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lol. We've all done it. I was a bit confused as a neapolitan is just a specific cut of button down shirt collar, not really anything dramatic. Anyway, I like the coat, not love. Good lines & fit, Like the curve at the bottom and the military detailing. tend to think it's needs more contrast in textures. Do appreciate it looks like it's really built and the costume layered for cold weather. Really not thrilled by the hat (can't think of the name & brain will only supply kepi, which has a brim)

Yeah I think it is largely built for the weather.  I always think they do good on her with military details in her modern clothing so I liked this.  I think the hat is a feminized version of a glengarry which also fits the military thing.

Here is the back construction since we didn’t get any back shots in the promo material.

i know it’s been like. half an hour max but uh,,,, here’s some alex headcanons

  • she’s beautiful and im sobbing. that’s not a headcanon i just needed 2 remind you all
  • cares too much about her hair,, gels it into a perfect pompadour every morning & fights ppl who try to squish the floof down 
  • (yes that kinda contradicts the official art but idc!!)
  • blitz makes her a chain mail sweater vest !!
  • speaking of sweater vests ,, wanted to grow up to become a professor (pottery, maybe!) one day before. yknow. he died :(
  • fav animal to turn into is a koala aww
  • when shes close to someone *cough* magnus she becomes a lot more affectionate & dare i say.. cuddly!!! than one would think she would be
  • she and sam are the best pair of sisters the world has ever seen!!!!!!!!!! soooooo much sisterly support and they only shout at each other occasionally!!!
  • magnus: “i’m so lucky, i’m the luckiest guy on the planet, i have a boyfriend AND a girlfriend” someone: “wait… is ur girlfriend alex okay with this?” someone else: “wait you have a girlfriend named alex?? i thought your boyfriend was named alex” magnus: “yes”
  • alex is actually really easily startled for someone so good in combat loooool just sneak up behind him and poke him in the side and he’ll screech and probably smack you
  • one time halfborn convinced her to turn into a bear and fight him to see if he could survive. alex won
  • a SOFTIE!!!!!!!! she’s such a SOFTIE!!!!!!!!!! don;t let his tough exterior fool u he actually cries at disney movies and once almost got hit by a car trying to save a stray cat and really truly cares for the emotional well-being of everyone around him
  • “executive function is for chumps,” she says, having eaten solely cheeto puffs for the past 2 days. doesn’t remember the last time she showered. it’s fun 
  • owns at least 20 “down with cis” shirts 

why is 2010s the era of turning campy dumb games into ‘gritty’ games

the gaming industry keeps forgetting writing class 101 in their efforts to make a ‘mature’ gaming experience, whatever that means. i feel like writers are missing basic components of storytelling. you don’t need 'down to earth’ and 'super believable settings’ to sell a story, what sells a story is having believable characters. having things be dark and gritty beginning to end make a narrative monotonous, you need light to contrast dark so that when something bad does happen it sticks with you.

that being said, its okay to have your game be that way. theres a market for those games. but it seems like established franchises believe that moving into that territory is an improvement which is not always true, and the environment of the industry puts graphics/vr ahead of writing.

it’s funny compared to the animation industry where we’re taught that the best works are ones that leave an impact on both young and adult audiences.


So here’s what came out of my hands, last night 🌹🌻🌱

I’m glad I was finally able to make red roses. Went a little experimental here, and did some french knot accents with wool. For a winter-esque effect. 

On top of that, I also made some sunflowers. Took me a couple of tries, to get them the way that I wanted. The colors aren’t ideal, but I felt like they needed more contrast. And I still quite like how they turned out ^^


I’ll ask you this favour, man to man…



At first I thought you were a constellation.
I made a map of your stars, then I had a revelation:
You’re as beautiful as endless,
You’re the universe I’m helpless in.
–Venus, Sleeping At Last

Jeremy Knox & Jean Moreau // Exy Space Gays TM


Liger Zero Epyon Day 2
Well I spent another several hours on this kitty. She’s now officially no longer naked! She does need detail work though, everything is pretty dark, she needs some contrast. Now she’s got the standard zero shock Cannon and a spiffy little pair of extra claw bits. I didn’t get around to mounting her beam swords yet, I also want to add some extra boosters and maybe add Epyons shoulder bits like I did for zero. Anyway I’m glad to see her with armor, let me know what you think!