need to stop posting about sherlock

Something occurred to me. Like an hour ago but I needed to re-watch the episode to certain moment to be sure.

It’s long so I’m posting this under the cut.

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My therapist keeps telling me to write down my thoughts and at first, I didn’t see the point of it.

But today I feel like I need to. I’m nervous. It’s stupid. I know that. It’s just looking at a flat, for God’s sake. But Sherlock Holmes is something else. I can’t stop thinking about yesterday. He just knew everything! He saw right through me. He saw me. Part of me knows I should turn away. He’s dangerous. He’s mad. But I don’t want to.

So, I’m off to go look at the flat. If I don’t post anymore or text you back, you’ll know who to look for.

Sherlock Holmes, at 221B Baker Street.

Okay but can we talk about Sherlock’s reaction when John was speaking with his hallucination of Mary?

He didn’t stop him like “what??!” or “who are you talking to?” or “no one is there.”
He let John speak.
He let John say what he needed to say.
And he didn’t act like John was crazy or bizarre for it.

And then he comforted him- which we all know is not exactly in Sherlock’s nature.
Idk man i just think that’s really important.

Wtf Sherlock fandom????

I’m so sad and disappointed at some people in this fandom. I’ve seen comments and posts that truly make me want to pull my hair from my scalp. The fact that someone doesn’t support your ship or a new character(rosamund Watson) “destroys” johnlock and you wish death to a baby even IF fictional is fucked up and you need Holy water and Jesus bcuz seriously you’re fucked up. Stop whining about every single thing the creators choose to show us. I understand the anticipation for the new season but the amount of hateful comments from some fanatics really makes me sick. Support what you support,ship what you ship I don’t care,but don’t insult me and anyone who doesn’t agree with you bcuz I’m gonna burn the heart out of you. So don’t fucking test me

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Please stop with the negativity

No, I’m not saying your feelings are invalid. But we aren’t going to make ANYONE any happier by complaining, saying our lives have been ruined and SENDING THE CREATORS HATE MAIL. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO BRING THESE ISSUES TO LIGHT! We can use this as a great opportunity to start a discussion about queerbaiting in media everywhere, not just in Sherlock. We can explain to the writers where we feel let down, and maybe season five will be better. But it’s important to remember THE WRITERS DON’T OWE US ANYTHING, and they’ve probably gained the money they need from this episode. They have no real reason to respond to hate mail, and HATE MAIL WON’T ACHIEVE ANYTHING.

Please stop flooding yourselves in negativity. Post a thousand gifts of Rosie with John and Sherlock. Laugh at Sherlock calling Mycroft “Bro”. Start an intelligent, calm conversation with the media and creators. DON’T TEAR THIS AMAZING FANDOM APART WITH ANGER, GREIF AND HATE.

One thing about the new trailer’s screencap...

Guys, please: stop saying Loo is a liar, stop right now. She confirmed here those were both her hands - which is what I thought before her tweet, but I’m not judging who thought it weren’t at first: they’re in a strange position and the lights don’t help too, maybe. But… if you pay enough attention, and zoom in the picture as well, you can see a bit of her jumper’s sleeve. Sooo it’s both Loo’s hands. There is no conspiration, the truth is simple and you can see it!

(To all the people pointing out the bracelet: I obviously meant UNDER the bracelet and under the black hair tie… I own the screen accurate jumper so I know how the sleeves look like.)

The Common Cold; Sherlock x Reader

Requested by two anons:

Hi, I’m going to be going into surgery in three days. I was hoping that yo could post a story before I go in, if you need inspiration I think that a one-shot about Sherlock stopping doing drugs because of the reader would be really cute! Thank you!!

Hello! I have been reading your wonderful writing all day! I was wondering if you could make a Sherlock X Reader shot, where reader is feeling very under the weather, and John is away, but secretly Sherlock is ecstatic to be alone with reader. He becomes very helpful towards her and eventually plucks up courage to lay down with her and talk about his feelings for her. They have a lovely snuggle, but unfortunately they fall asleep together and wake up to a very teas-y and happy John. THANK YOU!

Sorry that this isn’t my best!

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reminder @ everyone not to listen to people who go out of their way to tell you that something important to you “doesn’t matter” and/or “is never going to happen.” there is nothing wrong with being passionate about something and for some reason with that there are always people who feel the need to act as though They Know Better and that the things you hope for wont come to fruition, as if because of the fact that they think that that you should stop caring.

disregard this. your feelings matter, your interests matter, and the things you hope for matter. you have as much right as anyone to hope for something and believe in the possibility of it.

man ok but seriously

@ people who have ace friends (especially allo people)

you really have to stop policing the jokes we make. like if we make a sexual joke there is absolutely no need for you to say stuff like “But I thought you were ace?” or “Dude you’re ace shut up”

Like no shit sherlock, of course we know that. Doesn’t mean we can’t make jokes about sex. It’s not like we’re looking at someone and saying “oh wow I am very sexually attracted to this person” we are making stupid jokes about dicks like fucking calm down

I need to stop

How many times have a i posted about the Sherlock parody? I dunno, Hilly and Hannah are killing me! I swear, girls, I will come and HELP you edit it!!! I AM READY FOR THIS PARODY!!!!!!

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I seriously need to stop freaking out! But i can’t help it! I LOVE THESE GIRLS SO MUCH <3 much love, all the love