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Reasons why Lady Layton might be delayed

-Hershel is MISSING

-Seriously, Level 5 can’t remember where they left him 

-Layton’s voice actor has gone AWOL

-”Mr Miller, we really need you to record some lines of the professor in peril -” “IT’S BAD ENOUGH I HAD TO SHRIEK IN PAIN FOR THE LIGHT BEAM SCENE IN AZRAN LEGACY. SERIOUSLY, LEAVE LAYTON ALONE.”

-Alfendi is threatening to destroy Level 5 unless they include him 

-Every PL character wants a cameo and it’s taking forever to add them all in

-The developers are dying to give Clive Dove a cameo, but this makes no sense he’s evil and meant to be in prison??? Who cares - everyone has or has had a crush on Clive Dove. The fanboys will love it. Do it. 

- Too many plot twists convoluting the narrative

- The character designs lack diversity, so they’re adding a greater variety. 

- They want to put Lady Layton on the Switch too 

- They’re making Mystery Room 2 at the same time

- “Sh*t, we forgot Flora again!”

- They’re writing more family bonding moments 

- Beautifully animated cutscenes aren’t made in a day

- Older Emmy needs more muscles 

- Finding new voice actors is hard

- Can’t decide on which character must get kidnapped 

- “Have we decided on a mother for Kat yet? Is she alive? Are all the Layton kids orphans? Who knows?” 

- Luke prefers America (he’s teamed up with Phoenix Wright) and doesn’t want to come back to England  

- “We promised comedy in this game but it’s a little lacking… Time for a fart joke!”

- Can’t think of a reason why Sherl can talk 

- “Do we give Katrielle a girlfriend…?”


Can we talk about how great the female characters in Mario are? Like especially now that Pauline is being developed in Odyssey, it has some of the strongest female characters, probably in games in general.

Princess Peach - Standard princess. Girly girl, prim and proper, much stronger than she looks, even pretty sassy in the Paper Mario games.

Princess Daisy - Loud, proud and rambuctious. Incrediby extroverted and loves sports. Happiest around her friends, and commonly thought to be close with Peach (though this is never confirmed).

Rosalina - Badass space princess. Calm and stoic, but not free of emotion. Has a genuinely heartfelt and beautiful backstory. Can handle a situation on her own, and only needed Mario’s help because she had to keep things up and running on the Comet Observetory.

Pauline - Had a messed up, stressful past having been kidnapped by gorillas twice, two more than most people. Hasn’t let it get to her, and has stayed pretty casual and happy. Supportive and kind. Great leader. Mayor of New York, or whatever the Mario equivalent is.

Like people give Mario way too much shit on its characters, but it’s like. What? If you take a look beyond the base elements of the platformers, then you find that the characters are actually really well developed and fun!

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I don't get ittttttt!!! How could they have possibly known Bellamy would be out on the streets of Polis!? Like, if he hadn't been, were they just going to lock him out too?? Or if they were still planning on 'rescuing' him, were they just gonna kidnap him from the throne room?? I don't get ittttttt! I need you to talk some sense to me. Everything you write I'm always makes so much sense!

Okay nonny, I have an answer you’re gonna like and an answer you probably won’t.  

The bad answer is: they literally could not know he would be out on the streets and they didn’t care because this was a moment where the writers were cutting corners because the end result (Bellamy being in the bunker without Octavia) was more important than the logistics of how it could feasibly happen.  It was exceedingly convenient that Bellamy chose to risk everyone’s life by sneaking out and idk, maybe the bunker has like, operational security cameras in Polis so they knew where he’d be, but really, it makes no fucking sense as a plan on Clarke’s part.  

But the reason it doesn’t really need to make sense (and the answer that you might like more) is because Bellamy’s kidnapping wasn’t a plot-moment, it was a character-moment.  Bellamy had to be in the bunker to find out it was Clarke’s plan, so therefore the logical steps taken to get him there don’t really matter.  Clarke wasn’t going to lock him out because their character arcs are about navigating this conflict, not what she would have done if he hadn’t snuck off.  The sneaking was immaterial, the point is what they’re going to do now.

And let’s talk about what this means, because this wasn’t just Clarke protecting a friend.  Miller is in the bunker already and Jaha knows about the DNR party, so Clarke is consciously locking out Raven (who wasn’t coming, to be fair), Monty (who stayed behind just in case Harper and Jasper changed their minds but does eventually want to be in the bunker), and Kane.  These are all people whom Clarke loves and cares about, and especially in Kane’s case, a person her mother loves too.  But she risked everything– remember, anyone from Skaikru being in the arena was a disqualification that meant death– to save Bellamy.  And she risked it to save him despite knowing that he wouldn’t approve of her decision.

At the start of the episode Bellamy lets his Gryffindor flag fly and gets all upset at even the notion of cheating.  (Clarke also needs him to go watch the conclave I suspect because she knows he’d reject her decision and try and talk her out of it, so she sends him off with the plan of eventually tricking him; the details fall apart upon inspection because it ISN’T a logical plot moment so just tell yourself ~TV Magic~ and go with it.)  He’s also spent most of the season being pretty chill with the idea of his own death and only agreed to be on the list in 403 if Clarke put her own name on it.  Clarke knows that if Bellamy has a choice between “dying with Octavia” (and she 100% thinks Octavia is going to die in the conclave) and “living in a bunker knowing Octavia might die outside of it,” he’s gonna pick dying with Octavia.  Hell, he might just pick dying because that’s who Bellamy Blake is, as we learned at the start of 403.

So Clarke makes the decision for him.  Crucially (and this really does make all the difference), this doesn’t seem to be framed as a good decision on Clarke’s part.  The execution has been very muddled but I do think Bellamy is taking over the role of audience substitute/most sympathetic character here, and so Clarke’s decision is both a betrayal and evidence that she has finally gone too far.  (Fingers crossed that the show sticks to this in 411 but judging by the promos, I think it will).  So, you know, it’s a shitty decision on Clarke’s part but it really does give us some good insight into her character with respect to Bellamy.

For most of the season, the bellarke asks I’ve gotten have been more or less about the *imbalance* of their feelings.  It’s understandable because Bellamy is both more emotive and a lot further down the “in love” path, while Clarke is generally a reticent character and still healing from a previous love and loss.  The show really hasn’t given us too much insight into her feelings towards Bellamy aside from The List and She’ll See How Special You Are, both of which show she loves him but not in a big, dramatic, sweeping sort of way.

And this isn’t quite that because it’s a shitty thing for Clarke to do, but basically, Clarke decided that Bellamy was going to live even if he hated her for it.  She literally could not bring herself to let him die, even if the consequence is he turns against her.  If you watch Clarke’s face in that scene, she has a hard time looking at Bellamy directly.  She can’t even bring herself to admit that it was her choice because she knows he’ll be ashamed of her.  In short, Clarke knows exactly how upset Bellamy is going to be and decides to risk it anyway.  Because above all else– no matter what it does to their relationship– Clarke wanted him to live.

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Who is your favorite friendship on pll?

Alright, I’m about to spill some burning hot tea here, as the kids say. None of the friendships on pll are my favorite and let me explain why. At the beginning of the show, friendships (along with everything else) were great. We saw character development both individually and as a group. I liked how the girls were essentially brought back together after years of not having contact. There was growth, but most importantly, there were scenes that made the girls feel like true friends.  

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So, @savetimeless got asked why certain folks ship Garcy and kinda threw the question out to the fandom for further thoughts and discussion.  Since I hella ship Garcy and talking about them is one of my favorite things, I thought I’d give this a go and see if I can turn my 50 gazillion thoughts on them into some semblance of order, lol. 

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Do you have any Lovecraftian-esque AUs?

  • “You thought I said that I was a mermaid? Oh. Oh, that’s really funny. Super cute of you to take my true name, Mhudephd, and butcher it to fit your human language. Now I’m gonna drag you to the Sea King so that I can live for another year. Stop struggling.” AU
  • Character A is the child of a fisher(wo)man who was lost at sea when Character A was young. Being raised in a lighthouse by their highly superstitious grandparent(s), Character A finds themselves alone one night as a pale lilac fog begins to roll in from the ocean, and something wet, nasty, and abdominal starts to push at the lighthouse’s walls. Character A has gone through this before, but there’s a wailing coming from the water, and it’s telling Character A to come outside.
  • While shopping at an antique store by the sea, Character A finds a stone idol that’s about the size of their hand. After taking it home, they begin to notice slight, almost imperceptible changes – the need for more fishy foods, a rasping in their throat, waking up covered in blood, their skin peeling to reveal cerulean colored scales, bad breath, ext.
  • “It was a dark and stormy night…when I showed up for my date and got catfished by an Elder God’s decrepit disciple like this is so embarrassing I almost hope that this geezer kidnaps me and uses me for some eldritch ritual so that I don’t have to admit this.” AU
  • Character A is so tired of Character B talking about how reading Poe is “so edgy” and “superior” to other writing, so Character A introduces them to Lovecraft’s work. Unfortunately, the book that Character A loaned Character B was an old, dusty tome that belonged to Character A’s grandparent, a disciple of the Elder Gods. Pretty soon, Character B begins to act peculiar.
  • “Oh…oh. Yep. You just summoned an Elder God on the football field and to be honest I’m not sure that I can even be mad at you right now because this means that I don’t have to take my AP Calculus final tomorrow.” AU

Helpful links: Lovecraftian Elder Gods’ name generator; A list of canon Elder Gods; A complete list of Lovecraft’s stories; How to write a Lovecraft-esque story.

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this mycroft *tragic hero* arc is bullshit. the mycroft-joan-sherlock *love triangle* or whatever you want to call it is absolutely killing me. (brothers fighting over a woman so *original*.) i'm having a tough time understanding joan and would love to hear more of your thoughts on her and the newest episode.

it has officially been almost twenty-four hours since i’ve seen it so after that stewed for a bit i guess i have a few thoughts

i was actually pretty optimistic around the middle of the episode. of course last night i was yelling myself hoarse over joan’s monologue to mycroft because hands-down that was the best scene in this episode and maybe even this half of the season. FINALLY she got to talk about herself and her emotions rather than responding to sherlock or whatever, and finally she was prioritizing herself and expressing that with little regard for whatever horrible apology mycroft was hoping she’d accept. she literally basically said the joan watson deserves better that we’ve all been hollering about for the past season. it was a great speech and lucy knocked it out of the park.

i was also liking the way sherlock was behaving in the first portion of the episode. he was very conscious of what joan had been through and was taking extra care to make sure that he did what he could to help her, like emphasizing that she could take a break from work if that’s what she needed and offering to talk like “hey i’ve been through a similar experience and i found that talking helps a bit and we can talk if you want to but if not that’s totally cool too” and i thought it was sweet. (of course he was being a butt later but i’m fairly confident that he’ll get over it i mean come on) some more hurt/comfort would’ve been nice because i’m a sap but i guess i digress

of course that cautious optimism all got thrown out of the window with my hopes and dreams and aspirations in life in the course of like five minutes from the moment joan went to find mycroft. i think you hit on a lot of the reasons why it was just really fucking annoying, ESPECIALLY since it undid everything awesome joan said earlier. like it was so annoying because

  • joan said vehemently that she didn’t want to be with someone she couldn’t trust. it makes literally no sense for her to fall for mycroft just because he like did something nice for his baby brother that one time
  • like seriously this is not a case of joan changing her mind, this is a case of writers shoehorning shit for god-knows-why and erasing everything good joan says and basically not understanding joan and not trusting her as a character who knows what she needs
  • the semi-redemption arc complete with yeah the “~~~tragic hero~~~ oh my manpain look at the sacrifices i made for sherlock” thing was complete crap like oh okay we’re all going to forgive you even though your secrets got joan kidnapped and nearly killed yes please cry some more
  • that love triangle is also complete crap. i remember reading a thing of meta about why it’s especially bad considering the conversation sherlock and joan had back in 2x01 step nine, if i find it i’ll link it
  • somehow it still ended up being about sherlock?????? i just cannot
  • zero chemistry
  • also that bullshit sequence at the end like come on when the writers aren’t portraying her as the humorless prude they’re doing the thing where she looks like she’s been “caught red-handed” oohhhh~~~scandalous~~~~~~~ like okay fuck that very much

ehh and since i’m doing lists anyway i might as well mention my other grievances

  • apart from a few mentions joan’s emotional state post-kidnapping is just swept under the rug and forgotten because they suddenly have ~~emergency important shit~~ to deal with (the same reason i’m still bitter about marcus’s recovery arc disappearing you know what i mean)
  • like now i’m quite certain we’re never going to see joan deal with her trauma and the guilt from seeing a patient die on her table
  • and speaking of marcus he was in there for approximately two minutes and he STILL HASN’T BEEN TOLD THAT JOAN WAS KIDNAPPED LIKE WHAT THE FUCK
  • THEY CUT THE MS. HUDSON SCENE i am so bitter right now because of all the things they could’ve cut they cut joan and ms. hudson i’m absolutely pissing myself with rage still
  • there is a gross feeling i have about the way they handled the portrayal of bipolar disorder
  • all the gross things that happened about making mycroft and sherlock the center of everything and just erasing everything good joan does that i basically summed up above and am too exasperated to elaborate on further

… yeah that basically sums most of it up. or at least the major points that i didn’t try to erase from my memory forever

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am i the only one that i sad luke is not a book seller anymore?

it wasn’t important for him to sell books in the TMI books, and being a homicide detective can help the story better. plus it makes more sense for someone who was a warrior, whose entire life was about protecting people from demons, would then get a job where he can protect people from criminals rather than a job where he sells books. also, with cops on TV shows, there can be more storylines. for example on The Flash, Joe (Barry/the Flash’s adoptive father) and Eddie (Barry’s friend) are both cops and they use their cop skills and the actual police department to help Barry/the Flash find criminals. And it helps the story more than if Joe and Eddie had other jobs. With Luke, not only does being a cop make more sense with his character, but his detective skills can come in handy when they need to find Valentine or Sebastian, or when they need to survey a crime scene to see if anything that happened there was demonic. The 45382 times that Simon is kidnapped, he can better help with that, and a lot of other things. Maybe he’ll see signs of people always getting killed in one area and he calls up the shadowhunters and tells them “hey, there’s demonic activity in this neighborhood” or something like that. i feel like him being a cop is going to help the story move along better. 

I get that being a book seller was supposed to give more to his “nice dad next door” type of character, but in a TV show, he needs a more exciting/interesting profession that can actually be used to the show’s advantage.