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Remember in the movie You’ve Got Mail, when Tom Hanks writes an email to Meg Ryan about how much he loves the fall? “It makes me want to buy school supplies,” he writes. “If I had your name and address I would send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils.” That’s how I feel, too. The other day, I stepped outside my apartment to find that it was The First Crisp Morning, and I wanted to do a little dance. The first orange leaf might actually elicit a cartwheel.

Say what you want about spring – for me, fall is the true time of rebirth. After languishing all summer, too sweaty and sleepy to read anything more complicated that Cosmopolitan, I just wake up in the autumn, when I can get back inside a classroom and give my flabby brain some much-needed exercise. I can learn and grow and set all kinds of new goals. I can write in my planner – is there anything better than writing in a planner!?

And, most importantly, I can go to my favorite cozy spots and read. Currently, I am knee deep in novels for my thesis and Norton anthologies, but if you’re not a senior in college like me (or even if you are, and you’re just better at time management) here are some books that I think are perfect for scarf-and-coffee weather.


He wasn’t sure if the helmet had sensors installed or he was just that good - but, somehow, Ed knew he didn’t need to exercise caution around Jason. Even when approaching from behind, the bastard seemed to just know that he was there; and, truth be told, it baffled him to this very day.

“So…Batchick. You an’ ‘er screwin’ or somethin’?” Heh. Nothing like stirring the pot to get Jace all worked up. “Been seein’ ya ‘round the Bats a lot lately. Thought ya’d no bus’ness wit’ ‘em.”

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Hey man, I've followed you and FL for fucking years. It's helped me through shit like eating disorders, depression etc. My weight has stayed stable without getting super lean yet (need more exercise and clean cals and consistency) but I'll get there. I just feel a million times more stable high carb. I just wanted to say thanks. I'm sure you've been through shit lately but your words seem to be resonating more, maybe since your split. Hilariously honest, less craziness, just honest no BS truth

Cheers mate and GREAT to hear you are in control and making it fucking happen. :)

Work Out Longer for More Health Benefits

If you want to reap the countless health benefits of exercise, you’ll need to spend more time pumping iron, according to a new study.

Researchers say that individuals should be exercising more than the recommendations made by major health organizations if they want to significantly reduce their risk of disease and improve their overall quality of life.

It’s no secret that exercise reduces the risk of infectious illness and disease. When you exercise, more blood pumps through your body, which allows immune cells to identify and subsequently neutralize infectious illnesses before they snowball into a larger and more severe problem. Furthermore, exercise curbs stress-related hormones like cortisol, which could otherwise hinder the immune system’s ability to fend off foreign invaders.

Researchers wanted to determine exactly how much exercise was needed to achieve optimal health benefits, so they analyzed data from nearly 200 existing studies on the subject, paying close attention to the link between physical activity levels and chronic diseases like breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

So, what did they find? Researchers found the World Health Organization (WHO) currently recommends 600 metabolic equivalent units of physical activity to stay healthy. However, if you boost your exercise to 3,000 to 4,000 MET minutes, you’ll reap significantly more health benefits.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that shorter exercise sessions are useless, though. As explained by the study’s lead author, even small increases of just 10 minutes per day can have significant improvements in a person’s health.

The data very clearly shows that for someone who does not exercise at all, even small increases of ten minutes a day can have significant improvements in their health, cutting their risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and death,” said the study’s lead author.

The bottom line is that you can improve your health by spending more time at the gym. But if you’re short on time, keep doing what you are doing, because even short workout sessions are beneficial to your health.

This study was published in the BMJ.


“that’s why you’ve got to go.”

this scene has been nagging at me since i last watched doomsday. the doctor all but stamps out his emotions, joking with the others and avoiding rose’s questions. because he can’t let on that losing rose is going to nearly finish him; he can’t guilt her into staying with him when doing so would cost her her family, when her life would be in immediate danger if she stayed in proximity to the opened void. but as i watch rose’s heart break mine responds in kind. because after everything they’ve been through, all the wonders and misadventures and near-death experiences, all the times they’ve rescued each other. in spite of the doctor’s insistence she could “spend the rest of her life with him” and her promise to stay with him “forever,” he intends to send her away again, in what he deems is in her best interest. and like the first time he isn’t giving her a choice; he’s made the decision alone. and she can’t comprehend how he doesn’t understand that she would never willingly separate from him again. even when she rebels against his plan and tells him outright: “i made my choice a long time ago, and i’m never gonna leave you,” he is bewildered by it. truthfully i think he is terrified by how much rose loves him and he loves her in return. because he can never give her a normal human life. he would never expect her to or put her in a position to choose him over anything or anyone else important to her. rose is the single best part of his life, but his fear that he doesn’t deserve her, or even deserve to be happy, is strong enough that he will always be ready to make a sudden decision to protect her even if it means sacrificing his own happiness. but what the doctor doesn’t realize is how much he is hurting her with his words and their implications, his failure to discuss or negotiate the matter with her. rose gets another brief glimpse of just how cold and alien he can sometimes be. but how quickly and easily she forgives him. how apparent it is that his untimely stoicism and inability to communicate his emotions don’t diminish how she cares for him. and time and time again the bravery, loyalty and compassion that define rose tyler will always bring her back to him, even when daleks, satan himself, or entire universes stand in her way.


More (messy) OC mageform designs for fun [in other words, mahou shoujo everywhere]. White kid’s name [here] would be Noel. :) [violin /duelist /gold] ; Lilika’s [parasol /mageknight /skyblue]

Expanded on stitchy-based themes too. I like the idea of variations of similar design too much – it’s just like MMORPG armours! hehe

before you left, the last thing you said to me was that  y o u   l o v e   m e

… i don’t want to be a woman that  y o u   l o v e


You’re my piece of work.