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I need more blogs to follow so LIKE this post & I’ll check out your blog :) & follow you if I like what I see!! :) 

Need more blogs to follow

So I had realized that i’m not following a crap load of people and I don’t have a crap load of followers

To make things short and simple i’m just going to ask for folks who post about:

●puella magi madoka magica
● sailor moon
●mirai nikki
●hatsune miku/ vocaloid
●cute things
●Virgo crap
●zodiac signs
● Japan
● sugary sweets
●ouran highschool host club
●lucky star
●my little pony
●and black rock shooter

To please like and reblog this and I shall get back to you all!
(Pretty please)

✧I need yo follow more Blogs!✧

✧ My dash is dying so i need more stuff on my dash. Reblog if you post any of these things:

✧ Fashion
✧ Food/Drinks
✧ Hairstyles
✧ Makeup
✧ Movies
✧ Series
✧Tokyo ghoul
✧South Park
✧Marina and the diamonds/Lana del rey
✧ Cute Stuff
✧Gravity Falls
✧ Adventure time
✧ Got
✧✧I check your blog out and follow you✧

Need more blogs to follow!

So if you post about any of these:

Game of Thrones
South Park
Black Books
Quentin Tarantino
Clockwork Orange
Better Call Saul
Christoph Waltz
Hugh Dancy
Iwan Rheon
Ben Whishaw
Inglourious Badterds
Basically any books and movies

Please reblog and I will check out your blog :)