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My queen, I am but a humble memelady. I hope my offering is pleasing to you.


UF Sans:

UF Papyrus:

US Sans:

US Papyrus:


- ntgforever

HA i love!! i’m red minus the needs a hug and secretly soft part

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1. What is your second favourite fandom?

rn it’s the black clover fandom. hopefully it isn’t wrecked rip

2. Any lesser known shows/manga/anime/books everybody needs to know about?

Katekyo hitman reborn, black clover, world trigger. idk if these count lol

3. Ghibli or Disney?

ghibli I think…

4. Why Ghibli/Disney?

bc spirited away.

5. Favourite flower?


6. What makes you ship something?

a good chemistry btwn charas. has to have canon interactions. aesthetic. also a healthy relationship. canon crushes or implied ones make my shipping strong

7. Or WHO makes you ship things?

….n/a. I like to think I decide for myself

(a lie. good friends who can lobby a cute relationship at me can make me ship smth…or drive me away bc I think it’s annoying. depends)

8. Favourite book?

rn it’s Sharpe’s Enemy

but uhh. it changes a lot lol

9. Most Annoying Sibling Award?

my sisters. they win together (is that what this is asking)

10. Wooden floors vs. linoleum.

lino…I think

11. Who are you in the Cinnamon roll meme?

sinnamon roll, according to three quizzes I just took. lol

(not gonna do the rest bc lazyyyy lmao)

it’s all a facade duh!!!!!!!!!

i hate talking to people and 

realizing im too different and 

i hate not being understood and 

everything im hoping for in 

the future is just 

an illusion and 

im doomed to wander a 

daydream forever i want 

to go away for a long 








someplace scattered with

breakthings and

pipe dreams