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One of the most infuriating things about how Drew Tanaka was written is that she wasn’t even a well written evil character. She was so utterly 2-dimensional whereas in tlo the side characters like Ethan were given far more complex stories and it differed from the other antagonists in the series. Hell even Octavian was given an even more complex background. Like Drew was literally just described as shallow and that was supposed to convey how truly evil she was smh (sounds like every other /evil/ female character in books, truly original)

It's okay to be a man who...
  • Is emotionally sensitive
  • Is honest about having feelings
  • Is open about having flaws
  • Likes cute and pretty things
  • Likes dressing in cute and pretty things
  • Is delicate
  • Is elegant
  • Is unsure whether it’s okay to be those things
  • Dances and sings with enthusiasm and heart
  • Empathizes with the feelings and experiences of others
  • Admits being wrong
  • Cries

And it’s understandable that you’re afraid to show all of that to a world that seems determined to erase it from you.

No matter what they say, you are who you are.

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aaahh you're making me want to watch black sails. what's it about?

forget what you saw. run. run while you still can.


「I’m a cat… My name? I’m called Chibisuke :)」
This kitty is a younger brother of Torasan. (Twin one)
These two cats have a diametrically opposite character.
Torasan is quiet, Chibisuke is innocent kitty.
I don’t know what will happen from now on..They and I need time more.
The story that I can describe in a painting is not left very much anymore.
I’m still pet loss. Therefore it is scary to keep small life.
But their curiosity will found a way to the future.


  • Ozpin: Oscar, I need you to do one more thing for me - describe the headmasters office at Beacon
  • Oscar: ....... //sigh// it's a circular room. There's a large desk. It has cogs in it
  • Ozpin: good we-
  • Oscar: there are also cogs in the floor
  • Ozpin: yes good now-
  • Oscar: and in the doors, and the ceiling. The windows are also shaped like cogs, and so are the chairs.
  • Ozpin:
  • Oscar:
  • Ozpin: I miss my office

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what countries have you lived in

US and I’ve only lived in California, but it’s a big state and I lived all over it.  

what languages can you speak

English and Spanish. Although I don’t speak spanish well, my sister just loves to pick out her Spanish books for me to read to her.  

your favorite film of 2016


what’s the last article you read

Article on taking an evolutionary perspective on health and medicine.  

shuffle your music library and put your first three songs here

More song shuffles from the Critical Role playlist on Spotify!

Celebrate by Ingrid Michaelson

Crystal by Stevie Nicks

The Wizard by Uriah Heep

last thing you bought online

A mug from @curiouscanvas  Society6 page, the art is so pretty!  And I need more mugs in my life.  

how would your friends describe you

Funny, helpful, and a top twat.

how would your enemies describe you

Thinks she’s funny, disorganized, fickle. 

who would you take a bullet for

A metaphorical bullet? Then friends or family.  Actual bullet? Probably just my sister, although I should be concerned as to why a two-year-old is getting shot at. (Why do I feel like I’ve made this joke before on here?)

if you had money to spare, what would you buy first

A new car or even just a used car in good condition.  But for now, I’ll stick with my trusty 15-year-old Honda, until the transmission finally goes.  

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*kinda wishes Joker’s club looked more like this*

I’m not sure I can describe in words how much I need more of Hawke, Merrill, and Isabela getting together to steal Anders’ dirty spell book. Because you know they’d be super immature about it and that’s really all I need in life right now.

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The even ones from 1 to 15 :D

Because I’m awake still, here are the answers :)

1. Are looks important in a relationship?
A little bit. I don’t want to be in a relationship with an unkempt, bearded wood gnome.

2. Are relationships ever worth it?
Definetely yes.

3. Are you a virgin?
Biologically yes, realistically no.

4. Are you in a relationship?

5. Are you in love?
No. Oh, wait, did Karl Brandt count?

6. Are you single this year?

7. Can you commit to one person?
I had to translate it and I hope I understand it correctly: yes.

8. Describe your crush.
Mhm, Alsatian aesthete with perfect hairdo and a wonderful voice. And hands. Need I say more?

9. Describe your perfect mate.
My mate has to be enthusiastic, humorous and sophisticated. I want someone I can walk with, do picnics, travel, go to a concert and talk about anything

10. Do you believe in love at first sight?

11. Do you ever want to get married?
Oh yes. I want to be faithful to someone I love for ever.

12. Do you forgive betrayal?
Not really. I hate lies, I hate betrayal.

13. Do you get jealous easily?
Not really but if someone is dishonest to me and I love this one I get jealous and warily.

14. Do you have a crush on anyone?
Besides Karl? No.

15. Do you have any piercings?
No. Only a fake piercing for my nose.

I wish you a good night :3

[in which levi is just like the rest of us, wanting to comfort his very important person but having no clue on what to do]. short drabble for pom-pom-pomodoro​, who seemed a little down so i hope you find a little comfort from this. //plotless, fluff, little-cracky//

he takes a good look at the human-made ball of sheets and blankets, tangled and curled into a mess that levi knows will be a headache to straighten out. save that for later though, because he currently has a moping puppy who’s shut himself from the world. console the significant other first; everything else comes second.

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Lame ass girl (maybe, I’m still trying to figure myself out.) soon-to-be from Orlando. I’m 15, single, I love art, Steven universe, and rockin’ hairstyles. I’m terrible at describing myself, but I need some more queer friends ✌🏻️ I’d love to have some people to Skype with! Hmu on my tumblr, Skype, instagram, whatever!


The main take-aways from the Tom interview

1) Tom Mison is a beautiful man. From his freaky long toes to his trouser-anaconda to his insane hands all the way up to his pretty face and ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY his crafty, low-key shady brain and unwillingness to blindly defend his character when is acting a fool, I just love him so much. He knows what’s up. I can only pray and DEMAND that we get an interview with Nicole that is EVEN BETTER and has MORE INFO because I don’t even need to describe the ways Nicole Beharie is flawless. We know them in and out. 

2) Ichabod left without a word? DIIIIIIIIIICK MOOOOOOVE, Abbie has abandonment issues you turd! HOWEVER, the part about his being a changed man is sooooo exciting. Yes, he has to mourn his wife and son, but that all gets to happen offscreen and he says we don’t have to watch it. I honestly hope he left out of shame - he behaved so terribly towards Abbie in Season 2 and he probably knows he loves her but cannot love her properly the way she deserves being the man he is now. Cliffy and friends literally made him get the fuck out so that he could come back a guy who is a better man and as someone with even a prayer of being Ichabbie-worthy, so I have to give them kudos for that. This is the only explanation I will accept. Don’t fuck it up, Cliff & Co.

All the dirty laundry and the concealed truths and the emotional betrayals that have built up between Ichabbie over the course of two seasons HAS TO BE coming to a head soon. Maybe not right away, but it’s coming. I hope Abbie EVISCERATES HIM. Tears him a new one and just lays in to him. The angst is going to be DELICIOOOOOOUS. It will TASTE. SO. GOOD.