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If you’re going to buy “Native American inspired” jewelry or apparel, JUST BUY FROM AN ACTUAL NATIVE AMERICAN!!!

Like there are groups on facebook that you can look through, and a lot of those lead to particular artists who are willing to do business. ACTUAL TRIBAL NATIVE AMERICANS guys!! Not only is the piece you are getting AUTHENTIC, but for sooo many natives, it’s how they pay their bills, buy food, or provide for their family and you are helping them. Yes some things are expensive but that’s literally their job sometimes, and yes some are cheaper but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s “poor quality,” they just need a quick buck.

The real artists are out there guys, so many flea markets in the Navajo nation that you can find things, benefit powwows, cultural centers, facebook groups, other social media, they’re really not that hard to find. Some of them have jobs and do beadwork, jewelry, clothes on the side, but you are still getting the real deal. Don’t buy that “Native American inspired” overpriced piece from Becky who lives on a 100 acre ranch, in a 2 story house, and drives a brand new BMW.

Ok, so I was thinking what kind of student a few of the Sonic characters would be if they were in school and I came up with all this. Not super original or anything, but I thought I’d post it (sorry for any grammar mistakes, I’m not a native English speaker) :


- Talks (mostly to Tails) while the teacher is writing on the board

- Kind of pays attention to class but doesn’t really take note of most of it.

- His notebook is not very organized

- Doesn’t always do his homework

- Isn’t very fond of rules

- Wakes up 5 minutes before class but arrives on time because superspeed

- Eagerly waits for PE class. Doesn’t take the game results seriously and his priority is having a good time

- Doesn’t use his powers during PE because he knows it’s unfair

- Doesn’t mind art classes, but can’t draw at all

- Takes extra guitar lessons

- Aside from PE, enjoys Biology the most

- Volunteers to carry stuff around for teachers because he’s a good dude

- Stays after class to throw away papers people threw on the ground and give janitors an easier time

- Buys snacks at the cafeteria

- Likes to chat with the schools receptionists, security guards and cafeteria attendants.

- Popular

- Despite not doing everything he should or studying that much, refuses to cheat on tests and takes responsability for his actions

- Goes to all of the parties

- Passes with alright grades

- Despite his mediocre grades and somewhat lazy attitute, teachers still like him a lot


- Enjoys chatting with Sonic while copying what the teacher writes on the board

- Pays attention and takes note of everything. Does his homework

- Organized but pretty bland and boring notebook. Writes everything with the same pen and isn’t about fancy decorations. Terrible handwriting due to writing really quickly

- Enjoys PE a lot but isn’t as great at it as Sonic or Knuckles, for example

- Can draw decently, but doesn’t really like arts

- Enjoys Physics, Chemistry and Maths the most

- Struggles a bit with humanities

- Buys whatever at the cafeteria, not a picky eater

- Shy when meeting new people but has lots of friends

- Studies even though he wouldn’t need to

- Gets straight “A”s in most subjects

- Other students go to him to explain math problems when needed

- Doesn’t cheat himself but helps other students do it (they insist a lot :P)

- Even in his worst subjects, still gets “A”s and “B”s 

- Teachers love him


- Doesn’t talk a lot, pays attention and takes notes

- Arrives late often

- Nice, organized notebook, with a few (bad) drawings and schemes here and there

- Likes PE. Is more serious about it though and gets upset when his team loses

- Really likes art, even though he can’t draw or paint well. Enjoys doing sculptures and is surprisingly good at handling delicate materials

- Enjoys History, Biology and Geography. Doesn’t like English or Math, and Physics are hell to him

- Brings food from home (mostly fruits and vegetables)

- Sometimes gets overwhelmed if there are too many people in the classroom. Prefers smaller classes

- Mostly doesn’t mind other people talking but gets headaches if there’s too much noise

- Studies and does well in almost everything. However, even when he studies all weekend he can’t get a good grade in Physics

- Doesn’t really go to many parties (too many people)

- Admits to having cheated on a Physics test once, and is ashamed of it.

- In the end, manages to somehow pass everything


- Talks to Cream nonstop while slowly copying what’s on the board…

- …But pays attention while the teacher talks and gets mad if someone interrupts him while she’s listening

- Does homework, but pretty quickly and not very carefully

- Gets to school 1 hour before the classes even start

- Very organized and colourful notebook. Spends 5 minutes making every O perfectly round. Uses 72 different pens and tons of stickers. Keeps the post-it market running by herself.

- Probably one of the girls who likes PE the most. Very competitive

- Would like to enjoy art class, but is so bad at it she can’t

- English is her best subject

- Likes writing (especially poems)

- Sometimes takes selfies or uses social media in secret during class

- Occasionaly gets distracted staring at cute boys (read Sonic)

- Alternates between “Screw it, I’m buying three minipizzas” and “I’m on a diet, I’ll get fruit salad” phases

- Likes partying, but can sacrifice it if she needs to study

- Gets ok grades.

- Doesn’t cheat and refuses to help other people cheat


- Talks to Amy while copying

- Notebook is simple but pretty and organized. Uses mostly 2 different pens to take note, only highlighting important things and using a few stickers here and there. Likes drawing on the edges of the pages. Beautiful handwriting

- Brings all of the teachers gifts for Teachers Day and for Easter

- Does all of her homework with dedication and care

- Mostly likes PE and isn’t bad at it but dislikes competition and doesn’t mind the results. She dislikes how serious Amy is about them as well

- Loves art classes, especially drawing and painting

- Likes Math a lot, but dislikes History

- Draws on the board between classes and writes nice messages for teachers and janitors

- Her mother Vanilla always packs food for her to bring to school. Amy sometimes secretly buys her ice cream though

- Gets nice grades


- Pays, attention, does his homework and takes notes. Very dedicated

- Tries his best at PE, but is pretty terrible at it. He is a good goalkeeper due to his size, though

- Likes art but isn’t delicate enough to do anything really good

- Popular with the girls for being a sweetheart

- Enjoys most subjects, but isn’t very bright. Does ok at Geography and Biology since he has a lot of contact with nature

- Spends all his allowance and savings on snacks and chocolate

- Brings Froggy with him on his bag even though he’s not allowed to. Sometimes, the frog escapes and he has to spend the break looking for him

- Doesn’t get grades good enough on all subjects, but teachers pass him because he tries really hard


- Pays attention, doesn’t talk and takes notes

- Doesn’t do his homework though, because he believes it’s a waste of time

- Organized notebook, but a pretty boring one

- Gets annoyed when people talk while he’s trying to listen to the teachers

- Is good at PE and is pretty competitive but believes it’s a waste of time

- Likes painting in art classes. Painting the sky or space is a favorite of his since it reminds him of living on the ARK. Actually draws pretty well

- Doesn’t like any of the classes, but isn’t bad at any of them either. He just thinks school is a pain in the a** honestly

- Doesn’t cheat. More because admitting he cheated would hurt his ego than because of morals

- Not that popular and has a pretty closed group of friends

- Studies a bit and gets good grades

- Doesn’t really buy anything at the cafeteria most of the time. When he does, he just gets whatever. Not a picky eater.


- Talks the entire class, even during explanations and rarely takes any notes.

- Doesn’t do her homework

- Gets straight “A”s without doing anything and people hate her for it

- Likes PE and is competitive as hell. A sore loser too

- Doesn’t like Arts at all and isn’t good at anything related to it

- Likes Geography, Math and History. Hates Chemistry and English

- Somehow is really popular but still only really talks to Shadow, one of the least popular and sociable people

- Brings food from home because the cafeteria is too low class

- Mostly doesn’t need to cheat, but will do it if she doesn’t remember something

- Likes talking to the receptionists

- Goes to the restroom during breaks to gossip and apply makeup

- Tells the teachers she needs to go to the restroom even though she just wants to walk around the school and skip class

I guess that’s it for now, but I might make another one later with the other characters ^-^ Hope it’s good.

terastormtas  asked:

How do you advertise your cosplays? and how do you start getting hired for cons. I'm looking to branch out with my cosplay work.

Hope you dont mind me answering publicly, I’ve gotten a lot of asks about this recently! 

It’s not so much about adertising as it is algorithms. And luck. At least for the ‘getting my cosplays seen’ thing. 

Theres a lot of luck thats determined by your cosplay quality itself, how recent the series your cosplaying is from, if your the first to cosplay it, and a lot of other stuff I dont even know how to master… hopefully I can help in other ways. 

Most social media run on algorithms of sharing content. For example, only the first 5 tags on tumblr get picked up by the search. Any tags after that are ignored. SO you want to make the first five the most relevent, and the most useful, so your post shows up in those tags. After that make sure to use clerical tags, for your own blogs organization. 

There are TIMES OF DAY to post that vary on each social media platform, and ways to maximize your level of outreach. 

Or another example is that Facebook nukes the promotion of other-app or outside-links. If your sharing from insta or twitter or linking out to a website, facebook purposely doesnt share your post as much. And they prefer image statuses rather then text ones. So always post your info with a photo. LATELY facebook only prefers videos too, cause the company is trying to compete with youtube. Which is why their player doesnt let you leave easy. SO making tutorials and guides and uploading SEPERATELY on fb and then again on youtube is best. Shares are the bread and butter of fb, not likes or comments. 

Then theres sites like ACP, great for getting hired as a cosplayer for events like NISAmerica and Funimation, because they have a long time relationship with ACP. 

DEVIANTART is a dead, dead thing. BUT journalists DONT like linking to things like instagram or tumblr – so they ALWAYS tap from Deviantart. DA has a better landing page for images and people like CosMonde, CosplayCulture, and Kotaku. Or even IGN and CompGamer link back to Deviantart exclusively. 


Social Media Marketing is a different job then getting hired at cons. I talk about that process HERE. 

Convention guesting isn’t always about the number you have, though it helps in  a capacity. Its about what PROGRAMMING you bring, as a cosplayer. Because you are a solution to filling an event. Not filling an event around YOU. 
They need programming to fill the event guide. 

That being said, once you get thats its SUPER easy to find what you can bring to a con. Maybe you love sewing and can host some sewing patterns. Or maybe your a health nut and can host a Cosplay Fitness panel. Or maybe you can talk about wigs or makeup, or heck, if you know a lot about making Gundum models or collecting Funkos, thats a panel too! There a lot of topics one can cover. Anything you’d like to share or help others with! 

I CAN GO IN DEPTH about both, but its really, a lot, a lot, a loooootttt of information. We actually host a panel on SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING for cosplay, annnnd. a panel on Cosplay Career, guesting and creating a job from cosplay experience. But those are 1 hr long panels. 

So if you want more info, you can always email me! I’ve actually thought about hosting maybe a livestream or online talk about these things. Maybe I can organize one after Anime Expo.

okay SO to keep this short and clear, i’m on my last year of my sports management bachelor studies, and instead of a typical bachelor thesis, i’m required to do a project on a club i choose myself and either the whole club or just part of it, like marketing or HR. so i decided to, of course, make it more interesting and chose BVB. to be more precise, i’m analyzing their presence on the social media networks, the way they deal with it and the effectiveness of their marketing that’s being done in the social media. to get a better grade, i was to prepare a questionnaire/survey along with the project, that would help me give answers to the problem. now that’s where i need YOUR help. anybody of you who’s a BVB fan, or isn’t but does follow them on their social media accounts is welcome to fill in the survey, i would greatly appreciate it, help me finish this fucking university :’D 

the survey is in english, german and polish, feel free to choose whichever you want!





Fuck my boss. Fuck my co-worker.

I have been working at this small gig venue for about 3 years now trying to make my way up the ladder. As of about a year ago I became one of the 3 managers and as I study Graphic Design I also was allotted the task of designing for and running the social media.

After my boss made it very clear that it was exclusively my job, he continued (less than 2 weeks later) to hire an old friend of mine (who is no longer a friend) who has no knowledge of social media or graphic design to be the ‘Marketing Manager’ and I have had to teach her EVERYTHING.

Despite claiming that she doesn’t need help from me it still takes her a full day to design a post to put on Instagram, which more often than not looks utterly unprofessional. To top this off she is now speaking to me as if she’s my boss even though technically I’m still hers.

She is so confident that she is doing so well and is positive that she’s upping ticket sales. Even though we have a big event coming up in 2 weeks that is in a big alternate venue (1,500+ people) and she has only sold 35 tickets!

8 Digital Marketing Mistakes Many Businesses Make

For lots of companies, contending in the Digital Marketing game is difficult. It includes a large commitment of your time and also money. You have to be certain of your return on investment. And you have to know that it’s working for you.

From encounter, I know there are some predictable mistakes businesses make when it pertains to electronic marketing.

But forewarned is forearmed, and there are practical steps as a magnate that you could require to maximise your chances for electronic success.

External image

1. Not Working to a Business Plan

There are so many various elements of digital marketing to think about, with more showing up on basically a day-to-day basis, and also you could intend to attempt them all. You’ve obtained an internet site, you’re doing email advertising and marketing, socializing on Twitter, writing a blog, advertising and marketing on AdWords - as well as that’s before you mention all the basic online search engine optimisation job that you’ve been doing.

Be sincere though, do you have a company plan directing all your efforts? Have you identified your key marketing objectives and just how they are visiting help you to fulfill your company objectives? It’s difficult to discover time for all the various points that you might be doing, and if you typically aren’t clear concerning what you’re trying to accomplish, you could locate that your interest for everything blows over very fast.

It’s far much better for you to pick one aspect to work with as well as to do it truly well than to spread on your own as well thinly. For many businesses this could something as straightforward as lead generation and also because situation it can simply be basic SEO - yes, social media might be attractive, yet for some companies it might be much more likely that you’ll obtain top quality leads from Google. Or possibly your strategy should be to extract lifetime customer value from your existing customer base. There is a great deal of earnings to be had from making certain all your consumers understand every little thing you have to provide, as well as by talking so they understand exactly how much you value their business.

2. Looking for a Quick Fix

I’m likelying to allow you in on a key: there is no fast and easy means to obtain excellent arise from digital marketing.

Yes, individuals will certainly say that social networks is totally free, and also that email advertising and marketing is free, as well as that sites are cheap.

But whether you are working on SEO, social network sites or PPC you need to put time and also effort right into any kind of digital marketing technique. It’s everything about effort and brain power as well as elbow joint grease. Yes, it is harder in this manner, yet you stay clear of potential fines related to the ‘quick fix’ strategies that Google views as spam. Or hare brained social network sites ideas that will just serve to damage your brand.

3. Not Giving Your Digital Advertising Campaigns Sufficient Time

You’ve taken the advice to stay with ethical electronic advertising methods and you’re doing every little thing by the publication. So, why is it taking as long for you to take pride of location at the top of Google? Why aren’t even more people engaging with you on your social media sites? Have not you done sufficient? Don’t you should have it?

Unfortunately, these things do take some time, and also anything that you could do to 'rush things along’ is most likely to be penalised for spam. (See my comments regarding fast solutions over). It could be irritating when it takes months to satisfy your goals, but you need to hold your horses and also maintain functioning at it.

The long term benefits are worth it. As well as the advantages are called 'long-term’ for a reason - as soon as you begin to obtain traction you’ll continuously acquire benefit on a continuous basis.

4. Worrying Way too much About Your Competition

It is healthy and balanced to keep a watchful eye on your rivals, yet it doesn’t make great company sense to stress over what they’re up to. If they are rating greater than you, do some rival evaluation to see if you could learn anything from them and move on.

We can aid you with competitor research, to assist you understand exactly what keyword phrases your competitors are bidding for. Just what their social networks projects are doing. That they are connecting to in the social world.

But regularly asking yourself how you can get one over on them is a waste of your time that is better invested in your personal electronic advertising and marketing efforts.

5. Obsessively Examining Your Rankings

Or examining AdWords position every couple of minutes, or the variety of followers on Facebook, number of hits to your website … It isn’t a smart idea to concentrate excessive on these details, due to the fact that the basic reality is that in the grand system of points they don’t matter.

Think back to your company strategy: was your goal to obtain to number 1 in Google or was it actually to create even more leads? Did you just desire 1,000 site visitors a day to your site or is it a lot more crucial to concentrate on the number of queries coming with the door?

You should determine your success against your business objectives, not vanity metrics that don’t give your company money on the barrel benefits.

6. Not Analysing Your Data

You had 1,000 site visitors to your website last week, you’ve obtained a conversion rate of 2.1% on your site, you have a typical price per acquisition of ₤ 36 for every certified lead that you obtain with your website.

Do you know your businesses’ key performance indicators? Do you recognize how you withstand your competition?

There is obviously the danger of drowning in all the day. I need to claim this 'paperless firm’ thing is all a myth. Like it or not, electronic advertising and marketing is a numbers game, and in order to be successful you require to analyse your data. What have learned? Just what are you likelying to in a different way as a result?

7. Starving the Budget

The Web is incredible - anybody could gain a site, send out marketing emails therefore far more - and it’s all free!

Sorry to dissatisfy, but that just isn’t really true.

You can get a complimentary summer trainee to run your social media marketing projects, yet there is a likelihood that there will certainly be splits prior to bedtime. You could scrimp as well as minimize the advancement of your internet site, however a properly made website is most likely to have better influence and to help you to attain your advertising dreams. Not making use of a proper email advertising package could potentially create troubles with taking care of clients as well as data security worries. Also if you have paid out for an AdWords account you need to remember that you can just do so much with a limited budget.

There are numerous inexpensive methods to use the Internet, however none are totally free, and also as with anything in life you get what you pay for.

8. Not Thinking Regarding Your Online Reputation

If you can just do 1 trait to enhance your websites visibility, think of your online reputation. It’s not just what you state concerning yourself that is very important, it’s just what other individuals state concerning you.

Your on the internet reputation takes several roles:

  • the examines customers discuss you
  • the press protection and states your company gets on various other websites
  • and the links coming from those internet sites to yours
  • your social media profile
  • your mentions on social media
  • and social media interactions

Your online credibility goes to the heart of your digital technique, as well as is directly pertaining to all digital task. Don’t take your eye off one of the most vital ball.

Need some help?

If this list of 8 typical errors has given you stop briefly for idea, after that feel free to obtain in contact. I would certainly more than happy to talk more regarding exactly how your personal company can be utilizing the power of electronic advertising and marketing, and also exactly how we could make you a lot more effective on the Internet.

YoonJin social media college au intro

The theater club needed help with publicity before the fall festival/club rush and Jimin knows a friend of a friend that can help.

Finance & Marketing major
President of Theater club
Last year in college
User name: WorldWidePrince

Music major
Does photography as a hobby
3rd year in college
User name: AgustDboi93

Music & Literature major
2nd year in college
User name: LuvyoselfRM

Dance & Business major
2 year in college
Username: UrHopeUrAngel

Dance & Music major
Vice president of theater club
1st year
Username: ChimChimmie

Art major
part of theater club
1st year
Username: TaeTae95

Senoir in high school
Yoongi’s younger brother
Username: Jkookie

anonymous asked:

Not an AU, but you know running a successful blog can be put on a resume as variations of "social media specialist" and "strong public interaction skills." That can help you with any customer service/marketing/computer/internet-using jobs you apply for. Everything is a skill, you just need to claim credit for developing it. (And you don't need to tell them it's a joke blog.)

thank you for such a lovely message! I wrote that au when I was in the middle of applying for internships, and now I have an interview on Wednesday for a social media intern position!! wish me luck!

I need to quickly yell about something.



5 Web Technologies You Cannot Ignore in 2014

This is not a post about 5 cutting-edge technologies that may become relevant in 2014. This is a post about 5 technologies that are ready to be applied to your site today. However, not enough people are taking advantage of them and, most importantly, you simply cannot afford to ignore them any longer.


A lot is being said about Big Data and a lot may sound irrelevant to most organizations. However, Big Data is not just about the volume of data, it is also about the depth and breadth of user behaviour it can provide insight to. Big Data, at its heart, is the process of driving business decisions on the basis of real-world user data collected in the digital world

We cannot assume that users are rational automatons that carefully follow pre-ordained paths through a site. Analytics need to go beyond visitor numbers and page views (what most analytics software focus on unfortunately). Instead, we have to think in terms of goals met, paths followed and the context that surrounds them.

It is not the absolute numbers that count but the ability to connect all the dots from interactions off your site (e.g. social media, marketing campaigns) to specific actions on your site. Subsequently, that data needs to actually reach the people that can act on it. At times this means the people creating content and dealing with the site daily. They cannot waste time trying to sift through reports in order to glean some knowledge.

The decisions you make based on this deeper understanding of your business may be the single most important thing you do in 2014.

Keep reading

foxlass  asked:

Hi, im sorry your life is getting hectic. you said you are writing your masters thesis on F1? that sounds fascinating, would you mind sharing the general topic? obv you dont have to if you dont want to... but it sound interesting!!

First of all thank you for asking! Life is hectic, but fun. I’m just sad it is this space that is getting the least attention.

I’m happy to share the general topic, but not much more because in a couple of months time I will need you guys to help out!

My thesis is about social media marketing strategies in Formula 1 as my degree is in media, communication and information technology.

I’d love to discuss more, but I also can’t do it in this space as I will need to get people to answer questions about it and it isn’t ethical to steal my research in a way I want it.

Dappervolk Hiring!

Hey guys, hope all is going well! Recently we’ve decided to hire an item artist or two. We’re looking for someone who can somewhat match the item style shown below:

Please send an email to: with the following info:

  • A link to your portfolio
  • A few specific art examples that you feel are closest to the style
  • Your rate per item art

We’ll be contacting promising applicants to do a paid test, after which we’ll hire you on if it works out! The total items we need done for initial site launch is around 40 so multiple artists might be hired. Deadline would be around mid June. All items will be various inanimate objects like plants, jars, weapons, etc.


We’re also looking for a social media assistant, their job will be to help queue up posts weekly on our various social media accounts. You would be working a few hours a week at most. Please email with a description of any relevant experience and your hourly rates! Experience with marketing/search engines/tagging is a bonus.

Frederator in NYC looking for paid interns

(illustration courtesy of Frederator intern Dinah)


Frederator-NY is looking for a few savvy interns to add to our roster this Fall, and we’ve extended our deadline to Monday, August 17th (but please DON’T WAIT!) Be apart of Cartoon Hangover, Channel Frederator, Fredbot and all of the great shows Frederator does. 

This is NOT an animation studio internship but we are seeking ARTISTS (including animators), VIDEO EDITORS, WRITERS and SOCIAL MEDIA WIZARDS to help with marketing, promoting and doing research for Frederator’s YouTube Channels: Cartoon Hangover, Channel Frederator, Fredbot, and The Leaderboard

This is a part-time (roughly 20 hrs), PAID (minimum-wage) gig, from September—December (coordinated with semester dates). 

All the information about applying is below:

Here’s how to apply and what we need from you.

1.) Go to and fill out the Google Doc application2.) Email your RESUME, COVER-LETTER and LINKS to, email subject: “NYC- Internship, Fall 2015- ARTIST” or “NYC- Internship, Fall 2015- SOCIAL MEDIA”, etc.

ARTISTS: Please make sure you send a link to your portfolio. We’re especially interested in artists who can emulate another style on model.
EDITORS: We would love to have some video editors. Send us a link to your work on YouTube. If you shot it yourself, bonus points!
WRITERS: If you’re a writer, send us some samples of your work. A link to a doc or blog is A-OK
SOCIAL MEDIA: Interested in social media and promotion? Send us links to your social media sites of choice.

That’s it! ABSOLUTELY NO CALLS, EMAILS OR UNSOLICITED OFFICE VISITS OUTSIDE OF THIS! We promise to review every application submitted this way.

U R ☆.。.:*・°☆amazingggggg☆.。.:*・°☆

Social Media Consulting

In my view, I believe that the most important qualities for a social media consultant to have are; knowledge of the specific social media platforms, creativity, and analytical skills within the social media realm.  Consultants are behind hired because of their specific knowledge in an area that the company/customer does not. They need to have that precise knowledge that allows them to give outstanding recommendations to businesses that can help them succeed in their social media platforms. Social media consultants need to be creative; all businesses vary and have different consumers/target markets they are trying to reach. Consultants need to have that creative edge that allows them to generate specific recommendations that accompany the businesses goals and needs. Lastly, they need to be analytical thinkers; assessing that strategies of various clients they are working with and determining the strengths and weaknesses that can help the company increase their results in what they are trying to accomplish.

I would recommend to myself within my professional social media presence to put myself out there more within the professional world in social media. Many companies have social media presences, people also have received jobs from various social medias. Being able to market yourself in a way that is attractive to employers would be my main recommendation. Reaching out to potential employers through those platforms could also potentially assist in getting jobs/internships.

So far in my professional social media presence, I have had a LinkedIn account for over 3 years which has helped me apply for jobs and also gain insight on those specific companies. Recently, (with the start of this class), I have obtained professional social media presence on Twitter and I feel that this platform could potentially benefit me when employers do searches on people before hiring. In the future, I could start sharing and posting more professional information on those accounts that could display what my true professional self is and my interests in the various fields I am studying.

redlighterfilms​ is looking for LA based team members !! if you haven’t heard about it yet, chloe feller and i are starting our own production company produce works with dynamic, complex media representation for the marginalized groups and we’re in need of a team !!

We’re looking for…

a Project Manager who will be our #3 in command for film projects.
Responsibilities: to over-see film scheduling &release dates, coordinate with distributors, helping set-up premieres, etc.
Ideal candidates will be driven, punctual, organized, and a good leader. Business experience is a plus, but a degree is not required.

Social Media/Marketing/PR expert who can post stills, behind the scenes shots, trailers, etc. to Tumblr / Facebook / Instagram etc. Responsibilities also include writing press releases, researching publications who would be interested in featuring RLF. Experience doing social media is a mega plus, but not required.

Send an e-mail to with a cover letter explaining which role you’re interested in and why you feel you’d be the best fit for it !

(position is payed on a per project basis. must be LA based)


now that the fandom has calmed down a bit

okay fandom, so we know that we didn’t do well with social media and helping people outside the fandom go see the movie, but right now is the perfect time to fix what we messed up the first time. remember: high ratings = more seasons and more recognition for the shadowhunter books (which is great for cassie and books in general!) plus, it’ll help some other fandoms get their tv series adapted (once studios see there’s a market for YA tv, they’ll get more out there!!)

so what we all need to be doing is spreading the word about the tv series through social media. keep reblogging/posting about it, get your non-fans to read the books and watch the series when it airs. 

most fandoms don’t get one shot at an adaptation, much less a second shot after our first didn’t work. some pilots never get made or even picked up. but our series is getting at least a full season! the network and constantin is putting a lot of faith into this and we should return their hard work by helping it pay off!

I had a new client meeting today with my boss and the client interviewed me and wanted to know about my skills, and showed my art portfolio. I felt a complete failure when the client said that I’m not exactly what they were hoping to get, as they have different kind of need for an assistant. 

I went home and later my boss dropped me a call. She said that she had had 2 options for the client; me and another one of our team. The client had already made their mind that they want the other team member and agreed meeting me only because my boss had already arranged the meeting. But after they met me and heard how super versatile I am they absolutely wanted me in!

“I know they will take you in!” my boss said happily. “They wanted to have a general assistant and for that they can have our other team member. However you made such a great impression with all your communication and visual skills they started to think that they would want you there to produce writing and visual material for their needs”.

So, instead of just assisting or be dropped out as unneeded, it seems I can create and get myself a new client just by being who I am! How wonderful. I was so very happy! I always think I’m not that versatile or skilled, I mean, anyone can write and draw and spreading them to other fields like social media or graphic designs isn’t such a big deal. But apparently it really is!

If you are young and thinking your fanfics, edits, theme creating, comics or fanart won’t help you in the “adults’” world or in the job markets, you are absolutely wrong!