need help pls need advice

Ayyy so my dad says that in order to live with him after I turn 18 (next weekend) I need to be “making steps to become independent”

Which according to him means getting on the waiting list for food stamps, supplemental income, Section 8 housing, and the like.

So, does anyone have any advice for navigating the U.S./Minnesotan welfare system?

I also have to get a drivers license and use public transit frequently.

I’m autistic, so these are daunting tasks. Any advice from fellow auties?

aight fam I’m in some deep doo doo

so ya know me and C are back together now which is awesome and things are going just swimmingly and I just miss him so insanely much even though it’s only been like 4 days since we last saw each other
well this dude slid in my DMs and C was like “oh you should mess with him ha” so me being the DUMMY I am I was like haha ok why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
so fast forward a day or two and he’s actually a decent dude like he isn’t being creepy or overly flirty and he’s working at a FREAKIN CHRISTIAN SUMMER CAMP W FIFTH GRADERS and I’m over here cat fishing the poor dude I FEEL LIKE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH
also if ur wondering like yeah the dude’s cute and maybe in another world without C (wah boo hoo don’t even wanna think about that) he’d have a chance w me like he’s a morally upstanding and objectively attractive dude BUT C is the best guy ever ever ever and I can’t think of another guy who could hope of topping him. so my struggle isn’t really with cheating per sey but YIKES how do I 1. Ghost this insta dude or 2. Actually tell him the truth because he’s morally upstanding and deserves to know what’s happening