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I don't know if it means anything or not but I find it interesting that we are just now getting these pap pictures. Like usually the fandom or someone sees them or finds them like right away. You know what I mean? So I wonder if these being held for a week and a half (is it a week and a half) means anything? Could not. But just interesting. And do we only have the four pictures from the article? We usually have all of them. Again, wonder if it means anything or not.

I also wonder why they were held. I want to know if it means the music video is coming very soon. I need more info.

we all write essays that need sources like 5 seconds before it’s due so here is my #1 tip that i haven’t been called out for yet in my 3 years of college 

writing a paper on alexander the great but couldn’t be bothered to look at more than the wikipedia page? WELL 

GO to the wikipedia page and find a fact that you’d like to incorporate…

coooool honor and glory so Manly™ ANYWAYS 

see that little circled 169? click it and it’ll take you HERE: 

so with this one you’ll get not one, but two sources. that GIVE YOU PAGE NUMBERS. mla in-text citations? done. just paraphrase the fact, and add “…”(Green 5). 

but we need the full thing, don’t we? go here by clicking on the hyperlink -

and that’s all the info you need! now google to find the exact book and more up-to-date accurate info you need for your works cited and, maybe, find a pdf online or a copy in your library. 

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. for this example it doesn’t work, because the page this specific fact is on is not available in the way i’m gonna show you, but oh well. 

you could’ve clicked on “Roisman and Worthington 2010, p. 190,” which’ll take you here: 

scroll down aaaaaand 

see those blue links? those are available chapters of the book! for free! right at your fingertips! no need to get up and run to your library, or stress out that you can’t find the book online. google books has TONS of resources.

at the bottom of a wikipedia article, the sources are categorized into primary and secondary sources as well, in case you need to fill a specific source type requirement. 

you can do this with anything. i’ve done it with audrey hepburn (my school library had no books/articles of use), world war ii, the hebrews in the old testament…literally, anything. as a disclaimer, this probs isn’t 100% foolproof, but none of my professors have caught on. and in a pinch, it works better than scanning an entire book or article for a fact you need.  

re: that thing obi wan apparently did in some tcw book where he calls darth maul’s voice “strangely beautiful”

i 100% believe with my whole heart that he does this ALL the time. always. obi drops the Most thirsty-ass (or Implicating) compliments for the most Unexpected people at the Weirdest times. 

he’s eating lunch with the 212th when someone says it’s nice to not have the bare minimum of rations for once, and obi’s like ‘ahh yes, this space dessert reminds me of Bail’s cooking, the man is surprisingly talented with his hands.’ and cody is just. ??? General. Please. 

but then obi follows it up with a happy lil sigh and smile and ‘reminds me of Dex, sometimes’ and now the entire 212th is just. ??? General. Please,


Finally finished my ★YoI x Zodiac★ designs! ^q^/

Preorders will open tonight (May 24th) at 8 PM (GTM-3)! They’ll be open plenty of time, so no need to rush :D More info later tonight! ♥

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With your sawn Princess au for klance, thank you so mich by the way for making it. I can't write fanfiction to save my life so I was hoping someone would put me out of my misery and make an au lol, it keith the Swan princess or is lance cause when ever I picture it I always think keith is odette and Lance is Derek but did you change it up? I'm not judging lol I'm just wondering


Okay so for the most part Keith is indeed filling the role of Odette/the Swan Princess, and Lance is Derek. I’ve played a little fast and loose with the set-up of the AU, and switched around the kingdoms and their roles a bit when they’re kids to make it work more naturally, though. 

In my version, Lance is actually the baby at the beginning of the film, not Keith/Odette. Alfor is sick/dying and doesn’t want to leave Allura alone with no immediate family. So with the aid of a surrogate mother - since Allura’s mother died pre-story - he sires a second child: Lance. 

Shiro is already ruling his own kingdom after his parents were killed in an attempted coup by Zarkon (Rothbart, obviously). He’s got his hands full with adjusting to that, along with trying to track down Zarkon and raise his little brother, Keith. 

At the presentation of baby Lance to royal peers and nobles, Allura and Shiro (who are close, probably romantically interested in each other but too preoccupied to pursue anything) decide that the best way to foster continued good relations between their kingdoms, and good feeling among their peoples in the troubled times stirred up by the whole Zarkon thing, is for the young princes of both realms to be the very best of friends.

Of course, Keith and Lance have a different idea completely and the rest of the story plays out in a mostly-familiar way, with a few interesting twists and turns along the road *waggles eyebrows*


Sana knowing who Even is, not too well but she’s seen him hanging out with her brother and his friends. That’s why her and Vilde were talking to him about joining kosegruppa, something to make him feel more welcomed in a new school? Sana practically forcing Isak to go to the meeting because Even told her to?? Even fishing Sana for things Isak might like?? “idk he likes weed” and that’s how it starts?????

lowkey pumped for camp half-blood confidential coming out in august

I really want to know more about Hogwarts quidditch culture!!! We obviously know that they had a quidditch comp and each team had their own practices, but what about everything else!!

I want older students organising ‘second string’ teams where houses and year level don’t matter as long as you can play. And all the house teams know that Friday afternoons are for these friendly games, and they aren’t to book their practices sessions then. The various captains use these matches to scout out players for their next season.

I want to know about those who didn’t make the team forming practice sessions that go on all year, so next year they’re better than ever. I want to know about midnight matches being played in secret (McGonagall knows, she was the one that started them back in her day). 

I want to know more about Madame Hooch, does she do out of class flying lessons for students who never learnt to fly? Does she help captains draw up plans and discuss stratergies?

And what about Teacher/Student matches? I want to see McGonagall and Hooch absolutely dominating the student team, while the school watches in awe. 

And what about rough “”prison rules”” games played by 5th year up above only, where rules are out the window, anyone can catch the snitch and fouls aren’t a thing. I want post-exam free-for-all matches where the quidditch pitch is filled with hundreds of celebrating students.

I want more than just ‘each house plays each other once till we have a winner’ matches!!

People should be very sensitive about the information coming in about Chechnya and understand that a lot more info needs to be recovered about the situation. Read your sources, check where you are getting the info. Remember that not everything a Tumblr post says is 100% verified.

the outsiders,,,but every time curly is mentioned the story moves along slower,,,and we actually get some information about him

I’m not sure if this has been done however I decided that the City Living keyboard needed more colour options!

                                   Info & Download below:

  • 22 colours in @eversims Ever So Lovely palette + black and white + 5 patterns  
  • City Living Required 
  • Override of original, the original swatches are still there!



Queen Ikona of Hoshido.

This oft forgotten first queen became royalty when a young, brash Sumeragi pursued her beauty despite her sickly being. Her significantly lower social standing caused her to change herself into what she thought was fitting of a queen. She became a mechanist to create Karakuri puppets to entertain guests, as she was too scared and physically weak to attend many occasions. Her anxiety caused her to be easily jealous of other women, out of fear of losing her husband and family. Her marriage was an unhappy one, so much so that her quiet passing after her sickness caught up with her became the dawn of queen Mikoto’s era of ruling.