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Any advice/tips for a witch that's just starting out? Like maybe where to buy crystals or what herbs are for what? (I'm sorry I sound like such an amateur, I really am just starting out)

Sure! You can honestly get a lot at the dollar store and Walmart, general supply wise. Tons of candles, incense, cheap jars, spices, etc for hella cheap! You don’t need *imho* to get super expensive “proper” supplies…like, nobody got the time or the money for that. 

Crystals are a bit harder depending on where you live. I’m near some bigger cities so we have naturopathic and psychic shops around. If you don’t, some craft/health stores carry some things, but otherwise online is your best bet. Tons of tumblr-run etsy shops have really nice pieces for cheap!

As for herb correspondence, I tend to follow and for guidance. I also do some personal research, but I’m lazy sooo I just google stuff and put it in my notes for later ;-D

Do what makes you feel your best and enjoy the journey! Asking questions is never *really* frowned upon. Unless it’s a dumb question, but this isn’t so you gucci.

Craft on, little dumpling, craft on. <3

Sweet Speech Lip Balm

All of us have times when we could use a little boost to our speaking abilities. This recipe is designed to created a sort of portable spell that can be used whenever you feel the need for some honeyed words.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 part beeswax
  • 2 parts cocoa butter
  • 2 parts sweet almond oil
  • ¼ part raw honey
  • skin safe mint essential oil (roughly 3 drops to every part beeswax)
  • skin safe ginger essential oil (roughly 1 drop to every part beeswax)
  • A medium sauce pan
  • a glass measuring cup or jar
  • a containers for the lip balm (check craft stores and etsy suppliers for these)
  • Pipettes or a small funnel

How It’s Done:

  1. Put roughly an inch of water in the pan and start warming it over medium heat.
  2. Put the beeswax, cocoa butter, and sweet almond oil in the measuring cup and place it in the sauce pan creating a double boiler. 
  3. Allow the mixture to melt slowly, stirring occasionally.
  4. Once the mixture is almost completely melted add in the honey and stir well until dissolved. As you are stirring say “Oh, how sweet I speak, each word is as honey from my lips.”
  5. Remove the pan from the heat but keep the measuring cup in the water so that the mixture does not re-solidify too quickly.
  6. Stir in the mint oil, clockwise, and as you do say “Oh, how well I speak, each word is clear and will be understood.”
  7. Stir in ginger oil, clockwise, and as you do say “Oh how confidently I speak, each word is strong and potent.”
  8. Quickly transfer the mixture to the containers using the pipettes or funnel. If the mixture starts solidify simply heat it back up a bit and continue filling.
  9. Allow the mixture to settle untouched for several hours to fully set up. If you need to speed this process up you can put everything in the fridge under a cover such as plastic wrap.
  10. Enjoy!

That’s all there is to it folks, enjoy this mixture and use it whenever you feel your speaking powers could use a little boost. 

Feel free to tweak or modify this recipe to suit your needs. I don’t even mind if you write it down in your personal book, just please note where it came from. Also please don’t upload/post this spell anywhere else and claim it as your own.


 Reviving Riot Grrrl Press.

Ok. So I am doing this..RIOT GRRRL PRESS WAS A ZINE DISTRO IN THE 1990S.This is a catalog from 1998. & This is also how I want to run RGP BUT i don’t want it to be women only. I, of course, want to include people who identify as trans & male feminists as well. (I do know a few people from the zine scene back then that this applies to)

So I am going to start building a distro, I’ll work on getting a site made & of course, I need people to send me stuff. I want to do the flat/unstapled master copy thing but i will pay you for postage to send it  to me & for printing your zine for me OR  I will trade stuff with you for copies your zines! (i have plenty of zines,art, pins, stickers to trade…just check out my etsy store: TheEscapistArtist.Etsy.Com) And if you do want to just donate anything that would be great too! I plan to sell zines individually but may also sell them in zine packs (however many issues of a zine that i have will be in a zine pack. My old zine “Veronica Lodge"for example could be in a 6 pack because there were 6 issues!) And there will be zine grab bags as well. I’m also thinking that i could include newer zines in the grab bags just get some of those out there. But the distro will focus on zines from 1990- 2000.
  Right now I’m still in the process of getting organized & i will try to contact the people that said they were interested in submitting zines sometime this week! Any opinions & advice about this will be greatly appreciated!!!! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! Thanks!!! CONTACT ME HERE: MrsNoggle@Yahoo.Com    xoxoxo Jolie Ruin

AN 2015 Con Report

Hi everyone!

I made it back from AN! My whole body hurts and I can barely walk but it’s been an amazing experience. Thank you clockwork-cadaver for sharing a table with me, and of course everyone who came by our table. It’s been a crazy busy weekend that I didn’t even have time to go to the bathroom, let alone walk around and see other stuff in the comic market. :’(

Here are a few photos I managed to snap of our table before all the craziness started!

And here are a few highlights from the con! If you were at AN, you probably saw this giant pikachu, my friend Steven actually made this in TWO NIGHTS without sleep D: crazy right?! He also did an awesome Rokusho from Metabots!

Other awesome cosplays:

Note about Etsy Store:  I need to do a mass restock after AN so my etsy store will be in holiday mode for a bit, I will try to get stuff up ASAP though! 

Again thank you everyone who came by, it was really awesome and fun! ^^


add to cart: hildewintera colademononis AKA monkey tail cactus

i shoveled a stupid amount of snow today so as a reward i hunted down and picked up some of these bad boys from sandcstudio8 on etsy. yay! finding monkey tail cacti cuttings is nearly impossible unless you want to pay an arm and a leg per inch or start ‘em from seed. i had to employ some super cyber sleuthing to get a hold of these. ps: you’ll need to place a custom order since she doesn’t have them listed in her store.  


Just updated my Etsy shop with more of the scientific illustration handkerchiefs. Aside from a couple that I started embroidering and need to finish, this is all I am making, so if you’ve got your eye on one go grab it!

In the next few weeks I’ll be adding the finished embroidered handkerchiefs as well as some recent watercolors as I continue to clear out my supplies and unwanted pieces in an effort to streamline my studio practice and focus on digital work. So stay tuned for updates on that! 

Link to my Etsy shop here! 

Pastel Sweaters

‘Tis the season for sweaters! And what’s better than a pastel sweater here at Kawaii Finds?! Normally I’d be telling everyone to go thrift shopping, but now that I’ve moved somewhere that has terrible, tiny, smelly, dirty thrift stores (legit, the last one I went to I had to leave after 5 minutes because I got a terrible headache from the combination of B.O. and mothballs), I figured going thrift shopping on Etsy was a bit more feasible…

Of course then I realized I needed to start buying hamster supplies because I’m going to get one soon and I can’t buy new clothes right now, so I’m gonna share with you guys a few of the sweaters I found! I did a search for “pastel sweater” and found these. I’m not gonna post any links (that’s a lot of links!!) but you can just type the title of the item into the search bar on etsy to find it ^^ OR you can go into my favorites list on Etsy and click them there!

I love loove the 4th one and the 7th one!

Literally all of these. Pure gold.

HNNG the first one <333

Of course some are a little overpriced compared to what you’d pay in a thrift store, but these shoppers already found it for you, so keep that in mind ^^