need on my car

Hi folks! I got my car towed today and I need to make back the money before I leave for school, September 7th. I’ve calculated these prices for what I normally post on tumblr and you can take 15% off of the non-listed items that are on my standard commission sheet until then! Again, email me at or message me for details.

i’m already planning on buying at least 12 TS6 albums

1 for my car
1 for my apple computer
1 for my dell computer
1 for my parent’s car
1 for my granparent’s car (they need better music)
1 to sit on my dresser to never be touched
1 for my 5th grade CD player (just in case those make a comeback)
1 to frame in a glass box in my apartment with a note on the outside “break open for emergencies” with a hammer
1 to be sent and delivered to kimye’s door step
1 to give to a random stranger and say “you’re welcome”
1 to gift myself at christmas
1 to be signed by T Swizzle because i’M mEeTInG hER THiSSSsSs era ‼️‼️‼️‼️


Why we still need feminism

Close to my town there’s a car rallye taking place soon.

They have eight different categories based on the cars’ cubic capacity and whether or not they are race cars or cars approved for normal traffic. These categories are named appropriately.

And then they have a category called “ladies”. Women all compete in one category, regardless of their cars capacities or making. They drive the same route under the same conditions as men but are excluded from the main ranking. Their trophy are flowers.

The organisers don’t see a problem since women are allowed to participate.

Now, I get why some professional sports are seperated by sex. But not car racing? It’s so belittling.

“Black men are broke”

“Get a white man”

*has white boyfriend*

“Hey timeline i dont like asking people for help but my car got impounded for 250 i really need some donations to get my car out”

Timeline: Why dont u ask your white boyfriend

“….That’s not his responsibility”