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Mbti Types as Millennials You’ll Meet

Disclaimer: this post is purely for amusement & LOLs ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 

- has a fetish for Mon-Fri 9 to 5 jobs + benefits 
- traditional AF 
- this species is v endangered, please donate 
- has had the same goals and dreams since they were a fetus 
- productive member of society™ 

- working 27/9 on multiple projects, multiple jobs & multiple underlings to command
- getting more stuff done than you’ll ever do in your lifetime
- somehow has a neater desk than you but knows how to party it up when they’re finally off hours
- fav type of party is a networking party
- actually has time and money to Netflix 

- is on all the social medias but almost never posts
- knows all the tings but never really says it
- v secretive
 - will low-key become a billionaire overnight for starting a very important company that no one has heard of 

- is the only person who actually knows what they’re doing
- started taking on leadership roles since birth (re: shoved the doctor out of the way to cut their own umbilical cord)
- shows love via loud criticism – is only trying to help you help yourself
- so DONEEE with incompetence 

- shares so many Facebook posts that fb definitely knows who they voted for/where they shop at/intimate details even they don’t know
- actually writes Amazon reviews (thank you)
- replies to all messages from fam within 30 seconds
- attends annual mom convention just to maintain their status (Level 10 Mom Friend™) 

- has multiple social platforms to display their culinary skills (STATUS: black belt)
- charming AF but WILL throw shade if provoked
- hair is goals
- listed on Huffington Post as top 21 Pinterest users to follow 

- obsessed with the possibilities of the future
- topics all INTPs are pre-programmed to get excited about: AI, start-ups, technology, STEM jokes
- may combust when stupid arguments are portrayed as facts
- procrastination level: over 9000 

- speaks a foreign language invented by them
- beer parties & philosophical debates are always lit
- pretty WOKE actually
- Nerd™ 

- had first quarter life crisis at 15
- your official therapist
- writes self-love/compassion/know-yourself/nostalgia posts for a website
- stares through a window from time to time looking contemplative 

- actually has their life together despite repeat quarter life crises
- persuasive AF
- “I do what I want, I don’t need your validation … but also I consider how it affects everyone around me and how I’ll be perceived”
- won Volunteer of the Year award every year for the last 5 years; got promoted to presenting the Volunteer of the Year award instead 

- lives off of the Likes of friends and random Internet strangers
- needs social validation through an IV drip
- will most likely die of FOMO
- life motto: pics or it didn’t happen
- golden retriever but looks like a person (cute either way) 

- Feelings™
- overqualified for all the jobs but doesn’t know what jobs they actually care enough to apply for
- posts are always either WOKE AF or self-deprecating
- hopes and dreams are on life support 

- bucket-list longer than Santa’s list
- only has semi-naked pics on Tinder
- knows the most important words in every language (i.e. “what’s your phone number”)
- no honey, don’t call them; yes, they’re definitely seeing other people 

- self-employed
- will low-key land a steady 6 figure job for being in the right place at the right time 
- moonlights as a hand model
- credit card ebills show 20% of income spent on Redbull/coffee 

- somehow amassed a HUGE following from weekly 10 minute videos about their day
- will fake their death if no one is paying attention to them
- actually really savage
- sparkly 

- living embodiment of the word “aesthetic”
- hair/style/make-up/art is goals
- snapchat game is on point
- etsy is only their side hussle
- flower crowns filters 

In this Heat [M]

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Featuring:  One [Jung Jaewon]

Genre: Fluff & Smut

Word count: 2,281

Request:  Anonymous said: Jaewon + smut: we’ve been close friends for several years. One hot summer day we’re at a fair/carnival/out on the town. I’m eating a popsicle and he can’t stop staring at my full lips. He cuts the day short to take me to his place and he gets really close. Light kissing leads to heavy petting and from there it’s gets serious.[Feel free to change it up but thank you you for all your hard work and great writing]

anonymous said: Can i have jaewon scenario request : the morning after a fluffy smut. 

A/N: This has a similar theme to my other scenario You & I so feel free to read you & I as an epilogue to this scenario, I guess you can say this is the prelude to you & I.

  An attempt to squeeze 2 request into 1 one-shot idk if it’s working

Jaewon wasn’t sure just what had gotten into him but he couldn’t keep his focus and his eyes in front of him. Maybe it was this severe heat wave that was messing with his head or maybe it was that v-neck dress you had on, or the way you looked so damn cute whenever you looked up at him…
“Jaewon! Let’s get on that ride!” you snapped him out of his thoughts before they could give way to the perverse thoughts secretly lingering in the back of his mind, that even he wasn’t aware of; as you tugged on his hand and pointed at the ferris wheel.
You hadn’t given him the time to respond, as you excitedly took the lead and kept on going on; about how nice the view from the peak height was going to be.
“Hurry Jaewon! The line isn’t that long, hurry before people beat us to the line and then we’ll have more time to get on all the rides and maybe even get to go around a second time.” you enthusiastically told Jaewon your plan.
He let out that all too familiar chuckle, “I think we’ll have plenty of time to go around a second time if you want, I don’t think many people are willing to be out in this heat wave.”
“It’s rush hour so people are just now making their way over, it’s gonna get packed in about an hour. Besides this heat wave isn’t as bad as the news makes out to be, we’ll live!”

“I guess this isn’t something a slushy or ice cream can’t fix.”

“I slushy actually sounds really good right now. So slushy now or after the ride?”

“Slushy now, meanwhile we wait in line.” he suggested.

You kept your place in line while you waited for Jaewon to come with your ice cold beverages, luckily it wasn’t a long wait; soon enough you were on the ferris wheel taking pictures together and of the view.
After that you both went running around trying to get on as many rides possible before the lines would get packed, which included the flying swings, bumper cars, even as reluctant as Jaewon was he eventually agreed to join you on the merry-go-round.
“Oh come on Jaewon, cheer up. Have some fun.” you encouraged as he stood next to your horse as he had refused to get on one of his own.
“This isn’t my image.” he rebutted.
“What image?”
He feigned hurt as he placed a hand over his heart and sighed, “Do you always have to come for me?”
“I wasn’t, it was a genuine question.” you batted your eyelashes, it was always a habit of yours to push Jaewon’s buttons.
The ride came to an end and you guys continued walking around looking for what to do. You quickly stopped in your tracks when you came across a dart throwing game, and you couldn’t get your eyes off of one of the prizes; a huge white fluffy plush teddy bear with a pink bow tie around its neck.
“You know it’s a scam right?” you heard Jaewon whisper in your ear from behind you.
“Jaewon~” you called out to him as you turned and he already knew what you were up to, yet pretended he didn’t have a clue.
“What do you suppose a friend could do for their friend after they miss their birthday party… not just friends, best friends. And said best friend didn’t show up to their best friend’s birthday party?” you said as you attempted to give him your best puppy eye look.

“ I told you something came up and didn’t I agree to come out in this heat wave and go on the merry-go-round with you already?
…. fine just don’t look at me like that.” he protested. The longer you looked at him that way, the more he could feel you pulling at his heartstrings little by little.

He tried his luck at this so called scam dart game, he wasn’t all that bad, 7 out of the 10 shots.

Jaewon went to collect his prize, upon receiving it he held it out to you, “Well it isn’t the grand prize but it’s something.”
You were gleaming with happiness as you took it from his hands “Thank you Jaewon! It’s perfect, I don’t think I could have carried that huge teddy bear any ways but this one is the perfect size.” You held the medium sized replica of the huge plush bear close in your arms and squeezed it. “Aw, it’s so soft~.”

You guys continue walking around looking for things to do, at this point the heat was really starting to get to you; you attempted to fan yourself with your hands to no avail.

“Maybe we should call it a day?” Jaewon spoke up noticing you were struggling to keep cool.

“ Trying to get rid of me already?” you said playfully.

“You caught me .”

You gasped at his answer.
“I’m kidding, calm down.”

“The heat getting to you already?”

“I’m not the one who nearly got heat stroke last year and needed an IV drip.”

“Touchè, you’re getting better with your comebacks. That was kind of a low blow.” you admitted.

“It was a joke, my bad. I’ll make it up to you, I’ll buy you ice cream on the way home and we can watch a movie at my place, your pick.”

“Throw in some popcorn and some snacks and you’ve got yourself a deal.”


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Cruise ship AU (solangelo)

What did he tell them? He easily got seasick. But of course, Percy and Jason didn’t listen and ended up dragging him along on a cruise, and worst? His friends actually had the nerve to tease him with the cruise ship’s resident doctor whom he might have caught stealing glances at him on several occasions.

“He totally likes you, Neeks!”

“Do you want me to get his number?”

“Before we reach soil, we’ll make sure you have a boyfriend.”

“Oh, nice one, Percy.”

As soon as they reached land, Nico was going to kill them. Right now, his legs were jelly and his stomach was doing somersaults. Spots dazed his vision.

“Whoa, Nico!” Jason yelped, grabbing his arm as he lost his balance.

“I think we should take him to the infirmary,” Percy suggested.

Jason nodded and picked Nico up in a fireman’s carry, much to the other boy’s weak protests.

Percy opened the double doors to the infirmary, where the blonde doctor came rushing into the reception-like area.

“Hey doc,” Jason said, gesturing to Nico, “Man down.”

“Oh dear,” the blonde said, “Bring him to the back. And tell me what happened. I knew he was looking unwell. Sorry if I creeped y'all out, but I’ll admit I was worried. He looked rather…green.”

“Seasickness,” Jason explained, placing him on one of the cots. There were twelve cots on each side of the room, which looked like a regular ward at a hospital.

“Bucket,” Nico groaned. The blonde doctor reached under the cot and puled out a metal bucket. Nico rolled over, retching horribly, and loosing whatever dignity he had left.

Aw, man,” Percy said, his face twisting, “He said he gets seasick easily, but I didn’t think he meant this easily.”

“I’m going to hook him up to some IV drips, he needs fluid if he’s going to keep vomiting like this,” the doctor said, “And I’m keeping him here for observation. If you guys would just follow me and fill out some necessary paperwork.”

Nico was slowly dying. He was hot all over and sweaty and pretty sure he looked like death. His throat was dry and raw and his eyes felt like lead.

“Easy,” a warm voice said, helping him sit up.

It was the resident doctor, the one who’d been staring at Nico because he was worried that he’d be ill.

“So my name is Dr. Will Solace,” the blonde, Dr. Solace grinned, “And how would you rate your pain on a scale of one to ten?”

Up close, Nico was able to see the freckles that sprinkled his cheeks like the stars across the night, his wide, innocent sky-blue eyes and his sinful, smiling pale pink lips. Nico cursed himself for his instant attraction to Dr. Solace. He’d had enough experience with blue-eyed boys.

“I’m fine,” Nico said, stubbornly.

“Ah, your friends did say you were a tough cookie to crack,” Will grinned, “Lucky for you, I love a challenge. By the way, you’ll be in here for observation for another two days.”

At that, Nico swore again, bending down to face his bucket.

Will was right. Nico was a tough cookie. He was stubborn, miserable and straight-up unpleasant. But Will preserved. He wasn’t going to let one sour patient ruin his favourite job.

“So tell me, Nico,” Will said, pulling sterlie gloves on his hands to remove Nico’s IV bag and needle, “Why are you on this cruise if you get seasick so easily?”

Nico winced at the sight of a needle protruding from his pale skin.

“I told those idiots that I get seasick easily. They insisted that I needed some air to get over my ex. He was a real douche,” Nico rolled his eyes.

“Ah, so this a rebound cruise?”

“No, I’m done with relationships for a while.”

“But you’ll never know where or when the right person will come along.”

“There’s no right person for me, Doctor Solace,” Nico said icily.

“Will would do,” Dr. Solace said, airily, “And if love was easy, don’t you think everyone would have it?”

Nico shut his mouth. What did a doctor know about love.

“Do we lock those fools in or not?” Jason asked Percy, “Two days and no progress. Nico only has one day left.”

Percy grinned and Jason could’ve kissed him for the look of pure mischief in his eyes.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures, Jase.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Will smiled at Nico, “Sleep tight.”

Will exited the infirmary only to find that the door was locked.

Trying not to panic, Will tugged on the door. The knob wriggled loudly but nothing happened.

“Dr. Solace?” Nico called from the back, “Is everything alright?”

 "Y-yeah,“ Will replied, trying not to alarm Nico. 

But it was too late.

Nico had already rolled out of his cot and entered the reception area. His arms were crossed over his chest, a smug look on his face. Will had the urge to press his lips against his and wipe away all the smugness. 

“Problem, good doctor?” Nico asked, still grinning, “Can’t get the door?”

“We’re locked in,” Will said, “And why are you up? Go back and lie down!”

“Chill,” Nico rolled his eyes, playfully, “All you need is the right amount of muscle.”

Nico strolled over, pulling on the knob. Nothing. 

He furrowed his eyebrows, raising them so that they were hidden by his long, equally dark hair. 

“What?” Nico muttered, “What the actual hell?”

Will turned, and Nico saw the embarrassment in his eyes, “It would seem as though we’re locked in.”

Nico groaned.

Not only did he not have a boyfriend, but he was locked in the infirmary with the delectable (albeit annoying) doctor Solace.

The best way to get a doctor to call you back after paging multiple times is to run to the bathroom or be otherwise unable to come to the phone.

The quickest way to summon a doctor to the floor is to do wound care and change a patient’s bandage. As soon as you’ve got the new dressing secured, the doctor pops in and rips it off to have a look at the wound.

The way to guarantee yourself the most miserable 12+ hours of your life is to sign up for an extra shift. All of your patients will need new IVs, you’ll be giving blood products and bowel preps and heparin drips, you’ll be working with your least favorite colleagues, and somebody is going to try to die.

Antistein Jealousy HC's

@creatively—jackaboy submitted: Hey! I finally finished working on the jealousy HC’s! and I’m really proud of myself because not only are these my first HC’s but I think I did a really good job on them as well. I look forward to writing more in the future!!

Dr Shneeplestein

- Because the doctor is always working late Anti will come visit him at the hospital.

- Lots of nurses will end up having a friendly conversation with Anti and he feels ok because they are just try to talk to him, and most of the time the doctor is ok with this too.

- But there was a problem one of the times Anti came to visit him at the hospital, lets just say someone got hurt, and it ended badly.

- This one nurse was being a little to flirtatious with Anti and was getting up in his personal space, Anti tried to tell the nurse to get off him before the doctor notices and gets mad at her. She doesn’t listen and proceeds to continue flirting with Anti. At this point in time the doctor has come into the room and has noticed what is going on but chooses to ignore it in favour for helping his patient who needed to have his IV drip changed, he asked the nurse to get a new IV drip for him. But when the nurse wasn’t responding he turned around to see what was keeping her.

- Only for him to see the nurse had her hand down Antis pants touching something she should not have been touching, Anti was slowly bringing his knife out in an attempt to scare the bitch out of the room. Instead Shneeple yanked the nurse off of Anti and in a blinded jealous fuelled rage knocked the nurse out and dragged her out the room to “deal with her on his break” which was fancy talk for I’m gonna remove her boob implants and reduce the size of her ass.

- After he had calmed down he turned to Anti so he could apologize only to be shoved against the wall by Anti and have his lips captured in a heated kiss.  And then Anti turned to him and said “you’re even hotter when your angry”, good thing the patient was knocked out at the time.


- After one of Shneeples shifts had finished they had agreed to go out to a bar. This was only because Anti needed to calm his itch to spill blood.

- The pair went to a bar on the outskirts of town so Anti could kill a drunk fool after they left the bar. They sat down had some drinks just enough to get a light buzz. Anti turned to the doctor telling him he needed to use the bathroom and would be back in a moment, what Anti didn’t know was that one sleaze had been watching Shneeple since he first walked in.

- The guy was about the same height as Anti and was the kind of guy you would find in a place like this. dark brown hair, scraggly beard, dirty white shirt with a black leather jacket and jeans. The guy tried to chat up the doctor tried to by him a few drinks all of which the doc refused and he had told the guy a thousand times he was with his boyfriend tonight. After a while the guy who Shneeple learned his name was Jason thought it was perfectly fine to touch the doctor in ways deemed uncomfortable by the doc

- After the guy started to get a little to close for comfort Anti had just exited the bathroom to see the scene unfolding. The doc had gotten out of his bar stool explaining to Jason he needed to leave only to be pulled into Jason’s lap, after that the guy started to grind against Shneeple. At this point Anti already knew who his next victim was.

- Anti calmly walked over and pulled his doctor out of the mans grasp only for Jason to get mad, most of the other drinkers had already gone home by now. Anti told the doctor to wait inside whilst he pulled the guy outside saying he wanted to have a “friendly chat with him”. After they pair walked outside Anti pulled out his knife and told the guy to get against the wall, Jason simply laughed asking Anti what could a scrawny guy like him possibly do, lets just say the man found out and met his end rather painfully.

- After leaving the body to rot in the alleyway Anti went back inside and dragged the doc to his car. They needed to get home so Anti could remind Shneeple the he was Antis and only Antis

sailorcrazypinklady  asked:

Letmebesmol! I want to see when/how Cody finds them and his reaction!!!

“Before you say anything Commander, he’s alive.” Waxer wheezed out even as Cody continued staring at them through the HUD of his helmet.

The commander lifted his hand then lowered it, seemed to want his head in his hands and then just went for it, putting his helmet covered head in his hands.

As he did, Helix got the stretcher out and slid it in for Longshot and Boil to get Obi-Wan settled onto it as carefully as the two vode could manage before Gus and Ripper pulled the stretcher out and then activated the hover function of it.

They then helped their vode out of the tiny opening they had dug, being extra careful with the wheezing Waxer.

“How is he?” Cody muttered to Helix who was working away on Obi-Wan.

“Outside of the concussion, surprisingly well. He’s going to need an IV drip of course and some iron rich foods for a bit but our kih jetii is going to be alright with rest and relaxation.” Helix offered grimly before moving on to Waxer once he was sure there was nothing else he could do in field but change the bandages.

There was a quiet then Gus gave a loud snort. “Right, our General, relax… guess the commander is going to have to sit on him.” He offered wryly to a chorus of quiet snorts of agreement.

Waxer outright laughed in a raspy and pained sort of way. “That’s what we said. Though we also suggested locking him in his cabin. Its just a dent, I need to get my chest plate off vod.” He aimed the latter at Helix.

Helix sighed but nodded, patting the other carefully on the shoulder before pulling a tool out of his set. “Lets get you popped free then.” He murmured, kneeling down.


To everyone’s surprise, Obi-Wan didn’t put up a big fuss.

Oh he had in the start and then Cody had crawled into bed with him, rolling the General onto his side in a swift move before spooning the man with his nose buried in the others hair.

That had swiftly shut the man up.

And then he had drowsed, relaxing as he was held tight by Cody’s warm body closed in around him in the medical bed of the medbay.

A bit embarrassed looking, Cody hooked his chin onto his Jedi’s shoulder and started humming as he rested his head against the redhead’s, arms winded around the small frame as he rubbed the others stomach slowly and steadily.

Helix raised a brow at his commander and General and then nodded, bringing over one of the privacy screens and setting it up. “I’ll check in a few hours, see if we can release you to your quarters General. With supervision of course.” He smirked.

Cody was about to snark when a small, strong hand rested on top of his on Obi-Wan’s stomach. “Thank you Helix, I’ll try to rest some now then in hope that it helps.” The Jedi murmured, closing his eyes and taking five deep breaths, falling into a meditative state first. By the reach of ten, he’d fallen fully asleep.

“…Not a word Helix.” Cody murmured at his vod.

The medic lifted his hands. “Hey, we already knew, you haven’t exactly hidden it. Just make sure he sleeps, we worry about him too.” With that Helix headed over to his desk to add medical details into Obi-Wan’s folder, typing away.

Cody watched him for a moment then settled back, matching his breath to Obi-Wan’s.

Between one breath and the other, he was asleep, protectively curled up around the Jedi in his arms that he loved so dearly.

Children of Dust and Ashes

After his memories return, Killian struggles to cope with the realization of everything and everyone he left behind. Comfort comes from an unlikely source. Golden Hook frenemyship 

Notes: Here’s my contirbution to the Season 7 speculation angst train. Credit goes to @this-too-too-sullied-flesh for sending me down this path, and to @lenfaz for further fanning the flames. As noted, there are six billion spoilers and points of speculation for the upcoming season. So, uh, if you want to avoid any of those, avoid this fic!

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The rum burns.

He’d forgotten that in the thirteen months he had been cursed. He’d forgotten the burn, the taste, his thirst for alcohol while cursed. Rogers had been a teetotaler, refusing anything that would alter his overly righteous state-of-mind. Rogers was a good cop, by the book, respectable. Everything that Killian Jones isn’t, despite sharing a face and body for over a year.

Thirteen months.

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anonymous asked:

Sea fam. I have to get an MRI tomorrow. Does the MRI show my self harm scars? What will I have to wear? Please momma. Post public if you need to. But I need advice.

Hello, M.O.D. here!!!!

An MRI is a bit of an undertaking! You can really wear anything you want since they will probably supply you with a hospital gown to wear. You will have to remove anything metal from your person-  jewelry, glasses, watches, etc. 

 Scar tissue rarely if ever shows up in an MRI scan. 

 It will be a small and enclosed space, and if that makes you anxious some places can give you medication to make you feel sleepy and less stressed.The procedure is painless, but the machine will make some noise. You may ask for earplugs or music in most places. 

There will be a microphone in the room to pick up your voice so you can talk to the people controlling the machine. You’ll also be asked to stay very still for the whole time since movement can blur the image!

 It’s going to be okay. MRIs can last anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour depending on what and how things are being scanned. If it’s a functional MRI, you may be asked to perform simple tasks such as tapping your thumb against your fingers and answering easy questions. In some cases, they may need to hook you up to an IV drip containing galium so that they can see high contrast images of your veins.

All in all, as long as you stay calm, it should be a relatively easy process. 

 M.O.D. and Momma believe in you!!!


I can’t get this heart breaking image out of my head of Italy receiving medical care at japan’s sleepover after they escaped the mansion in Hetaoni and he just looks absolutely broken and worn down.

Like, on top of the after shock and stress he also is recovering from a heart attack and all the confusion and panic of not being able to believe he’s finally free would make his heart falter

So you have Italy laying there attached to an IV drip and Nasal cannula (Oxygen therapy is needed after heart failure). 

and Italy’s absolutely sedated to keep him calm after a horrible mental breakdown 

and Germany’s set up to watch over him and it absolutely breaks his heart because he knows Italy doesn’t deserve any of this. 

Like “This is what he gets for protecting us? He saves all our lives and what he gets in return is horrible mental trauma and a threat of entering cardiac arrest again…It’s like the mansion is still pulling him down. He can’t even fathom the idea of being free. What if the old Italy never comes back? This isn’t fair to him…”

Like post-Hetaoni fucking rips my heart out and stomps on it yes 

Hey all long time no orig content

What I feared has come to pass - the Trucks discord has given me enough casual positive reinforcement at a small enough premium that I no longer feel the need to create anything.  It’s like an IV drip of respect juice

Still: this can’t last, so I had better shore up this outlet with some of my patented wrestlethoughts.

A few years back the WWE gave ol’ Dutch Mantell a new gimmick - he was Zebediah Coulter, patriot, redneck and tea partier, and he didn’t like all those people who didn’t look like him coming over here and taking our jobs.  He brainwashed all-American Okie football man Jack Swagger and together they became the enemies of Mexican superstar Alberto Del Rio, vowing to send him back where he came from.

The remarkable thing about this was that Coulter and Swagger were the heels. The crowd was supposed to be behind Del Rio, who had been a villain up to that point.  The WWE took the national temperature and decided - whether as a play for mainstream attention, which it got them, or as a political statement in its own right - to come down on the side of inclusiveness.  

This was a departure from the normal playbook.  The history of wrestling is chock full of bad guys who are bad guys because they are foreign, whether they were european, russian, iranian, japanese, samoan pretending to be japanese, or italian pretending to be arab.  In 2005. Good ol’ Mohammad Hassan, who made speeches about how unfair it was that he was being profiled and prejudged and then came to the ring escorted by dudes in ski masks.  He was a villain, of course.  The whole thing was a bit of a spicy meatball for the WWE even at that point, and they scrapped the storyline and fired him after the london subway bombings.

The Swagger/Coulter heel run turned out to be a blip.  WWE went right back to heels who were heels because they were foreign, introducing bulgarian-pretending-to-be-russian Rusev almost immediately after the Swagger thing ran its course.   They’ve swung so far back at this point that they’re comfortable with non-white targets again: Jinder Mahal the Maharaja (who is canadian but never mind that) is currently champion, and Randy Orton is cutting promos about how his wrestler father and grandfather would be appalled to see “someone like that” with the belt.  Randy’s the hero. (USA! USA!)

So far, so disgusting.  But we’re also in a funny new space now where the WWE seems to be intentionally working both sides of any given rivalry.  It’s the John Cena/Roman Reigns phenomenon, where half the crowd loves the hero and the other half loves to hate the hero, and that’s fine as far as the bookers are concerned - just so long as everyone’s loud and the merch gets bought.  It makes storytelling kind of a headache but at best it produces rivalries where both guys have support from the audience and there are logical reasons to get behind either one of them.  I mention this because the WWE’s third-biggest market after the US and the UK is India, which raises the possibility that Randy is playing a racist heel - but only to a particular part of the audience.  The big-city crowds with their penchant for ironic contrarianism have already embraced Jinder as a hero, so that’s two factions in his corner right off the bat.   WWE just needs to get that dude some merch, and they can play both sides against each other and make money forever, secure in the fact that they’re once again in a political climate where overt racism in public figures is survivable.

I bring this all up because the WWE, run as it is by your racist grandpa on steroids, is a peek into the national id, and I think we are not currently very far away from competing brands of racist and anti-racist breakfast cereal, owned by the same parent company.


*shuffles in and awkwardly taps the mic* ehm- hello- yes it’s me jamie… again… pls be gentle on me i’m very nervous about being new for the 3rd time but i just really missed this place. ofc my name probably won’t ring any bells but last time i played yoshi (yuta fc) and before that when this rp started minjun (jongdae fc) and both of them are pretty much ancient history now. enough rambling about myself i’m just very happy to be here and rp with you all. i’m just going ahead and tell a bit about jaewon, unity’s grumpy leader that either needs a bottle of vodka, 48 of sleep, an IV drip with coffee or a cuddle. he has an about page, biography and plot page so far and if you want to plot pls just like this post or hmu i’ll love you 5ever.

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Puerto Rico needs help

We are facing national shortages of small normal saline bags for drip infusions (those are for when you are almost dead and need life saving medicine that is so strong, it needs to be dripped into your IV and titrated to its desired effect), dilaudid, morphine, potassium (believe me, you want us to have this if your potassium is too low so you don’t die), and more. The facilities that used to make these medications for the nation (I am sure there are some that are not in Puerto Rico) are not able to produce them sufficiently or at all because they are in Puerto Rico and still struggling to recover. There are many more medications that I did not name but these are the medications that I have been having trouble finding in our level 1 Emergency Room.

So thanks a bunch, Trump, for not taking this super seriously. If anyone can donate to Puerto Rico relief, please do so. The nation needs help because Puerto Rico needs help. Puerto Rico is IMPORTANT. Don’t forget them or you might find yourself or your loved one without access to proper medications….kind of like the citizens of Puerto Rico have been finding themselves for the past couple months.

TITLE: Love Is Healing



ORIGINAL IMAGINE:Imagine Loki trying to convince you of his love for you for months after your constant disbelief. One day at the Avengers Tower he pushes you up against a wall, holding tightly as he kisses you, only to have you wildly fight back as you scream and cry begging him to let you go. As Steve helps your trembling form up from your spot now on the floor...

RATING: T (it probably won’t get more mature than that, but if it does, I’ll let you guys know.  It might go up to about PG-15)

NOTES/WARNINGS: Just more torturous imagery in the form of wounds that I try to explain in not too graphic detail.  Also, Thanos makes an appearance in this chapter, but I’m not too sure what he’s like.  I’ve seen pictures and some paint him as blue and others paint him as purple, so … I don’t know.  I know it’s taking forever to get to the actual Imagine, but since the Imagine states that he’s been trying to convince the girl of his love, I figured I had to build up WHY Loki would love her in the first place.

Chapter Three

     After all the Avengers left the room, Loki relaxed only slightly.  His mother showing up on Midgard to reveal his punishment – if one could actually call it a punishment with all he’d been through with Thanos – had thrown him a bit.

     Loki had expected to be taken back to Asgard, he’d expected to have to face Odin, he’d expected to be locked up like a criminal.

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please keep my aunt in your prayers tonight.

i know that the whole net neutrality thing has happened but I’m so scared

her condition has gradually been getting worse throughout the day and it’s gotten so bad

she needs an iv drip at this point

please pray for her, she’s like a second mother to me and I’d be heartbroken if I lost her


anonymous asked:

Girl your writing is superb 🙌🏽 prompt idea: Kate is pregnant in 8x01/2 but she doesn't know yet. She gets shot the same way and starts to feel worse and worse throughout the episode. When she is back with Castle ( the kitchen scene) she faints from the pain in her wound. Castle is frantic and brings her into hospital they find out she was pregnant and had a near miscarriage due to the wound but they were able to save the baby.

The scent of the smorelette has nausea swirling through her stomach, the look on his face threatening to send bile up her throat, but she blames it on the still prominent sting lancing through her side, the path the bullet had carved through her flesh, the stitches and antibiotics the doctor had prescribed her doing little to quell the biting ache.

“What are you doing?” Castle asks, a demand and a plea rolled into one and something worse than an upset stomach overtakes her, the grief of what she’s about to do to him, to them.

“I have to go,” she gets out, sucking in a deep breath that makes her head swim.

“Why?” he questions, abandoning the spatula on the stovetop and starting around the counter, his eyes narrowing with skepticism, and her insides perform another painful flip.

“I uh, I have to get my head right,” Kate murmurs, blinking a few times to dispel the tears and strange streaks of black trailing along the edges of her vision. “I have to figure some things out so that we can have…” She has to pause to swallow, the words scratching against her throat, leaving her raw. “Have a happily ever after.”

Castle wipes his hands on a nearby dishtowel, the crease of his brow deepening with every second.

“Where’s this coming from?” He steps out of the kitchen, releasing more questions that demand answers as he draws closer, the floor creaking loud and deafening in her ears. “Why are you giving up on our marriage?”

Her chest caves in and she stumbles backwards, away from him, because if he touches her, she won’t be able to do it, leave him.

“I’m trying to save it,” she gets out, witnessing some of the hurt in his eyes give way to concern. Perhaps she simply looks as bad as she feels.

“By leaving me?” Beckett scrapes a hand through her hair. Her skull is hot, a worrisome contrast to the cold sweat layering her skin. “Look, if you have a problem, we have a problem. That’s how this works.”

“No,” she whispers, all she can manage, and drops her hand to her chest, her scar throbbing hard like the beat of a drum, each pound sending flares of white through her eyes.

“Kate?” Her vision is fading. “Kate, you look like you’re about to faint, what’s-”

The pain that splinters through her abdomen is sharp, nearly forces her to her knees, but Castle is there, catching her before she can collapse to the floor. She gasps into his shoulder, clutching the fabric of the plaid button down stretched across his back.

“Feel bad,” she rasps, clinging to his frame, ignoring the reminder flaring through her throbbing skull. She was supposed to leave, had to keep him safe, but - but she loves him too much to go, loves the way it feels to be enveloped in his embrace, warm and untouchable, and the urge to leave fades, nothing more than a dissipating whisper through her brain.

Kate presses her cheek to his clavicle, her forehead damp but cooled by the skin of his throat, and closes her eyes. He’s talking to her, but his words are muffled too, the pain quieted as well, and if only she could remain just like this.


Riding with her in the ambulance has residual bile stinging in his throat, the setting too similar to another time, watching her die, but this is different. He has to continue reminding himself that it’s different.

She had passed out in the middle of nearly walking out on him, their marriage, and now she was laid up in a hospital bed with an IV in her arm, the doctor having just left them for the second time that evening after checking her vitals, the gunshot wound. It was healing well, the man had assured him, but they were still running tests, keeping an eye on the bullet graze that has an angry arc of red blooming between the bones of her ribs.

Castle leans back in the uncomfortable chair at her bedside, rakes his fingers through his hair and tries to quiet the pulsing of the headache rioting at the forefront of his skull.

He wouldn’t be surprised if it was stress that had pushed her to this point. Everything that’s happened within the last 48 hours, coupled with the apparent decision to separate from him. It hadn’t been an easy one for her, couldn’t have been if the tears glittering in her eyes, illuminating the remorse, were any indication.

She hadn’t wanted to leave him; he wouldn’t let her. Especially not now.

Rick drifts in and out of a fitful sleep as the late evening progresses into night, attempts to stay awake with the excuse for coffee that the night nurse is kind enough to bring him, and holds tight to Kate’s hand every time the paralyzing worry blooms bright in his chest, toys with her wedding band each time the insecurities begin to stem from it.

“Mr. Castle, I’m so sorry for the wait, but the test results for your wife’s blood work have finally come back,” Doctor Fisher announces, coming through the door with a tired smile, his voice quiet for the sake of the sleeping patient in the hospital bed.

She probably hasn’t slept in days, needs as much as she can get.

“Is everything okay?” Rick inquires, gentling his grip on Kate’s hand, running his thumb back and forth over her knuckles to soothe his own erratic pulse.

“Ultimately, yes,” Fisher assures him, casting his gaze down to the clipboard in his hands. “She’s dehydrated and severely lacking in nutrients. Coupled with the graze and the pregnancy, I’m not at all surprised-“

“Wait, wait,” Castle murmurs, his blood running cold, freezing through his system, turning his body heavy. “Pregnant?”

Fisher’s brow hitches. “Oh, I’m - I’m sorry. I just assumed… well, it is rather early. Something tells me your wife may not even know. But she’s about five weeks and she is extremely lucky the fetus is still heavily cushioned within the womb. By the looks of it,” the doctor continues, returning his gaze back to the papers in his hands, scanning quickly over the page. “She was on the verge of a potential miscarriage, which I’d say also contributed to the fainting.”

“But she - she and the baby, they’re both okay? Will be okay?” Castle utters, his palms beginning to sweat, Kate’s fingers slipping through his grasp.

“Fortunately, yes. Though, not if your wife carries on like this. Both mother and child are in great need of nourishment. The IV drip is helping tonight, but once she’s discharged-“

“I’ll make sure she gets back to full health,” Rick pledges, jerking his attention back to the pale hollows of Kate’s face, the shadows clinging to her bones, the black wings of her lashes at rest atop her cheeks, her chapped lips. Oh, how he yearns to take care of her.

“I’m sure you will, Mr. Castle,” Fisher responds kindly. “Were there any other questions you may have had?”

“No, thank you, I…” Rick pauses, glances back to the doctor. “Is there a way - I know it’s still tiny, but could we - is there a way to have an ultrasound when Kate wakes up? So we can see?”

Fisher’s lips spread into a warm smile. “Sure, Mr. Castle. Your baby is about the size of a pea right now, but I’m sure one of my nurses could get a good look for you both, print out a picture for you.”

“That’d be - thank you. That’d be perfect,” Castle manages, already turning back to Kate as the doctor nods his acceptance, silently eases the door shut behind him.

He whispers his fingers over her stomach, careful to stay clear of the bullet wound that nearly took their baby. Their baby.

They were having a baby.

“You have to stay,” Castle breathes, his hand traveling to her cheek as his body ascends from the chair. “Whatever’s going on, we have to figure it out together, Kate.”

Her skin is like paper beneath the sweep of his thumb to her jaw, the plane of her cheek stretch thin, and Rick sighs, strokes his fingers through the loose strands of her hair splayed across the pillow beneath her head.

“I love you too much, Beckett. And this baby… it needs-“

“Baby?” she rasps, her eyes struggling to flutter open, but eventually managing the task, peeling back to expose the dulled pools of golden brown. Her brow furrows deep, but she tilts into his touch, hums at the cup of his palm to her cheek. “Don’t call me that.”

Castle chokes on a laugh, scales his thumb along one of her eyebrows to smooth out the wrinkle of her face.

“Different baby,” he murmurs, but Kate continues to stare up at him in confusion, confirmation that Fisher must have been right. She doesn’t know. “Earlier, when you were about to leave-“

“I don’t want to leave,” she rasps, the sorrow rushing in quick, consuming her features, causing them to crumple beneath his fingertips. “I thought I had to, but I can’t. Can’t go-“

“No, you can’t,” he echoes in relief, bending forward to stain his lips to the skin of her forehead. “Won’t let you go, Kate.”

She releases a breath that flutters up to tickle the column of his throat, one of her hands rising to curl at his nape, hold him there.


A smile twitches along the corners of his mouth, but he inhales a deep breath through his nose before he speaks again, knows what has to come next.

“Kate, while you were out, the doctors ran some tests,” Castle begins, easing back, her hand falling away to trip down his arm until he can catch her fingers in the embrace of his.

“Something wrong?” she mumbles, staring back at him in concern, her voice still rough with sleep, her eyes still slow to rise with every blink. She could fade on him at any moment.

“No, you’re going to be okay,” he promises, feeling her hand squeeze his, but her eyes still seek with question. “But they, uh, found something out. Something I don’t think you knew.”


“You’re about five weeks pregnant,” he exhales, watches as the words crash into her, send her eyes going wide, her hand to her lips.

“Pregnant?” she repeats, glancing down to her stomach, back to him. “I’m - I had no idea. How… holy shit.”

Castle laughs, a little hysterically, but a genuine smile is blossoming along Beckett’s mouth, tentative and gentle like the hand she lowers to her abdomen, her gaze drifting to follow.

“Is the baby okay?” she asks suddenly, her eyes flying back to him with fierce concern, but Castle nods.

“Yeah, you’re both fine. Just need more fluids, better eating habits, vitamins,” Castle lists, watching her nod along in agreement. “Are you okay with this? I know we’ve talked about it, but never really… and you were ready to leave me, so I don’t know-“

“I wasn’t leaving because I wanted to,” she confesses, her hand seeking his fingers once more amidst the starched sheets of the hospital bed. “It’s a long story and I promise to tell you all of it, but I never wanted to leave you, Rick. I was just trying… I wanted to keep you safe.”

Oh, he already hates the sound of this, the idea of his wife thinking she has to leave him to protect him. Her eyes already shimmer with apologies, the upturned corners of her mouth tugged down into a frown, and Castle sighs.

“We’ll talk about it once we’re home,” he murmurs, accepting the curl of her fingers, twining their digits until their palms seal together, and then he bends forward once more, smears a kiss to his wife’s mouth that has her involuntarily arching to reach him. “But no more solo missions, Kate. Partners.”

She hums her agreement, biting down on her bottom lip and nuzzling her nose to his cheek as her eyes fall closed again, and the painful throb of his heart finally slows into a peaceful rhythm. “Now more than ever.”