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Asriel, from the same au as the flowey!sans I posted yesterday!
He lives at the castle with his father, asgore. Since he lived after his trip to the surface, he was able to let chara’s soul go. But he was left with a few physical changes (red in his eyes and black marks under his eyes). Pretty much cannon azzy but with less past guilt and trauma. Often has strange nightmares about becoming a flower that cannot feel love.

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Every time I go in the Gravity Falls tag here I see a bunch of really negative posts so here's a positive one! I love you all, no matter your canon, no matter what happened! Even if you can't stand me, or your version of me, I love you still. I can't seem to find my boyfriend or my sister, so I'm just going to spill all my love in the tag and hope it reaches someone who needs it. Because someone was there when I needed it, and it's my turn to be there for you. You are loved. -Dipper


hi so i’m in act!chara hell and it’s all @ni10-c ‘s fault

honestly i had never really thought too much about chara until i started looking at kat’s art and now i wanna draw this ghost dweeb a lot

if you don’t already, please follow kat bc u need to frankly