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I’ve Been Bugged

Pairing: Pride x Reader

Word count: 1,089

Warnings: Soft smut

A/N: I never intended for this drabble (orignially requested by @jonnyarcher) to turn into THIS, but uh. Here you go? Feedback is rad. I know I’ve been posting a lot today and I’M SORRY.

You parked your car outside of the office, scrambling out of your vehicle.  You grabbed your bag out of the back seat, taking a deep breath.  You looked around before you jogged into the office.

When you entered the squad room, you saw Pride walking up the stairs.  “Pride,” you called, causing the agent to stop in his tracks.

“[Y/N] what’re you doin’ here Honey,” Pride asked, his eyebrows furrowing together.  “Ah wasn’t expectin’ you tonight.”  It wasn’t that Pride didn’t want you to stay the night with him, he would’ve liked a heads up though.

“Can we talk,” you requested, your voice almost sounding impatient as you looked over your shoulder again.

“If you wanted to talk, why didn’t you just call me,” Pride questioned as he came back down the stairs.

“Because I found a bug in my apartment,” you mumbled, standing at the bottom of the stairs.  “Not an insect, a listening device.  It was under my kitchen table.”

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Hello my fellow simblrs!

I am so grateful, and so appreciative of each and every one of my followers. You guys make me smile every day. The support I get from you all, and the friends I’ve made here are priceless. Thank you, thank you, thank you <3

With that said, I bring you City Living recolors. You will need CL in order for these to show up. The pants I altered a bit, as the creases were driving me nuts haha!



I STILL have those Rooster Teeth pajama pants

I still have the Rooster Teeth pajama pants I ordered and I really need them gone so I can buy food this week. Both size XL, never worn. Asking exactly what I paid, $10 + shipping for the X-Ray and Vav ones, $13 + shipping for the RWBY ones. Willing to sell together or separately. Only selling them because they don’t fit me. Willing to ship internationally if desired. Email me at if interested

Words other than said

Other words for said in alphabetic order

  • Accepted, Accused, Acknowledged, Admitted, Advertised, Affirm, Agonized, Agreed, Alleged, Announced, Answered, Appealed, Apply for, Arranged, Articulated, Asked, Asserted, Asseverate, Assumed, Assured, Attract, Aver, Avow,
  • Barked, Bawl, Bawled, Beamed, Beckoned, Begged, Bellowed, Beseeched, Blubbered, Blurted, Bossed, Breathed, Broadcast,
  • Cajole, Called, Carped, Cautioned, Censured, Chimed in, Choked, Chortled, Chuckled, Circulate, Claim, Comforted, Conceded, Concurred, Condemned, Confer, Confessed, Confided, Confirm, Consoled, Contend, Continued, Crave, Cried out, Criticized, Croaked, Crooned, Crowed,
  • Declared, Defend, Demanded, Denote, Dictated, Disclosed, Disposed, Disseminate, Distribute, Divulged, Drawled,
  • Emitted, Empathized, Encourage, Encouraged, Entreated, Exact, Exclaimed, Explained, Exposed,
  • Faltered, Finished, Fumed,
  • Gawped, Get out, Giggled, Given, Glowered, Grieved, Grinned, Groan, Groaned, Growled, Grumbled,
  • Handed on, Held, Hesitated, Hinted, Hissed, Hollered, Howled,
  • Impart, Implied, Implored, Importune, Inclined, Indicate, Informed, Inquired, Insisted, Interjected, Invited,
  • Jabbered, Joked, Justified,
  • Keened,
  • Lamented, Laughed, Leered, Lilted,
  • Maintained, Make known, Make public, Marked, Mewled, Mimicked, Moaned, Mocked, Mourned, Murmured, Mused
  • Necessitated, Needed, Noted,
  • Observed, Offered, Ordered,
  • Panted, Passed on, Pleaded, Postulated, Preached, Premised, Presented, Presupposed, Proclaimed, Prodded, Professed, Proffered, Promised, Promulgated, Proposed, Protested, Provoked, Publicized, Published, Puled, Put forth, Put out,
  • Quaked, Queried, Quipped, Quivered, Quizzed, Quoted,
  • Reassured, Raged, Ranted, Reckoned that, Rejoiced, Rejoined, Released, Remarked, Remonstrated, Repeated, Replied, Reprimanded, Requested, Required, Requisition, Retorted, Revealed, Roared,
  • Said, Sang, Scoffed, Scolded, Seethed, Sent on, Settled, Shared, Shed tears, Shouted, Shrieked, Shrugged, Shuddered, Snarled, Snivelled, Sobbed, Solicited, Sought, Specified, Spluttered, Spread, Stammered, Stated, Stuttered, Stressed, Suggested, Supposed, Swore,
  • Taunted, Teased, Testified, Thundered, Ticked off, Told, Told off, Tore a strip off, Touted, Trailed off, Transferred, Transmitted, Trembled, Trumpeted,
  • Understood, Undertook, Upbraided, Uttered,
  • Verified, Vociferated, Voiced, Vouched for, Vouchsafe,
  • Wailed, Wanted, Warned, Weep, Went on. Wept, Wheedle, Whimpered, Whined, Whispered,
  • Yawped, Yelled, Yelped,Yowled

Adverbs or phrases to use with the other words for said

Abruptly, Absently, Acidly, After a moments reflection, Agreed, Angrily, Announced, Apologetically, Approvingly, Artfully

  • Broke in

  • Calmly, Caustically, Cheerfully, Commented lightly, Complacently, Concurred thoughtfully, Crossly

  • Didn’t question his judgement, Dryly

  • Encouraged, Expression denoting disapproval

  • False cheerfulness, Finished, Friendly fashion

  • Gently, Grated, Grinned, Groaned, Gruffly

  • Happily, Hotly

  • Impatiently, In a casual tone, In a chiding tone, In a courteous manner In a curious tone, In a dry tone, In a flirtatious way, In a level tone In a level way, In a non committal way, In a perpetually tired voice In a quiet way, In a rasping tone, In a small panicky voice In a soothing tone, In an attempt to…, In quiet amazement, Indulgently, Informed in an easy tone, Innocently, Inquired doubtfully, Invited, Irritably

  • Loftily, Loudly

  • Made the effort to sound reassuring, Meaning the words more seriously than they sounded, Mentally shrugged

  • Naturally, Nodded agreeably, Not wanting to sound pushy

  • Offered, Offhandedly, Optimistically

  • Pleasantly, Politely, Politely smooth, Probed Promised in a motherly/fatherly way, Prompted gently Promptly, Protested

  • Quietly

  • Reflectively, Roughly

  • Sadly, Said sympathetically, She went on, Sincerely, Smiled faintly, Smugly, Soberly, Softly, Sounded slightly brittle, Sparingly, Speculated, Sternly, Suggested

  • Tartly, Tautly, Teased softly, Tightly, Truthfully

  • Uncertainly, Unexpectedly, Urgently

  • Vaguely, Voice soft with affection

  • Went on loyally, Wilfully misunderstood, With a controlled smile, With a fond smile, With a gloomy sigh, With a note of relief, With a sad grimace, With a sad smile, With a sense of guilt, With a sigh of irritation, With burgeoning excitement, With conviction, With determination, With fire, With firm persistence, With gentle remonstrance, With gentle teasing, With graceful simplicity, With mock astonishment, With pleasure, With quiet empathy With simple directness, Without sounding unduly curious, Wryly

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Part Five

Are We Friends or Are We More?

A/N: PART FIVE!!! Finally. This will most likely be the last part, so I really hope you like it. Let me know what you think!!

“What,” You ask in complete shock, leaning against the doorframe for support. You have to have heard him wrong; there is no way that he’s in love with you.

“Can I come in,” He asks sounding hopeful. You don’t have time to answer that he’s already climbing the few steps to your door two at a time. He stands in front of your still frozen in shock body, pleading you with his eyes to let him in, “Please.”

You can only nod, stepping aside to let him in, you close the door behind him. You didn’t understand, it’s like your brain had stopped working from the moment those words had left his mouth, “Can you come sit,” He says, looking at you from the living room. You nod again; too scared to open your mouth and let something stupid tumble out.

You sit down on the sofa, pressing the heels of your hands into your eyes until all you see are little flashes of light, “Look at me, please,” begs, kneeling in front of you, “Don’t hide, just let me explain,” He says, taking your hands away from your face when you ignore his request.

“I’m really confused, Harry,” You tell him, watching as he intertwines your fingers together, “What is happening?”

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Regarding tumblr’s discussion of self-help for mentally ill people, I think there’s room for both “treat yourself” styles of self-help (usually with an emphasis on personal comfort and taking things easy to the point of laziness) and “grow up and embrace the cold harsh reality” styles of self-help (embracing responsibility, accepting that life is hard no matter what, doing the difficult thing despite your illness). Speaking as someone who’s had to find the proper balance of both in order to cope and heal, I cannot stress how harmful I think it is to constantly pit those types of self-care against one another as I so often see people do. Both schools of thought are valid and need to be considered but one should not completely discredit the other. They are not mutually exclusive. Different methods works better for different people. People with different illnesses in very different circumstances. 

Yes tumblr can be coddling and overly-cutesy in its self-care rhetoric but sometimes that’s what young kids with no resources need to get through the day. And sometimes we all need a kick in the pants too, in order to see the harsh reality of how to get better and triumph over daunting circumstances. But in my experience, and I have plenty, it’s about finding balance, reconciling those two attitudes, and not being overwhelmed by roponents of either attitude trying to tell me how they think I should get better

small kids don’t put genders on fabrics, and this boy is a prime example of that. he’s five years old, autistic, and yet a brilliant role model for this generation. when i spoke to his sister, who asked for her and her brother to remain nameless, she said that she is proud of him, and that this picture shows how the mindset of guys having to wear pants and girls dresses/skirts originates - it starts from young.

we don’t need to be a male in order to wear pants, or a female to wear skirts. we can choose what to wear when we want to wear it. another person i spoke to who also wished to remain anonymous said, “do you guys ever hate it when people are like ‘oh I hate feminists’ because they think that feminism is all about girls ruling the world and making guys slaves when actually feminism is about making both genders equal and giving women rights. like if you wanna talk about such an important topic please get your information right. it really annoys me because I’m a feminist and there are people who hate me for that when they’ve been getting their information wrong for so long.”

her friend ended off her words with a few sentences that summed up the basis of gender equality, “equality is good, equality is important. if girls can wear pants, then boys can wear skirts. women need the same rights as men, and men need to understand women.”

- this is a short piece/article of sorts on gender equality, I do not own anything, and I would like to thank the contributors of this article -

i dont know whether to order “male” or “female” sizing tho bcus. i remember trying to figure this out with the nightswatch one i was considering from the same place and i cant remember if female sizing gives u boob room which obv i dont want and i cant seem to find the answer again

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“$” (twinklelittl3bat, Alexei XD)

Text Meme @twinklelittl3bat

“$” Accidental Text

[Text] Hey Evie I need to talk to you about maybe ordering some pants for Alexei? But if you could give them to him and not mention they’re from me? He’s got a really cute butt and some new pants might accent that



[Text] I’m really really sorry, please don’t break up with me for this

The crotch, down where your nuts hang - is always a little too tight, so when you make them up, give me an inch that I can let out there, uh because they cut me, it’s just like riding a wire fence. See if you can’t leave me an inch from where the zipper (burps) ends, round, under my back to my bunghole, so I can let it out there if I need to.
—  US President Lyndon Johnson ordering six pairs of custom made pants.
Everyone thinks Jurassic World is is sexist but...

I personally don’t think this movie was sexist at all. Yes, some of the comments made by other characters were a bit demeaning, but that was to aid Claire’s character development. Throughout the movie she refuses to be left behind or to stand in Owen’s shadow. I appreciated seeing her do it all in a skirt and heels. It shows that women don’t need to wear pants or dress more like a man in order to be a badass female character. She saves the day and is a strong character in the movie, while illustrating totally feminine traits. And she comes out of the movie just like she was going in - career driven. I thought she was a great, strong female character. 

Get killed by the same enemy a mere three times in a row in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and the impatient game decides that you need help. And yes, this is the same franchise that once made you figure out that you needed to lug an owl around in your pants in order to solve a puzzle. The chicken hat lets you accidentally wander into a guard’s vision three times before he actually sees you, so the game’s essentially saying, “You’re so bad at this stealth game that we’ve removed the stealth. Enjoy looking like the mascot for a bad family chicken restaurant, champ.”

5 Hilarious Ways Game Designers Mess With Players That Lose

8602) I hate when cis male 'allies' disguised as trans fetishists think that doing the absolute bare minimum to support trans people (AKA using proper pronouns and not being violently transphobic) and complimenting/being nice to me is all they need to do in order to get in my pants. It's so fucking translucent. My gut instinct is to not trust male allies because of how many of them ended up coming onto me or trans woman friends of mine after showing their shallow "support" of us.