need more sciles


i am pretty sure i am not the only one who wishes that there was a person in their life that would do this for them. i mean i have close friends but i know they would never do this. the friendship between these two is so real and desirable and i really wish deep down in my heart that i could have this bond. this deep unbreakable bond with someone that nothing, something like this, would break them apart! 

I have attempted many times and even if my best friends knew i know they would never say anything like this. One person i consider my best friend and i certain that she would not consider me her best friend. i mean i definitely would do this, my love for people runs that deep but vice versa i am not sure about. I was in tears for the rest of the night, i never felt this lonely before, it was literally a whole new level and i just can’t describe in an appropriate fashion. i just can’t write any more the tears are blurring my vision and i am going to end this ridiculous rant right now and just pretend for the rest of the night that i am the happiest person right now.  

(Gifs not mine- credit to rickcasshole!)