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i dont want it to unfold i want them to be babies again??? this is bc club penguin is gone isnt it

yes, club penguin was the only thing forcing Louis to keep it in his pants and now that it’s gone he needs a new outlet

Preference #10: Caught

Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

Nate: He gripped at your hips, lifting your lower half up some more as he slid into you. You let out a gasp, face buried into the soft pillows. Nate wasted no time, starting to slide in and out of you slowly before getting a steady rhythm. You pushed back on him, matching his thrusts. “God damn ma, look at that ass jiggle,” Nate groaned, sending a slap to your ass. You moaned, slightly jumping as heat started to spread. He picked up the pace, hips snapping against yours. Nate gave a sharp thrust, hitting your g-spot, and making your thighs shake. You screamed in pleasure, hands gripping at the sheets. He held in that spot for a second then repeated the action. “Nate,” you whimpered, feeling your juices leak out of you. Nate grunted, eyes locked on where you two where connected. His length glistening with your juices. He had been waiting all day to see you like this. Ass in the air, and withering beneath him. The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the air as he pounded into you; the bed beginning to shake. Nate’s thrusts halted as the door flew open, and he covered your body up with his. “GET THE FUCK OUT!” he shouted, looking over his shoulder to see Gilinsky in the doorway. “Oh shit, I-fuck,” Jack stuttered, slowly backing out the bedroom. His eyes met yours, and he scratched the back of his neck, turning around quickly only to hit sill of the door. “SORRY!” Jack shouted, finally leaving, and slamming the door shut. Nate let out a sigh, and looked down at you. “Told you to lock the door,” you mumbled, feeling him slide out of you, so he could do just that. “Yeah, yeah. Now, where were we?” he smirked, jumping back on the bed.

Sammy: Your fingers ran through his hair, soft moans leaving your lips as he sucked on your clit. “Don’t stop,” you whined out, lifting your hips up more. Sam smiled against your heat, slipping a finger between your folds. Your back arched off the pool chair, another moan leaving your lips. Sam’s other hand rested under your ass, lifting your up as he nipped at your clit. He started to thrust his finger, adding in another. You bit onto your bottom lip. Toes curling, and hand gripping at his hair. Sam glanced up at you, watching your reactions. Your hair was a mess, chest heaving up, and down at a fast pace. Everything about you in that moment turned him on even more. Sam pulled his fingers out of you, replacing it with his tongue. You shouted his name, rocking your hips into his face, legs closing shut. He pushed your legs back down, laying the flat of his tongue against your clit. It felt like he was mumbling the alphabet making your hum in delight. Sam blew cool air onto your clit, and you shivered. A jolt shot through your body as someone banged on the window. “GET A ROOM!” Swazz yelled, laughing loudly. More laughter followed and Sam scurried up, trying to shield your body from the guys as they looked through the patio door at you two. “FUCK OFF!” Sam shouted, rubbing his hand over his face. He gave you a worried look. Anger starting to course through his body at the thought that the guys may have seen you naked. “They’re dead,” Sam grumbled, handing you his shirt as he went to deal with the lot.

Johnson: Your arms snaked around his neck, legs going around his waist to bring him closer. “The guys are downstairs,” Jack whispered, tilting his head to the side as you scattered love bites against his skin. “Then why are your pants off?” you smirked, pulling him into a passionate kiss. You had really turned him on, sending him risque texts, and flirty glances. Jack laughed against your lips, reaching his hand down to run a finger up, and down your folds. He moaned at how wet you were. Your hand grabbed onto his length, stroking him a few times. You sat on top of the bathroom counter, and he pulled you to the edge, lining up at your entrance. Your head fell back as he slid into you. Jack sucked at the skin on your shoulder, pushing in more until he filled you to the brim. He pulled out until his tip was just in then pushed back into you. “Fuck you feel so good wrapped around me,” he whispered. You smiled, kissing him again as he started to pick up the pace. There was no doubt that you had Jack wrapped around your finger. “Yeah? You love having me wrapped around you?” you whispered. Jack whimpered, nodding his head rapidly. “I can’t hear you,” you said a smirk on your lips. “Yes Mistress!” he moaned into your neck making you smile. He bucked his hips into you making you gasp, and grip him tight. “HURRY THE FUCK UP I GOTTA PISS!” Nate shouted, banging on the door. Jack quickly pulled out of you, the two of you fixing yourselves up before you opened the door. Nate leaned against the wall in the hallway, smirking. “Mistress huh? Didn’t think you were submissive Johnson,” he commented, brushing past the two of you. Jack groaned, a blush making its way onto his cheeks. “He’s not going to let me live this down.” he mumbled, grabbing your hand to lead you back to the group.

Gilinsky: “Just like that baby,” Jack whispered, head resting back into the pillows. He let out another moan, eyes closing shut as he enjoyed the pleasure. Jack had been really stressed lately, and you decided a blowjob was what he needed. Your head bobbed up, and down, moaning around his length. You pulled back up, a popping sound rang around the living room as you did this. “Love your lips,” he whimpered, watching you suck on his tip, and swirl your tongue over it. You smiled at him stroking his length as a fast pace. Jack loved your blowjobs, saying your mouth was like liquid gold. Reaching out, you squeezed one of his balls. A small giggle came from you as his moans grew louder at the new sensation. You took him back down your throat, and he laced his fingers into your hair. He was relaxed now, feeling his release approaching. He sat up, starting to take control. You gagged a bit as his tip hit the back of your throat. Easing up, he slid back in slow, and started to fuck your mouth once more. Sam entered the living room, with Johnson following behind. He  stopped in track at the sound of Jack’s moans, his face scrunching up in disgust. “Do you two really need to do that on the couch?” Sam questioned making Jack jump in surprise. You pushed away from him, and hid your face into the couch cushions. Jack pulled up his pants, letting out an awkward cough. “We need a new couch now,” Johnson mumbled, shaking his head, and going to the kitchen. Jack laughed at his words, running his hands through your hair in a comforting manor this time.

Swazz: The bed started to shake as you bounced on, and off of his length. His hands were rested on your hips, head pushed back into the pillows. “Shit, don’t stop,” he moaned, bucking his hips up. You nodded at his words, speeding up your pace a bit more. Tiny shrieks left your mouth each time his tip hitting against your g-spot. You loved being on top, feeling in control. John secretly enjoyed it too, but wasn’t going to let you know that. He sat up more to wrap his arms around you, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck. This was’t just fucking. No. You two were making love. Becoming one. His head moved, resting his forehead against yours. Your mouth parted, moans leaving your lips as you locked eyes with him. John thrusted up into you, going in deep, and holding you tight. You gripped his shoulders, feeling your release approaching. It felt like time had slowed down, his lips ghosting over yours. You crashed your lips against his, starting to make out. The door opened, and in stumbled Johnson. He tumbled to the floor, Nate’s laughter ringing out around the house as he ran away from your bedroom door. You pulled away from the kiss to stare back at Jack, who’s eyes were wide. John looked over your shoulder, not bothering to cover the two of you up. “S-Sorry, Nate pushed me in,” Johnson said, quickly getting up. John slightly bucked up into you making you let out a moan. Your mood wasn’t going to be ruined by those two eavesdropping. Jack became flustered when he heard your moan, and he quickly ran out the room. The door was closed shut, and John smiled, flipping the two of you over to finish what was started.

Last semester, Spring 2017, I bought a pair of jeans online that turned out to be too small when they arrived. I was really disappointed because the size seemed accurate when I picked it but they weren’t able to buckle at all, so I planned to take them back. I ended up losing the receipt and decided to work to get into them. Fast forward to tonight; it’s 8:40 p.m. and I’m wearing the jeans. I could literally cry. I felt so defeated this summer and beginning this semester because I felt like I was failing at staying motivated in my health. This just goes to show that just because you don’t think you’re making progress in your efforts doesn’t mean you aren’t. I’m so proud of myself, despite my setbacks.

These were my goal pants. Goal reached. Now I need a new piece to get into.

P.S. They’re black highwaisted H&M Jeans.

Olicity: Five Minutes

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“Ava. Ava, look at me.”

Daddy’s hurt.

Daddy’s got blood on him.

She thinks it’s coming from his arm because it’s all on his jacket and he really likes this jacket because it was a gift from Mommy and he’s going to be really mad that the Bad Man got blood all on his favourite jacket.

“Ava, look at me.”

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