need to draw the line somewhere

i feel like i need to say this

recently, a lot of information has been brought to my attention, especially that of people copying my art, and copying specific pieces to the point where they’re just redraws. this isn’t the first time this has happened, unfortunately, but the fact that i found out about so many of them at once has brought me to have to say this. i’m tired, so very tired of emphasizing that my art, and all art, is more than just lines and colors. the fact that people feel comfortable reducing my work to just stock photo references makes me unexplainably sad. everything i draw has a very personal backstory behind it, and i wish for people to respect that. i of course, unfortunately, cannot make anyone respect me,

however, i’ll put this out there. we all start somewhere, and getting inspiration is not something unusual. you don’t have to deny it. if you reference something, just credit the person, that’s the least you can do. there’s no need to tell me that my art is “overdone” and “generic” just to justify the fact that our pieces “coincidentally” look alike. you don’t have to hurtle insults at anyone when they tell you that something like this makes them uncomfortable.

i make this post because i am tired, and the more and more i deal with situations like this, the more uncomfortable it makes me to share my art with the world. what’s the point of me drawing anything if it’s “generic” and “overdone” and “nothing special” and “anyone who has ever held a pencil could do some crappy shit like that”. you don’t have to call me a “shitty tumblr aesthetic” to admit that you enjoy my work.

thank you all so much for your support. you all mean a lot to me, that you enjoy my work and continue to do so.

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would a war axe actually be an effective weapon at all, or has it just been made flashy for appeal? how strong would you need to be to be able to use one if so?

I’m not certain which axe you’re thinking of, but axes have been used extensively in warfare, including specialized designs intended specifically for combat. These range from simple hatchets that function in roughly the same capacity as a dagger up through the Danish axe. It’s also worth remembering there are entire families of polearms that are, basically, very long axes.

I’ve mentioned axes a couple times when discussing historical sidearms. They were, frequently, used as backup weapons in medieval infantry. In part, because battleaxes were, generally, cheaper to produce than swords, and (in theory) easier to train on, so it was easier to arm infantry with battleaxes than swords.

Most combat tactics with the axe involve generating inertia, and then once the weapon is up to speed you connect. The examples I’ve seen were figure eight patterns, though I assume there are others.

Multiple cultures also developed axe variants for use as thrown weapons. We’re usually pretty critical of throwing knives as a combat skill, but historically, some warriors did carry extra axes to throw at foes.

As for strength, the axe is like nearly every other melee weapon. It’s useful, but anyone of roughly average strength should be able to use these things. Historical battleaxes weighed somewhere between one to six pounds, so we’re not talking about some massive Berserk style chunk of steel. And, yes, this includes two handed designs. Compared to swords, axes were lighter, (probably because there was less metal involved.) As with any weapon, training and experience is far more important than strength. Put another way, a battleaxe weighs less than your average housecat. Remember, axes were light enough to bring extras for sharing with the crowd.

I’ll harp on this a bit for a second, but it is worth remembering that most weapons are pretty light. There are outliers, but if you’re bringing a weapon to a battle, then you can expect to be swinging it all day. A heavy weapon would wear you out, and leave you vulnerable.

The weight is important for an axe, but the distribution is what matters. The weight behind the blade will do the work for you, when striking, you just need to get that weight moving, and then direct it into the target. To make this work, you don’t need a lot of weight, and the more you add, the harder it becomes to get the weapon moving and control it, so you’re looking for a sweet spot of mass and control. Historically that appears to have been somewhere around two or three pounds.

Ironically, if you’re looking for a weapon that actually required a lot of strength to use, that’s the longbow. Drawing one could require the archer to pull anywhere from forty to sixty pounds, (or more in some rare cases.) Or, in other words, your mental image of how medieval combatants looked is on its head, the front line infantry were (in some cases) scrawny little guys, and the archers were stacked.


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Guide for making Loki IRL ocs?

It’s very simple.

The artist carries a pencil and sketchbook. Also 3 lines of ink somewhere on their body to generate IRLs and IRL objects or weapons.

The organic human is drawn with a smooth outline and the IRL they draw is sketchy outlined. Be messy.

BTW IRLs can create IRLs too

1 main design rule, no levitating characters. No one can just float, they need wings or something. It’s since no one is as powerful as they are in the cartoons. An IRL of Superman couldn’t fly and would be killed with bullets in this world.

My Impression Of You

A/N: So, this is my first attempt to write a Riverdale one-shot! I was inspired to write this after I listened to some music and I hope you’ll like it! Archie’s personality is something I wonder about a lot while watching Riverdale and I explore that here. Please let me know what you think about it and if you’d like to read more! xo

Plot: Your perfectly normal day gets disturbed by Archie Andrews, one of the popular kids you usually only observe from a distance. Suddenly, though, you have one of the deepest conversations of your life and maybe have to revise your opinion about him.

Originally posted by archic-andrews

It was a usual Friday afternoon when Archie Andrews decided to disturb your life. A wonderfully normal day in Riverdale like every other day, at least before Jason Blossom was murdered. You kept to yourself throughout the morning periods, as usually, ate your lunch in the sun under the big oak tree and pretty much spent the whole day thinking about how you could improve the stage design for the newest play the little drama group at your school was planning. That was your thing. Making props, painting them, working on them in peace and alone. That was what you loved most.

Only that Friday afternoon it didn’t go down like that. You sat down to continue painting the majestic tree that would be at the centre of the stage in act three, biting your lower lip, frowning and placing brush marks here and there in highest concentration. Forgetting pretty much everything around you or just blending it out because it didn’t matter in that moment. That’s why he caught you off guard when he cleared his throat to get your attention.

You twitched and turned around, staring at Archie Andrews standing there with a curious expression, grasping the strap of his backpack and wearing that blue and yellow football jacket that you never really liked. You just never got why they felt the need to wear them 24/7. Maybe to show their status, which didn’t make them appear any more sympathetic in your eyes.

“Ehm…did you lose your way?”, you asked him because nobody ever came into that room. Especially no popular kid. Never.

Archie raised his eyebrows in surprise and hurried to answer. “Oh, no, I was searching for the props department. That’s right here, isn’t it?”

“Yeah…what do you need?” You were absolutely aware of the fact that you sounded a little hostile but you couldn’t help yourself. Archie had never talked to you before. You doubted that he had even noticed you before. You only knew his voice from scraps of conversation you took up when you passed him in the hallway or, more currently, from when he was singing. He was one of the people who never really hurt others, or at least don’t attempt to do so, but also rest themselves in their social status without looking at those who surround them. At least that’s what you thought.

“Well, I thought I could do this as an extracurricular activity”, he explained, still without moving an inch. It was obvious that your reaction scared him away a little.

“But you’re in the football team”, you stated irritated.

“Yeah. So?”

“So why would you want to join the prop department? Which, by the way, consists of only me.”

“I kinda need the extra credit”, he finally admitted and you sighed to yourself. Of course. That was so typical. They thought painting cardboards was an easy way to gain credits. You actually would’ve been surprised if he had had any passion for this. Well, you didn’t really want to get upset about it because they usually never came back for a second time, so why bother?

“Alright. You can paint this tree over there, I already draw the lines and we can put it somewhere in the background. Just don’t screw up too badly”, you advised him, pointing at a prop in the corner of the room and returning to your own work. He shot you another amazed look before he pulled a chair to the cardboard, placed his backpack next to the door and sat down to start painting.

For a while you worked in silence and you tried to ignore that Archie was there, which was nearly impossible because whatever you could say about him, he definitely had some emission. While you were a person that could easily disappear in a crowd, he wasn’t. Maybe because of the red hair.

“Why are you the only one working on this?”, he asked you at some point without looking at you. It didn’t seem like the mere attempt to do smalltalk but like he was honestly interested in the answer, so you gave it.

“Because nobody gives a damn about theatre in this school”, you said, unable to hide the bitter tone in your voice. “It’s all about music. All about the Pussycats. Or people like you. And no offense, music is a form of art too, it deserves attention! But it’s really annoying that it gets so much of it and drama absolutely none.”

“Well…I don’t think it gets none…”, he mumbled with a frown.

“Really? Have you seen one play since you go to this Highschool?”, you stopped him right there, watching closely while he thought about it. Him pressing his lips together and not giving an answer was answer enough.

“Thought so. Like I said. It’s all about football, the Vixens and music.”

“And you don’t like any of that”, he mused. By now he totally forgot about painting the tree and was simply watching you closely, maybe trying to figure out where all the weirdness and bitterness came from. You were not a victim of bullying or in any way ugly. You just didn’t like those Higschool power games.

You pushed out a little laugh at his statement and shot him an amused look, meeting his warm brown eyes for the first time. “No. That’s not the point. I do like watching football games like every other person. I do like listening to the Pussycats, although it’s not necessarily my type of music. I just…I just don’t like the whole thing surrounding it, you know? All these people enjoying their popularity and the attention others, and with that I mean normal students like me, give them and not even minding to get to know our names. Like we aren’t part of the same school.”

It was confusing that he made you open up like that but it also felt good to get it off your chest. Although it probably wasn’t fair that he was the one receiving all your anger because he really wasn’t the worst of the lot by far.

Archie now looked at you with raised eyebrows. For the first time since he entered the room, a little smile played around his lips. It changed his face very positively.

“Y/F/N Y/L/N”, he suddenly said triumphantly.

You blinked at him, honestly astounded. “What?”

“Y/N. That’s your name. We have been in the same school since first grade, why wouldn’t I know your name?”

His smile widened a bit at your expression and you quickly hid behind your tree, not wanting to give him the satisfaction. Although you really were surprised. You hadn’t expected that. Your paths never crossed and you never had the feeling like Archie was particularly aware of your existence.

“Okay, I’ll grant you that. Doesn’t change the bigger picture, though”, you grumbled.

He was silent for another moment and you already thought that you won and finally hushed him when he suddenly asked: “You don’t like me much, do you?” Still the question didn’t sound like he was upset or mad about your behaviour but simply curious.

You sighed once again and rolled your chair aside so you fully faced him. He was returning your gaze attentively, as if you were a particularly interesting object in a museum. You almost blushed but you were able to keep your cool and stare at him as patronizing as possible.

“Look, Archie, it’s not like that. I don’t even really know you. I simply don’t like the fact that everybody thinks people like you are perfect.”

“I’m not perfect”, he shot back automatically.

“Oh, I know.”

You realized too late that that was really offensive. You felt the heat creeping into your cheeks as his mouth dropped open and Archie looked hurt for a moment. He squinted his eyes and ran his fingers through his red hair, probably contemplating how he was supposed to react.

“What do you mean with that?”, he asked you in the end, sounding more careful and restrained than before.

You gulped down your embarrassment and searched for words that could explain what you actually meant.

“Well…I can only tell you what I observed from a distance. But in my opinion you are always really trying to do the right thing and often screw up. There is that thing with Betty. I mean, everybody in this school knows what’s been going on there and she is an absolute sweetheart but you kinda let her down the worst way possible. I am not saying that you don’t like her or respect her but you could’ve done that way more sensible. Especially since you obviously returned from this summer less boyish, whatever the reason for that is.”

Archie listened to you patiently, not interrupting you or getting angry at you which might have been a reasonable reaction to the accusations of a person that he had nothing to do with. It seemed more like he wanted to hear it, like he wondered a lot about himself but needed someone else to deliver conclusions and solutions. You felt your respect for him growing a bit because not many people were able to accept criticism like him.

“I know that I hurt Betty and I really regret that, but I didn’t do it on purpose”, he defended himself in the end, his eyes mirroring the pain he obviously felt about it.

You gave him a little understanding smile. “Of course not. Honestly, Archie, I think your problem is your insecurity. Betty was in a bad place the last few weeks, probably because of her sister or something, I’m not sure, and I gotta say that I was surprised when you weren’t really there for her. I guess you were so indulged in your music and in your fears of not being good enough in what you do. You just don’t believe enough in yourself, which is absurd regarding that everyone around you supports you. You always need people helping you, telling you that you have talent and then you engage in those far too quickly. And with that I mean Victoria and Valerie. Instead of letting them build your confidence, maybe you should learn to build it up on your own.”

You were a little bit confused yourself why you knew so much about him, so you couldn’t judge him for being even more irritated. You both totally forgot why you were here and simply sat in that room and looked at each other while Archie was processing what you just said. If he decided to simply run away now you would’ve understood. But he didn’t.

“Fair enough. I guess I have to think about it. There is one thing I don’t get, though: you seem to be interested in what’s happening around you, in the people that surround you. You even said that Betty is an absolute sweetheart, but you never returned her attempts to make conversation. So why don’t you mingle more and at least try to share your passion with others?”, he investigated, now sitting on the edge of his chair, his body tensed as if he found this dialogue quite fascinating.

It was the first time that you were on the defensive side and you immediately felt uneasy when he spoke about your persona. You were a lot better at reflecting others than yourself. You bit your lower lip and instead of keeping to look at him, your gaze returned to your half-finished tree. That made answering a little bit easier.

“Well, I guess I have to think about it.”

You missed the smirk that appeared on Archie’s face as you repeated his retort. He watched you for some time while you started to paint again, caught up in his own thoughts that you produced with your words. He didn’t have such an intense conversation for a very long time.

As the bell rang, both of you almost jumped. Man, that hour passed quickly. You were almost sorry when Archie got up from his chair and threw his backpack over his shoulder. And you were annoyed at yourself for that. But this exchange of words was the most interesting and intimate thing that happened to you in quite some time.

“This definitely turned out different than I thought but it was entertaining. I’ll see you next week”, he told you, grinning at you before he left the room. Although he didn’t look mad you were pretty sure that he wouldn’t return for another session. Little did you know that you awoke Archie’s curiosity. And little did you realize how much he awoke yours.

Preventing hand injuries from digital art

I got a question about drawing injuries, and I typed up a pretty lengthy response so I wanted to share it here as well.

I get asked a lot about hand strains and injuries, and it is something most artists have to face one time or another just because we work so hard for our dreams. I personally don’t get strains or injuries, both for art and for piano playing when I still majored in it, two main creative paths where hand/arm injuries are common. My hands rarely feel tired and when they do, I stop drawing. So when I get asked, I usually can only offer the fact that you can find a lot of carpal tunnel exercises on google and there’s nothing else I know about relief exercises, other than I find that flinging my hands also help loosen them up a bit.

The most important thing about this issue is actually prevention rather than relief. I would like to believe this approach is what prevented me from getting injured–I’ve never really been a push through the pain type person, and glorifying suffering and pain as a sign of hard work is definitely unhealthy, as those are huge signals from your body telling you to stop. There are many things that I know for sure strains your hands much more than anything else that I will list below, and I believe that, if it is possible for you, the most efficient way to deal with injury is to find out which of these things is the cause and working around it.

The first big cause is posture; if your arms have no support points (ie you have to hold your elbow up with your muscles or tense your wrist to maintain stability) you will strain much easier, just like how you get tired easier standing at an uncomfortable pose vs a well grounded one. So be sure to seat yourself so that you have somewhere to rest your arm while drawing, while your body is at a relaxed angle with full support. For a normal tablet, rest your arm and wrist somewhere on the table or the tablet. For a Cintiq or tablet monitor, try having it upright so that your elbow can rest on your desk, and your wrist can rest on the cintiq screen, and you only need to use your fingers to control the pen.

The second cause is your grip on the pen. This can be caused by your need for precision/speed of repetitive movement/pressure. Line art, or cross hatching, or pressing hard to get the darkness of the brush you need, are all high stress activities that strains your hand much more than, say, rendering or putting down a base painting. Knowing that, you can:

  • Use a higher brush opacity or turn off pressure sensitivity for opacity to prevent yourself from having to press really hard to get brush impact you want.
  • Go to your wacom tablet preferences if you have one, and set the hardness of the brush so that it’s easier to get the brush opacity/size you want. You want to have the problem of having to try to press lighter for lighter lines, rather than having to press harder for darker/thicker lines. The latter strains much more than the former.
  • If your grip of the pen is too tight purely because the pen is slippery/too small for you/hard to grip, such as old bamboo tablets, there are rubber tablet pen paddings that you can buy online, or you can just use a layer of masking tape all around the grip area to increase friction/grip comfort and make it easier for yourself to hold your pen. A Cintiq or Intuos Pro pen is ideally what you want your pen to feel like: have friction on the surface so your fingers don’t slip, large enough so it rests and takes up space comfortably between your thumb and index fingers without you tensing and curling your hand inwards really hard, and shaped so that your grip is stopped right before the cone of the tip, preventing slipping.

The third cause is the schedule of your drawing. This may or may not be possible to change because for a lot of us, a deadline is a deadline. But try to space your tasks so that you cycle between intense, detailed, hand-straining work, and relaxing, loose, more brainstorming work. The latter is excellent for hand rest while still being productive creative work. For example, if you are drawing comic pages, it might make sense in terms of efficiency to sketch 10 pages, then ink 10 pages, then tone 10 pages. But when you are inking those 10 pages consecutively, that’s when you give your hands no rest and your hand will start to hurt a lot, while you have no choice but to push through the pain to get the work done. Instead, try to draw these pages one by one, or have a few drawings at various stages of completion to rotate between. eg. you work on inking drawing A, then when you feel your hands are strained, switch to putting down loose underpainting for drawing B, switch back to inking drawing A, then start brainstorming drawing C and think more/draw less. Give your hands some natural times to rest up with less intense work, and you get work done without having to lose time by having to really stop drawing altogether.

As tempting as it is to try to feel like you are working as hard as you can to achieve your dreams and aspirations, while feeling guilty about resting/taking the more relaxing route, remember that your hands make your art possible, so treat them well! 

Part two of this prompt fill for @wayward-authors-kitsune

college!au, angst with a happy ending

Avoiding Cas is surprisingly easy.

All Dean has to do is block him on all social media sites, park his car down the street at a friend’s house so Cas never knows when he’s home, rely more on public transportation to get to campus, and finally just never leave his apartment except for class.

Easy peasy.

That is, until Dean needs to go to the grocery store. He’s been living off Ramen noodles and mac and cheese for weeks now, too afraid to stop anywhere near campus in case Cas is nearby. 

But now he’s officially all out of beer and Captain Morgan and he figures he could probably use some non-microwaveable groceries while he’s out. 

He goes to the little market about four blocks away. He hits up the essentials first: booze, some hamburger, hot dogs, bread, eggs. He considers produce but immediately shakes that thought loose and decides that he’s entitled to some ice cream instead.


Dean freezes,  carton half way to his basket. It takes everything in him to turn around and the moment he connects with blue eyes he really wishes he hadn’t.

Cas looks sick staring back at him, eyes glasses over with a sort of disbelief, like he thinks he’s seeing a ghost. 

He says Dean’s name again but Dean doesn’t respond. They’re both tense, like they’re about to draw on each other in an old western movie instead of standing in a damn milk aisle. 

As awkward as the moment it, Dean almost wishes they could stay like this. Because it’s good to see Cas, the flesh and blood Cas. He’s missed him like you miss air when you’re holding your breath. But he also knows that if Cas talks, if he tries to come at him, Dean will run. He can feel his knees bracing for a take-off and he’s not ready to look away.

But Cas does it. He takes a step forward and Dean immediately takes one back. Cas’s eyes travel down to Dean’s feet and he looks hurt.

“Dean, please, let me-” He takes two quick steps and Dean is speeding past the checkout lines, dropping the basket somewhere alone the way.

He doesn’t breathe again until he’s back in his apartment. He falls on the couch and draws he knees up, settling his head between his legs as he sucks in breaths and lets his head clear.

He’s so fucked. So impossibly fucked. 

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“Hurry now, young king, and come back soon.”

I somehow had this image in my head of Ardyn just sitting somewhere around the crystal in those ten years of darkness. Maybe to feel a little bit closer to its magic again, maybe to remind himself of all the terrible stuff that went down when the crystal rejected him, maybe taunting Bahamut from outside, even though the astral most likely wouldn´t answer. So here he is resting next to it, or maybe he actually drifted off a little bit, who knows.

The Kiss

Lorcans POV of their kiss in chapter 52 of EOS

“I don’t think you even know what happiness is.”
Lorcan cast his mind back, trying to recall memories where he had been happy. His youth, his friends when he was younger. Moments that got fewer and farther between with every passing year. How long had it been since he smiled? Since he felt the warmth of happiness? Lorcan glanced down at the dark haired beauty laying not too far from him. Most of his warmest memories of late stemmed from her. The sight of her in that ridiculous fortune teller get up. Watching her charm and lie her way through their journey. Even when she was seething mad at him, her presence gave him a feeling he could not remember ever feeling before. His gaze dropped, as it had so often recently, to her sensuous lips.

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Ok So

Stingy and Robbie growing close and hanging out a lot. They bond over style, fashion, collections, occasionally needing quiet time, among other things (Including the hc that they both struggle with dyslexia) and Sport is so happy about it, loving that Robbie’s helping Stingy and making friends.

And Then

Glanni showing up, Stingy immediately being impressed and finding him cool, following him around and gushing about designer labels and suddenly Robbie feels left behind and cast aside in favor of the flashier Glanni. Robbie is hurt and jealous, pushing Stingy further away thinking it’s what the boy wants since he must have obviously gotten tired of Robbie, which he feels always happens in time and is why he doesn’t have friends.

Glanni flirting with Sportacus and Robbie being afraid Sportacus will leave him too and Robbie either completely shuts himself up in his lair for days away from everyone to be angsty until Sportacus goes looking for him and reassures him, OR Robbie deciding he has to draw the line somewhere and fight to keep HIS Hero to himself, in the process exposing his feelings for Sportacus and fondness for the kids. Stingy letting Robbie know that Glanni’s a pretty cool bad guy but he’s not THEIR Villain and they’ll always love Robbie.

Your Ginger Housemate - Part 1

Hey, guys! Here it is. I’m so sorry for this. I can’t believe Part 1 disappeared. I don’t even remember getting rid of it! Anyway, here it is… again. It’s a little different, so feel free to read again of you did before. Hope you enjoy it. And for those of you wondering, yes Part 6 is coming. Another week or two and it’ll be posted. Sorry and thanks. xx

Want to read the rest? Part 2 HERE | Part 3 HERE | Part 4 HERE | Part 5 HERE

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

There he goes again. Rummaging through the fridge like he owns the place. Most of the time, he annoyed the shit out of you. He was arrogant, dangerous, unstable, irritable, careless and not to mention infuriating… But what the heck, you found him boyishly charming. His perfectly styled, flaming hair. His dark eyes forever filled with sparks of curiosity. His wide and stretched grin filled with mocking and mischief. Somehow, his insecurities and imperfections are what continuously lured you in. The stubborn strand of hair that always fell over his forehead. The unpredictability of his moods. His overstretched smile thanks to the “missing face mishap.” Even the faint, pink scars that circled his eyes and his face. Yep. Jerome Valeska. He was your housemate. Not that you had had much say in the matter.

- Flashback - 

The wind howled behind the window panes and torrential sheets of rain battered down upon Gotham City. Thunder and lightning filled the sky. You’d been tossing and turning for hours. The clattering of debris hurtling down the street and the constant howling of dogs made it impossible to even relax. ‘CRASH!’ You jumped up with a start. That wasn’t from in the street. That was downstairs. Someone was in the house. 

Quickly, quietly, you jumped off the bed and eased the baseball bat you hid behind your door, off the wall. Gripping it with two hands, you crept down the hallway towards the stairway. You couldn’t see much, the power had obviously cut out, filling the house with pressing darkness. Easing down the stairs, you re-adjusted your grip on the bat, cold sweat causing it to slip. The cold, wooden stairs caused you to shiver and your breathing began to hitch.‘Stay calm y/n, stay calm.’ As you entered the kitchen, you could feel the cold wind rushing through the smashed window above the bench. Rain swept through the opening, soaking the tabletop and floor. You shivered violently, praying to God debris smashed the window, and not something or someone more dangerous.

As you crept further into the kitchen, past your chairs and small dining table, lightning filled the room, revealing a dark silhouette standing only three meters away. A scream tore through your throat as you turned on your heel and went run back up the stairs. ‘Why would you leave your phone back in your room. Idiot!’ Suddenly an iron grip caught your arm and wrenched you back towards the figure, causing you to drop the bat. You were spun around, and a hand covered your mouth while you felt a cold blade press against your throat. You whimpered as you felt the figures breath blow past your ear. A low chuckle reverberated through the figure’s throat. Not a figure. A man. He leant closer to your ear,

“Hello, gorgeous. Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?” 

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It’s Just Business (Part 5/?) (Rogers/Stark x reader)

Part 4

“Did you hear that?” your father stopped, holding up a hand to keep you silent while he tried to focus his senses.  “That sounded really close.”

“Yeah, that didn’t sound good, did it?” you agreed.  Waiting for him to walk around the table to join you, you both walked to one of the large windows that overlooked the busy streets below and didn’t see anything of concern.  When another loud blast shook the glass in front of you strongly enough for you both to take a jump back, your eyes were immediately drawn towards the direction of Stark Tower, but you couldn’t believe what you were seeing, blinking in disbelief at the sight of a hole in the sky and Iron Man struggling to hold his own against an army of aliens pouring from it.  “What the hell is that?”

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finalfenrirsoldier  asked:

PART 1 I know this is a strange question but how do you view Jasons appearance in terms of how attractive he is? For the longest time I assumed he wasnt really anything special, super average. But of course fics pushed a more hot image of him and then DC canon kept hinting at the fact that he is indeed a very a handsome (bad) boy. I think it even showed up on his dc profile at some point. But he himself doesnt acknowledge that fact perhaps due to insecurities? Point is now I see Jason as

PART 2 someone who is not the same level of supermodel sexy and instant head turner that Dick is, for me that is certain simply cause it would negate all the ‘dick is the hottest hero in dc’ stuff. I wouldn’t make this comparison if there already wasn’t such a clear competitive streak between them (plus since I ship them and I have to know!). I personally see Jason as a handsome birb now, dare I even say pretty at times what with his striking gaze and sharp jawline etc HOWEVER his general PART 3 persona is not the welcoming aura that Dick leaves behind. He doesnt have the winning smile but the sarcastic smirk, he doesnt have bright friendly eyes but ones that are hooded, guarded even. And people avoid his eye since he has a resting b**** face that is intimidating and does not do justice to how GOOD he CAN look. Anyway thats how I interpret his supposed canon/fic good looks and why they are not capitalized on more. What is your impression of his looks? Like in your writing? :) 
Part 4 WHoops I ran outta room on the ask, I forgot to add, I hope you have a lovely day, you are by far one of my favorite writers, and thank you for your fics, you deserve way more appreciation for your work, which always has such a high quality, its truly amazing! 

Hi! Thanks for your question (and for saying such lovely things, you’re too kind <3)

I talked a bit about my personal take on Jason’s appearance back in my favourite canon depictions post, and I absolutely see him as a good looking guy. Not bordering on pretty as much as Dick or Tim, and striking more than traditionally handsome, but good looking certainly, with sharp features, a slightly crooked nose (from being broken one too many times), bold eyebrows, thick black hair (which is loosely curling), and most of all, distinct eyes. I always imagine when people look at Jason, it’s his eyes that capture their attention most, with that shade caught between blue and green, highlighted by the fact he has unusually thick eyelashes no need for mascara there.

Even ignoring personal interpretation, Jason is canonically tall, well built, has amazing thighs and depending on the artist since the New 52, somewhere on the line between handsome and pretty. The way Dexter Soy and Alisson Borges draw him is particularly perfect to me. 

I also absolutely agree with you that the discrepancy comes in with how Jason views himself. This boy just does not have good opinions about himself, and I think his appearance is included as a part of that. He’s not completely self-loathing over his looks, but he doesn’t think of himself as anything special either, and when people – even people he trusts – do give him compliments in that respect (just as with most aspects of his life) he struggles to believe them as genuine. He’ll either joke and shrug it off, or try to ignore anything was said at all. Jason also naturally carries himself in a way that encourages people not to look at him, which is a habit he first developed as a street kid as a defence to ward off the wrong kinds of attention from him. Then as a vigilante, a “Don’t fuck with me” aura more than comes in handy, and because of this many people don’t really take the time to look at him and notice his appearance because their first impression is, “This guy is trouble and I should stay out of his way.” unless Jason is making an effort not to come across that way, such as when he’s trying to calm women and kids he’s saved. The only people who ever see him genuinely relaxed and smiling are his family and friends, of which he has few.

All of which combines as an explanation for why, even though good looking, Jason doesn’t get the same kind of attention for it as say, someone like Dick does. As fact he’s both jealous of and relieved about, because he’s a contrary person that way.

Basically, in conclusion, Jason is a very good looking birb who needs to learn to love himself more. I think we can all agree on that XD

The quiet ones

(A/N): I honestly love Timid/Shy requests

Request: Hey can you please do a Steve x reader where you’re his super shy/timid and quiet girlfriend and he lets you join the team and at first no one can understand why and question him until they all get captured on a mission and you save them by yourself

Warnings: swearing

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   Steve smiled sweetly at (Y/N) who was nearly clinging to him at some avengers party. They had an iron tight grip around his upper arm and if anyone so much as looked at them they’d cower in fear.

    (Y/N) had been with the Avengers for a few months now but no one could really see why, perhaps Steve had just taken some pity on the kid, or maybe they were a somewhat good fighter, but no one knew. They were so shy that any conversation anyone tried to have with them would immediately die so most times no one would even try, leaving (Y/N) on their own.

   But that very night, the same night (Y/N) had clung so desperately to Steve was the night everyone realized exactly why Steve recruited (Y/N) to the avengers. 

   The team had been having a great time chatting away and sipping on wine when they all got the call. 

    “We’ve got an emergency A.I.M attack,” Friday calls over the speakers. “A.I.M agents have invaded top secret bases in Siberia.” Everyone shares the same scared look before springing into action, grabbing suit and needed supplies before boarding the Avenjet.

   “Steve,” (Y/N) complained as the man got suited up, not even giving them a second glance. “Let me come with you guys, I promise I can help-”

   “(Y/N),” Steve states calmly, turning to look at them as he laced up his boots. “This mission is going to be too dangerous, I don’t want you coming along-” 

   “But I can really help! I promise!’ 

  “I know you can doll,” Steve whispers as he places a quick kiss to (Y/N)’s lips. “But I don’t want you getting hurt, okay? I don’t want your first mission to also be your last,” (Y/N) sighs as they fold their arms over their chest, huffing slightly. 

   “Fine,” Steve smiles softly, pecking their lips one last time before grabbing his shield and nearly rushing out the door.

   “I’ll call you if I need anything, okay?” 

   “Okay,” (Y/N) smiles softly, waving goodbye to Steve as he all but rushed to the Avenjet. 

   “(Y/N), this is my call for help, It’d be great if you could drop by the mission and save our asses,”

   “Why?” (Y/N) asks, already changing their outfit. “What’s going on?”

   “A.I.M got to us, they’ve taken Clint and Nat as prisoners and their starting to get to Bucky and Sam,” 

   “Fuck, yeah, kay, I’ll be there in half an hour,” 

   “We’re all gonna be goners by then (Y/N),” 

   “You guys took the Avenjet and technically I’m not supposed to be using Shield issued jets, so I can either let you guys get captured or I’m gonna be a few minutes late,” 

   “I- ugh, fine, just try to be careful, okay?” (Y/N) smiles as they grab Steve’s ID, most likely to break into Shield headquarters. 

   “Shouldn’t I be the one telling you that?” 

   “Touche,” Steve’s voice cuts out slightly as the signal falls just a bit, crackling and a number of horrid sounds taking his place. “(Y/N) need help,” Steve’s voice makes it through the crackling before the line falls completely silent, leaving (Y/N) to assume the worst. 

   Stealing the Shield jet was easy (God, Shield really needed to up their game) but what was hard was landing the damn thing without drawing any attention to it. (Y/N) didn’t have time for stealthiness however and rather than waste their time trying to find somewhere to park the thing they merely touched down in front of the base, grabbing a weapon of their choice before marching straight into battle. 

   Steve glared at his captors with an angry look, his eyes narrowed and lips nearly snarling at the suited men. 

   “Don’t look so angry Cap,” One of the agents calls, no doubt smirking to themself like an idiot. “Boss just wants to talk to you a bit,” 

   “You mean me?” Tony asks, smirking despite the situation. “He wants to talk to me and he used my team to get to me,” 

   “Guess you’re not as thick skulled as we thought you were,” The agents chuckle together, obviously finding themselves rather funny. However, their laughter stopped immediately when a small thumping sound came from the outside of the door. 

   “Sh, sh, sh, sh, shh,” One of the agents whisper, their hand falling to their gun. With soft steps they walk to the door at the front of the room, making sure to stay below the small window that it had. The agent grips their gun a bit tighter as they press an ear to the door, listening for any sound. All seemed quiet, eerily quiet, but only for a moment before the door was being kicked in and two guns were being aimed directly at the two agents standing watch. Everyone squinted against the lights behind their savior, attempting to get a good look at them. 

   “Holy shit,” Tony whispers, his eye sight having returned the fastest. Standing in the doorway was none other than (Y/N) themself, standing taller and more confident than the avengers had ever seen. 

   “If anyone moves I’ll shoot, anyone so much as breathes I shoot, got it?” One of the agents shifts a bit and (Y/N) pressed the barrel of the gun directly to their skull. “I said got it?” The agent nods quickly, raising his hands in defeat. “Now, I’m just gonna go untie these nice people and you two are going to stay completely still, if you so much as move a muscle what am I going to do?” The agents remain silent, quivering in fear. “I asked you two a question,” (Y/N) growls, their sweet persona completely gone. 

   “Y-You’re gonna shoot us?”

   “Damn right I’m gonna shoot you. So what are you not going to do?”


   “Good job, you guys catch on quick,” With one last threatening press of the gun against the agents head (Y/N) quickly moves over to the group of chained heroes, keeping their guns aimed directly at the agents. Without taking their eyes off the two (Y/N) begins to untie Steve’s restraints, quietly engaging in a conversation with him. 

   “Thanks for the help,” Steve mutters, rubbing at his wrists as (Y/N) began to untie Bucky’s very well knotted arms. (Y/N) casts Steve a small smile, quickly moving onto Nat’s restraints next. 

   “It was no big deal…not so bad for a first mission though, huh?” Steve smiles as he crouches beside (Y/N) to assist them, quickly freeing Sam of his ropes. 

   “Not to bad at all,” 

   “Is no one going to talk about the fact that (Y/N), the shy sweet one of us totally just came in here and threatened these agents lives?” Tony asks, squirming a bit when Bucky broke his bonds. Steve chuckles a bit, standing once everyone had been freed of their bonds. 

   “(Y/N)’s not as sweet and shy as you think they are,” Steve crouches down,  grabbing his shield and locking it onto his back. “Why’d you think I let them join the team?” Steve smirks a bit as he passes Tony, taking (Y/N) by the hand and leading them out of the small room. Everyone else stares at each other in shock and surprise, not quite knowing how to interpret the situation. 

   “Damn,” Tony finally replies, smirking as he nods his head a bit. “Steve sure knows how to pick ‘em,” 

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you inspired me to start making digital art ❤️

Holy lord anon that’s terrific

If I can give you a few starting tips so you don’t mess up as bad as I did when I first started:

1- enabling transfer/opacity with pen pressure makes it orders of magnitude easier to blend; just push harder or lighter depending on how you want your colors to come out

2- if you’re trying to learn colors or values and you’ve already screwed up a few attempts with a certain ref, don’t be afraid to pull that ref image into your drawing program and directly color pick from it with the eye dropper tool- sometimes it’s just really really hard to figure out what you’re looking at, there’s no shame in this as long as you learn and take careful mental notes of your mistakes

3- drawing with a tablet is hard when you first start out, and you’ll notice a serious drop in line quality as you get used to drawing in one place and having an image pop up somewhere else.  It’s weird, and it happened to literally everyone who started drawing digitally (unless they jump in with a cintiq, but I’m assuming you’re not doing that)

4- you don’t need certain special brushes to draw well, practice with default brushes will get you just as far as (if not further than) practice with other random brushes

5- don’t work too small (unless you’re doing pixel art), I really wouldn’t recommend going below 1000 px in either dimension because you tend to lose a lot of detail that way; you can always resize your art after you’re finished, but give yourself more freedom when you’re actually doing the drawing

6- as with any other skill out there: you will get better as long as you do it a lot.  Trust in at least that much.

  • Jonah: (ranting about a movie) Look at what we're dealing with, man! You've got to draw the line somewhere! You've got to draw the line in the sand, dude; you gotta make a statement! You gotta look inside yourself and say, "What am I willing to put up with today?" NOT👏THIS👏

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I actually like a lot of stuff that you post but you continue to be really, really dismissive and insensitive about what the new 52 did to Lois and how bad it treated her. I support your love for the "Superfam" but she is the most important member of it, the only person there from day 1. And you regularly defend things that just literally didn't give a fuck about her and treated her like yesterday's rotten garbage. You don't care at all about what the new 52 did to her. That's a problem.

well, I’m sorry if you feel like that but please tell me which part in the Superfam rulebook that compels me to be actively devote and care about Lois in order to get a Superfam fan card, or do i need to revoke mine now?

if i saw her as rotten garbage” i would have care less about the way i draw her and just scribble some fractured lines or something, and i wouldn’t even have something planned for the upcoming Mother’s Day with her and Talia :/ people think artist can just draw whatever they want but no, we need love and connection to a character in order to do it.

i don’t see N52 does anything particular bad to her that even preN52 hasn’t, and that’s my view? she is getting on well with a new boyfriend, there’s a new story somewhere, yet it’s cut short. that’s how it is to me. the Lois Lane one-shot in N52 is honestly amazing, and i love the short relationship she had with Bruce in Batman/Superman (BruceLois is honestly a nice ship)

Hell, the Rebirth Lois, along with Jon, are few redeeming quality for Rebirth at this point. She actually cares and wants to discuss what happened in Reborn but Rebirth Clark brushed her off. When I criticise Rebirth I only zero in on Superman in particular.

and really it’s amazing how you guys keep sending me messages like this, maybe i should start going around and criticising every single DC blogs that ship Constantine with Zatanna because how dare y'all ignore that Constantine has an amazing wife in Vertigo Hellblazer called Epiphanny and he will honestly never never ever love anyone more than her, and if you want to talk about soulmate it’s always supposed to be Kit. Since Hellblazer has a damn good history of 300 issues and countless spinoffs, one-shots and a Vertigo classic, people should pay attention to all those details how dare they only enjoy the new Hellblazer.

but no, i won’t be doing that, i’ll just complain to myself and anyone who wants to hear, that’s all. because i can’t police people’s fandom experience. (if i give myself that power you’ll see an aggressive little shit that attacks people for liking things like current Hellblazer, Lucifer and moan 24/24 about how DC fucked up for letting Karen Berger go. g od it’d be a nightmare)

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But what created Savitar the first time? If Savitar wasn't there yet to kill Iris, Barry wouldn't have needed to create the TR's to save her, so none of them could have become Savitar.

Imagine you walk into a room where someone has drawn a perfect circle on the white board. There is no beginning or end that you can see, because they’re just that damn good at it. You follow the line of it but you don’t see a break. Intellectually you know that someone started the circle SOMEWHERE and kept drawing from there, but you can’t find it.

That’s a causality loop. Barry creates a time remnant to save Iris from Savitar but that time remnant becomes Savitar instead, who in turn kills Iris so that Barry will create said time remnant. There HAS to be a point of origin somewhere, but neither Barry nor Savitar nor the audience know what it is.