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“We moved in packs together bounded by our oldest brothers
The night was ours for taking, rolling cigarettes and sneaking out
We sung our songs of youth and promised that we’d never lose it.” —
Hippo Campus

Can we talk about B. Shitty Knight finding the people who need him the most and becoming the most incredible friend for them at the most vulnerable times in their lives?

His first year at Samwell, he arrives at his first hockey practice and sees this beautiful French Canadian boy with sad eyes and a legacy to live up to and an anxiety disorder and a reputation that he does not deserve, and Shitty just thinks, “This boy needs a best friend,” and so that’s what he becomes. He gives him his heart and so much love, and he knows he can’t fix him but at least Shitty can try to love him until he loves himself again. A month later, he sees Jack smile for the first time and he just sighs with relief to himself and thinks, “We are gonna be all right.”

His second year, he meets this tiny Vietnamese girl who makes beautiful art but isn’t really sure where she belongs on campus, and Shitty just thinks, “This girl needs a best friend,” and so that’s what he becomes. He helps her with her art and gets her hired as the manager of the hockey team and gives her a nickname and brings her into this brotherhood that is Samwell Men’s Hockey. Second semester, when Lardo walks into the Haus and Shitty hears her shout “Boys, I’m home!” he smiles to himself and thinks, “We are gonna be all right.” 

His third year he meets a petite blond figure-skater-turned-hockey-player from the South who makes pies appear out of thin air and is desperate for a place where he can just be himself, and Shitty just thinks, “This boy needs a best friend,” and so that’s what he becomes. When Bitty comes to him and says he needs to tell him something and rambles for a while before finally admitting that he is gay, Shitty thanks him for trusting him, and thinks to himself, “We are gonna be all right.”

Can we talk about Shitty being the most selfless person, the one person that can be trusted with anything, the person who will help you meet your fullest potential because when he looks at you he sees a miracle of nature, a pure shining star that deserves nothing less than the greatest desires of your heart? Because I have a lot of emotions about B. Shitty Knight.  

Miss Murder

It’s Murder season at UC National City, and Alex is determined to win.  A Sanvers college AU.


The rules are simple: there are no rules.  Actually, that’s a lie.  There are a couple rules.

Rule number one: You can’t murder someone inside a dorm room.  The halls are fair game, but as soon as you step into their room, that’s a safe zone.

Rule number two: You can’t murder someone in the dining hall.  There needs to be some public safe haven on campus and the dining hall is that.

And rule number three: You can’t murder someone if they’re naked.  No shower sneak-attacks, no skinny-dipping strikes.  Your victim must be fully clothed at the time of the murder.

Anything else is fair game.

If Alex Danvers hadn’t been awake trying to finish this godforsaken paper at four o’clock in the morning, she would have missed it: the swift patter of footsteps down the hall, a small rustling as an object is shoved under her door.

Alex pauses her music and looks down at the floor to find it: a single plastic knife.  Her face lights up in a grin.  This is it, her year.  This is the year she would finally beat her sister Kara at this stupid game.  She had a plan, a foolproof plan to be the last one standing.  And, for Christ’s sake, Kara doesn’t even drink alcohol so what was she going to do with the prized vodka that you win at the end of the game anyway?

No, Alex has a plan. Evade and evoke.  She would figure out who was her hitman early on.  She would lull her enemies into a false sense of security by making them think they were safe.  She would let everyone else make kill after kill, learning who they had, how many people were left.  And at the last possible moment, she would kill her victim and reap all the benefits. It was a flawless plan, a foolproof plan.  Nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan that she had spent the better part of the last year perfecting.

With a cocky smirk, Alex gets out of her desk chair and bends over at the door to grab her weapon and find out who the unlucky soul of her victim is.  She turns the small knife over in her hands to find a name written on it in sharpie.

Maggie Sawyer

“Fuck,” Alex curses.

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verseofthedead  asked:

I feel Journalism majors would risk all their time trying to get interviews from people who have gotten in touch with the fae. The school paper reads like old Weekly World News. The writers all go by a handful of pseudonyms. They want a big story... It comes at a price. Every once in a while a reporter goes missing. A month later a story will come in by an unknown author, it always read like a creepypasta. No given name, written in first or second person, there is always a dark twist at the end.

Once in a while a particularly well-written or chilling piece will gain attention on the web and for a little while the school paper is praised for showcasing up and coming creative writers. The section in which these stories tend to be lifted from is reserved for journalism major’s Last Known Pieces; it’s more an obituary than anything else. But no one off campus needs to know that.
I do genuinely love the idea of the paper reading like an intentionally batty paper click bait-kinda dealio. It’s regarded as satire by a good half the campus.

decided to rework ladyuu’s suit to be a little more interesting

also kaibas and assorted yugibro au


Getting laid tonight

The position he’s been sitting in for the last 50 minutes isn’t the most comfortable one you could dream of but Jimin ignores the slight sting in his backside and instead focuses on chewing the rubber covering the end of his pencil.

Maybe if he were in his freshmen year, he would be paying attention to the lecture somewhere in the first row instead of the last, but this is not his freshmen year and after four years in college he learned that listening to professor’s rambling for an hour and a half to ’absorb’ all those great things that should be useful to you in the future is equal to not listening at all. More, it just makes you more confused than you were before the actual lecture.

Honestly, he doesn’t need to be here at all. The dorms are located near the campus and he’s got, like, over 5 hours of useless lectures today and whether he spends this time in his room or sitting in this uncomfortable chair, doesn’t matter. After all, he’s going to walk out of here knowing less than more.

The thing is that Jung Hoseok is sitting 3 rows of seats away from Jimin meaning that he can easily stare at the other’s profile and it wouldn’t be possible to accomplish from the bed in his room.

From: Hoseok

you gotta be kidding me

tellin’ me this now

To: Hoseok

stop exaggerating

it’s just a party at Tae’s

From: Hoseok

yeah, cuz parties at Tae’s are just ’marvelous’ as Seokjin would say with that strange engrish accent

i can handle a lot i swear

but seeing his dick being sucked by a cheap drag queen

this is not something i can handle

Jimin snorts with his lips still around the tip of the pencil, shaking his head when one of his friends sends him a questioning look. He shifts in his seat spreading his legs wider, sighing at the pleasurable crack of his spine as he rolls his shoulder blades and tilts his head to both sides.

To: Hoseok

you’re sayin’ it like you’ve never had your dick sucked

or never sucked a dick

besides, it was funny

From Hoseok:

have you ever seen Tae being sucked off by a drag queen?

no? so shut the fuck up

Jimin watches as Hoseok leans to the back in his seat, one leg thrown loosely over the other one, tapping his fingers against the small desk while sipping his fucking expensive Starbucks coffee. Expensive fucking black coffee with no sugar. Jimin knows it’s black because he’s been Hoseok’s personal deliverer for three years straight now, always saving the latter’s ass at 3 am with a dose of caffeine when he forgets what sleep and pain are, practicing choreographies until dawn hits him straight in the face.

He rarely looks at Jimin during lectures and doesn’t sit next to him. Once asked, he replied ’Unlike you, I wanna listen and I couldn’t with your constant blabbering’, and as much as Jimin would like to gasp, grab his heart and pretend to be offended he knows he can’t because it’s too painfully true.

To: Hoseok

what was that, complaining?

are you saying you wanna get sucked off too?

The next message makes him curl the tip of his tongue around the rubber end.

From: Hoseok

are you saying you’re offering a hand with this?

It does have a double meaning and after being friends with Hoseok for so long, Jimin is not stupid enough not to know that. He could just play it off, send something like ’I know a lot of cheap drag queens, all of them living in our dorms’  or just laugh it off. Simple as that. But he wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t play along because this is how they work. .

To: Hoseok


’ve got those amazing lips afterall

It’s not like there’s something wrong with him nor with Hoseok. Jimin’s bisexual, Hoseok’s bisexual and they’ve known that for a long time. They never crossed any line though, except for that one time they both lost a bet but still, the way they talk, the way they look at each other, the shameless flirting mixed up with a typical guy-to-guy behaviour including painful punches about who was right resulting in both of them ending with a black eye, make Jimin question a few things.

There are times when he finds himself wondering, what exactly are they doing? Because, some nights, when messages get more than spicy,

clearly tinted with something one step above ’joking around’ and Jimin’s lips are too sore to be bitten by him anymore, he can’t help but crave something, anything. Because Hoseok is always an inch too close and touches him definitely too much and it frustrates and infuriates Jimin at the same time.

From: Hoseok

i know

got to test afterall

To: Hoseok

hyung are you shamelessly flirting with me?

From: Hoseok


’course not

To: Hoseok


From: Hoseok

better tell me more about the party

since we’re goin’ obviously

’Yes’ Jimin hisses happily to himself, catching the attention of a few people around him. It’s not that he wanted Hoseok to go so much. Just… Taehyung’s parties really tend to get out of control and it’s usually nice to have someone who will keep an eye on you while you’re having too much fun or just will take care of you when you’re throwing up into a bath tube when you simply can’t rely on you best friend ’cause he’s fucking smashed. And maybe a little bit because Hoseok’s fun to be around? Like when they got drunk after Jimin had failed an exam and Hoseok took him to the city and they ended up in a huge, colorful fountain wet from head to toes and Jimin forgot why he was sad in the first place. Or like that one time they went to the bar for shots and Hoseok while trying to hit on a girl, sneezed so hard the content of his nose landed on the girl’s shirt and he just laughed at himself like crazy. And the most important thing - Jung Hoseok is an undisputed king of dancing so when he dances it’s like some strange, inexplicable force is pulling Jimin closer to him (obviously not his hips that seem to be living on their own).

To: Hoseok

well, usual i think?

i heard from Tae about tequila being involved

also he mentioned something like all the floors taking part so it’ll be huge i guess

and Jungkook said a few people from Hongik are coming

From: Hoseok

so you’re tellin’ me that by ’all floors’ this shithead means that the whole dorm is partying tonight?

i’m sensing a wonderful headache

To: Hoseok

no backing off now

you’re going you lazy asshole and you’re certainly are going to skip the last two lectures with me

From: Hoseok

i’m gonna skip just so you can prey on my money at Subway?

forget it

’m not your sugar daddy yet

Yet. If anyone could look into Jimin’s head right now, they would be terrified by a number of images coming from the single ’d’ word. Maybe they’re just masochists? Or should they call it ’emotional edging’? We text, sext and try to frustrate sexually one another but that’s all?

But the daddy word was used, followed by a very promising ’yet’ and it’s the final signal for Jimin to step on the dangerous ground.

To: Hoseok

nothing we can’t change, i mean

i don’t really mind you being my sugar daddy

you’ve got money, you’re quite good looking, sometimes even smart

say a word and i’ll be calling you daddy ;)

From: Hoseok

last time i remember you told me i’m ’violently handsome’

also you fucking materialist i thought you loved me for my brilliant skills and charming character not my money

Jimin clicks his tongue, his fingers tapping against his knee.

To: Hoseok

i was one foot in the grave because certain someone kept pouring me drinks so you can’t blame me for talking nonsense while being completely drunk

as for your character

Jimin thinks of one thousand and one things that are amazing about Hoseok’s personality (and a few more about his appearance which are totally unnecessary right now) and concludes (once again) that there’s seriously something wrong with him.

Usually, Hoseok appears as a person who doesn’t know what worries and failure are. He acts like he snorts cocaine for breakfast and smokes weed for lunch because he’s almost constantly happy, a wide grin splitting his face in two even when it’s raining and he needs to bear with whiny, tired Jimin. He likes people and their attention but he would sell them all for a stray cat found on the street because his pure heart can’t handle the fact someone could just throw their animal away. He’s confident but never arrogant, he’s a smartass but he’s always willing to help other students. He’s funny (not for Jimin of course, he’ll swear on Taehyung’s life that Hoseok’s not funny and will say it with streaks of tears on his cheeks from laughing too hard at one of his stupid puns). He’s talented. Really talented. Abnormally talented and Jimin both hates and admires him for that. He sings (for fun but Jimin likes listening to his slightly raspy voice when they stumble down the street at 3 in the morning, still kinda drunk and barely keeping their eyes open), he raps (he’s quite good at it), he acts, he dances. And he dances like there’s never any pain in his muscles and like there’s no one watching him even though he performs in front of hundreds of people and like it’s the only thing that matters to him in the entire universe because it probably does. He hates bugs, he’s scared of heights, very small spaces but he’s not scared to break a random guy’s nose for insulting Jimin and it was a sight Jimin never wants to remember because angry Hoseok is not only scary but also awfully attractive.

’Cause he is handsome whether Jimin wants to admit it to him or not. He’s gorgeous when he smiles widely at Taehyung’s stupid antics and he’s stunning when he smiles gently, proudly even when Jimin manages to get the routine perfectly. He’s breathtaking when he’s walking down the street with the most bitchy resting face ever with the fucking Starbucks coffee in one hand and phone in the other. He pouts cutely when he can’t do something and cries heavily when the movie doesn’t end with a ’happy ever after’. He smirks like a pro, winks like a pro and makes Jimin yell at him for no specific reason just because he fucking can’t handle it.

He’s completely and undeniably Jimin’s type.

To: Jung Hoseok

it’s awful and smells like rotten eggs

Yes, Jimin might have a little bit of a crush on Hoseok. This friendly type of a crush when you don’t really need to be together but it could be very nice if you were. But in his defense, Hoseok likes him too (he’s too obvious) but they never really felt the overpowering urge to change the dynamics in their relationship. They are safe like this.

From: Hoseok

didn’t know you were into rotten eggs Jimin

i’d never guess that

One thing Jimin forgot to mention: Hoseok’s ability to annoy the shit out of him with a simple sentence. Jimin, as a typical sarcastic, sassy person likes to think that he has control over the situation but then Hoseok just always manages to turn the tables around. And Jimin is short-tempered.

To: Hoseok

so i’m into you?

i’d never guess that

From: Hoseok

well sometimes you’re just really oblivious, what can i do

To: Hoseok

you can go fuck yourself, that’s what you can do

From: Hoseok

you don’t want me to

Jimin’s halfway into typing yes i really fucking do but from the corner of his eye he sees Hoseok biting on his thumb meaning only that he’s worried about the answer, no matter how fucking unserious their bickering is.

To: Hoseok

no, i don’t want to

From: Hoseok

i didn’t ask, i stated the obvious

Jimin sends a quick yeah sure but smiles to himself when the thumb is gone from between Hoseok’s teeth and his shoulders aren’t so tense anymore. He watches Hoseok type and erase everything over and over again for a few minutes before his phone finally buzzes, calling for attention.

From: Hoseok

am i really that rotten?

Jimin grins into his sleeve. Sometimes he forgets that Hoseok can be very insecure when he really wants to. Not that he has a reason to be but he’s Hoseok afterall . He’s full of contradictions.

To: Hoseok


but i love you anyways

From: Hoseok

didn’t expect you to confess over a text

that’s so not romantic Jimin

To: Hoseok

oh please, you’re squealing right now

you’re dying to be mine

From: Hoseok

yes Jimin, every day I die a little because of you

existing at the same in the same place with you is surely dangerous and unpredictible

how come i’m still alive

To: Hoseok

nah, existing with me means adventures, fun and amazing time

From: Hoseok


if you’re a masochist…

To: Hoseok

then you’re a masochist for loving to hang out with me

admit it, you’re existence is pointless without my person

From: Hoseok

what would a world without Jimin’s thighs be like?!

i can’t even think about it without getting depressed

Jimin smiles, or rather realises that he never truly stopped smiling since the beginning of this conversation. If anything, he smiles wider with every stupid thing Hoseok sends him. But what can he do about it, just talking to Hoseok makes you constantly smile.

To: Hoseok

you really like my thighs

you keep talking about them

From: Hoseok

’m not gonna lie

you’re thighs are hot

The praise-seeking side of Jimin wins over, causing him to raise an eyebrow in pure interest.

To: Hoseok


then, how hot are they? like, on scale from 1 to 10

Jimin follows Hoseok’s hand as it comes up, fingertips pressed gently against his lips as he appears to be thinking about the answer.

From: Hoseok

but do we, like, consider regular jeans or the jeans?

By ’the jeans’ Hoseok means that one black pair, mostly made of holes and sticking to Jimin’s legs like a second skin. He wears them only when he’s horny and wants to get laid or- when he hangs out with Hoseok in the club.

To: Hoseok

depends on how many points i get for my babies

From: Hoseok

solid 23

To: Hoseok

buying them was the best decision in my life

they are the reason of my rich sexual life

From: Hoseok

your rich sexual life ended up last year

time to think about it

To: Hoseok

another offer?

are you that thirsty for my hot thighs?

From: Hoseok


i wouldn’t mind checking if they’re really that hot

Okay this is not something Jimin expected but he goes with a flow right now. He’s got nothing to lose and they can always just turn it later into a joke. As usual.

To: Hoseok

so you’re only after my thighs huh?

i’m hurt

From: Hoseok

well i can’t just casually tell you that you’re ass beats all the girls on the campus, can i? it’d be weird af

To: Hoseok

it’d be

but you’re weird all the time, i think we can agree on that

From: Hoseok

’m not weird

just special

To: Hoseok

yeah lie to yourself

what’s more?

From: Hoseok


To: Hoseok

you stopped at the ass, what else is hot about me

tell me, i wanna know how much i’d need to try to seduce you, you’re a picky person

From: Hoseok

you know, you wouldn’t really have to try too much

you already have all of my attention

idk what would  happen if you were more perfect than you already are

Now this, is really getting out of control. They flirt, yes, but today it’s getting dangerously close to something more serious than (once again) just friendly fucking around. And yet Jimin’s fingers are running across the keyword, typing word after word until his eyes hurt for not blinking for too long.

To: Hoseok

i’ve got all of your attention? why?

am i really that hot to you?

Screw this. Screw this all.

From: Hoseok

let’s be honest

i would love to fuck you

Jimin stares and stares and stares at his phone until the screen goes black. Oh. Fuck, it’s- it’s cool. Yeah. Just Hoseok wanting to fuck him.

From: Hoseok

if you let me ;)

Fuck. So was it his fault? He just could have made a move earlier and they would have been…

To: Hoseok

so what stole your heart? my thighs? my ass? my awesome personality or amazing voice

From: Hoseok

i’m torn between your eyes or lips

you know you’ve got wonderful lips, you fucking know that and you use them all the time to get what you want from me and-

’Getting laid tonight, Mr. Park?’ Jimin jerks at the sound of his name, the message forgotten as he looks at his lecturer watching him expectantly. People from lower rows are staring at him, smirking, shaking their heads or snorting at the stupid flush that covers his whole face. He’s been fucking smiling for the past hour nonstop and he’s sure he giggled at least twice much to his embarrassment. Is he getting laid tonight? He wouldn’t mind getting laid tonight.

’I don’t know, professor. Am I?’ He wiggles his eyebrows and the whole room laughs at him while the lecturer just shakes his head with a sigh before leaving Jimin without an answer. And he might be waiting for the answer because he’s 100% sure Hoseok knows it wasn’t a completely rhetorical question but it also could be a rhetorical question if Hoseok didn’t know or didn’t want to answer-

The buzz of his phone startles him to death and he curses twice because he can’t get the password right with how much his fingers are itching to open the message as fast as possible. When he finally manages to enter the code and read the text, his eyes flicker immediately to Hoseok only to find him already staring at him. At first, Jimin just watches him carefully but then Hoseok is smiling with a gentle smirk playing in the corner of his mouth, like when he’s proud of Jimin or like when they smoke in Hoseok’s room while drinking cheap wine and they feel good because it’s so simple. So Jimin smiles-smirks back, clutching the phone in his hand and looking away when professor Kim announces the end of the lecture and Hoseok grabs his coffee and stumbles out of the room with a quick last glance towards Jimin.

From: Hoseok

You are ;)

See ya at the party

Taehyung groans happily pushing an empty glass onto a huge table while Jimin scrunches his nose at the burning feeling in his throat, passionately sucking at the piece of lime. A number of people attending the party is, to say at least, appalling and he doesn’t even know how he managed to find Taehyung in the drunk crowd.

’Where’s Hoseok?’ Taehyung shouts over the loud music, pouring another round of shots for him and Jimin. ’Thought you were going together’ He hands him the glass, trying to find an untouched piece of lime in between the used ones thrown all over the table. At the mention of Hoseok’s name, Jimin feels electricity striking quickly down his spine, the promise of something finally happening between them leaving him unable to fight the smile creeping onto his lips.

’Well,’ They quickly swallow down the contents of their glasses, both of them grinning from ear to ear ’he told me he’ll be a little late and I didn’t have a choice anyways’.

’Don’t tell me you’re not having fun’ Taehyung rolls his hips to the sudden heavy beat coming from the huge speakers standing in the corner of the hall, effectively making Jimin laugh at his uncoordinated movements. He wants to say something but someone cuts him off before he can even open his mouth.

’Put that hot body of yours into use, Kim’ Jungkook, in his all slightly drunk glory, walks over to stand next to Jimin, bumping a fist against his before slipping a cigarette between his lips.

’Can’t believe it was that exact sentence that made Taehyung jump out of his pants for you’ Jimin bends forward, placing his elbows on the table when the smoke hits him in the face.

’He’s always been the more romantic one’ Taehyung winks at Jungkook and Jimin chooses to pretend that he doesn’t see the hand sliding down his best friend’s ass.

’Well, that exact sentence made me a very happy person back then. As long as it works, I’m gonna use it’ Jungkook kisses Taehyung behind his ear whispering something that makes the older hit him in the arm playfully. ’Let’s go dance. Guys from Hongik just arrived and we really should show them how to move’ The youngest smirks passing the cigarette to Jimin.

’I’ll pass for now. I need to go to the toilet’


’Hoseok’s not here yet anyway and if we’re going to beat some Hongik asses, he needs to be a part of it or he’ll be sulking for days’ Jimin rolls his eyes because this is exactly how Hoseok is.

’Damn you’re right’ Jungkook clicks his tongue before turning towards Taehyung. ’Still, wanna dance?’

’Yeah’ Taehyung takes a cigarette from Jimin, inhales deeply and hands it back. ’You’re gonna be fine?’ He asks and Jimin just waves at them with a smirk watching how they walk further into the crowd.

Hoseok barks a laugh when he finds Jimin at the balcony, eyes already glassy from alcohol and ’the jeans’ fitted nicely around his thighs. The younger turns around to lean against the railing. Hoseok positively glows in the weak light of the lamp, his hair styled over his forehead, hands tucked in the pockets of his jeans.

’Look who’s finally here’

’Trying to achieve something with them?’ Hoseok ignores him, eyeing Jimin’s muscles peeking out of the holes, absolutely not trying to hide the fact he likes what he sees.

’Maybe I am’ Jimin smirks when Hoseok comes closer and then pulls him by the front of his shirt inside the room, kicking the balcony door close behind them. The music banging throughout the whole dormitory becomes muted and only a bearable amount of bass resonates through the walls.

’Hi’ Hoseok murmurs as they stand in the middle of the almost dark room.

’Hi’ Jimin murmurs back, watching Hoseok’s face break into a smile while he’s tracing Jimin’s arms with his fingers.

’Can I?’

Jimin doesn’t even answer, just reaches for Hoseok’s jacket to pull him close because there’s really nothing that holds him back right now. Hoseok delicately threads his fingers through Jimin’s hair as he presses his lips against his. He doesn’t dive right into a wild pace, instead chooses to caress the younger’s lips with feather-like touches, barely using any pressure. They both bite back a smile only to fail, resulting in teeth clashing against each other and laughing quickly before they kiss again. Hoseok backs Jimin slowly to the balcony’s door, hands sliding from the younger’s hair to his jaw. They keep it rather slow, skin sliding smoothly against skin, it is until Jimin lets his tongue lick at Hoseok’s upper lip without warning causing Hoseok to grab his jaw harder. Jimin parts his lips, letting the older in and he quickly decides nothing ever felt as good as kissing Hoseok.

’It should be more awkward’ Jimin breathes when Hoseok moves down his neck, leaving wet kisses across his sweaty skin.

’Well’ Hoseok pecks his lips ’I’ve never felt more comfortable’ He runs a finger along Jimin’s lower lip, admiring the soft red color blooming under his touch. ’Wanna have some fun out there? They seem to be partying very hard’ He looks at the closed door of the room, loud screams coming from the other side. Jimin follows his gaze before turning Hoseok’s head towards him.

’Actually’ his eyes drop to the older’s mouth ’I was thinking about abandoning the ship’ his looks back into Hoseok’s eyes. ’What do you think?’

’Seems like it doesn’t matter I just came 15 minutes ago. But, if this is an invitation for me to check those thighs…’ He wiggles his eyebrows crazily making Jimin roll his eyes.

’Do you want to?’

’It can wait. I can wait’ Hoseok shakes his head ’I want you to feel comfortable with me. Plus, I don’t wanna have sex with you in the dorm full of drunk students right behind the door.’

’When was I even uncomfortable with you’ Jimin raises an eyebrow tackling Hoseok to the bed ’It’s not like we just met’ He kisses Hoseok hard until they switch positions, Jimin tilting his chin up to meet the other’s lips.

’Okay’ Hoseok whispers against his cheek. Jimin furrows his eyebrows.

’Okay?’ The older kisses his nose.

’Let’s go’

’To?’ Jimin sits up when Hoseok slides down the length of his body and stands up.

’Yoongi’s out for the weekend’ He smiles mischievously and Jimin practically crashes the older’s head as it hits the wall behind them, pushing their lips together.

’After you’ Jimin grins against Hoseok’s mouth before grabbing his hand. They make it through the crowded corridor, stealing bottles with alcohol and cigarettes on their way. Ignoring the loud grumble of disappointed girls, Hoseok kisses Jimin dramatically before they disappear into the night.

’How do we do this?’ Leaning against the frame door with hooded eyes and flushed cheeks, Jimin watches Hoseok open the lock with his long, velvety soft fingers. So damn long.

’How do we do what?’ Hoseok raises an eyebrow pushing the door open and turning towards Jimin. The younger looks inside then looks back at Hoseok.

’Are we throwing everything on the floor to wildly make out against the door then rip our clothes off to satisfy our animalistic, lustful urges?’ He nods at the bottles in his hands. Hoseok just stares at him.

’Wow. You’re the epitome of spontaneity Jimin. Also, you’re the only one who could ask something like this’

’Told ya’ A piece of busan satoori slips out of Jimin’s mouth as they walk inside ’Adventures and fun’ He winks putting the alcohol on the floor and looks up when Hoseok steps into his personal area. Very personal area.

’Have I ever told you it turns me on whenever you speak satoori?’ The older gently slips the jacket down Jimin’s arms and then not so gently throws it somewhere on the floor. ’It’s so sexy’ He slides his hands to Jimin’s waist, thick jeolla accent rolling off his tongue.

’I think you didn’t have a chance to tell me’ Jimin combs his fingers through Hoseok’s hair walking them both to the wall ’Also I wish you used yours more often’ He lets the older spin them around but still hisses at the cold touching his bare arms.

’I’ll remember’ Hoseok licks into Jimin’s mouth, not so slowly this time, pouring probably all his being into this kiss. If Jimin ever wondered what would being intimate with Hoseok feel like, it surely wouldn’t resemble the actual feeling. It feels like he wants to just push the other on the floor to grind the fuck out of him but also wants him to bring him upstairs and lie down with him so they can cuddle and giggle. His mind is buzzing pleasantly with the amount of alcohol from earlier and he hums in approval when Hoseok presses into him harder, more desperate. They kiss and kiss and it seems like there’s no end to it and honestly, he likes is that way for now.

’Don’t wanna break the spell, but I really need to drink some water’ Jimin smoothly pulls away, enough to still feel Hoseok’s warm minty breath on his face but far enough to be able to think. The older’s intense gaze is pinning him to the wall but finally, he nods towards the kitchen.

’Go ahead’ He digs a finger into Jimin’s side making him scowl at him in pain.

’Ass’ Jimin pushes past him, leaving him laughing in the hall. He pours himself a glass of water, admiring cute drawings on the fridge. ’So I see Yoongi is getting better at drawing’ Jimin can’t help but laugh uncontrollably at the colorful doodles covering almost the whole silver surface.

’Don’t laugh’ Hoseok sits down at the table ’It makes him so happy when he can just pour all of his anger into art’

’If that’s what you call art’ Jimin shrugs his shoulders with a smile.

’I keep every one of them even if he throws them away every single time’

’So nice of you’

Hoseok cocks his head to the side, watching Jimin as he keeps drinking, perched on the counter, looking like he came here straight from the photo shoot, all sexy stares and bare arms. And his damn jeans.

’Hey’ Jimin leans forward when Hoseok casually motions at him to come closer. He jumps off the counter, walking over to stand in between his spread legs. They stare at each other searching for any sign of awkwardness but really, how can you be awkward with the person you’ve been flirting with for the past three years. Hoseok moves his hands to the back of the chair, tilting his head to the opposite side. His gaze slides up the length of Jimin’s body, stopping at his eyes as he speaks jeolla again making Jimin positively shiver. ’You’re so damn fine Busan boy’

’Is this how you talk to people you’re about to have sex with?’ Jimin crosses his arms on his chest, making sure his lips are thoroughly wet by running his tongue all over them. ’Was it one of those famous ’Jung Hoseok’s pick-up lines?’’

’Is it working?’ Hoseok laughs but there’s a hard edge to his voice like he’s not in the mood for talking but at the same refuses to jump on Jimin like an animal.

’I don’t know, is it?’ Jimin smiles sweetly at him taking a step back, and another and another until Hoseok shifts to lean forward, panic striking through him but Jimin just narrows his eyes seductively. ’Come and find out, Gwangju boy’

Hoseok shots up from his seat when Jimin runs out of the kitchen screaming like crazy when the older manages to grasp his waist from behind before he can reach the bedroom. He’s being thrown on the couch, the same couch they occupy every time they’re watching movies or playing games, with greasy stains from fries and dark spots from Yoongi’s coffee all over it. Jimin doesn’t even notice when his hands start to claw at Hoseok’s jacket ripping it off his shoulders nor when his lips are already pressing against Hoseok’s. All he knows is that the arm of the couch is digging into his neck but the older’s fingers are tangled in his hair, making him hum at every little tug and it doesn’t really matter than his neck starts to hurt. He pushes up making Hoseok sit so he can straddle him, licking into his mouth with terrifying fervor. He feels hands kneading his ass, pulling him impossibly close even when he’s already grinding hard against Hoseok’s crotch creating friction so painful Jimin want to cry. He bends to the back, one hand behind the older’s nape, the other one holding his thigh and he rolls his body, slower with more purpose, watches Hoseok admire him. It’s not really good for his ego.

’Can’t believe I have you like this’ Hoseok runs his hands up Jimin’s thighs, stopping at his waist to help him move against him. ’Thought I’d die never getting to know how you feel’ He smirks in the way that leaves Jimin biting on his lower lip, leaning forward to kiss the shell of the older’s ear.

’And how do I feel?’ He whispers, his hips slowing, even more, the hand on the other’s nape sliding down to cup his jaw as he moves to kiss his neck.

’Let’s say you feel better than all my previous fantasies put together’ Hoseok groans when Jimin nips at the sensitive area between his collarbones.

’Did you fantasize about me a lot?’ Jimin kisses his way up Hoseok’s throat, pretending to be unaffected by the older’s confessions slipping from between his heart-shaped lips in raspy satoori.

’An awful lot’ Hoseok admits, sneaking his fingers under Jimin’s white shirt to drag them up the younger’s ribs then back down until they ghost over the zipper in his jeans. The question hangs in the air, making Jimin curl the toes in his boots so he comes to Hoseok’s face and looks straight into his eyes (his gaze dropping to the older’s lips every two milliseconds but that’s okay). He gently nudges Hoseok’s nose with his own, lets himself drown in the older’s dark, lustful eyes before he more like soundlessly demands than whispers right against the warm pair of lips.

’Fuck me’

Maybe they’re right about context playing the huge role in the way you perceive the world around you.

Jimin was in this room enough times to say he practically lives in here and was laying on this particular bed with Hoseok on top of him more than once. But he never laid here, sprawled all over the sheets with Hoseok’s hard on pressing against him with every roll of his hips, hot lips kissing neck and impatient hands pulling at his shirt. He combs his fingers through the older’s hair, wondering if there’ll ever be the moment he wants to stop doing this.

’Off’ Jimin tugs at Hoseok’s shirt as well, watching with hooded eyes as the other sits on his stomach to slip out of the garment. He takes a moment to appreciate all the smooth edges and the faint abs showing through the older’s skin and he doesn’t fight the urge to touch him, pressing both his palms to the hot body in front of him.

’Okay?’ Hoseok raises an eyebrow, smirking down at Jimin. The younger only nods because, once again, the context. He’s has seen Hoseok’s body so many times before (each time leaving him more craving but that’s another story), but he never truly paid mind to how nicely built Hoseok is under all these loose clothes he chooses to wear. Suddenly, the thought of other people seeing Hoseok like this (because yes, he was meeting people), makes Jimin scrunch up his nose in burning jealousy.

’You’re gonna tickle my liver if you keep doing this’ Hoseok cracks a smile, motioning to Jimin’s fingers tightening around his waist quite painfully.

’I just thought about something and it wasn’t nice’ Jimin looses the grip only to have his wrists pinned to the pillow underneath his head.

’Yeah?’ Hoseok kisses him softly, placing himself in between Jimin’s thighs, smiling when he wraps his legs around him. He reaches blindly to take the younger’s shoes off, throwing them somewhere next to the bed.

’About you looking like this with someone else before’

’What about this’ Hoseok chuckles against Jimin’s cheek.

’I don’t like it’ Jimin shrugs his shoulders, eyes turning into crescents and lips curling into a smile.

’Guess I don’t wanna know how your ’I don’t like it’ looks like’ He mimics the younger raising both eyebrows.

’You don’t’


’Fuck’ Jimin closes his eyes when a hand finds its way to the front of his pants, palming the growing heat with smooth, confident movements.

’I’ve never known you were this sensitive’ Hoseok sits up again to watch Jimin’s face while he’s still teasing him through his jeans. ’I mean I know you are sensitive but seriously’ He cups Jimin, feeling the throbbing through the thick fabric. ’This is really amazing’. Jimin tilts his head to the side, eyes locked with the older’s, playing with hem of his own shirt as he bucks up into the palm

’There are still things you don’t know about me’ He smiles dreamily, a small moan leaving his lips when Hoseok unbuttons his jeans and pulls the zipper making his erection less painful.

’Will you show me then? Busan boy?’ Hoseok helps Jimin out of his shirt letting him reverse their position.


Usually, he’s pretty confident with his body, proudly showing off his tan skin and muscles he has worked so hard for. Yet right now, Jimin’s skin is burning in places where Hoseok’s gaze lingers a bit too long, goosebumps rising where the fingertips meet the hot flesh. His ego should have been fed up by now from the amount of admiration Hoseok’s showering him with but somehow, Jimin thinks he can handle a little bit more of the said admiration as long as Hoseok is looking at him like there’s no one else in the entire universe.

It boosts his self-esteem very much.

He could spend a whole night just letting the older watch him, but Hoseok has other plans for him, reaching to the waistband of ’the jeans’ to pull them down Jimin’s ass. From this moment everything speeds up. Jimin blames it on these three years when he all but tears the pants off himself when Hoseok quickly gets rid of his own shoes, when Jimin slides down the length of Hoseok’s body to fumble with his zipper. The back of his head crashes against the pillow and Hoseok’s lips swallow down the moan threatening to slip out when he rocks against him, underwear long forgotten, probably somewhere on the floor. It’s only the beginning but the feeling of Hoseok’s cock sliding against his has him already melting into a puddle.

Jimin’s eyes shot open when feels Hoseok pull away but he relaxes when a bottle of lube and a condom land next to them on the bed. He’s never been more grateful for talking with Hoseok about their preferences because that way they can avoid the whole awkward ’who’s gonna take it up the ass’ situation.

For once in his life, Hoseok doesn’t feel like teasing Jimin. He kisses him deeply, sensually even until Jimin purrs into his mouth, spreading his thighs wider. The older slides down his neck, his chest, kissing both nipples before moving further south, grazing his teeth against the navel, nipping at the hipbones and stopping at the pubic bone while his hands are always moving, touching every area they can reach. He settles on his stomach between Jimin’s legs and the younger almost tells him to do something but he keeps his mouth shut, watching Hoseok lean closer, tongue swiping at the head of his cock with such delicacy it makes Jimin whine quietly. He doesn’t even flinch when one, lubed finger circles his entrance, just makes himself more comfortable, shifting to give Hoseok better access. His thighs jump when the finger brushes his prostate softly, the older’s hot mouth engulfing him whole. This just adds to the long list of ’Things Jung Hoseok’s perfect at’ Jimin decides the moment Hoseok starts bobbing his head up and down while still calmly stretching him. A few seconds later his hands are full of Hoseok’s grapefruit hair because the older started sucking on the inside of his thigh as one finger became two and it honestly overwhelms Jimin but in the best way possible. He curses in satoori when Hoseok appears at the level of his face, swallowing his moans when three thoroughly lubed fingers press deeply into him at the steady rhythm carefully avoiding his prostate.

Through the fog clouding his mind, Jimin realizes Hoseok’s awfully good at reading a person’s body, finding points that are the weakest, maneuvering between fast tempo and slow well-thought movements. They would probably kiss all night if Jimin didn’t pull Hoseok’s hand away and grabbed the abandoned condom.

’Put it on me?’ Hoseok smiles widely when Jimin pushes him onto his back and gasps when the younger’s fingers wrap around him in a tight grip.

’I was gonna’ Jimin sits down on his heels, moving his wrist quickly making Hoseok jerk with every upstroke. It seemed funny before but now Jimin appreciates all the conversations about sex they had, now knowing that Hoseok likes it a bit rough, without lube dripping from his dick when someone’s giving him a handjob which is quite reasonable considering his skin feels so right under Jimin’s touch.

’You’re gettin’ me close’ Thick, strained jeolla. Jimin’s hand is off of him faster than light, tearing the foil package with practiced ease and pulling the rubber out of it instead. Hoseok watches him with fond eyes as he rolls it down his length, laughing when Jimin sticks his tongue out covering it with lube.

’Where are you goin’ jeolla boy’ Jimin keeps Hoseok down when the older moves to sit up. He straddles him with a smirk, enjoying the sight of curiosity and lust written all over his face. He leans forward to press his lips to Hoseok’s ear, one hand reaching between their sweaty bodies to grab the older’s cock, bringing it to his hole. He teases himself with the tip, feeling the adrenaline rushing through his veins when Hoseok bucks up, just slightly, the tip barely slipping inside him but still making Jimin gasp straight into the older’s ear.

’You’re so beautiful’ Hoseok whispers and before Jimin can scoff, he sits up swiftly pushing inside of him, effectively cutting him mid sentence but still carefully watching him as he closes his eyes tight at the feeling. When Jimin finally finds in himself to breathe again, it’s like fire burning his lungs. He wants to say nothing hurts but honestly, it does hurt a little or rather stings slightly because who he’s trying to fool. He hasn’t had sex in a year and playing with your fingers once in a while isn’t enough to prepare you for this. And let’s say it loud. Hoseok doesn’t belong to the average cock size group. Certainly not.

’Sorry. ’Been a while’ He looks at Hoseok apologetically, causing the older to thread his fingers through his hair and kiss the side of his neck.

’No one’s rushing you. It’s about you, not me’

’Fuck you and your golden character’ Jimin presses his forehead against Hoseok’s temple, breathing deeply through his nose before he starts moving.

’Warn a man, Jimin’ Hoseok gasps when the tight heat moves around him, his fingers automatically digging into Jimin’s thighs at the overwhelming feeling of the velvety walls. But Jimin’s mind is already somewhere else, lingering between two worlds of slight pain and pleasure. It’s melting into one feeling and he throws his head to the back when Hoseok helps him move his hips, guiding him down and forward, up and to the back. It might be the first time someone knows so well how to make him crave for more.

’God’ He gasps and Hoseok’s right there, analyzing his every expression, looking for any sign of pain or anything that could make him feel uncomfortable. They sway together for a few minutes, Hoseok cracking a joke every two seconds making Jimin laugh uncontrollably at every one of them until he realizes he unconsciously started to speed up, the pain gone leaving pure pleasure behind.

’You okay?’ Hoseok asks sensing the change in his movements but is shoved onto his back right after. Jimin’s laughs shortly at the older’s shocked expression before he ducks for a kiss, his hips moving fast and hard pinning Hoseok to the bed. ’Guess you are’ He pants out, gripping Jimin’s ass cheeks tightly as the younger sits upright, riding him like there’s no tomorrow.

’Oh, shit’ Jimin cries out when Hoseok starts thrusting into him, meeting his ass somewhere in the middle until he’s being laid on his back again with his thighs pressing into the older’s ribs. He’s still impressed by Hoseok’s experience, hitting his prostate with every thrust, making sure his hands are always touching Jimin, that his lips are kissing the skin, that he looks straight into Jimin’s eyes whenever he leans down to kiss him. Anger blinds him for a second when he again thinks about girls Hoseok brought here, about the fact he surely treated them all the same way he’s treating Jimin. He thinks of all the guys being able to find out what the real dancer in bed means because seriously, he’s rolling hips as gracefully as he does while performing on stage, making Jimin choke on his saliva.

He feels lips pressing against his forehead and realizes he’s been furrowing his eyebrows pretty hard.

’You’re thinking so loud’ Hoseok laughs and kisses him stupid and Jimin just pulls him so close, too close until he’s practically suffocating from the heat, from the feeling of cock filling him up to the brim, from the breathtaking kisses and generally from Hoseok.

’I thought about something’

The tingling in his lower abdomen gets more and more intense, he wants to laugh and cry and moan at the same time because it’s been so long he felt this good with anyone.

’I bet it wasn’t nice’ Hoseok laughs breathlessly moving even faster, sitting upright to hold Jimin by the waist, dragging him against every thrust.

When Jimin cums untouched, it’s hot and violent with Hoseok still moving inside of him increasing the pleasure and helping his orgasm last longer. When Jimin cums, his eyes are closed tight and his fingers are almost breaking through Hoseok’s skin. When Jimin cums he doesn’t get to see Hoseok’s face but he hears every single word groaned into his ear. When Jimin cums his whole world falls apart and everything is blurry.

When Hoseok cums, Jimin’s eyes are open, shamelessly watching the older’s face. When Hoseok cums, his body goes rigid but Jimin moves his hips to make the other’s pleasure last longer. When Hoseok cums, he almost falls on top of Jimin but manages to keep himself up on his elbows even if Jimin’s fingers are digging into his skin. When Hoseok cums, his breath is uneven, he’s sweaty but Jimin’s world is going back to its original state and his vision is sharp and bright.

For the first time in three years, Hoseok leaves him completely speechless and it turns out Jimin can’t handle this fact without tearing up. He laughs when Hoseok starts panicking, pushing his hands away from his face when he tries to wipe the tears falling from his eyes. He cups Hoseok’s face to kiss him long and sweet, almost like a gratitude even though they’re both still quite breathless but he doesn’t pull away until he’s sure he told everything he wanted through this kiss.

’It wasn’t nice’

’I’m sure it wasn’t. Why are you even crying idiot!’ Hoseok pecks his cheek repeatedly, wrapping his arms around Jimin and spinning them around so he’s again on his back with the younger on top of him. He gently pulls out of him, trying to ignore the soft moan breaking the silence. ’Wait’ Jimin slips onto the sheets while Hoseok ties the condom and throws it into the bin under the desk.

’Come here Gwangju boy. It’s cold’ Jimin mumbles tiredly, stretching his hands to pull Hoseok down to him.

’We should shower first’

’You know I’ll fall asleep right after and I wanna talk’

’Park Jimin wants to talk? Amazing’ Hoseok snuggles closer to Jimin, bringing his hand up to touch one of the pink cheeks. The younger doesn’t even roll his eyes this time.

’Just wanna make sure what it means to you’

’You mean, what you mean to me?’

’Whatever’ Jimin shrugs his shoulders.

’You mean the world to me. You can tell the rest’ Hoseok smiles at him, like when he’s proud of Jimin and it’s so familiar it makes Jimin think that there couldn’t be any other answer that that.

’So I’ll tell you that you’re not going to bring here anyone anymore, except for me’ Jimin sticks a finger into Hoseok’s bare chest, smirking smugly at his friend, lover, whatever.

’I’ve never brought here anyone before, to begin with’ Hoseok’s eyes become gentle and he looks at Jimin with adoration, like he seriously is the best things that happened to him ever.

’Oh’ Jimin is taken aback and he just stares at Hoseok with wide, questioning eyes. ’Why?’

’I’ve never wanted to bring here someone I wasn’t serious about’

’Oh,’ Jimin nods his head slowly. ’So…’

’Yeah’ Hoseok smiles happily.

’Oh. Oh’ The older just snorts, bringing Jimin close before he’s kissing him again, all lazy touches and playful biting. Jimin chest swells in a strange way, maybe in fear or maybe excitement. He hasn’t thought about a relationship in a while but…

As Hoseok pulls away to swipe a hand over his forehead, pulling the strands away and looking at him with the same passion as when he dances, Jimin might be only a little bit in love already.

’Now shower’



’Come on jeolla boy. Show me how they do it in Gwangju’

‘Fuck Hoseok, like this’

My college is all: Come to the voter party and watch the polls! We’ll have popcorn! Yay!


This isn’t fucking fun. This shit is straight up terrifying. This is not enjoyable don’t make a party out of it. People are anxious and losing their minds with worry that all their rights are about to be stripped away. Wanna do something for the election? How about unleash a few hundred therapy dogs on campus because right now I really need to be comforted by a dog. 


The Carapuchio* wip!

well, while i was building my campus i stopped and thought : “students need a crazy bar to dance at night, right ???” so i quickly built this summerish location. it’s just the “basic” layouts for now, lol. i plan to add a tikki bar and more stuff. i wish we had split levels already so i could do a real dj booth with crazy lightings effects… but hey, we can only wish for this in the future!

i had so much fun figuring out the foutains layouts. we have tons of them here in france : it’s kind of a game to walk on these while they’re not active. it was one of my favorite thing to do when i was a kid. so i picked differents fountains effects and i have to say : it’s perfect when you’re playing !! it’s pretty, and it sounds great *o* so, of course i’ll release this : it’s a part of the extra lots which comes with the windenburg campus ;)

my inspiration for this lot was my birthday party of this year, which theme was “playa in winter” (too many people came at the club. it was a crazy night people…) and this childhood song. 🌴

Palestinians are not victims in need of aid; we’re an occupied people in need of freedom. US tax dollars, campus investments and community investments are standing in the way of that freedom. And because the US in particular is so uniquely involved in Israeli settler-colonialism, occupation and apartheid, we have quite a big role to challenge those structures.
—  Remi Kanazi
Shiratorizawa Week: Team Bonding

You don’t need to hang out with your team every day. But, on campus, it’s bound to happen anyways.

Current song

- The only people that Ushijima really hangs out with are his teammates and classmates. While he does want to branch out his connections, his social ineptitude limits him to only talking to people when he’s with someone like Reon or Soekawa to help him. However, with the team, his limited conversation skills somehow extend to pretty much anything.

- Shirabu’s not the most social of people but if you’re talking about volleyball (or foreign music artists) you’ve totally caught his attention. It’s the only way he connects with other people; people have pretty much figured out that Shirabu came to Shiratorizawa just the sport anyways and they think it’s cute to see how passionate he is for it.

- Yamagata and Soekawa don’t really hang out with the other third years that much. It’s because they’re too busy helping out the younger students study, just so they can keep in the matches. Sagae and Goshiki are pretty much struggling in their classes so it’s nice to have some great seniors helping out.

- They have a team group chat that regularly changes names because of Kawanishi and Semi; of course it reflects the topic. “First years are fucking gay. The rite of passage. Kenjirou’s eyebrows.” It’s a literal train wreck in there and everyone usually just stops talking once someone threatens to slap up someone the next day.

- When they actually just chill to hang out, they can just stay together in silence and they’d consider it bonding. Well, they at least have to be something. Sitting down with coffee or hot chocolate is something they usually do when it’s cold out.

- They don’t exactly party since none of them are actually party goers (save Yamagata and Tendou) but when someone has a party they need to go to, they’ll always ask someone on the team to come with them. It’s so much more comfortable to just sit in the corner and do nothing with them rather than sitting alone in the corner like they usually would.

- Everyone pretty much bonds over telling each other to take a break. They all work pretty hard so hanging out together isn’t something that’s explicitly asked for but being together in class and all that is a given. They all enjoy each other’s company, despite how annoying they can be with one another.

Over Again: Chapter 7

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Sorry this is so late!! Thank you for your patience! Also huge THANK YOU to my friends who kept me sane when I completely went a different way with this chapter. Love you guys!!

Freshman Year

They stumbled together down the cobblestone street, arms wrapped tightly around each other against the cold, damp night. Parker clung to Niall’s waist and smiled up at him as he relived the play by play of the national championship game. His eyes, illuminated by the streetlights they passed, shone bright, full of life and excitement. Despite the late hour, the college campus was full of students celebrating.

“Need to stop for a second, baby,” he said, leading her to the side of the science building.

Parker leaned against the brick wall, her head dropping back, and closed her eyes. Beside her, Niall opened his pants enough to do his business.

“What are you doing there?” a man’s voice sounded, startling Parker from her daze.

Niall fumbled with his fly as a flashlight was shone in his eyes before passing over to Parker.

“Miss, are you alright?” She blinked at him and smiled drunkenly.

“Yes, I’m fine. Niall just needed to take a leak.”

“So I saw. Son, do you know that’s illegal?”

“What? No, I was just…”

“Do you have your ID on you?”

“No,” he answered.

The campus police officer glared at him. “Name?”

Niall glared back. Fearing the worse, Parker interjected, “His name Is Niall Horan.”

She spelled it out for him as he wrote out the ticket. Tearing it off his pad, he thrust it at Niall.

“Littering? You can litter with urine?”

“Niall.” Parker placed her hands on his shoulder and leaned into his back. “It’s ok. Calm down.”

“Hell, if you’re going to write me a ticket, make it worth my while.”

“Niall,” she tried again.

“It’s your choice kid, it’s either this ticket with a small fine or community service and a court date for indecent exposure.” He looked at Parker, dismissing them with a jerk of his head. “Get him home.”

“Fuck,” Niall said as he pulled away from Parker. “Way to ruin a great night. This is so stupid”

She went to him and wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head in his chest. His heart was beating fast and she breathed him in. “It’s okay, Niall,” she whispered, soothingly. “Tomorrow you’ll be laughing about this with Louis. Let’s go back to your room.”

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