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funnyfoxes55  asked:

Hi im not sure if u answered this already, but since your charaters have beaks, what do they use to shorten them?

Ah yes, I wondered when someone might ask this question… First, some scribbly studies to give folks a better idea of what the Aequis beak is like:

The keratinous beak is only present on the upper jaw, and is flexible: it can be lifted up to expose the shearing teeth. The beak itself doesn’t play much of a role in feeding, its primary use is to preen feathers: the inside is lined with spicules that act as a comb when pressing a feather against the flexible lower lip and running it through, feather shaft to tip.

The beaked lip does experience some rubbing wear when feeding (especially when stripping flesh from bone) but Aequis tend to be meticulous groomers even when it comes to their beaks/talons/scales: shiny beaks, etc. are always good points when trying to attract a mate. 

So to keep their beaks short and trim, Aequis will use any roughened, hard surfaces they can find, from tree branches, to rocks, to bones.  Aequis may also use the hard inner edge of their curving outer talons to scrape away any residue leftover from feeding.

I just realized I missed a golden opportunity to draw the very derpy face an Aequis makes when it drags the point of its beak across a rough surface to wear down the point. NEXT TIME!

Lazytown “Episode” Concept II

A Fake “What If” Season 5 Lazytown Episode Concept

I wanted to do something different than my typical ‘headcanons’ and think up of something that would be an episode within the show itself.

  • Sportasick
  • A sick-day for Sportacus
  • Episode would start off normally with Sportacus doing his usual happy-go-lucky routine with far too many flips and the EXTRA™ness liberally spread throughout.
  • But near the end he stumbles and he straightens all “Oh haha!  That was weird!”
  • His crystal would begin flashing (”Someone’s in Trouble”) and he’d friggin back-flip off of his airship.
    • He’d land, but again, stumble a bit.
    • He’s too busy saving people and being EXTRA™ to really notice
  • He’d save the day (duh), and Robbie’d be watching with his periscope.
    • “Sportakook saving the day again” -gag-
    • “Sportabeepbeepbeep flip-flippying everywhere”
  • Robbie’d then notice Sportacus stumbling a little
    • “What’s this?  Sportacus isn’t one-hundred-Sportacent?”
  • Then Robbie, who is a dick, would disguise himself as a doctor to mess with Sportacus because he can.
  • Profess Sportacus is allergic to the town
  • Tell him he’s gunna die if he stays much longer
  • Clearly it’s the kids
  • Sportacus is his usual ‘gee I dunno’ about it, and the kids are HORRIFIED that they could be KILLING SPORTACUS
    • So of course there’s a huge song and dance number with Sportastumble and Robbie and it’s all about the various ‘diseases’ he could have.
  • And so the kids are all 
    • We don’t want Sportacus to leave
    • But we don’t want to be hurting Sportacus
  • And Robbie is just standing aside cackling
  • Then Sportacus starts to look woozier and woozier
  • And Robbie is the only one that notices because the kids are dealing with the Moral Dilemma of the Week™
  • And Robbie catches Sportacus
    • Accidentally revealing himself
    • HURRG THAT GUY >:[
  • Robbie’d be all NO NOT NOW
    • Then he’d realise that Sportacus is ACTUALLY SICK
    • And he begins to bluster about ordering the kids around and organizing Sportacus into bed
  • And Sportacus would be tucked into bed and taken care of with chicken soup and all those fluffy clishes
  • And Robbie’d be manning the helm
  • And it’d end off with Stephanie taking away Sportacus’ tray with food, and them commenting that Robbie wasn’t such a bad guy
  • And then cut to Robbie gagging in his lair watching through the perisope.
    • Then he sneezes
    • Oh no.

Other “Episodes”
We’ll Bolly-well Miss You

I wanted a medium dog lol

Reasons why Lady Layton might be delayed

-Hershel is MISSING

-Seriously, Level 5 can’t remember where they left him 

-Layton’s voice actor has gone AWOL

-”Mr Miller, we really need you to record some lines of the professor in peril -” “IT’S BAD ENOUGH I HAD TO SHRIEK IN PAIN FOR THE LIGHT BEAM SCENE IN AZRAN LEGACY. SERIOUSLY, LEAVE LAYTON ALONE.”

-Alfendi is threatening to destroy Level 5 unless they include him 

-Every PL character wants a cameo and it’s taking forever to add them all in

-The developers are dying to give Clive Dove a cameo, but this makes no sense he’s evil and meant to be in prison??? Who cares - everyone has or has had a crush on Clive Dove. The fanboys will love it. Do it. 

- Too many plot twists convoluting the narrative

- The character designs lack diversity, so they’re adding a greater variety. 

- They want to put Lady Layton on the Switch too 

- They’re making Mystery Room 2 at the same time

- “Sh*t, we forgot Flora again!”

- They’re writing more family bonding moments 

- Beautifully animated cutscenes aren’t made in a day

- Older Emmy needs more muscles 

- Finding new voice actors is hard

- Can’t decide on which character must get kidnapped 

- “Have we decided on a mother for Kat yet? Is she alive? Are all the Layton kids orphans? Who knows?” 

- Luke prefers America (he’s teamed up with Phoenix Wright) and doesn’t want to come back to England  

- “We promised comedy in this game but it’s a little lacking… Time for a fart joke!”

- Can’t think of a reason why Sherl can talk 

- “Do we give Katrielle a girlfriend…?”



🌸We went to a really bad con today. The only good thing is that @littlesongbirdcosplay brought her camera and got some nice photos of my casual Zarya.
🌸I had such a fun time being her. I cannot wait to actually cosplay her. I need to gain more muscle, but I will try to cosplay her Siberian Front skin this year.
🌸 Also what do you guys think of my hair? Should I use a wig in the future, or use my hair?

i watched the first ep of voltron last night and i woke up this morning thinking about the Perfect Beefy Daddy and

i just wanna draw The Beef….