need to start that etsy store

Hello friends! How y’all doing? I don’t normally do this, but I seriously need money, so…

May I present to you my Etsy store, GBShieldCrafts!

As you can probably see, I make DM screens, dice trays and dice/mini boxes of wood! Here are some photos for all you lovely folk!

The full set! (Those are mine. Thing is, I started doing this cause I wanted them but didn’t have the money to buy) They are super duper, and the group I DM lost their minds when I fist presented the set. ALSO THEY ARE LIGHT AND WORK PERFECTLY!

Here’s one of the screen being used. As you can see, you can easily pin things to the inside of it, as it was made for that!

Here’s a close up of the box. I love this clasp, cause I have a ton of dice, even metal dice inside that and it doesn’t open with the weight. Also. The dragon.

Here’s the tray. Pardon the Critical Role logo hehe. It’s the same wood as the box, and could handle burned images on the sides. 


So, guys, please take a look at the store! And please reblog this? Thanks guys!


So since my last post regarding my store I’ve gotten 50 views, three favorites but 0 orders. I’ve applied for 7 different jobs at different places and haven’t gotten any responses back so I really really REALLY need to start getting paying customers soon.

The prices are still
$5 for rings
$7 for necklaces
$12 for earring and necklace sets

And I have a refurbished 5x5 3 drawer jewelry box that will be listed soon for $15

I can NOT afford to make my prices any lower.

Sweet Speech Lip Balm

All of us have times when we could use a little boost to our speaking abilities. This recipe is designed to created a sort of portable spell that can be used whenever you feel the need for some honeyed words.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 part beeswax
  • 2 parts cocoa butter
  • 2 parts sweet almond oil
  • ¼ part raw honey
  • skin safe mint essential oil (roughly 3 drops to every part beeswax)
  • skin safe ginger essential oil (roughly 1 drop to every part beeswax)
  • A medium sauce pan
  • a glass measuring cup or jar
  • a containers for the lip balm (check craft stores and etsy suppliers for these)
  • Pipettes or a small funnel

How It’s Done:

  1. Put roughly an inch of water in the pan and start warming it over medium heat.
  2. Put the beeswax, cocoa butter, and sweet almond oil in the measuring cup and place it in the sauce pan creating a double boiler. 
  3. Allow the mixture to melt slowly, stirring occasionally.
  4. Once the mixture is almost completely melted add in the honey and stir well until dissolved. As you are stirring say “Oh, how sweet I speak, each word is as honey from my lips.”
  5. Remove the pan from the heat but keep the measuring cup in the water so that the mixture does not re-solidify too quickly.
  6. Stir in the mint oil, clockwise, and as you do say “Oh, how well I speak, each word is clear and will be understood.”
  7. Stir in ginger oil, clockwise, and as you do say “Oh how confidently I speak, each word is strong and potent.”
  8. Quickly transfer the mixture to the containers using the pipettes or funnel. If the mixture starts solidify simply heat it back up a bit and continue filling.
  9. Allow the mixture to settle untouched for several hours to fully set up. If you need to speed this process up you can put everything in the fridge under a cover such as plastic wrap.
  10. Enjoy!

That’s all there is to it folks, enjoy this mixture and use it whenever you feel your speaking powers could use a little boost. 

Feel free to tweak or modify this recipe to suit your needs. I don’t even mind if you write it down in your personal book, just please note where it came from. Also please don’t upload/post this spell anywhere else and claim it as your own.

anonymous asked:

Any tips on making a tailcoat? I've never really made any garments before and when I have they haven't turned out. If you need a picture of exactly what I'm making google pictures of Sebastian from Black Butler

My suggestion would be to use a sewing pattern.

Sewing patterns are little step-by-step guide packages that will help you sew a garment. Commercial patterns come with sizing guides, the types of fabric you could use and how much fabric you need to buy printed on the package. Inside is paper pattern pieces you cut out of the fabric. You then follow the instruction booklet that helps you sew it all together. If you come across terms you don’t understand you can always google the term for an explanation.

If you’ve had trouble sewing in the past and never really made anything before, this would be a good way to start. 

You can look for sewing patterns through the sewing books at your local sewing store. You can also buy them online through sites like amazon (commercial patterns), etsy (vintage patterns / custom patterns) and any of the main commercial pattern sites (vogue, butterick, mccalls, simplicity, burda)

Hope this helps
Duckie / Admin


Who do I talk to in the US to get Diagnosed?? I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression by my family doctor… I keep seeing specialists and all they do is talk to me about my meds…


Do I have to admit myself to a psych center? Do I have to go berserk in order to get attention?! I know I may seem okay on the outside, but on the inside I have multiple people hanging out and getting frustrated that things haven’t changed. We just want someone to believe us and at our wits end trying to figure out who to talk to… please send help…

I’m just so frustrated and scared no one will believe me, but I just want to get diagnosed because it’s REALLY hard for me to work a “normal job” around “normal people”. If we are diagnosed, then we can get government help and be able to work towards the Etsy store idea without being out of work/money while it’s just starting.

Rant over…
Custom Wood D&D Figures by TokensByValerie
Browse unique items from TokensByValerie on Etsy, a global marketplace of handmade, vintage and creative goods.

I started a new Etsy store!

If you guys need tokens for your D&D or other role playing games, I got you covered! I’m using my parents laser engraver to make custom tokens for monsters, heroes, mounts, whatever! 

My commissions are open for making lineart for engraving, basically $25-35 for custom heroes or $15-25 for monsters. Otherwise I can engrave any non-copyrighted black & white drawings of your characters no problem.

Check it out if you are interested, and hit me up if you are thinking of commissioning me! 

I Need Help

I don’t like asking for help, but I need it. So, I’m still looking for work, and I’m sending out resumes and applications every day, but I haven’t gotten anywhere yet. My husband works, and his job takes care of a lot of our bills, but not all of them. Namely, my health insurance and our grocery/gas budget. Plus we’ve had a few emergencies lately, which has stretched us even thinner. Our families have been helping us out for the past month, but we can’t keep asking them to bail us out.

This is what I need:

$310 for my health insurance.

$300 for food/gas (for the whole month, there’s only two of us)

I have an etsy store, but I literally cannot afford my supplies right now. I am willing to do commissions for people, and if I make more than my goal, I’ll put the extra into my supplies so I can start making stickers and buttons again.

My Paypal:

I started to pull together info on all the cons I’d like to go to next year.  This year has been hectic and expensive, and I did a lot more than I should have done.  I really, really need to focus on getting stuff done for my Etsy store, and get moving on eBay, too, to replenish the coffers.  But looking at next year … I didn’t even put MediaWestCon on the list, I realized, and I think I have to face up to the fact there is no way I can swing it and all the other stuff I want to do next year.  I don’t think i can pull off everything on the list, and it looks like I might have more than one con at a time on some weekends!  There are several cons that I would be devastated to miss.

What about my friends?  What cons in 2018 are must-dos for you?  Who else is going to any of the cons I have on my list?


New Endeavours: Jewellery Making

It turns out bending wire and adding beads is actually really fun. Making small pieces that can be worn daily is exciting and after thinking about opening an Etsy shop for some time, I decided that making wearable art (printed shirts, embroidered patches or jewellery, in this case) was the best course of action.

A spool of rose-gold effect, malleable wire from a craft store, leftover beads and some spare aluminium wire from my dad’s shed were all that was needed to make a start at something new. I’m not sure if I actually like what I have made so far but I have certainly learnt from it.

If we ignore the lesson of combining delicate and robust materials helps to create an interesting aesthetic, the most important thing I’ve learnt is that wire-work really hurts your fingers.

lemurianprincess  asked:

Do you summon your spirits or did you come across them at an online shop? If so, may I ask where? I am a spirit companion too, but I don't really like the shop I found my spirit at. I'm looking for other places. Thanks :)

I came across them through some sellers! I’d love to learn how to conjure one day, but maybe later on down the line when I have my own home! (Need that peace, you know?)  Anyway, I would call these sellers reputable, as I’ve always had activity with their spirits/entities, or just have had pleasant experiences with the seller themselves. Some wouldn’t agree with me, but this is my take on them. I’ll be more than happy to link you to them as well!

Blujay76 (Jamie) - I’ve worked with her and her spirits for about four years now! She’s a sweet woman, but is a little slow to reply to emails now and days. I believe there’s some health issues in her family at this moment in time, so that might be the reason why. She’s always willing to help though.

JulesMagickMoon (Jules) - She’s been around for a while and her vessel quality is pretty great, from what I’ve seen! My guardian angels came from her and their vessel is exceptional, I’d say! Prices are kind of steep for my taste but her spirits/entities are very much active!

Citrine Stars (Caron) - I love the energy I’ve sensed from her spirits, and Caron herself is a delight to talk to! She’s always offering support and just comes off as the most caring person! The times I’ve spoken with her, she always responds within a day or two! Prices are fair, I’d say…I would be lying if I said I didn’t have trouble connecting to her spirits at times though, but that’s mostly my fault. (Depression can be a p.o.s sometimes. Not the entity’s fault) :/

Wintermournings - This lady is pretty sweet too, but her store is “away” at the moment. I’m not too sure when she’ll be back. She specializes in Vampires of all kinds! Her customs are priced very well! The thing is though, the vessels they’re in are usually tiny gemstone beads. Considering how present her entities are though, it’s not a bad trade off. You can get better vessels for them anyway later on down the line when you bond with them! (I kind of see it as a great chance to bond and see where their taste lie when it comes to vessel shopping anyway, but I know not everyone is like that.)

Eternus Amici (Jessica) - I personally know the ladies that run the shop and I consider them to be my friends! They’re very knowledgeable with the entities they have. Jessica runs it for the most part, and she responds promptly to the messages received. I know she’s spoken to some people over on Skype, and I think that’s pretty cool for a seller to do that. First time I’ve seen something like that done, anyway. Vessel pricing…it’s costly, I won’t lie. Their entities are very much present though.  I’ve never had a custom done, but they’re relatively reasonable considering the other’s I’ve seen. Jess is pretty nice and understanding! Always willing to answer questions about the entities she has!

Jinandtonics - They’ve been around for a good while, and have a interesting selection to choose from! I’ve been a huge fan of their dragons, and I have a Sea Dragon from them who’s very subtle, but his energy is soothing. Like a gentle breeze on a spring day! I’ve enjoyed his company for the past 3 years now. I’ve never really messaged them with questions, so I don’t know how they are in terms of responding and stuff. They only give you the name of the entity, as they feel like their companion should be the ones to bond with them and get to know their personality. Not a lot of people like that approach, but it’s a good inciter to really bond with your companion! Their customs are priced reasonably well, and their prebounds…well, they’re somewhat pricey to me but hey, that’s just me.  They don’t have sales much, but around December, I believe they have like a 30% - 50% off sale…? Don’t quote me on that though!

Dolphinwing’s Healing -  FB Group (Leisa) - Leisa is the sweetest lady, I’m telling you! She’s a delight and just absolutely oozing with kindness. She hosts events every month that includes reverse adoptions and various auctions for certain spirits that present themselves to her during the event. She’s open to all questions about her spirits/entities and responds in a prompt manner!  She’s currently away on vacation and won’t be back until December 3rd though.

Moonspirit Boutique (Alexendaria) - I’ve been talking to her for maybe a month now? Something along the lines of that, and she’s pleasant as can be! She might come off as a little “strong” for some, but she’s willing to sit down and address any questions you might have in regards to what she does, and the entities she works with! Her customs are reasonable, and she’s very personable. I don’t have any companions from her, but I’ll still vouch for her. She might be young, but she’s way more professional than the 40+ year olds that have been in the online Spirit Keeping community since the start. That says a lot, if you ask me.So click on her link with confidence.  Hopefully I’ll be called to one of her entities someday, haha.

Mystic Morning Treasures (Lisa) - Lisa has been around for a long long time, and for good reason! Her prices are more than reasonable and her custom conjures are too! She responds within 24 hours of sending your message and is always willing to answer your questions. I’ve kind of felt intimidated by her a little bit but she’s really a nice lady. She didn’t do anything to make me feel uncomfortable, I just always feel like a dork when I message conjurers and stuff though.

Magickal Menagerie - FB Group(Carmen and co.)- This group is really understanding. I had a calling to a Qilin of theirs and messaged them about it. We talked and I mentioned I didn’t have enough to pay him at the time. He was like $25, but I only had $20, but since the Qilin audibly manifested, it was a legit call and Carmen was willing to lower the price for that reason. Received a little freebie and a “thank you!” card and it was just a overall awesome experience. They have a reverse adoption events here and there but I’ve never been able to catch any of them, so I can’t say much about them.

Lilith’s Treasure Tavern (Lilith) - Lilith is a great person! Has all sorts of entities in her store. The one’s I have from her are quite strong and even if you’re not sensitive, you’ll be able to sense them in the room. Her prices are a bit high but if you’re feeling a real call to the spirit/entity, don’t be afraid to shoot her a message! Even if it’s not the entity you’re messaging about, she’ll check to see if someone else was actually trying to grab your attention! She’s also super kind! The thing is though, if you order from her, you’ll need to be at your house to receive the package. (You have to sign for it, you see!) That part is a little annoying but if you don’t mind that, she’s fantastic!

The Dragon’s Library - Etsy - (Kaitie) -  I’m friends with her too and she’s fantastic! I don’t have any spirits from her personally but the vibes that I get from them in her store really puts me at ease! I wish she was around when I was starting out as a companion!  If you’re feeling uncertain or anything, I encourage you to send her a message! 


The following are sellers I haven’t spoken with or dealt with, but I figured I would leave links to them so you can give them a peek!

Dark Desires


Mystic Oceans (Etsy, FB Group: Magickal Shoppe) - I’ve heard really great things about her. She post the majority of her entities in the Magickal Shoppe now and days since Etsy slammed their ban hammer on spirit related things. It’s also a place where a handful of people post/sell other metaphysical stuff as well as Wicca/Witchcraft and spell related things, so it’s a pretty chill place! There’s also another conjurer in the FB group named James who runs Magick and Mysticism, but his entities are way cheaper in the group.

I hope this helps you! I know of a few other sellers but they’re not coming to mind at the moment, so I might update this list later! I know how you feel about not liking the store where the spirit reins from. Oh Gods, do I know. I hope you have luck with some of the ones listed here though! If you need me to talk more about any of the sellers above, I’ll gladly do so! Just shoot me another message! ^-^

If anyone else reading this wants to join the FB groups listed, please read their rules before joining. Be respective of them as well. Don’t jump in there and act like a unruly child. These people don’t have to accept you and if they do, you should be grateful. So leave your drama at the door if accepted.

Cool? Cool.

We’ll Get There

This one’s a sequel of sorts to my earlier Pokemon-inspired comic. It’s all fair and good to dedicate yourself to improving, but it’s not always easy to keep going. I think I’m at about the Mt Moon stage of developing my art career: I’ve made a start and had some little successes, but there’s a big dreary cave on the horizon that I just need to push through.

SO THEN, let’s get going. Because if something’s important enough, it’s worth fighting for.

If you like this comic and you want to support a struggling artist (who is quitting his day job tomorrow), you can buy a print of this comic or the first Pokemon one at my Etsy store. Buy both together and save £5!


It’s that time already!

Start holiday shopping now, and get 25% off your order with coupon code EARLYBIRD2015

we have something for everyone on your list:


every purchase from the paper poppy store helps D and Stacy survive! we are a queer and autistic couple, and I am physically disabled and chronically ill. D works part time, but we depend on etsy income to make ends meet. at the moment we are behind on rent and I desperately need to see my doctor. every reblog and shop view helps– thank you in advance for your support! :)


Dear friends:
This is a critical situation.
I am a mentally ill transgender man. My family doesn’t have money anymore. They can’t help me any longer, and I have so much trouble finding a job to help myself. It could take a while before I find any. I need to sustain myself starting now.
It’s been a while since I opened commissions, and the info has never been shared enough. I beg you, it’s become very harsh and I am desperate. Share it, it takes just a few seconds.

I am willing to draw any fandom, your OCs, etc. I use both digital and traditional techniques.  The currencies I accept are US Dollars, Euros, Canadian Dollars and British Pounds, and payment is exclusive by paypal to the address shown above.

I also have two etsy stores: Lord Aragoon’s Art and ChocoChampagne. In one I sell originals of my art, and in the other one I sell hand-made things. Take a look!

And if you’re feeling generous enough, you can just donate to my paypal address shown above. Any amount would be appreciated. I needs lots of therapy and overall medical care and I have no other help available. Help me stay safe and healthy. Help me care for myself.


Let’s get started with a basic list of stuff you are going to need to adult easier:
* Calendar
* A reliable pen
* A calculator
* Full Notebook
* A small notepad
* Cloth grocery bags

Why each of these things is important:

* Calendar: Having a physical wall calender is important for so many reasons. The biggest reason, personally, I keep one around is accountability. I only document things I don’t want to forget on it. Doctor’s appointments, test dates and fun dates with cute boys all go on the physical calendar. Use colored markers in different color families to make it pop. Blue for official appointments, pink for romantic dates and green for school related activities will stand out on a standard calendar’s white background. I don’t suggest a day planner that you physically have to carry around. It could get lost and it’s so easy to push it to the back of your desk, to the bottom of your purse or completely lose track of it, rendering it useless. (My personal pick: $1 cute calendars from Dollar General. If you feel like splurging a bit, take the personalized approach and head over to Vistaprint. You can upload your own photos, add in birthdays/anniversaries to specific dates and, using coupons, you can often score one for about $12, shipping included!)

* A Reliable Pen: Yeah, sounds simple, right but how many times have you been somewhere and needed to jot something down? So many phones have Notepads now yet, I believe, a good pen is still important, especially if you’re like me and sometimes forget your phone at home or in the car. Having a pen handy to sign papers at the post office, a debit card print out or even give someone your phone number the old fashioned way is always a good idea. (My pick: The standard Bic Round Stic pens in black. They cost about $2.50 for a pack of 8.)

* A Calculator: Another thing that seems super standard but that most people forget is this one thing. Use it everywhere! Dollar Tree, the grocery store and especially the mall. And always, always round prices of things up before calculating them. The last thing you want is to overdraft your bank funds or have to put items back when you’re in the checkout line. (Just use the one on your phone. If you need to carry one with you, there are tons of solar panel options for as little as $1 at most dollar stores.)

* Full Sized Notebook: While I’d suggest two (one for general note taking and another for recipes), one is all you really need, given that it’s 3 or 5 subjects. Make notes of when you have paid bills, gotten gas, splurged on candles at Bath and Body Works, gotten a paycheck and try to keep track of how much is in your bank account. Check your account daily to make sure you have the amount you *think* is in there and write it down, just in case. If you want, keep another notebook around for recipes. Even if you don’t think you’re the best chef, you are going to find, over time, it’s much cheaper to cook for yourself than going out every night. (My picks: I use $1 composition notebooks for everything!)

* A Small Notepad: Even if you have never fancied yourself a list maker, you need to start. I like two types of small notepads for every day. The first are ½ index card sized ringed notebooks. (I get mine 4 at a time from Campfire Designs on Etsy but you can find more plain versions to personalize at Dollar Tree.) I use these whenever I just need to pick up a few things from the store or need to remember to go by the post office after work. The second type are magnetic grocery list papers ($1 per pack at Dollar General) to keep on the fridge. When I run out of something from the fridge, I immediately write it on that list as not to forget.

* Cloth Grocery Bags: Instead of having a ton of plastic bags piling up around your place, just invest in some cloth grocery bags. You can get them for as little as 50 cents each from Wal-Mart or cute, printed ones for $1 at dollar stores. Depending on how often you go to the grocery store, you may realistically only need 3 or 4.


Signal Boost: Cracked Black Inc

So as a pretty hardcore Jim fan, I’ve learned from experience it can be a bit difficult to find any cute merch. Or any at all, frankly. If BBC Sherlock is ever present at cons, it tends to be in the form of Sherlock and John. Not much good to us Moriarty fans, and after all, everyone loves a bad boy, right? Plus a good deal of the stuff on etsy is US based, which means rough postage prices for anyone in the UK or Europe. 

So I bring forth the solution. Cracked Black Inc is a UK based company that primarily makes fandom coffees, but also has loads of cute fandom stuff such as keyrings, phone charms, and badges. They’re also expanding to mugs, t-shirts, and a range of other things in the near future. Exciting! And as you can see above, there is a lot of Jim. 

The adorable phone charm is printed on both sides, so you get double the Moriarty cuteness. (Tiny adorable Sherlock is also available.)

The keyring has either Sherlock or Sebastian Moran on the other side, so whether you ship Sheriarty or Mormor, your ship is represented. Not a fan of blonde Moran? Comes with several different hair designs to pick from. Choose your flavour Moran. (I personally have the chocolate and vanilla swirrrl swirrl hair design.)

Every fairytale needs a Good Old-Fashioned Villain, which in this story is a coffee blend inspired by our favourite criminal overlord. Irish Cream Moccachino infused Arabica beans blended with Nicaraguan Roast Arabica coffee beans, the perfect delicious kick to get you ready for a day of criminal activity. Or maybe RPing and fanfiction writing. There’s also a Moran inspired blend!

Really though, they’re a great little company, they’re starting to expand, and any support while they’re developing is crucial to the future of the business. Even if coffee isn’t your cup of tea (so to speak), you should definitely have a look at their etsy store and check some of the other goodies they have on offer.


etsy find of the day | CURATION REQUEST 3 | 1.31.14

requested by: wall-flawer
looking for: stores non-traditional or crystal engagement rings

wall-flawer, i have SO many options for you :) why not start with these shops – see if one or more of them are your style, and let me know if you need more suggestions or more specific rings found after that!


Home for Christmas

Hello My Lovelies,

For ease of access please find below links to all my previous stories.

Home for Christmas

How about she gets badly injured on hunt and calls Dean to say goodbye and cas gets to her in time to get her back to the bunker to heal her


Authors Note: Finally got it done Sweet, after all the waiting. So sorry it took so long. I won’t reveal how many I wrote, that I wasn’t happy with or didn’t end the right way before this came to mind. Lol. @msimpala67


‘Babe, you coming?’

‘Not tonight. I have some research I want to do.’

‘That’s all you ever do lately,’ he sulked.

‘Sorry, I think I found something and I’m looking into it.’

‘Sure, whatever.’

‘Can we not do this please. It shouldn’t take much longer. I promise. I just want to finish-.’

‘Don’t stress about it Y/N,’ Dean growled.

Y/N watched as he grabbed his jacket and keys and stormed out, leaving her standing in the motel in tears. She hated this, she hated how things had changed between them. They had been dating for almost 12 months. This Christmas marked exactly 1 year. She thought back to Christmas last year, how everyone had exchanged gifts. Y/N and Sam and bought each other books, that was no real surprise to anyone they were both book nerds. Y/N had got Dean a best ever beer songs CD, full of classic rock. She had then put it onto a cassette so he could listen to in baby. Dean got Sam an array of stuff from the local gas station, and Sam did the same for Dean. Y/N found it hilarious. For Y/N though, Dean told her it was coming. He had organised it but it hadn’t arrived in time. She remembered smiling at him, and the way he looked back at her. It only seemed to make her smile brighter.

Dean had dragged her out of the bunker a few minutes later to go for a drive and listen to the new tape. They drove until the first side ended and Dean pulled over and parked by a lake. He told her the truth, he hadn’t got her anything. He’d been looking for a couple of months, but nothing seemed good enough and he couldn’t figure out why. Especially since Sam had no trouble finding something. Dean then confessed he liked her, a lot. And the only thing he wanted and wanted to give her was him, but then that would be more of a present for him and not her. He kissed her then and the rest was history.

Then the past few months’ things had started to change, the two fought a lot. It was one crap thing after another. Y/N needed a distraction so she got back into the graphic designing she used to do before becoming a hunter. She enjoyed it and it was good down time. She was never a drinker, never a partier. So curling up with her laptop and designing beautiful images was her thing. She sold them on etsy and through online stores as digital copies and some printed images and was earning a nice amount for a rainy day.

Sam came back a few hours later, startling Y/N as he walked through the door.

‘Just me, he’s still there.’

He looked at the image over her shoulder that she had been working on.

‘It looks amazing.’

‘Yeah, it does,’ she grinned. ‘I am almost done. I’m just sharpening the colour.’

‘He’s going to love it.’

‘Let’s hope it was worth the fights,’ she said sadly.

‘Hopefully, he will realise what was happening and apologise. It’s not like you’ve ever been a drinker and now he’s going out most nights. He can’t get mad you’re not joining him.’

‘No, he’s just mad because I’m awake, asleep, hunting, not hunting, listening, not listening.’

Sam chuckled, ‘He’s been a bit grumpy hasn’t he.’

‘Since Detroit.’

‘That screwed everyone up,’ Sam sighed.

They hadn’t got to changeling’s in time and 12 kids died. Y/N almost died trying to save them. Dean hadn’t taken it well.

‘So I spoke to the printing house here earlier. I can email through a high resolution image and they will print it and laminate it for me. It will be ready first thing.’

Y/N smiled with relief as she hit send on the email.

‘Now I can go back to a normal relationship.’

‘You know he’s going to nag until you let him open it?’

‘I know, let’s hope he will wait until Christmas.’

‘That’s three weeks, I doubt it.’

Y/N grinned and nodded. She couldn’t argue that.

‘You reckon he will be here much longer?’

‘It’s Dean, probably.’

‘I might head over.’

Y/N changed into skinny jeans, a slouch sweater and boots and ran a brush through her hair and headed over.

She arrived at the bar and walked inside, looking around through the crowd for her boyfriend. She spotted him at the bar talking to some redhead. Y/N rolled her eyes, the guy couldn’t go anywhere without someone hitting on him. She got closer and noticed his arm on her waist, running up and down her back under her shirt.

She pulled her phone out of her pocket and sent him a text.

‘Finished, it was a bust. You going to be long? Might come for that drink after all?’

‘Don’t worry about it. I will be heading back soon. Sorry for being a jerk.’

Y/N watched as he pocketed the phone and continued talking to the redhead, leaning into her whispering in her ear.

‘Is that before or after you bang the redhead?’

Y/N watched as Dean pulled the phone out his pocket again with an exaggerated sigh and read the message. She watched how he paled, his hand dropped instantly and panic crossed his face as he looked around. She didn’t need to see anything else. She turned and walked out. She kept walking until she found a quiet place to sit and cry. Y/N spent the remainder of the night, declining Dean’s calls.

By sun up, she had come to a decision. She went to the printing house and picked up her images. They had turned out better than she expected. She smiled at the way in which she had subconsciously known how this was going to go. The image told her everything. They packaged it for her, even gift wrapped it.

She returned to the motel, and placed the parcel on the bed.

‘Where the hell have you been?’ Dean growled. ‘I’ve been going out of my mind.’

Y/N looked at him but didn’t say anything. She looked over at Sam, his sad smile telling her he understood. He grabbed his book and headed outside. Giving the two a chance to talk.

Y/N turned to Dean and looked at his tired, drawn face. He hadn’t slept either, his eyes were red, his hair slightly greasy.

‘I’ve been calling and driving everywhere trying to find you,’ Dean said, slightly calmer this time.

His voice didn’t fool her though, she could hear the anger under it, the pain. But most prominent was the fear.

‘I wished you had of answered, had of let me explain,’ Dean tried.

Y/N stood there, completely emotionless, watching as he ran a hand through his hair.

‘I shouldn’t have… I wasn’t going to leave with her Y/N, I wouldn’t. I didn’t even have any plans or thoughts in that way. She just, she came over and started flirting. The contact, the talking. I’ve missed it. We don’t…we just fight.’

Y/N didn’t falter; she didn’t even move.

‘Sweetheart?’ Dean said quietly.

Y/N still refused to say anything, she didn’t trust herself to speak. To move. She was on the brink of falling apart and it was taking ever ounce of strength she had to hold it together.

‘Baby, please say something. You’re scaring me.’

Y/N picked up her bag, and stuffed her clothes into it.

It was then Dean lost it. The fear took over as he watched her prepare to leave.

‘Don’t you dare!’ he yelled. ‘You don’t get to this, to walk away without saying anything. Without trying to fix it. Without fighting for us.’

He watched as she calmly continued to pack her bags, her demeanour only making it worse for him.

‘Damn it Y/N! What happened to fighting? Since when aren’t we worth fighting for?’

‘Since I realised that you don’t want me,’ she said quietly.

Dean froze and watched as she walked into the bathroom and back out. She placed her toiletries in her duffle and zipped it up.


Dean’s blood ran cold. He could feel his hands shaking, he clenched his fists in an attempt to stop it.

‘I do, of course I do. I’ve never wanted anyone like I do you.’

‘If that were the case, last night would have been very different. My text wouldn’t have been what stopped you.’

Dean stood there, watching as she placed her chargers, laptop, tablet and purse into her back pack.

‘I wouldn’t expect to hear from me anytime soon,’ she said quietly.

‘This is crap. I wasn’t the one who pulled themselves from the relationship. Sure, I screwed up last night, but I never slept with her. Or anyone else. I was just enjoying comfort that my estranged girlfriend wasn’t giving.’

‘I was busy-.’

‘With research, right. You know what? Go. Apparently you didn’t want me either.’

Dean watched as she finally showed emotions, as she fought back the tears.

‘You have no idea how wrong you have it.’

‘Or how right. You were right to stay quiet. It’s not worth fighting for.’

The words slipped out before he could say anything. But deep down Dean hoped that it would set her off, make her show her emotions, make her fight. Dean watched as she picked up her bags.

‘Enjoy that,’ she gestured to the bed. ‘No one else can.’

Dean went to the fridge and pulled a beer out, downing half of it in one go. He couldn’t believe her. Sure, things had been tense, but to think he didn’t love her. That was stupid.

He looked at the large flat parcel on the bed and considered tossing it. But curiosity got the better of him. He sat there for another 20 minutes, looking at it.

He got up and walked over to the parcel and unwrapped it, opening up the cardboard, he found a framed image that made him burst into tears the second he saw it.

‘She’s spent the past six months working on it every chance she had. There was never any research. She just wanted to surprise you,’ Sam said from the door. ‘Every time the two of you fought because of how busy she was it killed her. She almost gave up so many times.’

Dean looked at the image, running his fingers along it. The impala sat proudly in the background. Standing in front of it, was John and Mary Winchester, Sam and Dean, Bobby, Jo and Ellen. They were stand there smiling and happy like one big happy family. He picked it up and found a second one underneath it. This one was just the boys and their parents.

‘You’d told her once you wished you had a picture of them. She contacted everyone trying to get photo’s she could use.’

Dean wiped the tears from his face, shifting them he found a smaller one he could jam in his wallet of the four Winchesters.

‘She made this?’

‘Yup, photo shopped it. She did draw it originally but she decided she wanted it in colour. And she got upset she couldn’t get Mom’s face quite right. God, there are so many drawings of Mom in her book.’

Dean walked out to the car and searched for Y/N’s art book. He knew she liked to draw but he never took any notice of what she was doing. He found it half under the front seat and pulled it out, flipping through it. He saw countless drawings of his Mom, of the boys, of the impala. He collapsed into the back seat, and ran his hand over his face, wiping away the tears that fell. He pulled his phone from his pocket and dialled her number, praying she would pick up.

‘Come back, please. I am so sorry. Can we just talk? Don’t write us off Y/N, I swear I want us, I want you, I always have. You were the best Christmas gift I’ve ever had.’

By the end of it Dean found himself crying. Reality sinking in, she had left. Even before they were together, he was so scared she would find this life too much and walk. Then once they finally got together, he always panicked she would leave him. He closed his eyes as the tears fell onto the book. He snapped it shut, trying to protect the artwork. He still remembered their first kiss, the nutmeg egg nog taste of her lips. The smell of Christmas in her hair as he pulled her in tighter. The way he felt her skin warm under his fingers. Last year was the best Christmas he had ever had.

He jumped out of the back of the car and into the front, throwing the car into reverse and driving through the streets trying to find her. It was dejavu from last night. That same sick feeling creeping into his stomach, what if he didn’t find her? What if he never found her?

He returned to the motel room hours later to find Sam hanging up the phone.

‘She wants you to stop calling, Dean,’ Sam said quietly.

‘That was her?’

Dean snatched Sam’s phone called Y/N back.

‘Sorry if he’s pissed at you,’ Y/N sighed.

‘Baby?’ Dean cried. ‘Come back, please. We can talk about this.’

The line stay quiet.

‘Y/N,’ Dean begged.

‘I don’t think we can.’

‘Of course we can, we… we can fix it,’ he sobbed.

Sam gave Dean a sad look.

‘No, we can’t. You know that. Do you really want to go back to fighting all the time?’

‘No, of course not. I want to go back to a life with my girl in my arms.’

Y/N sighed.

‘Dean there’s something seriously wrong with us, if you need to go elsewhere to feel comfort.’

‘I was a dick Y/N. I was selfish and I shouldn’t have. Come back please.’

‘I have to go Dean. Stop calling. Please. I just need time.’

‘But then you’ll come back right? We can sort this out?’

Y/N didn’t say anything.

‘Baby?’ he cried. ‘Please tell me you will come back. That you’ll be home for Christmas?’

The lined died.

‘Y/N!’ Dean yelled.

He tried redialling but it just rung out. He had never felt so destroyed, so gutted. Three weeks until Christmas and he had just lost the only thing about the season he loved. The thought made him cry even more. He loved her, he knew that. He’d never told her though. He was so scared that if he did it would sign her death certificate.

The two Winchesters stayed at the motel for another few days hoping she would come back. Afterwards they headed back to the bunker. Dean walking straight to the liquor cabinet and grabbing a bottle before going to the room he shared with Y/N. He pulled the small box out of the bottom of the desk which had Y/N’s gift in it. He opened it and looked at the silver name plate bracelet he had got her. He had engraved it himself I Heart You

He smiled at how happy he was to be able to tell her how he felt without actually saying it. Hoping that it reduced the risk to her life.

He tried calling her again but still got her message bank. He begged for her to come home, he begged for her to pick up. But his calls went unanswered. Christmas drew closer and Sam tried to get Dean to put the decorations up but he refused there was no point if she wasn’t here. It was just sad memories.

Dean lay back on at the bottom of his bed and looked at the framed image above his bed head of everyone in front of the car.

‘Why didn’t you put yourself in it?’ he mumbled.

She was the only thing missing. The picture was almost perfect, it just needed his girl.

Christmas Eve hit and Dean struggled, he called her more often begging her to come home. To talk to him, to give him something other than silence. He had called Cas and had him looking for her but still he had no luck.

Christmas Day came and Dean hadn’t given up hope. He kept telling himself it was the day of miracles, that she would come back to him. He watched the clock as it ticked down the time left in the day. She still had 8 hours. She could still come back to him.

Dean’s phone rang and he pounced on it, shaking when he saw Y/N’s name on the screen.

‘Baby? Where are you? Tell me you’re coming home?’

‘I wish I were.’

Dean could hear the tears in her voice.

‘I love you Dean, I’ve never said it and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all of it, for pulling away so I could work on those stupid pictures. For ruining everything. And now for ruining Christmas.’

‘You haven’t ruined it. Come home Sweetheart, there’s still time. Hell I’ll meet you half way if I have too. Christmas isn’t over yet,’ he panicked.

‘I won’t be home for Christmas Dean. I won’t be home at all,’ she said quietly.

Dean’s blood ran cold and he struggled to breath.

‘What are you saying? What’s going on?’

‘I screwed up, I went on a demon hunt.’

He heard her wince and fight back a sob.

‘Baby?’ his voice came out as a strangled cry, barely above a whisper. Something was wrong, really really wrong.

‘I need to go, it’s coming back.’

‘Don’t you dare hang up. Where are you? I’ll come get you.’

‘There’s no time Dean and you don’t need to hear it.’

He could hear her crying freely now.

‘I love you, Dean.’

He heard her cry out and the phone went dead. He screamed for her, for Cas, for Sam. He grabbed his keys and ran towards the garage, but realised then he had no idea where to go.

Cas appeared in front of him and Dean begged him to find her, to bring her back. He prayed for her to hang on, to fight. The Winchesters tracked her phone to the woods outside Colorado and then the signal dropped out. Dean screamed at the laptop and turned to Cas demanding he take him there. But Cas refused, he went alone and all he could do was hope he wasn’t being back a body.

It took too long for Cas to find her and when he finally did, he felt like crying. Her body was shredded; from what he could tell it had been a hell hound. He looked at her fading soul, she didn’t have long left. Minutes at most. Cas moved in closer when he saw the hellhound go to attack her again. He slammed his hand into it’s head and watched as it died at his feet.

Cas scooped Y/N up into his arms, her blood flowing freely from her body and leaving trails along the floor. Her light fading further with each passing second.

‘Hold on Y/N, please,’ Cas begged.

He considered healing her there but he could hear more hounds coming, there wasn’t enough time, it wasn’t safe enough. He had to pray that she could hold on long enough to get to the bunker and do it there.

He looked at the woman in his arms. This was going to destroy Dean.

Dean paced the bunker, he didn’t know what else to do. His grief gave way to anger, his body not knowing which way to turn or what to think. He ran his hand through his hair before clenching it into a fist. 8:42pm, Christmas was almost over and the only thing good about it wasn’t here.

He heard the flutter of wings and spun to see Cas standing behind him.

‘I am sorry Dean. I don’t know if it’s too late. Her soul is barely there anymore.’

Dean took in the woman in the angel’s arms. Her once silky hair now matted with blood, the same blood that was dripping onto the bunker’s floor. Dean had never heard anything so loud as the splat as the blood dripped from her body and hit the floor. Nothing except the scream that escaped his mouth.

He ran across the floor and snatched her from the angel, burying his face into her neck.

‘No, no, no, baby,’ he cried. ‘C’mon Sweetheart wake up please.’

‘Dean,’ Cas said gently.

‘Y/N! Please open your eyes. You… you can’t…’ he became a hysterical mess as he collapsed to the floor rocking her. ‘It’s Christmas you …can’t…you’re my…’

‘Dean, I can try and save her but I’m running out of time,’ Cas explained more firmly.

The hunter looked up, his once apple green eyes, now red raw and fluorescent in colour.

‘I need you to put her down.’

‘No, I can’t. I’m not…’

‘Dean,’ Sam said softly, gently taking Y/N from his brother’s arms, laying her on the floor.

Sam pulled Dean back and held him while Cas placed his hand over Y/N’s wounds and did the best he could. Once he finished Dean dived for her, picking up her limp body, cradling her head against his chest.

‘Is she…did you…why isn’t she awake?’ he whispered, too scared to even hear the answer.

Castiel looked over at Sam, unsure how to answer.

‘Dean,’ Sam said quietly, tears running down his face.

‘No, don’t you tell me she didn’t make it,’ Dean growled. ‘She can’t…I can’t…’

He buried his head into her hair and sobbed. She was his Christmas, she can’t leave.

‘Dean, her soul and body were weak, both on the cusp of being completely gone by the time I found her. Her chances were never good.’

‘I don’t want to hear it!’ Dean yelled. ‘Baby please, open your eyes,’ he cried.

Time passed slowly as he held her, begging for her to come back, demanding she open her eyes. He apologised over and over for being a bitch, for what he did.

When he finally ran out of tears and the anger he felt came back. Anger at himself for causing this. At her for leaving, for doing the stupid picture. At Sam for not telling him. At Cas for not getting there in time. At God, for not helping her, for not bringing her home. After all he had done for the bastard, after everything he risked, he lost, he had taken her away as well.

Dean ran his hand along her arm, trying to memorise everything about her. He knew they would be taking her body soon. He took her hand and interwound his fingers with her own. He looked down at how small and delicate her hand was. Her watch caught his eye 11:54pm.

‘This wasn’t how I wanted you to come home. I wanted the eggnog kisses and cinnamon hair,’ he whispered. ‘I wanted the snow ball fights and to be told off for burning the the turkey. I never understood Christmas until you came along.’

He kissed her lips, they were now cold and stiff.

‘You’re all I ever wanted. You’re my Christmas,’ he sobbed. ‘I love you, Y/N.’

Sam’s heart broke watching his brother. Nothing he said or did was going to help. He wiped the tears that fell down his cheeks. He knew what as coming, and he couldn’t, he didn’t want to give her a hunter’s funeral. And Dean…Dean wouldn’t be able to handle it either.

Sam looked up at the clock 11:58 pm. He turned to leave and give his brother privacy, Christmas was over. He doubted they would ever celebrate it again. Not now.

Sam put his hand on Cas’s shoulder, before heading towards the doorway in the direction of the bedrooms.

Dean pulled her limp body up higher and buried his face in her neck as he cried. What he wouldn’t give to feel her fingers in his hair or around his back.

The sharp intake of air and a gasp as Y/N’s body lurched forward caught him off guard, he almost dropped her as he jumped back.

‘Baby?’ he cried.

He watched as she fought to get air into her lungs, the way her chest heaved, the tears that ran down her cheeks.

Dean kissed her, before she had a chance to register what was happening. To realise what was going on.

‘Thank God, I thought… I can’t…I love you Y/N, so much,’ Dean cried.

God watched from his chair as the scene unfolded, he had broken his own rules but he didn’t care. After all Christmas is the time of miracles, and if anyone deserved it. Dean did. He looked at the clock on the bunkers wall and smiled. 11:59 and 58 seconds, she made it home for Christmas.


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