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Good pride and prejudice fic recommendations?

A Mother’s Favorite Wish: Marriage forces the Darcys to learn a thing or two more about pride and prejudices than they ever thought they needed to know.

Lucky 13: She needs a date to take to Christmas dinner with her crazy family. He needs to find his Christmas spirit. She leaves no stone unturned: speed dating, Jewish matchmaker, personal ad, blind dates. All along he was right there before her - a FDNY Firefighter modeling for the 2014 beefcake calendar, which her ad agency is organizing. Sexy, frustrating and outrageously funny. Matchmaking and misunderstandings abound. Will their Christmas dreams come true?

Lucky Bastard: William finds himself drawn to his best friend Cole’s fiancée, Jane. After getting to know her better, he realizes that Jane is not who she appears to be. At the same time, William develops a friendship with Jane’s irrepressible younger sister, Ebee.

Denial of Conscience: When horrific events in a privileged life cause the walls of Pemberley to come crashing down around him, Fitzwilliam Darcy uses the fallen debris to build a fortress around his heart, barricading himself from the brightness . The new persona, emerging from tragedy, has a focus only for revenge. A chance vision of a woman, destined to share his fate, forces sunlight into his bleakness, invigorates the next adventure with passion, and changes the path of destiny for them both.

By The Numbers: Social worker Elizabeth Bennet hates bankers. Will Darcy is an artistic soul trapped in a banker’s world. Beer is spilled, barbs are thrown and love emerges.

Claims of Duty: A chance meeting in Ramsgate changes everything for Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.

Suddenly I See: Darcy knows from his Second Sight that Elizabeth will one day be his wife. Of course, Elizabeth has no way of knowing his assurance is anything more than prideful conceit. Darcy’s certainty will bring much uncertainty before it brings happiness to either.

The Houseguest: When Georgiana Darcy comes to Netherfield to visit her brother, she becomes friends with a neighbor, Elizabeth Bennet. After Miss Darcy has returned to London, she invites her new friend to stay with her at the Darcy home in town … unbeknownst to Mr. Darcy. Will this change in circumstances lead to a change in affections?

Wholly Unconnected to Me: Dr. Bennet, Lady Catherine’s personal physician, has brought his family to live in the shadow of Rosings park to benefit from the attentions of his patroness. Headstrong Elizabeth seems to thwart the great lady at every turn, but for the sake of Anne, Elizabeth is forgiven–until she refuses to turn her back on Mr. Darcy.

You’d Every Cause to Doubt Me: When his friend Bingley drags the beautiful and elusive Will Darcy out for his birthday, he expects a quiet meal out of the spotlight and nothing more. But when they end up at an underground cabaret club, the sensual woman on stage well and truly steals his spotlight, amongst other things, and Will’s world is about to be rocked. Less naive, more adult P&P. (WIP)

Bones Grow from the Middle to Both Ends: Lizzie Bennet knew about a lot of things: How to best handle OneNightStands and Hangovers, keep Charlotte from doing dumb things, bear her mother, healing stones and weddings and most important of all: HOW TO SURVIVE BEING A MED STUDENT! But all those abilities were suddenly of no use at all when it came to one William Darcy. Her fucking professor. (WIP)

Sanguine: Set in late spring of 1812. Neither Elizabeth nor Darcy visit Kent, but they both attempt to travel to North America for different reasons. A storm wrecks the ship and Elizabeth and Darcy find themselves stranded on a deserted island alone together.

Till There Was You: Elizabeth Bennet grows up as the daughter of the Darcy’s coachman, and from the age of nine has been in love with Colonel Fitzwilliam. 

here’s a bunch more of recs: xxxx (i’ve read almost everything from this list)

Band of Brothers AU where they all attend ‘Single Parent Speed Dating’

  • Nixon isn’t even an actual father. But he has 5 dogs and they totally count as his children.
  • Even though he told everyone he did not need something like Speed Dating Speirs still showed up. But he totally sneaked in the room just so no one would see him.
  • Liebgott and Webster are married already but whenever they have a fight they go to an Event like this just to prove the other one that they could totally find somebody better than their husband. After 2hrs of awkwardness they remember that they already found the perfect match.
  • Lipton and Winters were convinced by Welsh to go try meet other single parents. They are both very loving fathers but Harry knew that they needed somebody else in their lives. 
  • Babe refused to go on his own, so Bill had to come with him. Bill never told him that he wanted to come anyways just for a different reason.
  • Malarkey, Skip and Penkala are the trio hosting the thing and make everybody attending uncomfortable with their stupid jokes. But they have a surprisingly good idea of who might match with each other.
  • When Speirs enters the room the first thing he sees is Lipton smiling at him, highlighted by a violin playing a romantic melody. The violin is played by Skip who quickly disappears before Speirs can vent his anger.
  • Roes collegue Renee mislead him to the Speed Dating because she figured he needed someone by his side to take care of his adorable daughter.  

Things you will NEVER (most likely) EVER hear an INTP say

  1. I love your enthusiasm!
  2. I’m tired of reading.
  3. Eh, I’m not really feeling like watching a documentary. Let’s go out!
  4. Hi roomies! While you were gone, I cleaned the entire house!
  5. Uh oh. I broke something. I need to fix it immediately!
  6. I never lose my glasses.
  7. I think speed dating would be so fun.
  8. I would love to try working in retail.
  9. Can someone show me how to work this? I can’t figure it out.

Things you are FAR more likely to hear an INTP say

  1. Wow… that’s… great… *thinking*: get me AWAY from this person!
  2. Yeah, just a second, I’ve got to finish this book. I’ve only got 5 chapters left. I started it this morning.
  3. I can’t make it… I have… homework to do. *actually hasn’t done homework, but is currently watching a documentary and isn’t planning on doing homework anytime soon*
  4. Oh shoot! My roommates are home! I said I would do the dishes! *thinks about rushing to do them* Eh, I’ll get to them later.
  5. Oops. I’ll fix that later. *literally never fixes it*
  6. Where ARE my glasses. I swear, they’re never where I put them! *left them on top of the fridge*
  7. Hahaha yeaaaah… speed dating… what fun… But I, uh… Can’t… I’ve got… things… to do. *trembles in horror*
  8. I’ll just wait till 1 AM to go to Walmart so I can avoid the crowds.
  9. No, no, just give me a second. I’ve got this. *struggles for 15 minutes before figuring it out* Haha, told you. That was so easy.
One Date At A Time

To my award winner from oh-so-long ago. Sorry this took so long darling! I truly meant for this to be out way earlier.

You couldn’t stop the annoying grunt that passed through your lips, your eyes practically glued in a state of rolling. Your friend had been quite adamant about you attending this “speed dating” thing, because apparently “you needed a man”. You frowned, crossing your arms over your chest as you waited for the next man to appear. And he did, albeit hesitantly. He didn’t look very comfortable, awkwardly wringing his hands together. After an elongated pause, he sat down, his frame taking up the entire chair and then some. He was definitely easy on the eye, his blue eyes twinkling and blonde hair neat. Hell, he was more than that, the nervous smile of his pink lips prompting your own to return it.

“Steve.” He held out his hand, watching you expectantly. You didn’t take it, instead hoping to voice your opinions. He may be cute, but you still didn’t want to be here. Just as you were about to speak up, he interrupted. “Look, I don’t really know what I’m doing here.” He sighed heavily, dropping his hands into his lap, presumably to fiddle awkwardly. “My friend made me come.” He admitted, looking for all the world like it was the worst thing that could’ve happened in his life. You couldn’t stop the chuckle that bubbled up, your hand instantly flying up to cover it. At your laughter, he seemed to release the air from his lungs, a small, breathy laugh of his own managing to find its way to your ears.

“Mine did the same.” You explained, eying the bright, neon lights with disdain. “I’m not one to typically enjoy this sort of thing.” You could practically see the tension draining from him, his muscles relaxing at once. There was something soft in his blue gaze, an unbidden smile forming on his face. It was… charming.

“Uh, how about we ditch this place.” He suggested, shrugging as he swept his eyes to the other occupants of the blue and white diner.

“I like ice cream.” You smiled, his expression mirroring yours.

“Ice cream sounds great.” He murmured, rushing up so he could pull out your chair for you.

“Handsome and a gentleman,” you teased, green eyes shining with mirth. He looked almost bashful, a large grin plastered on his face.

“Always happy to help, ma’am.” The two of you chuckled, your arm slipping through his as you looked up at him. He wrapped his arm a little more comfortably around yours, the small action sending jolts of electricity to your spine. He was enrapturing, your mind fighting to keep your feet moving as you admired him from beside. 

It was pleasant outside, the sun high in the sky and the air warm, filled with the chatter of strangers and the distant hum of New York traffic. He was silent most of the walk, only speaking to ask you a few questions or comment on something you’d pass by. You were much the same, thoroughly enjoying the relaxed and peaceful nature of your walk. It wasn’t too shameful when you arrived at your destination though, the prospect of ice cream to cool you down much too glorious to turn down. 

You stood back, smiling at Steve’s figure from behind as he ordered the both of you one scoop of chocolate ice cream from a little cart in the middle of the calm park. A small sigh escaped, your thoughts much more positive than they had been earlier. You’d been sure that this day was going to turn out horrid, even going so far as to plan out your reprimanding speech to your friend. Perhaps now she deserved a hug and a trip to the mall, you mused, taking the cone gratefully from Steve.

“Thanks.” You smiled, taking a sweet taste of the succulent treat. Steve intertwined his unoccupied hand with your own, his eyes looking to you to see if it was okay. You didn’t object, squeezing it once to reassure him.

“No problem.” He replied, beginning his trek through the greens of the park, his steps slow and leisure, almost as if he wanted this to last as long as you did. Your eyes caught the distant cityscape, the buildings reaching impossible heights as you walked along the grass, hand-in-hand with Steve. “Have you been in New York long?” He asked, watching you curiously. You shrugged, too enraptured with the serene beauty to formulate an answer. Taking a deep breath of the warm air, you turned to him.

“I suppose any amount of time in this city isn’t particularly long.” You answered. “Time seems to slip by everyone anyways.” He nodded in agreement, his thumb massaging the outside of yours gently, his movements circular and soft.

“But not you?” He questioned, raising a brow, a sweet smile playing at his lips. You smirked, cocking your head to the side momentarily.

“Nah, I’m just like the rest of them.” You admitted, wishing that time would slow down, that you could stay here longer.

“I don’t believe that.” He stated.

“Believe what?” You inquired, a small twinge of confusion in your eyes. “That time slips by?”

“That you’re just like the rest of them.” He corrected, the hand holding yours abandoning it in favor of resting ever so lightly against your cheek. His skin was hot against yours, his hand moving further down to fully cup your cheek. It forced your eyes to stare into his, the intensity of his stare nearly causing you to look away. But you didn’t, too interested in the way the light reflected off his pale blue orbs and the way his tongue darted out to wet along his bottom lip. “You’re different, better.” He affirmed. You swallowed your pulse, your gaze darting around his face. He stood tall and proud, his face the picture of honesty.

“You hardly know me.” You denied, a weak chuckle on your lips, you grip nearly crushing the melting ice cream in your other hand.

“And I’d like to change that.” He smiled. “One date at a time.”