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March and May movies

For reference, here are my four movie lists. For previous movie update posts, you can check out the monthly movie update tag.

In the last update, I said I’d watch more movies in February, and then I ended up watching none. Typical =.=

Anyhow, I watched one movie in March, nothing again in April, and finally picked up again in May, after my exam.

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Where the fricking frickfrack are the Blurays and DVDs of Legend of Korra Book 4 for Australia (and the rest of Region 4)?! (I want to BUY them, preferably from a local retailer!!!)

Been waiting patiently, now waiting impatiently. THIS THIS THIS IS WHY WE PIRATE!!!!! You want to stop piracy? You don’t need our fucking metadata, you need to make sure suppliers provide content locally in a timely manner at a reasonable price. No amount of sniffing into our privacy is going to help this problem go away.

Give me a release date, and I’ll go back to being patient about this!