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My Best Friend’s Sister (Part 2)

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Summary: The reader gets to know Jensen more at work but he wants to know what’s up with the Padalecki siblings…


Pairing: Jensen x reader (with sibling!Jared)

Word Count: 3,400ish

Warnings: language, sibling angst

A/N: I adore giggly Jensen…

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Post-Break Up Kiss: The kiss that catches both of you off guard, but says ‘I miss you’, ‘I’m sorry’, and ‘Please love me again’, without any words being spoken. (Dean x Reader)

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Okay, so, I need legit help

I am in between jobs, attempting to transition from one from the other, but I still have over a week before I’m settled into my new environments. I’m going to be working for a third party logistics company full-time with a part-time job at Amazon on the side as a cushion.

Unfortunately, I do not start either for a while, so I’m stuck at my current workplace at part time hours that obviously do not pay the bills. I’ve already had issues regarding my paycheck and hours with them, and it’s come back to bite me on the ass.

Basically, I have over $400 coming out soon. Around $100-$120 for my car insurance (I do this through my brother so I never know precisely how much until a day or two before), and $300.43 for my car payment.

I have absolutely no way of getting that money in time. While the car insurance may be able to take a slide, the car payment CANNOT. I need my car as transport to and from work, as both jobs are not within walking distance.

I don’t have relatives who can offer me any aid at this point since I’d only be creating a burden on them as well.

If possible, PLEASE consider donating a little. It doesn’t need to be $30, $40, $50, or anything of that nature, but any little bit helps. If you can’t donate, please consider reblogging this post.

I will happily show you receipts for the insurance and car payment, as well as take basically any writing request you have (just please make sure to check out the request info).

I’m not proud to ask for help like this, but I don’t know what else to do…

Here’s my PayPal link.

Shawn’s favorite thing is head massages. That’s right. He loves to have you run your fingers through his hair and rub your fingertips along his scalp. He loves it when you tug gently and scratch lightly with your short nails. Nothing is better for him and you’re almost convinced he likes it more than sex. Some nights when he gets home late he will come to bed and find you asleep, sprawled out all over the mattress. He will wake you up and you know what he needs just by the tired look in his eyes and the paleness of his face. Stress of writing and recording all day really caught up to him after a while. You would sit up, back against the headboard, not caring what time of night it was and he would crawl on the bed and sit between your legs. You would put a pillow on your stomach for him to lean back against and then your hands go straight to his hair. You pull his soft hair gently and work your hands through a few times, going from root to tip and messing his hair up. He just groans softly, eyes closed, body completely relaxed against yours. It’s your favorite thing about him, how he goes so pliant and soft when you touch him like this. It’s like he just completely relaxes and trusts you to take away all the stress. “I love you,” he mumbles, voice sleepy and relaxed. “I love you too,” you smile and lean down to kiss his nose. He smiles big with his eyes still closed. You wouldn’t trade nights like this for the world.

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After what you've done, aka wrecked me with that damien/colonel fic, can we get some fluff? Like the fluffiest shit you got, they deserved better :(

(( is this fluffy enough for you?? ^^ ))

It was snowing outside, and when Damien woke up he was greeted by a blanket of white. While winter wasn’t his favourite season, snow reminded him of some good childhood memories and it never failed to put him in a good mood.

Taking breakfast on the terrace of his house, Damien shivered at the cold air blowing through the city today on the back of the snowstorm that had happened overnight. Cupping a full mug of tea in his hands to keep them warm, Damien leant back and watched a gentle snowfall continue, too thin and flaky to fully stick to the snow already on the ground.

“Mayor Damien.”

Turning, Damien found his butler waiting for him, carrying the morning paper and some letters on a silver tray.

“Thank you.” Damien murmured, taking the paper and letters and offering a gentle smile. He needed to get ready soon to go to work, and he had a lot of meetings today, but all of that fled from his mind when he recognised the writing on one of the letters. It was an invitation from William to meet for dinner today, and Damien’s heart skipped a beat at the request.

The day couldn’t go quickly enough.

Damien was frozen by the time he reached the restaurant William had requested in his letter. Unable to send a letter back in time with the amount of work he had had to do that day, William had no idea Damien was coming, but the Colonel was still there waiting for him.

“You look cold, Damien.” William laughed, standing and holding out a hand for Damien to shake before sitting back down, settling back at the table and gesturing for a waiter to bring them more wine.
“I wasn’t aware you were coming.”

“I was a little busy.” Damien murmured, “So I never had the chance. Thank you for waiting for me.”

“You’re early anyway, just as I am.” Will shrugged, “I’m glad you actually came.”

“So am I.”

Conversation between them flowed easily despite having not seen each other for a few weeks, and it was nice to finally have some time like this away from the office, Damien thought. William ordered them a large feast of food, but Damien barely ate, too busy watching his friend and prompting him to talk as much as he could.

“Do you remember the first time we were allowed to go out in the snow alone?” Damien asked quietly as the waiter cleared their table and William waved him away when he asked whether they wanted dessert.

“Mark fell down a snow drift and you cried.” William chuckled, “I remember it well.”

Blushing, Damien shook his head, “We had fun as well William.”

“Oh, we did.” William agreed, “But those were the funniest parts. Are you ready to go?”

Nodding, Damien stood and went to slip into his coat. William took it up quickly and held it out for him, helping him inside it and waiting for Damien to fasten it up before tucking Damien’s scarf inside the collar to protect his neck.

“Are you going to be cold?” Will asked as the door was opened for them and they were hit with a blast of cold air. Damien’s shivers answered William’s question completely and the Colonel laughed, pulling off his own coat and wrapping it around Damien’s shoulders.

“No William, you will get cold!” Damien protested.

“Poppycock.” William smirked, “I’m used to the cold. Now, let’s get you home shall we?”

That was easier said than done. The snow had grown thicker while they had been eating and traffic around the city had ground to a halt. Damien was entirely happy to walk home, but as they were halfway through a park near Damien’s home, the wind picked up and the heavens opened, snow and rain coming down thick and fast. William hurried them under a shelter in the park, secluded under the trees as other people ran for cover as well.

“Well, this was an interesting turn of events.” He smirked.

“It’s…almost like a romantic novel.” Damien whispered.

“No, if it was a romantic novel, I’d have kissed you by now.” William added with a grin.

Blushing again, Damien went to turn away and watch the rain, but William grabbed his arm and pulled him flush against him.

“How about I do so?” He purred, before pressing their lips together.

Damien tensed, but relaxed almost immediately when William gently wrapped his arms around his waist and press him against the wall of the shelter.

“Your nose is cold.” Will whispered against Damien’s lips. “I’ll kiss that for you as well if you like?”

Laughing, Damien shook his head, “You can warm me up in other ways, if you want. But we need to get home first.”

“I’m not opposed to doing it right here right now.” William proposed, sliding one hand down Damien’s thigh to try and lift his leg but Damien resisted.

“I’m the Mayor, William! I can’t do anything in public!”

“Oh please, no one is here.”

Biting his lip, Damien glanced around and saw William was right. The rain was too heavy for anyone to get proper pictures or videos of him unless they were under the shelter with them.

“Alright…but just kissing, you hear me!” He ordered.

William grinned and kissed Damien hard again, murmuring “Bully!” as he did so.

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Excuse me I see a lot of negativity and unnecessary dragging about Gorgeous not living up to lyrical expectations first of all this misconception of “great lyrics” being synonymous with “heartbreaking/emotional lyrics” needs to stop because a.) you’re wrong and b.) nah that’s it you’re just wrong and second of all have you actually listened to the song because the lyrics are fantastic and witty and so relatable while still being super specific to her own life and GOOD SONGS DON’T HAVE TO BE BALLADS TO BE GOOD SONGS:)

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Ceo!Tom being sick and you having to make sure he stays in bed but he keeps trying to sneak out of bed to do work. You end up having to force him to stay in bed and watch movies or tv with him, then you go to get him some soup and come back into the bedroom to see him on the phone. So he kind of just hangs up like "My girlfriend just walked in and she looks like she'll kill me, bye." and you steal his phone and hide it in one of the bed drawers before scolding him because he needs to get better.

agebdjdjsks im still such a hoe™ for CEO!TOM AND THIS CONfirMED IT

Heya, so

I want to apologize for seeming more distant lately. I have been trying to keep myself active and prevent myself to bring up my personal issues to this blog…but i think everything is starting to leak at this point.

I do want to come back to draw, to do those memes, to post ridiculous stuff. I dont want to justify my behaviour or detach responsibility for my actions, that’s up to me to try to improve it.

I guess…i just want to ask for a little patience. I know there are a lot of stuff i promised i was going to do and i havent yet, i know i have failed my word…and yes maybe it’s too much for ask for more time at this moment…but that’s the only thing i really need rn: gimme time to come back to be who i used to, i know i can and im working on it.

That’s all for now i guess

Daryl Dixon x OC

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Warning: Swearing, Fluff.

Summary: You’ll have to read to find out :)

I felt feather like kisses going down my neck to my shoulder and down my arm. I moaned softly at the feel of his warm lips on my smooth skin. “Daryl…” I moaned into the pillow. I felt him smirk against my skin at the effect he had on me. 

“Morning sweetheart.” He whispered in my ear which gave me shivers. “Mmm morning.” His hand went down to my thigh and started to rub circles on it while kissing my neck. “Daryl, you have to go to work.” I stated. He just hummed. “Daryl as much as I would like to do this, you need to go on the work otherwise Tom will kill you.” He sighed and rolled onto his back. 

I followed and leant my head on his chest. “I promise when you get back safely you can have as much sex as you want.” I said smirking at him. I earned one back. Baby cries could be heard from the other room. 

Before Daryl could get up I put a hand on his chest and pushed him down. “You get ready for work and I’ll get her.” He nodded and kissed my hand. 

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So, I stopped reading perhaps two posts ago, by the time I finish writing this maybe five posts ago, because I need to get this shit off my chest.

(Because Alas Going To Work does not mean someone actually stops the shit posting. It’s really just a convenient “Mic Dropped, I Am Out Bitches” ending to a shitty fucking post that shits all over the people who have been in the corner and you have been mistreating, while setting you up to be the victim of those bad people who will not stay around for you to shit on them after you already used them, got your back patted by and then ignored in favor of bemoaning how alone and victimized you are).

@poplitealqueen (because when you talk about someone you should do them the favor to @ them rather than just drop their names thus calling them out without immediately alerting them you called them out personally) how about you stop with this fucking woe-is-me bullshit?

Woe is not fucking you.

You are a decently known author. You are not deadcat-famous but you did not spend more ten years writing a fic through huge life changes, sticking by it and determinedly trudging on without unleashing a constant stream of Witness My Self-Victiminization posts. You are known enough in the circles of the people who like the kind of fics you write that people answer to your posts and send you asks, ask you thing and show you support, as well as reading and kudo-ing your fics. Maybe less than they once did, but fandom is fickle, always has been fickle and always will be.

People have their own lives and they move on and then sometimes they come back and sometimes they do not. Some fandoms get their heyday and then the more dedicated people stay on and then the show goes off the air, the comic stops publishing, the canon is completely erased in favor of a new one and people get interested in things that offer new content. That’s life and it might suck but hey, darling sweet little girl, IT SUCKS THE SAME FOR EVERYBODY.

You know how it feels to sit down with someone, give them complete support and try your damn all to make them see the good sides of things and comfort them by saying that people will be there for them, only to log on and look at their account and find them answering asks and having long convos with people and getting funny posts that get 7k notes (the Luke-in-the-tlj-trailer one) while your posts are big when they get over 80 notes in a few weeks of activity (and only when boosted by other people with more popularity than the OP) and when you publish memes no one gives a fuck about asking about your OCs?


Because you are the person moaning and bitching while having it better and I am the person who gave you support while being fully aware of my much less active and noticed blog. I am the person who sent you asks and reblogged your memes (you know, the ones I later on see you say SEND SOMETHING IF YOU REBLOG about but you never answer when it’s me blogging them?). You are the person who does not see reality as it is because it’s not convenient to them.

Yes, I said convenient.


Because you are the kind of person who likes to, as we say in Italy, bask in their own broth.

By which I mean: you are milking being the Depressed Artist Who Nobody Likes shtick for all it’s worth, hooking people up on your drama and using them (like you used my Lee, before you dropped her like hot coals once Senpai FlameThrower Noticed You) only to later on shit on them (like the bullshit you said about me not having reached out for you in weeks, which I can disproves with fucking screencaps of our chat, darling, so do not try to pull the “I Am Bad But She Abandoned Me [So Clearly I Am The Victim But You Are Supposed To Get That From Contest So I Can Be The Victim When The Other Party Gets Angry]” move).

I am pretty sure you are not aware of it and people have trouble either telling it to you (it is a brutal thing to say, made even more brutal by the fact that it’s true) or realizing what is going on, but you *are* doing it. Oh boy are you ever doing it.

It does not matter what other people do.

It does not matter that I was inspired for a few days straight to work on fanarts for you.

It does not matter how many people send you asks and support and take time out of their own lives to hold your hand and put their arm around your shoulders and support you.

You are still constantly posting that nobody likes you, nobody cares about you, nobody gives you notes on the posts you like, people do not answer to your posts.

Except that when I get around to seeing things (after I sleep, do my fucking job babysitting two kids I cannot take my eyes off of lest they kill themselves or each other and actually spend time with my mom and fiancee) I do but I get no answer back from you, I suppose because I am somewhat contractually obliged to do it with you but the opposite does not apply to you when you can spend your time posting depressing Mood Things rather than engaging into further interaction.

Except that when I get around to checking your blogs (after the same things as above), I like all the stuff I can look at without being spoiled for things I want to see.

Except that I kept reaching out in the chat and being met with silence for days on your end.

And, again, all of that does not matter at all, not to you, because being Mood Depressed Unloved Artist is more important than actually getting off your ass and making the changes you need to make.

You say “I have resolved to be positive” and then it’s day after day after day of depressing Mood Posts and NOBODY LOVES ME.

People love you, you just make it hard for some of that love to prosper, given how you do not nurture it, you do not work with the other person, you prefer to shitpost about being unloved.

You know why people unfollow you?

Because you are a negative fucking person to be around and because even after they have given you time, attention, support, the notes you wants, the kudos you want, you still make shitty call out posts that allow you to play the victim and react to them cutting your negativity out of your life with the classic Fandom Shit Move of “Way To Abandon The Person Having a Breakdown.”

Darling, I know you told me you have maybe one breakdown per month but I need you to sit down and listen to this.

You have a breakdown per week, sometimes twice per week.

Many of these breakdowns lead you to shit even more than your usual on the people who are there for you.

Having any kind of mental illness does not excuse the behavior you have been exhibiting or making your actions acceptable.

I am also not contractually obliged to let you spew bullshit about me and still stick by you. I signed no piece of paper or clicked ok on any internet document that said “I have to put up with you whining about notes and Patreon not expanding fast enough and people not giving your due for the work you do, when my Patreon never went past three people and 15 dollars and you get a little bit more than 100 dollars per month”.

I am not trying for sainthood here, I am not going to just stand by and smile and nod and pat your back while you spew things that hurt me in public rather than reach out to me and talk about it.

Like I said we could and should do? Like I encouraged you to do? Like I told you that you could do at any point and we would talk things out and resolve them? You remember that chat or has it been conveniently removed from your memories so you can justify your behavior to yourself? In that case, please dear, do scroll up our chat and check it for yourself. It’s a conversation we actually did have.

You are 21, not 11 and the kind of call post you did today was uncalled for and very primary school of you. Shitting over people on public while setting you up as Poor Victim Miss Pops unless people haste to run at your side and declare their friendship to you is not how friendships get mended, it’s petty emotional manipulation meant to make other people feel guilty and force them to come to you in a way that puts you in a position of power and (fake) superior moral ground.

You do not have the superior moral ground and I am not giving you that power.

You can either get your head out of your ass, stop being someone who is constantly negative and reach out to me on your own, ready to meet on equal ground to mend what could have been the beginning or an actual friendship or you can play the victim further, keep down the road you are on and enjoy basking in your broth.

I will not unfollow you, I will keep reading your posts and liking the ones I like, I will keep enjoying your writing, I will keep being happy when new fic from you shows up in my inbox, I will keep giving you kudos and I will keep supporting you as an artist on Patreon and both my email and my chat on tumbrl will always be open to you (with the understanding that I will answer you when I get around to have the time for it depending on the day I am having). If inspiration strikes again, I will make more fanarts.

Have a good work day.


4:56pm // 1/100

Trying this 100 days of productivity once again. Yesterday, my (Introduction to) International Relations class took place for the first time. I’m extremely interested in politics (after all, I want to make it my career), but damn the expectations are high. It’s definitely going to be the class with the heaviest workload this semester. I started reading some introductory texts today, and I’ll have to read a whole lot more until next week. In November I’ll have to give a presentation on US-Russia relations and the conflict during the Cold War.

Now that the first week of the semester is over, I need to start getting organized in general. Ideally, I’d go back to my senior year of high school level of organized & motivated, but we’ll see. Besides all the work for my politics class I also still have to read four books over the weekend. Is this what it actually feels like to be in college?

things i heard on my first day at work in a call center
  • “Alright thank you very much!” Ends call. “DIE!”
  • “You don’t need more money? Then why do you go to work every day? For magical beans? We don’t live in Harry Potter!!”
  • “Where’s everyone” “Dead”
  • Guy, kneeling on a moving chair backwards, hanging off the backrest and turning in a circle: “HELLO DEAR CLIENT”
  • Girl pacing back and forth across the whole office, dribbling a tennis ball perfectly: “you’re completely right”
  • Me: comes into the kitchen
    Dude eating a piece of bread with salad: oh this was supposed to be a secret
    Me, hiding my eyes: I didn’t see anything
    Him: no it was supposed to be an ACTUAL secret
  • “You’re talking like SATAN HIMSELF JUST DESCENDED”
  • “Hi I’m calling from the actual, real life market!!”

It’s official. I have gotten a new computer and I’m currently working on getting all my preferences reset and all that fun jazz.

Currently waiting on my download for office 365 and I’ll be back up and running on all the writing content. 👍

To everyone who sent me some donations; thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Every bit counts and I’ll come up with something to give back to yall. 💙

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Hello Pauline. I'm a 17 year old girl who lost her virginity to a boy who told me he wasn't looking into a relationship at the moment but wanted to remain friends. I have to see him in class almost everyday. I feel so heartbroken. I never imagined myself to be in this situation. What do I do?

I… I’m sorry this boy hurt you, but I’m afraid I don’t have much of a solution to offer. I’m sure your feelings for him must be very intense at the moment, but it will pass faster if you don’t make it the center, the focus, the pinnacle of your thoughts. Soothing emotional distress for me works through denying its emotionality, and rationalising the situation. Stepping back. Letting go of the need for control. There’s nothing you can do, and nothing you should do, not at least to “correct” the situation. It’s a shame because all of this mattered to you, because your heart’s been broken and the plans you most likely had have been thwarted, but, well. It’s idiotic to say—but time will make it disappear. Don’t allow it to make you bitter or hopeless, don’t wait around for him to change his mind, don’t be his “friend” if you’re not feeling like you can handle it right now, or if you just don’t want to be his friend. Distance yourself from him and find something else to focus on; perspective will make you feel better. You have to understand—it’s an intense but fleeting pain, all of this. This will become a formative experience in love and sex and that is it. Not something to be regretted, but not something that defines you or your behaviour or your thoughts either. 

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I’m almost 1 year clean from cutting, but lately I’ve just been really stressed and depressed. I don’t want to fall back, for myself and my girlfriend. I don’t know what to do.

As someone who recently relapsed on this, believe me when I say that it’s not worth it. Going back just adds more stress to your life, which defeats the whole purpose. You don’t need that. You’re strong and brave to resist the urge, and I fully believe you can do it. You deserve more than hurting yourself. ❤

As for what to do, I can’t really say for sure. It depends on what works best to distract you or make you feel better. I’ll just tell you some of the things that help me when I feel like hurting myself, maybe one of them will speak to you too: writing, reading something I already know I love, walking my dogs, yoga, cuddling my cat, messaging or calling a friend, sudoku, playing Zelda or any other comfort game, coloring, cleaning so my space feels new and shiny, taking a hot shower or bath, watching a movie, etc. I keep a written list of these things so that when I’m down and can’t think straight I have something to guide me.

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y'all but let's talk about the shitty treatment of ocs by other oc muns !! let diverse muses shine and be written to their full potential of queer and female and poc !! we've gotta work with each other not against each other


absolutely! While this is just a general RPC issue, I agree 100%. There isn’t enough love for muses that go against the grain and do something besides what’s expected of them. those are the OCs I love SO DEEPLY and I agree that we really need to come together and destroy our fears. 

look at all these people standing up for this? look at all these people who care and want more from the community! these people want change.

Some FYIs~

IN GENERAL my work schedule is 8am-4pm Thursday through Sunday (with occasional exceptions,) so I don’t often do a ton of work in those evenings. Monday through Wednesdays I do not work and have ALL DAY TO DO WHATEVER I WANT AHAHAHAA, and that’s when most work will get done. X’D Unless I have an appointment or an event to go to or need to run errands or something.

Work that’s stuff like Ink/Drawtober, is contest-related, work-related, or somehow career-related, takes precedence over GW2 stuff. (though sometimes I will do GW2 stuff instead if it’s more fun for me in the moment)

I know y’all are understanding when it comes to pauses in posting, but I like to keep people posted and I just get paranoid about like “wow when’s she gonna do that thing she said she would?” even though I know y’all understand, it’s just always there in the back of my head. X’D

That’s all. ( /.w.)/~

yesterday i was told i need chemo because in the 2 months since surgery my tumor and cyst have grown a lot and the reason ive been having nausea, vomiting, and headaches is probably most likely because during my surgery they damaged my brain stem when resectioning the tumor

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now listen to me young man, i am talking directly into your ear now. i need you to do me a favor. you will do this for me. i need you to go to gamestop, and i need you to ask the bastard working the counter if they have bambi on the ps2. if you come back empty handed youll be in big trouble mister. you will never see the light of day.