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An incomplete list of thoughts on the Gilmore Girls revival

1. Start with Richard’s death– well, not quite.

First, give us a day in Star’s Hollow, a winter’s festival with Taylor freaking out and Luke grumbling and Miss Patty flirting and Kirk toting around his pig– I loved his pig– and Lane’s band playing in the gazebo. Rory, visiting, just got that article published, and it’s on the back of Luke’s menus. Get all of the nostalgia out of the way, in this whirlwind of things going right.

We need that reunion, certainly, that reminder of how much we love this tiny, crazy town and the people who live there. Send Rory, Luke, and Lorelei home down familiar streets, to the house she and Luke rebuilt together, strung up with Christmas lights Lorelei definitely made Luke hang while she ate leftover Halloween candy and called critique from below.

Everything is good. Lorelei woke up that morning smelling snow. Rory is pulling tater tots out of the freezer– “Didn’t you have enough fried nonsense at Kirk’s fried nonsense booth?” “Fried Oreos, not fried potato shreds.” “NONSENSE.”

And then we get the call from Emily, about Richard.

Give us joy, reminders, a setting we recall and love– but then give us plot.

If you look at the bones of the four episodes, Richard haunted all of it. He should, but we shouldn’t have to bury down to the bones to realize that. Start with that– frame it. With Richard’s death set up as a catalyst, rather than backstory, Rory’s erratic behavior makes more intuitive sense throughout that year. The ghost of him is in the forefront of our minds. We watch those happy first few minutes shake, and the things that our kids were only pretending were stable start to fall apart.

The funeral– with Luke playing handyman out of discomfort and a desire to help, with Lorelei staying behind to support her mom and instead getting cornered, drunk and grieving, asked to say something simple and positive about a relationship that was complicated at its best– is now our plot starting to roll forward, as Lorelei and Emily have their falling out. Rory goes home and cancels the lease on her apartment, because she’s hardly ever there, right? When was the last time she was in Brooklyn? It just doesn’t make sense, right? Nothing makes sense anymore.

And everything slowly starts to unravel– Michel is thinking about leaving. Rory goes to London to meet with River Song about the book, and falls into bed with Logan. Her job talk keeps getting pushed back, and when it actually happens they ask about her future and present projects and she stumbles over her tongue. Emily’s words ringing in her ears, Lorelei starts looking into having children again, unsure who wants what or why or when.

This is a story about finding out who you are, and I liked that– the three Gilmore girls, who always thought they knew what they were doing, finding themselves adrift in the aftermath of loss and change.

Is Lorelei supposed to be a mother again? Are she and Luke doing this right– is this what love is supposed to look like, nine years in? Is her inn too small, her ambitions too quiet– if she does not reach for more, will she lose everyone she built this with, one by one? What does she want?

What is Emily supposed to with this empty house? With this portrait looming wall-sized over everything? With the things they had built together because they had wanted them together– what is she supposed to do now?

And Rory, the smart one, the pretty one, the last best hope of the Gilmore clan, the pride of Star’s Hollow– every accomplishment is expected, every failure is “out of character.” The world’s been bending itself to Rory’s will all her life– not even her will, exactly. The world loves her– it protects and favors her but it also pushes things onto her and always has. Her grandfather dies, her book deal falls apart, the website turns her down– who is she supposed to be now?

2. I would have loved to see more of that with our minor characters, too– change, and conflict. It’s been nine years, and it should look like that– I thought that was well done with Paris, with Dean, with Michel. But a lot of other people seemed in frozen in time.

2a. Lane’s gone from infants to prepubescents, and the band looks the same. Have her and the band be writing the spring musical for the elementary school and teaching kids how to strum electrical guitar. Have them have dropped their dreams of touring in exchange for making YouTube videos– nothing’s gone viral, but they have a following and they do weekly Q&A’s while their kids frolic in the background. While Rory paces about Logan or her mom or her grandfather, have Lane be freaking out about turning into her mother after one of her kids has a tantrum about not wanting to go to music lessons. Have Lane be involved and present in her own life. You don’t lose doubts and stress just because you have something that looks like a picket fence. You don’t stop moving.

2b. What the hell is up with Logan? What happened in the last nine years to regress him back to that level of adulterous immaturity? I’m sad to say I believe it of Rory. But the Logan who grew through seasons 6 and 7? I don’t, I really don’t. Either explain it or give us a different story.

Even something just as much as– he and Odette decided on an open relationship, because this is obviously a “dynasty” match by Mitchum. Odette’s in love with a Parisian pastry chef, she and Logan are happy partners in crime, and Rory’s sense of self can still grate at being not quite “the other woman” but definitely Logan’s “dirty little secret.”

2c. And the Life and Death Brigade! Like, I can absolutely believe they stagnated, but I’d have loved some mention dropped that one of them–to his GREAT SHAME–has fallen in love with accounting and works a nine to five. In a cubicle. And he doesn’t even hate it.

And maybe one of them’s fallen in love with a Californian sculptor who doesn’t put up with his shit, and he’s absolutely loyal, barely manages to flirt with anyone all night. They have a Great Dane, out in their home in Monterey, and he walks the pup along the foggy coast every morning before he goes home and makes breakfast for his still-asleep girlfriend.

3. Where did the second half of Paris’s arc go? I wanted her to figure out it wasn’t the marriage that was the problem, it was the stairs, and sell the house. I wanted her and Rory to get drinks every season, while Rory stressed about the eighteen article pitches she had in the fire (did she write anything in those twelve months except a book Lorelei asked her not to?), and Paris tore apart Doyle’s latest script with language slightly kinder than what she used to his face.  

4. There are plenty of things to keep– keep the relationship Jess and Luke have grown into, where Jess makes Luke take a break and sit down and talk when he can tell something’s wrong, where he rips out Luke’s wireless router as a gesture of love, and steals his ballcap.

4b. Keep Lorelei going out to hike the Pacific Crest Trail because she read a book and she wants an epiphany– keep the fact that she never ends up hiking anywhere, and keep her phone call to Emily behind a closed roadside diner, when she tells her the story about her father that she hadn’t been able to give Emily at the funeral.

4c. Lord, keep Emily’s adopting Berta’s whole family and moving to Nantucket and frightening children with gleeful stories of whale murder. It’s not that her life with Richard, as society wife and DAR leader, wasn’t a full and fulfilling and true one– it’s just that that life was theirs, and he is gone. She needed to find something that would give her joy, and she did.

4d. Keep Luke’s Diner unfranchised, and, yes, absolutely, give Lorelei the inheritance for the Dragonfly. She has always been the empire builder. 

4e. Keep Rory turning down Logan’s key. For all I found the details of the arc with Logan absurd, I loved the end of it. That conversation, full of affection and respect– he will be there if she needs him, but she needs not to need him, and he’s gonna let her go. And her going to her grandfather’s study, writing at his desk– I think that was right, too. It went full circle, and I liked that. Rory and Richard’s friendship remains important to me, in his absence or not.

Though Rory’s relationship with grief was much subtler than Emily’s or Lorelei’s (and maybe should have been less subtle…), her grandfather shaped so much of her. She was running for so much of this story, grasping– leaving boxes here and there. She wouldn’t be who she was without Lorelei, but she also wouldn’t be the same without Richard and Emily.

5. But as much as I lovelove the desk, Rory sitting there with the blue light of her Mac lighting up her face in her grandfather’s inner sanctum– I’m pissed she wrote the book.

I was so damn proud of Lorelei for telling Rory “no.” I wanted Rory to respect that, not to talk about how she needed it. I wanted Lorelei to get the boundaries she asked for. It became, as it often does in this show, first about Rory’s desires– not even her needs, just her wants. 

And, more than that– Rory counters Lorelei’s desire for privacy with the argument that this book is the only thing that inspires her right now, the only thing that’s easy. Uh, okay? Why is your ease more important than your mother’s ownership of her own story? I’m a writer, so maybe this pisses me off more than your average viewer– but writing is work. This is not about easy and hard. Writing’s something you pour time and effort into. You write when you’re inspired, when you’re not, when you love the words and when you hate them– you put things down on paper.

And Rory’s not just a writer– she’s someone who’s trying to make a living as a journalist and/or non-fiction author. How on earth is she paying her bills? Did she write a single article that whole year? My god, child– write about lines in NYC. Become a staff member on the website that’s begging for you– and go into your interview with pitches, like a goddamn professional. Did she forget she had to earn things? Rory has this tendency to have things handed to her, and I can never tell if the show knows. Take notes on River Song, the eccentric feminist academic– ask questions instead of doodling. There was a book there, absolutely, but Rory wasn’t putting in the work.

And when Lorelei tells you she doesn’t want her story told, Rory, you listen.

I wanted Rory at that desk, face lit up in the dim light, comfortable in her grandfather’s legacy and love, but I wanted her to be writing something else.

Write about Star’s Hollow, this absurd cast of lovely characters and public shenanigans. There are books and books there– imagine the stories Miss Patty could tell.

Write about Richard, or go up to Nantucket and ask Emily about her life, her loves, her successes and failures and triumphs. In high school Rory once made a piece on asphalt seem fascinating; she can handle pulling some interest out of decades of backstabbing and intrigue in New England upper crusts, especially with Emily “I’ll say bullshit all I like” Gilmore’s help.

Be a goddamn professional, Rory Gilmore. And buy some underwear.

Shape of You

Anonymous asked: tyler x reader inspired by “shape of you- ed sheeran” you two meet in a club and start talking and then you guys drive away (hotel or tylers house) annnnd the smut begins:) thanks


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Tyler Joseph Imagine
Words: 2,130
Rating: E
Warnings: Sex, Drinking

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I wanted to be in Salt-n-Pepa so much that my friend Juliet and I started our own band, Sweet-n-Sour when we were nine. I was Sour. We had some funny songs. We had two little boys to be our little bitches who would dance for us. We wrote a song called Boys Who Needs Them? and in the middle of the song they’d come on and list girls names while we dissed them. We performed our songs at school assemblies and had a dance routine where we’d be grinding. The tiny kids in reception would be like ‘yuk, what are they doing?’ But we were too short to see if the older boys at the back could see us.
—  Amy Winehouse in an interview with John Marrs, 2004

A very happy birthday to one of my closest friends, @dallnweeks… Jenn, you are such a queen and have always been there for me… when I need advice, when I need help or just when I want to fan girl over Brendon! You taught me how to make gifs and you taught me all about Panic! from when I started, who are now my favourite band to date. You’re always putting a smile on my face! You make me laugh and you make my days happier. Thank you for being in my life and here’s to celebrate another year of yours. ❤


Another imagine :) I’m thinking of starting to do ones for other band members :/

“I need you to stay back late so you can finish off Sarah’s papers. She had to go home early, she said her stomach was hurting. Bless that girl.” Your Boss, Naomi, said dropping around 50 pages of empty paperwork onto your desk. She walked away, scowling at you and went into her office. You hated your boss as much as she hated you and as much as she loved Sarah. You groaned and got out your phone to ring your boyfriend Andy.

“Hi baby, what’s up?” he said and you could tell he was smiling. God you loved his smile.

“Hey babe. I just wanted to say that I might not be back before you get back from the studio, Naomi’s dumped a shit tonne of Sarah’s work on me and I’m not allowed to leave until it’s finished. I should be back before dinner though.”

“Okay babe, well, don’t get to stressed. If you get to tired just call me and I’ll come and give you a lift and if they refuse, they’ll have me to answer too. Does that sound alright?”

“Perfect! Love you!” you both said your goodbyes and hung up. You went back to your computer screen to finish of the work you were supposed to be doing. The office you were in was extremely hot so you turned on your desk fan. You pressed the power button but nothing happened. “Shit” you muttered to yourself, “Broken”. After a while, you finished your work on the computer and began to pack up your things when you looked down at the paperwork that you still had to finish. You rolled your eyes, sighed and opened it up to the first page.

As you expected, the paperwork was boring and around ten pages through you began to feel incredibly ill from the heat. Your head was pounding and your vision was going blurred. You carried on filling in the paper when all of a sudden you went incredibly dizzy. You took deep breaths and tried to get up to go to the bathroom. You heaved yourself off the chair but when you tried to walk, you collapsed. You felt yourself hit the ground and although your hearing was muffled, you could hear your co workers gathering around you and someone calling an ambulance.

You must have been knocked out because when you opened your eyes, paramedics were surrounding you and Andy was leaning over you, a relieved expression on his face.

“Oh thank God babe, I thought you were gone for a second!” He said, stroking the top of your forehead.

“What happened? What’s going on?” you sat up on your elbows and squinted at the light.

“You fainted darling. Don’t worry, the paramedics said it was nothing to serious, just a bit of stress and a tiny bit of dehydration. They said you can come home, just get some rest.” He smiled at you and you smiled back, nodding. A friendly looking paramedic came to speak to you, told you not to move around to much and just to stay at home for a few days.

Andy offered his hand to help you up and you took it. He grabbed your stuff, put his arm around your shoulder as you leaned into his side and walked you to the car. “What about my work?” you asked, looking up at him. “Don’t worry about that darling. I had a little chat with your boss and I don’t think she’ll be putting too much pressure on you any more.” He replied, giving you a mischievous smile.

When you got back to the house, Andy set you down on the couch and put a horror movie into the DVD slot. He sat down next to you and put his arm around you. you snuggled into his side and began to watch the movie. Something popped up on the screen and you buried you head in Andy’s chest, pulling at his shirt. He laughed and put his hand on your head. you looked back to the screen, only to be greeted by another scary face. You screamed a little and put you face back in his chest. He pulled you in tighter.

“ssshhh,” he whispered, “I’ve got you.”

The names were just random names so any name-related things are un-intetional

I’ve posted on her a few times butttt…
I need some new friends to talk to.
I like music and reading and writing and some people and YouTube. I’m in a band but its just starting. I write some things but not really sure if they any good. I’m a Fangirl. But don’t let it scare you away. I love bands. And hanging out with and talking to my friends is great. I’m weird and random and sometimes childish. Not much more to tell you except ways to talk.
So I’ve got Snapchat, Instagram, and obvi tumblr. Snapchat: courtie.p Instagram: courtie.luvs and tumblr: girl-thatyou-love

So yeah that’s all. I think. I’m pretty sure.

fav bands/musical artists:

  • my chemical romance
  • gorillaz
  • daft punk
  • baths
  • geotic
  • blacksquares/girls rituals/mom/etc
  • against me!

bands/artists i really like but need to listen to more of so im not a Fake Fan

  • sufjan stevens
  • akala
  • clppng
  • the mountain goats
  • mykki blanco
  • le1f
  • killerblood
  • gazette
  • the protomen
  • theres like a lot more im tired and idk why i started this list

feel free to give music recs based on this!!

Today I met these 2 girls staying at my hotel; they were going home today. One of the girls were 15 and the other was 16, the 15 year old was wearing an Asking Alexandra shirt I right away complemented her and told that I loved that band. 15 minutes later this girl and I are in full on conversation about bands, school, boys/girls, yada yada; eventually we started taking about our depression and anxiety problems and we both looked at each other with a sigh of relief that maybe we’re not alone after at all. Eventually it was time for her family to leave I gave her my number and told her if she ever needed anything to give me a call, she took it and told me “thanks I always need advice” she gave me a hug and we went our separate ways. This is an amazing feeling for me I’m the youngest in my family so for once I got to feel like a big sister. I think I was so drawn to this girl because she reminded me of myself when I was that age, so I kinda knew her journey was only about to begin so I guess I’m hoping that in the end I can help this girl threw those obstacles because I know it would’ve been nice to have someone to talk to when I was going threw all that stuff.


Replacing your faves;; Ariana Grande? Jo Bo Ah.

Yes, we all know that Ariana Grande is your fave. But here’s a FC that not only gives off the same look as Ariana,  but is underused and is actually an actress. Now, before you start with the salt, I know not all Fcs need to be actresses, but let’s be real; Using actresses/Actors as fc gives you a wider range of personalities/tropes and plots to go through. So why don’t we take a deeper look?

Jo Bo Ah (  조보아 ) is a 22 year old actress from Daejeon, South Korea. She has played the spoiled rich girl trope ( All About My Mom, Jang Chae Ri) , the humble Rich Girl trope ( Shut Up Flower Boy Band ( Im Soo Ah) ,  The Hacker Trope ( Missing Noir M; Jin Seo Joon),  The Obssesor/ Psychopath ( Innocent thing; Young-Eun).  She’s also played as a mermaid in the drama surplus princess. Xiaolongrph has a gif hunts for her ( XXX ) and I am currently working on giffing her as her role in All About my Mom.

Now, like I said. I know, Ariana’s your fave,  But  Ariana is just a singer and she doesn’t have that wide range of emotional gifs. (Cue people saying that Kpop stars a just singers and i’m a hypocrite.)  But not only do they look extremely similar, but Jo Bo Ah could play everything that Ariana has played and do it better; All because she has a wider range of gifs. ( But that’s just my opinion.)  Still not convinced? Here’s a clip of Jo Bo Ah in her newest drama going shifting through three different Drunk emotions (Anger, Happiness and Sadness) ( XXX ) (Skip to 0:15)

If you are in need of resources  for her, please feel free to request them from me!

anonymous asked:

I wanted to talk about G & how underrated she is today. Fans are talking about B hoping he writes more so I researched how man songs B an G wrote. They listed 5 for B & 97 for G. Is it just me or did bands/solo artists back in the day write all their own music. Today's artist in all genres seem to have song writers. I wish they would talk more about G as a writer not just a singer. Her lyrics are amazing and unlike others. If B needs more confidence to write he is with the right girl.

I don’t think it has to do with time period as much as the artist… I mean when singers are starting out in their career, they probably write more of their own songs because they aren’t established enough to get big songs from big songwriters. But as time goes on, they might start relying on other people’s songs more. Gwen is just an artist who has always written her own music… And there are artists out there like that. I mean Taylor writes a lot of her own music too. But some people can’t write, they can only sing. And some people can write but can’t sing. So they tag team and then magic is made. I don’t think it’s bad if an artist doesn’t write their own music, because not everyone can. But I do enjoy music that was written by the artist a little more.

Rumors. Kill. If there is one thing you need to know as you approach your teens, it’s this. Rumors will leave scars metaphorically and literally. Rumors will leave a girl self conscious about something that was never real. Rumors end relationships. Rumors break up bands. Rumors eat away at friendships. Rumors split apart families. Rumors turn fans against each other. Rumors destroy every good possibility. They highlight the bad that no ones even sure was ever there. Rumors create more secrets. Rumors make people question each other. They pull negativity from empty spaces. And you don’t have to start them, to be a part of the mess. You contribute, and it forms on your tongue and in the ears of everyone that hears you. You have the ability to stop and say: this is not justifiable. I will not water weeds just so that there is something growing in the garden.
—  don’t believe everything you hear, or see, or read in people magazine.
has anyone made the ml band au

if not im here bitche$

  • so hold on tight 
  • marinette plays guitar
  • adrien plays drums
  • remember the smelly wolf recreation thing except they’re actually talented
  • marinette and adrien were in shitty bands that they leave because everyone in them sucked and just wanted to win battles and shit and get famous
  • but mari and adrien r in it for the MUSIC
  • marinette goes by the stage name ladybug, ofc, for no reason really
  • adrien goes by chat noir bc gabriel is a famous musician and he doesnt want people to think that he’s only where he’s at bc of his dad
  • anyways chat and ladybug kno of each other and go to band things/concerts and meet up sometimes
  • they have a lil jam session at a party once and r like
  • “yo….. u wanna start another band together”
  • and so theyre like HELL YEA
  • chat is constantly flirtin lb up bc shes like a hot guitarist girl how can u not
  • BUT u kno.. u always need more than two members in a band
  • TADA adriens like hey i kno this guy who does edm but he can play synth
  • VOILA….. nino (aka the bubbler, or perhaps dubbler) enters
  • and THEN marinettes like hey i kno this cute emo girl who dropped from her punk band
  • yo juleka she was a guitarist but she got a killer voice even tho shes really shy abt it 
  • alya hears abt marinettes band back in the scene and shes like GIRL U NEED A MANAGER.. THE MANAGER IS ME NOW
  • and FINALLY.. adrien meets nathanael jammin on a bass a little bit at a party
  • SO U GOT:
  1. 2 rocker band drop outs who like probably only wanna cover queen songs
  2. an edm artist
  3. a lil indie ginger
  4. and an emo

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1. I wanted to feel
Like I mattered at a time
When nobody cared
2. Feelings fade with time
But dragging it out hurt more
Sorry, broke your heart
3. I fell out of love
When you went off for college
It just had to end
4. Our love spanned the sea
Before I could feel your skin
Your fear interfered
5. Was not meant to be
Stolen kisses were not worth
A broken friendship
6. Wanted attention
You reeked of apathy and
Held me back from truth
7. New school meant fresh start
I was infatuated
You had a girlfriend
8. You were the missing
Piece I needed for my set
Still was incomplete
9. We liked the same bands
But you were more a concept
Than a real lover
10. Fingers intertwined
My heart flutters at the touch
Of your lips on mine
—  a haiku for every guy I’ve ever had feelings for // s.i. (inspired by a haiku for every girl I’ve ever slept with by benedict smith) 
Little Family - Andy

A/N: Sorry this has taken so long -arbitraryusername-! I’ve had no motivation lately! Hope its worth the wait :)

It was hard for Andy being a single father. With his busy band schedule he didn’t get to see much of his daughter. When he was touring she went to stay with his parents, but when he was in the studio, you were his nanny, and he would get to come home in the evenings, or lunch time, or when he wasn’t particularly needed, and check on his little girl.

One evening he’d got home a little later than normal, so you’d started getting her ready for’d bathed her and put her in her sleep suit but you knew she wouldn’t go down until she’d seen her dad. She may have only been young, but she was already such a daddy’s girl.

When Andy got back, you were in the nursery, rocking her back and forth, singing ‘Done For You’. You thought one of Andy’s own songs would be a comfort to his fussy daughter, and it was keeping her calm. He stood quietly at the door, watching how good you were with his baby girl.

You’re daddy does everything for you, you know?” you whispered to the little girl in your arms.

You bet I do,” said Andy, making you jump slightly.

How long were you there?” you asked as he took his daughter from your arms.

Long enough,” he smiled, before looking down at his child. “I love you, baby girl,” he said softly placing a kiss on her head. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here for bath time, but it’s time for sleep now,” he said, placing her gently in her crib. “See you in the morning, princess.

You’re such an amazing dad,” you told Andy as the two of you left the nursery.

He sighed. “You think?

Of course,  you love her so much.

You do too, don’t you?” he asked, catching you off guard.

She’s a great kid,” you told him.

You are so great with her, you know what she needs when, and how to cheer her up, sometimes I think you know her better than I do.

Don’t be ridiculous, you’re her father,” you told him, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder as you stood at the foot of the stairs.

Don’t go yet,” he said. “Stay and have a cup of coffee or tea or something?

Sure,” you said. “Tea would be lovely.” You knew if you had coffee you wouldn’t be able to sleep when you got home.

It’s strange watching you with her,” Andy said, once you were both sat in the living room with drinks.

What do you mean?

She should have a mother here to look after her when I’m not around, and do all the bits you do. Watching you being so amazing with her, it’s kinda weird that you aren’t her mum.

What do you mean? I’m the nanny, I’m just doing my job.”

Is that all it is, though? A job? You must get attached to her.

Of course I do. She’s a little angel, how could someone not fall in love with her?” you gushed.

It’d be really great for her to have someone here when I’m on tour. Well, I guess just someone around permanently, like a mother would be, give her some more regularity and schedule in her life. And watching the two of you,” Andy rambled, trailing off lost in thought.

Andy? Do you have a point in all of this?” you asked. Your heart was beating a little faster than normal as you tried not to let yourself hope he was going to ask you out.

You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t thought about it. You spend so much time with his child, and seeing him with her was beautiful, you were afraid you’d started to fall for him.

I don’t suppose you’d want to make all this a more permanent position? Really be part of our little family, I mean?” he asked.

What do you mean, part of the family?” you heart rate was increasing again, but you wouldn’t believe it, not until he said it.

I really like you. I’m sorry, I know it’s weird or wrong, but I’d love for you to be my girlfriend, and be around as a mum for my daughter,” he confessed.

Andy, I’d love to!” you told him.

Are you serious?

Yes, of course I am!

He immediately got up from his chair to kneel beside you and pull you into a huge hug, grinning from ear to ear.

So, will you move in  to look after her when I’m on tour?” he asked as he pulled away.

I’d be delighted to,” you told him, before he excitedly pushed his lips to yours in a gentle, loving kiss.

for oliversfelicitysmoak who was harrassing me all day to find her good fics to read bc apparently that’s all i’m good for. here are your basics hayley and her is my ao3 bc you were complaining about not getting to read my fics. also howtogetawaywithsutter bc you need to read these too.


  • I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone (or, Clarke is a Punk Rocker) by itsactuallycorrine (M, 23k), When his sister told him she had started her own band, Bellamy had assumed she meant a bubblegum pop girl group.So the punk rock coming out of his garage is a shock. Almost as much as guitarist Clarke Griffin.(Octavia, Raven & Clarke as a punk rock cover band AU because drummer!Raven is my jam and so is Bellarke (and background Monty/Miller))
  • Trident by jaegermighty (T, 7k), "Okay so, here’s the thing,“ Octavia said, "if you fuck my brother, I’ll fuck you up, capiche?" 
  • some things you can’t go back to by nathen-millers (NR, 1k),  Bellamy and Clarke in a world that might be beacon hills. (part 1)
  •  And the best has yet been made by nathen-millers (T, 2k), prequel to ‘some things you can’t go back to'Bellamy and Clarke in the beacon hills world. (part 2)
  • i’ve got you by eponymous (T, 6k), ‘Thank you,’ he says, gruffly, as he hands her the pack his friends stole from her at gunpoint. ‘For my sister’s life.’And she wasn’t sure what she was expecting from Bellamy Blake, but that certainly wasn’t it.Zombie Apocalypse AU + Bellarke. What could possibly go wrong?(Or, five times Clarke Griffin worked a miracle & one time she didn’t have to)
  • Home (Keep Running Till You’re There) by blackravenswing (T, 2k)
  • Life Stories are Second Date Material by nymja (G, 2k), Bellamy Blake hates picking up his sister from her job at the local coffee shop. A blonde pre-med student makes him hate it a little less.
  • tell me a secret (that i already know) by deedadoo  (G, 2k), You do not love her.This is what you tell yourself. You do not know if it is the truth.
  • sorry for wanting so much by kwritten (G,1k), for the prompt: I can’t remember if you make me feel or if you were the one to make me numb
  • City lights lay out before by usdutchmoxie (T, 6k), 5 times they picked each other up from bad dates, and one time they didn’t have to.
  • Trouble Sleeping by AvaRosier (M, 3k), Conversely: The Mating Habits of the North American Werewolf (Princess) 
  •  Multiverse II by jaegermighty (T, 12k), AU ficlets. "Look,” Clarke says, “I’m sorry I hit you in the head.”
  • Frostbite by jaegermighty (T, 5k), "That serum didn’t make you any less of a damn fool,“ Bellamy snapped. "Though that’s not exactly a surprise.”
  • Though I Am Death, You Are Life by Lionheart_Rising (T, 3k), He is the god of the underworld, and he would have her as his queen. After all, darkness calls to darkness.
  • the feel-good hit of the summer by disco_vendetta (G, 7k), Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake are sleeping together.(aka ROCK BAND AU)
  • make another world (inside my head) by Lina (T, 2k), Bellamy always believed that he had made Clarke up inside his head. An imaginary friend that he went on adventures with as a kid (and a little longer), someone that he dreamt up, but wasn’t real.He just always wished he was wrong about the “made up” part.
  • all the ark’s a stage by the-one-that-fell (5k), Clarke and Bellamy pretend to date as they plan their siege of Mount Weather. However, when Abby thinks Bellamy is cheating on her daughter, they realize they can use the ensuing drama to their advantage.
  • snark and sap by ms bricolage (G, 3k), Raven looks back as Clarke let’s both kids run off, a small and likely entirely unconscious smile on her face. Clarke, clinical, hard edges, she-of-the-motivational-speeches-and-terrible-humour, is a gigantic pushover with physical contact.Raven grins, “This is so awesome,”Bellamy laughs, “I know.”
  • darling, we outshone the stars by royalwisteria (T, 6k), Bellamy and Clarke were together for three and a half years.
  • Sing the Rage of Peleus’ Son Achilles by viansian (M, 10k), "I have spent my entire life afraid of men thought to be gods,“ he finally says. "I’ll tell you a secret, princess: these men? The ones who claim to be deities? Their blood isn’t ichor. They bleed red like the rest of us, and sometimes they need to be reminded of that.”
  • Cookies and Papercuts by lanihope (T, 2k), Based off of the prompt from tumblr: Who wraps presents horribly and has to get help from the other? Bellamy comes over to help Clarke wrap presents and gets cookies in return. Lots of fluff.
  • bury my love by spiekiel (G, 2k), And Clarke fixes him with a doe-eyed stare that Bellamy has seen melt the hearts of Arab princes and stone-faced southern senators alike, but he’s on-duty, and on-duty he has a built up immunity to just about all of her negotiation tactics, even the adorable underhanded ones. “No,” he says, with finality.
  • live my life without [coming up for air] by spiekiel (T, 4k), The first time he meets Clarke, it’s three in the morning and all he’s wearing are his boxer shorts and a bad case of bed head.
  • IOU My Heart by thegirlgrey (T, 10k), The 5 times Clarke and Bellamy trade IOU’s and the one time they trade their hearts.orThe Grey’s Anatomy-ish AU that nobody asked for (but secretly wants).
  • of all the gin joints.. by flirtingwithtrackers (M, 6k), (except subtract the gin joint and add in a coed communal college dorm bathroom, oops)the one where bellamy walks in on clarke masturbating
  • claret by flirtingwithtrackers (M, 1k), clar·et (ˈklerət) adjective. also called claret red. a deep purplish-red color.“He’s probably about to say another snarky remark when Clarke lowers her face to his and places a lipstick-stained kiss to the corner of his mouth."or, the one where clarke buys new lipstick and then sex
  • (not so) secret by flirtingwithtrackers (M, 1k), for anon prompt: "pls do more fics like 'claret’ but with people noticing clarke’s mark on bellamy’s (or hickeys if that counts too)"or, bellamy and clarke are secretly dating and clarke’s need to mark up bellamy in the bedroom is making it a little harder to keep it a secret
  • Where We Are by winterwaters (G, 3k), “We’re going to shatter that stupid one-child rule over and over again,” Clarke whispers in his ear that night, and Bellamy somehow falls even more in love with her.
  • these lights burn brightest by ms bricolage (NR, 15k)


  • Your love will be {Safe with me} by shield_maiden (T, 1k), When he turns to you and calls you ‘babe’ with those stupid puppy eyes you really want to punch him but Raven gets there first and she knees him in the groin as hard as she can. She leans down and says something in his ear, presumably a threat if the shit eating grin she flashes you after is any indication, but you were way too distracted by her ass in those jeans and honestly didn’t hear a word she’d said.Modern AU


  • All of the Above by perfectlystill (M, 33k), It starts, much to Raven’s chagrin, under the bleachers.
  • You and Me and You, Too by boofadil (M, 16k), When Clarke opens her door at 8am on a Sunday morning, she’s only slightly surprised that Bellamy has a gorgeous woman with him. At least he brought coffee.
  • The Wilderness by AvaRosier (E, 7k), The haunted expression that shutters Clarke’s face makes Raven’s heart clench in empathy. “I would.” She whispers, sounding starkly certain in a way that reminds Raven that down here on the ground, the wilderness was unrelenting and it stole inside them all, seeping in through the cracks left by the stunted lives they had led before. Clarke had gone out into the woods with Finn, and she had come back with blood caked into her fingernails and the look of death in her eyes. Raven remembers her frantically scrubbing her hands with moonshine before she would allow herself to touch the bullet wound in Raven’s abdomen.
  • Baby Must Be Good To You by hariboo (E, 5k), Clarke has this thing when she gets into a painting. It’s kinda weird, mostly hot. Actually very hot, like insanely hot. He and Raven have lost hours of the day because of it.
  • Stained Fingers Across Your Cheek by hariboo (T, 6k), Clarke misses drawing. Clarke also really wants to draw Raven and Bellamy, but that comes later.
Everything feels totally wrong, it’s so pop… We’re not a pop band and it feels like a really pop video, the whole scenario, it’s not really what we’re about… It needs to be black and white for a start.
—  Matt Healy (The 1975//Girls)
Home (future CS drabble)

As I said in an earlier post, I wrote something. This is actually the first time I write anything, the nearest thing I’ve ever wrote being essays. So bear with me, because this might be absolute garbage.

But I still wanted to post this because we are in need of some fluff after last night’s episode and next week’s promo. At least I am lol.

So here it goes, pointless fluffy future cs drabble. It’s not edited and English isn’t my first language, so I apologize if something doesn’t make sense or there are mistakes along the way.

The little boy was looking up at him with his big blue eyes wide open. Killian extended his right arm and the boy started playing with his wedding band, absolutely marveled by its golden shine.

A little girl came into the room looking for her favorite toy, which was laying on the floor at Killian’s feet, in a pile of random games and toys and stuffed animals. It was obvious there were kids living in the house.

“Daddy, when is mommy coming home?” The little girl looked up at his father, a small pout on her porcelain-like face.

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So in math class today

We had some free time so our teacher let us get in groups and just talk until class was over. I was in a group with Wyatt, Paige, Mason, and Emily. They got into a discussion about Pitch Perfect 2, and then started talking about a cappella, which I saw as a chance to introduce my friends to Pentatonix. 

Me: “Have you heard of the band Pentatonix?” 

Paige: “Yeah, they’re getting pretty popular.” 

Wyatt: “Yesss, I like them. I need to listen to them more though.” 

Me: “Who’s your favorite member?” 

Wyatt: “The guys who sings insanely high.” 


Emily: “The girl is really cool.” 

Mason: “I like the beatboxer.” 

*from the back of the classroom* Dylan: “I LIKE THE TALL BLOND DUDE!” 

And I explained who was who and then Wyatt asked, “Do any of them have any pets?” (he freaking loves animals) 

I said, “Yeah, Kirstie has a dog named Olaf, I don’t think Avi or Kevin have any pets, and Scott and Mitch have a cat named, well, Wyatt.” 

And then Wyatt starts screaming