need to stop being perfect

Things that are normal

And you need to stop feeling ashamed of: • being hairy • having boobs that don’t look like perfect round porn boobs • having no boobs! • stretch marks • curves in the “wrong place” • wobbly bits • cellulite • dark circles under your eyes • “big pores” • “uneven skin tone” • anything your body does naturally that isn’t an indicator of a health problem and that society wants you to change for the male gaze

Renamed Musicals
  • The Last Five Years: We were happy for ten minutes
  • Bring It On: just like the movies but better because Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • Dogfight: All My Friends Are Dead by: Eddie Birdlace
  • American Psycho: Benjamin Walker's abs ft. Jennifer Damiano
  • Spring Awakening: horny German teenagers make me cry thirty times
  • Gypsy: Broadway dance moms
  • In the Heights: remember Lin Manuel Miranda before Hamilton?
  • Jersey Boys: we're all shitty people but at least we're shitty people who can sing
  • How to Succeed in Business: life is good if you can lie
  • Matilda: Carrie Jr.
  • Daddy Long Legs: haha she said "daddy"
  • Children of Eden: the bible ft. belting
  • Tick, Tick...Boom: Remember Jonathan Larson before Rent?
  • Urinetown: urine jokes and Hunter Foster
  • A Chorus Line: we're all suffering so we cover up our emotions with dancing
  • Newsies: hot gay teenage boys stomp a lot
  • The Book of Mormon: we're all suffering so we cover up our emotions with religion
  • Footloose: let hiM BE A DANCER!!!1!!
  • Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown: crazy women take lots of Valium
  • Next to Normal: crazy woman takes a lots of Valium
  • Avenue Q: ruining your childhood one song at a time
  • Bullets Over Broadway: Zach Braff can sing?
  • If/Then: Elphaba marries Roger
  • Parade: JRB can't write anything happy
  • Honeymoon in Vegas: JRB finally writes something happy
  • Ragtime: everyone's a little bit racist but it's okay because it's 1910
  • The Full Monty: suicide and strippers
  • Jekyll and Hyde: Frank Wildhorn needs to chill
  • Wonderland: Frank Wildhorn really needs to chill
  • Bonnie and Clyde: Frank Wildhorn finally finds his chill
  • Catch Me if You Can: Aaron Tveit ignores his feelings with jazz numbers
  • Merrily We Roll Along: we were all happy for like ten minutes
  • Cats: what?
  • Spelling Bee: guy from Modern Family ft. erection song
  • [title of show]: what musical theatre majors go through after college
  • Calvin Berger: Cyrano with horny teenagers
  • Legally Blonde: Laura Bell Bundy can belt my face off
  • Little Women: Jo isn't straight but alright whatever
  • Assassins: kill a president and all your problems will be solved
  • Clinton the Musical: the best thing to come out of Broadway in 50 years
  • Carrie: Matilda with murder
  • Rent: we're all dead inside but it's alright
  • Jasper in Deadland: we're all dead inside but it's not alright
  • Falsettos: family is important ft. the guy from into the woods
  • Company: love is stupid and so are all of you
  • Evening Primrose: literally wh a t the fuck
  • The Frogs: literALLY WH A T THE FUCK
  • School of Rock: these kids have more talent in their left pinkies than you ever will
  • The Addams Family: she's being pulled in a new direction
  • Aladdin: seriously SO much better than the movie
  • Bare: horny American teenagers make me cry thirty times
  • Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson: everyone hates Andrew Jackson boo hoo
  • The Bridges of Madison County: Kelli O'Hara needs to stop being perfect immediately
  • Finding Neverland: somebody wrote fanfiction about J.M. Barrie
  • Fun Home: you're gonna cry a lot
  • Heathers: literally fuckin chill
  • Hamilton: literally fuckin chill (reprise)
  • Love's Labour's Lost: horny college students are horny college students
  • Meet John Doe: Heidi Blickenstaff can belt my face off
  • Pippin: sad gay circus boy
  • Shrek: everyone makes fun of this musical but it's seriously amazing????
  • Something Rotten: 16th century fanfiction
  • Tuck Everlasting: become best friends with your kidnappers
  • Waitress: Deep Dish Blueberry Pie
  • Sweeney Todd: Deep Shit Blueberry Pie
  • West Side Story: MARIA!
  • Zombie Prom: lol why

A reminder

Four months ago, we were graced with the masterpiece that was
Double Black episode

(BOM) Mcpricely headcanons

I’m new to this fandom

-When Kevin believes in something, he believes it 110%
-Because of this, his list of beliefs usually is composed of two things only
-And himself
-After the whole Uganda thing, that list has been scrapped whole-heartedly
-He still believes in God, sure
-(If… A little less?)
-His self-belief however has hit rock bottom and has started to dig
-He hangs out a lot with Connor McKinley
-Connor’s general optimistic outlook about life is infectious
-And Kevin could really use some ‘general optimistic outlook’ right now
-They call each other by their first names at Connor’s insistence
-Connor teaches him how to garden as a sort of stress-relief
-He’s has gotten to be pretty great at it after months of practice
-He expects Kevin to need as much time
-Maybe more
-Instead, Kevin masters it in a day
-In fact he masters everything Connor shows him in a day
-From planting to first aid to cooking to whittling to
- 'Kevin, is there anything you can’t do’
'Not be the best’
-Although Kevin masters everything, Connor still can’t help but notice he seems as stressed as ever
-One day he suggests maybe they just take the day off and relax?
-Kevin frEakS
- 'nO we need to do something new!! Show me something new!!’
-Connor alters his suggestion into a demand
- 'You are taking the day off, period’
-They spend all day just chilling out under a tree with the excuse 'Connor isn’t feeling well and I’m here to help’
-They quote the Book of Arnold and see who can whistle the funniest tune
-Kevin takes it way too seriously at first
-But when he sees how laid-back Connor is, he also starts relaxing
-To the point where he accidentally falls asleep on Connor’s shoulder
-He hasn’t slept a full night in months and couldn’t help himself
-Connor doesn’t move him
-He just sits there screaming at himself to tuRN IT OFF FOR HEAVENLY FATHER’S SAKE
-Connor can actually be super snarky at times
-Like he and Kevin will just be hanging out and then he’ll mutter the most savage remark imaginable and Kevin will be like coNNOR
-He also swears when annoyed
-Kevin is… a little more restrained
-Connor cannot forgive Kevin for pouring the milk in before the cereal
-Kevin cannot forgive Connor for admitting he doesn’t mind pineapple pizza
-The first time Connor calls Kevin 'Kev’, Kevin dies a little inside
-He tries to return the favor and call Connor 'Con’, but it feels so weird and unnatural and he just can’t okay
-Connor doesn’t mind but Kevin still feels stupid
-Connor’s given him the cutest nickname™ and he can’t even return the favor
-He finally makes it up to him almost a year later
- 'Connor, remember how you called me Kev for the first time last year?’
'And I said why and you said because it was just something you wanted to do’
'Well, here’s something I wanted to do’
(insert kiss)
-M c P r i c e l y !!!

Jealous? You Shouldn’t Be

Title: Jealous? You Shouldn’t Be (Persephone P5)
Summary: Crowley has something up his sleeve to defeat Amara as well as Lucifer!Cas.
Words: 2,133
Author’s Note: Caught up to the story line. And now we wait. (I’m also toying with doing an alt ending because it would take the story in another direction. But I’m not sure)

Prologue, Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 6, Part 7, Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11

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Sometimes, when we kiss, I keep my eyes open. I know it’s impolite. It started when i was in high school, the first boy - the one who tasted like peach vitamin water and sweat - he kissed me as though I was made of tears and he had never seen the sea before. I was scared he would look at me, scared that if he opened his eyes, I would turn into a pillar of salt, so I peeked of make sure he didn’t. First one eye and then the other, our mouths a tightrope, my eyes a set of cheeky clowns trying not to fall. I had never seen another person so up-close before. Things happen to God’s perfect aesthetic. Noses are mountain slopes, cheeks are fields, lips gape and pull, morph and stretch, we are no longer faces, we are landscapes. I was not kissing a boy, I was kissing America. And America tasted like peach vitamin water and sweat.
—  Sarah Kay - “Open”

anonymous asked:

Ok so I know that right now everybody's fainting over Chen, but can we talk abt how xiumin's teaser photos were so beautiful and he is an ethereal being like I don't think I've ever seen something as pretty as that. Nothing will be able to compare. His beauty and charm had robbed me of everything and killed me but it also save me and gave me life. Like can he stop being such a bias wrecker??? He needs to stop being so perfect or Exo-l's gon be ded by the time the mv drops. I know I am.

the s in minseok doesnt stand for stop it stands for sexy anon sadly he’ll never stop but is that really sad?