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7 Questions to Ask When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

1. Which of these tasks should I prioritise? Do what’s most important first, and the pressure will subside.

2. Would I achieve more if I got some extra sleep? If you’re tired too work then you’re usually less productive.

3. Are other people sucking the life out of me? Are there certain who’re demanding too much time?

4. Is there anything at all that I can delegate? Do I have to do it all, or do the whole thing on my own? 5. Have I taken on too much on because “I don’t let people down”, or I’m afraid of saying “no”, or I fear others’ reactions?

6. Is my space full of clutter, and that’s adding to my stress? Do I need to tidy up, or get rid of some old stuff?

7. Can I withdraw, or take time off to recharge my batteries? Do I really need a break, and the chance to be refreshed?

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Hey could you maybe write another physical injury/hurt/comfort fic? I'd really need some comfort and the only way my mind accepts it is if it comes because of physical pain.It's like non-physical pain isn't 'worthy' of comfort for my mind.Logically I know that's stupid but my feelings still beg to differ, if that makes sense.And not even that works in real life lol. I ended up in a hospital a couple months back and I refused to let anyone visit and insisted to help out everyone. My mind sucks :(

She’s not wearing her vest when she gets shot.

She’s not wearing her vest and  the bullet just misses collapsing her lung and she’s in surgery for eight hours.

Eight hours during which it takes the combined strength of the Martian Manhunter and Supergirl to keep Alex from torturing and killing the man who shot her.

Despite their unearthly strength, Alex still gets a few solid hits in.

She tries to wash off most of his blood before they finally tell her that her girlfriend is in recovery, that she can go see her (J'onn and Kara had delivered a few carefully worded threats about the hospital’s “family only” policy ahead of Alex’s arrival, mainly to prevent Alex from straight up murdering a nurse or physician’s assistant).


Maggie’s voice is groggy and unfocused, but it’s her voice, it’s her voice, it’s her voice.

“Hey.” Alex’s voice is hoarse from eight hours of screaming and raspy with unshed tears and quaking with she’s alive, she’s okay, she’s okay.

“You look like you’ve been through hell,” Maggie whispers like she’s not the one with oxygen tubes in her nose and IVs in her veins and stitches holding her torso together.

“You were touch and go for a while,” is Alex’s only explanation, and tears flood Maggie’s eyes.

“I’m sorry.”

“What? No. No, Maggie, you have nothing to – why would you – Maggie, please don’t apologize, I should be, I wasn’t there to protect you – ”

“It was a routine patrol, Danvers. It’s fine. I’m fine. I’m not going anywhere, okay? I’m fine.”

And she is, she is – Alex has to repeat it like an unending mantra in her head – but her recovery is going to be long, and if Alex thought Maggie was stubborn before, she reaches a whole new level with this.

Because she’s not supposed to walk unassisted.

But Alex catches her getting up to go to the bathroom alone in the middle of the night because “you looked so peaceful sleeping, Danvers.”

And she’s not supposed to change her own bandages, but Alex catches her trying anyway, because “Why should you have all the fun, Danvers?”

And she’s supposed to take her pain meds regularly, but Alex finds the bottle just as full as she left it when she headed out to the DEO, because “They get me loopy and it’s whatever, it’s just a flesh wound at this point.”

“Maggie. I need you to listen to me, and I need you to try and hear me. Okay?”

Maggie gulps because she thinks she knows what’s coming, and her lip trembles and she clenches her jaw because who wants to be with someone who’s gonna take so long to recover from a stupid injury, who wants to be stuck in the house when she could be playing pool, making out, with someone else?

Someone who’s not scared of getting addicted to the pain meds, someone who doesn’t need the damn things to begin with?

“I know you don’t like talking about yourself. And I know you don’t know how to be taken care of. Because I don’t think anyone’s ever really taken care of you. But I want to, Maggie. I want to take care of you. That’s what I’m here for. But I need you to not sabotage that, okay? You have to let your body heal, okay? You have to try and trust me, just a little bit, just enough to take care of you while you’re still healing up. And then you can go back to pretending you can kick my ass at sparring.”

“I can, I can do it right now, Danvers – ”

Alex laughs and Maggie cracks the first real grin she’s had in days.

“You’re not mad at me?”

“Maggie, how could I possibly be mad at you?”

Maggie’s lip wobbles and her jaw clenches and she looks away.

“I’m all needy, and… and boring.”

Alex sighs and lays down next to her, tossing the covers over both of them and propping herself up on a stack of pillows. She grabs at the remote and puts her arm around Maggie’s shoulders and snuggles her close, flipping on Netflix as she kisses Maggie’s temple.

“Mandatory bed rest, Netflix, comfy pillows, and an even comfier girlfriend? How could I ever be bored, Maggie?”

The next time she has to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, she pokes Alex awake timidly and lets her help her hobble inside.

The next time she has to change her bandages, she watches how gentle, how loving, how attentive, how skilled, Alex’s hands are, and she makes Alex blush with a series of comments about her hot doctor girlfriend.

The next time she needs pain meds, she lets Alex regulate her amount and makes sure she eats and has plenty of water.

And the next time she feels like she doesn’t deserve to be taken care of, like it’s just a flesh wound and she should be able to take care of it all herself, she lets Alex kiss her and whisper sweet everythings in her ear, and she lets Alex help her heal.

You’re Mine

The reader often hangs out a the tavern and frequently flirts with Gaston… 

A/N: I just need more Gaston (Luke Evans) in my life. This just had to be done

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Oh Gaston…. He was a real character that man was. He constantly did things that annoyed most, mainly how much he loved himself but it was fun to mess with him. You enjoyed it actually because he always seemed to believe what was going on and he actually laughed at it. 

The night was young and the tavern was full, per usual. Gaston sat in his chair while Le Fou stood beside him talking about who knows what. Though Gaston seemed a bit down for some reason, probley had something to do with Belle again. You grabbed a mug off the bar, which was meant for Gaston, and brought it over to him. You handed it to him and he looked up at you. 

“Not having a good day Gaston?” you question as you look at him; the look in his eyes showed that he was in no mood for games and he stated that in the bluntest if ways, 

“Go away harlot.” he growled; you rolled your eyes at what he called you, though you were called this often for you much more flirty ways, it did hurt when it came from him.

“Oh come on Gaston, you don’t have to be so rude.” you say as you do just as he says and leave him be. He seemed to be in a foul mood anyways but Le Fou was quick to try and pick him up, singing about all the amazing things about him. Everyone joined in and eventually he did as well and before you knew it everyone was dancing, you joined him up on a table and just danced. 

“Still not in the mood to see me?” you teased with a wide smirk; his smile grew on his face, 

“Maybe if you would stop being such a flirt I wouldn’t cast you away.” he says, 

“But where’s the fun in that, I love seeing you all flustered.” you say as you break from his gasp and jump to the table beside the one you were on. Everyone was still singing and having a good time, it was clear that Le Fou had successfully made him feel better. 

A few moments later things died down, there was still some chatter and drinking going on. You went about your business that was until someone grabbed your hand and turned your around. Your eyes quickly met the ones you recognized to be Gastons. 

“You left rather abruptly.” he said with a smirk; you matched his smirk,

“I did and I did rather enjoy the look on your face.” you say with a rather wide smirk, “But why would you complain? Unless you were going to do something?” you test and looked at him; his eyes had a glint in it but you couldn’t tell what they showed, 

“What if I was?” He pressed as he pulled you closer; you felt a tiny bit of shock but you brushed it off. 

“Then I guess I wouldn’t complain about it.” you say; now you were becoming flustered, you looked away from him but he stopped you, he used his thumb and pointer finger and turn your head and lock gazes again. You heart rate was speeding up. What was this? 

“Oh is that so?” he questioned; you had a feeling that this was a game but you kind of liked it. You gently poke his chest with your forefinger, 

“What are you getting at Gaston?” you question; he chuckled a bit before pulling away, 

“I like this.” he said before turning and walking away; you can’t say you were shocked, 

“Well played.”

It couldn’t have been days later but this was still going on and, by god, was it fun. The constant flirting, how close you would get to him but you couldn’t help but feel as though something was missing. Here you were, yet again, at the tavern, everyone was having a grand old time but you were lost in thought, that was until you felt a pair of hands on your hips. You were ready to beat the crap out of whoever it was but you quickly realized that it was Gaston, 

“Well look who it is.” you say with a smirk. He returned the smirk, 

“Why are you sitting here all by your lonesome, why don’t you come and join me.” he said as he walked over to his chair and sat down. The look on his face made your heart rate to speed up. 

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You hesitantly stood to your feet and walked over to him. You hips swayed and extra bit as you walked. When you stood beside him he took you by surprise and sat you on his lap. You gasped lowly and looked at him; a wide smirk on his lips. 

“This is the only place you will sit.” your heart nearly stopped as he said that. You had forgotten your witty comeback but you quickly tired to come up with something to say, 

“Oh and why is that?”you question; he chuckled a low laugh before looking your straight in the eyes before saying, 

“Because you’re mine.”

Dear Journal,

Today Regulus arrived in the early morning. Sirius was waiting by the door until we heard a few knocks. He quickly opened the door and threw himself in his little brothers arms. I decided to give them some privacy so I walked downstairs to the library. I still needed to place a few books around. While looking through my own books, I found the one Johnny gave me. That sweet boy. I opened the book to the first page and read is message written in a neat handwritting. I knew these few sentences by heart.

“Dear Remus, I hope you will like this book. It made me think of us. While reading it, I felt like It was you and me. Without you, my life would’ve been different. You helped me accept who I was even though boys who like other boys are not seen in a good way sometimes. You are the big brother I never had and the one I always wished for. Thank you a thousand times. I hope you won’t forget me, because i’ll never forget you.

-Johnny. ”

I smiled to myself thinking about the little boy. At least now, no one would bully him again and he had his new boyfriend Freddie. He gave me his mom’s address so I could write to him. I picked up a pretty letter paper and started writing.

“Dear Johnny, I really miss you! I hope your summer is going well. Here, Sirius and I are doing good! Our appartement is finished and everything looks just the way I imagined it. I just found the book you gave me in my boxes! I’m going to put it on my night table by my bed so I can see it everyday and think of you. I’ve seen a few books that I think you would like so I wrote them down on a stickynote and when you’ll come and visit, I’ll have some for you! But for now, I’m sending you this letter with a book i found in a corner of my dusty library! If i read the title right, it should be the sequel to our book! I really hope you like it! I’ll see you soon!

-Remus ”

I folded the letter paper and slid it in an enveloppe. My owl flew away with the letter and the book in it’s claws. I walked upstairs and saw Sirius and Regulus on the couch, both laughing at something Regulus said. I’m glad they were happy.

“Hey Remus!” Regulus smiled.

“Hey buddy! How are you holding up?” I said, sitting behind Sirius with my legs around Him.

“Good. At least i’m with Sirius.” He smiled.

“How about we have a movie night with pizza?” I asked the two brothers.

“Didn’t we ate pizza yesterday babe?” Sirius asked.

“Who cares? I’m sure Reg wants some pizza! Do you Reg?” I asked, smiling.

“Of course I want pizza! Come on Sirius! Movie night is nothing without pizza!” Regulus laughed.

“Okay then!” Sirius smiled.

So we had another movie night with pizza. All three of us sitting on the couch. Sirius cuddled to me on one side and his brother on the other.

March 29th 1978

Just like Aria Stark, I have a list I say everynight… I don’t say it to kill my enemies, I say it so I can call people out when they don’t give Liam credit in songs. It goes a bit like this:

Taken; Same Mistakes; Everything About You; Last First Kiss; Back For You; Summer Love; Still The One; Story Of My Life; Diana; Midnight Memories; Right Now; Little Black Dress; Through The Dark; Little White Lies; Better Than Words; Does He Know?; Steal My Girl; Ready To Run; Fool’s Gold; Night Changes; NO CONTROL; FIREPROOF; Spaces; Clouds; Change Your Ticket; Illusion; End Of The Day; Long Way Down; What a Feeling; History; Wolves; A.M.; HOME!!!!!

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Real talk you shouldn’t come out to your parents if they’re assholes there’s some shit they don’t deserve to know about you? Or like they don’t have certain ‘rights’ to you if that makes any sense?

I still haven’t come out to my parents about some shit and don’t plan on ever doing cus my life is mine and it’s really none of their concern imo and at the end of the day they’re related to you but they’re still fucking people and if they don’t respect you, you don’t need to put up with that shit honestly. You’re your own person the umbilical cord was cut a long ass fucking time ago.


bunni: my friend died, i brought him back to life and now he lives with me, oh and he’s a vampire and my house is constantly infested with rats and mites. OH, and my friend is a vampire

bella: i have two kids

bunni: fuck, you win


today started off really shitty but after crying on the phone to my parents and rus, it got really good. i made an action plan. i have a lot to look forward to. and i’m not going to be stuck here forever. plus. honestly, ya need some bad days sprinkled in to make ya appreciate the good ones with your whole heart.

after a rough morning, i met rus at his office for lunch and we walked around and found a nice little spot to have a picnic.
and later, when he got home, we went running. he knows i am sick of the usual routes so he planned a ridiculous one in all different directions, and since i had complained about being tired of standing at stop lights, he had us sprinting across streets in weird places during traffic breaks so we didn’t have to wait at a single light. i found myself eagerly sprinting up staircases and highway overpass ramps, and was reminded that i am still the same runner i was last year - it is not my choice nor my fault that my options here are mostly flat concrete. i still love a challenge when it’s available. my heart still loves to run free. my mom said she felt how i do now when she lived in arizona, and it was boring as heck but made her appreciate connecticut running so much more. i am so excited to feel that. 
we didn’t finish our run till about 7:20 p.m. but it was still light out and we took minnah for a nice long walk (where she encountered her first ambulance - she was not a fan but my god she is a different dog than when we first met her; i am SO damn proud of all of us). and now we’re dancin’ around the kitchen while our veggies roast. 
i’ve been having a really rough time lately. but i have good people in my life, so even if i live in a place that is far too mundane for my soul to thrive, i’m going to be okay and it is going to get better. my headspace needed this night.


i was tagged by @cloudchild94 and @hrrystyles to post my lock screen, home screen, last song I listened to, and last selfie !!! as u can see I’m gryles trash. also listen to terror jr bc they’re amazing and everyone needs some new good music in their life until Harry kills us all :) also I’m wearing a packers beanie in my selfie bc I’m a harrie not bc I like football ☺️

idk who all has done this so if you’ve already done it then disregard but I tag @habibharry, @harrysalbums, @soloharryalbum, @harryokay, @valentinehes, @helladonut, @hstylesuk, @mooncycling and anyone else who wants to do it can say i tagged them :)))))

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How can people see spirits & faeries? Is there certain ways to communicate? Do you need to bring offerings?

If you are talking about seeing spirits or faeries with your physical eyes, its something you are typically born with. Some people get this ability later on in life but its typically because they suffered an extreme trauma (and its rare). As far as communication goes, check out my communication tag! <3

Y'all need to learn that authors can do whatever they want with their characters and who they focus on. Making one character a baby sitter and plot device for racial reasons is one thing, idc if you call people out for that bc I will too - but @ that chicken shit anon trying to come at my wife @unclesteeb sideways talkin bout some “you focus on bucky too much” shit and calling her TOO SENSITIVE when she’s relating it to a very personal event in her life?

Catch these motherfuckin hands and write your own damn fic if you’re so pressed about one damn fic mentioning Bucky. God fucking forbid you bring up a character central to much of what is going on in MCU both past and present.

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Is your life very organized?

*He went over to the desk and shuffled some of his paperwork aside. A small pile of shattered pencils could be seen scattering on the floor.*

Apparently not as organized as I thought it was! Oy vey, where is that paperwork, I could have sworn I just had it here…great…

Hey Caddy, you mind hanging out in the office for a bit? I gotta go and grab the paperwork and journals that I need from the file room. Just relax in my chair if you want, rest your tuchus; yeah? I will be right back, alright?


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hi! i'm not really sure i understand the rules/guidelines for the sorting sprees? and i can't seem to find some of my fandoms on the list. but i want to sort some characters, etc. um, yeah.

Sorting spree is currently on hold due to Tumblr failing at life and us needing to overhaul it but not having much time to do so.

We’ll definitely announce it when and if we restart it :)

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

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Low-key found your blog just before I have to go home, so expect some serious reblogging when I get back tomorrow at some point because I don't have a phone or computer (RIP), I need more NCT in my life and who needs a period in a sentence, not me, that's not who, nope, not at all, except for in about 2 seconds. *Cough* But from what I've read, I'm entertained, so expect a request from me in the future. ❄❄❄ (Faith)

OMG THIS IS SO ADORABLE! Hello cutie! You can send in hundreds of requests if you like, I’m open to a spam now and then~