need to be rushed to the hospital

Ziam|| Hospital

I was incredibly angry with myself that I didn’t wake up when Liam needed me. Him and our baby were in trouble and I wasn’t there. I hit the steering wheel as I drove to the hospital as quick as I could. My heart was racing and all I was thinking about was Liam and the little one inside him. I park and rush to Liam’s room. Paddy had called and found out what room he was in and texted it to me. I see the door and I run inside. “Baby?!” I call for Liam.



24. Rescue (One Word Prompt)

He rushed to the hospital when Scott had called him. He blamed himself for you getting caught up in all the supernatural drama. You were both Scott’s and Stiles’ best friend, you were never meant to get hurt.

“How is she?”, asks Stiles as soon as he walks into the hospital. He need to know you were fine.

Scott sighs, “She’s currently in surgery. It’s my fault” He runs a hand through his hair, groaning, “They wanted me so they went after her”

Stiles sighs, “Don’t beat yourself up about it. She’s going to get through this, she’s a fighter. If you hadn’t rescued her in time, she might have been dead”

Scott sighs, sitting down, “I’m always going to rescue her when needed. She’s our best friend”.


Our Newest Addition!

I am proud to introduce the newest member of our family: Addie Elizabeth Dunne.

On Wednesday afternoon I began experiencing slight contractions every twenty or so minutes. I brushed them off as Braxton Hicks as my due date wasn’t for about three more weeks. Suddenly, the contractions grew stronger and were happening every five minutes. We needed to get to the hospital and we needed to get there fast.

Luckily, Peyton was at a friends house and my mom had Everett. Five minutes later we were rushing to the hospital and calling everyone to let them know what was going on.

Not long after we arrived, they broke my water. Twenty minutes later I was already eight centimeters dilated. Addie was coming and she was coming fast. I’d barely had time to adjust to being in labor before it was time to push.

In just three short hours, from start to finish, Addie made her way into the world. Noah and I both held our breath as her airways were cleared and she finally let out that first squawk. Suddenly all three of us were crying as they laid her onto my chest.

Moments later she was whisked away to get cleaned up and have all her tests done. She weighed in at a whopping seven pounds seven ounce and measured at nineteen inches long. Finally she was declared perfectly healthy and was brought back to me for good.

It hasn’t even been twenty four hours yet, but I wanted to get out a quick blog post about her birth while she sleeps with daddy. If all stays well, we’ll get to go home today. Addie’s brother and sister can’t wait to meet her!

xoxo Kinley

Good Morning! (And, updates)

Good morning, everyone! :)

I had the delightful pleasure of being kicked out of the (communal) bed bright in the A.M due to snoring. I know it’s for the greater good, as I’m *loud* and my allergies are bad this time of year. 

With all this extra time, I should do something nice like a pancake and fruit salad breakfast. That should brighten the mood around here (hopefully!).

We haven’t really had the time this week to do a lot together, it’s been chaotic with M moved in (still need some stuff from her old apartment), and me on night shifts with Anna studying for her French examination (+ full time work) and Bee leaving in a couple weeks on his business trip.

It sort of feels like we’re all rushing around, it’s stressful and puts a strain on the relationship (more bickering, small stuff).

Luckily, I have vacation from the hospital/med school for two week starting in the beginning of August ( <3 I really need this!!) and plan to help Anna study for her exam, and the three of us help each other deal with Bee’s month long venture to China. 

M’s official move in was a lot easier than I expected (even though she was already practically living with us before, heh). She has her own room, and on the day before she brought her stuff we all helped her decorate and design her room/space. 

Although, for the last few days she’s been sleeping in the room with Anna and I (with Bee, too), really stretching the limits of our king size bed! 

It’s kind of odd, in a way, it sort of liked we’ve morphed into a quad - while before the relationships felt different (Bee + Anna + myself and M + Bee), the lines between them have gone grey. I mean…

We cuddle together, we cook, clean, wash, shop and now sleep together - No sexual activity though,  Anna and I view M in an entirely platonic, but still intimate, way. Bee, Anna, and myself have a sexual relationship, and Bee and M have one too. 

It’s exciting, though,  to see and feel this transition. M and Anna were laughing about us being in a wibbly platonic quad rather than a triad with Bee and M as something outside of that.

Anyway, this has gone on way longer than expected! Sorry!

How are you guys? Any exciting or fun plans this weekend? 

Not wanting to panic Cupid, Daphne took him and Noel back home for an impromptu sleepover as Monroe set to gathering the few things he and Stitch would need for the drive to the hospital.

When they got there, the sun was setting and Stitch had gotten worse. Hot and cold flushes rushing though his body, dizziness and other weakening symptoms soon caught the attention of the receptionist who called for nurses and doctors to take him for tests.

Michael Imagine - He finds out your sick


He got the call while in the middle of a show on tour and immediately bolted off stage and out of the arena, back to the tour bus to book a flight before catching a cab and rushing to the airport. It was probably the fastest he’d moved in a long time.
Despite some jet lag, the moment the plane touched down and unboarded, he rushed to catch a cab and go straight to the hospital. His knee bouncing, his hand constantly running through his hair nervously. He needed to be with you, be at your side…NOW, he kept telling himself.
It was your mom that called his mom, and his mom backstage at the time got his attention between songs and quickly explained what happened.
Apparently those on and off stomach flus and colds you’d been having, the night sweats and chills, occasionally even a hard time breathing, it wasn’t pneumonia like the doctors originally thought. After more tests and admitting you the hospital earlier that week, they discovered the devestating news. Cancer. It was advanced too and you didn’t have to long left.
Tears already forming in his eyes as he quickly paid the driver once arriving at the hospital, Michael wasted little time, rushing inside and up to the fifth floor you were on, down a couple twisting hallways into the ICU of the Cancer ward, to your room.
He saw your mom outside your room waiting for him, and when she heard his footfall she looked up with teary eyes and quickly pulled him into a hug and broke down a little bit more.
“Oh Michael! Thank goodness you’re here! She was asking for you. It got so much worse in such a sort time though…she stopped breathing a little bit ago…”
He interrupted her, “She stopped breathing?! Is she okay?! Is she still… (Y/M/N) please tell me she’s still alive and I’m not too late!?! Please!” He begun to tear up and cry much more then.
“Oh sweetie, no, no. I’m sorry I scared you. She’s still alive, thank goodness. She’s not doing well though…I’m not going to lie to you. But she was asking for you…who knows you being here for her may just be the medicine she needs to keep going a few more months.”
Sniffling and nodding, he hugged your mom for a quick moment, a silent thank you exchanged, before he pulled away and wiped his red eyes, then headed inside your room.
The lights were dim, to help you rest, when he stepped inside and closed the door behind him. Walking up to your bed, it took all his self restraint not to fall to his knees and start weeping uncontrollably. Even then he was close to breaking.
Lying in bed shivering some from chills the hospital temperature and meds gave you, both a nasal breathing tube wrapped under your nose - over your ears and behind your head, as well as a breathing mask over that were attached to you to assist you. The sticky quarter sized chest pads that connected to wires from the heart monitor were also attached you, making a faint beeping sound fill the empty space of the room. A food tray sat untouched on your bedside table, it looked cold a a couple hours old at best. At least three ivs were in both your right hand and inner elbow veins, both regular iv drip and butterfly pins.
You were awake but you were tired so your eyes were closed up until you felt Michael take your left hand in his.
You looked up at his broken expression and it broke your heart too, but at the same time your heart swelled with happiness, at least he was there.
“H Hi…” You whispered softly, gently smiling under the breathing mask and lightly squeezing his hand.
“Hi Kitten. So much for being a bad cold and you being home soon, huh?” he replied and tried to smile before he finally broke down crying and carefully hugged you close to him, hiding his face in your hair and neck. “Baby please…please don’t leave me, I need you. I love you. This life would kill me if I didn’t have you. We had plans! We still do! It’s supposed to be forever, you and me, and getting engaged someday, and married and kids! You’re it for me, (Y/N)! Please don’t die, please get better, I need you!” He sobbed, soaking the shoulder of your hospital gown.
“Hey…hey…Miki look at me. I love you too. I need you too. I don’t plan on leaving. I’m going to fight for you. But i need your help… I’m so so tired, babe. It’s really hard all of a sudden to keep going.”
“I’ll help you however I can, love. I refuse to let you go. If you die, they might as well dig two.”
“Did you steal that from a song?”
“…Maybe, but it’s still true. I can’t loose you baby. If one of us goes we both go. I need you and I know you need me too. I’m not going anywhere as long as you promise to keep fighting.”
“If you’re here and you’re my strength and you’re my goal of healthy future, then I’ll never stop fighting.”
“Fuck, I love you.”
He then held you close the next couple hours as you both lazily discussed your dream future together, stopping and taking time every now and then when you had a hard time breathing. But never stopping. Never not fighting.

anonymous asked:

I need help. My daddy and I were supposed to meet today for the first time ever, we only live a town away. He texted me all day until I had said I was at the meeting place. And then he stopped texting. I waited for 2 hrs and he never came. Never replied to any of my texts. I am hurt and feel like I put my trust in someone I shouldn't have. I don't know what to do. :/

Hi nonnie!

First, I am so sorry that that happened to you. *massive hugs*

Originally posted by getyourshiptogether

Secondly, unless he was in a car accident or his parents or sister or someone incredibly close to him were rushed to the hospital, there’s really no excuse for what he did, and you need to lose his number.

It’s a completely shitty thing he did to you, and it’s going to hurt for a while, and it’s going to be hard to trust the next person. It’s natural.

Eat some ice cream or sweets or something. Put on a cute movie. Curl up with a stuffed animal, and be sad for a while, but then move on. He wasn’t worth your time. Find someone else who is worth your trust and love and affection. It’ll be hard to trust them at first, but I promise everything will work out, okay?

The Playground


Anonymous said: Supernatural fic CastielxReader Reader gets hurt and put in the hospital, Castiel is worried sick, heals her, then hovers over her back at bobbys. Lots of fluff please <3 . Hey anon! Loved this, hope you enjoy it & sorry it took me so long to write!

Originally posted by cassammydean

Sam paused after killing the last vamp, felt the adrenaline running through his veins. He glanced at Dean, who was looking around for something, for someone. Y/n. Where were you? Oh God. Both brothers noticed you at the same time, slumped against a wall with blood trailing down your side. Rushing to you, Dean could see that you had three broken ribs at least, and were in desperate need of a hospital. They had to hurry.

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Need prayers

It doesn’t matter what religion you are, my mom is in need of prayers. Her condition has worsen starting on her birthday. My brother, family friend and I went to visit her for her 59th birthday ( July 14th). Her body has forgotten how to swallow, unfortunately this is a part of the final stage in Alzheimer’s. I haven’t been myself since we rushed her to the hospital on the count of being unable to breathe. I’m not ready to loose my mom, she’s strong and holding on but I need everyone’s prayers. Please.

Same Old, Same Old | Delilah + Joel

Delilah had been heading down main street to get something to eat after her shift at the hospital. She felt dead on her feet and her side was constantly throbbing, having quickly gone through the pain pills she had left herself when giving Joel the medication. The wound was making it harder to work and also harder to smuggle anything she needed out of the hospital but she would deal until she was better. The blonde hadn’t noticed the people rushing past her until it was to late, being pushed to the ground near the entrance of the Squeeze In. 

She slowly stood up, tears of pain prickling her eyes as her fingers danced across the wound gently before feeling the warm liquid coating her skin. Her stitches were popped, why was it that bad things always seemed to happen to her?

very long & probably alot of triggers in this..

Hi guys, I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting as often as I normally do.
Life has been a little hectic lately and I am really confused as to what Im going to do in regards to everything.

As some of you may know I dropped out of highschool last year on request of my parents. And as it didnt feel right not doing anything to further my education and I was medically unable to apply for work I resorted to online classes.

I was only able to complete one class out of three, as I hit a low point and my anxiety got out of control.

I was put on meds for two months, but they didnt really do anything despite the frequent increase of dosage.

Then my grandmother, who had needed a hip replacement fell and broke her leg and was rushed to a hospital in my city. After complications with her operation she went through 4 more surgeries and is now very depressed.

She has been in the hospital for two months with so sign of a release date.

A week ago my Opa (paternal grandfather) was rushed to EM with an infection through a chronic ulcer, there is a good chance he will have this wound until he dies. My parents are very stressed.

Along with all this I have been informed that my therapy group suspect me to have Aspergers (a neurological developemental disorder) which would explain why my meds arent working and why i act the way I do, especially in social situations.

I am prepping myself for going back to school in september while I am on a waitlist for various programs for kids with anxiety/depression.

Through all this, even though I may be progressing at least a little in some aspects, dysphoria has become a major player in everyday life, I cant look at myself in the mirror and I flip out when I am reffered to as a girl by my mother.
I have not come out to my family or my therapy group.

so everything is a bit overwhelming at the moment (as u can probably see lol) & I will try to set up a reliable queue and at some point change my theme a little, but being able to create new content will probably have to wait.

Im sorry this is so long & Im on mobile so I cant really put it under a readmore :( I just really needed to rant.

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John and Sherlock are having, like, their fourth child and John is just completely unfazed by every aspect of pregnancy by now. Oh, I'm in my maternity clothes at week fifteen? Fine. Twins? Explains that, then. Stop hovering Sherlock I can clean the tops of these cabinets without you wringing your hands - get me down get me down I have to pee immediately.

Ahahaha I love this

When he goes to labour Sherlock’s like “we need to go to the hospital“ but John’s like naaah, there’s no need to rush I know what’s happening

Small Injury

Leo // Fluff // One Shot 

Requested by: diaryofaconfusedfluid

 "You what!? How?“ He asked with a worried face.

 "It’s not a big deal, oppa.” I replied. “It’s just a scratch. I’ll be fine once I put a band-aid on." 

"Who did this to you? Are you sure you’re okay? Do you need me to drive you to the hospital?”

“Oppa I’m fine! Trust me, it’s not even bleeding, I’m okay.”

“Yes you are bleeding! What if you get an infection? I’ll bring the first aid kit, wait here.” He rushes back with the first aid kit and begins to rub the injury with alcohol.

“Ah-, That stings!”

“Oh! I’m sorry jjagiya!! It will be over soon! Just hang on.” He slowly blows on my injury to cool it down. He finishes with a band-aid. “All finished!”

“Oppa, you didn’t have to go through all of this. I’m fine, really…”

“No, it’s not. I don’t want my one and only to be hurt.” He said, gently caressing my face. “I love you." 

 - Admin Beckberry (New Admin)

Seeing Colors, Chapter 8

Soulmate AU:  where you only see color once you meet your soulmate (so you don’t know them until you see them)

Characters: Stephen Mulhern, Ant McPartlin, Dec Donnelly

Note: Stephen is 12 years old, while Ant & Dec are 14. Italicized text are thoughts of a character.

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anonymous asked:

How did you start recovery? I have a federal back to outpatient, but I want to try to get on my feet before I go back. When I first got sick 5 years ago OP didn't help so I had to go to residential. I'm hoping this time around all I need is therapy, because I'm not as sick as I was. I just feel stupid because I feel like I should know what to do. Did you get onto a meal plan right away? What was your process like? Ps keep rockin babe

I’m proud of you for getting help! Please remember that everybody’s recovery is unique to them and that no recoverys are identical. What I went through is not going to be what you go through, please remember that. I really had no choice but to recover. I was rushed to the hospital and basically told 2 options: Choose recovery or Pick out my gravestone. That hit me hard. I did not realize how sick I was and I think that’s what made me so sick. I think the best thing to remember is just keep your head up and keep your options open. You will probably not like a lot of the things that will you need to do to recover but looking back all those things that I hated actually helped me. Stay strong love.

Miracles still happen

At age 19 I was a very sick kid. I had been feeling under the weather for a few days that April (back in 1991). Nothing serious, just a lack of appetite and a little lower back pain. But almost overnight my health snowballed. I was vomiting uncontrollably and in excruciating pain. My mother rushed me to the emergency room at the hospital and tests confirmed my kidneys were terribly infected and shutting down. At the time they were only 20 percent functional.
Typically doctors will remain neutral as to a prognosis so as not to make the patient feel too frightened or overly optimistic. But not this time. The doctors all told me my prognosis was grim and that in all likelihood I’d need to be airlifted to San Francisco for a kidney transplant. And that was only if kidneys even became available. Otherwise I’d probably die. My father couldn’t donate because he was a diabetic. My mother was also barred from donating as she had severe hypertension. My siblings were all half-siblings, and for one reason or another all of them were rejected as viable candidates.

I was confused, angry. I was only nineteen. I hadn’t lived my life yet. I had been looking forward to finally going to college later that year. It seemed so unfair. In my darkest hour all I had were my own prayers and the prayers of my parents and those in the congregation of our church. It was enough.
Three days after my admission into hospital, my doctor came to see me to say that a miracle had happened. I’ll never forget the look on his face. He entered my room, shaking his head and staring at the latest test results on his clipboard. At first we assumed it was more bad news.
“I don’t know how any of this has happened.” He said. “But your infection has completely disappeared. Your kidneys are functioning at 100 percent.”
My mother began to praise God. Clearly the young doctor was uncomfortable with it. But he just shrugged. “Normally I’d take the credit myself,” he admitted. “But I haven’t done anything to achieve these results. So if you want to give God the credit, I won’t object.”
I remained in hospital another week “just to be sure” as the doctor put it. But I was fine. I had been carried through the Valley of the Shadow of Death by the Lord and set back on my feet whole on the other side.
Over the years I’ve sometimes wondered why me? Why out of all the sick people on the planet, including little children was I picked for a miracle? The truth is I’m not sure. I just know that God had His reasons and I hope to live a life pleasing to Him. I’ve stumbled along the way. I’ve done my share of sinning and then some. But I’m doing my best to live a life I won’t be ashamed to recount before the Lord someday.  

Son Worshiper (Life4Christ)