need to be rushed to the hospital

  • I did not anticipate rushing to the hospital in my pj’s at 1am last night but when a friend calls you upset you gotta do what you gotta do. The surgery went well, he will be fine.
  • I just need to survive tomorrow and then I’m on spring break woohoo (friends reference you feel?) It’s been a long semester. I have exams straight after though. Sad times.
  • I would very much like for it to stop snowing. It’s killing my vibe when it comes to cute spring outfits. And also I’m sick of going to track practice in the freezing cold.
  • I’m in the mood to spend lots of time and money in art stores buying blank canvases and oil paints and then wile away my time in bookstores and cute coffee shops like I’m living the hipster dream.
  • Grandpa Joe sends me chess problems via text during the day now. If that is not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard then I don’t know what is. The sass in my family is strong.

You know you love someone when they yell and you hear a melody. Or when they leave the milk out again and you just smile because all it now is an endearing habit. When they lose the foul baseball you caught when you were eight and you guess it was just a trinket anyway.

But it stops being love soon enough when you realize that you see beauty in their rashness and allure in their flighty ways and you realize that it’s not love.

It’s admiration.

Admiring how they’re just so headstrong and how nothing’s ever enough and how no matter what they’ll always need more.

You don’t love them. But you love caring for them and you love how they don’t care and then you’re driving to the hospital trailing an ambulance because they needed ‘the rush’ of danger.

And you don’t know how far it’ll go.

But you love your story book lives. If only you knew that the heart of the story centres around death and then that’s it. No rush. No thrill.

Just the asphalt and ruby red pain. But you know it wouldn’t go there.

When they start jumping off moving trains and it’s the adrenaline. Or when they fall off a damned building and it was the exhilaration. But you can’t bring yourself to admonish them because, hey, it’s not like they were thinking straight.

But they were definitely thinking and that starts to scare you.

—  fandvm

my history teacher had an interesting riddle for my class today. 

She said “A boy and his father get into a car wreck. The father dies on the scene, and the boy is rushed to the hospital. The surgeon comes out of the operating room and says, “I cannot operate on this boy, he is my son”. How is this possible?”

My class gave answers from step dad to he has two dads, but nobody ever guessed it, and i’m ashamed to say that neither did I. 

It was the mother.

This is why we need feminism. 


Hello! My name is Sam. You may remember me from such blogs as Awkward Elevator and… uh… this one.

Anyway! I’ll try to make this short. A couple Fridays ago my son Evan got sick. Really sick. We thought he just had the flu or something until we went to an urgent care and he was suddenly in an ambulance rushing to a nearby ER. They regaled us with stories of possible brain damage from the diabetic coma he was in. We did not know he had diabetes and neither did anyone else. Apparently his blood sugar was at 1200 and it should be around 100 for the average person. Shortly after they did an MRI and announced he was probably not brain damaged, he was in a helicopter to Children’s Hospital in Aurora. After a slow recovery over the next 5 days he was pretty much back to normal, except now we need to give him shots and check his blood multiple times a day.

We’ve received the first 3 bills out of an expected 5, and they are roughly $1,000, $7,000, and $37,000 so far. We’re expecting about $25,000 more in bills. I had basically non-existent insurance that won’t cover any of this so I’m reaching out to the internet for help. If you have $5 to spare please consider sending it this way. Here is the link to Evan’s GoFundMe page.

If you are uncomfortable giving it to a specific person but really want to get rid of money for some weird reason, consider donating it to something good. The Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes is giving us a couple months worth of supplies and I’m hoping to pay them back some day when I have some extra funds, but here is their donation page if you want to give them money right now.

Thank you in advance! Here’s the link again! Right here!


Is Evan okay?

He’s great! He just has Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. He can still live as long as anyone else and can pretty much do anything except eat or drink a lot of sugar. Here he is building a Lego thing with his balding father.

What is Type 1 Diabetes?

I’m lazy so here’s the wikipedia link. Basically, Evan has had this since birth and his pancreas couldn’t keep up once he got sick from what was likely a cold or a touch of the flu.

Why don’t you have insurance?

I do! It’s just shitty and only covers accidents, and I didn’t expect my child to acquire superpowers until 11 or 12. We’re getting different insurance right now.

Why is your fund for more than your hospital bills?

Why not? Also I don’t know how much the total for the bills is going to be in the end and I really doubt it’ll get to that much anyway. But if it does, great! I’ll donate whatever’s left over. Maybe I’ll let tumblr pick where it goes or something. I don’t know.

Get a job ya hippie!

I have a job! I am pretty bad at money management but not enough to be in a huge amount of debt until this whole ordeal. I assure you we’re going to be better at money things after all this blows over.

What are you going to do with any extra money?

If we’re able to cover all the hospital bills with this fund I will be donating any extra money to The Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes and possibly Child’s Play because I also like that organization.

What was that link again?

It’s this one right here!

I Can’t Make You Love Me -Chapter 4

prologue, chapter 1, chapter 2, and chapter 3

Jack’s P.O.V.

I yelled for Y/N and lunged for Eric. He tried to get away, but I was able to grab him before he got away. I threw him into the wall  and started beating him. I heard Nate, Sam and Jack yelling for me to stop, and I couldn’t. Sam and Nate pulled me off and Jack told me to carry Y/N. I rushed over to her and before I could pick her up I noticed that she was bleeding, in more than one place. The back of her head, her stomach, and legs were cut up. It was unbelievably hard not to kill every man here, but I knew she needed me more. I picked her up bridal style and yelled to the boys, “I’m taking her to the hospital!” Sam yelled back, “Go, take my car, we’ll take care of him.” And with that I ran out, put her the back seat and drove her to the emergency room.

Once we got there, the nurse yelled for a doctor and said, “I’m sorry sir, but you will have to wait out here until she is stable.” I didn’t bother arguing because I knew that it would do no good. After about an hour of waiting, Nate, Sam and Jack showed up and were waiting with me. Another two hours passed and the doctor finally came out. “Are you boys here for Y/F/N Y/L/N?” “Yes,” we all said in unison, standing up. “Well, she did lose a lot of blood, but she will be fine. The back of her head wasn’t hit hard enough to puncture the brain, but she will most likely have a concussion for a while. We bandaged the cuts on her stomach, legs and arms. But we also noticed something else, so we ran some tests. But I can only share this with family or significant other. Is one of you her boyfriend?” The boys all looked at me, wanting me to say yes so they could know what was wrong, so I nodded. The doctor pulled me to the side, but the boys stayed close enough to hear. “Well the tests we took confirmed this, Y/N was pregnant, and was for about 3 months, with a boy. However, the abuse she went through caused her to have a miscarriage. She was also raped multiple times which also led to the miscarriage.” A wave of remorse washed over my face and I looked down at my feet. “Oh, I’m assuming that you weren’t aware. I’m sorry sir, would you like to see her now?” All I could do was nod, and he directed me towards the room. Jack, Nate and Sam stayed behind in the waiting area, so I was going alone. He stopped in front of her room, “she is breathing on her own, but we put a (nose) tube around her head until she wakes up.” “Thank you,” I said shaking his hand, and I took a breath before I walked in.

Y/N was lying on the bed, cold. I pulled the chair up next to her, sat down and put my head in my hands. I looked up at her and grabbed her hand, “I’m so sorry. You’ve been suffering for the last 10 months with a guy who hurt you for 7 of those months. I should have checked up on you, I should have called, stopped by to see you. But I didn’t, I was so stupid to stay away from you.” At this point, I was crying. “I only stayed away because I thought that you were happy with him. But I wanted you to be happy with me. I would never have hurt you, and I never will. If you only knew how much I love you. But I can’t make you love me.” I stayed silent for a few moments with my head down and then I felt my hand being squeezed lightly. I looked up at her again and her eyes were open. “Did you hear that?” I asked nervously. She nodded, “I woke up a few minutes before you came in. So yeah I heard that,” she said chuckling on that last part. “I’m so sorry Y/N, you have no idea-” I started but she cut me off, “Jack, you don’t have to be sorry. I was the one who started all of this. I thought I could have handled him, but I couldn’t. I did the wrong thing and he blew up at me. I should have left him the first time be hit me 7 months ago.” She was clearly upset, because she had tears coming down her face, but she started to wipe them off as she saw the boys coming in the room. “Hi guys, I should have known, you three weren’t too far behind,” she said smiling. “Hey babes, how are you feeling” Nate asked. “I’ve been better” she said struggling to sit up. “The doctors said that you’re going to have a concussion for a while” Jack said. “Yeah, I figured. Oh can you guys find my doctor, I have to talk to him.” “I got it,” Sam said before any of us could and ran out the room. The doctor came back in and we left so they could talk. Nate and Sam went back to my house to get her some clothes and Jack went to get us some food from down the street. Once the doctor was done, he came up to me and told me that she was all set to leave.

I walked into her room again, and she looked at me like I had 2 heads. “Y/N, are you okay?” “The doctor told you, didn’t he?” she said already knowing the answer. “Y/N-” I started but she cut me off, “Jack, don’t lie to me.” I lowered my head, “yes, your doctor told me.” She nodded, “because you said that you are my boyfriend.” Shit. I kept my head down, “I had to know what was wrong.” Y/N walked closer to me and grabbed my hand, “Jack, I didn’t tell you everything last night. The reason he was drunk, the reason he tried to kill me, the reason he had all those guys hurt me: was because I was pregnant.”

Y/N’s P.O.V.

Jack’s eyes widened as he looked up at me, “why was he so mad that you were pregnant? I would have been so happy if you were having my baby…uh…I mean…continue.” What did he just say? “By the time he found out, I was 3 months along, and he lost it. Yelling at me saying that he didn’t want a kid and that he would kill me if I didn’t get an abortion. But by then it was too late, I waited to long and he stormed off. I expected him to just go out and get drunk. But, I was wrong. He came home hammered and then started choking me on the bed, so the only way I could get away was to hit him.” I finally confessed. Jack finally knew and all he said was, “Why didn’t you tell me?” “I was too scared to tell anyone.” I said stepping away from him, and sitting on the bed. He walked over to me and sat down next to me. “Y/N, you know that you can tell me anything. I would never judge you. But I know you’re lying to me.” Dammit, he knows me too well. “Well I…I…uh…” I started, but I saw Sam, Nate and Jack walk into the room. “We brought your clothes and food” Sam said. “Thank you guys. Let me just change and I’ll be right out.”

We all went to Jack’s house and I noticed that none of them asked me any questions. I took a shower and when I got out, I overheard the boys talking in the kitchen. I didn’t want to intrude so I stood behind the wall, out of sight. I heard Sam speak first, “why didn’t you tell her?” “What was I supposed to say. Hey Y/N, I know you just lost your baby with you abusive ex-boyfriend, who also tried to kill you, but will you be my girlfriend? No, she’s been through enough today. I’m not going to stress her out. I already slipped out that I love her and would have been happy if she was having my kid instead of Eric’s.” Jack admitted. “You what?” the other Jack asked. “He has a point,” I heard Nate say and my eyes went wide. “Dude, she’s Jack’s, always will be” Sam added. I smiled at the thought of being Jack’s. Little does he know that I love him too, he flat out told me that he loves me. I tried so hard not to jump into his arms and kiss him in the hospital. I’ve wanted to be with Jack forever, but Eric knew that so he never let me leave. And that was the reason he beat me.

As I stood there thinking, I didn’t realize that the boys had stopped talking and were walking towards the living room, right next to me. I didn’t have enough time to move, so when Jack came around the corner, he walked directly into me with eyes wider than the Pacific Ocean the second he saw me. Shit.

(A/N: So I didn’t want y’all to wait that long for an update, so here it is!!! and y’all can still send me messages regarding which Jack you want the main Jack to be. You can also send me who else you want to see and your predictions for chapter 5. I would like to put your ideas into the story. I would also love feedback, K thanks babes. enjoy x)

Friendship can last a lifetime part 8

Hi all here’s part 8, as always hope you like this. :)

                                      Friendship can last a lifetime part 8



“Finn, what’s wrong?” Chop asked seeing tears running down Finn’s face. Finn hung up the phone from Linda and rushed out of the door.

“Finn” Chop called after him, but Finn was already in his car, backing out of the drive.

“What’s going on?” Archie shrugged at Chop.

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Ms Bit paws her way out of the furry pink box, unfortunately Violet is allergic to cats and is rushed to the E.R. While at the hospital, the cafeteria food makes her gain weight. Katya tries to make a Russian soup out of Ms Bit but forgot the much needed beets. Then, since RuPaul is such a cat lady, she crowns Ms Bit right then and there. THIS SEASON IS ONLY 5 EPISODES!!! Ms Bit planned to do Garfield for Snatch Game. She spent her $100,000 on catnip and was just released from rehab.

Preference #126 You get hurt while he’s away on tour (PART TWO)


“We’ve got a 21-20, yes a 21-20. She’ll need a antibacterial rinse, type A blood, stitches, and an antibiotic.” you heard someone say. It took you a minute to recognize where you were, and what had happened. It wasn’t a nightmare, it was real. This is not how you wanted this to go. You were on a hospital gurney, being rushed to some room in the back of the hospital. You wanted it to be like the movies, where you’d wake up with your boyfriend standing above you looking down at you and telling you how much he loved you,as you were lying in your hospital bed. You opened your eyes to see that the doctors had wrapped up your hand in medical gauze. Then looked over to your left, finding a doctor who was reading off some kind of check list. Right as you were ready to panic, the dotor said “Ms. (Y/N), we’re going to need you to remain calm. Yes you are in the hospital right now, your family has been informed of this and should be here shortly, as well as Mr.Styles. You’ve lost a lot of blood, which is why you may feel a bit dizzy or confused right now, you’re going to need some stitches in your hand, but we’ll be able to numb you so that you won’t have to feel the pain. Do you understand?” she asked. You nodded, your eyes starting to tear up. “We’re gonna put you on some laughing gas in order to relax you a bit before we start the procedure, you seem rather tense.” The doctor told you once they had settled you into one room.  “Well, that’s because I’m all alone, in a hospital” you said, almost snapping at her. “Your family should be here shortly. I’m going to go ahead and put this mask onto you that will provide the laughing gas or Nitrous oxide” the doctor answered as she placed the mask onto you. “Go ahead and close your eyes and try to rest for a little bit. She said, and so you did. About 10 minutes had passed since you’d been put on the laughing gas, you’d been resting as the doctor told you to do, but your eyes shot open as you heard Harry’s voice. “Harryyy!” You exclaimed. “Hi (Y/N)” he chuckled. “Hi Harry beary. Hey is that a new shit? I mean shirt.” “No baby, you go it for me last Christmas remember?” “Of course I remember! You silly duck! I was just testing youuuuuu!” You laughed as you pointed to his face. “Oh you were?” “Yes! And you passed the test! GO HARRY GO HARRY GO HARRY!” You started to yell. “Shhh, (Y/N)” Harry said, but he couldn’t help but laugh. “Is everything okay in here?” The doctor asked as she came back in the room. “Yes! HARRY PASSED THE TEST!” You yelled happily. At that point every one was laughing. As soon as they numbed your hand, they were able to start giving you the stitches. Luckily, you didn’t feel a thing, and with the laughing gas you were having the time of your life as Harry distracted you from the procedure.

Your daughter, Amber, was told to wait with Eleanor outside of your hospital room.You felt so alone, though you were surrounded by many doctors and nurses. You screamed as another contraction came. “How is it feeling now?” The doctor questioned. “Very painful!” you told him, feeling very frustrated. “DADDY!” you could hear Amber yell from outside of the room. “Hi princess, I’ll be right there, I need to go see mommy okay?” You heard him say before he came into your room. “Hello beautiful” he said, a smile on his face. His cheeks were red from rushing to get there, practically running down the hospital hallways desperate to find your room. With your forehead starting to sweat, your hair a mess, and an angry expression on your face, you were sure that “beautiful” was the last thing you looked right now. “Niall!” you said, smiling through the pain. “Hello, you must be the father, I’m Doctor. Lawrence” he said as he quickly shook hands with Niall. “Alright (Y/N) it’s almost about time for you to push are you ready?” he questioned. You looked at Niall worriedly and he kissed your forehead, “You can do this (Y/N)” he told you. You turned back to the doctor and told him you were ready… After about seven minutes of pushing, your beautiful baby girl was finally born. Niall was so supportive and without him by your side, who knows if you would have been able to do it. You were the first to hold her, Alexia was her name, Alexia Marie Horan. “Hello there, my beautiful, I love you so much” you whispered to her. You couldn’t help but shed tears of joy. Niall held her next,  “Oh hello my little princess, welcome to the family, we love you Alexia” he told her. Eleanor and Amber go to meet the baby too, both of them just as excited and happy as you and Niall. Eventually the doctors had to take Alexia to weigh her, measure her, and give her some clothes. Leaving you and Niall alone in the room. “We have another daughter” you said quietly, still in awe. “Yes we do, we have two beautiful daughters.” he agreed, holding your hand. “I’m really happy you could make it” you told him. He leaned down to kiss you, “Me too, I don’t think I would have ever forgiven myself if I missed it” he said before leaning down to kiss you again. “I love you” “I love you too, Niall” .

You’d called Liam exactly 9 times before he finally picked up. “Hello?” you said as for the first time in the past ten minutes you hadn’t heard Liam’s voicemail message. “hi. can you stop calling” he said flatly. He didn’t even sound mad, just upset. “Liam please can we just talk, being this far away from you is hard enough, I don’t wanna be fighting with you too.” you said. “Yes, we are far away from each other, which makes it really hard to know when you’re lying to me.” He snapped. “First of all, I did NOT lie to you, Liam. Let’s get that straight.” you told him. “Well it’s close enough, because you didn’t quite tell me the truth either.” he argued. “Are you really that upset about this, that I didn’t tell you?” you had to know. You heard Liam sigh. “ No. I just hate it because you always do this (Y/N), you always say you’re okay and that you’ll be fine and I always just accept it and say ‘ok’, and I believe you…But I can’t help but feel like one day you really won’t be okay and you’ll really need me there, and I won’t be there. Just like now, you said you were fine but (Y/N), you were seriously hurt.  I feel like as your boyfriend, I should know that. Even if you don’t think it’s a big deal, I at least deserve to know” he told you.  “I understand Liam, I’m sorry, really. I just, I really don’t want you to worry about me too much. I was really selfish not telling you. I’m sorry.” you said. “(Y/N) I’m always gonna worry about you, but it’s not out of fear, it’s out of love. I am completely in love with you (Y/N). But when you don’t tell me things like this or if I feel as though you’re hiding something, it only makes me worry a thousand times more.” He said. “I understand, I’m really sorry. I am completely in love with you too and let’s promise not to ever keep anything from eachother.”  you told him. He chuckled slightly. “I guess if I can’t keep anything from you, then I have to tell you this…” he said before pausing for dramatic suspense. “Liam just tell me dammit!” you laughed. “I’m coming home next week! We’re all taking a 3 week break from the tour!” he finally said. “Oh my God! Are you serious!” you exclaimed. “Yeah!” “I can’t wait to see you Li!” you said, a bright smile on you face.
“Only 7 days, baby” he told you.

Your back hurt, badly. You didn’t really know why, but as you forced your heavy eyelids open you saw yourself in pastel blue hospital gown. You must have been dreaming, or having a nightmare really. You could have sworn you heard Louis’ voice somewhere, but as you searched around the room you seemed to be alone. You opened your mouth to speak, but it hurt to do so, so you closed it again. This couldn’t be a dream. Your eyes wondered around the large hospital room, trying to understand why you might be in here. “No, no not yet. Yes of course. Right, I understand. Alright, bye. Yes I will. We both love you too” You heard Louis voice say, he seemed to have just ended a phone call. Before you could even think about anything else Louis walked through the door. His eyes locked with yours and his lips curved into a small some. “You’re awake!” Louis exclaimed. “I’ll go get the doctor” he said. “No” you let out quickly. Louis turned around with wide eyes, at hearing you speak. He smiled and nodded, leaving the doorway and coming to the side of your hospital bed. You left your hand where it was, but you opened your hand, allowing him to hold it. He understood your actions and took your hand. Almost reading your mind he said “Let’s just sit here for a minute, just us. Let’s enjoy the fact that you’re alright, I love you, so much (Y/N)”. You gave his hand a squeeze. After just sitting in a loving silence with Louis holding your hand, you decided you wanted an explanation. “Why?” Was all you managed to say. Louis’ head perked up at sound of your voice. “Why what?” He wondered. You glanced around the hospital room. “Why are you here?” He asked. You nodded slightly. “You don’t remember?…does driving home from work sound familiar ? Driving home in the snow, downhill. Your brakes stopped working” that was all he had to say before the memories hit you all at once. “Ahh” you screamed, as you were then able to remember everything. The more you thought about it, the more you wanted to cry.  ”Oh no (Y/N), it’s okay I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you remember like that. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. The doctor say’s you’re going to be okay, you’ve got some pretty bad cuts and a fractured shoulder, but you’re going to be okay, you’re okay. I love you.” Louis said, though tears were falling from his eyes. You gave his hand another squeeze and nodded trying to tell him you loved him too, without having to speak. “Thank God you’re okay, (Y/N)” he sighed.

You couldn’t really think about anything else, the only thing you could really think about was the burning feeling you could feel in your lap.You answered the questions the medics had asked you. “What’s your name?”, “How old are you?”, “What’s your average weight”,“ How you’d hurt yourself?”, “Do you have insurance?”, “Do you have any family we should call Ms.?” they asked next. “Um yes, may I have my phone please?” you asked. The second you unlocked it you noticed the number of missed called from Zayn. “Oh my God” you said as you called him. “(Y/N)!?” he said, sounding out of breath. “Yes, I’m here” you told him. “Wh-what the hell is going on, I called you a million times”  he said. “I know I had made some tea for myself and when I was picking up the phone, I spilled the tea all over my lap and I hung up on you so that I could call an ambulance and that’s where I am now. They said I probably have second degree burn and I think I’m almost at the hospital so, I think I have to go.” you told him. You could tell Zayn was crying. “Zayn, please, it’s okay. I’m okay, it could be worse” you said, your voice cracking slightly. “I’m coming out there” was all he said. “Zay-” “Don’t try to argue this with me, I’m coming out there.” he told you. “Okay Zayn. I need to go. I love you” “I love you too, (Y/N)” he said. Before you had to hang up. Your thighs still hurt like hell, but if there was anything that could make you feel better it was talking to Zayn. Once the ambulance had parked and you were taken to a hospital room you were able to call your family members, who were now on their way too. Luckily by the time they started to treat your burns, your family was there to hold your hands. “Ok (Y/N) we’re going to put you on some anesthesia now, so you won’t feel the pain” the doctor told you. You nodded, as you waited for the drug to hit you…
“How long as she been in here?” “About 3 or 4 hours, we didn’t get much time to talk to her, before they put her under with anesthesia.” “Okay, I feel awful that I wasn’t here” “Don’t worry about it, you have no reason to Dear. Don’t blame yourself.”  You heard these voices and at this point you couldn’t quite tell who was talking, nor could you really process the words. “Okay Ms.(Y/N) you’re done for right now, how are you feeling.” your doctor asked, forcing you to open your eyes. “Sleepy” you answered as you looked around the room. Zayn and you mother were on the left side of your bed while 2 nurses were on the right side. “Zayn?” you said squinting, unsure if that was really him or if you were hallucinating. “Yes, I’m here baby, I’m right here for you” he said. “Please stay here with me” you said, not wanting him to ever let go of your hand. “Of course (Y/N)” he said, before kissing your forehead.

A/N: I hope you liked this two part pref! Sorry if any of the medical stuff is incorrect I don’t know anything about the medical field so I had to do a bit of research lol! Give me feedback and requests please if you have any! <3


skateboardhemmo asked:

Part one: Ashton came home from his job as a paramedic happy to see you.. Every night after a good day at work (even though some days are tough) he comes in around midnight telling you about the lives he saved that day. Today he was extremely proud because he saved a little girls life today. He told you everything about how the little girl had an allergic reaction and had to be rushed to the hospital, it was touch and go at times because she was going into anaphylactic shock and needed to-

Part 2: needed to be resuscitated two times on the way to the ER. If they didnt get there in time who knows what wouldve happened! You were in awe of your bf thinking of how lucky you were to have him whilst listening to him talk about his job with such passion. This was part of your nightly ritual, whether a good day or a tough day he’d change into his pjs get into bed with you, then cuddle till you both fell asleep. Next morning you’d wake up to him cooking breakfast before leaving for work.

service!5sos night (military, firemen, doctor, etc.) night, send in some blurbs!

F2F || Brittana

After Brittany had made it to the hospital at last and signed in at the circular, she wasn’t feeling so rushed anymore. She felt like she had a ton of bricks in her stomach, an overwhelming feeling of dread dragging her down. She wasn’t sure that she could handle seeing Santana, but knew that she needed it. She forced herself down the hallway, focusing on reading the room numbers. 509, 510, 511.. 512. That was it. Taking a deep breath, she slowly opened the door, her heart aching when she saw Santana in the bed. She immediately went over to lean over the bed and wrap the brunette up in a hug. Though she tried to hold it back, tears started to stream down her face. “You’re so lucky,” she breathed, shaking her head. “I can’t believe you right now.”

Just letting all my sweet peas on here know that I may or may not be able to update for a few days. Last night I was rushed to hospital in agony and am waiting to have surgery at some point in the next 24 hours with no one able to tell me how long I will be in. I’m yet to find out what the wifi is like on the private ward and If I will even feel up to picking up my phone after surgery. Wish me luck and love, I think I’m going to need it.

Towering Inferno Part 5

Sorry for the slowness of this update and I cannot promise when the next one will come. Researching for this (it’s a wonder i haven’t had nightmares some of the pictures I’ve seen) on top of essays and dissertation work on top of having a  bit of a down week has led to this being a bit on the back burner.

'Nurse Franklin what is it? What's wrong? Why aren’t you aren’t at the maternity hospital?' Sister Julienne asked as Trixie flew into the packed breakfast table shaking violently. She rushed forwards and encased Trixie in a tight hug.

'There was an incident. We had to evacuate. We’ll need to check over everyone here if that’s alright?’ Trixie managed to hold the tears back long enough to deliver the salient facts but the comforting rub on her back from the woman whose heart she was about to break became to much and she burrowed into Sister Julienne’s shoulder crying gently. The nun looked at the others gathered at the table matching their worried visage with her own. 

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[heat started to rush through my body as I grew irritated from all the crying I was doing. I hated feeling vulnerable and weak, I harshly wiped my tears as they continued to fall and stood up grabbing my phone off the floor. I followed my father out of the hospital and back into his truck. My vision was blurred from the tears clouding my eyes as I searched through my phone as best as I could from my shaking hands, sending a text to avamurder telling her that I needed her. once the message sent i laid my head against the window and closed my eyes as he drove to his place]

Still Breathing || Jammy

{Thinly veiled chest rising and falling at a steady pace beneath the hospital gown he’d been assigned prior to his CT scan, blood rushed lips parted to accompany an occasional flutter of lengthy lashes atop tanned cheekbones, Jesse remained completely oblivious to his shift in surroundings and all events that’d come to pass after the moment he’d been chuckling at a comment his best friend had made; the faint scent of coffee still clinging to his skin. He’d been hooked up to an IV to administer general fluids and a light dose of morphine for the blow his body had taken by collapsing to the ground; it being clear the hospital staff had wanted to cover all bases upon his arrival in the back of an ambulance, his father’s position in regards to their medical board and the fact that he had a lengthy history of illness, contributing factors; the wound upon his forehead, just below his hairline, having been cleaned and sewn up with three, neat stitches. A machine beeped somewhere within the private room, no doubt monitoring his condition for despite nothing beyond what they already knew, that being him possessing an ‘inoperable’ tumor within his brain that had grown within the last cluster of months, the reason for his unconsciousness remained undetermined. A faint slither of thought arose as if his body was preparing itself to awaken, however before it could do so, the ache for a few more minutes of rest reclaimed him; the dark haired male unaware of the fact that just beyond his closed door, those he deemed himself closest to, were finally being granted permission to see him.}

30 Day Drabble Challenge Day 20. Dedicated to Yankeecountess, since she wasn’t feeling well yesterday! This is the next chapter of my “Lucie universe” series, and there’s a lot of info given in this chapter…

They left Lucie dozing inher hospital bed and made their way down to the cafeteria, Sybil making sure that she would be paged the second that Lucie or one of her other patients needed her. The sun was just beginning to set as they entered the cafeteria, the fluorescent lighting humming above their heads. The cafeteria was mostly deserted at this time of night, too late for dinner but too early for the first late-night rush, with only two rather haggard-looking families and a couple at a table in the corner picking at their limp salads. Sybil was about to volunteer to get the coffee, but Tom surprised her, heading over to fetch two cups as if he’d done it a thousand times before. But then again, Sybil realized guiltily, she supposed he had. Lucie’s previous two rounds of chemo had been long and grueling, and Tom no doubt knew the hospital in and out by now.

They sat with their milky coffee in their hands, both of them feeling slightly out of place. Sybil was no stranger to dealing with parents of patients, but Tom felt different somehow. Maybe it was because she felt like she had such a strong, deep connection to him and Lucie already.

“You must be so proud of her,” Sybil said quietly, bringing her coffee to her lips. “Not just because of how brave she is. Lucie’s really amazing, Tom. So clever, so thoughtful…”

“I’m a lucky man,” Tom agreed with a small smile.

They fell silent again, stirring their coffee and avoiding eye contact. Had she always been this awkward with patient’s families before? She doubted it. Sybil tried again, “I’m sure you’re worried—”

“Of course I’m worried,” Tom answered evenly. “I worry about her twenty-four hours  a day, Nurse Crawley. About all kinds of things. But I’m a father, and that’s just what I do. I resolved myself to that fact a long time ago. But if you don’t mind, I don’t want to worry about Lucie right now. Let’s talk about something else. Just for a change of pace.” He gave her a weak smile. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. I get like this sometimes. Just ask my friends. I get desperate for any kind of conversation that isn’t about cancer.”

“I understand,” Sybil said immediately. “I understand perfectly. What would you like to talk about?”

Tom set down his cup and gazed at her a moment, as if sizing her up. Sybil tried not to blush under his stare. “Tell me why you decided to become a nurse,” he said finally.

Sybil blinked, surprised and more than a little relieved. “Oh, that’s easy,” she said with a grin. “it was because of my nephew.”

Tom looked intrigued, and Sybil quickly explained. “His name is George. He’s about a year and a half older than Lucie. He was born about a month premature—not early enough to cause any major concerns, not really, but just early enough that they had to be careful and make sure he stayed in the hospital a few extra days. I stayed at the hospital with my sister and brother-in-law during the day, just in case they needed me, and while I was there I got to watch the nurses at work. They were amazing. They were the ones taking care of George, answering all of Mary and Matthew’s questions…they made everything so easy for them. The doctors were great, too, I’m not saying that they didn’t do their job, but…the nurses were just always there, always watching over their patients when the doctors were nowhere to be found. I was really inspired by them, how they do all the hard work but hardly ever get any of the glory, and by the time George was released from the hospital, I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I walked into my adviser’s office at uni, where I was studying literature, and dropped out the next day. A month later I was in nursing school.”

“That’s impressive.”

“I just realized that where I needed to be was in here, helping people. Helping families—like yours.”

Tom beamed at her, and Sybil swore her heart beat faster in her chest. They must be making the coffee stronger than usual. “Well, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. It’s nurses like you that helped keep Lucie’s spirits up during her chemo—and I can’t even tell you how much she’s loved having you as her nurse. She’s already saying she doesn’t want to go home because she won’t get to see you every day.”

“No, she’s going to go home, because all of her scans are going to come back clean and you’ll never have to set foot inside these doors again,” Sybil said confidently. “But I answered one of your questions, Mr. Branson, so it’s only fair that you answer one of mine.”

“I wasn’t aware that was the game we were playing.”

“Well, it was. You asked me why I wanted to become a nurse, so now it’s my turn: what made you want to become a writer?”

They went back and forth like that for a while, getting to know each other in a way that was never possible during the normal chaos of the day. Tom told her of growing up in Ireland and Sybil tried her best to make growing up at Downton Abbey seem as normal as possible, but she as certain she hadn’t succeeded. She told him of Mary’s life with Matthew and Edith’s work as a journalist in New York, her most embarrassing moments in nursing school, the day when she realized that her father was finally proud of what she did for a living. Nothing was off-limits, every topic was on the table, and the more they talked the more comfortable they both became. 

 So when Sybil asked a question about Lucie’s mother, she assumed that it would be all right.

Tom’s smile immediately faded, and he sighed, not meeting her eyes anymore. Sybil mentally kicked herself. “I’m so sorry, Tom,” she said immediately. “I didn’t mean to get so personal. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want. I shouldn’t have—I don’t know what I was thinking…”

“No, it’s all right,” Tom said finally. “I don’t know why I get so defensive about it. I think it’s because Lucie got sick. If she was healthy, then nothing that my ex did would seem as bad. But then she was diagnosed, and…and suddenly everything just got so hard. Being a single dad is difficult enough, but a single parent with a sick child is…”

“Unfair,” Sybil said softly.

“We met when I was still in university, Lucie’s mother and I,” Tom said, not commenting on Sybil’s choice of words. “At a political rally at Trafalgar Square. She was completely mad—reckless, wild, everything I thought I wanted when I was twenty-one. We’d been dating for four months when she got pregnant with Lucie. My mam is pretty liberal about most things, but I was pretty sure that knowing that her youngest son had fathered a child out of wedlock would have killed her. But more than that, I knew what it was like to grow up without a dad, and I didn’t want that for my child. I wanted to be there, to be part of it all, so I proposed. We got married a few months later, after I was done with uni. It was fun at first—the two of us living in this tiny flat in London. I felt more like a kid playing house than a father-to-be with a job and bills to pay and a pregnant wife.  Maybe that was part of the problem, we just weren’t ready. But I told myself that every new parent feels this way, that things would get better once the baby arrived. And at first, it did.”

He took another sip of coffee before he continued. “It wasn’t until Lucie was about four months old that I noticed that her mother wasn’t taking to parenthood as easy as I was. I suggested she go in to talk to someone—my mam’s a midwife, and I know about postpartum depression—but she insisted she was fine. She started staying out late, missing dinner, leaving me with Lucie. I wasn’t sure what to do, even when she stayed away for days at a time and came back drunk out of her mind. I had friends to help out with Lucie when I needed them to, but she needed her mother…but her mother didn’t want to be needed. She’d come home and promise to be better, spend a few weeks trying to be as devoted a mother as she could, and then disappear on us all over again. This went on for a year. In the end, she was completely out of control. I checked her into a rehab facility the day of Lucie’s first birthday party.”

“She was there for about six months, and when she came back she said that she wanted to try a trial separation. I said no, that Lucie needed her mother, and that the two of us were going to try to work things out for the sake of our daughter. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I’d said yes. Maybe things would have been easier. We weren’t right for each other, you see. We didn’t even love each other, not really. But I was just so angry at her for putting my little girl through this that…part of me wanted to punish her, to make her confront what she’d done instead of running off again. I wanted my daughter to have a family, but I didn’t think of what the consequences of that might be.”

“What happened next?” Sybil whispered.

He gave a shrug. “Nothing for about six months. After that? More late nights, more drinking, a string of boyfriends she didn’t try to hide at all. I wanted to get her back into rehab, but she wouldn’t go. We fought constantly when she was around, which wasn’t often. In the end, she didn’t care. She tried being a mother and found it didn’t suit her. I think she was hoping Lucie would be like a doll, something she could put down and not have to deal with when she was tired of playing with her. She tried, but her heart was never in it. She left for good when Lucie was almost three and a half. Ran off to Scotland with her boyfriend, went traveling. For about a year she sent Lucie postcards and presents from all over—Nepal, Cambodia, Chile, the States. She’d even call us sometimes, ask to talk to Lucie. She could never stay in one place for very long. Maybe that’s why we didn’t work out, in the end. I kept trying to tie her down and she couldn’t take it.”

“Where is she now?” Sybil ventured.

“Mumbai, last I heard. Some kind of spiritual retreat. But we haven’t heard from her since Lucie was diagnosed. Not a single word.”

Sybil choked on her coffee. “What?”

I need prayers, positive vibes, whatever.

My grandmother was rushed to the hospital today. She’s one of the healthiest 84 year olds I know (she goes a mile or two on the elliptical EVERY DAY).

Within the past month, she was diagnosed with diastolic heart failure. And today, she had a dizzy spell, passed out, and now has several compound fractures in her upper and lower back.

For most elders, you can see the signs of old age progressively. It’s happening for her rather quickly, and it’s just upsetting for us. I’m her only granddaughter, and we’re very close. Getting the text from my mom today was pretty rattling.

Oh, and they live 5 hours away.

I just… I need some love. This is tough. And it sucks because I can’t do anything from 5 hours away.