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I will be so fucking mad if the internet is taken away from everyone. It won’t just affect students, teachers, home schools, and colleges.

Doctors who need to look something up that they aren’t sure about how to diagnose their patients, researchers who are trying to prove something or discovering something new, scientists who need to check their findings online or with someone else halfway across the world. Everyone in a medical field needs to find something online, or even get some help if they don’t know something.

We will lose touch with our friends and family all around the world, we make friendships off line and when someone goes on a trip or move away we keep touch with them online.

We can say goodbye to the help hotlines, we can say goodbye to anyone who can help us through roughy spots in life, we can say goodbye to looking up something we worry about our bodies or something that doesn’t seem right, we can say goodbye to finding the best doctor in your area.

And say goodbye to news outlets that you get news from online.

We can say goodbye to people who make a living online, who sell their work, prompt their business, work, and support themselves from what they sell online.

They wouldn’t be just taking away the internet from all of us, but the way of life, our opportunities, our way we work, and live.

It’s hard to imagine how much we would be giving up if we have to pay for everything online. Because most people spent everyday online.

Also helping your parents get online would be extremely difficult because they will have to pay to go on one site and having to pay for it would be outrageous.

So please do your part and call your local officials and tell them how you feel and for them to vote for Net Neutrality. We can do this!!!

i just need a 30% on the exam tomor–later to pass the class with a 2.0

before the event went live i was considering buying hanzo’s legendary bc i’ve waited for so long i need something new for him to equip but i felt it’s gonna be um not great and i’m looking at it i still want it for that reason and it looks fine from certain angles.. if you squint really hard… but mostly he’s a garbageboy stinkman belongs in the toilet so i’m just

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my best friend realized she was genderfluid a month ago and dressed super masculine for a couple weeks then forgot about it. she has these phases where she’ll discover something new and NEED to be it until she gets bored of t. she just texted me “I think I’m otherkin...” how do i survive the next fortnight.

Funny cuz Boi and I know two people who are EXACTLY like this 🤔
But as for helping them, there’s really no way. I’m sorry son. You lost them to The Void.

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honestly i hate that anon is gone bc now i can't anonymously let y'all know about my thirst but anyway Awsten posted in his insta story and he looks fine af and it's So Much and Lucky People dropped and it is SO MUCH and tonight shaped up to be a good night Geoff just needs to post something new to complete this i hope ur all doing well

Omg I love this so much. Yeah man I’m sorry you can blame the nasty people who don’t know how to be nice for the fact that you must remain unthirsty (however I won’t judge if you profess your Love off anon) -Brandy

I need to find mr new i can nicely ask him to stop playin johnny guitar so often 


Dragon Zoro and the little lost Prince.

- Sanji was a Prince of a kingdom among all the brother he’s a crown prince. He escaped from being assassinated by his brothers and end up lost in a dark forest, where he met the Marimo Dragon. (°◡°♡).:。

They start  living together from then till Sanji being 19 years old, and then… leave it to TBC. 

bonus  my messy sketch for the dragon.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws quite like hobbies like crocheting and knitting. As much as they enjoy mentally challenging activities, there is something calming about repetitive tasks. Especially when they are feeling stressed.

Neville Has One (1)

-Neville Longbottm at some point probably


Room to Breathe 2.1 “Try A Little Noise” by SixSpades

In which Derek has escaped the clutches of Beacon Hills but still manages to sustain some mild property damage .

Finished just in time for Sterek Week ‘16!

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