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Okay so while I'm trying to think of better requests to send in lol, here's a cheesy one. XD Since you're doing headcanons now (I'm so excited!), how do you think Kisame, Hidan, Itachi and Konan would react to coming home after a mission and hearing their s/o singing in the shower?? Kind of cute right? :D I'm not sure if you have a character limit so if that's too many feel free to take some off!! And thank you darling ~! ❤

Look at me, claiming I will try to write the requests in order XD But this is just so cute and headcanons are so much fun??? Like I had so much fun writing these, feel free to send in headcanon requests guuuys <3

Gosh, this is so cute and cheesy and I love it XDD Also, yaaay, first headcanon request :P I don’t have a character limit, but It would help me if you could send each character in an individual ask because it makes it easier for me to post :3 But that’s not a big issue, I can do it like this, too! <3 I will try to keep these SFW, but there might be some little NSFW hints in this I mean, you requested Hidan around his naked s/o, what do you expect? XD I am also “cursing” a little bit in this, hope you don’t mind?

Hope you enjoy <3

Note: I am never too sure about Konan, she is one of the characters I find harder to write for. But I do love her a lot, even though I might have a bit of my “own” picture of her XD

Kisame coming home from a mission to find his s/o singing in the shower.

  • Kisame tends to be a little grumpy after missions tbh. Like he loves fighting and he’s damn good at it but knowing that there is an s/o at home waiting for him makes him a little impatient. Kisame is an all-or-nothing kinda guy, if he loves, he loves with all his heart, and being separated from his s/o just bothers him
  • So when he comes home, what does he wanna do? Spend time with his bae. He probably heads straight to the shared bedroom after he gave leader-sama his report and tbh I can see him as someone who loves unwinding while being in a hot bath with his s/o wow who would have guessed lol
  • But his s/o isn’t in the room when he gets there? And that immediately worries him? Like he looked forward to seeing them all day and now they’re not here? Evil s/o
  • But of course he hears them after his first shock-second has passed. And it doesn’t matter whether his s/o is beyonce or sings like a dying cat tbh he just feels so happy hearing their voice and he finds it cute?? Especially if they’re singing a silly song like he’s just like “naaaww my s/o is having fun awesome”
  • While at the beginning of a relationship he might feel awkward or a lil self-conscious about being naked in front of his s/o, as the relationship progresses he gets bolder because he just trusts them so much. So when he hears them singing and the shower running he just has that lil happy grin on his face as he creeps closer to the door and is already excited about seeing them
  • But no peeping. Not for Kisame no. He presses his ear to the door to hear them more clearly and then he waits until the song is over, before he claps a lil bit and says some cheesy stuff like “wow, why do you never sing me to sleep?”
  • If the poor unsuspecting s/o is startled and yelps, he’ll probably laugh a little but even though he is a tease he isn’t a meanie. Will probably ask if he can come in, because while his mood has improved by 300%, he is still riled up and misses them and just wants to be close to them. He can’t have a bath but be sure as hell that he’ll demand to shower with you.
  • Will he sing with you? Good question. He’d be embarrassed out of his mind if someone else hears it but if there is really just you and him… yeah, he might jam along with you.

Hidan coming home from a mission to find his s/o singing in the shower.

  • Hidan needs a bath after his missions. No questions asked. He’s bloody and probably dirty and stuff and even if he is so tired he can barely walk his s/o should still force him into a shower after a mission tbh
  • And he knows. Like, he comes home and he just heads straight for the shower ok. Usually you know when he returns because who couldn’t hear him curse and complain about being tired as fuck throughout the entire base? So normally, you stay out of the shower when he comes, let him clean up and once he isn’t all bloody anymore you might as well join him
  • But when his s/o is already in the shower and doesn’t hear i over the water and their own singing? And Hidan comes home and you’re not in the room, but he hears water running and singing?
  • He’ll laugh. He’s so surprised and maybe he’s never heard you singing before and he’s like wut??
  • He’s an asshole. He might make fun of your singing even if you’re a goddamn god/goddess when it comes to singing. Just the fact that you are singing in the shower, such a cliché s/o, he loves it.
  • Hidan probably always tries to peep like he just loves your body okay, it’s his and it’s his favourite and as your boyfriend he has a right to see it, right? Like I said, bit of an asshole, but we love him anyway.
  • He’ll probably try to startle his s/o. Maybe he knows the song and he just creeps over to the door and then starts SCREAMING THE SONG OUT and his s/o probably has a heart attack and Hidan laughs so hard.
  • Will definitely want to shower with you, like he always does. Will constantly ask you about it, and maybe even ask you to sing something for him when he’s in there with you probably some sexy song
  • If you’re not embarrassed, he’ll drop the topic after a while.If you are though, then he’ll make comments about it for a while - alll in good faith, though, he’s an ass but he doesn’t wanna deal with a mad s/o, he wants love not fighting when it comes to them. Might have a hard time finding out when to stop but he’ll get the hint eventually
  • But truth be told he probably sings in the shower too he is just better at hiding it but after he caught you? you’ll find him singing in the shower a lot more frequently now XD

Itachi coming home from a mission to find his s/o singing in the shower.

  • Bless his heart. He just wants to cuddle with his s/o, sit in silence and maybe read a book ok. He really, really needs his s/o after a mission, especially if it was a gruesome one, and he just needs to know they’re there for him, that they’re safe and happy. He loves so much tbh like if you have Itachis love omg you’ll never lose it.
  • It does surprise him when he can’t find them right away, but Itachi is a clever guy and he can probably sense your chakra from a mile away, he’s that focused on you. So he finds you quickly, and when he hears the shower running and then your voice, your singing….
  • Tbh I think he probably knows it right away if you have a habit for that. Like everything you do he knows it because he pays so much attention to you and he does his best to never forget a thing about you. So he probably knows but he won’t tease you for it
  • His heart beats so fast man. For him, it also doesn’t matter what his s/o sounds like. He just loves it when he hears their happy voice, especially, like Kisame, if they’re singing a silly song or if they’re really getting into that dramatic solo part
  • He won’t interrupt you. He’ll want to see you and like he needs a shower too even Uchihas do sweat and he likes showering with you. Standing under the warm water with you, hugging and just enjoying each other… he’d love it.
  • Might known on the door once you’ve finished the song. All polite like “love, I am back, would you mind if I come in?”
  • “That sounded really nice, you know? I love hearing you sing.”
  • Such a charmer
  • I think if you’d shower with him, hold him close and sing a slow, sweet song for him he might just melt. He loves the affection, and even though he normally treats his s/o like the prince/princess they are, he just needs some gentle loving after a mission. Do it, s/o he’ll fall 400% more in love with you.
  • Sing him to sleep, too, btw.

Konan coming home from a mission to find his s/o singing in the shower.

  • First things first: Konan sings like an angel. Her voice is so beautiful okay but she won’t sing in front of anyone.
  • Unleeeeeeeess of course she comes home and hears her cute s/o in the shower, singing along to their favourite songs. Konan might like having some alone time after a heavy mission but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t check up on you, doesn’t want to see her s/o. She just wants to calm down completely because you should only see the best sides of her.
  • So when she comes in to check in on you, and hears you singing she might just blush a little bless her heart. Especially if you’re a decent singer? Like, Konan really adores every part of you, and when she hears your voice forming those catchy melodies… she likes that, a lot XD
  • Actually, she might just move closer to the door and start singing along if she can. really quietly at first, you won’t even hear it. She’ll let you shower in peace, though, she knows its something private and she gives you the freedom you need. Your only chance to  catch her sining along is if you’re basically already done in the shower and move to  the door a little.
  • She’ll  be embarrassed if you find out, but you’re her s/o, okay, you get to know everything about her, that’s okay.
  • WIll completely ignore that she was singing herself and will only compliment you. She isn’t someone who exaggerates, so you know she’s being honest when she says things like “it is so soothing to hear you sing, you should do it more often.”
  • Tell her you like her singing too, and she’ll blush, so cute
  • She’ll bascially be really happy to hear it. Discovering things about you is her biggest hobby, really, and she is always up for learning more about you.
  • Won’t tease you about it in front of other people. She likes having secrets with you, she doesn’t want anyone else to know you like she does. But she will give you a tiny little grin sometimes when you bring up that you need a shower.
  • Just imagine hiding away somewhere to sing with Konan. like, just imagine it. She is imagining it, you can be damn sure about that.