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I can’t believe all these JK Rowling discourse posts like

save yourself some time and just write “I didn’t realize that she was an actual human being with flaws and now I can’t handle it so suddenly she’s the most Problematic Person on the Planet”

like if you’d let go of your incredibly unrealistic standards for the PERFECT SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR for two seconds and just accept that a. shes human, b. there’s things she needs to improve on (like every single one of us?) and c. she’s done an INCREDIBLE amount of good

then you’d be wasting a lot less energy

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Don't come back : )

Ohhhh…. Sorry I missed this request, nonnie! I was pretty lax about checking messages during the actual hiatus and I see this was submitted on June 14th: just before the original deadline, too!

Welp, I screwed up this request good and proper! The least I can offer is a pretty picture you might find engaging and applicable to the situation. 

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The really fun thing about this gif is that it can be interpreted as either hello or goodbye. It’s a “come hither” gesture in Japan of course, but enough people are unaware or just ‘Murican enough to use it as a goodbye signal as well.

I’m sure it’s similar to the “coming and going” sensation you feel having your head stuck halfway up your own ass. 

Thanks for the feedback, nonnie! Aloha! 


so i started drawing a wizard!Kuroiro then i made an entire AU with The Class B Gang™ and help theyre trapped in DnD

like okay yes Magnai is a sexist asshole with probably little to no empathy skills and an ingrained ego that really needs a few more holes put into it, but the reason I like him with Sadu is because of the power dynamic in that potential relationship. unlike with pretty much anyone else (discounting oc’s), he and Sadu are pretty much on an equal level. she’s not going to put up with the bullshit that is his personalty, she’s not going to let him cow her into anything resembling submission to his will, and she’s going to challenge all of his really dumbass assumptions about women. they’re going to butt heads and endlessly piss each other off and grudgingly find things that they admire about each other maybe. they’re both alphas and a lot of the time it’s not going to work between them because they’ll always want to do things their own way. but when it does work…you’ve seen that battle couples post. that’s them.

“omg i love gay people, they’re like girl friends :)”

“you’re not like other gays”

“omg i have a gay friend, you two should totally go out!”

“i could totally turn you straight tho ;)”

“you’re too cute to be gay”

“have you ever tried not being gay?”


The way people in the North talk about you, you’re the greatest swordsman who ever walked.