need more weight


*a few moments later*
s.coups: what do you want to eat? i’ll treat
seungkwan: pig trotters…. everyone let’s be honest, diets always start from tomorrow

I got this super cute pinafore for Christmas this year and when I tried it on I had some relatives comment saying that you could see all my stomach fat and I needed to lose more weight before I wore it. I’m not gonna lie I took it straight off and had a little cry to myself. Yes you can see stomach fat, because I still have stomach fat but I have lost over 28kgs and I will be damned if I let anyone make me feel guilty or sad about my body again. I have worked so hard on my body and learning to love my body after years of abusing it with food, alcohol and self harm. So you can see my stomach, who the fuck cares. Love yourself 😘


Stevie gets bored and plays with cosplays again. 


What my hair does after wearing a wig for a while 


A friendly reminder that Ken weighs 66 kg…

+Hyuk’s sudden appearance is so cute

Weighted Shoulders (Open rp)

Atlus set down her blocky bag with a heavy thud. She had traveled far and exhaustion had already set in, but a village was just in the horizon. After a few deep breaths, the Huntress picked up her bag and forced herself to keep going.

This would prove to be too much for her as she had collapsed not long after. She laid face down on thee side of the road, the only feeling was the aches coursing through her body.

anonymous asked:

i'm 5'7 and 120 pounds (they made me gain :( in treatment) what weight would I have to get down too to be considered skinny again? :(((

You are already skinny! There is no need to loose any more weight. 💗

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Have you experienced any weight gain since you eat those amounts (3500+ calories)?

No in fact if I eat too low of fat I’ll lose weight despite eating 5k+ cals/day and I don’t need to lose any more weight lol So long as my calories come from the right sources I can eat however many I want and not gain a single pound of fat #thebeautyofcarbs