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EMERGENCY!! Pennsylvania Area 17 year old trans girl needs home!! (and also my mom :o)

my mom and i have been homeless for around 2 months now after i moved away from my abusive father, my mom recently got out of prison and has literally nothing

we have been trying so fucking ridiculously hard to get things together over and over again but are constantly being denied work and a safe place to stay

and if we cant find somewhere to stay within the next 2 weeks we will be either out on the street or have to move in with my moms sister who my mom has a history of abuse and violence with in a town i can only describe as hell because everyone is either a pedophile or addicted to heroin or both, contact me through my ask box preferably or by email,

it would be ideal to have a permanent place to stay in a populated area with access to medical transition needs but ill take anything i just dont want to be out on the street oh my god

my mom might eventually be able to assist with bills when she finds work

can i amend that post and just be like…. more casual intimacy in lgbt relationships on screen because i 👏🏻 have 👏🏻 needs

‘I Need This.’

by Loyalty2WayStreet

Summary:  They both need each other, but how exactly, and can they admit it? (Rated T)


“Where is he, Donna?”

Mike had tried calling his cell and had stopped by the condo.  He wanted to apologise for yelling, being a dick, pretty much the last six years of tangled endangerment he posed and, of course, now Harvey had disappeared.

“Mike, he went to visit Lily.  He’s back tonight; plane lands at 10 pm.”

Thanks, Donna,” he all but whispered.  He stopped pacing the room and dropped his phone onto the bed.  Shit.

He flopped face first onto the bed feeling heavy with guilt.  Harvey needed him, and he’d said no, and that had sent him to see Lily?  Mike should have been there; he should be on that plane, with Harvey, helping him make sense of it all.  Forget that; he was supposed to stand beside Harvey and tell his family about the wonderful man he is and how proud he is of him.

Instead, he was here in New York trying to make a new start away from the man who had given him everything.  Well, if he was honest, everything except what he truly wanted.  He yelled his frustration into the pillow, jumped up off the bed, straightened his skinny tie and headed to the office to wait for Harvey.

It was almost midnight by the time Harvey arrived at Pearson Specter Litt.  

His first choice would have been to go to see Mike but it was so late, and he didn’t want to have to explain the why to Rachel in case she was there.  He understood why Mike was angry.  If Mike knew how he felt about him, he would never have questioned his motives, and so he blamed himself.  

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3 Women on Road Trip Looking to Couchsurf!

Hey all!  My friend Aidan (left, @luxurytampons​, she/her), my girlfriend Sophia (middle, @alien-dyke​, she/her), and I (right, @commiedyke​, she/her) are going on a road trip through the South over the next couple months!  We’ve got a lot of places to sleep already on our trip, but we’re still in need for a couple other stops!

We’re looking for looking for cool women to host us in:

- New Orleans, La (Feb 27-March 5h) (partial or whole time)
- Charleston, SC (March 10-12)
- Asheville, NC (March 12-15)
- Washington DC (Definitely March 17th but possibly a day before or after)

Send me a message if you can help us out! <3 <3 <3

NEED COUCH - Hampton/Newport News VA

((I’m submitting this on Gabe’s behalf again; he’s unable to submit through mobile at the current time))

Permanent/semi-permanent housing needed in Hampton/Newport News area.

I’m a 23 year old trans man by the name of Gabriel Hall. Recently moved to VA from FL and the lease for the place I’m currently staying in is up in August, and I must be moved out before then.

I am not currently employed and am currently broke, but I am hunting for a job and will continue to do so. I’m unable to pay rent at the present time but I am happy to take care of housework and/or cooking until I get a source of income.

Pets and smokers in house are fine.

The best method to contact me is through my tumblr at @gabriel-is-the-man or through my email at

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Could you do 90 with Finn?

Prompt: “I’m not buying ikea furniture again.”

You and Finn had just bought your first house together and you couldn’t be happier. You’d moved some furniture from your appartment and Finn’s but there were a couple of things you wanted to buy together. One of those things was a couch, which is why you and Finn were currently sat on the floor surrounded by boxes.

“Okay we really need a couch. I don’t know how much longer my butt can take sat on this floor.” You giggled stretching out, resting on your arms behind you.

“Lets go to ikea then.” Finn smiled at you, obviously pleased with his idea.

“Ikea? Finn do you really think we could build ikea furniture?” Sitting up to face him you cross your legs placing your chin in your hands.

Finn jumped up pulling you with him you. “Yeah why not. It’ll be fun!”

“Fun? We are gonna die!”

“Oh don’t be so dramatic babe. It’ll be fun.” Finn grabbed his keys and wallet heading to the door. “Well come on. I thought your butt was getting sore.” Shaking your head you playfully smack his chest, pulling on your shoes and grabbing your bag.

“Lets go then.” You chirp making your way to the door. Finn follows spinning you round for a quick kiss before making his way to the car chucking you the keys so you could drive. On the way Finn was busy making a list of all the things you were going to get.

“Oh we could get this coffee table, oh what about a little desk? No? Okay how about this cool shoe rack. Look!” Quickly glancing to the side you saw Finn had puled up the ikea website.

“A shoe rack? I thought we were going to get a couch not the whole bloody shop!” You shook your head chucking at how excited Finn was getting. Pulling into the car park you stop the car, hopping out and grabbing Finn’s hand.

“Let’s go buy furniture!” Finn practically yelled, releasing your hand to run and get a trolly. You finnaly caught up with him just inside the door, bouncing on his toes.

“Come on slow poke. Our house won’t furnish it’s self.” His eyes shone bright like a little kid at Christmas, you had to admit that he was being pretty cute right now. Walking round you lost Finn a couple of times, only to round the next corner and find him loading more boxes into the trolly.

“Are we going to have any room for the couch?” You stood, arms folded across your chest smirking at him. He quickly spun round, a cheshire grin plastered on his face.

“But it’ll go great in our house. Plllleeaassseeee” Finn was literally on his knees pouting and begging to you in the middle of the shop.

“Fiinne. But you’re paying for the extras we didn’t agree on.”

“Yes! thank you!” he jumped up pulling you in for a kiss and spinning you round.

“Now can we please go get the couch. People are starting to stare.” You chuckled pulling him along.

“They’re only staring because you’re so cute babe.” He winked at you causing you to blush, linking his fingers with yours as you pushed the trolley towards the seating area. It took a good hour and a half for you and Finn to finally agree on a nice corner sofa, then anther 10 mintes of bickering about who was going to push and who was going to pull it to get it in the trolley. You’d finally got back to the car after having to literally drag Finn behind you to stop him from buying anything else.  The journey back was interesting, Finn insisted on driving back which was fine by you, but he could bairly see out the back window from all the boxes.

“That’s it! We are gonna die! I told this wouldn’t be fun and we’d die!”

Oh stop being so dramatic love. We will be fine.” Finn grinned at you finally pulling into the drive you sighed.

“What’s up love?” Finn asked reaching across to grab your hand looking concerned.

“We are gonna have sooo many boxes in our house because of you Fergal!” he giggled, kissing the back of your hand. Opening his door walked around to the boot getting ready to start grabbing boxes as you unlocked the front door before heading to help him.

“Right lets put this couch together!” Finn cheered grabbing the instructions out the box.

“Hey why do you get to be the instruction master!” You pouted at him.

“Because I’m used to it with building Lego.” He smilled cheekily before looking down at the first part of the insturctions.

“You and your bloody lego.” you mumbled to yourself sitting on the floor waiting for the first instruction. You could have sworn that you were on some comedy show, the amount of times that you had to rearrange pieces because of Finn saying “You’ve got it wrong!”

“Well you do it then!”

“I can’t I’m the instruction master.” This continued for a couple more hours untill the couch was finally compleated.

“Finally my butt has somewhere soft to sit!” You flop down onto the couch laying on your back. “Man this is comfy.” you sigh closing your eyes suddenly feeling something, or rather someone land on you.

“Get off me you big lump!” You chuckled into Finn’s chest, he simply shook his head and smothered your face with kisses.

“You said it was comfy so I thought I’d try it out.” He smiled sweetly at you, now hovering about you.

“Well we could try it out some other way.” Muttering suggestivley to him you looked up through you lashes to see Finn’s eyes darken. Pulling him to you by his jacket collar he met you for a passionate kiss, your tounges mixing together as you slipped your hands under his shirt, feeling up his chest. That’s when you heard it, a slight groan from what you thought was Finn but must have been the couch because a few minutes later you and Finn had rolled off the couch onto the floor.

“What the hell?” Finn turned to look at the couch noticing the legs had fallen off and the couch was now on the floor with no arms. You both looked at each other then the couch.

“I’m not buying ikea furniture again.” You huff pushing Finn gently off you to sit up.

“Looks like we were destined for the floor this whole time.” Finn chuckled placing a sweet kiss to your lips.

“I guess we were” mumbling against his lips pulling him back on the floor with you.

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From Theron Shan’s Instagram Account:
lana decided not to wait for me to regain consciousness and bandage my broken ribs & went on the whole rescue mission without me. again. normally i’d get upset about being left behind… but uh, i have decided that this time i will use my free time more constructively since last time my hissy fit almost got us killed & then accidentally-on-purpose turned my shrink evil. so instead of moping im just gonna use this giant data terminal to search the holonet for a lifetime supply of  chocolate & one of those 8-foot teddy wampas & a really big “im sorry i got you frozen in carbonite again” card.

Need couch Raleigh-Charlotte area

Hi, my name is Alex, 26 yo mtf. Been off and on hormones since I was 18. Trying to excape my small close minded hometown. Being kicked out on sat July 5th, last round of hormones was too much for last roomate and had to detransition to appease. I own my pickup truck and a handful of clothes. I have my ebt for food and two months of rent @ 400 month. I plan on going legit though planned parenthood and I’m having troubles finding a roomate that will be ok with me transitioning. I plan on finding work ASAP. Email me at