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I’m Lynn’s friend Jamie I’m the one who was assaulted in this post. I live in a youth shelter(got out of abusive relationship and had no where to go). About me I have a job. Yesterday was my birthday(yay assault as my only present!) I get paid next Friday I can offer money for temp situation I live in sf I listen to music focus on studying and sleeping I’m a fan of hyperbole I like to read and dissect language until it becomes meaningless I’m ridiculous a faerie concise and literal I have poor social skills but I’m working on that(I was taught a lot of bad things).

My Tumblr is unseelie-nightmare my twitter is @FAndrogyny. I have to go back to this shelter where the man who assaulted me is and need other options while I try to figure out what I’m going to do. Oh and I can bring coffee to you if you like coffee as my qtwoc ass is a barista :p(I had to be ridiculous sorry >…< I need to help alleviate my situation. My pronouns are she and her. Yeah. Uhm.



Two mixed trans kids, one with a disability, seeking a place to stay temporarily while they search for more permanent housing.  Needs a bed or couch because of the disability. 

Shower and fridge to use would be great, but safe place to sleep is the #1 priority right now. 

Please contact my ask box to get in touch with me. This is very, very important. http://tender–

20 year od trans girl who needs help

Hi. my name is Alex. I am a 20 year old transgender female. I still live with my parents, and they are not being excepting of my gender identity ( I came out to them a year and ½ ago, and tensions have grown so bad that they have told me that I have to be out of their home by the end of the month. They will not even let me see my siblings- and right now I am cut off from people I once was able to call friends,so I am becoming very hopeless. They live in Severna Park, MD, so I would need someone in the Maryland area or someone who can get me ( I do not have transportation). I am currently unemployed and have no economic resources at my disposal. I really am scared about the end of this month and probably being homeless, so I hope someone can help me out. My email is 

Need Couch - Detroit

Hello. My name is Maria. I’m a trans woman (she/her pronouns). I’ve had to withdraw from Wayne State university because of depression and substance abuse issues. Right now I’m faced with having to move out of the dorm on Sunday.

I had an apartment lined up, but the roommates there stopped returning my texts and I’m assuming the worst.

I need to stay in Detroit because if I move back home with my parents, all my money from my job will end up going to commuting to and from work.

I’m looking for either a roommate or a place I can stay until I can find a place to live. I have a car, so if you’re in the suburbs or anywhere within like 20 miles of Detroit that’s fine. I smoke cigarettes (I can smoke outside), and I do not have a problem with people who smoke weed, but I cannot be around harder drugs or alcohol right now.

If you are looking for a long term roommate, I can pay about $300-$400 per month, and I am planning to do webcam work. For a long term roommate, both a private room and internet connectivity are a must for me.

Please contact me at if you can house me. I will also be in contact with some people I already know to see if I can stay with them.

Can transhousingnetwork please reblog this? I’ve been having trouble submitting on mobile.

Hei there my name is Alice Madeline Daul.. I am a 2o year old male to female trans woman who currecntly lives in a foster home and has to be out within the next moth or two.. I live in Santa Cruz, California currently and need to leave this town because of violent threats. everyone I knew left me durring the beginning if my transistion and by everyone I mean everyone.. I am looking for housing in the bay area outside of santa cruz. Please please please add my Facebook (Alice Doll) if you might have any info or possibilitys at all.. Fingers crossed, Alice <3  

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Temporary place

I’m a deaf trans woman who is straight. I’m seeking a place to stay at in the city of Los Angeles (preferably in WeHo). Once I find a temporary place to stay, I will aggressively seek employment so that I can find a suitable apartment to live in. I plan to move to Los Angeles in end of October.

I can be reached at to make arrangements for a place to stay. Thanks very much and have a great day/night.


ok so things are getting desperate and im needing a place to stay since I can’t live in a motel room and I can’t go home due to legal reasons which I can explain if you contact me and I can give you details. I can pay rent once I get a job but as of now I don’t have a job or any money but my parents are most likely willing to help with rent in place of me until I get a steady income/job. PLEASE consider letting me stay for a little or longer. I just got out of jail on Christmas due to a bullshit reason but please contact me either through my tumblr or my cell phone. 214-280-0113 PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP OR REBLOG. THANK YOU.

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I’m homeless in Las Vegas, I have no food, so I haven’t been eating (Except from a bag of old, stale candy) I feel sick and weak. I can’t find work anywhere because I’m not only trans, but hard of hearing with mobility issues (I’m not old, I’m only 24, so age isn’t a factor in my medical issues). I’m not sure what to do or where to go.

3 Women on Road Trip Looking to Couchsurf!

Hey all!  My friend Aidan (left, @luxurytampons​, she/her), my girlfriend Sophia (middle, @alien-dyke​, she/her), and I (right, @commiedyke​, she/her) are going on a road trip through the South over the next couple months!  We’ve got a lot of places to sleep already on our trip, but we’re still in need for a couple other stops!

We’re looking for looking for cool women to host us in:

- New Orleans, La (Feb 27-March 5h) (partial or whole time)
- Charleston, SC (March 10-12)
- Asheville, NC (March 12-15)
- Washington DC (Definitely March 17th but possibly a day before or after)

Send me a message if you can help us out! <3 <3 <3


Hi, I am a 44 year old transfemale in Seattle looking for either a temporary refuge from the streets every now and then to something I could call home. I am currently unemployed, and am in a sort of catch-22 about work, and draw just a bit of unemployment. I have a storage space, so I wouldn’t need to carry much with me. I cook, am clean and respectful, and love to play music. No drug or alcohol problems. Thanks for looking.


tumblr user fengon, 20 years old trans man needs a place to stay starting tomorrow, july 30th in the lincoln square, chicago area. you can contact this person via their tumblr or at (702) 354-9469.

he has enough for one train ride/transfer, so he can travel to get there.

he has a few heavy suitcases that aren’t necessary to bring, and a ps3 that can be shared.