need more weight


Today was weigh-in and I am finally heading back on the right track after Easter.

My goal by the end of the month is to at least being able to say I have officially lost 250lbs —-so I have 3.2lbs to go to reach that goal. :)

Also, I looking cute today while having an awesome weight loss just adds to the whole day. :)

i wish there were more fitness blogs that didn’t only post skinny girls :( i love seeing beautiful women but sometimes i just want motivation from my thick ladies like me


so i’ve seen their new profiles and according to them the boys have lost a lot of weight and during the vlive yoonseok did the other day they talked about their diets, and i know these days people care so much about their weight, especially if you are a celebrity or you live in a country like korea where they find esthetic so important, but i think people need to start caring about their health more than about how skinny they’re; i’m not saying being on a diet is wrong, or being skinny is wrong, you need to eat healthy, being really fat is not healthy either, but the boys should just stop being so hard on themselves, they don’t need to starve, they don’t need to worry so much about kilograms; we love them just the way they are, because they’re hardworking, talented, so kind and down to earth, they don’t need to lose even more weight, they’re perfect just like this.

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I read the rolling stone article after reading what you've said about it (which, thank you, because print media makes more sense now) and honestly? My favorite part was when Harry said, "I was alone. I was scared of Meri." Like straight, flat-out denial of Ben's words. And people are just skipping over that part? Harry said what he meant and he's very media-savvy and media-smart. People need to actually listen to what he has to say. Because he saying a lot (without lots of words).

YES! There’s been a lot of anger and outrage at the quote from Ben, which I can totally understand, but almost no one actually stopped to point out that Harry is quoted as flat-out denying it immediately.

People need to put more weight on the way Harry quietly shuts down bullshit said about himself, because “I was alone” is a hugely important about-face.


A friendly reminder that Ken weighs 66 kg…

+Hyuk’s sudden appearance is so cute

Having some problems

(( Um first of all Hello! I’m kind of having artist problems cause my right hand is acting weird. It’s kind of a lot to explain but it feels like the flesh on one part of my hand is going away because of how weird I hold pens? and now it’s all…. weird. Like holding especially the Wacom tablet pen feels like it’s rubbing directly against my bones. It hurts and I don’t like it. 

Long story short I will be drawing a lot less until I figure out what’s wrong. I should probably try training myself to hold pens a different way but that’s gonna take a while. I just really don’t want to risk making it worse since art is kinda what I plan to do as a job (game design n shit). I guess fingerless gloves would be an option but that’s not a long term solution.

So if anyone wants to help me out with guest art or submit some Fanart that would be much appreciated ;v; 

I’m really sorry about this and I’ll still try to post stuff, it just won’t be daily. Gotta give my hand some rest… ))

When You Least Expect It

Requested by @gracefullydrunk, an Alpha!Sam x Omega!reader fic where the reader and Sam discover they are soulmates after reader gets mildly injured on a hunt.

Warning: A/B/O dynamics, smut

Word Count: 2700ish

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Please always reply with Nicky gifs, always!!

Aw, anon. ❤ 

….You know what’s coming, right??

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Friends [Part 2]; Optional Bias

author’s note: the positive feedback on the previous part was absolutely overwhelming! i’m so glad that you all enjoyed it! feel free to send me any feedback or constructive criticism that you have (especially for the smut, because i know i need to improve)! i hope you all enjoy this part! also i’ve given the wife/fiancee a name, Hana, in case you all are confused to who Hana is.

**warning for shitty smut below the cut.

1 | 

“And this is the dress that I like the most,” Hana tells you, scrolling through the many pictures of wedding dresses on her phone. She stops on a gorgeous dress. The dress is long-sleeved, but the sleeves are only lace instead of the smooth satin like the rest of the dress. The back of the dress dips down to the model’s lower back, and your eyes widen at the price written in the bottom corner. 

“It’s beautiful.” You tell her, faking a smile as she nods her head vigorously and continues scrolling through photos of dresses and wedding cakes and every other thing that she had to be excited about. You feel awkward and upset, especially giving her advice to marry the man you’re in love with. 

“Can I ask you a personal question?” Hana rests her wine glass on her knee after finally showing you each of the dresses she had narrowed her choices down to. “Of course,” You nod, smiling brightly at her.

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Sexual Healing

Pairing: Soulless!Sam x Reader

Word Count: 5,125

Warnings: Oral sex (female receiving), tongue-fucking (female receiving), tit-fucking, praise!kink, biting!kink, hair pulling!kink, squirting, fingering, dirty talk, spanking, language

Dedication: This work is gifted to @smutalecki for donating to my SeaCon Gift Project. Thanks for supporting, I love you!

“Ow! God damn it!”

The yell from the bathroom startles you from your place on the bed, and the sound of several bottles clattering to the floor causes you to rise painfully from the bed.

The hunt you and the boys had just completed hadn’t ended without each of you sustaining injuries; vampires, rather than fleeing, tend to put up one hell of a fight. Dean had a black eye and possibly a bruised rib, you’d sustained a kick to the thigh that soon formed a purple and yellow bruise, and Sam had actually taken a long metal rod to the back, causing several long, red welts across his back that make it painful for him to lean back against the seat of the Impala.

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Well, no. We don’t worry about that. I mean, sure, there are some health risks to being fat, I guess. Just like there are health risks to everything. When Yuuri was thin, he was yo-yo dieting, constantly hungry, and felt awful about himself. Even though we may overeat a bit now, I think we’re both much healthier than we were when we were hungry.

Some doctors will say a lot of anti-fat nonsense that isn’t true, and blame things on weight that have nothing to do with it, but… if Yuuri or I were to get some kind of serious health issue that really was because of being fat, we’d deal with it how any couple would. We’d love and support each other, no matter what. But I see no reason to make both of us miserable by depriving us of food that makes us happy just in case some hypothetical health concern arises, especially when people who live supposedly perfect lifestyles get health problems all the time anyway.

For now, we’re both fat, and we’re both very healthy, and that’s all there is to it. It’s very possible to be both fat and healthy, no matter what some people will try to say.


So according to the Star Wars Wiki. Lothcats are like a bigger Maine Coon. Or a toddler sized maine coon, but still only 20 lbs? I think they may want to rethink that. A cat that big would Need to weight more then that.

@deadcatwithaflamethrower or anyone really do you think that we’re only really seeing the youngsters? Maybe only the Teenage Lothcats come out near people?

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