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Venus signs as men I’ve met. 👨🏻‍🍳

Venus in Aries: pretty calm! Extremely self aware and confident in themselves and their actions-very honest and upfront and pretty direct with what they do not a lot of beat around the bush-that being said they’re complex and not very easy to read on an emotional level. They have nice hair! And they can have piercing eyes.

Venus in Taurus: slow moving and very smooth. They no what to say and aren’t big on talking for the sake of it. They’re fairly curious and love intimacy be it with friends or lovers! They like that aspect of closeness. They’re not confrontational and like to avoid overly emotional situations in the beginning but once things get serious they’re very compassionate and sweet. Usually have nice lips and soft necks. Ohhhh and they tend to be slow about flirting as well and can be evasive in the beginning because they need time to process things.

Venus in Gemini: talkative and very media influenced. They’re usually kind of recluse and have very high octave dialogue and minds to match-they’re charming and captivating but out of reach somehow-they’re actions don’t ever match up and what’s even more they’re very perplexing emotionally! They run hot and cold and at times the cold phase last the longest-punk rock and kind of indie with a whole lot of twist. They have like nice arms like seriously

Venus in cancer: athletic or homebodies no inbetween, tend to be very easy going and quiet not super into loud or conceded types and they’re also a bit conservative but they’re usually not aware of this. They can be traditional but they also have a very independent vibe about themselves that clashes with the nurturing nature in them. They don’t like forced commitment and steer clear of relationships unless someone’s really winning them over! They love simplistic things and warm smiles and hugs and some of the sweetest guys you’ll meet! I usually notice their muscles or stomach region

Venus in Leo: COCKYYY and I mean this in a good way but boy oh boy they honestly like showing off :) they feel like they’re in a horse race with everyone and love to make sure everyone knows about them. They’re pretty lighthearted and innocent and actually have huge hearts. They tend to dive all into their relationships and get taken advantage of a lot because of this. They’re very old school romantic and will usually be kinda mean and extra when they like you! They don’t usually dress flashy but they do have expensive taste. A lot of them groom and are big on their body features. So don’t be surprised if he mentions his “member” a lot. I usually notice their backs or hair

Venus in Virgo: sweet! Passive aggressive though. They aren’t the types to be loud or in your face and actually like to be lowky-like underground type of lowky. They’re very soft spoken and tend to be sort of on the brainy side when I comes to their interactions! They value connections and good conversation. They are also very sensual and love hugs and being touched so if your interested in one-don’t be scared to touch him from time to time and they’re very committed guys and once they know you’re interested they tend to drop everyone else if they take you seriously enough. They have routines and hate hate hate having that interrupted! They usually just put people in little categories and boxes to make there life more organized. Very clean!!! And often dress nice when there around someone they love but if not they dress casual. They have cute little bellies though!

Venus in libra: SMILES. Wow they really have beautiful smiles and they have a easy beauty about them! They’re not super emotional when it comes down to interactions and I’ve noticed that they hare people that come on to strong or to interested and may even show this on their face despite their smiles. They like hanging out with friends and love peaceful things like bowling and even just going out to eat. They usually like to “hang out” with someone before they go and do anything beyond that. They’re pretty feminine in nature and intune with their more sensitive side. They can be indecisive and evasive when things are overwhelming them. They dress like a mix of casual and fitting clothing to dressy and classy. Oh they have nice buns 🙄

Venus in Scorpio: okay despite all those archetypes they’re super super super cuddly and huge ass babies(excuse my language) they act mean on the in set and have an intense demeanor but usually this is during the early stages of knowing them! Once you get to know them and they trust you they’re so childlike and bubbly-they’re intimating aura is still there but it’s redirected. They can be really insecure and do things out of spite when they’re hurt-they love really hard and though they don’t like to admit they’re deeply afraid of being rejected no matter how many times you say you love them. Just hug them a lot and smile at them-and give in sometimes when they’re having an episode. They’re like watery Aries venus in my eyes and have humongous hearts. I say they dress maninly in sweats and casual wear. They love black and red and are fairly ambitious and well off. They have watery eyes or really black or defined eyes. There crotch region can seem mysterious and hard to define.

Venus in Sagittarius: aloof-ALOOF-ALOOOOOFFF. They’re very cool in temperature and don’t usually express very many sides of there emotions unless they feel a need to. They have fast moving feelings which is why I think they come across this way. They either tend to be intense or calm and they are very free spirits no matter what. They love to explore and always see the big picture. They want love based on desire and crave something that challenges them but they are often okay with the single life. They can be soooo captivating and have a very earthy and wild look about them. They look amazing in beards and have wide hips! The best example I could do for this is Chris Pratt. He’s not a sag venus but the way his frame is kinda similar to sag venus men I’ve seen.

Venus in Capricorn: there weight fluctuates a lot from what I’ve seen and they tend to lean towards to the bearded look-at some point in their lives. They have very warm and cozy personalities and are way way wayyyy more open and easy going then cap moon or sun. They tend to take relationships with others very seriously be it their family/friends/kids/lover they see it as a duty and something that demands maturity. They dress kind of punk rock ish and a mix of business and well put together. They aren’t ones to play coy and have blunt personalities. They hate ignorance and don’t like people that don’t have self control and in fact that’s the quickest way to set them off. They can be ass holes sometimes(excuse my language) and have a dry humor. They are super sensitive underneath and unlike their sister sign they don’t freak out at the idea of a relationship so long as both people involved know what their in for.

Venus in Aquarius: interesting fellas! They are super deep and honestly you may never really get to know them because their inner self is changing around all the time. They can be a bit melancholy and sway between bouts of depression and bouts of over enthusiasm. From what I can see they are very happy people and honestly love meeting new people! They are also always doing something odd and have cool hobbies! A lot of the ones I’ve known love photography and music and blogging! They dress sort of trendy and grungy!. They are super humble and modest and don’t really like spotlight that much. As far as dating goes? UHM aha they’re so quirky and odd and love so hard and you’ll never know because they put up a detached front but similarly to aqua moons they are super dedicated and love love love their partners! They just suck at showing it.

Venus in Pisces: elusive and very turbulent. They can be very mysterious-more than Scorpio Venus from what I’ve seen and they have this affect that lures you into them like that fish net that caught dory and Nemo. They have very captivating body movements and can seem like they’re not really there sometimes. I call them the past life boys only because it can seem like they’re acting out patterns that have already taken place at times like they’re a walking deja vu. They can be disarming and have a very charming yet frightening disposition that leaves you vulnerable and confused. Romantically they don’t make sense and can send a plethora of signals that you may not be able to understand. They love with their soul and it can be a deep and overwhelming thing if you’re not ready. They tend to be quite and extremely humble. I can’t say they dress any specific way.

Now there’s a bunch of things to consider like aspects and house placements but this is just in my personal experience of men with these venus signs alone.

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Could you do #18 and #19? Separately or together.

Oh, together for sure!

18. Which member of your OTP gets cranky when they’re tired

19. Which member of your OTP makes the other late for work because 5 minutes of cuddles is NEEDED

Prompts are now closed.

“Juggie, Juggie wake up.” Betty poked at Jughead’s chest, doing her best to prod him awake, “C’mon Juggie you have to get ready for work.”

Jughead grumbled into his pillow, refusing to move. Betty laughed, rubbing her hand along his back in an attempt to coerce him out of bed. “You don’t want to be late again Jughead.”

“But I’m so tired,” he whined, pulling the blankets up over his head and turning away from her, “I don’t wanna go to work. Let’s just stay home all day.”

Betty sighed, pulling the sheets back and ruffling his hair lovingly, “Sorry, looks like we actually have to be adults today. Now stop being such a grump and let’s get going. I’m going to get breakfast.”

Betty started to pull herself out of bed when, without warning, Jughead rolled over and threw his arm across her, “Juggie!” she squealed, wriggling beneath his weight in an attempt to break free, “We can’t do this this morning - we don’t have time!”

Jughead held his grip, nuzzling his nose in her hair and speaking groggily into her ear, “Babe, you know I can’t get out of bed without some affection first thing in the morning. I have to start the day of right.” He punctuated his statement with a kiss to her temple, his fingers sliding around her waist and tracing along the skin of her stomach. Betty squirmed when he hit her ticklish spot, grabbing at his hands to still them.

“Jug!” She gasped, pulling his hands up to his chest, “Don’t do that!” She stared at him for a moment, trying to gauge how likely he was to try again. “I’m going to let go now, okay? Are you going to let me get out of bed?”

Jughead nodded, but Betty could tell from the sly smirk on his face that he had no intention of keeping such promises. Still, she had to let go eventually - they really did have work. Slowly, she loosened her grip on his hands, backing up as cautiously as possible. She made it all the way to the edge of the bed before Jughead sprang up, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her up against him.

Betty laughed, shaking her head at his ridiculous neediness. “You’re such a baby in the mornings,” she mocked, pressing a short kiss to his nose.

“You love it.” Jughead teased, pressing forward and bringing his lips to hers. His hand slid up her cheek and tangled itself in her hair, her legs instinctively intertwining with his. She moaned a bit against him, happily wrapping her arms around his neck and letting him roll on top of her.

“I suppose,” she giggled into his mouth, “we can spare a couple more minutes.”


I am revamping my How Country Feels Series. It is a Dean x Reader Cowboy!AU. I have taken down all the old posts and am rewriting them. I had four parts posted, they will be fairly similar with some new stuff added. I’m hoping when it’s all said and done this will be a 15-20 part series.

Here is the summary

You move away from home to work on a ranch and get into the local rodeo circuit. You aren’t sure what is going to come from it, you don’t know anyone, but it is the fresh start you need, no one here knows you or your secrets. But a flirty cowboy with his own baggage threatens to break down your walls.

I will have a Series Taglist with 30 spots open as of now. Please send me an ASK if you would like to be tagged.

The first part I would like to post on November 1st!

So begins one of many trips where I try to organize my digital life while sitting outside with coffee.

Today is moving all of my documents to an external device and only keeping what I need on the laptop.

Next is pictures (that’s going to take for fucking ever).

I’ll be turning Facebook on and off over the next couple months as I slowly whittle shit down. Don’t get excited - I’m not going back there for a while yet.

edit: there will also be a significant thinning of the Facebook as well. There are a lot of people there on the chopping block.

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Hey guys! I don't know if I've already asked this previously but here I go again. I need help looking for a fic. Story goes, Scott is bitten and will join the pack only if Stiles will. Then Talia convinces Derek to pretend that he's in love with Stiles. Stiles finds out after a while and is hurt. He then moves away and gets a boyfriends. I think he's a Spark here or magic. Sheriff tells him Derek has changed, Derek tells Stiles he loves him while Stiles is with the other guy. Any help? THANK YOU

See Me In Hindsight by weathervaanes and wishingonalightningbolt

Stiles is 18 when he finds out exactly what’s going on in Beacon Hills. He has a few months left before he goes off to college, has a while to help Scott become the best werewolf he can be - and also to get into Derek Hale’s pants. And his heart.


They’re in the woods when they get separated. They’re in the woods when the howls start. They’re out in the woods the night before prom and Scott gets attacked by a wolf. Except it’s not a wolf, not really, because it’s a werewolf, which means Scott is one too now.

In a few short minutes, Stiles’ world gets turned on its head. And then, to top it all off, Derek Hale comes back from getting his Master’s degree and kills Malia’s father—his uncle—a rogue Alpha werewolf—and turns glowing red eyes on Stiles’ shaking form. He’s never had such a confused fear boner in his life.

- S

Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon - WEEK 18: Escape

I know I’m so far behind and I apologize profusely. My reason is this: I quit my job! I’m moving across the country in a week, and my apartment is STILL not packed. I have no idea how I acquired this much junk in under a year of living here, but it’s taking me FOREVER to get through it all. However, I’ve decided that finishing this up is going to be my (much needed) breaks over the next few days.

Are you still with me? GOOD! Let’s get to the fun part, shall we?

The fics for this week’s prompt are:

(In no particular order)

Blue Eyed Angel - Chapter 17: Escape by @tdgal1 - Rating: Mature - Oliver and Felicity escape.

One Last Time - Chapter 17: Escape by @wetsuiton - Rating: Teen and Up - Wedding planning is hard. Fighting about it is worse.

Escape - Part 8 of the Mary’s Teacher Series by @hope-for-olicity - Rating: General Audiences - Oliver and Felicity talk to Mary about the trouble at school.

Men of fortune by @bitchwhwifi - Rating: Not Rated - A six-year-old boy get’s lost by one and found by the other and in the strangest way possible it brings them together.

Web of Lies by @thatmasquedgirl - Rating: Teen and Up - When everything turns on Felicity, an unlikely ally shows up to help her. Or maybe he’s the best ally she’s ever had. More of “Book of Secrets,” now with a government conspiracy, fugitives from the law, and maybe a little murder.

Custody Agreements - Part 6 of the Here or There Series by @mshellbrat - Rating: Teen and Up - Felicity learns a disturbing new side effect of her condition. A disappointment makes her rethink just how much she’s allowed the other realities to influence her judgment and where she needs to go from here.

Ready, Set, Go by @smewhereelse - Rating: General Audiences - Thea is a mischievous little matchmaker in this Season 5.5 AU.

Lesson Learned by @missyriver - Rating: General Audiences - Felicity tries to learn a new skill.

You Had Me at Hello - Chapter 17: Escape by @tdgal1 - Rating: Explicit - Susan Williams shows up.

Summer Vacation - Chapter 18: New Normal by @dmichellewrites - Rating: Explicit - Oliver and Felicity get some help they need, then later there’s a party.

The Important Happy Consequence - Chapter 1 by @jemmaacarters - Rating: Teen and Up - Sometimes there are repercussions to having drunk sex with your ex-fiance. And sometimes they aren’t so bad.

One on One - Chapter 6: Secrets to be Learned by @onceuponanolicity - Rating: Mature - Oliver is desperate to find out more about why Felicity holds everyone’s interest. Felicity needs answers of her own as to why Oliver asked her about her satellite hack.

I try to get all of your fantastic stories every week, but inadvertently I may miss one or two. Please let me know if you don’t see your fic on here and I’ll correct the oversight ASAP.


@missyriver  @almondblossomme  @spaztronautwriter @wherethereissmoak @felicityollies @cainc3 @wanhani @dust2dust34 @cruzrogue @hope-for-olicity @babblekween @dmichellewrites @callistawolf @the-queenfamily@angelalafan@bokayjunkie @moonbebesworld @scu11y22@jamyjan@crankyandbitchy  @geniewithwifi@smoakingskye@writewithurheart @some1foundme @xxlissaxxx@nerdyandturdy@aussieforgood @imusuallyobsessed @leonie1988@miriam1779@diggo26 @amphoteros @tdgal1 @queensoverwatch @jedichick04@walker-oliciter @squidbillybritt @green-arrows-of-karamel@uhhmanderrmitch @overwatchqueen@smoakmonster@ourwritinginvein @pls-moi @spacemomnephmoreau@gypsyfire1066  @creativelylisa@sharingmyworld@laurabelle2930 @overwatchandarrow@pennedbyv @dinzbinz@jlr1224 @crazycrystal10 @ccdimples88@perfectlittlesoul@mariposablue9 @rua1412 @dreamsofolicity@quiveringbunny@thearrowandhisgirlwednesday @mammashof@eilowyn1 @xblondepiratesopheeex @1106angel@onceuponanolicity@fallingmeleth @mel-loves-all@releaseurinhibitions @purselover2  @thatmasquedgirl@babblingblondegenius @bitchwhwifi@faeriefantasy  @olicitysmoaky @lover4eternity @a-w-mouse@rynflo@c0bra5nak3 @wetsuiton @charlinert @laureningall@madhaj@arrowfan437 @herskirtsarentthatshort @obibaldwin@smewhereelse @memcjo @pleasantfanandstudent@chachurka@truemyth @jemmaacarters @ivorykeys09@mshellbrat @smoaking-greenarrow

*gets taught how to dance to “Everybody” by Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys once*

i think Tom needs to teach the rest of the guys the moves he learned from Nick Carter from BSB from his GMA interview haha it’ll be like their version of the Mean Girls Winter Talent Show😂 💕 like i would scream like a 13 yr old on TRL if that happened. this pic is smokinnnnnn’ 😍 😍😍🔥🔥🔥

Drunk | Kian Lawley

Request: Kian: Can u do an imagine where u and Kian get drunk and start being like rlly cute and annoying and the next morning the boys start showing u videos of u guys making fun and wow that was really detailed sorry lmao. Love ur writing 💕💕 xxxx


“Kian,” you groaned feeling his body lying on top of you. He hummed in response but didn’t move at all. “Get off please,” you said needing to pee. “But you’re so warm,” he whined nuzzling his nose in the crook of your neck. “I’ll pee on you,” you threatened. He slowly rolled off of you making sure he didn’t hurt you as he did. You moved to sit up but stopped as you were hit with a headache causing you to grown. Your hand gripped Kian’s leg tightly as you tried to take your focus away from the pounding of your brain. Kian noticed the grip on his leg and sat up slowly to be beside you. He slides an arm around your waist and helped you into the bathroom. “I’m gonna find some Advil, come meet me in the kitchen,” he said closing the bedroom door softly behind him. After finishing in the bathroom you grabbed the nearest hoodie you could find and pulled it over your body along with a pair of leggings left conveniently next to the hoodie on the floor. As you slowly walked down the stairs you could hear the loud voices of your roommates talking to Kian. “(Y/n)!” Jc yelled happily hugging you once you reached the bottom of the stairs. You slumped into his body letting him walking you to sit down at the island. Kian handed you a bottle of water and a couple of Advil before dragging you with him to sit on the couch. You and Kian sat on the couch for a bit just watching Tangled, a movie that was his favourite but also made hangovers better. Once the movie had ended and the two of you stayed glued to the couch for the next few hours until the roommates decided that you had enough time to deal with your hangover and now was the time to embarrass you.

“Kian, (y/n)! Come here!” Jc yelled out from where he stood in the kitchen. You got up off the couch first and had to drag Kian into the kitchen because he wouldn’t get up. “What?” You asked sitting down at the island. “Just watch this,” Jc grinned placing his phone down in front of you. You and Kian both looked down at the screen to see Jc’s private Snapchat story filled with videos of the two of you drunk. The first one was taken an hour after the party started, Kian was standing between your legs and the two of you were making out in the kitchen. The next Snapchat was taken half an hour later; “Oh my god, they haven’t even come up for air yet!” Franny yelled shocked.  The next series of snaps were you, Kian, Jc, and Bobby having a regular conversation, but every so often you and Kian would make a cheesy remark to each other earning a groan from Bobby and Jc. “You know, I was feeling a little off today, but you definitely turned me on,” Kian mumbled kissing your neck softly. Jc and Bobby both groaned earning a giggle from you. “This is terrible, delete this,” you groaned pushing Jc’s phone towards him. “Are you kidding, this is gold!” Jc grinned. “Kian, we are never getting drunk together again,” you stated earning a look of ‘yeah fucking right’ from your boyfriend. “Okay, fine. We are never getting that drunk whilst together again.”

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Hello! How's your day going? So when I write, I become obsessed with things I need to fix/edit. It always stops me from going on to another scene. Should I leave the editing to later drafts or just get it out of the way first?

My day is going well, thanks for asking! I’ve been spraying down my suede shoes in prep for the weather change (if I don’t do it now then I’ll forget until the day they salt the roads).

I know that everyone works their best with different methods, but if it’s an obsession that’s preventing you from moving on, then yes, save the editing for later. There’s a difference between fixing a few typos as you read through a scene to get an idea of the flow vs. the habit obstructing your progress. 

I am also a self-editor as I write, and it definitely slows me down, but it’s never directly prevented me from moving on because I’ve learned to accept a few things:

- The edits (beyond misspellings, typos, accidental wrong word usage, etc.) are best found and fixed with a fresh mind. More specifically, the mind that reads the entire draft from start to finish and not the one that’s currently writing.

- A little bit of self-editing can be good, as it means I am more confident giving my work to someone else because I know it’s pretty much stupid mistake (like typo and misspelling) free. 

- There’s no need fully polish something you might delete later. This is why I fix minor issues: it gives me a cleaner re-read so I’m less annoyed with myself, but I’m not going to debate word choice for 2 hours unless I know at a final draft stage that the scene really matters.

So save major edits for later, but it’s okay to re-read your scene before moving on to check for annoying minor errors. If even that restriction still stops you from progressing, then don’t edit at all. Every writer has a different “best method” for them.

Good luck!

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Hey i'm messaging from my side account (I messaged you as paranoidcrybaby just a bit ago), but I wanna ask about the staff and the group home? What is that exactly? What is it/what does it do? Not to be rude or anything just curious!!! QuQ

It’s okay! It’s a home for (in this case) autistic people, the staff are there 24/7, we get the help that we need, we learn to be independent so we are prepared to move to our own apartment (the other two won’t live on their own but i might, with daily help, we’ll see)


So after watching some lovely inspirations like @fighteramy and @cyart , I really want to get into digital art. I know I do better drawing with a stylus, so I’d like to get a tablet.

Problem: My family is not rich, by any means. I mean, we’re not poor, but we certainly aren’t getting much bank any time soon. (Plus were in the process of deciding if were moving into a parsinage which needs a /lot/ of repairs and graduation is coming soon and ugh) So I’d really apreciate it if anyone could give me some tips as to cheap, decent drawing tablets and programs to use. It’d really help a lot! Thanks!


Jughead Jones body language breakdown (with a bonus few Sabrinas) - mostly me tracing various images from the coimics, or extending them. A few of these are actually Buster Keaton since I noticed some body language similarities between the two. I wanted to simplify what I was looking at, trying to deconstruct and understand the form, and get my hand used to drawing the shapes.  The first few images are done without study, and when I started drawing Jug I realised I was struggling, which is why I moved on to the breakdowns. Dude, this just reminds me how badly I need to take Lifedrawing classes again. I have SO much to learn. Don’t let anyone ever tell you anatomy or perspective are easy. It’s not. Every time you learn something new you see more mistakes in your work. Always learning never stopping. Hopefully with a bit more practice I’ll get the hang of it.

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any advice for a brown girl who desperately wants to move out once she has a job but has no idea how her parents will react and is way too nervous to ask them???????

lmao im the same but honestly I think it’s better to have the conversation when you have the job and you can start like slowly uprooted yourself so by the time you tell them you want to move out its less like asking permission and more just telling them thats what you’re going to do regardless. idk about your parents but mine are like dead set on the idea of me never leaving so if I were to do this its not like they could stop me? also I would focus on the logistics of moving out like how its convenient for you being closer to the job, needing your own space to work etc etc rather than the emotional parts bc they might get defensive. this is prob shit advice but yeah. I mean you could always casually bring the idea of moving out up and gauge their reaction they might surprise you by being encouraging about it? 

i was scrolling through various google docs and found this unfinished nugget from way back when. tentatively titled ‘the one where someone’s after Foggy’

The first time (first time, he thinks, with the mental equivalent of a cackle) isn’t that bad.

As far as attempted kidnappings go anyway. The guys are real amateurs who don’t even tie Foggy’s hands together or incapacitate him in any way after shoving him into an unmarked van. It’s real easy to lunge at the one closest to him and grab the door and make a break for it.

Sure, Foggy’s hands look like he stuck them in a meat grinder from where they scrape against the pavement when he threw himself out of the moving vehicle but he was a bit preoccupied throwing himself out of a moving vehicle to really notice how much it hurt when he was doing it. Turns out adrenaline and the savage need to survive make for the best kind of painkiller and Foggy suddenly has a whole new level of insight into how Matt goes and gets the shit kicked out of himself on a regular basis.

He does bang the shit out of his shoulder and it sort of pinches when he breathes even with the oxygen mask the paramedic strapped to his face upon arrival. It could be worse.

Nearby is Karen, pink-faced and frazzled on her cellphone, barking orders to God knows who on the other end. Foggy wants her to hang up already because he just managed to thwart his own kidnapping by himself. That’s pretty badass.

“That’s pretty badass right?” He asks nonchalantly after she’s angrily shoved her cell into her coat pocket. Her eyes are bloodshot and a little wild, her golden hair slipping out of its braid.

He doesn’t know what the hold up is but he’s sitting on the back of an ambulance he can barely afford waiting to be carted off to the nearest hospital and Karen looks like she’s ready to rip the world to shreds with her two bare hands and Foggy was almost the star of his very own true crime Lifetime movie.

Waiting seems really anticlimactic compared to all that. 

Karen blinks like she’s coming out of a trance and her whole face scrunches up, still pink. Her blue eyes close and open again, clearer, calmer, less intimidating to look at. She laughs and it’s a wet sound, like she’s still not entirely sure how to respond to any of this. Foggy doesn’t blame her.

“Yeah Foggy, pretty badass.”

Keep reading

if I’m being honest...

I debated about whether or not I should post this but I needed to get it off my chest in a place where I won’t feel judged harshly for it. 

I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life. And that’s tough sometimes when you need to study and you lack motivation and you don’t have an end goal to use to get you motivated or working. The only thing I’ve ever wanted was to leave Ireland, I’ve wanted this ever since I was a little kid. But as far as career, I have absolutely no idea. I know I will finish this degree whether I end up hating it or loving it because if nothing else, I need to achieve my life long goal of moving away from here. Part of me wonders if I’ll ever figure out what it is I really want to do. Part of me wonders does it even really matter if I find what I want to do or not if I can move away from Ireland and find a place that feels like home to me. I know it shouldn’t but it upsets me a lot when I look around and see everyone around me knowing what they want to do and I still haven’t figured it out. I’ll keep working, I’ll find a way to make it through this degree so I can get a job and have the money to move to another country. And maybe along the way I’ll figure out what it is I actually want to do for a living

At the backstage of BOF

Seongwoo: So… when am I going to get paid?

JR (confused bugi): Huh?

Seongwoo: You know there is a thing called copyright right?

JR (still very confused): Yea… why?

Seongwoo: So you should know that you need to pay me for using something I created.

Baekho (also confused): What are you talking about?

Seongwoo (getting frustrated): Oh my goodness do I really need to spell it out for you?

Aron (in slight disbelief): What……..

Seongwoo (demonstrating the thigh swiping move from Weekly Idol): THIS! THIS! THIS! 

NU’EST W: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh….

Seongwoo (feeling contented): So when can I be expecting the bill?

Ren: How about the next lifetime?

Seongwoo (satisfied): Okay I’ll look forward to it then. 

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Good luck with the new blog! Can I get some fluffy tfa Bee headcanons?

Thank you ^^ Also sorry if this headcanon is a bit short 

TFA Bumbelbee Headcanon

Bumbelbee would mostly stay inside with his s/o on the sofa with a big blanket and playing videogames ; he would occasionally give his s/o little gentle pecks , so he can fluster them (this is his tehnic for winning) , if the s/o wins he would bring them in a hug and nuzzle them

If it’s sunny outside he would take his s/o for a speedy ride around the town , he is a bot who needs speed in his life , but his s/o isn’t a person whose up for speed , he gladly would go in the park near the roller skates or skate board places to show off his cool tricks

•If his s/o would complimented him , be aware this little bee might get kinda blushy ; he would always improve his moves and show them to you later and ask about your opinion 

•he absolutely adores when his s/o gives him little kisses , he gets kinda red but he stills enjoys them ^^ If his s/o would show him affection in public he wouldn’t really mind it , he knows that you like him ^^

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S/O brushing werewolf Kirishima’s tail? SFW is preferred, but NSFW is also fine.

Oh sweetie, if you want sfw then you’ll get sfw, I’m all about accommodating my followers/anons! I hope you have a heckin’ great day and enjoy this!!

- Eclipse  🍑🍑🍑

 You giggled faintly as you ran the brush through Eijiro’s tail, needing something to amuse yourself while Eijiro studied last minute.

 It was easy to tell he was getting stressed because his tail was starting to flick about in agitation, making it harder for you to brush his beautiful black furred tail.

 “Eijiro, sweetie, I can’t brush your fur if you keep flicking your tail everywhere!” You huffed, setting your brush down before moving your hands up to his red, dyed, hair, giggling at the way his little black ears flicked back in her direction.

 “Sorry babe…but this is just so hard! It’s unmanly for me to struggle so much while the others get good grades!” Eijiro scowled, slowly leaning his head back into your touch while you played with his hair, knowing it would relax him.

 “It’s okay, just take a little break, you need it” You cooed softly, smiling at the way he nodded in agreement, obviously knowing to listen to you, after all, you normally were right.

 “Good, now you shift and I’ll brush your fur properly, okay honey?” You questioned, watching him as he nodded once more, getting up slowly to do as he was told.


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Hcs of Mettaton neo going on a date with his s/o ???

Mettaton Neo (Undertale)

Honestly, he’s no different from his Mettaton Ex form- he just may be on high alert because of the murderous human, is all. As such, he’s still insanely vain, and would LOVE to show off during the date- whether it’s by showing you off, or showing you up with extravagant places and gifts.

 That being said, he’s still mindful of your own needs. If you’re getting too overloaded with noises, or the lights are starting to really bother you, he’s fine with moving to a more darker spot. After all, stars only shine in the dark!

As over the top he normally is, he does seem to only take you to places you like. You know he’s more kind and thinks about others- more than other’s give him credit for- but it still surprises you. You still can’t believe he got you that game you’ve been DYING to get- it isn’t even out yet!

Of course, if your ideal date is staying at home and watching tv? He’s completely fine with that. Sometimes, even stars themselves need a break! Not to mention he can better protect you if a certain murderous child decides to drop by, since homes are usually fortified (from the war, at least) already. But no need to think about that- his cooking show is on, now!