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Hi, I've always wanted to have a border collie as a pet, but always thought they would require a lot of exercise (a few hours a day which I just can't afford with my job). A breeder told me that the fact that border collies need a lot of exercise is a myth that came from old books written in the time that most border collies were specifically bred for herding. He said that they can even be kept in apartments if you provide enough stimulation and activities. Is this true?

Heck. No.

Yes, any dog can be kept in an apartment if you provide sufficient stimulation, but Border Collies needing exercise is not a myth. 


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Some advice for people who want to lose weight.

Start now.

Not tomorrow morning. 
Not Monday, after you’ve had your holiday Christmas party and you’ve eaten all the junk in your house and have gone grocery shopping for all organic fruits and vegetables and superfoods.
Not on January 2nd after writing down your lofty resolutions in your journal.

If you keep waiting for tomorrow, for motivation to strike, for a reason or an occasion…it’s not going to happen. It’s just not. 

I have tried and failed to lose weight so many times. This past year was the first time that I’ve been succcesful - and it’s because I completely changed my mindset and my methods. I began this year very close to being medically obese at 5′3″ and just over 165 pounds. Today, I weigh a healthy 130 pounds, have gone from a 29.2 BMI to a 23.0, and have kept it off. I have not gained any weight back despite travelling more this year than I ever have in my life - including a cruise with all-you-can-eat-food and a good ol’ Southern Thanksgiving. I have turned 21 this year, I graduate from college on the 15th of this month, I have celebrated with friends, eaten, drank, lived my damn life - AND I’VE KEPT THE WEIGHT OFF.  I posted some of my progress pictures earlier today here. Initial pictures are from January this year. “After” pictures are from this past week.

So here’s my advice to you.

 I’ve worked at a gym for 6 years. I see who we call “resolutioners” all the time. It sounds mean but it HAPPENS, you guys. People swear to change their lives around, eat 100% clean and work out every day of the week and it’s TOO MUCH at once. People get discouraged. This “new, healthy lifestyle” very rarely sticks. Most of our resolutioners had about a six-week turnover rate. 

Start now. 

There are 3 weeks left of 2016. You do not have to spend your holidays crash dieting and killing yourself on a treadmill. But you can start making choices. You can start doing the little stuff. Do you drink 3 sodas on an ordinary day? Try cutting back to two, and add in a cup of water. Park further back in the parking lot when you’re holiday shopping. Go for walks in your neighborhood to look at light displays. 

The secret to losing weight is that losing weight is not a big, massive undertaking. It is a series of small steps that add up over time.

Start now. 

If you’re really sick and tired of being sick and tired, like I was at Christmastime last year, just barely toeing the line at obese, you can dip your toes into the more heavy-duty stuff. Download the MyFitnessPal app. Don’t even set a weight loss goal. Just track your food as honestly as you can. See what a normal day looks like for you. Read nutrition labels on packages. Be honest with your serving sizes and portions. 

The other secret to losing weight is that weight loss does not require exercise. You read that right - you can lose weight effectively and efficiently without ever stepping foot in a gym - as long as you are eating at a calorie deficit. You can also eat whatever you want - as long as you are eating at a calorie deficit. I have lost 35+ pounds this year subscribing to this ideology (commonly referred to as CICO - Calories In, Calories Out).


Exercise helps. Exercise makes you feel better. Exercise makes you look better. Exercise will help with loose skin issues and muscle tone. Exercise will help ensure that what you’re losing is as much fat loss and as little muscle loss as possible. Exercise can be whatever makes you feel good about yourself. If ellipticals and treadmills and weights make you feel good, join a gym now, before the Resolutioner crowd shows up. Get acquainted with the equipment. Find a time of day that you like to exercise. If the idea of going to the gym makes you break out in hives - DON’T GO TO THE GYM! Activity does not have to have a little digital clock to be considered exercise. Rollerblade, walk your dog, dance, play volleyball, I don’t care. Do something that you enjoy doing and you’ll STICK WITH IT. 

Start now.

You don’t have to make a goal to lose weight in December. Just start changing the little habits. The little things are the HARDEST things, in my experience. If you do want to lose weight, a reasonable and healthy amount to lose is 1-2 pounds per week. If you start now, you can reasonably be 6 pounds lighter by New Year’s, possibly even more with initial water weight loss. Even if you just start light, and have a small calorie deficit, you can lose 1.5-2 pounds in that same time frame. And you’ll be on the right path to losing weight and sustaining a healthier lifestyle. Because that’s what it is - it’s a lifestyle, as old and tired as that sounds.

I’m here, my ask box is open, and I’m always willing to answer questions. I am not perfect. I am not #bodygoals. I am still working on myself and my body but I am so, so much better, mentally and physically, than I was at this time last year. 

Start now.

Here are some of my favorite sites to get you started: 
LoseIt a great, supportive, and encouraging Reddit community that also has a great FAQ and wealth of knowledge about CICO and the science of losing weight, including how to find out how many calories you should be eating per day in order to lose weight based on your current height and weight.
BodyWeightFitness - another Reddit sub, this one gives great advice and beginner’s routines for bodyweight fitness, no gym or equipment required.
SkinnyTaste - My favorite food blogger and recipe creator. All of her recipes are reasonable, healthy, and have all of the nutrition info posted. And they’re DELICIOUS. No joke. I’ve never been disappointed with a SkinnyTaste recipe. They are all *actually* good. 

by way of example: I’m triggered by certain smells and music, as well as by some topics relating to prison. these are not common triggers and the impetus is therefore on me to communicate my needs and exercise self-care when applicable. if someone inadvertently triggers me, my hurt is valid (ugh) but it doesn’t follow that that person did anything wrong or deserves angry recrimination.


“that’s why you’ve got to go.”

this scene has been nagging at me since i last watched doomsday. the doctor all but stamps out his emotions, joking with the others and avoiding rose’s questions. because he can’t let on that losing rose is going to nearly finish him; he can’t guilt her into staying with him when doing so would cost her her family, when her life would be in immediate danger if she stayed in proximity to the opened void. but as i watch rose’s heart break mine responds in kind. because after everything they’ve been through, all the wonders and misadventures and near-death experiences, all the times they’ve rescued each other. in spite of the doctor’s insistence she could “spend the rest of her life with him” and her promise to stay with him “forever,” he intends to send her away again, in what he deems is in her best interest. and like the first time he isn’t giving her a choice; he’s made the decision alone. and she can’t comprehend how he doesn’t understand that she would never willingly separate from him again. even when she rebels against his plan and tells him outright: “i made my choice a long time ago, and i’m never gonna leave you,” he is bewildered by it. truthfully i think he is terrified by how much rose loves him and he loves her in return. because he can never give her a normal human life. he would never expect her to or put her in a position to choose him over anything or anyone else important to her. rose is the single best part of his life, but his fear that he doesn’t deserve her, or even deserve to be happy, is strong enough that he will always be ready to make a sudden decision to protect her even if it means sacrificing his own happiness. but what the doctor doesn’t realize is how much he is hurting her with his words and their implications, his failure to discuss or negotiate the matter with her. rose gets another brief glimpse of just how cold and alien he can sometimes be. but how quickly and easily she forgives him. how apparent it is that his untimely stoicism and inability to communicate his emotions don’t diminish how she cares for him. and time and time again the bravery, loyalty and compassion that define rose tyler will always bring her back to him, even when daleks, satan himself, or entire universes stand in her way.


More (messy) OC mageform designs for fun [in other words, mahou shoujo everywhere]. White kid’s name [here] would be Noel. :) [violin /duelist /gold] ; Lilika’s [parasol /mageknight /skyblue]

Expanded on stitchy-based themes too. I like the idea of variations of similar design too much – it’s just like MMORPG armours! hehe

shiro is keith’s concerned older brother (he’s concerned keith isn’t getting enough sun and isnt going outside enough) and he forces keith to take his (shiro’s) fat dog out for a walk bc she needs the exercise and keith needs the sunlight. so keith is just like. walking this fatass dog in the dog park when suddenly the dog (her name is princess buttercup, i just deemed it so) just BOLTS in another direction and keith is like scrambling to hold onto the leash and is running and stumbling to catch up to princess buttercup and suddenly he hears this other guy screaming and yelling and before he knows it, keith crashes into this other guy (lance) who was also running to catch up to HIS dog’s pace and both their dogs just start like running in circles and making a complete spiderweb of the leashes and basically it ends up with keith and lance being pressed together and blushing furiously (and not looking each other in the eye) because their dogs got over excited and accidentally tied them together. 

once they get untied they started awkwardly talking and when keith learns lance’s dog’s name is bark obama he laughs for like 10 minutes and lance can’t stop staring at him and blushing bc holy hell he’s cute. and lance starts flirting and stuttering and keith can’t help but flirt back, he’s so smitten w/ the cute dark haired, freckled boy with the dog named bark obama.

in the end, they trade cell phone numbers and go on a coffee/dog walking date

before you left, the last thing you said to me was that  y o u   l o v e   m e

… i don’t want to be a woman that  y o u   l o v e


You’re my piece of work.