need to draw more traditional stuff

Art trade for @theguardianknux, who wanted Maria holding baby Shadow — the idea here is that Gerald didn’t allow her to hold Shadow until she was 7 or 8 years old, and so the first time she did she wanted to introduce him to the plush bunny she received from her mother a few days after she was born. ‘Tis an important ceremony. :P

Shadow’s nursery also had glow in the dark stars because why not :3 

done in colored pencil, hence the messiness ^^


This is me  –  getting into sketching Teen Wolf again!!

It’s been quite a time since I’ve been able to watch the series and am trying to catch up at the moment … getting into shape again for some fanart content of my fave Stiles and … well, the Void uvu

Need more stuff for my Olivier ita bag. Hmu if you know of any buttons or keychains/charms people make so I can snatch them up and properly make my shrine. Also idk if anyone would be interested in traditional commission like this?

(Sort-Of) Emergency Commissions

Hello!! I haven’t been able to become motivated to do an entire art piece on my tablet lately and it couldn’t be at the worst time cause I’m in need of some money fast. A little while ago someone had stolen my phone at a fair, and ever since I’ve been using an old, broken phone until I get the money for a new one. I’ve been meaning to get a job since the donation money from a while ago was enough to pay off the old phone, but I still need around $300 more to buy a new phone. I’m still working on getting a job that could help, but it would be ideal to have a new phone by the end of the summer.

I’m opening traditional commissions to get some money, because I have my sketchbook and new liner pens with me at all times and am itching to get back into art again.

I will draw OCs and Steven Universe. No NSFW, animals, or mechs. My art tag (tagged/raeart) has examples of my stuff in it.


Full body is $10, Waist up is $7, Bust is $5


Full body is $20, Waist up is $15, Bust is $10

Extra characters are an added $5. Please reblog this to spread the word around!

Early Modern Reconstructionist Witchcraft

Getting quite frustrated about a trend in what could be called Early Modern Reconstructionist Witchcraft: a trend of taking particular ideas about reported historical practises in early modern and often also medieval Europe (and especially England and Scotland) and attempting to codify them as The True Witchcraft - often partially or completely devoid of the actual cultural and religious context of these practices (and without critical analysis of whether they *were* actual practices, when they come via trial reports), and often along with an American fetishisation of Europe.  It’s giving me a thumping headache.

Look, being inspired by the imagery of witchcraft in early modern (& earlier & later) England, Scotland, Western Europe is great.  Flying ointments, diabolical Sabbats, wild hunts & furious hosts and faery rades, familiar spirits, Diana and Habondia and their spiritual sisters - it’s great stuff, it’s juicy, it’s a real current in historical thought that’s affected our present day ideas.  The image of the cunning wo/man (whether of the mystic-cottage-full-of-herbs variety or the canny sometimes-rip-off-merchant practising what Pratchett termed Headology one [and the two are not exclusive]) is fertile inspiration for  modern practice.  I draw on this stuff myself, obviously!

But please, please be wary of anyone trying to tell you that modern, developing practises derived from (often selective) historical reports and modern interpretations of them are What People Did And How People Thought/Believed Back Then!  Especially if the same people are deriding twentieth-century witchcrafts inspired by people like Murray - because those witchcrafts were *also* based on (often selective) historical and archaeological information of their day and the contemporary interpretations of them.  (And extra especially if those people have books or classes to sell!)

The reaching for ‘authenticity’ is an understandable urge, and can be a real spiritual and magical hunger for roots and meaning.  But claims of *historical* authenticity in contemporary, reconstructed practices should always be treated with wariness - because there’s always more evidence to come along, new ways of looking at the past to develop, and what seems like an obvious historical survival today is going to look like Murray’s witch cult and Frazer’s Golden Bough in ten, twenty, fifty years’ time.  (And hey, people can and do still draw valid personal inspiration from those, we just need to understand they’re not History Fact.)

Any practice that looks back to the past is necessarily a child of historiography as much as history.  And historiography is a constantly evolving thing. So…just be thoughtful, okay?  If stuff speaks to you, that’s great, work that current ‘til your arse falls off.  Just be wary of believing - or making - claims that what you’re doing is More Real, More Accurate, More Authentic, More Historical than what other people are doing.


“Hey Excalibro come over here.” Frost was walking the halls when he noticed his brother on a nearby perch staring off into the void, such a mesmerizing sight. He began to head towards the stairs to meet him halfway

“Hmm?” The familiar voice caught his attention followed by a hiss. He loathed the nickname but would see what he wanted. He left his perch headed down the steps to intercept him.
Just as they met, Excalibur froze when icy finger tips gripped his face and began to tug and push on his face. He quickly realized his mistake.


A chuckle escaped Frost lips before he threw his head back, opening his maw wide, and made a series of odd noises and screeches. “BROOOOOO!” He exclaimed.

Excalibur’s hands twitched and soon began to hiss. Anyone that knew the two knew what would soon follow.The usual shenanigans of brothers.

Well finally got back to this and pretty happy with it. Think I may add the proper rim lighting later.

Haven’t give these two frames proper names yet, but Frost loves annoying his brother Excalibur at every moment. Also the pose is referenced from a ‘draw the squad’ pose and I need to find the artist who made this particular pose.

Regarding the blurb above, these two are more related to a fic/story idea I’m brewing up. Hence why a bit more of custom look to both of them and the obvious non-canon stuff in the image and blurb(talking and those slight maws).

Whoops forgot the detail of the faces. These are not for use as icons. Please respect that.

i’m gonna be trying inktober this year!! i really need to do more traditional stuff anyway.

i’m not gonna usually upload them as i draw them here (i’ll probably scan them in bunches if i can keep up) BUT i figure today’s would be. good. to put up here. yes.

this is the kinda content i like to see in video games.


Hey everyone, Pop here. The emergency funds I’ve saved up are officially out, and I still haven’t managed to find a full time job. I got two part-time jobs, but they’re still not paying enough to cover monthly rent and bills. I might make it through this month if I really skimp on food, but after that I’m hecking screwed.

So I’m opening up commissions. And they’re going to stay open. I will literally draw ANYTHING so long as it’s not porn, weird fetish crap, or otherwise offensive to my morals (for example: really, really excessive violence, homophobic bullshit, anything supporting that bloated cheeto puff in the white house, etc.)

If you are interested, please contact me via private message on tumblr. I’d include alternate methods, but as you know, including urls and e-mails sometimes makes this stuff unsearchable here, which is not a risk I’m willing to take.

Below are some BASE PRICES and examples of my work. I may charge more for super complicated stuff (explained at bottom of post). All prices are negotiable, though I won’t go below minimum wage for the average time it takes me to draw something. 


Rough Sketch- $3


Fully Shaded Pencil Sketch - $7

Inked and Colored-$9


Rough Sketch- $15

Inked- $20

Clean, Fully Shaded Pencil Sketch - $23

Inked and Colored- $25


Rough Sketch- $20

Inked- $25

Clean, Fully Shaded Pencil Sketch-$30

Inked and Colored-$35


Rough Sketch - $8

Inked- $14

Clean, Fully Shaded Pencil Sketch - $17

Inked and Colored- $20


Prices negotiable and determined on a per-commission basis.


More than one character- $5-$15 per extra character ($5 for bust, $10 for waist up, $15 for full body)

Extremely complex outfits- $5 extra (An “extremely complex outfit” is something along the lines of very involved armor, or one of the more bullshit final fantasy character designs. The charge may also apply if you ask for a historically accurate outfit that requires actual research on my part.)

Background or Environment- Anywhere from $1 to $50 depending on complexity.

Example: The simple red-and-orange patterned background behind Yasuaki and Akane above would be a $1 background, the night sky with the moon pictured in the earlier sample drawing with the dragon lady would be a $5 background, an environment like the one in the illustration at the beginning of the Extras section would be a $30 background, and a $50 background would be something just, ridiculously involved. Like, more involved than the one in the last illustration in the Extras section.

Held Items or Inanimate Objects in Scene: anywhere from free to $20 depending on complexity. Objects that are part of an environment or background (i.e. plants, trees, buildings, etc.) do not cost extra. Just use the price for the background for that.

Example: Something really simple, like a baseball, wouldn’t cost anything. But if you wanted a character leaning against something really complex like a car or motorcycle, that would probably be an extra $20. Stuff that takes more than a few seconds to draw, but isn’t as large or complex as a car or motorcycle, is going to fall somewhere in between.

Digital Art- There is an extra $5-$10 charge if for some reason you need digital art instead of traditional art because it takes me a lot more time and effort to draw things digitally.

So yeah, that’s about it! Please contact me if you’re interested! Your support is greatly appreciated!


I need some background object head characters for my comic mysteries of Glassmount. Obviously I have enough of my own characters to fill the whole town on my own but its much more fun to draw other peoples characters right?

So I want to have lots of your guys characters in the background as a way to make this comic more fun for the community! 

I have a couple rules though before you start sending me request and stuff so please read them carefully~  

  • Characters heavily relying on gore , other injuries, and sexual contend for their design will be rejected. 
  • Please send me a full body reference (in color please, can be traditional) through submissions so I can easily find them and not lose them. 
  • I need a LOT of younger characters, like high school and middle school so I might age down one of your characters (I will ask permission first) 
  • Submit as many as you want!! just be sure not to spam me plz :3
  • all sexual orientation and genders are allowed! I love talking about your characters so feel free to tell me about them and anything I might need to know about them. (like if they prefer specific pronouns ect) 
  • if I REALLY like a design I might give that character a line or two~ ;)
  • overly complicated designs might be simplified (I will ask permission first)

THATS ALL~ now show me your lovely children :D 

hahaha he has a bag of carrots because he’s a horse.

Finally I decided to upload here some of my old Transformers drawings! (to be replaced with new ones, I hope). Huge fan here, since I was I child. And guess who’s my favourite bot?  (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) Every continuity, really. From G1 to TFP to IDW comics version (I really need to draw him with that awesome design!).
So, nothing more to say, just that there will be some bots too from now on here, besides Overwatch and stuff 8D

Transformers © Hasbro
Drawing by me