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No criticism, just curiosity: why draw Blake as black when she's, y'know, factually not? More importantly, why always Blake? Because her name means black? Because she's a member of an oppressed minority so let's double down? Weirds me out a bit. Where's black Weiss? Where's the AU where everybody is black? For the love of god, where's black Nora?!

That’s most of the reason why FNDM draws Blake black, yes. Both because it fits her corresponding colour and because Faunus are the oppressed minority and throughout canon share influences with both black people and Native Americans. But she’s certainly never the only one, just the most common. There’s been black Weiss! If I find those screencaps again I’ll attach them to this post, but they were absolutely gorgeous.

In the end, it’s up to the artist as an individual how they prefer to draw the character for themselves. For example, I like to draw her either black or native, whereas dash draws her japanese, while another artist may draw her middle eastern, it’s whatever you prefer!

For me personally, because I like it. I’ve been so stuck in my years drawing white white white everything and only in the past two figured out I need some diversity and wanted to practice. And drawing RWBY as different races is really fun to work with and can make them so different to look at! I’d never actually drawn dark skinned black people properly before I drew Blake for the Super AU (Like I had the skin colour, sure, but there’s other things like different facial features, palms of the hands are lighter etc)

also yeah where is this au where everyone is black i want to see this thing of beauty.

Mass Effect Brotp Prompts

We need more mass effect brotp fanfics!
Although it’s awesome to read about your favorite romantic pairing wouldn’t it be fun to write about your favorite Normandy relationships? Brotp is gender inclusive, don’t leave out the ladies! Here are some head cannons for inspiration.

  • Drunk Tali teaching EDI about the emergency induction port and why it’s not a straw.
  • Liara and James continuing to stay in touch via online poker matches.
  • Jacob takes a shower on the Normandy, for fun Kasumi hides his clothes and he has to get either Garrus or Jack to help him find them again.
  • Tali notices Joker sings in the shower when he thinks everyone is asleep. Eventually she decides to sit in the mess hall and sing along. Joker is embarrassed at first, but he allows it to keep happening on the condition that Tali tells no one.
  • Joker and Miranda have an awkward conversation while they’re waiting for Shepard in the com room.
  • The dream that Kaidan has the night Ashley died on Virmire. (Or visa versa)
  • Jack and Miranda’s relationship after the party and how they might stay in touch, I.e insulting yet encouraging emails about their work in the war and beating cerberus.
  • Legion and EDI having theoretical conversations about why organics do certain things/what it was like for EDI to be all alone during her creation compared to the Geth.
  • Wrex being fatherly protective of Liara/ Zaeed being fatherly protective of Kasumi
  • Ashley, Samara and Thane having a conversation about their religions/beliefs and how it brings them peace.
  • Grunt trying to get Garrus to help him replace all of Shepard’s fish before she notices he ate a few of them.
  • Drunk Tali teaching Legion to play pattycake for some odd reason and then dragging him into watching fleet and flotilla. In order to reinforce the positive interaction with creator Tali'zora Legion quotes it every time he and Tali talk and she doesn’t know why.
  • Liara teaches Garrus, James and Kaidan all a formal (samba, foxtrot, ballroom dancing, take your pick) dance to woo their love interests on different nights of the week, Garrus is already pretty good so he and Liara practice harder moves together.
  • Garrus and Ashley getting overly competitive at the shooting range.
  • Garrus and Jack doing shots.
  • Expand on the conversion after Liara tells Wrex she’s of Krogan decent.
  • Kaidan meets Jack on the Citadel and they end up talking about all of the ultra powerful biotic things that they can do. They end up playing regular matches at the arcade together to see who’s more impressive.
  • The conversation with ____ that finally brought Ashley around to like aliens.
  • The missing conversation between Thane and Kaidan in the Hospital in mass effect 3.
  • Grunt trying to ‘bond’ with Garrus dispite the fact he hates Turians.
  • Any squad member playing with Urz or Eezo because Varren = adorable.
  • Kaidan and James continue the push up contest after random debates.
  • Wrex’s minimal conversations with the Normandy crew, in me1, especially Garrus.
  • Tali and Mordin singing together watching fleet and flotilla
  • Things about Javik’s personal life

Prompts are good for writing, drawing or just reading. Add the characaters in that I you want! Swap people in and out! I need more mass effect stuff on my dash so if you use a prompt or even just drew inspiration from this post please tag me (spectre-status-recognized) or tag it as mass effect brotp so I can see/read/reblog your awesome work!

i’ll block anybody who ever tries to come on my dash and say some shit about nancy drew being straight. don’t need that kind of negative energy in my life.

So basically I’m tired of this shit so I’m gonna do my own thing again. Remember a week or so ago how I hosted a fic writer appreciation? Well today I’m going to host a fan artist appreciation.

Please send me your favorite fan artists that you think need some recognition and love! Tell me why they are amazing so I can tag them and they can have some smiles. I’m talking manip creators, video makers, actual “I drew this shit with my hands” artists, and photographers along with anyone else you wanna consider an artist. Tell me who you love and why! I’ll start posting later today. Fill my inbox with love and I’ll flood your dashes with it later!

All you need is love, friends.


My Little Pony Friends Forever #6 is coming out this Wednesday from idwcomics! To celebrate I thought I would share my process art for the cover of the book!

Step 1 - I pencil digitally in Manga Studio

Step 2 - I print out the pencils and light box the inks.

Step 3 - Watercolours! I watercolour the tones or shadows of the page. I do this because I am stronger colouring traditionally than digitally. I also really enjoy painting. I always use brighter/warmer colours for the foreground and cooler colours for the background. This brings the characters forward and pushes the background back.

Step 4 - Flats! This is calling flatting. I set all the colours of the page.

Step 5 - I multiple the watercolour layer over the flats. I use photoshop to colour. I also have a layer for the inks that has a layer mask over it. More on that in the next step!

Step 6 - I have a line layer with a layer mask over it so I can colourize the line art if I want to. You can see I colourized some parts of the image here.

Step 7 - Extra details. In photoshop I do some more colouring. Adding more lighting to the piece using different brushes. Also adding more colour to the background.

Step 8 - Effects! Diamonds need to shine! Shine bright as stars! It’s always fun playing around with effects on covers that call for them. :)

I hope you enjoyed the step by step process of how I colour my covers! Please pick up My Little Pony: Friends Forever in stores or online this Wednesday! I drew and coloured the whole book myself. :)

Give Me Love (Like Her): Ch 2

Summary: How can Killian Jones ask his aggressively aloof neighbor on a date without making her uncomfortable? And how can he ensure that he doesn’t default to having a one-night stand with her? His unusual solution: announce his affections anonymously and hope for the best. Companion piece to With Affection from Killian’s point-of-view.
Rating: Mature/Explicit
Notes: Here it is, folks! This is the companion piece! I really, really hope it lives up to everyone’s expectations. This is not a sequel, but there are several scenes that will not make much sense, or be nearly as meaningful/entertaining, if you have not read With Affection, which can be found here and here (or through my fic page).
Banner by @bashful-killian, beta-read by @optomisticgirl

AO3: First and latest
FFnet: First and latest
Tumblr: First

Chapter Two:

After his workout, Killian returned to the third floor to find that a few of the laundry machines were mercifully available. He could easily go a few more days without needing to run a load, but with the abysmal laundry situation in this otherwise excellent complex, it was never a bad idea to do laundry earlier than necessary. He hurried to his flat for his hamper, noting along the way that the envelope he’d slid under his neighbor’s doormat was now missing.

He knew it wasn’t physically possible for his stomach to perform a flip, but it certainly felt as though it were doing exactly that.

As he finished loading a washing machine, he heard the door to the laundry room swing open, and before he could turn to see who had entered, he heard an irritated and very pronounced groan. He turned to find Swan dressed in bulky gray sweats, carrying her own very full laundry basket, and looking a little embarrassed.

Had she read the letter? Did she know that he’d left it? She wasn’t saying anything. Just in case, he smiled reassuringly at her. Her cheeks turned pink, but she remained silent as she walked up to the last free machine and began loading it. He turned back to his task, his heart thudding in his chest. It was almost enjoyable, being in the same room with her, knowing that she had just read (or was about to read) a message from him. Would she guess it was him? Would she reply right away?

On Tuesday, it occurred to him that she might not reply at all. Every opportunity he had to leave his flat and walk by hers, he’d pass by and see nothing underneath her doormat. By the time he left for work Wednesday morning, he resolved to give her until the end of the week, and then give up. Not on her, but on the plan: he would simply introduce himself face to face, explain that he’d left the note, ask her out properly, and hope for the best.

He was not a coward.

But Wednesday when he returned from work, there was something yellow peeking out from underneath the doormat.

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