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Can you please do one where Sirius and Marlene first meet (James' wants them to meet or Marlene goes to stay at the Potters or something like that)? Sirius is surprised by Marlene because she doesn't go all googly eyed at him like he's used to with girls. He's taken aback by Marlene and her cockiness and Marleneness??

Hi lovely, thank you for sending this prompt! I’ve decided to write that Marlene went to Durmstrang (I know it’s not common and probably Beaubaxtons or the Salem Academy would have been more accurate choice but I wanted to try something different, I hope you don’t mind) I had a lot of fun writting it and I really hope you like it!

Ps: it’s a bit smutty too

James and Sirius were having breakfast with Mr. and Mrs. Potter when the letter arrived. The grey owl flew straight to James and stretched out his leg so he could remove the envelope. The boy gave the bird a treat and then watched as he flew away.

“Oh, it’s from Marley” he smiled widely.

“It’s been a while since we heard from her” Dorea smiled.

James read the letter and couldn’t help to frown in shock “she got expelled”

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