need to collect them all!!


One of the crystals popped out of the clay, but the other didn’t and it’s now a display specimen for my collection! It’s phosphorescent meaning it will not only glow under short wave UV, it will continue to glow for a few seconds after the UV light is removed. Not a bad find!

“Cat toys?! No you must be mistaken, these are dog toys!”

leaked 4x13 scene

Bellamy: *is under a high stress life and death situation* y'all mind if I-
Clarke: mind if you wha-
Bellamy: -have difficulty expressing my emotions especially to those I love due to having a large amount of pressure and responsibility placed upon me in many situations involving my loved ones from a young age


MyLifeinaBullet on YouTube uploaded this fabulous pen collection video! 

they’re pretending to be in a national geographic special


make me choose;; @lunalocegood​ asked scorbus or scorose

Scorpius smiled shyly, still not used to Albus’ constant praise. “Stop,” he said humbly. “I couldn’t have done it without you, honestly, I probably couldn’t do much without you.”

“Me?” it was Albus’ turn to turn away shyly. “Scorp, you’re the brilliant one. You’re always the one saving both our asses. How is it that you couldn’t do much without me?”

“You make me brave, Albus,” Scorpius admitted quietly, tucking a strand of hair behind Albus’ ear. And with that they were kissing again, and maybe the whole kissing in a train compartment thing wasn’t so new for them after all. (read on ao3)


Okay. I’m going to be really calm here.
Y'all know how much I love Steampunk. To log onto Twitter and see this is - it’s indescribable.

Hesokuri Wars is implementing a new premium gold set - Steampunk Matsus~
Friday at midnight! Grab your diamonds and be there!

Why the Voting Gauntlet is Flawed

Alright, people, I have to get this off my chest because it has been bothering me from the start. It’s about the Fire Emblem Heroes’ Voting Gauntlet. It’s terrible. Absolutely terrible!

At first, I liked the idea of a popularity vote contest since Awakening did the same thing as did Heroes for its 5 star characters, but this Voting Gauntlet is awful for many reasons.

Before I start, let me make this clear: I have only played Awaking and Fates. I haven’t played any of the past Fire Emblem games so I am not a ticked off veteran looking to pick a fight.

Second, this is simply my opinion. If you love the Voting Gauntlet, that’s fine with me; however, I despise the way Intelligent Systems is handling it and how broken the mechanics to this Gantlet is.

The first issue I have with this Voting Gauntlet are the characters that were chosen to participate.

Here’s the characters of the last gauntlet:

And now here’s the current gauntlet:

The problem here is as clear as day. Popularity imbalance. What I mean by that is that there are some people, myself included, who go into these things knowing only two or three characters at most because they played the games they were in. I have no clue who Erika, Minerva, or Palla are. Am I likely to side with their army? Well…I sided with Erika because I liked her design, but nothing more and that’s a problem. Fire Emblem Heroes is a game that exposed the newer players to older Fire Emblem characters, but it doesn’t give the newer players a compelling reason to like the characters enough to side with them. The people who are complaining about Lucina and Camilla (so far) single handily winning the Gauntlets have to realize that Awakening and Fates brought tons of people into the series; therefore, it is not surprising at all that Lucina and Camilla, the most popular characters from those games, are beating both Gauntlets.

None of the new fans have either heard of the past Fire Emblem games or even wanted to play them, so they don’t know any of the older characters like Erika. Why support a character whom you don’t even know the game they are from? Which brings me to one of the reasons why the Voting Gaunlet is flawed: the fandom is divided.

There are the old Fire Emblem veterans and there are the Awakening/Fates players. The veterans despise every aspect of Awakening and Fates and the toxic side of the fans who played the games while the newer fans are turned off by the older games due to either toxic veteran fans or Classic mode. So the fandom is literally cut in half with the needless bickering of what Fire Emblem should be. Why do a voting gauntlet that brings all the characters from all the games and expect it to be fair with everyone choosing “this character” because they look cool? No, people are picking their characters in the gauntlets because they know the character compared to the rest. That’s why Lucina and Camilla are winning because it shows how many new fans there are compared to the old fans. Whether you want to debate with me that it is because Lucina and Camilla are waifus and nothing more is up to you, but my main reason why is the former.

Now let me talk about the mechanics of the Voting Gauntlet. Oh…my…lord…the Voting Gauntlet is Takumi levels of broken and not in a good way! Tell me: what is the first thing you think of when you see “Voting Gauntlets”? A mode where you join with countless people around the world and vote for the character you like the most to win these things, right? Well here’s what’s bugging me: You can vote more than once and depending on the number of flags you have, your vote is worth more or less than other people. I’m sorry to the people who like the flags, but I fucking hate them.

The way the flags work is that if you have collected a certain amount through missions, which are more of a chore than anything else, you can use them to boost up a number of points your vote is worth. Depending on your rank in the arena, a regular vote can be worth around less or more than 100 with the difference being around 5 more or fewer points, but as we go higher in the multiplier, it gets worse. In the maximum amount of point multipliers, 200, the difference in points you could contribute is separated by 1000. So if you contributed say 19000 points, somewhere out there, someone contributed 20000 points for the same price of 200 flags because they are ranked higher than you!

And people are complaining about the roster being unbalanced, the flags are close to the rosters of how unbalanced they are. You can say how much I am blowing this out of proportion, but I’ve never had a good feeling about the flags ever since I saw what they could do and how much they could affect the scores. Just look at Camilla’s score when she slaughtered Hinoka. 5 billion+! Might as well stop participating right there and then because no one else is going to hit that. And now look at what’s happened in Camilla vs Cordelia. Camilla hit almost HALF a million in the span of a fucking hour at the START and now she’s at 4 billion points looking to break her record! And people are saying Minerva stands a chance? Not with the bullshit easter costume Camilla got which, in my opinion as a person who likes Camilla, is completely unnecessary and too coincidental.  That’s why I hate the Voting Gauntlet flags. They give too many points and all people need to do is collect them through chore missions, score high in the arena, and spam the fuck out of the 200 multipliers knowing that someone is doing the same but with higher points at the same price. It saps out the confidence of a team which is why Hinoka and Cordelia are scoring so low! They see the massive score Camilla has and just gives up.

Chrom vs Ephraim and Subaki vs Beruka were the best parts of the Voting Gauntlet because the no one knew who was going to win. Everyone had to pitch in and not laze around, or the team could have lost a vote that would have gotten them their victory. Those are the kinds of battles people want more of. The kin that are a test to how much people really want their character to win. People can’t just drop their phone or tablet and not do it for a few hours like they know they’re going to win. The Voting Gauntlet is something that requires undying loyalty and dedication which is something Hinoka and Cordelia fans are unable to display thanks to Camilla’s lead. What’s the point of even trying? That’s something I should never think of when it comes to these things. Even though I don’t like the fact that you can vote more than once, the concept behind it is debatably understandable.

While I do like the Voting Gauntlet as a concept, it isn’t a perfect mode to participate in. It’s too broken with both the characters that are selected and the flags points that are used in it. The first gauntlet kinda made these problems form in the back of my mind, but with this gauntlet with Camilla in it, there’s no doubt in my mind that Intelligent Systems are screwing everyone over.

Last time an Awakening character won and now a Fates character will win. How much of this can the Fire Emblem veterans take before they just start boycotting Intelligent Systems? How much more divided can this fandom get before it falls apart? Say what you want about the old veterans, but they do not deserve this level of neglect IS has continuously shown. As an Awakening fan, I know people will say that I don’t have a right to say this, but this is not what I want from a game that is suppose to bring old and new fans together. This game is supposed to introduce the new players to the old Fire Emblem characters and promote the past games. It worked for me because I have a 5 star Maxed out Lyn as the leader of my team and I want Erika more than even Camilla and Cordelia! I even want to play the games they are from because they are so interesting!

That is the purpose of Heroes and no one can tell me otherwise!

So I am going to make a post on how to fix the obvious mess that is the Voting Gauntlet. Sure it will be subjective and based off of my own opinion, but I’d rather be subjective than stay completely silent forever on this issue. One of the messes that needs to be fixed are definitely the flags. GET RID OF THE FUCKING FLAGS INTELLIGENCE SYSTEMS!!

And on a final note, my 5 star Maxed level Lyn says the next Voting Gauntlet will be Blue vs Red vs Green tome mages and Tharja will win it single handily with Male Robin in second place.

Gotta Catch Them All. . . | FF15 | Crack Post | Pt 1

So the other day @lady-asuka and I were talking and it came to talking about things that would use in traps to catch the Chocobros. And I was like hey that would make a neat funny headcanon to write! I really didn’t much arm twisting as all she needed to do was tell me, “that’s a good idea”.

I am going to do one for the Chocobros then a separate one for the others so it won’t be a forever long post. Also this is meant to be funny, a giggle to make the day a bit brighter. These characters are more than just a few things that define them just like you reading this. There is more to Gladiolus than his love of ramen and Ignis’ obsession on Ebony. This is meant for a giggle so don’t get up in arms thinking I think lowly of them. :D

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Want to catch the Chocobros? Got to collect them all in your personal lair! Only need a few simple ingredients for it all! No need to learn special spells or hire a Wiccan off of Craig’s List. (Remember that Supernatural episode with Kevin’s mom and the witch on Craig’s List? LOL)

The basics you need for all of them is a picture (accurate as possible to them!!) and a doll. (plush, action figure, voodoo doll or made of toothpicks some physical representation of them!)

Noctis: So what you need to attract Noctis into the trap is:

Originally posted by standbyme-ffxv

  • Bass Pro Shop gift card, make sure it has $50 or more on it.
  • A tackle box, preferably black in color toss a skull sticker on there to make it match his aesthetics.
  • Body pillows, pillow case should be a super soft texture so he will cuddle with it when you aren’t around. (You can’t be with him 24/7, gotta work at some point!

Prompto: so what you need to attract Prompto into the trap is:

Originally posted by sarapyon

  • A digital camera! Make sure to have a good strap on it and a decent amount of storage space on it.
  • Chocobo Plush (as we don’t have actual Chocobos here…SADLY) so he can play with it when you aren’t around.
  • Cellphone with Justice Monster Five app on it. (they actually have a app for this on android.)

Gladiolus: so what you need to attract Gladiolus into the trap is:

Originally posted by aceds

  • Cup of Noodles, he prefers roasted chicken, beef and the spicy shrimp. More cups the better.
  •  Books, preferably historical fictions, romance, mystery and satires. So he can read when you aren’t around.
  •  Allergy pills, the man does way too much sneezing he needs some Zyrtec!

Ignis: so what you need to attract Ignis into the trap is:

Originally posted by shsl-special-fx-artist

  • Coffee, freshly brewed cream and sugar on the side so he can add as much as he likes. (I see him liking just a little bit of cream and sugar, like me.)
  • Driving gloves, leather black or silver.
  • Notebook, so he can create new recipes. So he can do something when you aren’t around.

(#13) Imagine- Telling Andy you’re pregnant

   You always thought the hardest part about being with Andy, would be the time you had to spend apart from one another. You came to realize as much as that does stink keeping things from him stunk more. You never really realized how much you confided in him until you saw the two pink lines appearing on the pregnancy test and decided to keep it a secret until you could talk in person.

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So apparently there are different app icons in different devices? 
The left one is a screenshot from my celphone meanwhile the right one is a screenshot from my mother’s celphone
I also know my friend still have the Asra with a tarot card one, and @kerbabbles said they got a Lucio one. 
What did you guys get?? Do you have screenshots?? I only have these two so if you have the other ones send them to me, please!!! I need them all!! It’s like collecting cards ahhhhh 

                                              mains call !!

its that time again; where i force people to become my main hoes  &  then ultimately make them regret it when i blow up their shit with angsty asks and starters. i’m not doing exclusives at the moment since i’m waiting until some of my ships get more developed. but if you’re interested in becoming mains then smash dat mcfuckin like button.

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