need darkness

So, I have this modern dark fantasy Voltron AU that’s mostly Klance-centric and I may or may not have started writing already...

Yah or nah?

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Start at the lower band of Atem's necklace and go left until you hit blue, boom, his other earring, hiding. He hasn't given one to Seto yet so he still has them both on.

I’d say how did I miss that, but it’s blending in very nicely. It’s given me a real appreciation for just how gold Atem’s hair is. Now if you were a part of a culture where your leader was born into the role as an actual god, tell me the fact that they had this kind of hair wouldn’t have given you confidence.

Also look at how that earring is held on. I mean first, props for the detail, but second, are we saying his ears are pierced or not? I mean maybe extra clasp, going behind the ear and up for extra stability, but I can’t imagine it’s held on that well otherwise, with it being two strong clasps and no actual attachment. Does Atem have pierced ears? This is my burning question of the day.

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Alright, so… this is gonna be fun to explain. Bear with me, it might get a little confusing. I’m not going to write about every little detail, so let me know if you wanna learn about them.

Lately, I’ve been dabbling more with the ‘evil’ verse. Mainly, I’ve been trying to avoid turning him to an 'anti‘ version. Right now, I think I’m happy with it. Dark!Jack (the one on the left of the first picture, dark red) is more serious. He’s logical, practical, and no-nonsense. His focus is on the fear and terror of Hallowe'en. Saying that, he has traits we all know in canon!Jack - excited when deep in research, trusting despite the fault of others.

The one in purple is what I’ve nicknamed Crack!Jack. If the idea of a role reversal is taken into account, Dark!Jack needs to be banished to the lair on the outskirts of town. Before being banished, he suffers a blow to the back of his skull, but while in the lair, he damaged it further (hence the cracks). The injuries lead him to erroneously believe that he imagined everything prior to that - though he recovers from this by the time period of the movie/present day. He has some of the mannerisms of Canon!Jack - theatrical poses, far more expressive - but it’s a guise to see if he can twist the opinions of the other. His eyes glow orange due to the darkness of the lair. Know the 'friendly’ persona has been dropped once the light in his eyesockets go out.

(… I probably should write more but like I said, it’s confusing as it is. Know that Crack!Jack is simply a side-step of Dark!Jack, depending on how he is banished. So both can be interacted with… if people are interested, I suppose.)