need i remind you

  • Stiles:Scott... why do you have twelve dalmatians in your house...?
  • Scott:...I might have a problem saying no to people...
  • Stiles:Is that also why your new bike helmet is pink and glittery?
  • Scott:Yeah... which reminds me, I need to talk to you later about a hypothetical tap dancing class that I hypothetically may have signed us up for... hypothetically.

anonymous asked:

Oh my god A Knight Rider AU would be awesome

Right? I want one but now I’m working on like five things at once! But also, Knight Rider AU.

Like on the one hand there’s Stiles as KITT, annoying Derek to no end and making tons of sexual innuendos, but then I’ve also been thinking about the reverse. Stiles trying to take his car to do fun and truly stupid things with Scott, and DEREK the grumpy AI just refusing to let him do anything he deems unsafe or stupid.

“Dude, turn left, the bonfire is back that way!”

“I know, my stupid car won’t let me!”

“Stiles, do I need to remind you how badly it went last time you went to a party? Broken leg.”

“Derek, shut up!”

I’d see your name and the memories would flood my mind
At night my subconscious would remind me just how much I miss you.
As if I needed reminding.

They’d ask me how you were doing
And I’d wonder the same thing
But thinking of you physically hurts me
So when you’d run through my mind
I’d try to escape.
I’d fail every time.

There’s no escaping you.

I wonder
How am I supposed to erase you
when it seems as though the universe has conspired that I always remember?

—  Forget you not