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                            the Lord Commander is not available right now, please send
                       a raven after the beep to speak to Dolorous Edd Tollett instead.


LotR Ealga is literally like: 

Ealga: Mmm, Saruman has joined forces with Sauron? A pity. But how does this involve me

Pippin: Innocent people are dying, my lady! 

Ealga: Humans, elves, and dwarves. A tragedy, truly. But I still do not see the urgency. 

Aragorn: If you do not lend us your aide, the race of men will be utterly decimated. Orcs and Uruk-hai will destroy everything. 

Ealga: Aye, but Orcs and Uruk-hair I can easily deal with. 

Legolas: Trees and animals are dying. 

Ealga: (immediately gets off her throne) Okay. Point me in the right direction and I will help you. Absolutely. 

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I have a small pile of asks hanging out in my inbox that I will be trying to get to today, but please feel free to send me more! Your questions help me develop Syerra’s character and backstory, and help me grow as a writer and roleplayer!

Need some ideas for questions? I’ve got that covered! I have a fancy-schmancy button on my home page that will take you straight to my most recent asks!

Or you can shortcut that and just click >here<.

Thank you all for your interest and support of my little Sye-baby and her friends! I look forward to all of your questions!


any 5sos role players wanna message me for a rp? we can figure a plot out or whatever, message me?? i have a couple rly good ones but i’m greedy and want some more rly good ones :)
message me!??

I think roleplayers need to remember that there are living breathing people behind every blog. I lost a loved one because of bullying and hate. Being kind to one another is very important. That by no means equates to doing things you don’t want to do to please another person. Being kind simply means be nice don’t send hate, don’t bully people. Period. Lives are very delicate despite how strong our muses may be. Just remember that kindness goes a long why in someone’s day and life.


The love-birds roleplay is looking for a Minho to finish SHINee. There are also a lot of other groups you could roleplay as and they really need people.

Also, all the admins are really sweet and everyone’s really nice, so no worried there.

Here’s the link:


SO! Go people, go! Please?

I’m playing Taemin and I really need a Minho?? (C'mon 2min, leggo!)

Honestly I have no idea how I’m suppose to do this thing; but having 300+ followers is seriously making me blush and happy! I have to do one of Ask Stingue but here is mines! These people tagged makes me happy and I thank them for liking/reblog my arts or finding time to talk with me or keeping a big smile on my face~!

The reason for loves ; Most of them are young artists, humoring blogs, roleplayers, fiction writers, fandom, OTP-Battleship, husbie/wifu, and needs to be loved with care!

The Love and Smiles groupies!

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