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I'm so disappointed we never got to see TOS!Bones in the 1920s gangster suit. We were also robbed of AOS!Bones in the survival suit. Ugh. Here's hoping we get more of Len in his dress greys next movie....


Please tell me how this was even remotely fair, because IT IS NOT!


I did find some lovely fanart( @yourtropegirl), could not find source so if anyone knows, just let me know! I’d love to know honestly.(Edit: Yay, found them! @rimiter) Please, dear god in heaven, let Bones be in a survival suit next movie, or something similar PLEASE!

Also as a bonus, I reaaalllyy enjoy Bones in this suit, whatever it is. He wasn’t in it very much, which is a damn shame *sigh* Bones needs more suit lovin and I hope the next movies provide!

I just want to talk forever about Moana. I need to go see it again, but I’ve been listening to the soundtrack all morning and I have new thoughts I need to put down. 

For one thing, Moana’s agency. Every single thing she does in this movie is her choice. Early on, Grandma Tala lets her know that if she stays and does what her dad wants and puts her rock on the pile (which I fucking *adore* btw) then she’ll support her. She knows she was chosen to be the ocean’s champion, but Moana has to make that decision for herself. When Moana decides it’s too much and she doesn’t want to do it anymore, she holds the heart out and the ocean takes it back. She doesn’t just fling it away. The ocean accepts that it’s her choice. When she changes her mind, the ocean doesn’t just plop the stone back in her hand like all the times it plopped her back on the boat. She has to swim down there and get it. When Heihei is captured, she’s the one who fights and goes after him. When Maui tells her to stay put so he can get his hook, she climbs right up past him and jumps in without being pushed. Everything she does is her choice

The other is the emphasis on knowing. If you listen to the lyrics of the songs, it’s always “we KNOW the way.” “Come what may, I KNOW the way.” “Do you KNOW who you are?” “This is not who you are. You KNOW who you are.” How Far I’ll Go is literally filled with lines about not knowing and then the movie is about discovery, but it’s not “I’ll find the way” because it’s intrinsic. It’s internal. It’s about listening to yourself. “I am everything I’ve learned and more” It’s about her heritage, her culture, her descent from voyagers and this inherent knowledge she possesses if she just listens. I think that’s why Know Who You Are the second half of I Am Moana are my favorites. They’re both about listening to yourself, trusting yourself, and being confident that you know who you are and who you are meant to be. 

Okay so I know they made an assassins creed movie but like….how good would a tv show be for assassins creed syndicate? Like just imagine:
-Jacob screwing up constantly and always getting into gang fights
-Evie doing in depth research for the piece of Eden and whatnot
-the two of them bantering back and forth
-Jacob’s snarky comments
-seeing more of characters like Ned Wynert and Henry Green and a bad ass bitch like Lucy Thorne and so much more!!
They could go in depth with all the missions and everything, there are so many possibilities!!! Ugh I didn’t know I needed this until now

I need to fangirl about Beauty and the Beast with someone. Like I loved it. Sure there was a lot I could nitpick, but overall I was really pleased for what it was. Also Dan Stevens???? UGH! My ovaries! How dare he?? Lol and I thought he was just “eh” on Downton Abbey. Apparently, I needed to see him in fancy 1750s fop makeup with heels and a sparkly jacket and matching hairbow to discover my newfound love.

Okay hold onto your Disney Ears, I’m about to go on a rant here.

So, if your argument is “Frozen is bad, because other princesses show you don’t need a man to save you!” I highly suggest you read my argument/points~.

I always see the argument against Frozen of “*insert Disney female character here* didn’t need a man to save her, therefore Elsa/Anna isn’t special!1!1!1″

If that’s what you took out of Frozen, holy moly did you not watch the movie properly.

Elsa is a representation of a mental illness. Coming from someone who has a mental illness, seeing a character in a Disney movie with a mental illness is seriously big news (’representation is important’ remember?). And when Elsa had a panic attack, holy crap was that accurate. If you think panic attacks are all breathing into a paper bag, muttering uncontrollably, congratulations! You’ve been totally wronged by the media (but where’s the surprise there? Media’s portrayals of mental illness are not good). I don’t know about you, but I have screamed at people in a panic attack. You insult people, you get tense, some people even get violent. And when people say “IF SHE LOVED HER SISTER WHY DID SHE ATTACK HER?!?!?!” Well first off, read what i just wrote. Second, look at her face. Oh yes, she totally meant to hurt her sister.

And Anna was constantly telling Elsa “It’ll be alright! We can get through this!” That’s why Elsa snapped. Because I have done the exact same thing. When you’re having a panic attack, you honestly don’t want to hear “It’ll be okay! Come on!” Like, no.
I have also heard the argument of “But Carl Fredrickson had depression! What makes Elsa so special?” Well first off, Elsa shows anxiety more than she does depression. And secondly, ah yes, I, a young woman candefinitely relate to an elderly man who just lost his wife. Of course.

And then, there’s the argument of “_____ also shows you don’t need a man to save you!” Yeah, that’s great, but Anna’s sacrifice didn’t show that. Her sacrifice showed young girls and boys (who note, still love this movie, despite the young adults spending their days on social media nitpicking it) that an act of true love can be something other that romantic love.

That’s right. The message of Frozen wasn’t “You don’t need a man to save you!”, it was “True love does not only mean romantic, it can be familial.” and also gives those with a mental illness a character to relate to.

I’d be happy to chat about anything, just pop into my ask box!

~ a Frozen fan who is seriously tired of people on here acting like the movie is a demon spawn.

Please, PLEASE for the Love of GOD! I NEED a jealous Raphael in the new movie. I don’t care if Capril is endgame (because it obviously is going to be already), I just NEED a jealous Raph who’s super protective of April……. *dejected sigh* UGH!!!! Non-Canon OTP’s hurt like freakin’ hell.

Anyhoo, in happier news, I am getting off my rear end and actually updating my 2k14/16 Raphril fict, “Crazy”, which you can read here on tumblr,, or A03.

As always, I love you guys so much and I’ll see y’all tomorrow! xoxo


In case you didn’t know.

Just came back from seeing the movie and I am so surprised. I literally went in thinking I was going to see a train wreck and a joke. I thought I was going to hate it! But I fucking love this movie. It is the kind of reimagined nostalgia film that this world needs! Sure I still don’t like the reimagined Goldar but everything else was so good!

Ugh. Power Rangers is my weakness. My childhood.

Back To Basics *Tony Stark x Avengers x Reader*

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(Requested by @matteblackvevo) Hi! i was watching rdj play charlie chaplin and omfg he looked so good so i was wondering if you could possibly do an avengers x reader request where tony fucks up a lab experiment and ends up making himself look 20 years younger and it lasts a week 
Warnings: Swearing 
Admins Note: Okay, I changed it slightly to not just appearance but like his mind is reverted back also, so he believes he is in his twenties still! And it’s all just him not really believing how much better his life had gotten, how cool his friends are and the fact… he is Iron Man! Him as Charlie Chaplin was amazing, love it… his old movie Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang also is one of my favourites. 

“You seriously need to see Lord of The Rings, it’s amazing and just…ugh” you gush to Steve as you walk to the common room where everyone was called by Bruce, well Jarvis but he was ordered by Bruce, it sounded urgent so yourself and Steve left the training room together. 

You walked into the common room where Bruce was pacing with everyone else looking at him, all slightly worried and concerned, once you both stepped inside he let out a sigh and told you both to sit down. 

“What’s going on?” Steve asked him, Bruce held up a hand for everyone to be silent as he thought of how to word his sentences, he never thought in his life he would be saying what he is about to say. 

“So, Tony has been in the lab for a while” he begins “working on a few experiments and… one has gone… badly” they all frown “basically, he fucked up and he is now reverted back to being in his twenties” everyone slowly goes wide-eyed as they look at him 

“he doesn’t remember the past twenty years, just that he is out of college, his parents are newly dead and he has to step up and become CEO of Stark Industries” it’s silent as he finally sits down and lets out the longest sigh. 

“Is it permanent?” Natasha asked him, he shakes his head lightly, smiling as he did so.

“Thankfully it’s not, I had Jarvis run tests on everything downstairs, no more than a week, two is max” and everyone nods at him “he’s in the opposite room, wanna see him?” he asked and everyone jumped up and followed him to the kitchen. 

You had all seen photo’s of Tony, heard stories of him being young but you never thought you’d witness it, yet here you are about to see the real-life young Stark and you were madly excited for it. 

He sat at the kitchen counter, spinning back and forth on his chair, no facial hair at all and that freaked you out! Glasses upon his face, hair not as dark and styled completely different, he looked so pure and not aged by stress or what he has seen. 

He looked up and at everyone, eyes slightly wide but full of concern and confusion, he was silent and was waiting for someone to talk rather than himself. 

“Why is he wearing glasses?” You asked.

“He wore them for a couple years, or so Jarvis tells me” Bruce whispers to you “Tony this is the team, the people I was explaining to you” he nods as he waves slightly at everyone “I spent an hour convincing him what has happened, all he knows is, he did badly on a experiment and that he works here” you all nod slowly. 

“I’m Natasha Romanoff, that’s Clint Barton, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), Thor, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff” she gestures to the team members “and…” cut off by Tony himself.

“Steve Rogers, I know my dad used to rave about you” Steve nods, eyebrows raised slightly, Tony had never really touched on the subject about his father to Steve and he told Steve never to bring it up either. It was silent for a long while 

“Wait… I’m a superhero?” He asked looking at the Iron Man suit in front of him, everyone nodded, he was staring at the suit in amazement “I made this?” he asked himself in wonder, touching the suit in wonder, he grinned as he looked around the lab “and I made this place for us?” he asked and you nodded at him. 

“You also made a lot of weapons for us, you are leading the person in clean energy plus technology” Steve tells him, Tony nods picking stuff up and looking at it in wonder, not really paying attention to anything Steve was saying to him. 

“Wait” Tony stops “I am fucking superhero, fighting alongside Captain Fucking America, I’m still a billionaire and my girlfriend is hot?” Referring to Pepper, you had showed him pictures to which he grinned and high-fived himself basically. 

You nodded, he looked at a picture of the team altogether, it was taken a few months ago and hanging on the wall “I am hot as Hell too, man I am living” he grinned as you chuckled “my life really got better” he sighed as he looked at the picture in equal amazement. 

“Well, we are all friends, I like to call us a family sometimes” you shrugged and he turned, Steve was sat watching you both, he found it oddly amusing at how Tony was taking this all in “I mean yourself and Steve argue a lot but I think it’s because you are both leaders, strong males who just has very strong opinions” you smile and he nods.


Tony had followed Bruce around through most of the week, asking questions and he kept requesting to go into the suits, Jarvis locked them down so hard that no one could get to them. 

Tony had asked questions to Steve, this was the longest time they had gone without having a disagreement with each other, that would end as soon as he reverted back to his real age but it was nice to see them get along; you prayed Tony would keep this week in mind and not be so hard on Steve. 

You all sat in the kitchen eating breakfast, you beside Wanda and Natasha, Bruce and Steve sat reading newspapers. Clint and Pietro were making bagels, also bacon and Thor was slightly sleeping sat beside Wanda. Tony walked in, yawning and PJ’s still on, glasses upon his face still because he had been up reading late last night. 

His facial hair was back, dark hair and face aged by laughter, stress and everything he has seen but a new brightness upon his face also. He sat down, frowning as he takes off the glasses and puts them beside his hands, stretching he looks up and see’s everyone looking at him.

“That was on hell of a week” he comments pouring some orange juice into a glass, he was beside Bruce who just smiled at him.

“Good to have you back to normal” Bruce patted his friends shoulder, Tony nodded back, cringing at how he acted at some points; he remembered everything. 

“Thanks (Y/N), for just sticking with me and putting up with me also” he tells you, you shrug with a bright smile, telling him it was nothing and you were just helping a friend. 

Pepper walked in with a grin “Don’t start, Miss Pots” Tony tells her, she holds her hands up in defence, sitting down beside him and Steve who both just chuckled. 

“I will say, it was nice to see you both get along” she looks between Steve and Tony, Tony frowned and nodded. 

“Everything I said was true” he comments “it’s amazing how far I have come, we all have come and back when I was twenty I didn’t ever think I’d be sat here, around a table having breakfast with a superhero team-mates” he smiled at everyone, who all nodded with a small smiles back.

“Friends” Steve corrected putting his paper down, smiling gratefully at Tony, Tony nodded and placed his hand inside Peppers who kissed his cheek.

“Family” you correct both, Pietro patted your shoulder at that, everyone muttering agreements with you. 

“I went back to basics” Tony chuckled “hey, Steve if we give you my failed lab experiment you’d turn into tiny Steve, how cute” Tony grinned and smirked evilly, Steve shot a warning glare at Stark.

“If I wake up smaller than what I am… I will beat you up” he tells him, that only made Tony want to do it more. 

(Hope you enjoyed this, I will edit it later when I have better internet connection. You can request; imagines, one shots and recently- kind Headcanons by myself and Angie. I am taking teenager prompts for my mini-series on Peggy and Becky, so send in some if you have any ideas - Rosalee)


Imagine you’re a witch and a mother-figure to the Pack

Stiles: Do it again, do it again!

Lydia: Ugh, Stiles. Y/N already did it twice. There’s no need to go and bother her.

Y/N: No, no, its alright! What would you like to see-

Derek: Well I know, what I’d love to see-my girlfriend. And not only would I love to see her, but I’d love to be along with her.

Allison: Wait no, Lydia, Y/N and I were suppose to go shopping together and have a movie night.

Derek: Too bad, she’s my girlfriend.

Lydia: And she’s my mother-figure and Allison and I’s best friend.

Stiles: You know its funny. Everyone likes Y/N and Derek scares the crap out everyone. Its ironic that they’d be dating. 

Derek: Shut the fuck up Stiles.

could you even imagine what would happen if we protested over two films in a row with a male protagonist the way guys are talking about rogue one?? guys would lose their minds trying to tell us “its only two movies” and “get over it” and “theres plenty of other films with women”. yet somehow 6 other male-led star wars movies and a new Male Superhero Movie out every 4 months isn’t enough to satisfy their Masculine Needs. ugh.

just watched the trailer for the fifth wave (starring chloe moretz, absolute babe) and it looks quite good, but why must be there a love story??? it’s a movie about a post apocalyptic world that’s been controlled by extraterrestrial beings, there is no need for some over played plot about some boy who “might be her final hope, if only she can trust him”. ugh.

i want to see chloe kick some alien butt, not kiss some pasty white boy.


It’s SO obvious to me now that the reason they keep pushing the Shspesh “Own little bubble” thing is to encourage non-Sherlock watchers during the holidays to watch the special. Sitting in front of a TV at Christmas and have to decide what to watch? Selecting a movie around the holidays and you have to decide which film? WELL DON’T WORRY ABOUT S1-S3 YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW A THING ABOUT MODERN BBC SHERLOCK BECAUSE THIS IS A WHOLE THING ON IT’S OWN AND THUS MORE ACCEPTING AND PALATABLE IF YOU AREN’T ALREADY A FAN.

Star Wars M.C.

You shivered, walking up to the movie theater. A few people waited in line ahead of you as you looked for the money to pay for your ticket. “Ugh.” You mumbled pushing things around your messy handbag. ‘I thought I put money in here..’ You thought, ’..or was that just a coupon for free popcorn..’. You groaned and your head falls back letting you get a look of the night sky. It was your turn to buy a ticket and you really needed to see ‘Star Wars the Force Awakens’ because you’ve waited forever for this, so you tried to lie. “Hi I would like one ticket for Star Wars..” You said biting your lip. She slides a ticket to you. “That’ll be five dollars.” She says, clearly not happy with where she is right now. It’s not my fault she works here. “I um.. My friend came before me and paid for my ticket!” You say quickly. You smirk and mentally pat yourself on the back, ‘maybe I actually am a good liar’. She looks at me with one of those ‘are you kidding me’ looks, oh no. ‘Can she see the lie on my face? I mean I thought it was a good lie.’ You think and scuff your foot across the sidewalk. “Nobody has paid for your ticket ma'am, so if you could lea-” she was stopped by a guy handing her a five dollar bill. Your eyes go wide and you look at the guy. He had red hair, an eyebrow piercing and his eyes were a pretty shade of green. He looks slightly down at you and grins mouthing a ‘your welcome’. Your eyebrows pinch together. “Sorry I’m late I got stuck in traffic.” He says loud enough for the woman to hear. Your mouth shapes into an 'o’ and you whisper a thank you. He puts an arm around your waist and walks in the theater. Your Cheeks get hot. He’s just playing the role of your lie. Once we get inside he lets go of your waist and you sigh. “You uh, um, you didn’t have to-” “Yes I did.” He cut me off. “I’ve just met you and the only times I’ve heard you talk was to cut someone off. And no, you didn’t have to.” You laugh and lightly push his shoulder. He laughs, woah his laugh. How can someone’s laugh be so.. “Well how else would I get you to watch the movie with me?” He asked. “You want to watch Star Wars with me?” You say putting emphasis on the you and me. “Yea sure, you’re here alone right? Not that it would really matter but..” He says. You laugh at the 'not that it would really matter part’. “Okay yea, I’m y/n!” You say and hold out your hand. “Yea, I’m uhhh, Michael.” He says and takes your hand but instead of letting go he holds on and drags you to the line for popcorn. Once you get free popcorn, you go into the movie. “Can we sit in the back?” You both say in unison. “You like sitting in the back too?!” He yells. You nod smiling and put your finger over your lips telling him to quiet down. He frowns and you giggle causing him to smile. Everyone is sitting in the middle or the front so we sit in the middle of the very back row and the adds start on the big screen. You ignore them and decide to talk to Michael. “So why are you here alone?” You ask. “Well two of my best friends are with their girls and the other one is alone in his room listening to music..” He counts off of his fingers which you find extremely cute. “What about you?” He asks. “Well uh, my friends are with each other like always I guess so..” You frown. “Hey, don’t be sad..” He frowns and lifts your chin up. “We can hangout, I mean I’m not gonna kill you or anything. Like I’m not gonna kidnap you like a person you just met.. well..” He rambles. Your eyes flicker from his eyes to his lips and back up to his eyes. The sound of his voice is tuned out but he soon notices your not listening and where your eyes were. His lips upturn in a grin and he pulls your face in with his hands. You close your eyes and smile onto his lips and your smile closes into a soft kiss. Maybe tonight would be better than you thought..