need to stop lifting those weights


A favorite inner thigh combo from the #fitandthick workout subscription:
- 20 closed leg glute bridges*
- 15 right inner thigh lifts**
- 15 left inner thigh lifts**

*to fully contract the glutes, as you do with traditional glute bridges, your knees separate as you lift up. For this variation of glute bridge, you DONT want to reach full range of motion with your glutes! When you feel like you need to seperate your knees in order to lift higher, stop there and squeeze the inner thighs together as hard as you can for a beat before lowering back down. The goal here is to NEVER let the knees separate!

**this is a great alternative for the adductor machine for those of you who workout at home or whose gym doesn’t have that machine. Place the dumbbell on the inner thigh and let the leg lift it! You need to secure it there with your hand but be sure that you’re not lifting it with your arm. You can also add ankle weights to this workout for a MUCH more intense modification!


Do you want your butt to be bigger or just tighter and more shapely? If you are going for bigger you need to stop doing regular squats and lunges (those exercises will tone your glutes but not really give you a noticeable increase in size)… instead add weight. As much as you can physically handle for maybe 8 to 12 reps.
These weighted bridges target the glutes and are easier on the knees than squats. You can use a curl bar like I have here or even just put a weight on your lap. Keep your feet parallel and try to pin them to the floor as you lift and squeeze your glutes up.
Adding this kind of exercise to your workout will give you the bubble butt of your dreams. Just remember… high weight, low reps! (at Planet Fitness - Philadelphia (Fishtown), PA)

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It’s a relief once you stop feeling like you need a big group of friends and you’re happy to have one or two people you’re really close with. It’s like a weight is lifted once you realize it’s not worth it to say you have “a lot of friends” when 98% of them are superficial and you don’t actually like them. You have those other good friends you hang out with now and then, but you recognize there’s 1-3 people you like to see frequently. No longer do you have to suffer through so-and-so’s self centered attitude, listen to the drama of that one couple, or tolerate the overall shitty vibe of the group. Not that you didn’t have fun moments with them at the time, and some memories will still make you laugh or smile. It’s just now you no longer need this group when you want to go out Friday night and you don’t need to invite them to your birthday to feel like you’re cool, cause you don’t need a million people to celebrate with. You’ve come into your own and you’re confident about who you are and only need the small number of people that have consistently been your friend. 

This is my mom. This woman has done marathons, has gone to law school, and has delivered two children. She works now as a high school teacher. Recently, some male students told her she looked like a man. Why?

Because she lifts heavy weights. She does sets at the gym that people half her age can’t manage. My mom is strong.

Today, she told admitted she didn’t like her arms after those comments. She told me she had been trying to slim down. I was appalled. My mom is perfect and beautiful the way she is. She doesn’t need to change a thing. All she has to do is to stop listening to comments from teenage boys who can’t lift half of what she can.