

4)      BARGAIN. There’s no shame in it, people! If you’re dealing with independent merchants and buy regularly/are buying a lot, try to get better prices! Don’t disrespect their business, though!

5)      REMEMBER YOUR MANTRA. Witchcraft requires NOTHING. Except you.

Now go out there and work your Magick!

-Semiramis, the Magpie Witchling

After Hours [m]

pairing: reader x Yoongi

Genre: tattoed!yoongi, rapper!tyoongi, angst? fluff? smut, idk how to label this haha

word count: 16,212

warnings: graphic sexual content, alcohol, language

a/n: this is loosely based of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. i am v nervous about this as it isn’t the usual angst fueled plot I normally write. so if it’s crap, please be kind haha. i’m tagging the lovely @dimplecoups​ because i know you’ve been waiting for this. and @2seoke for always being the best babe.

Originally posted by lethargicmin

You looked in the mirror, making sure your face mask was properly in place. If you were going to look like a serial killer for the next 20 minutes, you at least wanted to look the part. Your bed was calling your name as you walked over to the soft mattress, choosing to ignore the missed calls and text messages from your best friend. This was the first Saturday night you had to yourself in months. No work. No brother. No best friend. You were free to do whatever you wanted.

Or at least that’s what you had originally intended. But as the door to your bedroom crashed open you soon realized that the night had other plans for you.

“Why haven’t you answered my calls?” your best friend Irene squealed as she plopped down at the foot of your bed. “It’s Saturday night and I know you don’t have to work tomorrow!”

You gave her a look. Well, you tried to give her a look to the best of your ability as the motions of your face was restricted by the sheet mask on top of it. “There’s a reason why I didn’t answer your calls. And just because my idiot brother gave you a key to our apartment doesn’t mean you can just waltz in here any time you want.”

Irene rolled her eyes, blowing a large bubble from the gum she was constantly chewing. She was clearly not amused at your disinterest on leaving your apartment tonight. You reached forward, popping it with your pointer finger. “You’re no fun, Y/N” she whined, collecting the gum back into her mouth.

“I can’t have fun when I’m always too busy taking care of you.” you quipped, reminding her of the last time the two of you went out. “I had to beg that cop not to give you a ticket for being drunk in public. Why aren’t you bothering my brother? I’m sure he would love to see you.”

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La douleur exquise Pt.1 (M)

La douleur exquise: The heart-wrenching pain of wanting someone you can’t have.

Summary: You’ve been helplessly in love with your brother’s best friend all your life, but he can’t see you as anything other than a little sister.

Pairing: Wonho(?) x Reader (feat. Jungkook) ((let me live))

Word Count: 8.8k

Warning(s): No smut in this chapter but I’ll promise there will be in the next chapters!

A/N: Hi! So I’ve actually had this done for quite awhile and was debating on whether or not to post it in it’s entirety but I have a lot in store for this idea so I decided to do it in parts! This idea is based off of these pics here x x x of Wonho cuz he just looks so boyfriend & I love him so hardgysasjsknc. And I’m tagging this as a Jungkook scenario because you’ll be seeing him more eventually. Also, I’m working on drabbles in the meantime as well DON’T THINK I FORGOT THEM OK I’LL BE POSTING ONE SOON hope you enjoy this in the meantime!!

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anonymous asked:

Are there any adults in this fandom that we can trust?

there are, but i find that it defeats the purpose to just give you a list of people and say they are trustworthy, bc then it’ll just keep perpetuating the cycle of “well they’re supposed to be trustworthy and so it must be me that’s the problem if something happens that makes me uncomfortable.”

  • first of all, there is nothing wrong with just not following adults or associating with adults. the internet is a very casual place and it’s very hard to set up proper boundaries. there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll know or be able to control who’s following you, but there’s nothing wrong with being wary. people who are trustworthy will understand if you say you’re not comfortable with them following you, and people who get angry or whine and act hurt that you don’t trust them should be blocked.
  • pay attention to who they ship. seriously. it’s not normal for a 30 year old woman to be so invested in a fourteen year old boy and a fifteen year old boy dating. it’s also not normal for a 21 year old woman to be invested in shipping a a man who is roughly 25 years old with a bunch of teenagers. and it is REALLY abnormal for her to throw a hissy fit, and say that it’s legal and that she doesn’t care if it makes minors uncomfortable when confronted.
  • if an adult in the fandom does something that makes you uncomfortable, make good use of the anon feature and confront them about it. how they react is extremely telling. “sorry you got upset” is not an apology. an apology is along the lines of “i didn’t realize, that was ignorant of me/you’re right, i should have been more careful”. it’s not necessarily that just because you’re uncomfortable means that they’re wrong, but if someone confronts you about your behavior and your instinct is to just get angry and lash out rather than thinking critically about yourself to make sure that you’re not inadvertently doing something that’s inappropriate—that’s a problem. (use common sense too like i’m clearly not talking about someone getting mad when they get the ninth anon about something they’ve explained repeatedly. i’m talking about “you tagged a picture of nico as ‘omg that’s so hot’ and it really bothered me” kind of a thing).
  • people on the internet are people. if someone is overly familiar with you in a way that would be unusual or impossible given your ages irl, there is something wrong. at some point, the adult should show some awareness that they are an adult. you cannot be their confidant, you cannot be the person they turn to when they need help, you cannot be responsible to handle their problems, and they should not guilt you for not doing so. like, you can be friends with people who are older than you—but there should be boundaries there, too. if there is a much older person routinely unloading a lot of heavy issues on you, you need to get some distance from them. it doesn’t mean that they’re abusive, necessarily, but just that you have to look out for yourself, too. you’re not an adult yet, and therefore it’s not possible for you to be equipped to handle the problems that arise from adult life. basically: if you’re regularly having conversations with someone that you couldn’t or wouldn’t have with a teacher, an older sibling (ie: sex life, or something. some siblings are close but generally speaking….you’d be weirded out if your sister regularly complained to you about her sex life, right?), an older coworker, without arising suspicion—there is something wrong, there.
  • if you find yourself going out of your way to hide your online relationships with adults from the trusted adults in your life, there is something wrong (i say “trusted” because like, you could easily have people irl who are abusive as well. i don’t mean like, if you’re closeted and discussing being gay with someone older online. i mean like, you’re a minor and they’re an adult and you’re discussing nico and will having sex, or something along those lines.)
  • be wary of someone who primarily communicates with young teens despite not being a teen themselves. like, the mutuals i spend the most time talking to are within a year or so of my age. i have mutuals who are young teens who i love very much, but i don’t spend most of my time speaking with 15 y/os. i’m 19. like, i’ve followed and been followed by a lot of adults in my time, but the difference is that they always primarily blogged with/about other adults, if that makes sense? i don’t know if this is clear enough but like if there is a 20+ y/o person whose mutuals all seem to be around 16, that’s weird.
  • don’t trust fandom adults who don’t seem to recognize or care about the impact they have on younger people
  • be wary of fandom adults who are involved in long strings of discourses and seem to be at the heart of most of them. like, i’m fully okay with including myself in this—i’m not saying outright disregard anyone who starts discourse, i’m just saying pay attention. be wary. what is the discourse they participate in about? do they ever explain themselves, or do they just act deliberately vague and refuse to engage publicly? like, i’m involved in a lot of discourse. if someone approaches me about it, i explain myself, publicly. i give a list of reasons why i’m upset and i leave people to make of that what they will. my mutuals will do the same. mary won’t hold public discussions. she won’t explain her behavior. she doesn’t defend herself, she just makes deliberately vague statements about forming your own opinions of her and not believing people who want to “smear her name”. like, look, if you can’t give a public explanation for why you are behaving the way that you are—something is wrong.

this isn’t exhaustive but like as a general rule, trustworthy adults will be fully okay with you asking questions to make sure they’re trustworthy.

Sexual Tension - Bucky x Reader Pt. 2

Summary: (Y/N) transfers to a new university only to find out her new teacher is a hot jackass. Heated words are tossed back and forth but it ends up making them gravitate even closer.

Pairing: Professor!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 2.8k

Warning: Language & Self-Doubt. This chapter actually gets really sad but I promise it’ll have a happy ending.

A/N: THANK YOU ALL!!! I didn’t think my very first story would get so many supporters and it means the lot to me. I remember waking up at 6am and just reading the comments and I would laugh to myself because it just made me so happy ! I hope I don’t let you down with this series!
Also the tag list is open (; if you want (; (; (;

Chapter 1

It’s been a few weeks since you’ve started your classes. You’ve slowly grown used to waking up early and getting ready. You realize that you have started to look forward to getting to class 30 minutes usual everyday and as much as you hated to admit it, it was because of your goddamn teacher. You’ve both grown close in a way and you couldn’t even explain why or how happened. It all started with you smart mouthing him and him getting off on it.

You quickly throw on some jeans and a sweater looking messy as usual. It’s not your fault; you hate Mondays. Every Monday you woke up with a horrible headache and it took time to calm down. You usually would drive to a café owned by a friend of yours and grab a cup of coffee or your favorite smoothie hoping it would help your head from the pounding sensation within.

You quickly grabbed your bag and a pair of sunglasses sliding them on before leaving the apartment complex to the parking lot. It was freezing outside yet the sun still managed to shine bright. You quickly went to your car and hopped in. Starting the engine and drove to your favorite café.

You pulled up reading the huge letters on the front of the building, ‘The Grind’. You smiled to yourself knowing that your good friend would be working. Walking in you see red hair poking out from behind the counter. She quickly rose at the noise of the bell on the door.

“Welcome to The Grind. How may I-” she turned around noticing who came in. Her lips curved up as she leaned against the counter.

“Well, well, well. It’s the infamous (y/n)! Honestly, what did I expect? You come in here every Monday morning.” You could practically hear her mentally slapping herself.

“Hey Nat. I’m just here getting the usual. Make it the smoothie this time though, no coffee.” Simply putting it as is while she gave you a stern look.

“Man you look horrible. Couldn’t sleep?” She grabbed a medium sized cup and began putting in some ingredients before heading over to the other side of the counter where the blender is.

“Why even ask? Monday’s aren’t my thing.” You prop your elbow up on the counter and watch her mix up your drink.

“Honey, I see you every Monday. This is different from the usual. Did something happen? Nightmares again?” The moment she mentioned the nightmares you dropped your face giving her the answer she needed.

“I’m sorry (Y/N). Are they getting better or worse? You should really go see if some one can prescribe you something?” She finished mixing up your smoothie and set it down in front of you.

You fish out a few bucks from your bag and set it on the counter. She didn’t grab it; she continued to look at you.

“Come on (Y/N). I know I may be annoying but I’m really trying to help. You know I hate seeing you like this.” She took the money and stuck it into the register, handing you a recipe and a few extra coins.

“I know Nat.” You looked at her then looked down to grab your smoothie. “If I promise you I’ll see someone about them soon will you stop giving me that look?”

She smiled and reached other the counter to pat you on the shoulder. You gave her a small smile back before taking a sip of your smoothing.

“I’ll see you later?” Nat set her elbows on the counter.

“Ye-Yeah, Yeah! I promise. I’ll come by after class today!” You waved quickly and turned around walking out of the building. When you got in your car you sat there staring at the wheel, taking a deep breath.

You knew the nightmares would come back. You just knew it. Dealing with them when they aren’t happening are worse than when they are. Taking a deep breath you check the time and start the car. The time read 7:20 AM. You smiled knowing you were just on time. You may have drove to school in silence but your head was screaming, overthinking the things you shouldn’t think twice about.

As you pulled in you quickly got out of your car and walked into the school taking the fastest route to your class. Turning the door knob you walked in seeing your handsome teacher sitting at his desk, hand in his hair and face full of distress. You’ve never seen him in such a stressed out situation before; you didn’t know how to approach him but it would be shitty of you not to at least try. Face it, you may be a smart sarcastic bastard but you still wanted the best for everyone.

You set your bag down on the table by the door and walked up to his desk, smoothie in hand.

“Hey Barnes.” You said confidently and bubbly hoping your emotions could rub off on him. Even though you weren’t in such a good mood yourself, if you had to fake being happy to make someone else stop feeling down… then it’s worth it. Especially when it’s someone who you have a unspoken connection with.

He quickly looked up and shut the file he was reading. “Oh hey (Y/N). For a second I forgot you came so early. What’s up?” You smiled even though you felt insulted, you always came to class early and he knew that. Did he really forget? Are you that irrelevant?

Once again you were over-thinking everything, you quickly shook the feeling off and replaced it with a smile.

“I rather be an hour early than a minute late.” Giving a small chuckle following by his own you took another sip of your drink. He chewed on the back of his pen clearly in deep thought.

“Hey look, I know I’m your student and all but are you ok? You look like you just found out your wife is your long-lost sister.”

He leaned back in his chair and gave his signature smile. Squinting his eyes and giving a small laugh. His smile always rubbed off on you because soon enough you felt yourself laughing with him.

“Tough day. I know it’s only, what, 7:40 am? But tough day. I’m glad your here though. You, my friend, are a comedian. Always making everyone laugh.” He set down his pen on his desk, formally chewing on it. Crossing his arms and staring at you.

“I mean, if you want to talk about it, I don’t mind.” Your fingers intertwined with each other, feeling the regret and awkwardness fill your body.

“Its fine, I’ll manage.” He shook his head looking at the table in front of him.

“I understand if you don’t want to tell me.”

“No, (Y/N). It’s not that it’s you, it’s just-” he hesitated before pausing.

“Just what? I’m your student?” You narrowed your eyes at him.

“I don’t care if you’re my student, we’re practically the same age.”

“No I understand but it’s just- it was just me trying to help that’s all.” You crossed your arms, looking down at him.

“God (Y/N). Don’t do that, now i feel bad and feel obligated to tell you.” You watched as he ran his right hand through his hair.

“Come on barnes, I’m not trying to force you into telling me, I get it. But I do suggest you speak about it to someone you trust. That always helps me.”

“Are you implying I don’t trust you?”

Why was he twisting your words? You just wanted to help but you felt like you were stressing him out more. You realize he’s in a tough predicament but it infuriates you that he’s taking his anger out on you when you were just simply trying to make him feel better.

“I’ve been your student for a little over a month, even if I may be the one who speaks to you more often than others, would you trust me?” You angrily respond, letting your feelings get the best of you.

“I trust you!” He shouted loudly. He sighed before placed his head in his hands and rubbing his eyes.

“Then what’s the problem?” You whispered, looking down at the man. You’ve known him for a short time but you never would have thought of seeing him in this situation.

You stood there in silence eyeing him down. You knew you sounded pushy but you couldn’t help yourself. You cared for the sarcastic man who always seemed to lift your day.

“I’m sorry, it’s none of my business. I shouldn’t have pushed you to say anything.” A hint of sympathy was in your voice as you turned your heels to go sit in your seat in silence for the rest of the class. You both knew you just wanted to help but you felt like you crossed the line. You regretted it and there was no way to turn back.

Before you could even reach the first step you heard him set his hands down on the desk.

“My family.”

You turned to face your teacher as he stared down at the file in front of him.

“My family is well put. Every single barnes is known for succeeding and to have the perfect life, the perfect wife, the perfect family and the perfect job. We all grow up to do good things, to teach, to help others learn. My family all have done the same and we are expected to do what is best to have a successful life.”

His head hung down, eyes shut in anguish. You slowly made your way back to his desk and stopping right where you were standing moments before.

“My parents expect me to marry a woman of fame. A woman of money and beauty. It doesn’t matter if I can emotionally connect with her. She has to be perfect. They already have their eyes set on this girl. I’ve met with her and talked to her and she’s an amazing, beautiful woman but I just could never see myself with her. But I have to. It’s practically a family tradition but I could never look at her the way I look at…”

His right hand quickly covered his eyes in a tight squeeze. You didn’t know what to do, you wanted to make him feel at ease but you’ve never been in a position like this. You never really hung out with people, all your problems were concealed and easy to deal with because it only involved yourself and your mind. He couldn’t fix this without somehow disappointing his entire family. You wouldn’t know what to do if you were in his position.

“You’re expected to marry someone but you already have your eyes set onto someone else.” You didn’t care at the fact that your heart throbbed. You knew deep down in your heart that you had this connection with him but you knew he’d never feel the same way back.

He loved someone else and even if it hurt you, you didn’t care. You wanted him happy.

“Exactly.” Was all he could mutter out. You slowly take your free hand and rest it on his hand that was laying on the table. Giving his hand a small squeeze; he turned it over to hold your hand back.

“Do what makes you happy. Why do you want to live a life that satisfies everyone but yourself?” He squeezed your hand after you said that. He removed the hand from his eyes and looked up at you.

Before he could say anything the door busted open with a full force. You snatch your hand away from his and fake a few steps back. The beautiful red hair and 3 inch heels walk into the room. She was all smiles making her way up to your teacher.

“Hey Bucky! I decided to come a bit early to talk to you about the family dinner we’re having later! I talked to your parents about it and they agreed it would be best. They even talked about our future.”

Your eyes widen in realization. Dolores giggles at literally nothing and completely ignored the fact that her teacher was not having the best day of his life. They both looked at you at the same time. He gave you a look that you once again couldn’t describe. It was a mixture of sadness, anger and confusion.

“Oh hey (Y/N)! Why are you here early talking to Bucky?”

When you first initially met Dolores you thought she was a beautiful, smart, generous woman. You soon realized she was only beautiful and smart. She wasn’t kind or understanding at all. She never started anything with you but she always made comments on people who she believed were below her. You’ve heard her make comments on the quiet kids in class, the kids that aren’t as fast as others at learning and you’ve often heard her make comments on your friends Sam and Steve.

Mr.Barnes was aware of this, after mornings and mornings of useless conversations he knew who you liked in the class and who you despised.

“Oh, I was just asking for help on the lesson. I was having troubles with it.” Blatantly lying to her face you gave her a quick smile.

“Makes sense, you aren’t exactly the smartest in the class anyways. I mean, your friends are dumb and dumber right?” The moments those words left her mouth you stopped all movement. Did she just say what you thought she said?

“You know what Dolores? Fuck. You.” The look in your eyes was pure rage. You didn’t like her and she just insulted not only you but your friends.

“The last thing I would want to do is fuck you, (Y/N). Besides, I’ve got myself a man to fulfill those needs for me.” She smiled at you and walked next to the silent mans seat and rubbed her arm across his upper back. “Don’t act like I’m not there when you flirt with him during class. Don’t worry though, you can stop trying now that he’s officially mine.”

“What?” You gave them both a look of confusion “The last thing I could care about is a teacher student relationship. You really think I care about that?” You raised your head laughing at her stupidity before focusing your gaze back at her.

“Just because you’re from a family of money does not mean you’re smarter or better than anyone else. I bet you haven’t even spoken a word to half the people you make fun of in this class. You’re just another rich young white girl who gets through life by her daddy’s money. Everyone else? We got here by hard work and determination. We all don’t have the privileges you do. If anyone here is superior to everyone else, it would never be you.”

You felt your cheeks becoming red along with your clenching teeth. Your head grew hot reminding you of the once minor headache you had. You looked down at the man, eyeing the hand still resting on his back. He gave you a sorrowful look basically implying he wasn’t going to do anything about it.

You could tell that the pitiful woman in front of you didn’t care. She saw the look you received from Barnes and knew he wouldn’t fight against her.

You scoffed; he was going to defend a woman he doesn’t like - a woman he doesn’t like over a friend that has done nothing wrong to him.

Students started to fill up the class and the 5 minute bell rung shortly after.

Laughing to yourself in disbelief you toss your drink into the trash and grab your bag.

“I hope you make your family proud, Mr.Barnes.”

Walking towards the door to leave you bump and shove past two familiar faces.

“(Y/N)? Are you okay?” The dark haired man stopped and followed you out into the hallway grabbing your shoulders.

You looked toward him seeing Steve right over his shoulder looking at you with a concerned look. Running your hands through your hair in frustration you sighed and figured it would be for the best to leave them out of it. Even if it made you angry it wasn’t your decision to tell others Mr.Barnes problems.

“Yeah, I’m just not in the mood. I’m sorry guys. I’m just going to skip out on today’s class.”

“Does Barnes know?” Steve walked up next to you and gave you a side huge for reassurance.

“He does, that’s what I was speaking to him about.”

“You know, the only thing that keeps me throughout his class is you and your hilarious comments. Without those, I won’t be able to make it. Why don’t we all just skip today and go out for pizza or something?” Sam put his hands to his sides looking for an answer.

“You know, that’s not such a bad idea.”

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Rejoice my fellow Sevamp lovers! I have been asked a couple of times for this and I just wanted to say thank you for all the nice messages and even the mentions in the tags where you guys liked the translations I was able to provide.
THANK YOU SO MUCH! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿Thank you for being patient and also being the most awesome fandom! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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“Paris is good. Nice call, Monsieur.”

“De nada, muchacha.”

Thank you for 100 follows! Needless to say, I miss these two real bad and I have for around six years. DC writers are pretty sadistic ya know that? Then again, I guess I might be too.

Because who has time or money to read almost 30 years of relationship development…

Under the cut: Look Over Your Shoulder, a monologue recap Fanfic: Fluff/Humor/Angst. DC Rebirth. Wally’s POV. Warning: Mention of the grief typically associated with Alzheimer’s. Also I cried while writing this. Story set to this song.

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Fair-(Peter Hale)

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Characters: OC, Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Lydia Martin, Allison Argent, Liam Dunbar, Malia Tate, Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Peter Hale and (Y/N)

Pairing: Peter Hale x Reader, Stiles Stilinski x Derek Hale, Allison Argent x Isaac Lahey

Warnings: none?

Word Count: 1865

Summary: The pack don’t believe that Peter could possibly have a girlfriend, let alone be engaged, until said girlfriend crashes the pack meeting.

(A/N) wooo there’s some Sterek throughout this too, couldn’t help myself :)))

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On a night we won’t remember - Montgomery de la Cruz (part 3)

<< Part 2  I Part 4 >> ????

Word count: 1226

a/n: I don’t like it at all, i’m sorry if this sucks but i didn’t see another way to develop the story. Hope y’all still enjoy xxx

The sunlight woke you up from a deep sleep. You were still stretching out when you came to the realisation the bed you were sleeping in wasn’t yours, but you weren’t clueless. You were sleeping in Montgomery’s bed. The boy probably ditched you because you were alone in his huge bed but he couldn’t be far away. Your eyes start wandering around the room when you realize you’re completely naked. Memories from the night before start to pop up, about the two of you getting drunk and him taking of your dress and, oh god, his mindblowing naked body on top of yours.

Yours and Mont’s clothes were spread randomly across the room. So finding your bra and panties was a little problem. After searching them and Monty not entering the room you decided it would be the best to sneak out. After all he still dumped you, it was fun for one last night and as much as wanted to be with him it seemed like it was time to let him go. You clearly didn’t remember him telling you how he missed you.

You took your shoes in your hands so you didn’t make too much noise. When you came down and  walked as slow and quite as possible outside keeping your eyes on the kitchen where the radio was playing. Without looking you walked against a table in the hall what made you scream out in pain.

“Aah fuck, stupid table, fuuck.” Monty heard you and walked out of the kitchen.

“Were you leaving? I made breakfast for you.” Fuck you thought by yourself, the fact that last night happened made things already awkward enough you just wanted to get out of there before he broke your heart again, he was probably going to tell you about how drunk he was and this wasn’t going to work anymore and blablabla. You just wanted enjoy the last memories. But since your stomach started to rumble you decided to follow Montgomery to the kitchen where you saw an extensive breakfast with pancakes, coffee, fresh orange juice, fruit and everything else you can imagine.

“What is happening? These are the things you should’ve done when you called me your girlfriend Mont.” You say a little stunned with all the effort he put in the breakfast.

“Yeah see I wanted to talk about that. I made a mistake y/n, a big mistake. The last two weeks were like hell for me. I should have never let you go.” He said while walking closer to you.

“So with one hook up you think everything is fixed? Maybe start with telling me why you broke up with me in the first place and please give me some water my head is pounding.” You said while sitting down, as much as you wanted to look cool and all that you were hungry and honestly the food he made smelled incredible. Monty filled a glass with water and sat in front of you.

“I can’t really give you an explanation. Well I can but I figured out myself it’s ridiculous. Bryce was telling me you got a crush on Zach during our relationship which made me insanely jealous. I wanted to ask you when he told me but when I found you, you were with Zach, so I guess I just assumed things. He kept repeating it so after a couple times I really believed him.” He said while looking at the ground, obviously feeling ashamed about the reason he was giving you.

“Do you hear yourself Mont? You just assumed Bryce was right and you didn’t feel the need to, even after your stupid assumptions, ask me? So I could tell you about how Zach has been my friend long before you even knew Zach or me?” you started to get angry, this had to be a joke. You knew Montgomery could make some pretty dumb mistakes but this was something next level.

“My jealousy just took over. I already figured out how stupid I’ve been, really. I want to be with you”

“Maybe you should have considered that before you listened to Bryce. As much as I want to be with you again Mont I don’t want you breaking my heart again over a stupid rumour. It’s obvious you don’t even trust me.” You start picking up your things and begin to walk to the door you felt so disappointed by all this, maybe if he gave you a good reason forgetting all this was easy but he dumped you because of a fucking rumour.

“No, y/n wait!” Monty screams “You’re right, about the trust. I should have asked you and I should have never listened to Bryce. I’m really sorry. I think I understand if you want to go now but just so know I’ll fight for you.”

“You better do Mont, you better do.” You say while walking out the front door while looking at the ground. He made you feel even worse than you already felt. Breaking your heart was one things but not trusting you and believing you? You’ve had a one year relationship where the hell was that build on? When you were walking home the rain starts falling out of the air. You had another 30 minutes to go so you decided it would be better to get back since you’re already soaked. You run back at Montgomery’s place.

“Okay I’ll stay here, but just because of the rain!” You say when Montgomery opens the door while your teeth are clattering against each other. Monty shows a wide smile.

“You want a shower to warm up again?”

“That would be very welcome.” You walked upstairs and started to undress when Montgomery suddenly came in.

“Here I got you some- oh sorry I didn’t knew you were already taking you clothes of.” He said before putting one hand in front of his eyes and one hand filled with clothes.

“Nothing you haven’t seen before Mont.”

“I’m trying to be a better person okay!” he said while his hand came back down from his eyes.

“Trying is something.” You laughed. Montgomery wasn’t a ‘good’ person but you looked it that way, not that you needed a bad boy in your life but he made things different and excited.

“Can I shower now?” you asked

“Oh yeah of course, I’ll drop the dry clothes here.”

“Thank youuu.” You said before undressing further and walking in the hot shower. You only now realised how much you loved Montgomery, before the two of you broke up he was so good to you. He took care of you every time you needed it, supported you no matter what, he knew everything about you and you about him, but he also hurted you a couple times, very bad. When you told your friend about it they said you should already break up with him but you never felt like that was the right thing to do. You felt like you found your soulmate and he found his but he didn’t understand. He wanted to be though and from the moment you came to close to the deeper inside he pushed you away. Even tho you had been heartbroken the couple weeks you also thought a lot about your relationship. Montgomery was what you wanted but was he what you needed?

Let me know what you think and if I shoud continue? xxxx

@jecourt I’m going to tag you since you’re the one making me post this, so you surely don’t miss out on it! Hope you like it!

vvitchez  asked:

Hi! I have been attwmpting to reach out to Freyja to devote myself to her. I have made charm bags full of catnip, elder flowers, sunstone, rose quartz, and citrine in a golden bag, talked to her about perhaps accepting me as her devotee, but I have received no signs that she reciprocated my desire. Any advice for me on how to be in her good graces?

Hey, I’m happy to give whatever advice I can!

There is a lot I am probably going to say about this.

First off, Freyja is a very approachable, extroverted deity. She deeply cares about people and is willing to talk to essentially anyone. I think that Freyja is one of the kindest goddesses you could ever find. She more than deserves her status as Lady of the gods. I think you should be able to build a close connection to her, but more on that later.

It’s important to understand the full scope of Freyja’s attributions. Modern day humans have done a lot to declaw and simplify her in popular representations. Some of the most famous myths with Freyja in them portray her as a passive figure to be coveted for her beauty – what with various figures repeatedly asking for her hand in marriage as a ransom or wager – and though it’s true she’s a goddess of beauty, she is also a goddess of sexuality, material wealth, magic, war, and death. That’s a lot of stuff! (And not even a complete list.)

Historical evidence shows us that she is a goddess of familial wealth, as well as of commerce. She is associated with fine things, riches, and aesthetic beauty. This is so much the case that there are even stories about male rulers in pre-Christian Scandinavia incorporating her name into theirs, in order to show devotion to her. For those who devote themselves to her, she will preside over birth, love, marriage, family, and death. She is present from the beginning to the end. She is called upon by lovers seeking to weave words into poems, and those seeking to weave words into magic. In the myths, people want to sleep with her because it is literally a divine experience. As a goddess of war, she picks people from half of all slain in battle to live in her hall, and in accordance with that, people die and kill for her. She even taught Odin much of the insane magic for which he’s famous.

Now here is my personal experience with her, and devoting myself to her. This is part bullet point list, part story. Hopefully some of the information will be useful:

  • I was able to get a preliminary connection with her almost immediately, but in order to advance further than that, I had to abandon all hesitation and fully throw myself into the idea of worshiping her. I believe that having confidence in your desire to build a relationship with Freyja is key to making it happen.  
  • My altar is built half around aesthetics and half around objects of personal significance. Freyja, being a goddess of material and aesthetic beauty, will appreciate an altar that you put a lot of work into making look pretty. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to have expensive things, though. My altar is pretty… minimal due to my small budget, but it works well enough. I have a honey and tobacco leaf candle (two scents I heavily associate with her), some other candles, a stuffed toy cat, and I keep my Freyja necklace  there while I’m not wearing it.
  • Actually, speaking of that necklace, it has been one of my favorite objects since I bought it, and it’s been the most important in my worship. Here is a link to the necklace, and you can also find pictures of me wearing it in my “my face” tag. I believe having iconography you love is very important.
  • I have three common offerings: food, alcohol, and blood
    • I’ve found that Freyja enjoys rich foods and foods that you offer because you greatly value them. I’ve given her chocolate cake, homemade rump roast steak, homemade scones, my favorite pizza, and things like that. I usually offer her the food at her altar, meditate for a moment to tell her it is there, and then leave for a while. I come back between 30 minutes and an hour later to sit down, eat the food myself and talk to her.
    • I don’t know if there is an alcohol that Freyja explicitly dislikes, but again, she seems to have the deepest appreciation for fine things. I’ve gotten drunk with her a few times. It’s always helped significantly with communication and meditation.
    • Blood is a very effective and important offering. Freyja is a goddess of war and magic, violent and powerful. If I need assistance, protection, or courage, I spill my blood for her. For example, last night I went into the woods for magical purposes. I felt like I would need protection, and after all, the forest is a very magical place. I knew Freyja could and would help, so I removed my pendant, heated it some above a candle while calling to her, sliced my calf open, and covered the pendant in my blood before tying it back around my neck.
  • Do normal things in her name. Freyja may be known for a specific set of things, but if you are her devotee, then she is a part of your whole life in general. I personally believe that as a devotee, when I’m out doing things in the world, I am a representative for her. Over time, this consistent devotion has done a lot to build my relationship with her. (Important: if you decide this is how you want to devote yourself, do not be weird about it. Like don’t be that one creepy religious person who brings up their faith in inappropriate situations. Just don’t.)
  • Lastly: have fun! Ultimately, Freyja is a goddess who cares a lot about rewarding and helping her followers. She is a just, kind Lady and commands accordingly. Your relationship with her is going to be unique because it is a very personal thing. Take your time and find what works best between you two! If you are worshiping Freyja primarily as a goddess of beauty and love, then plan your offerings and iconography around that; if you are worshiping her primarily as a goddess of magic, tailor your practice around that; etc. etc. You get the idea.

Any other questions? I wish you luck in finding her soon

Feel free to talk to me about about her any time. This goes for everybody!

~Impala-Dreamer’s One Prompt For All Dean Challenge~

 I know what you’re thinking. One Prompt? Hear me out…

I’ve had this idea for months, but due to a lot of recent annoying anons, I feel the need to prove a point. We all write the same troupes, the same characters, the same… the same. What’s different is the writer. Imagine if you will, One Prompt. One Character. 100 Different Writers. How many different stories would we get? How many almost identical stories would we get? LET’S FIND OUT!

Here’s the first challenge:

Your fics will all be:

Dean x Reader

With a Max Word Count of 3k

Using the Prompt: “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were trying to kill me.”

Rules and more below the cut. Hope you join! I’m excited about this!

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6 months

2 years. 2 years in a relationship with Nash, just to break up over text message because of the pictures of him and another girl. He was on tour and cheating on you.

You’ll admit, the first week, you laid in bed crying. You were heartbroken. He was your first true love, after pizza of course. But you were so hurt. He said he loved you, but his actions showed otherwise.

In the messages, he said it was an accident. A one time thing. She was just a fan and things just happened. He didn’t mean it. He loved you.

Lie after lie after lie.

The second week you were still upset, but you moved from your bed now. You found yourself mostly playing sad songs and drowning your pain in the bottom of a tub of ice cream. Not the healthiest way to cope, but you were doing okay.

The third week you were finally realizing that he didn’t deserve your tears. You saw his tweets, Instagram pictures, snapchat stories, he was out having the time of his life it seemed. He was out on dates with other girls already. Out partying with the guys. He was happy, so why weren’t you?

The forth week rolled around and you decided you were done. You finally got rid of that box of stuff you had of his under your bed. Your burned the love letters, threw away all the gifts he bought you, like the teddy bear from Valentine’s Day. The minion he won from a carnival game the night he took you on your 4th date. All of it. You were finally ready to move on.

Now, here you are, 6 months post break up, hanging out with your new boyfriend, Beau at his place.

You guys met at the gym (since drowning your sorrows in ice cream did nothing for your figure) a month after your breakup and really clicked. Granted he gave you all his lines that day, it was his sense of humor that made you agree to going out to lunch with him the next day, and well, the rest is history. That was 5 months ago though.

Now here you are, head over heels for the biggest goof you knew. He constantly made you laugh, and his brothers, Luke and Jai, same age as you, were suddenly your best friends. You spent at least 4 days out of the week with Beau, the other 3 you were just busy with work.

You were currently at Beau and the rest of the boys place in LA, cuddled up on his bed watching a movie. You couldn’t deny that you were tired. You were up early this morning for a photoshoot, and you didn’t get home until late last night.

You did some modeling, and you had to admit you did love it. You noticed how 3 months after your break up though, any picture you would post you saw Nash would like it. No big deal, since you did get like 200,000 some likes on a picture, but still.

And he would indirect you on twitter a lot. Or at least he has lately. He’s tweeted ‘don’t ever let go of someone who was once all about you’ and ‘my only regret was hurting you so much it made you leave.’ Of course there were several others, and people always tagged you in the tweets, but you paid no attention.

You were happy with Beau. He made you feel beautiful. Loved. Everything. You loved being around him. You honestly couldn’t even picture being with anyone else now. You wanted nothing more than to just be with Beau. Like, he was your happiness.

That night you didn’t have to work, and you didn’t have anything for the following morning, so as usual you stayed with the boys, a habit that seemed to be starting. You cooked them dinner, which they were grateful for, and then watched them play fifa. Jai and Luke versus Beau and Skip.

Around 11:30 you decided to head to bed, knowing those four would be up for hours. Beau did pause the game though to ‘tuck’ you into bed, which only led to you guys making out for like 15 minutes before Jai screamed from downstairs for Beau to ‘hurry up and finish’ since ‘everyone knows you can’t last that long anyway’

You stayed up though, watching a movie from bed, cuddling with Hamlet. You were watching the lion king, and you couldn’t help but snap a pic of you and Hamlet. I mean, who doesn’t love dogs, cuddles, and the Lion King? You posted the photo on twitter and Instagram and then locked your phone and then focused on the movie.

Nash was on twitter, and was guilty of having your tweet notifications on, along with you Instagram ones as well. He was over at the boys house, and they had just finished a game of hoops, everyone taking a break and checking their phones.

He had a notification of yours from twitter and Instagram. Checking twitter he saw it. The picture you had taken while over at Beaus. He immediately exited out and checked your Instagram post, only to see the same picture. He admits, it was a great pic of you. You looked great, even for it being 11:30 at night.

“another night with the actual love of my life Hamlet” and it had Beau fuckin Brooks tagged in the caption, and the picture itself.

“that’s the third fucking night in a row.” He mumbled, locking his phone. “the third fucking night in a row she’s spent at his house.”

“bro chill, they are dating, it’s not like she’s cheati- never mind.” Johnson spoke, catching himself from saying something terrible.

“like I don’t fucking know that. I know they’re fucking dating. Everyone fucking does. Who doesn’t know about the hottest model dating the Australian prankster. I mean, if you didn’t just go on any fucking site. Twitter, where her fans and his fans and half the other people in the world talk about how perfect they are. How much they ship them. Or even look at their profiles. They do nothing but fucking tweet about one another, tweet one another and fucking post pictures of them together all the damn time.” Nash went off. He was pissed. He didn’t like that you were this happy with someone that wasn’t him.

Because just a few months ago that was you guys. People were shipping you guys. You were tweeting about one another, tweeting pictures of each other, posting all kinds of pictures together, tweeting one another.

“bro, can’t you just be happy for her? I mean, don’t you want her to be happy?” Johnson, the man of wisdom spoke again. Everyone else just kinda put in their own little inputs, but Johnson was the only one to make you realize anything.

“Yeah I want her to be happy. But I want her to be happy with me. I want her to be posting pics of us, not her and someone else.”

“yeah, well you kinda ruined that didn’t you?” Johnson fired back. Everyone was shocked he said it because well, yeah everyone knew Nash cheated, but since it happened no one talked about it. Not that they were scared, but simply that it was just kinda understood. Everyone knew what went down, no need to discuss it

“Johnson.” Nash practically growled. Everyone could tell he was ready to punch Johnson for bringing it up.

“no Nash listen. You fucked up. Big time. You had a fucking dime, and to be honest with you, if it wasn’t for bro code, the second you two broke up I would’ve gone after her. I’m not gonna lie, I still talk to her, hang out with her. She’s great, and she loved you so much. But you fucking took her for granted and lost the best damn thing that ever came your way.” Johnson spit.

“you don’t think I know that? I know I messed up okay.”

“I know, but I still don’t think you get it. Yeah you messed up. You treated her like shit while you were on tour. Empty conversations, hardly ever talking to her. I think there was seriously like 2 weeks when you didn’t even bother to respond to her? But she fucking stuck by you. She way faithful as shit. And then you go and cheat on her? With a fan? You know they can’t keep their damn mouths shut. And after that breakup sure you were feeling great. Free. Nothing could stop you. Nothing was holding you back. Now here we are, 6 months later, she’s moved on, and now’s when you start caring. She’s your ex and all and you should want nothing but the best for her since you couldn’t give it to her.”

“I don’t need this.” Nash said, walking off inside, where he found Nate and Sammy drinking and smoking. He grabbed a bottle of vodka and started drinking, giving up on basketball and now all of the guys essentially just having a small party.

A bottle of vodka, and like half a blunt later Nash was just a mess. He excluded himself from everyone else inside laughing, having the time of their lives. He went outside, sitting on the edge of a cement wall. He scrolled through your guys’ old photos he still had on his phone. His thoughts eating him alive. He couldn’t stand this.

He missed you.

He missed making you laugh, the way your eyes would squint and your nose would scrunch up as you tipped your head back. He could no longer do that to you, he could no longer make you laugh. Now it was Beau who made you laugh. And that hurt him, so much. Your laugh was his favorite sound.

He missed the way you would cuddle up next to him. How you would throw your leg over his body and your arm across his chest and snuggle up real close to him. How you would nuzzle your head in his side. How perfect you and he fit together.

Or the way you would skip through the house, just humming or singing. His shirt draped over your body, and your little knee high socks, and nothing else. It was his favorite sight. He loved nothing more than trudging out of bed in the morning to find you in the kitchen singing. He loved walking up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing your neck, telling you how great last night was. He cringed at the thought of Beau and you being the same way.

Then the thought of you and Beau being intimate in anyway. Doing anything sexual. He started to think about all the things you used to love in the bedroom. How you loved when he would pin you up against the wall. How rough he could get, but how he could slow it down, putting all his love into every deep thrust. How you would squirm when he kissed that spot, right below your ear. Or how you loved to suck him off before anything. The foreplay. How much you loved to be on top, or how you loved when he hit it from the back.

Thinking of you and Beau doing any of that together was enough to set him off. He had a new message open to you, he just didn’t have any idea what to say. His thoughts were all jumbled, and the alcohol gave him all the confidence he needed. No matter how sloppy his thoughts were one thing was clear. He missed you, and he wanted to let you know that.

To (y/n): I miss you.

And after he sent it, he waited. Messages still open. Hope of any contact from you started to fade as 15 minutes had passed and you still hadn’t even opened it. His thoughts started to come back, and he thought about how much he missed falling asleep next to you every night, and waking up with you every morning.

He was about to type another message but then he saw the little bubble pop up and eagerly awaited your response.

Beau had just came upstairs into his room to get ready for bed when you got a new message. Rarely ever getting a message at midnight, you were quite curious as to who it would be. The only person you ever talked to this late was either your best friend, or Beau. And since your best friend was out of state, in a different time zone for the week, you knew it wasn’t her, plus you guys only talked late when it was an emergency. And considering you were with Beau, it couldn’t be him.

“who’s that?” Beau asked, emerging from the bathroom in his boxers, a sight you quite enjoyed.

“no idea.” You replied, reaching over to the night table and checking your phone.

You unlocked your phone, only to see something you did not expect at all. A new message from the last person on earth you expected.

“it’s uh, it’s from Nash.” You said, shocked.

Beau climbed into bed, pulling you into him so you guys were spooning.

“like your ex Nash? What did he say?”

“yeah him. And he just said he missed me. I’m not even going to reply. I’m just going to go change my number in the morning.” I said, clicking out of my messages.

“no don’t. I know it’s not ideal, but I mean, you should text him back. You know, give him some closure or something.” Beau smiled.

“you’re not mad?”

“why would I be? I mean, I’ve got you now. Even though he fucked up, he still deserves some closure. Thing about it babe, this is the first you guys have talked in like 6 months.”

“okay. You’re the best. I love you.” You smiled, turning and kissing his lips lazily.

To Nash: It’s been 6 months Nash. I think you’re fine.

From Nash: I’m not fine. These past 6 months hae been hell. I miss you so muvh babt.

“he’s drunk.” You told Beau.

“drunk or not, he still has feeling babe. Just, let him say what he has to say. I know this is what you’ve wanted for months now.”

“what have I wanted?” you asked, confused. You didn’t want anything from Nash. You loved Beau now, so you were confused.

“you want answers, and now’s your chance to get some.”

To Nash: well, that’s not really my problem.

From Nash: I knoww. I mesaed up

To Nash: can I ask you something.

From Nash: of course.

To Nash: okay, firstly. Why’d you do it? Were you not happy with me? Cause if not, you should have broke up with me before.

From Nash: no. fuck no. I was happy with you. It’s just on tour I felt held back. Like everyone else was out having great times and I just felt like I couldn’t cause of yoi.

To Nash: you could have just talked to me, instead of ignoring me and then cheating on me.

From Nash: I know. Can I ask  you something.

To Nash: sure.

From Nash: are you happy? With bo ? nd evrithing else in oyur life?

To Nash: Beau* but yeah. I am happy with him. And my modeling is really taking off.

From Nash: I’m glad your work iz good. Bo is lucki

To Nash: Beau*

From Nash: right. I’m sorry.

To Nash: it’s fine. Lots of people spell it wrong.

From Nash: no. not for the name. For everything else. For the lies, and cheating. I regret it all. I still care about you, but if you’re happi then I’m happi for you.

To Nash: why?

From Nash: I already told you. I felt held back.

To Nash: no, not that. Like why now? Why are you apologizing now? 6 months later? I wanted an apology like a week after, maybe a month, but 6 months later? I thought maybe we could be statistics, remain friends after the breakup, but 6 months later?

From Nash: it’s just. I wanted to be friends. I just needed to figure things out.

To Nash: by sleeping with other girls?

From Nash: that makes it sound bad.

To Nash: cause it was bad Nash. It hurt so much knowing while I was laying around hurting, you were out, happy as can be.

From Nash: funny.

To Nash: what’s funny about that?

From Nash: no, not that, it’s just funny how things change.

To Nash: what do you mean?

From Nash: it’s funny how now, I’m the one hurting, and you’re happy as can be.

To Nash: what?

From Nash: It hurts knowing you’re falling asleep in someone else’s arms, and waking up next to them every morning now…

One Year Later!

It’s been one year since I started posting and making friends on this website. (!!!) To celebrate, I’m gonna host a challenge based on the show that brought me here (duh) and the storyline it’s followed, or rather, the storylines you wanted to see it follow. Check out what’s below the cut if you’re interested in joining my One Year What If Challenge!

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An Enemy on the One Hand: Pt 3.

Summary: Reader Insert - Soulmate AU/Enemy AU: the universe determined your soulmate and enemy at birth, giving you one hint for each; their initials on one of your wrists. BUt what happens if BOTH sets of initials are for the same person? Set during CA:CW

Word Count: 2077

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of violence, angst(ish), CA:CW spoilers (but seriously, what are you DOING here if you haven’t seen that yet?)

A/N: Okay, I’m taking a stab at this. I wanna thank @writingwithadinosaur (as usual) for helping me with EVERYTHING EVER, and being totally fabulous! And @imhereforbvcky for encouraging me to try in the first place.

I tagged everyone who liked/reblogged/commented on the announcement post cause I am a needy bitch, I need validation! But I am MORE than happy to add OR remove you if you’d like.

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It was two years before you felt anything again.

In that time, you’d been on countless missions and made a place for yourself among the Avengers. You’d met Wanda, Pietro, and you were in the room when Vision was “born”. You fought against Ultron, and saved thousands of lives, including Pietro’s. You’d flown in at just the right moment and managed to knock Clint, the child he was protecting, and Pietro out of the way of the bullets. Wanda, Pietro, and Clint had become your closest friends; Natasha pretended to be put out about it, but she was happy that you had fit into the family so well.

Tony had needed a lot of help after Ultron. Since Bruce was AWOL, Tony had taken all of the blame for his creation, and though he honestly felt that it was all his fault, the blame sat very heavily on his shoulders. Tony seemed to harbor a lot of self-hatred, and Ultron just gave him another reason for the hate. He covered his hate in jokes and sarcasm, but if you waited long enough, you could find him in his broken moments, and he’d lose his facade.

Natasha had needed help too, but she was as shielded about it as Tony. Neither of them wanted to talk, to anyone, but you’d managed to get them to open up, if only a little.

Tony was easier. If you could catch him in the kitchen at about 4:30 in the morning making his umpteenth cup of coffee, and you just happened to be awake, you could get him to talk. It was easier for him if it seemed like a coincidence, although judging by the small smile that spread across his face when he saw you every morning, he was aware that your early morning trips to the kitchen were for him.

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Try harder.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader
Word count : 1,341
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 15 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

When River walked in, you were sitting at the table. Dinner was ready to serve, and you’d finished setting the table yourself, but you weren’t eating, or serving. Your chair was turned, your elbow on the table and your head in your hand. “Mom?” You looked up, realizing River was back, not really knowing how long he’d been standing there. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t want to talk about it, River. Sit and eat.” You turned and were staring at nothing in particular.

“Are you mad at dad for making things work with Genevieve?”

“River..” You warned him.

“I’m sorry I pushed mom, I was sure he loved you as much as you still love him. But you can’t be mad at him for wanting to fix his marriage. You told me he wasn’t ours, remember? We have to let him go? So stop fighting with him! Don’t hate him for what he had to do!” You clenched your jaw, taking a deep breath and trying to keep yourself calm. “Just let him-”

“I’m pregnant.” You said it between clenched teeth.

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Somehow We Survived- Bucky Barnes Imagine

Originally posted by whatwasdead

Summary: After Bucky dies in the war his fiancée attempts to commit suicide however this suicide attempt results in her developing a mutation slowing down her aging process considerably. In 2016, when she sees on the news that her love is alive she goes to find him and renew her relationship with him.

Words: 2134

Warnings: Suicide attempt

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75 Truths From How I Met Your Mother.

1. Nothing good ever happens after 2 a.m.
2. Suit up!
3. Accept all challenges.
4. Don’t underestimate the power of a good wingman (or woman).
5. You’re never too old for a game of laser tag.
6. Don’t get a tattoo when you’re drunk or feeling emotional, or both.
7. People who are texting or sitting at the bar are most likely in relationships.
8. It’s not easy to stay friends with everyone from college.
9. But cherish the friends who mean a lot to you.
10. Your drunk ideas aren’t always your best ideas.
11. When you get sad, just stop being sad and be awesome instead.
12. “The longest pause you will ever experience in your life is the one that follows asking the question: will you marry me?”
13. Make sure whoever you’re casually dating isn’t included in group photos at special events.
14. Everyone has their own special remedy for a hangover.
15. Make sure you don’t just think, think, think and you also do, do, do.
16. You’ll probably be really happy if you marry your best friend.
17. And if you can’t agree on a last name, just call yourself the “Awesomes.”
18. Don’t shy away from your past. Even if it’s embarrassing — like being an 80’s Canadian pop star — your friends will still love you.
19. “We all make stupid decision…but time can take a stupid decision and turn it into something else entirely.”
20. Don’t bring your annoying significant other on trips with your friends.
21. Learn to accept your friends’ annoying significant other for who they are.
22. If you get along with your best friend’s significant other, life will be exponentially better.
23. Dating people in your friend group can get messy and complicated.
24. But sometimes it can lead to a happy, loving relationship.
25. There’s no such thing as a “girly looking” drink — men can drink Margaritas, too.
26. You don’t need to know exactly what you want to do — its OK to change your mind.
27. You should “hold out for someone who doesn’t just tolerate your little quirks but actually kind of likes them.”
28. If you run away on your wedding day, it’s polite to leave a note.
29. It’s not entirely unheard of to have an identity crisis and move across the country.
30. Pursue the career path and profession you’re passionate about.
31. Being in a relationship that challenges you can be constructive, but also exhausting.
32. You shouldn’t be constantly fighting with your significant other — relationships aren’t supposed to be that difficult.
33. Unrequited love sucks, but it happens.
34. Don’t have sword fights with your best friend.
35. Surround yourself with people who support your work and ideas.
36. Sometimes, life will throw you curveballs that you have no control over.
37. “You can let your anger go, and only when you do that is it really gone and you can move forward.”
38. You never know when you can end up losing your job.
39. But the silver lining is it could lead to other amazing opportunities.
40. Have a job that allows you to travel a lot and see the world.
41. As long as it doesn’t involve taking the overnight shift.
42. Always break up with someone before you try to hook up with someone else.
43. A Hanging Chad isn’t the best Halloween costume.
44. Dating your psychologist generally isn’t a good idea.
45. Be careful of monkeys at the zoo — they can steal your wallet.
46. Before you buy a house and commit to a mortgage, make sure it’s not built crooked.
47. Law school takes a lot of work, time, and effort.
48. High-fives are the best way to show your friends affection.
49. Be loyal to your loved ones, but don’t feel like you need to follow a strict set of rules, otherwise known as the “Bro Code.”
50. Sometimes,the universe conspires against you.
51. Befriend your regular bartender — they might even throw you the keys to the place sometime.
52. If you find a good burger place, write down the address.
53. Making bets about your friends’ futures is only OK if they never find out.
54. If you find a good apartment, keep it in your friend group.
55. And when you do need to find a new place, start by asking people you know.
56. Try to stay upbeat when someone asks you to make a speech at their wedding.
57. If your wedding day isn’t going the way you want it to, make it perfect in your own way.
58. Always be willing to entertain your childhood friend when they come to town.
59. “Sometimes you fall for someone you’d never expect, but that doesn’t make it wrong.”
60. You don’t need to move to a whole new city to start your life over.
61. But sometimes a change of scenery can help give you just the right perspective you need.
62. Owning a bar is way more of a hassle than you and your friends might think.
63. “The one” may not necessarily exist because sometimes you get more than one chance at real love.
64. Working with your friends can be a really fun way to pass the time.
65. Be mature enough to give your ex-relationships closure.
66. And don’t lie about your identity to get someone to sleep with you — it’ll definitely catch up with you.
67. Don’t rub it in your ex’s face when you’ve moved on.
68. “Whatever you do in this life, it’s not legendary unless your friends are there to see it.” 69. “The future is scary but you can’t just run back to the past because it’s familiar.”
70. Abandoned umbrellas are always up for grabs.
71. “When you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it.”
72. If you try hard enough, you might be able to actually make it rain.
73. Every moment that you’re living eventually turns into a memory and, therefore, an epic story.
74. “Love is the best thing we do.”
75. Your story is never really finished.

Life After YouTube


“So Joe, let’s start the ‘Family’ part of this interview off with the question everyone has been asking; why is Y/N never really featured in your videos.” Caspar asked his friend as he leaned in closer in his seat, no longer paying attention to the camera that sat in front of them. 

“She’s in vlogs but I’m assuming you mean videos on my main channel. Umm I don’t really know. I guess it’s not something that needs to happen, like I’m not that kind of Youtuber who relies on other people for views. She’s been in the ‘Girlfriend Tag’ and various Q&As and she helps out when she can, but she’s got her own thing she’s doing. She works outside of the flat so I usually film when she’s gone. I guess I feel like my videos don’t need her in them to make people laugh or smile, despite what the comment section says.” Joe paused as he laughed awkwardly at the camera.

“You say that but she’s in almost every vlog of yours.” Caspar said as she straightens back up in his chair. 

“Yeah, vlogs are different. Vlogs are snippets of my days, the better part of them anyways, and thats usually when Y/N is around. When neither of us have anything work related planned, thats when I vlog the most because we’re usually out doing vlog-worthy things. But even when were not doing anything I like to vlog then because I want to document the moments we have together so I can look back on them in a few years, or so Y/N can look at them in a few weeks,” Joe laughed again as he remembered how many times his girlfriend rewatches past vlogs of his, “We also live together now and it’s kind of hard to avoid each other, she’s there when I wake up and when I go to bed.”

“And hows that going? You guys living together, that is. I wanted to say that it was something new but she’s been here a while now.” Caspar and Joe followed the sound of Grant’s voice from behind the camera. 

“It’s been nearly a year mate, not sure where you’ve been.” Joe laughed again. 

“Its only been a year? Feels longer than that.” Caspar chimed in.

“Officially a year, she was around a lot when we were first started dating. It got to the point where she would spend weeks here, only going back to hers to collect her mail or to grab more clothes so one day I just asked if she wanted to move in. And to answer your question Grant, it’s going great. We’re still together  which is good! We haven’t had any major fights, just a few minor ones caused from one, or both, of us being stressed out but they blow over pretty quickly. And I love having her here. Even if we are in separate rooms doing separate things, its nice knowing that she’s somewhere in the flat, in out flat.”

“You’re very cute Sugg. So my final question is fulfillment.” Caspar said, closing the last topic and starting a new one for discussion.

“Awe it’s over? I was just getting warmed up!” Joe pouted to the camera. 

“Where do you see yourself in 50?” Caspar asked.

“50…well not dead. Umm married with kids hopefully.”

“With Y/N?” Caspar said cutting Joe off quickly.

“Ah, yeah. I hope so. I mean I’m nearly 26 and I don’t really want to start the dating process over again. It took me a lot of years and I met a lot of people before I met Y/N and I don’t want to so that again, so I don’t plan on letting her go.” Joe said shyly.

“Do you think you’ll stay in London?” 

“Definitely not. We’ve talked about moving closer to family, whether it’s mine or hers, when we decided to start our own family. I want to be able to have a house with a garden so our kids could run around in and explore and unfortunately thats not something that can be done in London without spending millions and even with that you aren’t getting a lot. I’d like my kids to grow up how Y/N and I grew up; ‘normal’ and not so invested in money or the newest technology. I want them to run around in the dirt and explore the outdoors instead of only seeing it on a computer screen or having to drive 30 minutes to the nearest park like you do in London. Y/N and I have talked about this a lot, and pretty much are on the same page when it comes to settling down with kids.”

“So you definitely see Y/N in your future.”

“100 percent.” Joe blushed as he peaked between his friend and the camera. 

“So what about YouTube in the future, do you see this still being your job?” 

“I think its inevitable that I won’t do this forever, but I want to try for as long as I possibly can, but I don’t know when that will be. It might be when I have kids or when my kids are older, they could take ‘ThatcherJoe’ off my hands and turn it into ‘ThatcherJoeJr’, but ultimately I have no clue. If I can still make people laugh with I’m 50, I’d love to still do this but not like how I am now. I’d have to slow it down a lot and possibly focus on other things like art or maybe going back into thatching or actually start a rock band…” Joe said causing he and the other boys to laugh.

“Alright Joe, thank you for letting me interview you. If you guys haven’t already subscribed to Joe, all his links are in the description box below. Make sure to pre-order his third book, Username: Uprising which comes out next month right?” Caspar asked looking over at Joe who nodded, “Alright guys, I’ll see you next week.” He ended the interview with a wave towards the camera.

Swimming with the Dolphins

Pairing: Jason Todd x Aquarium!Reader

Word Count: 2883 (wow so many words)

Prompt: reader works at the Gotham Aquarium and meets Jason Todd after a dolphin show and hit it off.

Warnings: [mild] language, fluff and smol angst. Also, I don’t know a lot about dolphins, I’m not a marine biologist, so if you happen to know a lot about dolphins and find something wrong, then I apologize in advance, I just really like dolphins.

A/N holy nuggets this is long like I didn’t see this coming at all. I’ll be posting the first part to my Jason Todd AU Adventurer fic tomorrow! Let me know if you wanna be tagged :)

Originally posted by just-inji

Working as a dolphin trainer and caretaker at the Gotham Aquarium was probably the most fun job there was in that morbid city. With a degree in marine biology, it was perfect, especially since you did love dolphins. You were in charge of the incredibly popular dolphin show, “Dance of the Dolphins” and you really enjoyed letting people see all of the tricks and games you taught your aquatic friends. It didn’t even feel like a job. It felt like a dream.

However, one day, instead of the dolphins being in the spotlight, you were thrust into it accidentally.

When you arrived to work, you immediately went to the dolphin habitat to prepare for them for the show.

They immediately recognized you as you approached the pool where they stayed.

“Hi Flora! Hi Jasper!” You grinned and waved at them. They squeaked in response and you laughed. “Okay, where’s Marina and Thomas?” The other two dolphins didn’t pop up when you arrived. Flora and Marina were both found badly injured off the coast of the Florida Keys and were brought to Gotham after rehabilitation for a few years. Jasper, the most energetic, somehow swam all the way up to Gotham Harbor and was nearly run over by a fishing boat. Thomas was caught by a poacher in the Gulf of Mexico, which caught Bruce Wayne’s attention. Naturally, he paid the poacher and donated the dolphin to the aquarium. In his honor, you named the dolphin Thomas; after Mr. Wayne’s late father. You admired Mr. Wayne after his act of generosity. Sadly, you never had the opportunity to meet him since he always seemed to be busy and your timing was always off. Fortunately, he was going to be at the show that morning with his family, so you wanted to make sure he experienced the best possible show you could put on.

As if on cue, Marina and Thomas popped up and greeted you in unison.

“Okay! Everyone is here now,” You said as you took off your boots and sat down, “Guys…do you know what today is?”

You got multiple whistles at one time, so you calmed them down.

“Well you’re all right, but today is extra special because Bruce Wayne is going to be here! So, we have to do our best! That means rehearsals,” you told the dolphins as you began taking off your clothes and slipping on your wet-suit. Fortunately, no one was there to watch, so you were all clear. Then, you dove into the pool to begin the practice. All of the dolphins did the greeting you taught them when you dove into their pool. Except Thomas, who waited about 30 seconds before he came and greeted you.

“Hey, Tommy are you feeling okay?” you asked as you stroked his head and examined him to make sure he looked fine. He didn’t respond, he just blinked at you and looked around.

Hmm, I better keep an eye on you…

The show was starting in 10 minutes and you had grown incredibly concerned about Thomas. He had been “spaced out” and reacting late to all your directions. Near the end of the practice, he started to follow the routine, but you still didn’t want to push him and decided it would be best to let him rest and call the doctor to check up on him.

“Mr. Taylor! Mr. Taylor I think Thomas should sit this one out, he’s been out of it since I got here this morning. We should call the doctor. We can go on with Marina, Jasper and Flora.” You said as you ran to keep up with your boss, who was taking humongous strides around backstage.

“Y/N, we don’t have time to call the doctor to check up on Thomas, Mr. Wayne is sitting out there right now, expecting a show and if Thomas is not there he will be very disappointed and I can’t have that for this aquarium. The show must go on. Do what you have to do but don’t let me down,” Mr. Taylor said and turned on his heels away from you. You huffed and thought about what you were going to do when you heard a strangled cry from the dolphin pool. You turned around and saw that your co-workers were struggling to get Thomas ready to go into the show pool. He let out a string of distressed whistles, indicating he wanted to be left alone.

“Guys! Guys! Let me talk to him,” You walked over to him and squatted down near the edge of the pool.

“Hey buddy, I’m gonna need you to cooperate, okay? We have a big today. I need you to do this one show and then you’re done for today. We’ll take you to Dr. Shepard.” You stroked the top Thomas’ beak. He nodded and you helped your co-workers usher him into the show pool with his siblings.

5 minutes. You anxiously walked up the steps and peeked out the curtains. You spotted Mr. Taylor conversing with Bruce Wayne, and your anxiety level shot up 6 notches. You looked at the people next to him, all boys. One in particular caught your eye; he was looking at his phone in the midst of the chaos around him. You could only assume that the boys on his left and right were his brothers, but you couldn’t be too sure. He had pitch black hair, but a white tuft peeked out from the front. When he looked up, you gasped quietly. He was pretty darn cute, and before you knew it, your stare was met with his own. A small smile played on his lips as his aquamarine eyes looked into yours. Before it could get anymore awkward, you closed the curtain in front of you and mentally prepared yourself. Now that you knew a cute boy would be watching you as well, your anxiety went up another two notches.

30 seconds. You smoothed out your wet-suit for the show, a short-sleeve full-body bathing suit decorated by the aqua blue and black theme colors of the aquarium. You quickly threw your hair into a ponytail, and suddenly, the curtain opened and the spotlight shone down on you.

The crowd cheered as you gave a smile and waved at them. You got the microphone from a co-worker and began speaking.

“Hello Gotham!” You said enthusiastically.

“Hi!” They greeted back.

“My name is [F/N] [L/N], I would like to start off the show by saying thank you all for coming here today to watch our friends, Flora, Jasper, Marina and Thomas! A special thank you to Mister Bruce Wayne for making an appearance to support the ‘Save the Dolphins!’ awareness campaign that the Gotham Aquarium is proud to be a contributor toward. Without further ado, welcome to Dance of the Dolphins!” You said and gave the microphone back to the coworker. Then you sat down on the ledge of pool, joining your friends and beginning the show. The first song began and you blew your whistle a certain number of times to indicate the start of the routine. Everything was running smoothly.

Flora and Jasper did flips and sprayed the audience while Marina and Thomas let you ride them around the pool. It wasn’t until Thomas was supposed to do his solo routine that things started going south.

You blew the whistle combination and waited for Thomas to execute it but he instead began swimming around in circles and letting out disgruntled whistles. You took off your whistle and dove back into the pool, swimming towards Thomas to try and calm him down, but he swam away from you and towards the other end of the pool.

Suddenly he swam and leapt high into the air and the next thing you knew, his beak crashed into you as he dove back into the water, taking you down with him.

You couldn’t hear anything as you sunk to the bottom of the pool. But the audience had fallen silent, and the music abruptly stopped. Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian all stood up to see if they could find you, when you suddenly popped up from the water. You took a deep breath as the audience, especially Jason, sighed in relief.

“CALL DR. SHEPARD! STOP THE SHOW!” you shouted to one of your coworkers. You managed to free yourself from Thomas’ beak but the impact was so hard that he passed out and now you were struggling to keep him afloat at the surface.

Marina, Flora and Jasper swam over and started helping you keep Thomas up. You knew dolphins were smart, but you didn’t know they were that smart. You led the dolphins to the ledge of the pool where many of your marine biologists co-workers were waiting with a dolphin gurney to take Thomas to a special place to see the aquarium’s dolphin specialist and doctor. You had gotten out of the water as well and a warm towel was brought to you so you could dry off and relax.

“Y/N, do we need to call paramedics for you? It looked like you took a hard hit to your shoulder.” a friend of yours asked.

“I’m fine, it’s just sore,” You told her.

“Let me look at it,” your friend sat down next to you. You took off your towel and your friend gasped; you had begun to bleed in your wet suit and your shoulder portion was crimson red.

“Oh my god, Y/N, you’re bleeding! Call the paramedics!” your friend called out.

“No wonder why I’ve been feeling lightheaded,” You slurred and then everything was black.

When you woke up, you found you were still at the aquarium, and your shoulder was all patched up.

She didn’t fracture or break anything, thank God, but she did earn a large gash which we just cleaned up, but she should be okay,” You heard someone say. Possibly the doctor. You weren’t sure. You still felt groggy. “She did lose a lot of blood though, so I suggest she doesn’t come to work for at least 2 weeks.

Two weeks?! Y/N can’t be out for 2 weeks! She’s our alpha! Our ringmaster! She leads the show!” Mr. Taylor exclaimed.

I think 2 weeks without Y/N will be just fine Mr. Taylor.” Another voice chimed in. Mr. Wayne.

She oughta sue you for this,” one more voice chimed in.

Jason…” Mr. Wayne’s voice warned. 

It’s true! According to a worker, Y/N knew that Thomas was having trouble and told Taylor about it but he insisted that the show continue. You knew that something was wrong and you put her in the line of danger and that is despicable,” Jason told them.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Jason has a point. No mean to be disrespectful, Mr. Taylor, but you did know about Thomas and still wanted the show to go on. It sort of is your fault,another voice said.

Full offense but you’re the reason she’s hurt and I hope she sues,” a higher pitched voice said.

Guys, calm down, it’s up to Y/N what she does. For now, just let her rest,” one more voice added.

Too late, she’s awake…I think…” a boy leaned over you. Your vision was blurry, but you could faintly make out dark hair and blue eyes.

“I’m alive,” you slurred. You tried to prop yourself up but the doctor stopped you.

“Just lie down, Y/N,” he said to you.

“As much as I appreciate the accusations towards me, I have to deal with this fiasco of a show. Thank you still for making an appearance, Mr. Wayne and company,” Mr. Taylor said with slight sarcasm.

“You’re not welcome,” the youngest boy said.

“Alright guys give her some space,” someone had said.

“Boys, go sit down, I’m gonna have a chat with Miss Y/N.” Bruce said. You suddenly felt yourself getting propped up and then you were face to face with him. Bruce Wayne.

“H-hi,” you tried to wave but your arm was sore.

“First, I’d like to say I’m sorry for this. I understand that you really wanted to impress me and put a lot of hard work into this show. Don’t worry about it. I’m just a guy. Do your work for you,” Bruce reassured you.

“It’s okay. I just wanted to repay you for saving Thomas and letting him come here. He’s an amazing friend. I’m just worried that he’s hurt,” you told Bruce. A small smile appeared, feeling honored that something he did made you happy.

“I think he’ll be okay,” Bruce patted your knee.

I hope so.

After talking to Bruce for a few more minutes, the green eyed boy came back, a serious look on his well defined features.

“Jason. Can I help you?” Bruce asked. So that was his name. Jason.

“I just want to talk to her,” Jason grumbled. Your face burned as he looked to the ground. Bruce understood and got up.

“Okay, I’ll be outside,” Bruce said and left you and Jason alone. He turned to you and stuck his hands in his jacket pockets. It wasn’t until then that you noticed how tall and broad he was. You were short, well you thought you were short, but you were actually average, but compared to him…you felt like an a chihuahua.

“Hi. I’m Jason,” he greeted you. You gave him smile.

“I know.” You responded. He gave you a confused look and then you realized how weird that sounded.

“I mean Mr. Wayne referred to you as ‘Jason’ a few seconds ago, so….” you began blushing.

“Oh right. Well your name is…?” Jason asked.

“Y/N. [Y/N] [L/N].” You told him.

“Nice. So, you train dolphins,” he looked around.

“Yeah. I do,” you responded. Small talk. You hated it.

“Sorry, I can’t hold this in: you should sue your boss. I mean you told him about Thomas and then you got hurt. That’s stupid,” Jason blurted out.

“I mean, yeah but he’s just the aquarium manager he studied business, not marine biology. I can’t blame him for not knowing exactly what I meant.” you tried to defend your boss even though you were angry with him.

“It doesn’t matter he should pay the consequences for his actions. You’re hurt. You can’t train dolphins for 2 weeks. That’s his fault,” Jason made a point. You sighed, knowing he was right.

“I mean I guess you’re right. But I don’t have a lawyer–” you started.

“You can use one of Bruce’s I’m sure he’ll be okay with it,” Jason sat down next to you. You saw a twinkle in his eyes, he was excited that you agreed with him.

“Really? No that’s too much. You’ve already done enough for me,” you shook your head.

“Seriously.” Jason looked straight into your eyes, his eyebrows furrowed and his lips pulled into a thin line. He was serious.

“Okay, thank you,” you gave him a small smile.

“Good. Guys like him don’t deserve to get away with hurting people,” Jason looked at the ceiling. You wondered what he meant. Maybe someone killed his parents or a loved one like what happened to Bruce. “I guess now would be a bad time to tell you that Bruce payed the hospital bill.”

You sighed in defeat, “If I had known I wouldn’t have agreed to using your lawyers.”

“That was the point,” Jason smirked at you.

“Oh shut up,” you sheepishly grinned.

There are those pearly white you flashed earlier,” he raised an eyebrow at you. “You should smile more often, it looks good on you.”

Your face heated up at his compliment. He was flirting with you, but you weren’t sure to respond.

“Well if you want to see it more often you should try asking me out,” you quickly said. Then you covered mouth and mentally cringed. Talk about having no filter.

Jason raised both eyebrows, then decided to take the challenge.

“Okay. Y/N, can I take you out?” Jason asked as he stood up and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Um, yeah. In two weeks,” you smiled. He let out a low chuckle and you giggled.

“Two weeks. It’s a date,” he told you.

“Sounds great,” you said.

“Well, I better get going. Feel better. And if you need some company, just give me a call. I’ll be around,” he turned around and walked toward the curtain.

“Wait but you didn’t give me your number,” you called out. He stopped and turned to face you with that smirk on his lips.

“Check your jacket pocket,” he said and then went through the curtains, leaving you alone on the makeshift hospital bed backstage.

When you were ready to go, you checked your jacket pockets and sure enough, a piece of paper was tucked away in your left pocket.

Jason’s name was scrawled out in pen along with his phone number written messily. You laughed as you got your stuff from your locker and joined your friend outside. She was supposed to assist you home, make sure you didn’t hurt yourself along the way.

You couldn’t stop thinking about his charming smile and mischievous eyes.

On your way home, you silently thanked Thomas for bringing you and Jason together.



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