need more artbooks in my life

Keep pursuing your dreams

Hi guys! I know, the text posts is not what is usually worth attention because they need more effort to digest, but here is one thing I wanted to say.

I`ve been unactive on this blog for a very important reson - I won a competition in my country and they will going to publish my artbook about the mythological creatures. Though the style is quite different from what I`m doing here, I would really appreciate if you could take an eye on my blog, dedicated to this project, its @pan-zavalnia, I would be really happy if more people could see it and probably get ispiration.

But the thing is not only about that. For the first time in my life I won something. I mean, I even didn`t think about that because I was sure I won`t. But it happened miraculously, and now my dream of publishing a book, which I had in mind for so many years and which can (probably) make a great benefit to the cultural heritage of my country and which can rize the consciousness of our society about our national idea - it is all real!
All I wanted to say, is that keep pursuiing your dreams, now matter how they far and work on what you truly love every single day. Because the basic law of attractiveness what you like works. I mean, it really works:)) And I wish you all, my dear friends, to accomplish your goal and do what you love, even if now it probably seems it will never happen.

I`ll continue posting #sayonwon art on this blog, but I will also include some reblogs from my second blog, because now I need to work more on the project my publisher is waiting from me. I`ll also be sharing everything I do related to my work here and on my instagram page (go check it out: I`m not sure how things will go, because the styles I`m working on are so different, but I`m sure everything will turn great. At least I hope you may be interested in some mythological stuff I`m doing right now, because it is really important for me and people of my country:)

Thank you very much for your attention and I probice I will work harder and better!:)