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Min Yoongi

**REQUEST: if you are taking requests can i ask a yoongi smut where you ask him to teach you how to give a bj? ( sorry for my bad english 🇦🇷)**

Type: Smut

Summery: Theres no need to be nervous around Yoongi, he’ll take care of you and make you feel good no matter what it is you’re doing. 

W/C: 1881

You’re not doing it right if your not doing it!

‘What a bullshit article’ You thought tossing your phone across the couch. There was no reason why giving a blowjob would be something that made or broke your sex life, especially with Yoongi. He’d never asked you to do it so why should some stupid article make you feel like there was something wrong with you? That you were boring him?

You scoffed and got up from the couch forgetting about the show you were watching before you stumbled across the article. As you made your way to the kitchen you couldn’t help but glance into the home studio Yoongi had just finished putting together and smiled.  He had insisted in turning the guest bedroom you never used into an office for him just so he could be at home with you more. You stared at him for a half second too long as he bobbed his head to the music that could faintly be heard through his headphones, now feeling even worse about never returning the favor when it came to oral.

“Hey babe.” He said with a sweet smile before turning back to his computer.

“Want anything to drink?” You said shaking your head, wanting to rid yourself of the feeling that you weren’t pleasuring him enough.

When he nodded and threw you another sweet smile you turned, he must be onto something since he usually never talked to you when he was working. You grabbed his usual drink of choice out of the fridge and walked across the hall over to him. He thanked you before pulling your hand softly so your cheek was in kissing distance.

“You look upset, why are you upset?” He said, the smile that tugged at the corners of his mouth dropping.

“Its nothing. Just stupid thoughts.” You said smiling sweetly before standing straight again and running your hand down the back of his head.

“If it was nothing you wouldn’t be thinking so hard.” He said crossing his arms.

“Its just… Its nothing, don’t worry about it Yoongi.” You said smiling to try and get him to drop it.

“Jagi just tell me, you know I won’t be able to focus if you don’t.” He sighed.

“Why don’t you ever ask me for Oral?” You blurted out. Your sudden forwardness caught him off guard, his eyes widening slightly before falling into their natural state.

“I just figured it grossed you out… I didnt want to make you uncomfortable.” He said while reaching for your hands.

“Thats very sweet.” You said biting your lip. You were torn now. Part of you wanted to try it, just to see if you liked it, but part of you were nervous, you’ve never really done it before.

After a few minutes of letting you think Yoongi squeezed your hand and watched as you stood up straighter, making your decision on what you wanted to do.

“Yoongi I… Ive never given a,” You cleared your throat, now was not the time to act like a school girl. “Blowjob before.” You said watching as he just nodded.

“Id like to try it, but id need you to be honest with me and tell me what to do.” You said, proud of how you kept your composure.

“Are you sure? You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” He said, there was an excited spark in his eye that was telling you that he was more than ready to let you try this out.

You nodded making him smile and bite his lip gently. He looked back at his screen and hit the space bar to pause what ever music he was listing to before standing up, pausing only to look at you slightly before leading you to the back of your home where your bedroom was located. Before you couldn’t even close the door and turn around he was already sitting up against the end of the bed, his jeans and shirt on the floor next to him. You chuckled at how eager he was and couldn’t help but notice all your nerves were gone. He held up his arms for you and when you were close enough he wrapped his arms around your waist and dipped his head into your chest

“If you don’t want to do this, or at any time feel uncomfortable just tell me. But know you’re in for it.” He’d say making you chuckle as he pinched your butt before pulling you down with him as he laid on his back.

He kissed you like he always kissed you, with so much passion and love it made your head spin and your heart flutter. The feeling of his bare chest underneath you was enough to make you  want to pleasure him that much more, to be that much closer to him. You were the one to pull out of the kiss first and slide down the bed till he was sitting back upright and you were kneeling on the floor in front of him.

You looked up, your hands now on each of his hips, only hooking your thumbs under the band of his boxers when he gave you a sweet smile and a nod. You didnt even realize how hard he had become and pulling the thin material off of his lower half only seemed to make it harder. You looked up to him again and he took a deep already shaking breath as you wrapped your hand around his member.

“Lick the tip.” He said so quietly that it took you a second to realize what he had said.

You immediately responded by just placing enough of the tip in your mouth that he couldn’t see your tongue, but you still had full use of it. You started by going clockwise and every four full circled you’d change direction. Each time you did this he’d take another deep breath, as if to silently praise the simple pleasure. You changed it up, remembering something you saw once and started to flick your tongue quickly over the center where you could already taste him leaking. If anything boosted your confidence, that was it.

“Take it in your mouth.” He growled, now propping his body up by his elbows.

You seemed to have no concept of space and your eagerness took over you causing the tip you had just been caressing to hit the back of your throat just hard enough to make you extract him quickly. You looked up covering your mouth to see him covering his eyes with one hand to try and hide the back he was chuckling.

“Dont hurt yourself Jagi.” He finally said moving the hand to reach for your cheek.

You tried again, this time taking him in your mouth slower so you could figure out just how deep you could get him before it got uncomfortable. Although you weren’t looking directly at him you could still feel  him shift under you and groan once more. Going back to what you had already known about blowjobs and thinking about the few tips the article you had read early gave you you started. You pressed your tongue against the bottom of his member and curled your lips just slightly before starting to bob your head slowly. You could feel him fight the urge to buck his hips up, at first it was just a few but as you started to try different things with your mouth and including his balls, the bucking became more frequent. Soon he was sat back up and his hand was weaving its way into the messy bun you had been sporting.

The feeling of his hand lightly guiding you as you increased the pace got you hot, you did love it when he was controlling your every move, seeing him in a place of power was a huge turn on. He started cussing under his breath to the point where you let your eyes trail up his now overly flexed body. Seeing you like that, with your lips wrapped around him and looking up into his eyes was enough to send the rapidly building orgasm to the top of the ladder.

“Baby- ah, baby I’m going to cum.” He said in a broken breath before trying to pull your head off of him.

There was no point though. You were here giving your first ever blowjob, why not get the full experience. You ignored his tugs and quickened your pace once more as you gripped harder to his hips. He came so hard you were shocked, thankfully the feeling of his release hitting the back of your throat wasn’t nearly as harsh of a feeling as his dick, but still it caught you off guard. You hadn’t even realize you were holding your breath till after you swallowed every last drop and sat back to see him better.

He was now fully collapsed on the bed, arms outstretched on either side of him. Small chuckles kept leaving his mouth as he came down from his high, causing you to bite your lip in anticipation. You didnt care that he just came, you wanted to know how you did.

Finally he propped himself back up and looked at you with those same gleaming eyes. You couldn’t tell what was running through his mind but as he stammered to find the right words you were hoping that they were all good thoughts.

“Fuck y/n.” He said through a smile. “Fuck.”

You bit your lip nervously and watched him as he held a hand out to you. Taking it you let him pull you up the bed till you were laying right next to him. He chuckled again and rolled his head too look at you allowing you to pin the look in his eyes as admiration.

“Are you sure that was your first time?” He said rolling over so he could slip a hand under your shirt and trace circles across your skin. “Fuck.” He said again with another chuckle pulling your hips towards him as you nodded.

“Good fuck or…” You started, taking your lip in your mouth again.

He looked at you like you were crazy for even asking such a thing and instead of verbally answering you right away he pulled you across the blanket till you were pressed up against his naked body and his lips were feverishly intertwining with yours.

“Amazing fuck.” He finally said before pushing you on your back so he could kiss you even deeper.

He was quick to return the favor, the song he had been working on completely forgotten as he trailed kisses down your body. He would make sure you’re pleasure matched what he experienced. The moment your legs started to quiver around him he’d be back up to eye level readying himself to finish what you had started. For the rest of the day every very time the two of you rolled over panting while wrapping your naked bodies around one another to catch your breath you’d only find yourself smiling at one another for a split second before another round would start.

Just unfriended someone on Facebook for sharing a Tomi Lahren video. Not the first time I’ve unfriended someone over political posts and also not the last time. Fun fact: I’ve also unfriended people over the posts that they “like.” Remember, kids, people can see the posts you’re liking on Facebook. Some people think they’re really good at hiding their foolishness and bigotry by avoiding making their own posts about it, but then they completely give themselves away with the posts that they “like.” Oops!

Some will say that I’m putting myself in a bubble/echo chamber. I will counter that by saying that I don’t need this kind of foolishness in my life, especially right now when it’s already so inescapable on a daily basis. 

I’ve waited long enough, haven’t I? I’ve watched his life from my prison in a void of darkness; isn’t it time I get a turn?                                                                

The key is just out of reach; I only need some help…just a little push. You all are so good at listening…

L̹̲̠̳̠̠̻̓͂̊͗ͩe̞̘̬͓̬̫͋ͦͧ͗̎́͂̿̚ṉ̺̱̏͒̾ͥͥͤ̓d̰͎̰͈͈̞͕͎̪̾ ̠̰̺̔ͨͭ͂̏͗̂̇̉m̬̯̲̟̜̝͊̾̽ḛ̜̝̣̈́͌̔̊ ̼̝̊̉̑a̲͓͎͍̦̟̓͌͛͐͂ͣ͋ ̳̯͉͕̻̜ͨ̀̒h̭̗ͤͩͪ̇̇ͨ̚a̞̹̥̞̩̬̝͙ͯ͛̂ͤn̖͍̰̽̽̋̑̑ͥ̆͆d̝̠͕͍̻̹̮ͫ̔̾ͥ?̙͚͙͈̱ͩ̈́


Hi, I spent way too long on this and don’t know how to use perspective blurring correctly; I also traded in my usual bratty, sort of cute Anti for a creepier version. This isn’t my art for the art event either, just something I started a few days ago.


The World in the Palm of My Hand

A/N: Since I felt the need to write some Elle x Reader, @givemeyourpen suggested some Elle and Reader cuddling on the plane after a case, and I think I need that in my life. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn @unstoppableangel8


“Are they-?” JJ asked. She, Spencer, Morgan and Hotch were sitting together on the plane after a particularly tough case, one that affected their friend Elle to her very core, but as JJ glanced over, Elle was cuddled into the newest agent, Y/N’s, shoulder. It hadn’t occurred to any of them before that Elle was seeing the newest member of their team, and as Hotch took notice, he made a mental note to tell them to make their relationship known to human resources, but otherwise, they were happy for her. 

Elle had a tendency to pull away from the team after a tough case. Frankly, whether they wanted to admit it or not, that was an issue for everyone on the team - not wanting to confide in the other and be seen as a burden. “I think they are,” Morgan smiled. He watched as Y/N snaked her fingers into Elle’s, which were now resting on her hip. “We should pretend we’re actually talking about something else, so we can give them some privacy.”

JJ raised her eyebrows. “You? You wanna give them some privacy?” Despite what one might think, Morgan was a gossip. 

“Occasionally, yea,” he said as he shoved her in her seat. “So what’s everyone doing when we get home?”


Across the plane in the opposite corner, Elle sat comfortably curled into Y/N’s toned yet soft frame. “You okay, Elle?” she asked. After being assaulted in college herself, any case they came across involving victims of sexual assault hit her harder than the rest of the team. “I’m here, okay?”

“I know,” she said softly. She tightened her grip on your hand and gathered it closer to her chest. “I’m just a whole mess of stuff right now. Homesick a little bit. A little bit closed off, though I’m working on that,” she laughed. “A little wondering if what we do is enough. I’m just…a mess.”

Y/N snorted softly and pulled Elle up slightly, after she had melted so much into her body that she was practically lying down with her head in her lap. “I understand that. Closed off is not good, so keep talking. What we do is enough because if we weren’t doing it the world would be worse off than it already is, and as for homesick, why don’t you take a couple days to go and see your mom?”

Elle hadn’t been home to Brooklyn since she started with the BAU nearly a year ago. It was where she lost her father, but it was also where her mother remained, and Y/N could tell she needed some time with her family, no matter how small that unit may be now. With a nervous sigh, Elle turned her head into Y/N’s shoulder, her eyes the only things that Y/N could see. “Would you want to come with me? Meet my mom?”

They’d only been dating for about three months, but Y/N already knew she’d go to the ends of the Earth for Elle. She deserved the world and Y/N wanted to give it to her. In fact, in a way she had, giving Elle a globe necklace for her birthday. It was laying lightly against Elle’s chest, clutched between her fingers. “Do you really want me to? I don’t want you to feel like you need to push this relationship if you’re not comfortable with it.”

“I do want you to,” she said with a smiling, pressing a kiss to Y/N’s cheek as the team conspicuously looked on, though they were trying to do otherwise. “I mean, I have to introduce my mother to the woman that gave me the world in the palm of my hand. She’s going to love you.”

For a few moments, you made idle small talk, gazing into each other’s eyes as you mutually teased your co-workers without actually speaking the intent. “You do realize the rest of the team has been staring at us and trying to be sneaky for the past 20 minutes or so?” Y/N asked with a smile.

“Yup,” she laughed. “You think we should just super confirm it?”

“As in you kiss me?” Y/N asked. “I can’t say no to that.”

Obviously Hotch was still their boss, so they didn’t want to start tonguing each other on the plane, but Elle did bring her hand up to the side of Y/N’s face and brought her closer, placing a brief but no less powerful kiss against Y/N’s soft lips. “I think we just made Morgan explode,” Elle chuckled softly. Considering Morgan had flirted with both of them before, he probably wasn’t expecting that - especially because neither were bi, they were both very, very gay. 

“Everyone can stop wondering now,” Y/N said aloud, turning her gaze away from Elle for a moment to address the team. “We are dating. I’m kind of in love with her. Yes, Hotch, we’ll make sure we let human resources know, and also we both might be asking for a few days off in the near future to visit her mother in Brooklyn.

Hotch’s knowing smile spread even wider across his face. That was why he’d hired both of them. As a profiler, you kind of had to read minds to a degree, and they could both do it in spades. “Sounds good,” he said as he got up to go to the bathroom without another word. He clapped Morgan on the shoulder, knowing the seasoned agent had eyed both women for a while without realizing their sexualities weren’t what he thought.

The rest of the team just smiled and congratulated you both before turning back to each other and dissolving into a conversation neither woman paid attention to. “So when do you want to go visit your mom?” Y/N asked, shifting her wait so that Elle was now the one sitting up and she was the one leaning into her.

“Maybe in a couple of weeks? If we can get the time off that is,” she said, her troubles from earlier slowly melting away with the heated touch of her lover’s hands. “Also Y/N?” she asked with a smirk. “I kind of love you too.”

Oh shit. She’d said she loved her to the rest of the team and she hadn’t actually expressed the thought to Elle. Whoops? She snickered and pressed a kiss to her forehead. She had to know she loved her considering she’d given her the world.

The Best Years of Your Life

Toshinori has a desperate need to be of use to people. It’s his life blood. The thought of being unable to spring into action anymore and save people with the unyielding strength of One for All is a terrifying thought. He feels… Useless.
Some nights he finds himself sitting on either his or Aizawa’s couch, unable to sleep and flipping through the news channels to pass time, watching as he sees disasters and villains plaguing the world. He has faith in the other pro heroes, of course. But he cannot help but feel a burn behind his eyes as he thinks to himself ‘I should be out there.’
On these nights, Aizawa wakes up in one of their beds, the other side cold and empty and he knows exactly where to find his partner.
He eases himself out of their bed and stretches his weary limbs and pads into the living room. He can see the wild mess of Toshinori’s hair outlined by the glow of the television in the dark, the former symbol’s shoulders hunched, shaking.
Approaching the couch, Aizawa leans down and snakes his arms around those too-thin shoulders and presses a kiss to the man’s neck, a soft grumble in his throat before he speaks.
“Your work was unrivaled. You spent the best years of your life, risking that life, for the sake of others.”
Toshinori’s breath hitches in his throat and he emits a soft sob as Aizawa pulls away and walks around the couch, grabbing the remote as he does, and sits beside him. Reaching over, the erasure hero pulls Toshinori down, pulling him to lay his head in his lap. He turns off the television and runs his work-toughened hands through the mess of sunny hair, stroking his head and whispering softly.,“You derserve rest. Let someone save you this time…”
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My boyfriend and I are on a break right now. He's cheated on me several times and we both agreed we need to take some time to figure our lives out (we're both in our early twenties and are struggling with post-grad life and all that) Part of me knows it's for the best, we've agreed to meet up in 3 months to see if we want to be together again or not. But I'm also terrified that I'll want to get back together and he won't. I'm in shambles about it.. Advice?

“He’s cheated on me several times”

Um…. MOVE ON!!!!

It’s good that you two have split, but honestly I think it should be for good. Not just for 3 months, because you know what? In these 3 months he’s going to sleep around with many other women, because that’s the type of guy he is, and come 3 months from now he’ll probably already be dating someone else. He’s a boy who can’t stick with one person at a time, CLEARLY.. So I hope you can find the strength to meet new people and get over him in these next 3 months. Just to save yourself from more hurt, because you deserve way better!!

I’m Ok, You’re Ok

Requested by @mkfstcnnrmrph: Hi there! Could you do a connor Murphy x reader fic? I don’t really mind what the plot is. I just need some more connor Murphy in my life! Thanks for opening requests!!!!

Pairing: Connor Murphy x Reader

Word Count: 1516

TW: A bit of anxiety and having a bad day but nothing too major. Some swearing but not a whole lot.

A/N: Thank you so much for the request! Hopefully you like this; I was able to let my imagination go a bit wild on this one! Xoxo

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So I went to the pond store today to find water lettus. I thought one small plant would be good for my 5.5 gallon betta tank. I get there I ask if they have some. The guys seems really friendly I ask if they have water lettus he’s like “yeah how much you want?” And I look and I’m like “two little peices” because what if one dies I need to think of that. Well he goes over saying something about getting me two nice sized peices and he pulled two giant plants bigger than my head out of the water. It’s to late for me to back out now he is so excited that he has such big plants for me. My awkward self wouldn’t have been able to back out even if he wasn’t so proud of the monster. So I just stand there staring at the monster lettus and nervously laugh at his excitement. So I spent $7 for more lettus than I needed and I can never go back there. Luckily the giants had babies growing out of them so I just trimmed those off… but now I have like 8 plants plus the giants I don’t know what to do with.

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jon snow

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor
| slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: natural leader
worst quality: treatment of gilly
ship them with: ygritte, val
brotp them with: arya, sam
needs to stay away from:
same answer as arya’s lol
misc. thoughts: a lot of the fandom seems to depict him as some feminist price which he really isn’t. and this isn’t hate because gendry isn’t exactly very pro-women either but its frustrating when people are surprised and angry when show!jon isn’t super feminist because it’s not like a change from the books… he was always like that. for example, it’s fine that he bargains with gilly’s child because he called gilly’s name pretty uwu

O my god!

I can only say thank you, thank you, because this means that there are people who likes what i do! And for some of you 50 person are not that much, for others this is a remember of when they have started and they get their 50 followers for the first time! And what can i say more? This really mean alot to me, now i’m really happy! And i don’t know, thank you again? Now, we need to celebrate, i think? But i don’t know how, so you are gonna choose! You can ask me EVERYTHING even personal things about my life if you want or you can just continue to talk with Bonny, Law and Eustass! Don’t be shy and ASK! Thank you so much again and now i want that askbox to explode with question! ASK ASK ASK ASK! (Always if you want ^^’’) >:3

Reigen stared at him, his expression stern in the way Serizawa had learned it was when he didn’t have to keep up his customer service pleasantries. He stepped close to him and rested his forehead against his shoulder, hiding his expression. His quiet words, however, Serizawa could hear loud and clear.

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Because these boys share their birthdays in the same month, I drew ‘em both!