need to learn german

tfw ur friend comes to watch u practice but he falls alseep in the stands. (headcanon: yuri sleeps w his tongue stickin’ out sometimes and curls up in a lil ball like a cat)

Don’t let anyone tell you learning your target language is a waste of time!

People told me this when I first announced to my family I wanted to learn German. They thought I was crazy and needed to focus on Spanish if I wanted to learn a language.

Today, my mom and I went to a Christmas home tour. The ladies from the local historical society had to read the home’s history from a paper. The originals owners of one house were, what do you know, German.

The ladies could not read the German on the paper, and one said to just skip it. My mother steaming with anger that these ladies were skipping important history stated loudly “my daughter reads German.” The ladies handed me the paper, and I explained the German to them and the group. My mom was so proud of me.

Your target language could come in handy in the most unusual situations. Do not give up based on what other people tell you. Merry Christmas!

Shit Aph Belarus Does #173

Has too much time on her hands so she attempts to learn other nations languages, but her procrastination levels are out of this world so she never actually gets around to it

kindasickkindacool  asked:

Hi! I saw ur ask about what ur first language was, and i just wanted to say hi as a fellow 10-years-In-school-learning-english person :) Im danish so we need to learn both english and german, so i can also speak a bit of that! 😄

Hi, liebe Grüße nach Dänemark :)
I actually tried to learn Danish once on the Internet and I felt like I was pretty good at it for like a week and then I forgot everything again.
But I heard Danish students are so much better at English than we are. And you barely have an accent I guess, which you can’t say about Germans speaking English :D
So, I hope you have a nice day and thanks for stopping by to say Hi, I always love to interact with people on this website and to find out where everyone’s coming from. :)
- Jana

lairofsentinel  asked:

Hello. I would like to know what way to learn German is by far easier: From English or from Spanish?. The relationship between German and English related to the vocabulary is clear, however, the conjugation of verbs, amount of prepositions, gender, etc, is more related to Spanish. Would you or any of your followers suggest me from which language I would learn German easier? If I'm right in doing this comparison. Thank you in advance!.

Personally, I can’t really say, as I haven’t studied Spanish intensively. I know a bit, like they’ve got genders for nouns too, but otherwise? No clue.

Learning German while looking at it from an English speaking point of view has been, so far, okay. The grammar and word order might not be on point when I speak, but I’m able to hold full conversations with my Oma. So it’s not TERRIBLE. 

But the nouns having genders really messes me up. In English, all you have is THE. And in German, if you don’t know the article, you can’t properly put the sentence in accusative or dative or genitive, which is very important when you’re trying to talk with clarity. And it becomes absolutely necessary when writing in German. When you speak, you can get away with wrong article-endings because, well, that ‘e’ ending sounds kind of like an ‘er’ ending and everybody is trying to focus on what you’re saying rather than on how you’re saying it.

If there are any Spanish-speaking followers, please give us your insight!

  • <p> <b></b> Once I had a 6 day streak on Duolingo and I needed to keep it up, so I kept learning German when I was in my math class at school...needless to say, I didn't pass math (now I have to take another test)! Oh, but I did keep up the streak and now I'm 10% fluent in German! HAHA! Who needs math anyway!? I'm not going to meet cute German boys with álgebra!!<p/></p>
long words for simple concepts (A Nursing School Memoir)

why would you say “it stops clots from forming” in conversation when you could instead say “It’s prophylaxis for thrombotic events”

heart attack–>myocardial infarction

they aren’t itchy hives they’re urticaria with pruritis

“blood-thinners” are anticoagulants (This one actually drives me a little nuts, because they don’t “thin” your blood–coagulation=clotting.  There is no “thinning” involved)

Plus there’s a procedure called an esophagogastroduodenoscopy, so why would you NOT want to say that as often as possible.

mr. leach's speech assignment

So I have this all planned out. I will be basing it off of Hitler’s speeches. Even though he was a horrible person, his speeches were still effective. But instead of speaking against the Jewish people and the many other persecuted, I will be speaking against tall(er) people, particularly Catie Nee. It sounds like a perfect plan. I wonder if Mr. Leach will let me…

I really need to start learning German or something because all I know are the Romance languages so far and I wanna know how other language families work

What. The. Fuck. Is. Happening.

Help a shipster out.  Normally I would spend a lot of time scrolling through my Tumblr feed to catch up but…

I just got home after 9 straight hours of meetings and apparently it was “let’s freak out and let Valkyrie fix it” day.  I nearly screamed myself hoarse shouting at fucktards on the highway during my evening commute – which took twice as long as normal for no apparent reason.  Instead of a nice, soothing “Seinfeld” episode as background entertainment while I prep for tomorrow’s slate of meetings, my best options on the current TV schedule are “Three’s Company” and “The Dick Cavett Show."  The stale fortune cookie I ate as an appetizer while waiting for my frozen burrito to heat up had a completely bullshit message ("Remember to order take out”).  FML.

So… can someone catch me up on this interview?  Where can I see it?  Do I need to learn German first?  Why do people seem so excited?