it’s so hard to be a black woman. cuz you see someone making a comparison between women’s suffrage and the civil rights movement or something to make their point and it kinda feels like you have to go “Am I black or am I a woman today?” but you’re both of these things at once and not defined by either of them at the same time. And it just doesn’t help that black men are always the face of civil rights and white women are always the face of feminism when black women are the heart and soul of both those issues.

It’s way too late at night for this but

The soulmate au prompt: the voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time. From this post:

but what if character A starts watching a new anime or animated film and a character appears, and OH SHIT that’s the voice they hear in their head every day. And despite googling and googling but there’s no face to the name, so person A ends up watching all the shows or movies that voice actor was in, even minor roles. The voice actor is kinda typecast in certain roles and so person A falls in love with their voice and a few too many of the different characters they play, wondering if their personality matches those characters. Wondering what they look like. Thinking how the fuck they would meet, this person is probably on the other side of the country (or across the world).

I honestly really just want to see a video where the young version of Takeo explains how he gets his hair like that. I mean, as a girl, I find him kind of a wizard. If I make a bun and walk two feeth all those little hairs are already out and it’s frustrating as hell. Takeo’s just killing Zombies while doing mad triks and his hair is still in perfect condition…
I call hacks!