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Please bombard me with Pining Sherlock fics. I need some.

You asked for it, you got it Nonny! This is literally my favourite trope in the entirety of existence. I have a tonne of fics, and I’m still sorting all of my bookmarks, so I probably still have more to add. I had SO MANY TO PUT ON THIS LIST, that I had to remove links to the authors, because Tumblr kept deleting all my links. So yes, over 150 fics here below, all from mostly Sherlock’s POV (@holmesthesociopath, this should help with your ask as well until I finish the list of Sherlock POV fics for you)!

Because I’ve been working on this list for over 6 months, please advise me of any broken links and I will do my best to find them again for you!

Get ready to have your face ripped off 🙃

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Re: your John post. Where you talk about John saying goodbye and leaving his cane- I think we're supposed to watch that scene the first time and be like "oh Sherlocks gone too far this time, Johns really done" but yeah actually John is done with himself and can't forgive himself for what he has done and honestly loathes himself so much and so he is leaving Sherlock. Because John believes Sherlock needs/deserves better than him. At least that's how I interpret it :')

that’s how i interpret it as well! that’s john saying, he is leaving sherlock so he will stop hurting sherlock. because he did, in the morgue, and when mary died, and throughout tst and the end of hlv, and all the way back to tsot, and even teh, and john knows that, you know? he knows. i think he had a lot of time between tst and tld to understand what mary was to sherlock - not just his would-be killer, but the choice john never should have made. he hurt sherlock from teh on by choosing mary when he didn’t really want mary, and john is realizing all that between tst and tld. and so john comes to say goodbye so he’ll stop hurting sherlock, and he gives this cane as a good memory of himself. remember me this way. remember me the way we were in the beginning, when things were good. and then mycroft calls, and john has no idea what mycroft will do to him, and he just. accepts it. and he goes. 

My therapist keeps telling me to write down my thoughts and at first, I didn’t see the point of it.

But today I feel like I need to. I’m nervous. It’s stupid. I know that. It’s just looking at a flat, for God’s sake. But Sherlock Holmes is something else. I can’t stop thinking about yesterday. He just knew everything! He saw right through me. He saw me. Part of me knows I should turn away. He’s dangerous. He’s mad. But I don’t want to.

So, I’m off to go look at the flat. If I don’t post anymore or text you back, you’ll know who to look for.

Sherlock Holmes, at 221B Baker Street.

Maybe I’m alone in this but like

I literally can’t stop internally protesting whenever I see a not-benedict actor post on my dash, or when it’s Sherlock-but-not-Sherlock post

Like for example, if it’s any non Benedict actor and there’s more than 2 of those posts, even if it’s a post about Martin but there’s no Benedict in it, then in my head I’m internally like “???? There’s more than 2 posts and there’s no Benedict, how did it breach through security??? Where is Benedict, I need Benedict”

And if it’s a bbc Sherlock post, but not about Sherlock, so if the post is about John or Mary or Molly or any ship post but that’s more John-centric or Molly-centric, I’ll feel ???? confused??? where is my Sherlock??? why is no one talking about him as the centre of the universe??? Sherlock deserves everything including thoughts and attention

Or maybe it’s just me and my obsession with these two tho 😂😂😂

The Common Cold; Sherlock x Reader

Requested by two anons:

Hi, I’m going to be going into surgery in three days. I was hoping that yo could post a story before I go in, if you need inspiration I think that a one-shot about Sherlock stopping doing drugs because of the reader would be really cute! Thank you!!

Hello! I have been reading your wonderful writing all day! I was wondering if you could make a Sherlock X Reader shot, where reader is feeling very under the weather, and John is away, but secretly Sherlock is ecstatic to be alone with reader. He becomes very helpful towards her and eventually plucks up courage to lay down with her and talk about his feelings for her. They have a lovely snuggle, but unfortunately they fall asleep together and wake up to a very teas-y and happy John. THANK YOU!

Sorry that this isn’t my best!

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I don’t mean to anger any Sherlolly shippers or anything, but

there was something in TRF that I really think is extremely important and notorious, something that concerns how much (or little) the show is investing in Sherlock and Molly’s relationship. It also demonstrates to what extent Sherlock’s concern for Molly is perceived by others.

Upon rewatching the episode (again) I realized something that should be bloody obvious but the momentum didn’t allow me to see at first. 

You know when Sherlock is talking to Moriarty on the roof of St. Barts, and Moriarty reveals his plan of killing all his friends if Sherlock doesn’t commite suicide? (rethoric question, of course you all know this scene from hell because it’s intense as fuck).

All of us Johnlock shippers squee’d a little when Sherlock’s first reaction to that was to immediately think about “John?”. And Moriarty’s answer was: “Not just John. Everyone.” Mrs. Hudson, Lestrade. “Everyone.” At first I thought that ‘everyone’ was meant as a broad term: Just because he didn’t name each of Sherlock’s acquaintances, doesn’t mean Jim Meticulous Moriarty had forgotten about them.

But what does Moriarty add then? “Three bullets, three gunmen, three victims.”

Waitwaitwaitwai— three? Only three? I thought Sherlock had more friends than that, more people that cared about him. Like, I don’t know, Molly.

Now, we all know that Sherlock and Molly are (one-time character appearances aside) probably the two characters that share less screen time throughout the show. This means that they are rarely seen together by other characters. If you had to choose the three people closest to Sherlock’s heart, the show has all but told us she will not be among them. Sherlock might come to her for help on counted occasions, and he may trust her (I mean, if it’s obvious for us that she’s a good person, it must be clear as daylight for him), but she’s not as important as any of those three people. It’s right there, before our eyes.

But that’s what the show tells us. That’s as far as how much the show is actually investing in a Sherlock/Molly relationship (which is not very much, if you ask me). We could probably read a little farther into this:

These lines, while obviously produced by the writers, are all the more important because of who delivers them: Moriarty. Moriarty, the spider. The man who’s so obsessed with Sherlock that he’s made of his disgrace, of his demise, his sole, main purpose. This man, who’s even let himself be tortured in order to gather as much information as possible about the detective. Who has always been one step ahead and made him dance. The man who pretty much outwitted him (or so he thought) ‘till the bitter end. The man that couldn’t stand to leave a story unfinishedEven if it meant getting rid of the last loose end: himself. 

And what are his words of choice? 

“Your only three friends in the world will die”.

Word by word. Moriarty, who has even dated Molly for the sake of getting closer to Sherlock, who has seen the two interact and is most certainly aware of the love Molly feels for the detective, this Moriarty, has been witness to all of that and has decided it wasn’t good enough. That it wasn’t enough to trigger Sherlock’s alarm and make him jump to his death in order to save her. To the point where he doesn’t even consider her a friend of Sherlock’s. 

If the man who’s most willing to hurt Sherlock by killing the people he loves doesn’t deem Molly worthy of his attention, I don’t know what else needs to be said.

He doesn’t consider her one of Sherlock’s weaknesses. Even if she believes in Sherlock, Moriarty must have come to the conclusion that the detective doesn’t reciprocate her feelings at all (not in vain has Sherlock ALWAYS been oblivious to any of her advances, no matter how NOT subtle they were). Like I said, Sherlock trusts her, because it’s extremely evident that she is a good person, and that her infatuation for him means she’d do anything to help, but Moriarty has decided she’s not one of the people that can make Sherlock jump (bad pun, sorry) into action and dance to the spider’s song (which is undoubtedly BeeGee’s Staying Alive, in case anyone was wondering —Why would you?).

So, what we are basically told here, twice at the same time (indirectly by the writers, directly from Moriarty’s lips), is that Molly will never be such an integral part of Sherlock’s life as these three other people are, the first of which is John

It always has been John, and it’s always gonna be John. We still have been shown no indication that this pattern could change in the foreseeable future of the show. In fact, it’s only intensifying with every passing season. So far, there is not a thing Sherlock hasn’t done for John. Whatever it was.

And with all this I just wanna say that we, as Johnlock shippers, have it bad, but boy, would I hate to be on the Sherlolly ship with all that water rushing in through so many holes.

Edit: since it’s been like two years since I last watched the whole 3 seasons, I forgot some important stuff related to this that happened after The Reichenbach Fall. I wrote another (shorter) post about that to correct myself.

the episode was fake

[clutching shock blanket]

i don’t care if people call me crazy at this point

here is the evidence that makes me still believe in this god forsaken show against all odds:

- why would the tagline from the season 4 promo pics be directly lifted from clue unless they were intending on presenting us with multiple alternate endings to the series
- why was john chained to the bottom of the well and then able to be rescued by a rope, despite the show’s extremely close attention to detail other than to demonstrate that those who don’t look closely, or even logically at a show are going to be the ones to completely ignore all of its subtext
- why would there be so much emphasis placed upon ‘making television history’
- where was the rug pull
- what about the LGB report
- what about The Gay Pilot
- what about moffat and gatiss’ description of surprises and ‘traumatising a generation’
- why reference oscar wilde in TFP unless it was intended to demonstrate how in this alternate reality we are being presented with a story that caters to the heteronormative masses
- why would sherlock, obviously gay sherlock, kermit fucking sherlock, who knows next to nothing about politics except for the significance of margaret thatcher (honestly i could go into more detail on this, people already have) - why would HE not know who oscar wilde is
- what was the significance of the twitter game if not referencing real events within the show related to mary’s death, unless these events are directly a result of sherlock and john’s relationship and therefore unable to be shown in the decoy episode
- why is TFP so drastically different from the rest of sherlock? because it’s deliberately crafted to show us a reality in with their relationship isn’t the fundamental basis of the narrative
- why include the umbrella knife sword gun / killer clown / paintings crying blood etc. other than to demonstrate the absolute ridiculousness of this episode, highlighting just how fake it actually is
- why was john able to escape from being “shot” by eurus and why was he not visibly harmed or concerned in any way
- why was john’s character arc and internal emotional journey cut short? because it cannot progress without it becoming textually clear that his struggles are linked to his romantic feelings for sherlock
- why was the smoking gun shown to us in TLD not the same model as the one eurus used to “shoot” john?
- why include so many elephants? hint: there is no other reason for there to be elephants. this is not queerbaiting. this is an intentional TJLC nod.
- what was the narrative significance of TAB if not to show us the outcome of the series?
- why draw so much attention to conspiracy theories and “invisible armies”? another TJLC nod.
- “is cup of tea code?” … “wouldn’t you prefer coffee?”
- why suddenly and inexplicably give mary a redemption arc despite her being a mirror for a character who uses her death to drive sherlock and john apart? because it’s linked to their romantic relationship.
- why did john suddenly forget completely about his wife’s death despite being obviously deeply affected in the previous episode? again, because furthering his emotional arc would mean making johnlock textually explicit.
- why place such emphasis upon “romantic entanglement”?
- why say that sherlock is “back - and this time in love” in all of the advertisements?
- why would all of the actors be so proud of making TFP if it was a lower standard than all of the other episodes combined?
- why do people “always stop at three”?
- why is moffat supposedly more proud of TFP than ASiB?
- why would they allow the full episode to be leaked twice when they have been so quick to shut down any potential leaks of just promo pictures for previous episodes?
- why would they post about the leak on the sherlock facebook page other than to draw attention to it?
- why would gatiss ever make a show using queerbaiting when he’s literally a gay man?
- why would moffat and gatiss, writers who have spoken emphatically about the need for LGBT+ representation, go so drastically against their own moral principles?
- why would the parallels in season four imply that the final episode was supposed to mirror ASiP and then have that dropped?
- why were we presented with an episode that draws absolutely no reference to anything that has ever happened in the rest of the show when the narrative is based upon mirrors, parallels, and references?

because we didn’t see the actual episode

instead we saw moffat and gatiss demonstrating how terrible the show would be if sherlock and john weren’t romantically involved. this is to put emphasis upon how crucial their relationship is to the narrative and brilliance of the show.


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Hey! Today I was trying to explain to a friend why Johnlock will 99.9% definitely become canon in season 4/5 but I couldn't think of any concrete evidence to give them. Please could you give a couple of solid reason why they'd definitely become canon?

Hi Nonny! I’ve written a TONNE of Masterposts about this! Here’s a copy-paste from this post here!


I hope this has helped you out! Good luck!

Something occurred to me. Like an hour ago but I needed to re-watch the episode to certain moment to be sure.

It’s long so I’m posting this under the cut.

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(long, heavy sigh) here we go again

okay, champs. time for a lesson in problematic behavior. i’ve literally had to copy and paste the same lecture so many times that i feel like i should get it tattooed on my stomach/chest so next time someone needs some education i can just flash them my titties and hit them hard with knowledge because i’m so fucking sick of having to go through every single page of this blog to collect all the same information that all of y'all should know already because the shows/fandoms aren’t in any way subtle about their problematic behavior

  • hijacking posts that have nothing to do with them and adding gif after gif from their shows even after the original poster asks them to stop
  • very problematic, romanticizes mental illness, often calling themselves “sociopaths” so they can be more like Sherlock, which, to people with associative disorders/who are on the Autism Spectrum find really offensive, because they’re making mental illness look like a trendy accessory
  • also says “we belong in an insane asylum” which is also really shitty because they’re comparing themselves to sufferers of mental illness because they watched a show
  • fetishizing homosexuality: only supporting gay marriage so Destiel and Johnlock can become canon; harassing actors about gay ships; hating female characters just because they get in the way of gay ships; harassing the writers (sending death threats to Mark Gatiss for example), harsh stereotyping (thinking that Moffat can’t possibly be homophobic when he’s clearly made homophobic statements because he has one gay friend) 
  • said that their fandoms were “more important than trans rights”
  • sends death threats to individuals who don’t like the shows/don’t agree with their opinions 
  • the shows themselves are very sexist/racist/heteronormative, and then the fans try to justify it/excuse it by saying “but captain jack was GAY! so it’s a LIBERATOR for GAY (men’s) RIGHTS!”when Jack Harkness was actually bisexual (oh look, bi erasure) and his sexuality was made into a fucking punchline 
  • defends the problematic things that the actors say/do (ex: Martin Freeman making rape jokes & calling Lucy Liu an ugly dog, Benedict Cumberbatch misgendering Chelsea Manning and calling her a man (even though she’s a trans woman and goes by she/her pronouns and is THEREFORE A WOMAN) because he disagreed with her opinions about leaking government secrets, and doing something like that on purpose is disgusting and extremely disrespectful, making classist comments about the UK’s education system and saying that students protesting said oppressive education system were “bloody idiots”. Before admitting that he grew up privileged and has no idea what he’s talking about.
  • racism, racism, racism! let’s talk about the shitty representation of people of color in these shows and how the fanbases treat them! SHERLOCK: One singular PoC, Sally Donovan: hated with a passion because she turned Sherlock in for being a shit and doing her actual job as a member of law enforcement, also slut shamed—Sherlock said that her knees were bruised, so she must’ve been “scrubbing Anderson’s floor” (aka having sex with him doggy style) and everyone thought it was very sassy and clever when it was actually extremely sexist. DOCTOR WHO: Martha Jones: generally hated for “trying to be the new Rose” and for “being clingy” when she’s the only companion who loved the Doctor but didn’t rely on him for character development. In the end, she realized that it was time for her to strike out on her own and leave the toxic situation she’d found herself in and left the Doctor in order to become her own woman, and a rather good agent/scientist also. Mickey: forgotten about. Nobody cares about Mickey. And then they make jokes about the fact that they forget him by calling him “the tin dog” (based on a comment someone made ONCE in ONE episode) and ignoring his entire arc of character development (which is a nice arc tbh, rather well written) in favor of poking fun out of the fact that they’re ignoring him. Other Random Side-Characters: there’s been a couple of PoC guest characters from oneshot episodes (ie: Lizzie (from the episode about the Star Whale), Martha’s parents (characterized as assholes and backstabbers), an Egyptian Queen by the name of Nefrititi, perhaps you’ve heard of her because she’s a real historical figure who got completely whitewashed for the episode and was generally useless, the kids Clara babysits (generally useless)). Not to mention that River Song ended up being Cleopatra, as if the whitewashing in this show wasn’t gross enough already. Apparently the new companion is black,which will be nice but let’s remember that he’s only the third PoC companion ever and the show’s been around for 50 fucking years. SUPERNATURAL: Tamara and her husband: dead. Kevin Tran: dead. Raphael: dead. Uriel: dead. Kevin’s girlfriend: dead. Alpha Vampire: dead. Kevin’s mom: not a lot of screen time, and for a while they thought she was, guess what? Dead. Joshua: dead. Remember Bobby’s black Hunting Buddy?: dead. Edgar (leviathan, Latino): dead. Shojo (Japanese monster): dead. The CIA officer who arrested the boys in “Jus in Bello”: dead. Jake Talley: dead. Gordon: dead. Okami (Japanese monster): played by a white woman (oh look whitewashing again! my favorite!) and also dead. 
  • in Sherlock, he makes it clear that he’s asexual, and the fandom often ignores it just so they can write fanfiction about Watson fucking him in the ass (ace erasure)

if you “honestly can’t understand what’s wrong” with sexism, racism, ableism, and classism then you really need to sort out your priorities. 

so yeah. we’re an angry hate blog. why, you ask? because we hate problematic behavior and it makes us angry. and all y'all little nerds need a few minutes in the corner and maybe a cold bucket of water to bring you back to reality 

‘“For the sake of law and order I suggest you avoid all future attempts at a relationship, Molly.“’

‘”You can see me.”’

‘”You’re wrong, you know. You do count. You’ve always counted and I’ve always trusted you. But you were right. I’m not okay.”‘

‘“What do you need?’“

‘”Moriarty slipped up, he made a mistake. Because the one person he thought didn’t matter at all to me was the one person who mattered most.”‘

‘“You look…well.”‘

‘”I hope you’ll be very happy, Molly Hooper.”‘

‘“Fancy some chips?”’

“‘Sorry your engagements over. Though I’m fairly grateful for the lack of a ring.”’

‘”Sherlock? What is it, what do you want?”‘

“I Love You.”’

‘“I Love You.”’


“It’s just for a few hours, though.”

“No, Sherlock, look, I have a post mortem in about ten minutes, and then after that I’ve got so much paperwork I need to catch up on. Look I really have to go. I’ll see you later.”

“Molly, please-” The line went dead, and Sherlock almost threw his phone across the room in frustration, but stopped himself as he spotted Emilie Watson, sitting on the floor, drawing.

The three (and three quarters!) year old was staying with Sherlock for a week, while her parents went to visit her aunt Harry, who had ‘had a little accident’ (the code in the Watson family for ‘relapse’).

Over the past four days, Sherlock had come up with multiple ways to entertain the girl, ranging from doing funny dances to telling her stories (and even dressing up, an event which had scarred him perhaps for the rest of his life).

It had never been a problem in the past. He would always come up with small activities to keep her entertained. However, this was the longest he had ever stayed with her, and even the consulting detective was fast running out of ideas to keep the active three year old busy.

He had eventually resorted to calling Molly Hooper, in the hopes that she might be able to help him, but to no avail. He now sat in his thinking pose, with his eyes closed, trying to come up with something to do, knowing it couldn’t be long before the girl got tired of drawing.

Sure enough, not a moment later, he felt a slight tugging on the sleeve of his robe.

“Uncle ‘lock, look! I’ve finished!”

He opened his eyes, and forced a smile, which soon became a genuine one when he saw what his goddaughter had produced.

It was a drawing of a man, wearing a skull and crossbones T-shirt and an eyepatch. The curly, dark hair and blue eye told him exactly what he needed to know about the identity of the man, and it was confirmed as Emilie said “It’s you, Uncle Sherlock! You said you wanted to be a pi-wate!”

“Yes I did,” he said softly, drawing her into his arms and giving her a short hug, tickling her slightly, (she giggled happily) before taking the drawing out of her hands and sticking it onto his wall. He turned towards her in the hope that she might want to produce another drawing now, but it was short lived.

“What should we do now, Uncle Sherlock?”

“What should we… Aha!” He exclaimed, a thought striking him suddenly. “Would you like to go and see Auntie Molly?”

Even if he didn’t already know the answer, the look of pure delight on the girls face would have been enough to tell him exactly how much she would like to go and see Molly.

The girl had a habit of converting everyone into her family, quite frightful according to Sherlock. There was Uncle Sherlock, of course, along with ‘Uncle Gweg’, ‘Auntie Molly’, and even ‘Uncle Mycwoft’, a title which had made even the stoic man blush when he heard it (though he would never admit to it).

And if he had increased security on the girl after that, he would deny it was for any sentimental reason, but merely because “the girl is clumsy - she could fall at any moment, which would just cause unnecessary hassle!”

Mrs Hudson had a special place In the girl’s heart. One day, at the park, she had seen a boy on the swing next to her, There was an elderly woman next to the swing, who looked at him fondly and repeatedly told him to be careful, and he had just jumped off the swing and run up to her, saying “I will, Grandma!”

From then on, she refused to call Mrs Hudson anything other than ‘gwandma’, and Mrs Hudson, having no children of her own and thus never expecting to hear the word directed towards herself, had burst into tears for the first time since she was a young woman.

If Mrs Hudson was at home, there would be no problem. Sherlock could have left the girl with her for a while. As it was, she had gone to visit a friend for a few weeks, so that option was not possible.

Sherlock helped Emilie put her coat and shoes on, as she excitedly babbled about all the things she would tell Molly, and they made their way out.

He made to call a cab, but Emilie insisted that she wanted to walk.

“It’s a long way, Emilie. You’ll get tired,” he had tried to tell her, but she had denied it.

“Please Uncle Sherlock! I pwomise I won’t get tired!”

Unfortunately, he wasn’t in the habit of denying his goddaughter anything, yet somewhat fortunately, it was a beautiful day, so they made their way towards St Bart’s on foot, the girl chatting away, and him nodding or smiling occasionally.

Eventually, they came to a bridge, and as they made to cross it, there was a gust of wind and Emilie was almost swept off her feet. Sherlock quickly grabbed her hand.

“Hold on to my hand, Emilie,” he told the girl, as they continued on.

“No, you hold on to my hand, Uncle Sherlock!”

“What? That’s the same thing.”

“No, it’s not the same thing,” the girl told him exasperatedly, as if he was the child. “If I hold your hand, I might accidentally let go, but if you hold my hand, I know you’ll never let go.”

Sherlock froze and stared down at the girl. She spoke so simply, and was oblivious to the effect her words had had on the man, and soon she pulled him along. Sherlock just shook his head, and smiled (he was doing a lot of that recently, wasn’t he?).

“Uncle Sherlock?” she said quietly after a while. “I’m tired.” He looked down at her, and saw she had a cheeky grin on her face.

He just shook his head and gave a long suffering sigh, smiling all the while, before lifting her up into his arms.

He only put her down when they were finally in the lab, and she immediately sprinted off towards Molly, who turned in her chair in surprise, before smiling and lifting the girl onto her lap.

As she looked towards Sherlock, her gaze immediately became disapproving, and he just smiled sheepishly at her, shrugging his shoulders.

She shook her head, and brought her attention to the young girl, who was now telling her in detail about what she had done the past four days.

“… and then Uncle Sherlock dressed as the witch-”

“Aha, okay, Emilie, why don’t we ask Auntie Molly if she’d like to go to the park?” Sherlock interrupted, a slight pink tinge on his ears the only thing to suggest he was embarrassed. Molly seemed to be having trouble holding back a laugh.

“Yes, Auntie Molly, please come! Please!” Emilie asked.

It really was impossible to deny that girl anything, Molly thought as they walked to the park, she and Sherlock holding one of Emilie’s hands each.

When they finally got to the playground, Emilie spotted one of her friends, and immediately ran over to say hello, while Sherlock and Molly stood awkwardly next to each other, casting each other glances when they thought the other wasn’t looking.

Eventually, Molly could resist no longer. “So, you’ve taken to dressing up as witches now,” she said to him, smirking.

He frowned, not looking towards her, the blush on his cheeks showing how embarrassed he was. Molly just laughed.

“I think it’s sweet.” This just made him blush even more, as he gulped. “Oh don’t worry, I won’t tell Anderson. Greg on the other hand-”

“Don’t you dare!” He finally looked towards her, and was almost taken aback by the fondness in her expression. “Ah. You’re joking. Right.”

“Right,” she agreed, and started telling him about her day and asking him about his, not saying anything when he took her hand in his.

After about an hour later, Emilie decided she had had enough, and ran back to Sherlock, who picked her up, before asking Molly is she would like to come to Baker Street.

“I really have to finish my work,” she said in response, but promised she would pop in later in the evening.

Sherlock and Emilie made their way back to Baker Street (in a taxi, this time). Emilie rested her head on his shoulder for a moment, before looking up.

“Uncle Sherlock?”


“Is Auntie Molly your girlfriend?”

“What? No. Of course not. She and I are merely in a relationship, in which we enjoy spending time together and exchange details about our lives. We occasionally go out to dinner and…” He trailed off at Emilie’s confused expression, before sighing heavily.

“Yes, Molly is my girlfriend.”

Emilie smiled happily, before falling asleep on her godfather’s shoulder.

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Halp! I have a huge crush on my friend... But he DOESN'T SEEEEE JOHNLOCK. How can I make him see? ;-; Teach me the ways, master. He's pretty open minded, but I need proof, and who better than you to guide this LIL me? Thank you and sowwy <3

Yume, listen my friend: I think it’s a lost cause. I mean, casuals can still be okay people if they don’t see it (like my sister’s fiancé for instance) but he’s beyond hope. Put him on the curb, he’s garbage, and not the fun kind; the kind that is stinky and smelly and ewwww.

Ha ha! in all seriousness, though, I think reading may help; it helped open up my own eyes, and knowledge is power. If he’s open to reading some meta, suggest a few of the posts here on my TJLC for Beginners post; a lot of them should at least point him in the right direction! And if you’re not sure which ones to choose, give him these ones, from my masterpost’s TJLC section:

If none of those at least make him say, “Huh. Well, I see where you’re coming from,” then smack him over the head with a rainbow. 💜

Adventure with a 14 year old Destiheller on facebook

Let me just start off by saying I really need to stop hanging out on Facebook groups.

A fellow Sherlock fan and I were talking on a post about the show, Johnlock and what have you when, it turns out, she is also a anti-Destiel person, so we started talking about the whole Samantha Smith thing that happened on Twitter earlier this week etc etc.

Out of nowhere this girl, who is 14, posts a comment that is just going OFF on me and my new friend about what hypocrites we are and how she hates all the 10-12 year olds in the Spn and Sherlock fandoms because we are all so immature and, I quote,

‘can’t deel with anyone else opinion on same sex couples that is not your own opinion and your both really imature and hypocritical because you like johnLock but don’t like destiel so if anyone is the insane ones its you skanks’

………And that is verbatim what the comment said. This goes on for a few minutes with multiple comments from her. These are our responses:

1. I am 24 and this other woman I was talking with is 22. We told her to go ahead and check our birthdays on our profiles if she doesn’t believe us

(she did but called us bitches who were 'to old to like these shows’)

2. We are not hypocrites because while we support JohnLock we know, without a doubt, that it will never be canon. We don’t tweet stars of the show asking their opinions on a ship then throw temper tantrums when we don’t get the answer we want unlike SOME shippers who shall remain nameless.

3. Shows like Supernatural and Sherlock are targeted to a multitude of ages, not just 14 year olds. We told her to google it if she, once again, didn’t believe us. We told her that most Destiel shippers are great people but destiehellers are the insane ones (she took offense to that term btw) who swear this ship will become canon 'b4 the show ends and if you guys don’t think so, your just stupid bitches that can serve me at McDonalds in the future’. -_______-

I proceeded to correct her spelling and told her that before she wants to come play with the adults I suggest she learn some manners or, at least, tell her Mom to change her diaper so she wouldn’t be in such a terrible mood the next time she wants to talk to her betters.

To which she replied “SKANKS!!!!!” and went away because, at this point, we had 3 others coming to our defense.

I’m not proud of saying all that to a 14 year old child and the only explanation I have for that is she caught me on a really bad day but sometimes you just can’t rise above it and be the adult on the Internet. I’ve been called much worse on the web than skank and bitch but today is not the day for me.

Please stop with the negativity

No, I’m not saying your feelings are invalid. But we aren’t going to make ANYONE any happier by complaining, saying our lives have been ruined and SENDING THE CREATORS HATE MAIL. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO BRING THESE ISSUES TO LIGHT! We can use this as a great opportunity to start a discussion about queerbaiting in media everywhere, not just in Sherlock. We can explain to the writers where we feel let down, and maybe season five will be better. But it’s important to remember THE WRITERS DON’T OWE US ANYTHING, and they’ve probably gained the money they need from this episode. They have no real reason to respond to hate mail, and HATE MAIL WON’T ACHIEVE ANYTHING.

Please stop flooding yourselves in negativity. Post a thousand gifts of Rosie with John and Sherlock. Laugh at Sherlock calling Mycroft “Bro”. Start an intelligent, calm conversation with the media and creators. DON’T TEAR THIS AMAZING FANDOM APART WITH ANGER, GREIF AND HATE.

Thank you and a happy new year! <3

The year is over soon and I like to thank all the lovely people I met here since I made my blog in April.

I have now 1600 followers and I love you all <3

It’s so much fun being here. It’s so great to come here after an exhausting day and see your amazing posts on my dash. It’s so wonderful to have so much feedback on ficlets or edits. This all makes me so happy and I like to thank you for it.

This year, I also learned about tjlc. I started watching Sherlock very late tbh … I watched the Imitation Game in the cinema in 2014 and then I heard, that “that’s the guy from Sherlock!”, and I was like, “Sherlock? What’s this? Sherlock Holmes?”
Well, this is how it started! I had a certain feel from the beginning on - but when I watched TSOT, I definitely knew it: Johnlock isn’t just a ship. It’s real and it’s going to change the world!

I came here eventually and first I just wanted to know more about tjlc. Then I started to make my own posts and I was so happy when people started to answer me and followed me. The most of you know already, that I’m Asperger autistic, and I had always difficulties to make friends in rl. But here, I felt so welcomed, it was unbelievable!

Thank you all for your kindness! <3

Special thanks go to @bakerstreet-irregular, for being the nicest of all, for going through my mass of a grammar with an unbelievable patience and diligence - thank you so much, lovely <3 <3 <3

Lovely, amazing mutuals ^^:

@shylockgnomes, @missartemisholmes, @waitingforgarridebs, @let-bijohns-be-bi-johns, @shelock, @fangirllock, @johnlockshire, @love-in-mind-palace, @shag-me-senseless-watson, @slow-burn-bromance, @chrysanthemumsies@totheverybestoftimesjohn, @witch-lock, @johnnlocked, @missmuffin221, @bakerstreetstorytime, @chinike, @isitandwonder, @detectivesinsuits,

If you don’t already follow those people - do it!

I also would like to thank @consultingdetextive, for spreading my edits more than one time :) Their blog is amazing! You can find all the beautiful edits there, go and follow!

I also would like to mention the amazing artists here, who share their wonderful work with us, @addignisherlock - I never felt about art like I feel about yours. You make my cry and laugh and your art is so fantastic, unique and inspiring … please never stop!
@anotherwellkeptsecret, @brotherdear, @deebzy, @bbcbluebell,                                   

And then there are the people I admire from afar:

@quietlyprim, I don’t think I need to say how important xe is for our fandom. You all know it. Tjlc Explained is unique and wonderful and … I can’t really put in words, how much it means to me ^^

@captain-liddy, I love every single post, the wonderful headcanons and especially the ones xe made about Sherlock being autistic, because this is so important to me. Xe is literally the kindest person in this whole fandom I think ^^

And of course: @consultingeastwind, @lmirandas, @jenna221b, @vitruvianwatson, @victorianlovers, @loveinthemindpalace, @monikakrasnorada, @teapotsubtext, @watsonshoneybee, @vanetti, @cupidford, @isitandwonder

I may have forgotten someone, please don’t be sad ^^ <3 (And sorry for the grammar, I still need to improve my written English)

Thank you all for this amazing year. I wish you all a Happy New Year and of course a great new Sherlock season with a change from “The Johnlock Conspiracy” to “The Johnlock Confirmation”

Originally posted by gymnastkid589

anonymous asked:

I love that while John and Sherlock were watching the Bond movies Sherlock said to John on his blog, "Bless you John but it doesn't need my full attention." It's almost like Sherlock was basically saying "it's cute that you think this movie needs my full attention." Now I can't stop imagining Sherlock thinking about how cute John is.

(referencing this post)

Hi Nonny!

I got the same ask three times so I’m going to assume they’re all from you, hahah.

THIS IS THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER, OKAY. Because Sherlock DOES think John is endearing, as early as TBB. Remember this look in response to John saying he had an argument with a chip-and-pin?

Sherlock is so besotted with John, someone save him please.

Okay but can we talk about Sherlock’s reaction when John was speaking with his hallucination of Mary?

He didn’t stop him like “what??!” or “who are you talking to?” or “no one is there.”
He let John speak.
He let John say what he needed to say.
And he didn’t act like John was crazy or bizarre for it.

And then he comforted him- which we all know is not exactly in Sherlock’s nature.
Idk man i just think that’s really important.

Sherlock and Music - Meta Masterpost (wip)

(this will be a wip as long as I still have things to say)

First: a moment to be emotional: MY FIRST MASTERPOST! :D  (it’s a short list but still. :o) )

Here are all the posts where I talked about music:

- Violin Metaphor
- Sherlock’s waltz (TSOT)
- The Blue Danube - Johann Strauss (TSOT)
- War and Pink - John’s theme (ASIP)
- Stag Night (TSOT)
- A very quick discussion about David Arnold’s style (TAB - promotional video - stuff I said on someone else’s post - the point was just to determine if yes or no it was Arnold’s music. (It was) )
- Double Room (THOB) (a very very quick meta-ish)
- Mary in the Soundtrack’s Titles + Lazarus (series 3 soundtrack)

There will be more to come. ;)

Not meta but still about music:

- Michael Price appreciation post
- David Arnold appreciation post
- To listen (on Youtube) : Cryptwalker by Ivan Torrent - TAB trailer music - plus for the fun a mini crack meta (where I googled crypt walker).


- Absence and Shining Diamonds - a parallel between Syd Barrett / Shine On You Crazy Diamonds (Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd) and Sherlock.

I may also do a masterpost for my fanplaylists one day. If I stop procrastinate. :o) Meanwhile: I have a tag for that.

(Side info: I also made headcanons and ficlets about music)