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My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)


yeah totally not story related but if my gamer followers are planning on buying Dead by Daylight know that the friend matchmaking system is completely broken and it has been for… if ive snooped around accurately enough, almost an entire year :))))) good luck finding ways around it……

*points out flaw that a character has/mistake character has made* Someone: but I thought they were your favorite? Me:

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Badly designed school

My secondary school is loaded, and a year or two before I started there, they built a whole new school on a new plot, and sold the old buildings. Despite having millions of pounds to play with, the school is so badly designed.

Flaw 1: No soundproofing for the music or dance classrooms.

Flaw 2: Putting the music, dance, drama and PE facilities, the noisiest areas in the entire school, in the same building as the hall where we take exams. (Today during my Maths exam, we could hear other students playing djembes upstairs. Yesterday, a teacher was in this room behind the hall where we take exams and yelling.)

Flaw 3: Not putting any locks on any music classrooms until this year. This may sound stupid, but irresponsible children ruin beautiful pianos, rearrange complicated drum kits, move people’s expensive instruments in the music cupboard, and generally upset every serious music student, such as myself.

Flaw 4: The classrooms are either too dark without using lighting, or too hot all the time, because every single window is in a bad place. Only the computer rooms are air conditioned, as air conditioning isn’t too common in my country, the UK. (My French class is after school time and there’s only two of us plus the teacher, so we always go and sit in the air conditioned MFL computer lab as soon as it starts getting warm.)

Flaw 5: I’ve submitted stories for this blog before, and I’ve mentioned ‘the Hub’. Basically, the school is composed of five buildings (‘blocks’) surrounding a large covered courtyard ('the Hub’). The Hub is absolutely freezing from October until March, and then is so hot from May to September. No one likes the Hub. We keep asking the school to install windows in the gaps of the Hub (the source of the Arctic temperatures), but they refuse for some inane reason.

Flaw 6: The library is tiny, but often the only warm place to go at lunchtime. Therefore it is always full up of screaming children. This is incredibly infuriating when you’re looking for a quiet place to study before a life-changing exam and you can’t go in a supposed 'quiet area’ because there are too many loud toddler-like idiots in there.

Flaw 7: The loos are open. There are stalls, which have a toilet and automatic sink in there, but there are no mirrors or anywhere private to go with your friends when you need a cry (as we all know, being a teenager involves a lot of crying in toilets). The girls’ stalls aren’t separate from the boys’ stalls, so we can smell and see their disgustingness. The only advantage is that you can dare people to use the wrong toilet for their gender, and embarrass them easily when everyone stares at the boy emerging from a girl’s stall.

Flaw 8: The computers and computer rooms are shit. The computers are worse than the computers we had at my primary school, which was tiny and poor and had 160 students. My secondary has 1600 students, a huge budget, and yet still what feels like two decent computers. Things don’t work out. (Also we got hacked recently and no one took the hints that we need better, more secure computers.)

Flaw 9: No light switches, only bizarre and barely functioning remotes. The remotes get stolen by staff and students. It admittedly can be very funny.

This isn’t really a flaw, but you can smell Food Tech from the Textiles, D&T and Humanities rooms, and it can be painful. I’ve cried I was so hungry in RE once and all I could smell was fried chicken.

TL;DR - My school buildings are crap despite being worth millions of pounds. It’s infuriating.

14th day of Inktober!!!

EEEEY AM NOT LATE. Bought new pens and wow boi was that fun and didn’t took me hours to play with 8D
Standby - JenTheSweetie - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Fic rec!

Standby is a missing-scene fic from TST, and it’s a short but moving and humane examination of the difficult emotional terrain between Sherlock, John, and Mary.  No good guys and bad guys here, just people in love and in pain.

Okay but the first thing Yoda does when Luke makes to go to Cloud City is threaten him with “If you go, you’ll single-handedly bring down the rebellion,” and then, when that delays him for like, maybe a day, “you’ll single-handedly make anything that has/will happen to your friends have been in vain.”

As excuses go, they’re flimsy as all get out. And fail to make much of an impression on the poster child for the power of friendship.

But it’s interesting how terrified Yoda (and Obi-Wan maybe) are of losing Luke. Not Luke-the-person, but Luke-the-chance-of defeating-the-Emperor.

(This is the first time I’ve noticed Yoda’s silent gasp when Luke goes “I understand,” and carries on prepping for take-off when Ben says they won’t be able to help him.)


It took us a while, because we were young and unsure, with love on the line, what if we both would need more, but all your flaws and scars are mine. Still falling for you, still falling for you, still falling for you.

Why is the Descendants Universe even a thing?

A common trend that has taken root in our fandom is the questioning of literally everything. I personally love this! We’re all individual minds that require intellectual or moral explanations to the unanswered inquiries. The best part about asking questions is finding answers, and I propose a theory that might provide closure for a question that came up recently:

How can this universe exist? I’ll put it under a Keep Reading because this is super long.

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It took us a while, because we were young and unsure, with love on the line, what if we both would need more, but all your flaws and scars are mine. Still falling for you, still falling for you, still falling for you

Is My Protagonist a Mary Sue or Gary Stu?: A Super Quick Test

Mary Sues and Gary Stus are terrible characters. They are flat, static, and unrealistic. They are boring and they are craft failure. Don’t write them.

Does your protagonist change throughout the story?

  • If no: You need to change that. Your protagonist needs to be dynamic. They need to change over time and grow as a person. Whether this change is negative or positive doesn’t matter. Good characters are dynamic, not static.
  • If yes: Alright alright alright alright.

Does your protagonist have flaws?

  • Your characters cannot be perfect. They need to be realistic for the reader to like them. Give them flaws.
  • Making your character clumsy doesn’t count. Your character needs more flaws than that.
  • Flaws should impact your character’s life in some way. This can include their relationships with other people or the decisions they make.

Do all other characters love your protagonist?

  • If yes: No. Your character cannot be loved by everyone. This is unrealistic. This is lame. This is boring. This is a characteristic of a Sue/Stu. If lots of people like your character, you need a good reason for it.
  • If no: Good.
  • Characters who act a certain way to gain popularity through a false personality are exempt from this.

Does your protagonist ever fail?

  • If yes: Good.
  • If no: That is a boring character. Failure introduces suspense and sympathy from the reader.

Is your protagonist perfect in every way?

  • If yes: Perfect people do not make perfect characters. They make terrible characters. They cannot be superior in every way and they cannot be the best at everything.
  • If no: Awesome.

Is your protagonist a Special Snowflake? (“My eyes turn red when I’m angry even though I’m 100% human and there’s no explanation for this whatsoever.”)

  • If yes: Change that. You cannot give your character super special elements with no explanation behind them. Your character cannot be unbeatable due to their super special powers that no one has ever seen before.
  • If no: They better not be.

And because I get a lot of questions on whether or not a female character is a Sue, here are characters who are NOT automatically Mary Sues:

  • Physically powerful female characters.
  • Magically powerful female characters.
  • Powerful female characters in general.
  • Female characters who are not feminine.
  • Female characters who are orphans.
  • Female characters who hold traditionally masculine careers/roles/hobbies.
  • Rich female characters.
  • Tough female characters.
  • Smart female characters.
  • Characters who are highly skilled in several subjects.
  • Characters with tragic back stories.
  • Characters who are beautiful.
  • Characters who have unique abilities.
  • Honestly, if your character is realistic, dynamic, and round, they’re not a Sue/Stu. You can still write awesome, bad ass, inspirational characters without making them a Sue/Stu.

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oh oh oh!! connor murphy !!

First impression- okay what kind of a show is this why is this kid dead wow I’m going to cry mostly out of confusion 
Impression now- such an intense character that I love and need more of who has flaws and issues and is so real and painful 
Favorite moment- real Connor: the “I’m laughing” scene with Jared but Evan’s Connor: the “why’d you break your arm” scene
Idea for a story- so many but going to a horror movie with Connor
Unpopular opinion- the real Connor is better and more complex than Evan’s Connor and we should focus on the real Connor more
Favorite relationship- platonically with Evan (if he’d lived)
Favorite headcanon- he played the piano beautifully for years