need to stop holding onto it


Hold onto this: here’s a one-sheet for numbers you can call to make a difference and keep yourself safe

Here are those links again:

-Financial help for trans* people who need gender-appropriate documents:
-Volunteer as a Planned Parenthood escort:
-Attend training program for women who wish to run for office:
-Get help paying for an abortion:
-Check local state rules about audio recording police:
-Download the ACLU Mobile Justice app:
-Monitor police stop and frisk in NYC:

Read more about how to call your congressional representative here.

i love the itty bitty part of the klance part of the voltron fandom where keith isn’t good at all the things because usually in fanfics/fanart people make keith good at everything and lance is the clumsy one or some shit. so when i see fanart/fanfics of keith where he sucks at a thing and/or needs to hold onto lance, who is good at the thing, for support,,, my heart,,,, just stops ?????

GUYS GUYS do you still remember that time

when humanity’s current strongest

butted heads with the underground’s strongest

and fucking eruwin just suddenly swoops down in a 90-degree angle from the damn sky and gets in between them like nobody’s damn business

AND THAT SLO-MOSHUN REVEAL OF HIS HANDSOME SOFT-AS-A-BABY’S-BUTT FACE (also erwin u needed to scissor your blades to block levi’s tiny dagger stop showing off to your future husband already)

istg we’re seeing this scene unfold in levi’s eyes and time just slowed tf down when ambercrombie&fitch blondie hit him with the sexy eyes

exhibit 6: that moment levi knew he’s fucked in more ways than one

erwin’s 9/10 combat skills is on par with levi dafuq look at that, he’s holding on to him and levi’s holding onto him as well fffff and what is this metaphor of knives and blades and fencing im screaming

this beats any shoujo-manga first meetings tbh

16121x fansign

(post it) to. seungcheol
seungcheol-ah, people around me have called me pathetic because i like idols when i’m this old. they tell me to get a hold of myself very often… i’ve already said that my happiness is here (with svt) but i’d be lying if i wasn’t sad. i need some words of comfort.

s.coups: i don’t think it’s any of their business! sorry fan’s mother. what can you do about something you like…

(he was writing something then stopped)
sc: i almost cursed
fan: it’s ok if you do!
sc: it’s not something those people should worry about
fan: including my mother
sc: (surprised) no no sorry no sorry to your mother
(when moving onto the next member)
sc: noona, don’t worry about them and be a fan! except for your mother!

source: B.D!
translation by mountean (and some help from @tookorean)

Comparing Hand Size (BTS)

“Hello~can you do a bts reaction to their gf comparing how small her hand is to theirs, thank you🙈”

(gif credits to the original owners)


Rap Monster:
He’d gasp as he examined the size of your hand. When he placed his hand in yours, it felt as if you were so delicate. He’d carefully weave his fingers into yours, embracing the moment in which he could hold your hands for longer than need me. He’d mutter how cute it was with that dorky smile of his, but you’d have to remind him that his hands make everyone’s look small.

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(this is where we found out how in love livvi is with joon’s hands and him)

He’d chuckle a little, squeezing your lil’ hands in his. He’d play with them, almost childishly, and swing them all around. You laughing would break him out of his trance as he stopped examining your hands, focussing back onto you. He’d peck your nose and mumble that he loves your hands. Well, he’ll admit to loving all of you - no shame in being greasy.

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(highkey LOve Jin’s hands. even tho he said he’d rather have jimin’s)

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December 16, 1991 (Tony Stark x reader)

Not a request, just my sick mind at play.

“Sergeant Barnes?”

Tony closed his eyes and grimaced, knowing exactly what was happening on the screen in front of him, having had seen this scene replayed at least a hundred times now.  He wasn’t sure why he had made sure to take it from the base in Siberia, and really wasn’t sure why it had become a part of his daily life to watch it at any given point in his day, but he only knew that he couldn’t stop.  It was like some masochistic addiction that his mind wouldn’t allow him reprieve from, filling a need within himself that could never be satiated.

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  • Me: Jungkook I- I need to go. Just please stop holding onto me. I need to leave you right now because staying with you will only cause trouble
  • Me: *caresses his face* just know that I will always love you
  • Mom: *from kitchen* ARE U TALKING TO YOUR POSTERS AGAIN?!
  • Me: ...
  • Jungkook poster: ...
  • Yoongi poster: ...
  • Me: yoongi! I-I didn't mean for you to hear it! I swear it means nothing!
  • Yoongi poster: ...

I am going to make this perfectly clear: Kate Mckinnon is entitled to date whomever she wants, whenever she wants, however she wants. You are her fans. She does not owe you anything but gratitude for being beside her and supporting her, and she relies on those things. But by tearing down her choices in women and degrading them to her face, you are not being the fans Kate loves. You are being cruel, insensitive and rude. Whoever Kate loves is obviously a wonderful person and you need to accept that. I am tired of seeing the hate people spew and the clear invasion of privacy that Kate holds so dear to her heart. Please, stop spreading the abhor you possess onto the woman who deserves nothing but your love, and respect her. Respect her friends, respect the people she loves. 

OTP Questions- First Kiss Edition

Which one initiates the first kiss?

How does the other one react? Do they freeze in shock? Do they immediately return the kiss? Do they faint?

What kind of kiss is it? Is it frantic, desperate, trying to hold onto a moment they know will end soon? Is it soft, uncertain? Are they moving slowly, trying to learn every sensation that comes from kissing one another?

Who breaks the kiss first?

Why do they pull away? Do they need to stop to breathe? Are they still unsure of what’s happening? Does reality crash in on them, as they realize that, for this reason or that, this CAN’T HAPPEN?

Is it immediately followed by a second kiss?

Who walks away first?


I JUST. I LEGIT CAN’T. It’s like every time Killian Jones kisses Emma Swan’s hands angels sing, babies are born, hearts are healed, rainbows appear, unicorns become real. It’s all a beautiful, wonderful world when that happens. 

The hand he once held believing would go home with her but she locked him up out of fear is now the hand he can’t stop kissing. The hand that’s guided him towards heroism, kindness, nobility. The hand that’s shown him he needs to be better. The hand that’s graced his cheek when he’s been broken. And the fact that Emma will occasionally hold onto his hook is just as important because no one has loved Captain Hook. No one’s adored him. No one’s accepted him as everything that he is: brave, noble, and completely amazing. And Emma Swan does that. 

(Spoilers for the new chapter)

Don’t think about Kunikida still alone just kneeling in that tunnel screaming until his voice gives out.

Don’t imagine Kunikida long afterwards, frantically digging through the rubble, hands raw and bleeding while disregarding his other injuries from the explosion.

Don’t imagine Kunikida barely able to see through his tears and grasping at the child’s hand and holding onto it like a life line as he tries to remember how to breathe.

Don’t imagine Kunikida after all is said and done going to Dazai in the hospital and sitting next to his partner willing him to open his eyes because he needs someone there for him since his teacher is dying, he killed innocent children, and his hands won’t stop shaking and his brain can’t seem to focus on anything and the lights are all a little too bright for the headache that shakes him to the core with each pulse of pain.

Just don’t imagine Kunikida needing Dazai to lean on and help him because he’s so young and can’t do this on his own and any room without him there seems too empty.

Don’t do it.

BTSxReader: Miss Right

Text in between some screenshots

PART 3 <<                                                              >>PART 5 

The bell rung in your ears, letting everyone know it was lunch break. Students shuffling with their books and chairs, hurrying to arrive at the cafeteria before there would be a long queue. Sighing, you walked out of the classroom, with your shoulder bag. The number of books and material in that sack of a bag, almost dislocated your shoulder.

“I really need to get a locker..damn…” You wondered, holding onto the bag’s straps.

Walking further out in the hallway, you never stopped admiring the architecting that was made for this school. Big windows along the hallway, exposing the sun and students. Most classrooms were made out of glass, than bricks. This place, was not for anyone with secrets. Walking along the wide hallway, your eye caught onto something. Golden locks and brown eyes, with a smile so warm it could burn. That’s right, Wonho was only a few feet away from you. Starring upon his perfection, his uniform looked way too casual than what it was supposed to. He was standing with someone, not just anyone, but Mina. Her light brown wavy hair, that was pushed behind her ear to show off, the perfect skin she was blessed with. The two students, you knew were too good. A-students were idealised on this school everyone strived to be around, or be them. They were practically idols, but without the actual job. Snapping out of your thoughts, you knew it was time to make a move. Not for your own sake, or so you believed in. Mr. Unknown had been making you practice for a few days in talking to your crush and believed, it was now time to go for the bait.

“Right, I can do this!” You cheered for yourself.

Letting your hand slide down in your pocket, you clutched onto your phone. It was like Mr. Unknown said, holding hands, even though he wasn’t there. Oddly enough, for someone you haven’t even met, you trusted him. Even for his ‘spiritual’ self, he seemed convincing. You didn’t have that many friends either, so just one person you could text every day, was a nice thing happening. Taking in deep breaths and courage, more people gathered around the two A-students.

“It has to be now Y/N.” You whispered, clutching harder to the phone. If this was Mr. Unknown hands, you had to go to the infirmary with him afterwards.

Heavy steps and back, you were finally in front of Wonho. People talking turning into a muffling, as his dazzling smile was pointed at you.

“Hello?” He spoke, with a voice so angelic it made your ears orgasm. His facial features created by god and his eyes by the devil, it made you speechless. He was, perfection. His eyes turning to doubt, and his smile faltering. Unsure what is going on, you realised it was just him waiting for a response. Panicking over what to say, the crowd around him started noticing the shadow in front of Wonho.

“Hey, who’s this?” a female voice spoke and another following along with the same phrase.

Stuttering and on the edge of fainting, you cursed yourself. Wonho didn’t seem to understand what was going on and neither did you help him on the way, by turning your body towards Mina. Her face just as puzzled like Wonho, your only word that managed to escape;

“M-M-Mr. Unknown…” You stuttered having your cheeks burn from the scene, your eyes twenty times bigger. Mina’s smile grew larger, but it wasn’t the kind of smile that would assure you a great spot, because all you did, was make them uncomfortable. Facepalming, you retreated from the group by walking away. Furious steps towards the women’s bathroom, locking yourself in the women stall. Seated on the toilet, you threw your bag against the door. Face into your right palm and trying not to scream, convincing yourself why you shouldn’t leave this bathroom for the rest of the day.

“’Mr. Unknown’ is that really the best you can do Y/N??” You whispered to yourself, feeling the embarrassment cover you like a blanket. Heated cheeks that didn’t seem to go away the next hour, you decided to skip next class.

“Great, my reputation was unknown. Now I’m the ‘weird girl who talks nonsense’” You sighed, feeling a buzzing in your left hand. Taking it out, it was your phone getting messages from Mr. Unknown. Even for the thing that happened, you really didn’t let go of your phone. Chuckling to yourself, if your phone was the actual Mr. Unknown, he would be shocked to be dragged into the women’s bathroom.

Teach Me To Love: Part Two

hehehehe, A second part! Really do hope you loooved the first part! because there is a link right there for ya!

Part One

“How did a scolding become a date?” Aaron asked from the doorway of his sister’s office.

Marinette laughed, moving a stack of sketchbooks off her desk and onto the floor; trying to reorganize the room. “When your science teacher is cute and he asks me out? Does that bother you?”

The teenager shrugged, walking forward and helped folded the material that had been thrown everywhere. “No, not really. I’m happy if your happy…”

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Drunk s/o (Damian Wayne headcanon)

Requested: Yes
Request:  Damian dealing with a drunk s/o headcanon

  • You’d totally call him all drunk wanting to get home
  • He would be annoyed if not angry
  • Especially if he’s on patrol
  • “Beloved, wait there, I’ll come get you.”
  • He would be rolling his eyes at your slurred speech
  • He would somehow manage to drag you in to his car
  • In between you trying to feel him up
  • and almost tripping everywhere
  • He would stop as often as you got car sick
  • He knows you most likely won’t remember anything 
  • Trying to get you out of your clothes and into sleepwear is the WORST™
  • You won’t stop moving and getting distracted
  • When you need to throw up he would hold your hair and rub your back
  • Tries to wash your hair of all the gunk in it
  • Ends up being convinced to join you in the shower
  • Putting water and Aspirin on the bedside table
  • Will hold onto you tight when going to sleep so you won’t roll onto your back and suffocate 
  • In the morning he would give you a speech about irresponsible drinking
  • With pictures and case reports
  • Making you feel the need to throw up
  • He would have the smirk™
  • You know, the one he has when he’s succeeded in something


With love,

The Words Were Nearly Over Us

A/N: This is a sequel to Shaking Hands With The Dark Parts of My Thoughts.

Y/N sat on her bed, staring off into space and trying to calm the shaking of her hands and the hitch in her inhale, but no amount of closed eyes and breathing exercise seemed to shake the creeping fog that lurked.

She tried to remember what Jay had told her.

She had friends.

Friends who cared about her.

She had him.

He cared about her.

But right now the radio silence lent its static to her heart and mind.

She shivered even though it wasn’t cold.

Music. Need Music.

It’ll make it stop. Oh god, anything to make it stop.

“I know that look.” Jason said softly, standing in the doorway. “You wanna talk about it?”

His kind words broke the dam holding back all the pent up pain and frustration she didn’t even know she was repressing. Before the first tear could drop onto the blanket, Jason was there wrapping his arms around her

“I can’t. I can’t. I tried, but I can’t.” Y/N sobbed.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to do it alone. I’m right here.” He crooned gently in her ear as he rocked her back and forth.

“I don’t like to feel this way. It hurts so bad, but it comes and it takes and destroys and I cannot tell anybody because they don’t need to deal with my problems when they have their own and I just want someone to help but I cannot even ask them for it.” Y/N rambled

“You can tell me anything, doll. All you gotta do is reach out. I’ll help you the best I can.” Jason continued rocking her back and forth until her breathing grew calm and the shaking stopped.

“I just feel really guilty for breaking like this. I’m weak and clingy and lonely and untalented and-”

“Hey, now. You aren’t weak. You just put too much pressure on yourself. As far as clingy goes, there is nothing wrong with that. You just need a little more love. You are lonely because you aren’t getting the affection you need. And you are one of the most talented people I know.” Jason comforted, playing with her hair.

“Oh, yeah? Name one thing I am good at?” Y/N sniffled miserably.

“Well, for starters, you are a saint for putting up with me.” Jason joked. “You are loving, and patient, and kind, and you smell really nice, and you are really smart, and you have a really nice voice-”

“Jay, my singing sucks.” Y/N said, twisting in his arms to look him in the eyes.

“Not to me it doesn’t.” Jason said as he cradled her face in his hands “Your eyes are really pretty. And they are looking a lot clearer now. How are you feeling?”

Y/N laid her head on his chest and thought for a moment. “I think I’m okay now. I think I just want you to hold me.“ Y/N said in a small voice.

Jason smiled and kissed her on the top of her head. “I’ll hold you for as long as you need me to.”

Here for You ~ Peter Maximoff imagine

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Ooh maybe a request for Peter Maximoff where he tells her that Magneto is his father? And she tells him what to do comforts him. Thanks!! Xoxox


None. :)

~Here for You~

It was a quiet night in for you; you were sat up in your room watching tv when you received a text from your boyfriend, Peter Maximoff.

The text read:

“I need to talk to you. I’m coming to get you.”

You quickly jumped out of bed and looked down at your pajamas. But before you could even think about changing, you felt something grab you, a rush of air, and then a sudden stop. You then found yourself in Peter’s room while also being held in his arms. 

“God, Peter! You gotta warn me before you do that!” You groaned, holding onto him for balance as he set you down.

“I did. I sent you a text,” he said, giving you a smile.

“Okay, but what if I was in my underwear?” You retorted, placing your hands on your hips.

“That would have been awesome,” he winked, taking off his goggles. You playfully smacked him on the shoulder in response.

“Alright, what did you need to talk about?” You asked, sitting down on the sofa.

His smile then faded. He took a seat next to you and let out a slow breath. He rested his elbows on his knees and started wringing his hands.

“He’s my dad…” He finally spoke, keeping his eyes to the ground.

“What? What are you talking about? Who’s your dad?”

“Magneto… His name is Erik,” he answered, turning to face you.

“That guy on the news?!” You furrowed your eyebrows.

He nodded slowly, gluing his eyes to the ground again.

You turned away, searching your mind for what to say next.

“I don’t know what to do, (Y/N),” Peter then stood up and began pacing.

“He’s my dad, and he should want to see me, right? I mean, I doubt he even knows I exist, but…” He ran his fingers through his hair.

“I don’t know what to do,” he repeated.

You bit your lip; it was difficult to see Peter like this. He was always so happy and cracking jokes every chance he got, but now…

You and Peter have been dating for a while, but you had been best friends longer. You both knew everything there was to know about each other.

“Babe, I-” you began, walking over to Peter. You turned him around and pulled him into a hug. He buried his face into your neck as you held him.

“You should go find him,” you murmured, breaking the silence that lingered.

“But what if he doesn’t want to see me? What if-”

“Peter, you’ll never know if you don’t try! What if he’s looking for you? You don’t know! You have to take matters into your own hands or nothing will happen,” you ended, placing your hands on his shoulders so that he was looking you in the eye.

He was quiet for a few seconds. “You’re right,”

He walked over to the couch and picked up his wallet, pulling out an old, crumpled card.

You followed and looked over his shoulder. The card was to a school: Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

“He’s gotta be there, or, at least, someone there knows where he is, right?” he looked over at you, searching your expression for an answer.

“It’s worth a shot,” you said, resting your head on his shoulder.

You watched as a smile formed on his face. He laid down on the sofa, pulling you on top of him.

“What would I do without you?” He smirked, wrapping his arms around you.

“You don’t have to worry about that. I’m always gonna be here,” you smiled, gazing into his eyes.

“You’re so cheesy, babe,” he teased, planting a kiss on your lips.

“Shut up, Maximoff,” you scowled playfully.

He grinned. “I love you,” he said softly, moving hair away from your face.

“I love you too, Peter.”

~The End~
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april is sunkissed mornings lying in bed, mama making toast, combing out my hair, talking to me (what do you want for breakfast?). the kind of softness that only comes when i seek it out. this month snuck in through the open windows, the nights are growing short so i stop waiting for the light to come back – don’t need to worry about stray shadows reaching into me. for a couple of days i stop giving a fuck; laugh loudly & hold onto happiness with two hands. but then it leaves and i am crying again, some days I feel like I’m always crying. always tired & weepy & trying too-hard, oh-so-hard to pull myself together; being present is harder than it looks, I space out more than I want to, write shitty poetry in classes that feel impossibly long. the days are yawning & stretching, tugging at leafy trees & enjoying the warmth of summer. but I am yearning for darkness and rain that makes me think, “the sky is crying,” because nature understands me more than mama does. nature makes me think it’s okay to feel like this. I don’t know how to be happy for longer than an hour but mama hugs me for five minutes and I’m already feeling better. once I interrupt a conversation to ask if we’re friends – there’s this gnawing feeling that I’m forgetting something and I keep thinking when I wake up this will all be gone. but my friends, they are not perfect and I know this like x + y = 1 and I love them for all their messy burgeoning hearts. mama approves of all my decisions, bad and good, so maybe it’ll be okay? I just want to be okay. but this month is determined to sweep me off my feet. so I laugh & I cry & I find reasons to get up in the morning.
—  april & sunkissed mornings by rachana hegde
A Guy Like You

Right, so… I post this to test the water… to see how this morbid AU idea has any takers.

Now, before you embark on the journey into the world of surgical equipment, consider this.

Moana/Maui Modern AU.
Her heart nearly stopped when the figure wrapped in green surgical scrubs spun around. “I was just.. uh, come to give you this,” she said. Electric bolt traveled up her spine as their hand grazed each other. An unwelcome rush of blood settled on her cheek. This is too much! Her mind screamed, if she stayed in the room any longer, she might need to be resuscitated. “Mo? Are you going to keep holding onto that urine sample?”

To read in FF net

To read in Ao3

Let me know what you think, and wheter or not it’s worth continuing :-)

Now imagine Maui holding a scalpel and Moana holding a forceps XD XD XD

Beneath the Waves (Part 1)

A Mermaid!Snowbaz AU! This is a joint collaboration with @ismill, she’s done the AMAZING illustrations for the story which you can find at the end of each chapter! 



I felt the waves moving and crashing around me like a lullaby. It rushed in my ears, filling my insides and comforting me. It wrapped around my arms and slipped through my veins like blood.

I smiled, my eyes closed as I let the current play with me for a bit, twisting my tail about like the ocean wanted to dance with me. It was a pulse, a heartbeat I could hear pounding all around.

Words were useless, in my opinion, when you had water. Water didn’t need words, but people understood it better than they understood themselves. It’s so beautiful, if people just stopped to look.

I was deep down underneath the surface, far deeper than I dared bring Penny. Sometimes she insisted on being escorted though the waters, holding onto my fin, even when it was cold, but it was much too cold for a land dweller. It was frigid, the dark water capable of turning Penny’s blood into icy sludge.

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