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bad | 07

  He was the cliché bad boy. He was the guy you couldn’t stand. He was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. He was a brat. You had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. Until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader (ft. kim taehyung)

GENRE: smut, romance, fluff

WORDS: 10 243

WARNINGS: mature & sexual content, profanity, dirty talk & other filth

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A/N: please beat my ass for taking over a fucking month with this. hopefully it was worth the wait tho ;). writing this killed me.

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Canceled Date (Steve Harrington x Female Reader)

Summary: After you had to cancel your date with Steve because you have to babysit your sister, Steve invites himself over and manages to show you a completely different side to him.

Word Count: 2512

Warnings: none, maybe just OOC Steve

Note: First time writing for Steve but ay whatever. I hope you all enjoy! Feel free to tell me what ya think! :)

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It wasn’t every night your parents would leave you to take care of your 8 month old sister, but after your father got a promotion at his job, they wanted to celebrate. You really didn’t want to ruin their celebration, so you offered to take care of little Anna for as long as they needed you to.

The only bad part was that you had to cancel your date with your boyfriend. You were dating Steve Harrington, the “King” of the school. He had told he really didn’t care about that title, and it was a bit stupid. You have been dating for at least 3 months, and your parents absolutely adored him, and you like to think his parents adore you too.

Anyway, Steve had been a bit upset when you told him you had to cancel. You were both going to watch a movie at his house since you worked at the theater and didn’t want to be there any longer than you needed to.

“Come on (y/n), we’ve been planning this for a week,” Steve said over the phone, you sighed.

“I know, I know- maybe tomorrow I can come over,” you said, feeling bad. Steve was silent for a moment.

“I’ll let it slide this time, but you have to promise me that we’ll spend the whole day together.” You furrowed your eyebrows.

“The whole day?” you asked, you can see him nodding.

“Yup! To make up for all the other times you had to cancel!” You scoffed.

“I only canceled once before this!” you claimed, he hummed.

“All day tomorrow so clear your schedule, babe,” You were silent for a moment, before a smile grew on your lips.

“I’ll get to that…I’m really sorry, Steve,” you apologized again.

“It’s alright (y/n), what are you doing anyway, I didn’t even ask,”

“I have to watch Anna, my parents are going out to celebrate or something,” you shrugged, moving on your stomach, holding your phone against your ear.

“You have to babysit?” he asked, his voice changing suddenly, like he was excited. You nodded as if he could see you.

“Yeah- I’m not canceling on you for no reason,” you laughed, Steve laughed as well. Your heart sped up because you really loved hearing his laugh.

“You know what- our date is not being canceled, tell your parents I’ll be there in 10 minutes,” Your smile fell, and you tilted your head.


“You heard me! I’ll be there in ten minutes,” You could just hear him get up, and grab his car keys. You sat up.

“Steve! My parents aren’t going to like it if my boyfriend comes over while they’re gone- they might think-”

“Come on- we’re going to babysit, that’s all! I’ll see you in ten minutes! Love you!” Your jaw dropped. Was he seriously going to come over?

“(y/n)?” his voice broke you out of your thoughts and you shook off.

“I love you too, but if my parents turn you away at the door- don’t blame me!” He laughed, and you did too, before the line went dead.

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;playing with fire (m)

pairing jeon jungkook x reader, college! jungkook
genre/warnings smut, explicit sexual descriptions, exhibitionist themes, slightly-sub! jungkook, switch themes, oral sex, face sitting
words 8,460

 :: summary jungkook seems to have a little crush on you, and no matter how much you try to ignore it, you seem to be losing your resolve with each passing day…

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sO it’s 2:35am and I’ve just finished watching the Carmilla Movie trailer (in my defence I’ve been busy playing Before The Storm)  and h0ly frick frack I might’ve almost cried and it was so amazing that I actually decided to get out of bed to my laptop so here I am to give you a small declaration of some screenshots:

#1 CAN WE PLEASE talk about the way Carm is looking at Laura?! I truly wasn’t ready to experience this kind of attack so early on

#2 tHe cReW™ is back together and that’s all that matters oml. also Natasha’s hair is still my sexuality


#4 aLsO Laf and Perry in masks?! YES SIGN ME TF UP

#5 they look so perfect. that’s all.

#6 I might’ve set this picture as my wallpaper like woULD YOU JUST LOOK AT IT this is truly a sensational scene if you’d ask me


headcanon: how to win over the gang’s hearts (っ˘ω˘ς )

Darry: bring him an ice-cold bottle of beer and offer him a back rub after he’s had a long day at work

Soda: go on random joyrides with him where you just talk about life and what’s been going on with the two of you

Steve: believe it or not, he thinks it’s adorable when you try your best to understand cars and fail miserably

Twobit: sit and watch cartoons with him, he loves hearing you laugh with him

 (Modern) take stupid selfies with him on Snapchat, using all the ugly filters!

Johnny: just be there with him when he needs someone: he appreciates your presence more than you know

Ponyboy: let him rave about the movies and characters that he adores, and he’ll adore you!

Dally: call him out on his bullshit and don’t be afraid to put him in his place (most people are too intimidated by him to speak up, so he gets a kick out of it when you do)

How Does Ni work?

This is how I experience Ni, and how I observed it in Ni users I know. 

Listening is hard
I will often stop listening because the subject made me think about something else (something more interesting), then this new idea will lead me to another one, then another… In a few seconds, I’ll be far away in my head and will sometimes say things that’ll look totally random. I can also get enthusiastic and jump to a new subject, middle-sentence, because I got a new (better) idea to talk about (which can be annoying to other people). And having to pay attention to uninteresting things is intellectually painful because I have to make the effort to not drift away in my mind.

Thinking about everything, all the time
Our thought process is not straightforward unless we’re working on it to be that way (with Te’s help, for example, to get something done). We’re not thinking about a few things: we’re thinking about everything at once. Picture a black hole: no idea can escape; we think them all. It might seem to other people that we only have good ideas, or that we can’t have many ideas, because we’ll express only the best of them. We can’t trust an idea unless we’re sure we can’t think a better one.

How do you know you made the best choice? How can you be sure your idea is the best? You can’t. You don’t know. This can get us stuck. Sometimes, we miss opportunities by hesitating too long. We have to rely on our other functions to move, to do something. And we have to trust ourselves. 

Hello, intensity, my old friend.
Ni is deep. Sometimes, a bit heavy. It makes us drawn to intellectual things, art with a great meaning, talking about what moves people (love, their interests, hard things they experienced, things that changed them…), books on various topics… I often won’t think someone is my friend if we don’t share something special. If you’re just a body to spend time with and have fun, that’s nice, but I won’t be your friend unless I’m sure I deeply know you.

Turn it off, please!
Ni is all about wisdom, blah blah… I wish I could turn my brain off sometimes. I try to, mostly through my inferior Se: eating, drinking, singing (I sing so much)… I’ll watch stupid movies to give myself a break and laugh about silly things. I often avoid so-called intelligent movies because most of them fail to both amaze me and amuse me. And I’ll almost never miss a chance at watching something creative or weird.

Ni needs to find the best ideas, or the best plans. The way to get to that is through creativity. Sometimes, the perfect way to go is an old, overused one, and it’s ok. I won’t try something for the sake of it being new if there is a less fun but more intelligent way. Most Ni-people I know are into arts or writing, or both. Personal arts and writing projects give Ni all the freedom it needs to fully bloom and it feels so nice.

Dedication and precision for the right things
If something is not interesting, I can’t go on for a long time unless I think it’s worth the effort. I also noticed, from me and also from Ni-aux users, that for a thing to be considered as done, it doesn’t have to be flawlessly done if it’s not important (chores, meaningless work…) but some other things won’t be remotely okay to us unless they are perfectly done.

I’ve been told by many people I should think about pursuing a career as a stand-up comic, but many people also don’t get my jokes at all. My INTJ friends told me that they often get taken seriously when joking, and that people can’t tell when they’re being sarcastic (so they just look like they are pretty mean or especially stupid). Both of them amaze me with how they can push the smallest thing into the most epic long-lasting joke, making fun links between things. (And watch up for self-depreciating humor from INTJs. We love that.)

Strange memory
I absorb information all the time. Ni collects knowledge and, later, fishes out what is useful. Sometimes, I don’t even know how I know something. I just do - because I read about it years ago or because I made links from another bit of knowledge. I’m also the kind of person to forget whole days or conversations if they were not meaningful. I often refer to my memory as impressionist. I have many blurry memories from which I keep the overall feeling and no detail.

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Dating Stiles would include?

  • Having some of the best text conversations in the world.
    • Especially texts about school work, since you’re in all the same classes anyways.
      • “Can I copy your math homework?”
        • “I was gonna copy yours.  Fuck.”
      • “Have you started the English assignment?”
        • “The what?  FUCK!”
      • “Hows studying going?”
        • “My nap was great, thank’s for asking.”
  • “I will not even hesitate to strangle you on monday.”
    • “Can you even reach my neck?”
  • “That sounds illegal.  I’m in.”
  • “I need advice.”
    • “Nevermind.  I already did the stupid thing.”
  • “I’m outside.”
    • “I didn’t invite you around.”
      • “…. so anyway I’m outside.”
  • Movie marathon nights
    • Being able to quote Star Wars word for word.
    • Creating a blanket fort and staying up all night to watch movies
      • Ordering pizza and chinese food so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your fort
  • Always dressing up in ‘couples costumes’ for Halloween
    • Batman and Catwoman
    • Ketchup and Mustard
    • Princess Leia and Han Solo
  • Helping him with his theories about the supernatural in Beacon Hills
    • “Run me through that one more time.”
    • “Y/N…. I’ve already told you three times.”
    • “I know.  I know.  I’m just….. You think Jackson is a what?”
  • Him getting you your own baseball bat for Christmas
    • You getting him a roll of duct tape, because Roscoe had broken down again the night before and Stiles had run out of tape.
  • Always saying that you love each other.  Even if you’re leaving to go into another room.
    • “Stiles, I’ll be right back.”
    • “So I can’t tell you that I love you?”
    • “I’m literally just going into the kitchen. You’ll be able to see me through the doorway.”
    • “But that’s so far away.  I’ll miss you.”
    • “You’re an idiot.”
    • “I’m your idiot.”

I really wish I had a friend I could just call and go over to their house and get high with and watch stupid movies and smoke cigarettes and listen to this rain coming down on the roof. Talk about bullshit and how we’ve fucked up our lives, and how we plan to un-fuck our lives. Talk about who broke us and how we had to put ourselves back together. Talk about how, just like the rain, all of our sins we’ve commited will one day just wash away. And talk about how we need to forget about what we’ve done wrong, and focus on what we plan on doing right and how we know we can succeed because we’ve already picked up the pieces of our shattered lives a million times before and glued them all back together. We are flawed, we will never look or feel or see things the same, but we’re here and we’re real and we will carry on and we will not just exist, but we will live.

I just wish I had a friend like that, feel me….

i hate the “abuse victim becomes an abuser/villain” trope and if that happens to credence i will personally fist fight JKR,,

i’m tired of abused people (kids, especially) having to see these characters and identify with them only to see that they turn out just as bad or worse than who hurt them,,,,, it’s so discouraging to see (speaking as a survivor) like,, can you imagine dreaming of a better life and wanting to see that played out in a character, but instead every single fucking writer makes them into a bad guy!!!! and the only thing is that they get a “tragic backstory” it pisses me off so much!! there are too many characters like that, even just in harry potter, so i’m just like begging JKR to please not do that again. we’ve seen it enough.

not to mention the endless possibilities you have to show that character overcome what they’ve been through and just?? give them a life that ends happier than it began. to show everyone that people are more than their pasts or that “tragic backstories.” there’s just so much you can do with that, and like it’s so unoriginal and boring to stick with such an outdated, discouraging, and upsetting trope. you can make a truly original, innovative, and moving character if you just stop using that stupid, overused trope!!!! it’s that simple.

what happens to credence matters, whether you care about his character or not, because it speaks so much to people (children) in similar situations watching this movie…. it matters because it shows how people tend to view victims of abuse. and jfc this should go without saying but all abuse victims matter, and we need to really talk about them and stop giving them half-hearted stories, or stories that we see repeated across genres, franchises, mediums of art/expression…. give varied stories, give nuanced stories, give us real people going through things that really happen.

and please don’t let credence be forgotten among those characters.

dating hansol

alrighty im probably gonna add more to this later because im Soft™ and this might have a lot of typos, but here we go.

-first off, he is someone who would want to date his best friend. like, there has to be that level of trust snd respect that only best friends have that he wants in a relationship. he also doesn’t want to feel bad if he is a total goof (which he is) because he knows his best friend would never judge him.

-loves loves loveS holding your hand. it is one of his favorite things because he likes having you close to him and isnt a huge fan of pda (only in public, ill get to that later). he just loves lacing his fingers through yours and rubbing the back of your hand with his thumb. and he loves it even more when you do it to him.

-not a pda person in public, but when its just you two (or you two and one other person (aka seungkwan)) he is ALL OVER YOU (not like that get ya mind out of the gutter). he’ll pull you into his lap or into his chest and will kiss your forehead or your cheek or like bury his face into you neck or vice versa.

-i briefly mentioned it before but vern is just a huuuge goofball. he absolutely loves it when you play along with his antics, so you would find both of you making up stupid dances and dumb songs and stuff likes that. he knows when to get real and when to get serious and when to chill, but until then, he is a goober.

-fav type of dates are the ones (idek if they count as dates??? cute tho) where yall just stay in, you have the vague area to yourselves, and youre just watching a movie or playing video games. these dates have two moods 1) its been a long day so we’re just chillin (in cedar rapids) and everything is quiet. occasional chatting but with low voices. very sleepy. usually watching a movie or tv show. its dark or there are only fairy lights. sometimes you get deep and cry a lil but everything is well. or 2) ENERGY. playing games ir doing stupid commentary on whatever youre watching. there is no chill. you are loud and despite frantic texts from the members telling you to shuhshshshshshh the two of you are just too excited to be together and have all of this energy!!! you need to get it out!!!!!! memes. there are lots of memes. memes of each other, but also just.,,.., memes. dates usually go something like that.

-loves it when his s/o is super passionate about something. it doesn’t completely matter what it is, as long as it is safe and all that, he just loves it when you have something that you really really love.

-would rap for you a lot. both really good, impressive ones that you can tell he worked really hard on, a d ones that the two of you just made up randomly to make each other laugh. however , he would love it even more if you rapped for him (or tried). he doesn’t care if your good or not, just the fact the you want to become a part of and appreciate something he loves so much makes him glow with happiness.

-listening to music. alllllll the time. he seems to be an open minded peson in general, so my guess is that that carries over to his interest in music too. he would listen to anything, kpop, rap, hip hop, classical, techno, lyrical, ballads, soundtracks, you name it. if there is a genre of music you really like, he would want to become interested in it too, so he could appreciate it with you.

-doesnt really go all out with the couple pet names (doesnt do sweetie or princess and stuff) but sticks to the classics like baby and babe. it makes your heart melt.

-one of his favorite activities to do with you is to play video games!! this is just me but i feel like he would prefer coop or single player games rather then online games. he thinks it adorable when you play a game like skyrim, or something of the sort and you die a lot and get frustrated. you pretend to think he is being a bully when he teases you, but he still thinks your the cutest thing in the universe right there and then.

-gets realllllly soft at night. if the two of you are spending the night or something, he wont let you go to sleep until he gushes and tells you how much he loves you at least 1,000 times. times like these just make your heart soar, and they make you soft and then you get all soft and giggly and tell him you love him 5,000 times and it makes him love you even more.

-would literally cry tears of joy if you and his sister got along. and his mom. and his dad. and his cat. he just wants everyone important to him to get along.

-he has said before that the most important thing in a human is respect, but i also feel like honesty is important to him. he would really want you and maybe even expect you to be as honest as possible, both with you to him and him to you. nothing makes him more upset then you keeping something from him, it makes it feel like you dont trust him, which breaks his heart. this is only of the only things i can imagine him ever “fighting” out about (it barely even counts as fighting. it is an argument usually that would very rarely escalate, and when it did, you would both just take some time to yourself and come back together even stronger and more trusting then you were before).

-usually, vernon is all smiles when he is with you, but like everyone else, he has bad days. maybe it was a long day at practice, maybe he didnt get to talk to his mom that day, or maybe he is just sad. we all have those days. in times like these, he just wants to lay there with you, almost always with soft music. more then anything he just wants a hug. a long, really satisfying and comforting hug. he wants to feel protected and loved, which are all things you are capable of. when you are upset he is always there for you, so please be there for him. idol life is hard, and he will need support.

-honestly, i feel like vern is just a total fluff ball. when its just you two, he gets sooooo corny and goofy and it makes you love him even more. when youre with people you know, he goofs off with everyone and helps you feel included, all while holding your hand or wrapping his arm around your waist. when with people you dont know (or like), his arm is wrapped around you still but tighter, his hand never leaves yours, and he is always checking to make sure youre okay.

-SPEAKING OF, this sweetheart is always worried about you being anxious, or uncomfortable, or unhappy. he is always checking on you, and squeezing your hand, and worrying about you. he just wants you to feel safe and happy.

More Like Her || Archie Andrews

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word count :

pairing : Archie Andrews x Reader

warnings : upset reader, bitchiness??

summary : You’ve been friends with the gang for all your life, even dating Archie, you thought you’d like Veronica like everyone else but you start to think Archie is cheating on you with her so that’s not okay.

a/n : thanks you all for requesting for being on my tag list, but for now i will not be adding more people. also, i was listening to this song, it might put a good mood setter for this imagine! 

posting schedule : wednesday, friday, sunday!

     You thought she was a nice girl. Everyone thought Veronica would make a nice addition to your group of friends, you thought that Ronnie was cool that she would fit in nicely. You thought that for a while before you started to pick up on some things that never would add up in a normal person’s mind.

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at the edges

for @baneismydragon : missing nino moments throughout the episodes in season one :) 


The weather is beautiful, sunlight streaming through his window. He’s figured out a new beat for a song he’s writing for Adrien’s birthday. They’re new friends–but–there’s a thing, you know, when you start to care about someone and– 

Nino’s phone vibrates, catching his attention, shadows shifting through his window as he reads the message.

ALERT: New Akuma at Local Park. Please stay indoors.

He doesn’t go back to his music that afternoon. Not even after Adrien finally replies hours later. 

(Sometimes it’s weird to admit you’re scared.)

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Title: Better Off Beautiful
Fandom: X-Men
Characters: Peter Maximoff x Reader
Warnings: Self-hatred
Word Count: 1,090
Notes: Request from anon for “Helloooooooooo! I love your blog! I was wondering if you could write a Peter Maximoff fic based off ‘Better Off Dead’ by Sleeping With Sirens where the reader seriously (COMPLETELY) hates herslef and one day Peter just finds a notebook in her room where she has a long-ass list of things to hate about herself? Its a bit weird but could you maybe write this? Tysm!!😙😙” // Always remember that you should work towards loving yourself entirely on your own, rather than wishing for someone to come along and make it so. Everyone is beautiful and perfect in their own way, regardless of the opinions of others. I really hope this fic made you feel a bit better, but please remember that you must love yourself first and foremost. ♥

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Your Love | Tom Holland

Tom Holland x Reader

Request: (by anon) “Omg your love by little mix with tom!!! pls pls its literally been a dream of mine lol”

Summary: Based on “Your Love” by Little Mix. Tom shows you he loves you in all kinds of situations.

Word Count: 839

Warnings: sickening fluff and mentions of shrek whoops

A/N: This is the first thing I’ve written on this blog and I hope it doesn’t suck lol also I hope this didn’t disappoint you anon :’) Also Tom says darling so much in this because I love it. If you want to request go here, and if you want to see the song fic request list go here

Luxurious lovin’, like Egyptian cotton

If I ain’t got nothin’, least I got you

Tom realized just how much he loves you after one of many nights spent at his apartment. You were laying in bed after he had a long day of filming and he couldn’t take his eyes off you, no matter how much they threatened to close from exhaustion.

“Why do you keep looking at me like that, babe?” You asked him as he brushed a strand of hair away from your eyes. His cheeks turned pink and he gave a small smile.

“It’s just - I don’t know,” he said quietly. “Sometimes I wonder - if I weren’t a celebrity, would you still be with me?”

You almost laughed, the question sounding absolutely ridiculous. Tom frowned, “No, (Y/N), I’m serious.”

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Lame TEW2 Headcanons for Stefano

-Always photographing Sebastian, whether he’s aware or unaware of it

-Probably has a shrine of Sebass w/ multiple photos of him

-Actually really enjoys Lily’s company; doesn’t want to give her back, not b/c he’d lose his power (though that is a factor…) but b/c he thinks she’s adorable and needs to protect her from the various evils inside of STEM

-Experimented with both guys n’ gals before, but doesn’t seem to have a preference; both are great

-Once upon a time he had to wear glasses

-All the girls probably swooned over him in high school

-Totally OCD

-Used to be a total flirt

-Secretly judges everyone’s fashion choices

-A gentleman in the streets and a freak in the sheets…wait, scratch that; he’s totally crazy regardless of the scenario

-Hates mornings

-Don’t let him watch sad movies; he’ll use up all of your Kleenex

-Actually really dislikes spaghetti (I felt a stupid need to throw this one in there)

-Totally went through a, “IT’S NOT A PHASE, DAD!” phase

-Rough exterior, squishy interior

-Would kill a man any day; would become clinically depressed over a dead dog

-Can play a mean viola

-Actually won a multitude of art shows when he was younger

-Despite his apathetic psyche, he’d totally die for his s/o

-Hates coffee

Ya’ll, I could go on for days.

(PLEASE feel more than free to add your headcanons! KEEP THIS GOING! Headcanons added don’t even have to be for just Stefano; add whatever headcanons you’d like for whomever you’d like!)

anonymous asked:

Can you do a songfic "Say You Wont Let Go" by James Arthur for bechloe???

Some would say three years was a long engagement. Some would also say that the one who proposed wouldn’t be the one with the cold feet. Someone would also call Beca Mitchell a chicken shit. This time, it was Amy.

“Dude you’ve been engaged how long?”

Beca gulped the last drop of her beer, “Relaxxxx. It’s fine. We’re totally fine.”

“If you were totally fine why won’t you just marry her?”

“Because I’m waiting for the right time.”

“And that is when?”

“When I’ve finished.” Beca threw a twenty down on the bar top, more than enough to cover her and Amy’s drinks plus a tip and then some.

“Finished what?” the blonde yelled after to the brunette who was already half way out of their usual Wednesdsay night hangout spot. 

“See ya later, Amy! Gotta get back to the studio.”

She let the door slam behind her as she absentmindedly checked the notifications on her phone while walking to her car. Three texts from Chloe. 

fiance bitch 5:07pm: will you be home for dinner tonight??

 fiance bitch 6:15pm: i’m ordering you chinese anyway

fiance bitch 7:30pm: don’t hate me but I’m gonna watch Fixer Upper without you unless you hurry tf up, Mitchell

becs 8:01pm: DON’T YOU DARE. i’ll be home in five xoxo

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bookscrazygirl-blog  asked:

What is the rules on horror movies? Is it, 'DO NOT BRING IN YOU SHOULDN'T GIVE THEM ANY IDEAS ARE YOU CRAZY?!' or just 'if you are going to watch, make sure it is the B-rated stuff with stupid people doing stupid things'? I feel no matter what, psychological thrillers have an eternal ban because the last thing They need is a better insight into how to manipulate people into doing really stupid things.

Here’s the Thing, though: the Gentry haven’t been able to walk free in well over a century at least, and the world began closing on them before that. In short, they have no idea what it’s like out there today. There are no Gentry, sure, but on the other hand there are certain things that aren’t bound by their rules - ghosts, cryptids, etc. Students have a golden opportunity to fuck with them in this one regard of whether horror movies are documentaries or not.


Request: also wait (its the ass eater here), how about yoongis reaction to another person flirting with his partner while he stepped away for a moment :^)
Member: Suga (bts)
Genre: some short fluff
Word count: 947
A/N: you’re my favorite ass eater so be sure to eat today I haven’t seen you in 2 weeks and my mom instinct is kicking in

A sigh escaped your lips as you stared at the man across the table from you, tapping your fingers idly against the cup of tea resting in front of you. He was certainly not happy, and as much as you wanted to say that he was straight up pouting, you knew he wouldn’t like that terminology for it, so you went with sulking instead. Grouching would work too though. Moping, if you will. This was not how this day was supposed to go though. 

The sky was a bit gloomy from the rain in the morning, but you found that you didn’t particularly mind it when the two of you left the apartment for a day out together. It made everything smell nice and fresh and kept too many people from wandering the streets, making things that much quieter in the secluded area you had decided to stroll around. Everything had been going fine, the two of you holding hands and pressed closed as you spoke quietly to catch up on how things had gone when he was away at a filming for a week. However, your boyfriend’s mood had quickly turned south when an old friend had showed up.
He had ducked into the convenience store to get you guys an umbrella, since it was looking like it was going to rain again before you got to the cafe you had both wanted to try, when your friend from high school rounded the corner and greeted you with a smile. He was friendly, overly so, not hesitating to hug you and touch your arm as he asked about you. Add in a few flirtatious compliments and it was rather easy to see the scowl marring your boyfriend’s features as he approached. You quickly said goodbye to your old friend, making an empty promise to catch up with him on Facebook or something later, before dashing off before Yoongi could get any pissier. 

“Yoongs,” you called softly, trying to draw his attention from the window he was stubbornly looking out. “I’m sorry, he was just an old friend. I didn’t know he was going to flirt with me, and I wouldn’t have let anything happen.” 

You reached over to touch his hand, and although he tried to make it more subtle, you could still see the way his shoulders relaxed at the feeling of your hand on his and smiled. He let out a breath before looking over at you and gently lacing his fingers with yours. “I know, sorry,” he muttered, and your smile grew the tiniest bit more at his words. He wasn’t always the best at expressing how he feels, but you knew that he trusted you, and his sulking was just a reaction he couldn’t really help. “It’s just that, I don’t know, I don’t like seeing people touching and flirting with you so casually. It doesn’t normally bother me this much, but the fact that you’ve known him for a while is just kind of…”
He trailed off, unsure how to continue, and you squeezed his hand in reassurance.

“Don’t worry babe, I know it sucks to see that sort of thing. I wouldn’t be exactly happy if I saw someone flirting with you either,” you hummed and lifted his hand to pressed it against your cheek, your heart thrumming at the familiar gummy smile beginning to poke at his cheeks. “Seriously though, him knowing me for a long time doesn’t mean anything. I’ve barely spoken to guy like ever, and even if I had, timelines don’t really matter. How much you care about someone matters.” 

You tilted your cheek in his hand so you could press a soft kiss to the palm of his hand, and you watched the rest of the unease melt away from his features as he nodded. “You’re right, sorry for nearly ruining our date, it’s our first one in a while and I need to focusing on you, not some stupid guy.”

You nodded and took his hand off your cheek so that you could hold it again. “Exactly, now, let’s just drink this tea and go back to the apartment so we can watch a movie together yeah?” 

He nodded back, the gummy smile finally breaking out to cover his face and you could feel your insides practically sing with glee at the sight of it. Pouting Yoongi was gone, and you could finally get back to enjoying your afternoon with your squishy boyfriend, who was presently sipping his tea with one hand and squeezing your hand with the other. He set the drink down, and began chatting about which dessert from the display you guys should take home as you hooked your feet with his under the table, content that the little bump in the road was gone. Jealousy was not something to fight over or cause misunderstandings with, you knew that from past relationships, and you felt relieved that you were able to calm Yoongi down. 

“Hey,” he snapped you out of your thoughts, and you blinked twice. “Which dessert, chocolate cake or fruit tart?”

“Cake,” you smiled and he nodded, fishing his wallet out and shot you a glare before you could protest and offer to pay for half.

“Don’t even think about it, let me show you that I love you and pay for it, alright?” he huffed and you bit your tongue to keep from smiling too wide.

“That’s not how you have to show me you love me,” you cooed and he rolled his eyes, making you laugh as he unhooked his feet from yours and went to get the cake. You two were going to be just fine.

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Dating Two-Bit Matthews

Dating Two-Bit

* Watching cartoons together.
* Ordering dessert before dinner when you go out together.
* Having to be the adult in the relationship .
* Worrying about him when he goes off drinking in the middle of the nights .
* Laughing together all of the time.
* Not being able to have a serious conversation unless you get super angry with him.
* Going on walks all of the time.
* He would tell you tons of stories about his past.
* Calling him Keith instead of Two-Bit, just because it’s more intimate.
* Getting upset with him because he won’t grow up.
* Helping him get a job.
* Lots of pick up lines.
* Two-Bit standing up for you to your parents when they’re in the wrong.
* Knowing that if you ever needed anything he would be there for you in a flash.
*  Stupid jokes.
* Sighing when you smell alcohol on his breath.
* Crumb in your bed and his bed because of him.
* Ruffling up his hairdo.
* Steering his car for him when he has to give it a push.
* Playing rough together and pretending you got hurt so that he would go easy on you.
* Cuddling up and watching movies together.
* Having to give him all of your attention.
* Drawing on his face when he falls asleep before you do.
* Two-Bit jumping on your back for a piggy back ride, and you almost falling over because of it.
* Two-Bit throwing his arm around your shoulders all of the time.
* Always laughing together.
* Jumping into bed together.
* Throwing things at each other, whether it’s mud, food, anything you can get your hands on at the time.
* Watching him in admiration when he’s asleep.
* Going to get ice cream together all of the time.
*Making fun of people together.
* Being scared for him when he doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut around certain people.
* Walking away from him when he isn’t taking you seriously.
* Two-Bit being the most defensive person in the world in certain situations.
* Telling him to stop causing so much trouble all the time.

Tag yourself- stranger things edition

Daycare mountaingummy- goof friend, will dance for attention, wants friends to be ok

Joo korny- dad friend, dad jokes, sarcastic af, a luxury few can afford

Winnie rides- mom friend, don’t mess with her friends, always ready to fight or nap u decide

Fun dogbard- edgy friend, listens to the front bottoms and eats too much ice cream but low key never knows what’s going on

Movie billy Bob- fab friend, multiple talents, multiple friends, always has 1000 things to do every day

Garden matazoo- an Angel, funny and wants to see all his friends laugh, needs a nap every day

Silly string- new friend, a little mysterious but very Cool vibes, low key great at comebacks so watch out

Carebear mclakeland- hip friend, good dancer, seasonal allergies are the only thing stopping him.

Nope snap- yet another Angel, pure and nice, must be protected, will do great things in life

Darvid hoobar- intimidating friend but also rad, best advice, no time for stupidity, wants what’s best for his friends

Neatleaf dryer- underrated friend, just wants a nap and maybe some snacks. Checks her zodiac sign more than the news

Charby heats- weird friend, no one knows what he’s thinking… is it pasta? Is it world domination? You decide

Shernoon purses- Best friend, harsh advice but she rite tho, pls listen

Shoe austin- True Friend, by your side thru it all, knows your home phone number and reminds you to call your mom

Bonus Bonus:
Lines BertTheSon- mysterious friend, just showed up somehow but no one questions it